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Issue 249 - MEWAN

Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsInTouchWith YouChildren’s Services Directorate Newsletter to SchoolsIssue 249 24 April 2013Headline‘Greater Manchester’s ‘2020 vision’ for aflourishing future updated....’School Council EventsGeneralTrainingCirculars1

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsHeadlineGreater Manchester’s ‘2020 vision’ for aflourishing future updatedGreater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)has endorsed a refreshed and refocused strategy toensure that the city region’s economy grows – and allof its residents benefit.The updated Greater Manchester Strategy buildson the original plan, published in 2009. It has beenadapted in response to evolving challenges whichinclude a longer and deeper than expected recessionas well as reductions in public sector funding whichrequire new, innovative ways of doing things.Manchester has the fastest-growing populationin the country and the region has the potential toachieve significant economic growth over the nextfew years. It has a strong foundation to build on, withvaluable assets such as the world-class research anddevelopment expertise in our universities and anintegrated transport network.But there are also undeniable challenges caused bythe recession and rising unemployment, reducedpublic resources and the need to support a growingpopulation.The underlying vision of the strategy remains thesame – that by 2020 Manchester city region will havepioneered a new model for sustainable economicgrowth where prosperity is accessible to everyone.The strategy has two main themes, economic growthand public sector reform.Creating the right conditions for growth includesensuring Greater Manchester is well placed to meetthe needs of businesses in an evolving economy;shaping an area where people want to live, with theright transport connections; making the most of thearea’s existing science and technology assets andstrengthening Manchester’s world ranking as a placeto live, invest in and visit.It also means working with employers and others toensure residents have the skills to match demands.Public agencies also need to take a GreaterManchester-wide approach to helping residentsbecome more self-sufficient, reducing demands onpublic services. Measures such as the negotiationwith government of a Place-Based Settlement wouldallow the current costs of providing services to bemanaged more effectively, tackling deep-rootedissues such as worklessness and realising majorsavings while improving outcomes for residents.Lord Peter Smith, chair of the GMCA, said: “Thisstrategy is vitally important for Greater Manchester’sfuture success. So rather than being set in stone it hasto adapt to changing circumstances to ensure theregion reaches its full potential.“We want to firmly establish ourselves as one ofEurope’s premier city regions, a distinctive place thatcompetes on the international stage for investment,jobs and talent.“But we also need to ensure Greater Manchester is agreat place to live and work, with every resident ableto contribute to – and benefit from – that prosperity.”continued...2

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSir Richard Leese, vice chair of the GMCA and leaderof Manchester City Council, said: “This is a dynamic,living strategy for a strong and successful GreaterManchester.“It is hugely ambitious but it is also realistic – built onstrong foundations and a shared vision. The refocusedstrategy recognises the challenges we face in thecurrent economic climate but does not shirk fromconfronting them.”Mike Emmerich, chief executive of New Economy,said: “It’s vital to understand that the GreaterManchester Strategy is much more than a documentfor occasional reference. Its aspirations should beembedded within the culture and approach of all theHeadlinecity’s agencies, whether public or private sector.“The targets of the updated strategy include somehighly ambitious yet achievable outcomes, whichare to be met by 2020. These include a 50 per centincrease in the number of jobs created, a 22 percent reduction on the dependency on out-of-workbenefits, and the building of 61,000 new homes.“New Economy will be engaging with businessesand public agencies to help align their strategies andensure that the city remains on its course to economicgrowth and prosperity.”The full strategy document can be read at .Contact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 4148Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsNational Science Week Visitor for Alma Park Primary SchoolFor science week, Alma Park Primary School were visitedby a science lecturer from Manchester MetropolitanUniversity called Dr. Jon Ellis.Dr Ellis gave a talk on invertebrates and everyone got tolook at samples of different specimens. We then wentoutside to set up pit-fall traps to hopefully capture someinvertebrates.The following day, Dr Ellis came back to school and weall went out to collect our traps, whilst we did this weused pooters and Dr Ellis’s sweep net to try and catchmore live specimens, and collected some moss hopingto find some small invertebrates called tardigrades(water bears).We then took everything we had caught to look at moreclosely under the university microscopes, unfortunatelywe were unable to see any tardigrades in the timethat we had, but we did however, find lots of worms,wood lice, lavae of a devil’s coach-horse, springtails andcentipedes!Contact: Charles ParfittTel: 0161 224 8789Email: admin@almapark.manchester.sch.ukAbbott Primary School’s Superhero Super Learning Day...Contact: Heather RileyTel: 0161 834 9529Email: admin@abbott.manchester.sch.ukSuperhero Super Learning Day at Abbott Primary School was ahuge success and was enjoyed by all the staff and children. Thechildren all worked so hard together and looked amazing (almostas amazing as the staff!)Over the day they completed lots of fantastic activities, designingand making all the essential things any Superhero would need:• Superhero masks• Superhero breakfasts• Superhero vehicles• Power restoring potions• Superheroes and villains• Tasty spider snacks.To finish off the day we shared and celebrated all the hard workand strutted our stuff to ‘Superman’ by Blacklace - the childrenloved it!4

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsBook Week at Baguley Hall Primary SchoolEvery year we celebrate Book Week,which always includes dressing up!Each class studied a particular bookover the course of the week, anddecorated their classroom doorswith artwork depicting that book.You can see photographs of whatwe got up to during Book Week.The school had a great time duringthis year’s Book Week, learning allabout different authors and books,and of course the dressing up asbook characters, the week is bothfun and educational and we allloved it!!!Modern Foreign Language Day at Baguley Hall Primary SchoolContact: Rachel GuinnaneTel: 0161 998 2090Email: guinnane@baguleymanchesterschool.uk5Please have a look at some of thefantastic photos from the ModernForeign Language Day we had inBaguley Hall Primary School.Yet again the children enjoyeda super special day with theirteachers learning about thelanguages and cultures of someof the countries around the world,speaking to some of the childrenabout their day they said theyhad loved every single minute ofthe day and especially loved theSpanish Dancing.Another successful fun day atBaguley Hall Primary school.We are already looking forward tonext years!

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsManchester Health Academy Wins Place To Climb Mount KilimanjaroManchester Health Academy has beaten off stiffcompetition from 500 schools across the countryto win a place on a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro thissummer with children’s charity, the TransformationTrust.Year 12 & 13 students, Bradley Good, James O’Brienand Katie Walker and Mr Dominic Maguire willcomplete the climb with three other schools inAugust. Each student will be paired with a BusinessMentor who will join the whole group on a trainingclimb in June.To win their place, the students each had to write anessay on why they wanted to climb Kilimanjaro.Chief Executive of the Transformation Trust, AmyLeonard said:“The Transformation Trust is all about giving youngpeople access to opportunities that will bothchallenge and inspire them. We want young people tothink about themselves and their place in the worlddifferently, helping them to scale new heights. Whatbetter way to do this than to take on the ultimatechallenge of Kilimanjaro.“Manchester Health Academy beat off stiffcompetition from schools across the country and Icongratulate Bradley, James and Katie on winning aplace on the Transformation Trek and look forward tohearing about their experiences on their return.”Mr Maguire said, “This opportunity provides awonderful, life changing, opportunity for the threestudents. Undoubtedly, leading up to the trip andduring the course of the expedition, each studentwill face many challenges. The life skills, personal andsocial development they will undergo throughoutthis entire process will provide them with furtheropportunities in their young lives, which I’m surethey will all want to grasp with both hands. They areall really looking forward to the adventure of theexpedition and the Health Academy will supportthem as much as is possible.”Contact: Dominic MaguireTel: 0161 998 3992Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsGCSE Geography trip to Rhyd Y Creuau,SnowdoniaYear 9 and 10 GCSE Geography students from Newall Green High School wereoffered an exciting opportunity - a 3 day residential trip to Snowdonia inFebruary. Nineteen students, Miss Vaughan and Mr Browne travelled to the FieldStudies Council Centre at Rhyd y Creuau in North West Wales. Day one saw themclimb Mynydd Garnedd opposite the centre. The students used Ipads with GPStechnology to add their location to a map and accompany it with a picture. Onthe walk to the top the students picked and tasted wood sorrel which tasted likelemon after you had chewed it. The view from the top was spectacular lookingdown a long glaciated U shaped valley which allowed the students to use theirgeographical knowledge to think how the valley was created.The second day started with a long climb up a very steep mountain side to reacha series of rocky cliffs. The students were all given harnesses and helmets andhad to climb up the cliff face and abseil back down. Demi Eastlake bravely wentfirst and gave a near perfect demonstration reaching the top of the cliff on herfirst attempt!! Several students chose to abseil down a much higher cliff face andfound it quite a scary experience. However they all faced their fears and had a goat the cliff.Science activities dominated the second afternoon down at the River Conwy.They had to kick the riverbed with their wellies to get creatures to enter theirnets, some found it extremely difficult as they kept filling their wellies with water!The final day started with a massive snow shower with large flakes falling butluckily not sticking. The group made their way to a piece of woodland for anorienteering challenge. The challenge was to visit eight separate points andrecorded a letter at each one which would spell a word. The snow was comingdown heavily at this point and everyone got a little bit wet and muddy on theirway round. Some of the locations proved quite tricky to find and only two teamsmanaged to complete the course correctly.After a quick lunch the group boarded the bus back to Wythenshawe feeling fullyenriched and enthused about the geographical landscape and their scientificfindings!!!CAPITAL TIMEIn March the SMILEFederation* School Counciland Newall Green Primarycaught the train to London fora Commonwealth CelebrationService at Westminster Abbey.At the start of the servicePrince Phillip, the Dukeof Edinburgh, and otherimportant dignitaries arrivedfollowed by a companyperforming a mixture ofdance routines representingthe different cultures of theCommonwealth. Duringthe service Beverley Knightperformed as did the Noisittes,and different people reador spoke including RichardBranson.It was a really enjoyable dayand I am glad I was chosen torepresent the school at thismemorable and historicalevent.Sian Peters 8SH*The SMILE Federation Trustconsists of Newall Green HighSchool, Benchill and BaguleyHall Primary SchoolsContact: Karen LavinTel: 0161 234 4455Email: k.lavin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk8

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsLearning Chinese at Saint Paul’sSaint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawerecently extended their language teaching to includeChinese. They are being taught by the school’s residentChinese teacher, Mr Yantong Li, from Beijing.The Year 7 and 8 pupils are not only learning MandarinChinese but they are also discovering traditional Chinesecultural activities such as Knot making, Origami and TaiChi.Mr Li is here as a cultural envoy to exchange ideas onteaching and breakdown cultural barriers betweenChina and Britain. He was here last year and did a lotof work with the Saint Paul’s feeder primary schools soa lot of the children he is teaching already have a littleknowledge of Chinese.The school has developed a partnership with the BeijingHuimin School which is where Mr Li has come from. Bothschools are benefitting through the sharing of expertiseand practice, as well as providing opportunities forstudents and teachers to experience vastly differentcultures.“The subject opens pupils’ eyes to the biggest country inthe world, it hones general language skills and engagesthem, especially the boys who relate to the visual andspatial aspects of the language,” explained Mrs HelenFarrar, Head of Modern Languages at Saint Paul’s. “Thechildren are enjoying it as it is something very differentto the language lessons they are use to and it can bea subject in which pupils who struggle with otherlanguages do well.”Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net9School NewsSaint Paul’s Pupils Take Part inPeaceJam Slam!A group of Year 9 pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic HighSchool in Wythenshawe were delighted to take part ina PeaceJam Activity Day in Scarborough where theyfocused on some of the world’s toughest challenges.The PeaceJam Foundation has created a monumentalproject that is being called one of the greatest youthmovements ever. The decade long campaign, called theGlobal Call to Action, has leading Nobel Peace Laureatesstanding alongside youth to create projects that attackthe ten core issues which the Nobel Laureates think arecritical to the future of our planet.PeaceJam was founded by Ivan Suvanjieff and DawnGifford Engle who had an amazing idea as well as theenthusiasm and organizational skills to make it happen.Together they contacted the Dalai Lama who signedon and encouraged them to contact his other NobelLaureate friends. The Nobel Peace Laureates are nowtravelling the world to work with young people toaccomplish the goal of one billion simple acts of peace.Young people are encouraged to select an issue, put itin their own words, check out the facts and investigate,dig deeper and talk to people and find out how theissue is impacting others, make a plan of action, andthen get started!“The aim is to create a new generation of young leaderscommitted to positive change in themselves, theircommunities and the world through the inspiration ofothers,” explained Ms Catherine Platt, School Counsellor.“We want to stimulate our pupils’ critical thinkingskills, strengthen their research abilities, increase theirknowledge of the role of non-violence in conflict, andpromote self growth and reflection.”

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSt Peter’s RC High School International EveningRE Centre Time CapsuleIn March, our school Chaplain Father Thomas with student chaplain andprefects, buried the St Peter’s time capsule under the foundations of the newschool RE Centre. Many items were sealed into the time capsule such as:• A brief history of St Peter’s RC High School,• School Prospectus,• St Peter’s animated film,• Fr Kennedy’s Memorial Service Booklet,• First ‘St Peter’s Press’ newsletter to parents andmore recent newsletters• Architect’s plans for the RE Centre• School tie• Head Boy / Head Girl and prefects booklet,• Short biographies from some of our students,• Year 11 leavers photographs,• Diocese of Salford Almanac,• Pope John Paul Bookmark,• Relay of Prayer Booklet,• Copy of the Guardian Newspaper notifying the world of Pope Benedict’sresignation dated 28 February 2013, and much more.We look forward to the official opening and Blessing of the Centre by BishopBrain on Wednesday 26 June 2013.School NewsOur fourteenth Annual International Evening was held inMarch and showcased once again the many talents of pupilsand staff at St Peter’s. Parents, governors and members of thepublic were treated to a variety of performances includingAfrican drums and dance, traditional English and Irish musicand dance, songs in German and Swahili and multiculturalcomedy sketches. Tai Chi and a Dragon Dance were performedby lower school pupils and in the Year 9 Fashion Show pupilsmodelled outfits they had created representing the countriesand cultures of our school. Performances by Irish dancers andthe delightful Ukrainian dancers rounded off the evening’sentertainment.Food was served in the Dining Hall and parents and carerscontributed with specialties from their own countries. Onceagain the evening gave us the opportunity to share andcelebrate the rich diversity of our international community.Contact: Mr J McNerneyTel: 0161 248 1550Email: office@st-petershigh.manchester.sch.uk10

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsBarlow Students Show They’re ‘HopelesslyDevoted’ To Production Of GreaseSchool NewsOn Monday 25 March, budding actors, singers,musicians and dancers from The Barlow RC Highshowcased their talents in a school production of‘Grease.’ Since the auditions in October, students andstaff worked throughout lunchtimes and after schoolto put together the truly fantastic show.Drama Teacher and Grease Director, Mrs Henry said,“Our dedicated students and staff worked non-stop toput the production together. I am very proud of themall. The creation of this show was hugely exciting andthe cast and crew’s commitment to rehearsals is to becommended.”The two night show was a complete sell-out, withparents, family and friends filling the theatre andraising the roof with their applause. One parentcontacted the school to say, “I just had to e-mailto congratulate you on yet another successfulproduction. What can I say? The talent of your pupilshas no end. Yet another enjoyable evening at TheBarlow.”The cast transported the audience back to thesummer of 1959 where Danny met Sandy and theteenagers fell in love. The young actors told the storyof Danny and his T-bird friends who must maintaintheir bad-boy image and hide their true feelings forthe ‘Pink Ladies.’The school’s textiles students did a brilliant job ofputting the props and costumes together, creating avery colourful show. In addition, stylists from UrbanAngels Hair Salon in Didsbury gave up their time togo into the school to give the cast a head start in thehair department. Equipped with bottles of hairsprayand tubs of gel, the hair stylists helped the actors getinto character ahead of their performance.Mrs Henry added, “Having hair stylists on hand toperfect that truly authentic fifties look was a realbonus for the students and for Urban Angels to do itfor free was amazing! The students relished the factthat they had their hair professionally styled.”This was confirmed by fifteen-year-old DominicRichmond who played ‘Doody’ in the show. Dominicsaid, “I couldn’t wait to perform in front of a liveaudience; it was really exciting. I think it’s brilliant thatstylists from Urban Angels came in to do our hair. Icould relax knowing I had the ‘Grease’ look down to a‘T’ and I just needed to concentrate on being a T-bird!”Contact: Kathryn CarrTel: 0161 445 8053Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsThe Intelligence Hub Analysis ToolCouncil NewsEver wanted to know the level of educationalattainment, the crime level or population in a specificward? All the information you need can now be foundin one place.The Intelligence Hub Analysis Tool (IHAT) is aninteractive application which allows you to viewand interrogate data. IHAT contains a wide rangeof statistical information relating to Manchester,which can be displayed on a map, data grid and barchart. Other location-based data can be overlaid onthe map to provide context for the data. The hubalso offers links to advice on research, evaluation,commissioning and procurement.IHAT contains over 100 statistical variables, spanningdifferent themes. Data can be exported for your ownanalysis. The themes, which include population,income, education and housing, broadly follow thethemes identified in the State of the Wards and theJoint Strategic Needs Assessment reports, and areavailable for Manchester wards.To find out more, or start your research, Liam KillenTel: 0161 234 4922Email: Poetry winners announcedManchester Libraries Postcard Poetry competitiondrew in a fantastic number of entries from children at66 schools, and presented the judging panel with areal challenge. The poems were all under 100 words,and themed on books, reading and libraries.The three worthy winners and their classmateswere invited to attend a special event with rap artistDonovan Christopher at City Library. During theworkshop the young people created poems and raps(about books and reading) and performed them atthe presentation ceremony with the Lord Mayor,Councillor Elaine Boyes. The winners in the three agecategories were presented with a set of their poemsprinted onto a postcard and a framed edition. Thewinning poems will be on display in the Children’sLibrary when Central Library reopens in spring 2014.The Postcard Poetry competition was part ofManchester Libraries poetry festival for children andyoung people. In February, over 1,044 school childrenwere invited to attend poetry sessions in schools andlibraries - ‘I really enjoyed it and am inspired to goand write poems my own way’ Kiera (Plymouth GrovePrimary School)To see the winning poems, please Cheryl Pridgeon / Margaret ClarksonTel: 0161 234 1926Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsLancasterian Independence Development Service (IDS)Council NewsThe Lancasterian Independence Development Service(IDS) based at Abraham Moss Centre, Crumpsall is aresidential resource which offers a unique opportunityfor children with physical disabilities aged 10 to 16yrsto develop life and social skills. It is not a respite carefacility, rather a realistic setting in which to work onskills leading to greater physical, personal, emotional,social, and intellectual development through practicalexperience.The IDS is all about promoting and developingindependence. We enable students to achieve their fullpotential in independence development by practicingskills in a home environment and out in the community.This has been a busy year with many new youngerstudents using the service and a new kitchen hasbeen installed. We have hosted many lunch visits forprospective students and have had visits from manyprospective parents as well. We began working withThe Challenge for Change team and our students havehad some exciting times at their facility; climbing ropewalls and using the obstacle course while elevated inthe air. We have completed a new informational DVDfor our service; giving potential students and parentsor carers an idea of what the IDS can offer. This yearhas also seen a creation of an updated website onLancasterian’s webpage ( and we have a new referral form.The IDS is managed by the Lancasterian Organisationand if you think a child you know would benefit fromthe Service, contact us directly on 0161 795 1303 oremail Avril Regan Avril ReganTel: 0161 795 1303Email: a.regan@lancasterian.manchester.sch.ukChange of school Bag Delivery DatesCourier services across the Council are being currentlyreviewed to ensure we are delivering an efficient andcost effective service.Until recently, all school bags were delivered andcollected on the same day across the city, which meantthat letters and documents sent between schools hadto wait for a week before being delivered.The revised arrangements have varied the deliverydates of the school bags and will give us theopportunity to sort and deliver mail between theCouncil and schools more efficiently. A complete list ofschools and new delivery dates was attached to circularletter 608 for your information.The revised arrangement was implemented from15 April 2013. Please note that this is just an interimarrangement and the school bag service is being furtherreviewed as part of the wider Children’s Services courierservice review.If you have any queries about this change, pleasecontact Yvette Cox on 0161 234 4088.Contact: Yvette CoxTel: 0161 234 4088Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsFREE Resources for Europe Day9 May 2013EventsThe ideas behind the European Union were first putforward on 9 May 1950 by French Foreign MinisterRobert Schuman. This date is classed as Europe Day,the European Union’s birthday. It is a great time toarrange fun European activities. Here are some ideasof what the schools could do:• Use the new “The Mystery of the Golden Stars”teaching resource, especially the lesson plan forhistory (Activity 3).• Display different flags around the school and holda competition to identify the countries.• Design a poster celebrating the many countriesof origin of the children in your school, mark themon a map, mark also countries to where they havetravelled or which language they speak. Make a graphof the result.• Discuss the experience children had travellingin and out of the UK, other European countries orbeyond, lesson plan for Geography (Activity 1) of theabove resource.• Have a competition making hats in the colors ofthe flags or build famous landmarks e.g. Eiffel Tower,Leaning Tower of Pisa, Coliseum, Big Ben, la SagradaFamilia, Acropolis, Brandenburg Gate.• Focus just on one country, maybe one you havea twinning agreement with, and hold a special daycelebrating its culture and language.• Use the occasion to promote school exchanges andoverseas visits by having presentations from studentswho have taken part in previous years.• Do a geography and citizenship trail around yourarea/town looking for links with other EU nations, e.g.street names, community activities/centres/shops/EUsponsored initiatives to explore your connections andinteractions with the EU. Pupils could take picturesand annotate maps of the local area to show how andwhere you are connected with.• Make a list of areas in which the pupils think the EUis relevant to them in their daily lives.More info: resources for Europe Day 9 May 2013Other publications which could support not only yourEurope Day event can be ordered online:Passport to the European Union’s explore Europe maps (A0) of Europe the European Union works order to make sure that all the resources will arrivein time for 9 May from our warehouse in Luxembourg,all your orders need to be received by 28/04/2013at the latest. Please inform your school’s receptionto expect these deliveries. If you are experiencingproblems ordering online, use the enclosed paperorder form or email your request including your fulladdress and phone number .All resources, including delivery to your school, areFREE OF CHARGE..“Contact: Judith SchillingTel: 0207 973 1939Email: Judith.Schilling@ec.europa.eu14

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsEventsRegister at for your FREE resourcesTEACH ROADSAFETY ANDSAVE LIVES!Beep Beep! Day is a funeducational, fundraisingevent for tots and infantsIt’s a chance to teach simple road safetylessons to kids age 2-7 and their parents,such as holding hands and staying awayfrom traffic, through fun activities.Nurseries, playgroups, childminders,infant schools and children's clubs can runa Beep Beep! Day on ANY day. You can alsouse it to raise valuable funds for Brake’s worksupporting families bereaved by road crashes.Organised byBrakethe road safety charityRegistered charity No. 1093244Kindlysponsored byWe send youFREEstickers, posters,certificates andsponsorshipenvelopes!‘‘Teaching road safety toearly years children is vitaland saves lives. That’s whywe have made Beep Beep!Day an annual event.‘‘Catherine McManus, Head of Nursery &Early Years, Birchfield Community SchoolRegister at,email, or call theBeep Beep! Team on 01484 559909Contact: Emily MooreTel: 01484 550061Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsCLIC Sargent: Wig WednesdayEventsSign me up!Sign up for your free Wig Wednesday eventpack in one of these four ways:1. Visit Scan the QR code belowCLIC SargentpresentsDon’t have a code reader?Simply download one from yoursmartphone’s app store.3. Call 0845 121 24924. Fill in the form below and post it to usTitle:First name:Surname:Address:Date of birth:Email address:Phone number:Postcode:Get your wig on!Raise vital funds for children and young people withcancer by being part of Wig Wednesday 2013.I am registering on behalf of my schoolName of school:12RP332e1If you are in England or Wales, please post this form to:Wig Wednesday, CLIC Sargent, Unit C,Abbey Wood Business Park, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7JUIf you are in Scotland, please post this form to:Wig Wednesday, CLIC Sargent, 5th Floor, Mercantile Chambers,53 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 6TSIf you are in Northern Ireland, please post this form to:Wig Wednesday, CLIC Sargent, 3rd Floor,31 Bruce Street, Belfast, BT2 7JDCLIC Sargent will not pass your details onto anyone else. However, wewould like to keep you in touch with news and information about ourwork. If you DO NOT wish to be contacted in the following ways, pleasetick the relevant box: Post PhoneIf you DO NOT wish to be contacted by email, please tick this boxRegistered charity number 1107328and registered in Scotland (SC039857)22 May 121 2492Contact: Lizzie ShoesmithTel: 0113 2883224 / 07500 961049Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsGeneralThe Mystery of the Golden Stars“The European Commission, Representation in the UKis pleased to inform you about its brand new FREEteaching resource which it will be pleased to providefor the children in your schools and would be gratefulif you could inform the schools accordingly.This FREE two part resource produced in cooperationwith a UK teacher consists of a story book to behanded out to every pupil and an activity guide forteachers (only) including suggestions on how to usethe resource plus the handouts to be copied for thechildren.The primary aim of this resource is to introduce someaspects of the European Union in a child-friendly way.The resource allows children to discover somethingabout what the EU is, how it works and how it may berelevant to them, in a fun and stimulating way.The activities take a cross-curricular approach,including six different links to the curriculum(Geography, Maths, History, English, Science andDesign & Technology). The subject matter andconcepts are mainly, but not exclusively, suited toupper junior school-aged children in the UK (ages 9to 11). Each activity is prefaced by a chapter from thestory book, which provides an exciting stimulus forthe forthcoming task.Most of the activities are ‘ready to go’, requiring littlepreparation in terms of resources. The resources aredesigned to be used once a week, but are especiallysuited for use during an international- or Europeanthemedweek.Like all resources offered by the Representation bothstory book and activity guide are FREE of charge,which includes delivery to the schools.To download and/or order paper copies, click on Judith SchillingTel: 0207 973 1939Email: Judith.Schilling@ec.europa.eu17

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsGeneralCommitteeUpDate – Marchand April 2013This is a regular feature highlightingthe reports submitted by the Directorof Children’s Services, plus any items ofinterest, to the City Council’s Executiveand Scrutiny Committees during theprevious months.By clicking on the website address listed below, you can access the minutes of the meetings.Young People and Children Scrutiny Committee5 March 2013• Safeguarding• Update on Commissioning Services for Looked after Children• Foster Carers Tenancy AgreementWebsite address for minutes: March 2013• Fostering and Adoption PanelsWebsite address for minutes: April 2013• Capital Programme – proposed increasesWebsite address for minutes: contact Nicola Clayton for further information on this, or about the committee process in general.Contact: Nicola ClaytonTel: 0161 234 4314Email: Nicola ClaytonTel: 0161 234 4314Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusApril 2013612 22-04-2013 Statutory Arrangements for the Monitoring of KS2 and PhonicsTests and the Moderation of KS2 WritingDeborah Hunton0161 234 3022611 22-04-2013 Disestablishment of the Child in Need Service Jane Slinger0161 274 6555610 15-04-2013 Updated Model Safer Recruitment Policy Lynda Karalis0161 234 3031Attached:Model Safer Recruitment Policy609 15-04-2013 Manchester Music Hub Funding Nick Paul07903 559677Attached: 1. Covering Letter2. Funding Agreement608 02-04-2013 Change of school bag delivery date Yvette Cox0161 234 4088Attached:Green Bag Delivery ScheduleREDREDREDREDREDGET IN TOUCHIf you have any interestingnews, events, or indeed youjust want to promote yourschool or serviceplease emailyour article (150 words max)to us for articles forissue:250 by Friday 10 May2013Deadline for articles forissue:251 by Friday 14 June201319

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