Issue 231 - One Education
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Issue 231 - One Education

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsHeadlineManchester Celebrates A Level and GCSE ResultsManchester’s A Level pass rates have stayed abovethe national average, and schools across Manchesterare celebrating another crop of bumper GCSE resultsshow that this year more than half of all pupils in thecity’s schools achieved five or more GCSEs, underlinedcontinuing progress.A LevelThe proportion of A* and A grades achieved is higherthan the national average at 31.4 per cent - 4.1 perabove the national figure of 27 per cent, and up twoper cent on last year’s Manchester total of 29 per cent.The overall pass rate (A* to E) remained at 99 per cent,which is 1.1 per cent higher than the national figureof 98 per cent.At Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury, almost 80 percent of all grades achieved were A* to C, with 25 percent of grades A* to A. Seventeen students achievedat least three A/A* grades with three students goingto Cambridge: Isabelle Bowen, Grace McKelvey andNicola Wood, the latter achieving a clean sweep offour A*s.Whalley Range High School for Girls had an overallpass rate of 97 per cent (12 per cent A* to A) whilepupils at William Hulme Academy achieved a 99.4 percent overall pass rate (23.2 per cent A* to A).North Manchester’s King David High School onceagain celebrated excellent results, with 50 per cent ofpupils achieving A* and A grades and 93 per cent ofpupils getting grades A* to C.Among those pupils recording successes wereBenjamin Lewis (5 A*s), Samuel Seitler (3 A*s and oneA), Sigalle Khan (3 A*s) and Dayna Rosenthal (4 As).GCSEIn GCSE’s the proportion of pupils achieving thebenchmark of A-C standard has risen again this yearto 51 per cent - up from 45.7 per cent last year.This means that over the last five years there has beenContact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 7308Email: significant improvement in results across the city ofalmost 19 per cent.Several schools have seen their own significantimprovements with some outstanding performancesfrom individual pupils.Results at The Barlow High School have risen by 14per cent this year, with 69 per cent of pupils gainingfive or more A*-C including English and maths - upfrom 55 per cent last year.At Parrs Wood High School 63 per cent of pupils gotfive or more A*-C including English and maths - upfour per cent from 57 per cent last year. Fourteenpupils at the school managed to achieve ten or moreA* in their exams.St Peter’s RC High School saw 64 per cent of pupilsgaining five or more A*-C including English andmaths - up 9 per cent from 55 per cent last year.At Trinity High School results were up by nine percent on last year with 68 per cent of pupils gainingfive or more A*-C grades.Loreto High School saw improvements of ten per centon last year with 51 per cent of pupils gaining five ormore A*-C grades.Meanwhile over at King David High School 88 percent of pupils got five or more A*-C grades includingEnglish and maths - up from 84 per cent last year.Councillor Afzal Khan, Executive Member, Children’sServices, Manchester City Council, said: “The resultsare a credit to the city and a testament to the hardwork of pupils and teachers alike and show the realface of Manchester’s hard working young people,many of whom have combined their studies withmaking a positive contribution to their communities.”“This is a good time to be at a school in Manchester. Itlooks like our results are continuing to improve yearon year at a faster rate than schools nationally andI want to congratulate all those who have got theirresults and wish them every success in the future.”2

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsManchester Creative MediaAcademy (MC&MA), Experience aDay in the Life of a JournalistStudents Ellie Carroll and Emma Barry shonebackstage at The Transformation Trust’s RockAssembly as they spent the day interviewing worldclassartists.Starting with voice of the X-Factor Peter Dickinson,the students gained valuable insight into the worldof journalism, getting hints and tips on how to crackthe business and what courses to study at University.They sat down with KISS FM to really understand theworld of radio, being privy to all the gossip from theirbiggest interviews.The only students out of more than 14,000 inattendance to gain press passes, the girls interviewedbands Hadouken, SoundGirl, Parade, dance troupeDiversity, and international artists Tinchy Stryder andChipmunk. Fighting their way to the front, the girlslearnt how to guarantee themselves the interviewsthat really matter.In true MC&MA style, the girls showed their resilienceand hard work, sitting down for an informal chat withthe executive producer of the show to understandhow a concert of this scale is put together.As regular presenters on the Young People’s BreakfastShow on Unity Radio, the interviews aired in a threepart special throughout August.The Young People’s Breakfast show airs every Saturdaymorning 10-12.Manchester Creative MediaAcademy (MC&MA) StudentsRock Out at the Rock AssemblyIt was an early start for the 40 chosen students fromboth the boys and girls academies as they madetheir way to London for the Rock Assembly. Aftera lengthy journey (and an incredibly early start),students arrived at the O2 arena where alongsidemore than 14,000 students from across the countrythey took their seats.The concert, which was hosted by London’s KISSFM, started hard and fast with grime, electronicaband Hadouken. SoundGirl followed with animpressive display of dance and smooth vocals. Upnext were up-and-coming girl group Parade, visitorsto MC&MA, who showed just how far a band canprogress in a matter of months!The screaming reached fever pitch as Chipmunkarrived on the stage and proved exactly what hardwork and ambition can achieve. Diversity performedtheir usual mix of creative dance routines, provingyet again just why they won Britain’s Got Talent.Finally, Tinchy Stryder took to the stage performinghis greatest hits and number one as the audienceeagerly sung along.As the clock struck midnight students arrived backin Moston, still buzzing from events of the day,proving yet again, that being honest, helpful andhardworking has its rewards.Contact: Siobhan GorylTel: 0161 947 3732Email: sgoryl@mcmacademy.com4

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsMomentous day as Gorton school celebrates completion of majorbuilding projectA celebration and blessing marked the officialhandover of St Peter’s RC High School in Gorton thisweek - after a £3.1m project making it Manchester’sfirst secondary school to be built with timber.The major project, funded through the BuildingSchools for the Future programme (BSF), saw thebuilding of a new 513 square metre timber frame,with a grass covered roof and also included somerefurbishment to part of the existing school.The improvements, now completed, have allowed the900-place Kirkmanshulme Lane school to extend itsteaching provision, including new facilities for SpecialEducational Needs (SEN) pupils.St Peter’s is now one of three Manchester high schoolsto have specialist, mainstream provision with placesfor up to ten young people with specific languageimpairment (SLI) and or austistic spectrum disorder(ASD). It also has five additional places for pupils with aphysical disability.St Peter’s, a specialist college for business andenterprise recently won an outstanding Ofstedinspection and encourages an inclusive education withpupils sharing lessons and facilities where appropriate.The innovative timber panel design was chosen for theschool because of its sustainability, ease and speed ofconstruction.The green roof was grown in Norfolk, and thenharvested and transported to Manchester on the sameday to ensure freshness.The building work also included eight new classrooms,an office, IT room, community room, lifts to improvedisabled access and refurbishment of part of the mainschool building.Bespoke amenities for SLI and ASD pupils includeteaching areas for small group work, a room for speechand language therapy, as well as facilities for staffdevelopment and training. There is also a hygiene suiteand physiotherapy room.In addition to the physical improvements, anadditional £1.4m has been invested in the schools’ICT provision. This has enabled pupils to work onthe school’s computer system from home and givesparents better access to information about their child’sprogress.Headteacher, John McNerney, says: “The officialhandover marks the start of a new era for us all - thefabulous new facilities can’t help but engender pridein the school. The pupils were involved throughout theproject, gaining valuable work and skills experiencealong the way. They also took part in designworkshops and created the mural that is displayed atthe Pink Bank Lane entrance to the school.”The investment at St Peter’s is part of city-wideproposals to improve and transform education andlearning for pupils with A celebration and blessingmarked the official handover of St Peter’s RC HighSchool in Gorton this week - after a £3.1m projectmaking it Manchester’s first secondary school to bebuilt with timber.Councillor Afzal Khan, Manchester City Council’sExecutive Member for Children’s Services atManchester City Council, says: “The BSF programmetransforms learning experiences for pupils and thecommunities who use the facilities. It’s not simplya matter of bricks and mortar - it’s about making acommitment to the future of our children’s educationso that every student living in the city can benefit fromthose improvements.”Contact: John McNerneyTel: 0161 248 1550Email: office@st-petershigh.manchester.sch.uk7

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsHMS Royal Oak sinkingThe nephew of one of the victims of the sinking of HMS RoyalOak in 1939 is today taking part in a unique History lesson forpupils at Newall Green High School in Manchester.David Turner, whose uncle Commander Ralph LennoxWoodrow-Clark perished in the torpedo attack, has writtena revealing account of the tragedy and has already achievedhis ambition of having the disaster recognised in schoolsofficial history resources. His research and book has alreadybeen used in Scotland as part of the government website runby Learning & Teaching Scotland as a school resource.Including a video based on a TV film of the book, Scottishschools have been able to study this naval episode first hand.( search for HMS Royal Oak.)The sinking of the mighty battleship is especially relevant toyoung people today because so many of the victims wereboy sailors aged between 14 and 18. The list of the deadstretched to a shocking 833 sailors with over 120 of them boysailors. A German U-boat had slipped silently into Orkney’sScapa flow and unleashed a deadly salvo which broughtabout the first great tragedy of World War II. The sinkingremains one of Britain’s biggest wartime disasters.Local author David Turner, who lives in Manchester , said: “Ithas always been my ambition to have the Royal Oak disasterrecognised in schools’ official history resources, so that youngpeople today have a chance to know about this awful event.”David Turner’s book Last Dawn the Royal Oak Tragedy atScapa Flow is a dramatic and moving reassessment of theattack on the night of 13 October 1939. The story is toldthrough declassified photographs and naval records, plusstatements from survivors.A scheme of work has now been created to help otherschools access this almost forgotten tragedy.Zambia VisitTen members of staff from the SMILE Trust,consisting of Benchill Primary, Baguley Hall Primaryand Newall Green High School in Wythenshawe,Manchester, visited the three schools that theyhave been supporting. For over 10 years they haveworked with the schools in Zambia to developcurriculum materials around Global Citizenship.Children from Zabwe and Wythenshawe have leantabout the lives in each other partner countries.The SMILE Trust has also raised money to establishbore holes that has brought water to the schoolsand their community; helped to build a new wingto a school; furnish the classrooms with additionaldesks and chairs and provided resources includingpencils, paper and books. This Year Chris Perry,Assistant Headteacher at NGHS, worked withtwin school ‘Angelina Tembo’ to develop their ICTprovision. On the last few days before departurethe members of staff visiting celebrated withthe pupils and staff in Zambia when they wereconnected to the Internet. This will make atremendous difference to the lives of the pupils,teachers and their community.It never ceases to amaze staff how happy thechildren are and what a warm welcome theyprovide. The links between the schools are veryimportant and plans for 2012 are already beingplanned.The group gave a presentation to the staff of theFederation and Cluster at a conference where thekeynote speaker was Sir Tim Brighouse.Contact: Karen LavinTel: 0161 234 6420Email: k.lavin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk8

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsConvivio Saint Paul’sStaff and pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe were delighted to take part in Convivio 2011,the international congress for Catholic youth.Twenty two pupils from Years 9 and 10 attended the two daycongress at Loreto Sixth Form College where they joinedtogether with pupils from a number of Catholic schools fromthe Manchester area. The word “Convivio” means “to gettogether” or “to hang out” which was exactly what the pupilsdid.The theme of the congress was “What difference can youmake with your life?” and this was explored in a number ofways combining talks, group work, team building, games,singing, reflection, prayer and a final concelebrated Mass ledby Bishop Brian.A particular highlight of the congress was an inspirational talkgiven by Pascal Uche, the 21 year old student who greetedPope Benedict XVI after Mass at Westminster Cathedralduring the Pope’s recent visit to the UK.Saint Paul’s Refugee RoadshowSchool NewsStaff and pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe recently took part in a Refugee Roadshowwhich was held at the school. The day consisted of aseries of four workshops which were led by professionalartists, poets and musicians, all of whom are refugees.The workshops focused on personal testimony andpoetry, examining and portraying war and peacethrough art, media bias and perceptions of refugees andmusical performance. There was also an opportunity forthe pupils to ask questions.The event was organised by the Ahmed Iqbal RaceRelations Centre at Manchester University. Saint Paul’shas developed strong links with the centre and hasworked previously with them on a number of projectsincluding anti-racism workshops and the Your FutureYour Choice conference at Manchester University.“The aim of the day was to raise awareness about thedifficult experiences of refugees and to challengeassumptions society makes about these people,”explained Ms Nuala Conway, EAL (English as anAdditional Language) Coordinator at Saint Paul’s.Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net9

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsService NewsThe Future of Children’s RightsFollowing a Government Review there are now plans to replace both the present Children’sRights Director for England and the Children’s Commissioner for England with a neworganisation called the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England.This change is important to YOU because the Government does not think that the law shouldsay there should be a separate Children's Rights Director post in the future, like there is now.Instead it proposes that the new Children's Commissioner should pay particular attention to therights of children who cannot live with a parent, or who live in a school away from home. Thiswill allow the work the Children's Rights Director does now to carry on.The Government want to know how you think this new organisation should work to makethings better for children and there are a couple of ways you can tell them…How to have your say in the future of Children’s RightsTake part in our on‐line surveyfrom NOW til 25 September 2011Please go to www.rights4me.orgClick Take a surveySelect The New Office of the Children’s Commissioner for EnglandEnter your username: FutureCC and password: Rights4meClick Take a Survey and away you go…If you don’t have Internet access, don’t worry! You can still give your views, just get in touchand we’ll send you a paper copy of the survey. FREEPHONE 0800 528 0731 or using the Department for Education’s Young People’s Guide and online response form.This is available from here: 528 0731Office of the Children’s Rights DirectorOfsted, Aviation House, 125 KingswayLondon WC2B 6SEwww.rights4me.orgContact: Lilian ClayTel: 0191 4694342Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsManchester Achievement AwardsService NewsI would like to make you awareof the exciting forthcomingManchester Achievement Awardsevent in November. This is an annualevent which provides a wonderfulopportunity to celebrate theoutstanding achievements of manyof our children and young peoplein care and care leavers. Often theirsuccesses have been achieved againstthe odds as they have had to cope withtraumatic experiences and adapt tovery significant changes in their live.Last year over 130 young people wererecognised for their achievements,hard work and resilience, and year weaim to build on this success, and weneed your help to do this.With each year, we have received moreand more incredible nominations fromyou, our nominators. It is now that timeof the year again when we ask thosewho work with a child or young personin care / care leaver to nominate themfor a Manchester Achievement Award.You are the people who really knowthese children and young people andwho have a good understanding oftheir achievements and of the rangeof barriers they may have had toovercome in order to be successful.The winner and runners-up from eachcategory will be invited to the awardsceremony.The nomination form is online at: send us your nomination formby 21 October 2011.Contact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 730Email: of KS2 English reading, mathematics andscience test materialsThe National Foundation for Educational Research(NFER) has been commissioned by the Qualificationsand Curriculum Agency (QCDA) to pre-test Englishreading, mathematics and science materials forassessments at key stage 2. To create robust tests it isimportant to trial the tests with pupils. For this pre-testwe would like to ask some of your schools to participate.The pre-test would involve year 6 pupils in the selectedschools. In each school, one or two classes of pupilsworking at levels 3-5 will trial the tests in one subject.The English reading test will take 45 minutes plus15 minutes reading time. The mathematics test willconsist of two written test papers that will take up to 45minutes each to complete, and a mental mathematicstest that would last around 20 minutes. The sciencetest will consist of two written test papers each takingaround 45 minutes to complete.Participating schools will receive feedback on theirpupils’ performance in the form of standardised scoresand with some accompanying level information.Participating pupils will receive a certificate asacknowledgment for their help with this work.The pre-tests will take place between 10 – 21 October2011. Due to the confidential nature of these tests, arepresentative from the NFER will administer all tests tothe pupils. A date will be arranged mutually betweenthe school and the administrator.The QCDA will be carrying out the analysis and forthis purpose NFER will share the data collected withthem. All information will be kept confidential and noindividual school or pupil will be identified in any reportarising from the research.Please contact me or Keren Beddow on 01753 637338 ifyou have any queries.Contact: Maria CharlesTel: 01753 637338Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsRegistration opens for 2011school translator contestIf Europeans are to be “united in diversity”, as theEU’s own motto puts it, we need to be able tounderstand languages other than our own.Secondary schools can enrol pupils for the annualEU Young Translator Contest known as ‘JuvenesTranslatores’ (Latin for ‘young translators’) fromyesterday at Theregistration runs until 20 October and the onlineapplication form is available in all official EU languages.The contest, now in its fifth year, will be held on 24November at the same time in all selected schools.The pupils translate a one-page text based on theirchoice of any of the 506 language combinationspossible among the EU’s 23 official languages. This yearthe theme of the texts to translate will be volunteering,to mark the European Year of Volunteering.Schools can enter up to five pupils. They can be of anynationality provided that they are enrolled at a schoolin an EU Member State. Last year 2 800 pupils sat thecontest. European Commission translators will mark thetexts and select one winner per country. In March 2012all winners will be invited to Brussels to receive theirprize.Juvenes Translatores raises awareness about translationstudies and the ever growing need for translatorsthroughout Europe. The contest has proved hugelypopular - 99% of schools that took part in previouscontests would like to do so again, and some schoolseven organised their own pre-selection tests to ensurethey put their best pupils forward for the contest.The winners will be invited to an awards ceremony inBrussels in March 2012 at which the Commissioner forMultilingualism will present the awards, the winnermust be able to be accompanied by a parent or aguardian, or an adult approved by them.The European Commission will arrange and pay fortravel, accommodation and insurance for one winnerand one accompanying adult per Member State.For more details or to register please visit the website at Dennis AbbottTel: (+32 2 295 92 58)Email: dgt-translatores@ec.europa.euTree Party Big WeekenderAre you naturally curious aboutnature?Come along and join us for two freefun-filled family days at the Tree PartyBig Weekender! Whether you takepart in the Acorn-atholon, browsethe Woodland Marketplace, marvelat the Vale Royal Falconry or sit backand enjoy Storytime at StorytellersTree, there’s fun for all the family. PhilGallagher, CBeebies Mister Maker willalso be joining us over the weekend.Sat 8 October, Heaton Park,Manchester and Sun 9 October,Tandle Hill Country Park, Oldham12-4pm. For more information call 0161 953 2733.Contact: Campaigns TeamTel: 0161 953 2733Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsContact: Jodie HarkerTel: 01484 559909Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsTrainingOne Education... September 2011 training courses and networkmeetings for schools, academies and governorsY3 Literacy SupportDo you want to accelerate the literacy levels of yourbelow-average pupils in Year 3 from 2c to 2a in 16weeks? This programme offers additional structuredgroup support to complement classroom teaching.It is delivered by a teaching assistant working inpartnership with the class teacher.This course will support you to develop your wholeschoolplanning to meet the needs of pupils withadditional literacy needs at Wave 2.Benefits:• An understanding of the structure and content ofYear 3 Literacy Support Programme (Quest)• An understanding of how to screen and select theappropriate pupils for the programme to maximisepupil progress• A knowledge of the support materials and activities,and how they are incorporated into classroomteaching• The importance of teacher and teaching assistantcommunication, and shared responsibility for themonitoring and evaluation of the programme andhow this can be managed practically.Who is it for?Literacy co-ordinators, Year 3 teachers, experiencedteaching assistants working with KS2Duration: Half-day, 13.30 to 16.00Date: 29 September 2011Fee: £85Booking ref:TC630Early Literacy Support (ELS) ProgrammeDo you have children in Year 1 that are workingjust below age-related expectations in reading andwriting?This programme has been developed to return thisgroup of pupils to age-related expectations. Thecourse outlines the structure and content of the Year1 Early Literacy Support Programme for teachers andteaching assistants.This course enables staff to effectively implement theELS programme for pupils working just below agerelatedexpectations.Benefits:• This 16-week Wave 2 group interventionprogramme supports your school to develop a‘layered approach’ to literacy intervention.• It aims to return pupils to the national average inreading and writing for a focused group in Year 1,through daily intervention by the teaching assistant.• It is aligned to the Synthetic Phonics programme,Letters and Sounds, and ensures pupils have theappropriate phonic knowledge for summer termYear1 (Phase 5).Who is it for?Literacy co-ordinators, Year 1 teachers, experiencedteaching assistants working with KS1Duration: Half-day, 13.30 to 16.00Date: 28 September 2011Fee: £85Booking ref:TC629Contact: Gary DeakinTel: 0161 219 6712Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsPharaoh’s Barn - Feeding Manchester’s VulnerableGeneralAs our Muslim sisters and brothers fast to remindthemselves during Ramadan of need in the worldand as we move through the growing season towardsharvest, I write to you on behalf of a dedicatednetwork of people who work together to grow, store,cook and distribute food to homeless and othervulnerable people.Please would you consider offering your own harvestcollections or surpluses to assist us to feed thehomeless across Manchester through the rest of2011 into 2012? If so, please contact us for an appealform. If you would like someone from the network tospeak at your assembly or service, please let us knowand we will try to partner you with a local networkmember.“Pharaoh’s Barn” is a working name for a developingpartnership that includes among its members, TheLally Centre (Collyhurst), Lifeshare, Faith Network forManchester, Rainbow Haven drop-in (Abbey Hey,Gorton), Growing Faith in Community (producingfruit, vegetables and eggs for the network in Gorton),The Boaz Trust, The Red Cross, The Wellspring Centre(Stockport), Cornerstone (Manchester), The WelcomeCentre (Cheetham Hill), St. Brides Church and drop-in(Old Trafford), Lubavitch, and Food for Life (ISKCON -Mayfield Road Temple).We welcome other partners who can help with food,donations, vetted volunteers, storage, blanchingand freezing or who are already engaged in servingneeds in their local community. Schools and places ofworship who wish to support our year round effortsare also warmly invited to join our growing network.Please visit our website to learn more about us on, Salaam, Shalom.Contact: Rev David GrayTel: 07927 734 419Email: rev.elation4.1@ntlworld.comHave you thought about representing your colleagues?Manchester City Council’s Children and Young PeopleOverview and Scrutiny Committee is looking fornominations for teachers to sit on the Committee. TheCommittee looks at a wide range of issues that affectchildren, their education and their wellbeing. Yourrole as a teacher representative would be to supportlocal councillors in scrutinising these issues bydrawing on your practical knowledge and experiencein this area. Teacher representatives are paid anallowance for attending these meetings.If you are a teacher in a local authority maintainedschool, you can put yourself forward for thispost. Once all nominations have been received,all Manchester teachers will be invited to vote fortheir representative. A nomination pack with all theinformation you need is on its way to your schoolnow.If you are interested in applying for this post orwould like any further information, please contactManchester City Council’s Governance and ScrutinySupport Unit on(0161) 234 3011 or by email Carolyn WhewellTel: 0161 234 3011 (internal suffix 800)Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralManchester’s HealthyWeight Resource Pack 2011:A directory of services to help supportoverweight and obese patientsManchester’s Healthy Weight Resource Pack hasrecently been updated. The resource content is similarto the version launched last year but contains up todate service and contact details. This updated versionis only available online.The Healthy Weight resource pack aims to outlineto front line workers the different services that arecurrently available in Manchester to support peopleto maintain a healthy weight, including all healthyeating, physical activity and weight managementservices. This resource pack contains informationabout services for all age groups and abilities. Inaddition the resource also contains information aboutservices that contribute to a healthy weight, such asthe stop smoking service and the community alcoholteam. As well as outlining the services availablethe resource also aims to clarify how to refer to theservices included.Where possible, referral forms have been includedin the appendix to enable front line workers to referto the service without delay. Also included in thisresource are useful guidelines, information andwebsites for further information.This document supports Manchester’s Healthy WeightStrategy: Tackling Overweight and Obesity (2010-2013) and is focused on services that help peopleto maintain a healthy lifestyle. It does not includeservices for malnutrition or eating disorders.You can download a copy of the updated resourcepack at:www.manchesterpublichealthdevelopment.orgwww.manchester.nhs.ukFor more information please use contact detailsbelow:Contact: Amy AshtonTel: 0161 765 4468Email: amy.ashton@manchester.nhs.uk17

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralFree Loan Resources for Black History MonthContact: Jackie OuldTel: 0161 275 2920Email: is designated as Black History Month in Britain. This isa time to reflect and celebrate the history and culture of ethnicminority communities.The best place for teachers to find Black History Month resourceson loan is the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centreat the University of Manchester. We have a large collection ofchildren’s books including many biographies of Black pioneers. Wealso have an extensive range of posters for display and teachingpacks and resources if you are seeking ready-made teaching ideas.These resources are FREE to borrow from the Centre. We also havelocally made children’s books and teaching packs that you canpurchase or borrow.More details of our resources are available on our or call to arrange a visit.An Introduction to QC SuppliesI am pleased to introduce QC Supplies – the No.1supplier for all of your electronic office supplies, inkand toner cartridge needs!As Manchester City Councils approved supplier yourbusiness is invaluable to us. We aim to provide youwith a best value for money service and showing youmeaningful savings without compromising quality!As we move into the school Autumn term, cashablesavings are more important than ever. With the newgovernment on a deficit reduction regime, budgetsare even tighter and all aspects of procurementneed to show immediate savings. At QC Supplies weunderstand the ongoing pressures on schools havingto stretch their budgets and we know that we canplay a big part in your school achieving this!You will receive a new consumables brochure afterthe school holidays, if you require any pricing in themean time please contact us. We would very muchlike the opportunity to discuss your requirements andContact: Natalie StarsmoreTel: 01422 444 666Email: Natalie.Starsmore@qcsupplies.comhope that you can also take advantage of our FREENEXT DAY DELIVERY SERVICE!18

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralwww.filmclub.orgFree films@ FILMCLUBSet up a club inyour school for freeFILMCLUB helps set up engaging andinspiring after-school film clubs. Sign up andoffer your students:• Improved literacy• Vocational aspiration• Independent and imaginative thinking• Self-confidence and social skills• Improved critical analysis skillsContact: Deborah LottTel: 0207 288 4530Email: deborah@filmclub.orgGet your club up andrunning this Autumn term.Book your free FILMCLUB19Get your club up an running thisAutumn term.Book your free FILMCLUBstart up session now!To register go, orcall 020 7288 4530I think FILMCLUBis a fantasticidea, I urge anyschool to get involvedin it. Films are stories

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralArt for a LifetimeCharles Evans has long been established (22 year)on the art tutorial and demo scene, he is Winsor andNewton’s main demonstrator Europe wide, Winsorand Newton is largest producer of art materials in theworld.Charles travels extensively across through Britainand Europe giving art shows demonstrations andworkshops, as well as this his works hang in manypublic and private collections as well as publicgalleries throughout the UK. He has long runningtutorial art columns in magazines such as Artist andIllustrator and the Culture magazine and has ninebooks published in many languages world wide.Charles also has long running TV programmes (12year) which started on Tyne Tees TV and is now airedon Discovery TV, and has a huge and loyal followingthroughout the UK which is borne out by all theart shows, demonstrations and workshops for artsocieties throughout the UK.Our aim is to bring art to younger adults making itfun and enjoyable and very much hands on, with aprogramme and method of teaching that can bringyears of enjoyment. Painting is a great form of stressrelief and we wish to instil an interest before busylives take over.Charles has recently fulfilled a contract with Kentcounty council to bring a different kind of art tuitioninto schools and youth clubs, and this has proven aresounding success with pupils enthused and excitedby painting. As an example we have been told by artteachers in various schools how pupils are now goingout and buying art materials with their pocket moneyand after just one visit many of the pupils are nowfollowing Charles on twitter and asking when he iscoming back.This was carried out by Charles going into schoolsdoing a two hour workshop, demonstratingtechniques and the pupils having a go themselvesThe project was funded by Kent county council andCharles provided all the art materials. The project wasinitiated by Councillor Robert has the enhanced CRB check to work withChildren in schools and youth clubs.Could you pleasepass this information on to your local Head TeachersContact us on 01670760030 or for further details.Contact: Charles EvansTel: 01670 760 030Email: charles@charlesevansart.com20

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralCommittee update –June/July 2011This is a regular feature highlightingthe reports submitted by theDirector of Children’s Services, plusany items of interest, to the CityCouncil’s Executive and Overview& Scrutiny Committees during theprevious months.By clicking on the website address listed below, you can access the minutes of the meetings.Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee (CYPOS)21 June• Valuing Young People• Local Authority provision for young people excluded from school• Development of specialist resource provision in a mainstream primary school for children with social,emotional and behavioural difficultiesWebsite address for minutes: July• Manchester Safeguarding Children’s Board interim Annual Report April 2011• Short breaks for disabled children• Scheme for school financing and Schools Financial Regulations 2011/12Website address for minutes: June• Education Services Business CaseWebsite address for minutes: June• Valuing Young People• Development of specialist resource provision in a mainstream primary school for children with social,emotional and behavioral difficultiesWebsite address for minutes: contact Nicola Clayton for further information on this, or about the committee process in general.Contact: Nicola ClaytonTel: 0161 234 7374Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusSeptember 2011401 19-09-2011 Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and otherStaff and the Use of Reasonable Force400 19-09-2011 Changes To Structural Changes To Finance Support FromLocal Authorityattached: • Team structure chart• Schools Finance contact details399 12-09-2011 Important information about changes to Manchester’sarrangements for progressing statutory intervention for nonattendance398 05-09-2011 Legal obligations for schools under the Data Protection Act1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000Lynda Karalis0161 234 7484Reena Kohli0161 234 7798Jane Johnson0161 234 7477Anne Jones0161 234 7746attached: • Reminder to Schools of the legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998• Reminder to schools of the legal obligations under the Freedom of Information Act2000• Data Protection Principles397 05-09-2011 Consultation with Head Teachers on the future fundingarrangements for school crossing patrols.attached:Jane Johnson0161 234 7477Summary of Neighbourhood Services’ Risk Assessment of Crossing PatrolsGreenRedRedRedRedGET IN TOUCHIf you have anyinteresting news, events,or indeedyou justwant to promote yourschool or service, pleaseemailyour article (150words max) to us at:Deadline for articles forissue 232by 07 October 11Deadline for articles forissue 233by 11 November

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