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I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsNATIONAL ENTERPRISE AWARD FOR ST JAMES’School NewsThe University of Warwick has now confirmed thatSt James’ has achieved the National Standard forExcellence in EnterpriseWe are the first school in Manchester to haveachieved this award and one of the very first in thecountry. It is a reflection of how our curriculum hasbeen especially tailored to meet the values andaims of our school and how we are developing thekey skills that are so important for our children -leadership, teamwork, initiative, decision making,problem solving, resilience, and a positive, can-doattitude.The National Standard has been produced by a teamof staff at the Centre for Education and Industrybased at the University of Warwick, who havespecialist experience in enterprise education. Ourschool was visited by one of their assessors on 8 Apriland he examined a portfolio of evidence, visitedlessons, and spoke to pupils, staff and parents. Welldone and thank you to everyone who has worked sohard -pupils, staff and parents.Our most recent example of pupil initiated enterprisework was from a group of KS2 pupils.Contact: Vivienne FitzpatrickTel: 0161 224 6173Email: head@st-james-rusholme.manchester.sch.uk4

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsWIZZZZZZZZZZZZ……………School NewsNewall Green High School students attempted theirmost ambitious show yet, The Wiz ....and definitelypulled it off!Costumes, scenery and especially the music weresuperb. From beginning to end it was entertainingwith excellent performances from all the cast. A lot ofhard work had gone into the show and all involvedwere delighted with the results.A special thank you should go to Mrs Smith, MissLundberg and Miss Morgan.SMILE TRUST LAUNCHApril saw the official launch of the SM.I.L.E Trust at the Forumhall in Wythenshawe. The Trust consists of the Hard Federation ofBaguley Hall and Benchill Primary Schools and Newall Green HighSchool, along with representatives from Parkway Green Housingtrust, Barnardos, Manchester Airport and the University Hospital ofSouth Manchester. The event gave an opportunity for people in thecommunity to come along and find out more about the Trust andits commitment to raising aspirations and improving educationaloutcomes for children from the ages of 3 - 19.Neil Wilson, Executive Headteacher commented “We are delightedwith the range of opportunities that have already been created by theclose work that the Trust partnership has provided and are lookingforward to seeing what other exciting developments will come out ofthe commitment to the highest quality education in our schools.”All who went along to the launch were treated to performancesfrom all three schools and to meeting lots of other agencies who areworking alongside them before the trustees cut a giant cake. Nurserychildren from both primary schools were involved in a balloon launchto celebrate the event.Contact: Karen LavinTel: 0161 234 6420Email: k.lavin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk5

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsSaint Paul’s Pupils Aim forthe Air WavesPupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe were invited to attend sessions onthe Key 103 media bus which recently visited theschool with the aim of highlighting the importanceof commitment to the community and communityspirit. The session was organized collaboratively withManchester AirportThe Year 8 pupils were given the task of producing anadvert on the media bus, which is equipped with stateof the art media production equipment and is staffedby professional teachers and journalists, focusing onthe problems which a criminal record can bring.The pupils had to prepare a script and record a radioadvert aimed at young people of a similar age. Theadverts will be entered into a competition withother Wythenshawe schools, the next stage is for theadverts to be judged by the local MP, Paul Goggins.“The students really got into their stride, lookingat the issues of the importance of the community,”explained Ms Seona Murray, a Media Studies teacherat Saint Paul’s. “They enjoyed working together andputting some good ideas down, with the help andadvice of the professionals on the Key 103 mediabus. Not only has it been great fun but also someimportant messages have been communicated and ithas helped improve the confidence and self-esteem ofour pupils.”The pupils found the session on the media busextremely enjoyable.Saint Paul’s PuzzleChallenge DayHigh flying pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic HighSchool in Wythenshawe took part in a PuzzleChallenge Day where they had to work in teams tosolve a number of complex puzzles.The pupils from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 took part inthe day which aimed to develop their thinking,team and communication skills, whilst, at the sametime, encouraging thinking which will help themovercome any difficulties they may meet with theirschool work.The pupils encountered a number of fun butchallenging hands-on puzzle tasks which they hadto complete it teams. Most challenges lasted for nomore than a few minutes, but required each teamto work together and carefully develop strategies inorder to find a solution. Only when they had foundthat solution could they then move on to the nextstage.“When working on some of these challengingpuzzles, the temptation sometimes is to give upbut the programme teaches the students how topersevere, put their own skills to better use as partof a team and overcome difficulties by approachingproblems from different perspectives,” explainedMs Anita Keegan, a Science teacher at Saint Paul’s.“It was an excellent day, the pupils became totallyengrossed in solving the various problems and thenwere delighted to see how they had succeeded.”Contact: j.mcauliffe-hallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net6

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsMC&MA at the Houses of ParliamentSchool NewsManchester Creative and Media Academy wasrepresented in the Houses of Parliament in Marchby five year 11 girls. They had won this fantasticopportunity to have a tour of the Houses ofParliament at the Palace of Westminster, watch thespeaker’s procession and even sit in on a live debatebetween political parties.The day was very exciting for all the girls. Theytested out their interviewing skills on each of thecompetition’s judges as part of a ‘speed reporting’challenge. The judges were Lord St John of Bletso,Luciana Berger MP, Dr Emma Jane WatchornParliament’s Education Service Manager, NathanRimmer the FILMCLUB Young Ambassador andBaroness Benjamin from the House of Lords. Thegirls did the Academy proud with their in depthquestioning and confident delivery. After our video‘Who has power?’ received the highest number of hitsout of all of the finalists, soaring over 1700 views weknew we were a strong contender for the top prizes.We sat and watched each film and the judges askedeach group of student’s questions about their filmand law they want to enforce. Our girls answeredall of the questions and told the judges “We haveshown our film to pupils during school assembliesand by doing this we received a positive feedbackfrom students and teachers. This led to the seniorstaff enforcing ‘bully boxes’ which have been putaround school so if people witness bullying or theyare being bullied they are able to give informationin confidence and confidentially. We know if our filmcould be shown in other schools that this positiveaffect could happen around the country.”The response was very positive and the girls werehappy with their turn in front of the judges. Afterall of the videos had been screened we all waited inanticipation for the results, running from the bottomthey revealed the other videos to finish as secondrunners up. Then it came down to the final twovideos, it was nail-biting tension as we waited for theannouncement. When Baroness Benjamin said “Andthe first runner up is Manchester Creative and MediaAcademy” the girls were disappointed for a splitsecond and then remembered the great achievementthis was to come second out of 60 entries. They allreceived a £10 Odeon voucher and five Flip camerasand tripods. We finished the brilliant day off witha walk around London seeing the sites and talkingabout the wonderful day.Contact: Siobhan GorylTel: 0161 947 3732Email: sgoryl@mcmacademy.com8

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsService NewsOld Moat Sure Start Children’s Centre Win Green Flag AwardOld Moat Sure Start Children’s Centre havebeen awarded the prestigious Green FlagAward by ECO Schools after lots of hardwork by the children and staff team.The inspection at the centre was on 6April and is the highest award possible onthis National scheme. We are also the firstChildren’s Centre in Manchester to achievethis award.Well done to everyone!Contact: Cathie BoothTel: 0161 446 2131Email: Manchester Educational Awards 2011- Tell us about your fantastic pupils!Every year, the Educational Awards ceremony isheld by the Lord Mayor and Children’s Services torecognise the talent and achievements of secondaryaged pupils.We would like to ask Headteachers to nominateoutstanding young people who have demonstratedexcellence at school to both represent their school,and to receive a Manchester Educational Award.Please make:• Two nominations for Secondary Schools, and• One nomination for Secondary Special SchoolEach nominated young person will receive an Award.The nominees will then be invited to a ceremony inthe Town Hall from 12.00 – 14.00 on Wednesday 22June 2011.Nomination forms can be returned to us using thecontact information below (note that forms havebeen sent out to schools via Circular Letter 336).The deadline for nominations is: 25 May 2011.For more information contact Quay Pho,, Tel: 0161 234 7306,Fax: 0161 274 7069 or write to Communications Team,Level 1 Overseas House, Quay Street, M3 3BB.Contact: Quay PhoTel: 0161 234 7306Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsNational Family Week and Manchester Artsand Heritage VenuesNational Family Week aims to celebrate family lifein the UK and connect millions of families with theorganisations, charities, good causes and services thatsupport them. For the last two years, families haveenjoyed thousands of events, competitions, specialoffers and much more as part of the UK’s biggestcelebration of family life.National Family Week 2011 will take place fromMonday 30 May – Sunday 5 June and aims to bebigger and better, engaging with thousands offamilies nationwide.Get involved …Why not be a part of National Family Week 2011 andorganise family-friendly events and activities foryour local community? Your organisation can hold aFamily Week event to showcase and publicise whatyou have to offer families, and can also double up as afundraising exercise for one of your projects.Exactly what type of activity or event is entirely upto you and these events can take place at any timeduring the week. Or alternatively, if you already haveevents planned for that week, why not co-brand themNational Family Week events? Those who registerany type of event are eligible to receive free brandedmerchandise; such as balloons, posters, stickers, andvoucher booklets.Also, if you usually charge for any of your services,perhaps you could provide a family discount or offerduring The Week, to get more families through thedoors?Free promotionRegister your organisation online and benefit fromfree promotion through the Event Finder, as well asaccess to the merchandise. To do this, and for furtherinformation on National Family Week as well as ideas,themed toolkits and other resources to support yourinvolvement, please register for the Partner Zone.Promote the WeekPlease promote National Family Week through yourmarketing materials telling people about The Week– and any events you may be running at that timetoo. We can provide you with editorial copy, websitebanners etc, or you could simply direct people to ourwebsite, hope you agree that National Family Weekoffers your organisation a great opportunity to bothengage with local families and connect with thewider community. If you or your colleagues have anyquestions, or if you’d like to discuss ideas, please don’thesitate to contact me directly.Contact: Frankie SermanTel: 020 7871 0189Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsTHE BBC INVITES YOU TO DISCOVERYOUR PAST THROUGH FILMMelvyn Bragg is filming his newBBC TWO series, Reel History of Britain,in Manchester.Come along and see the history ofManchester come alive through amazingarchive film, get hands on, share yourmemories and step into the archive.This event is suitable for all the family,no booking required and entrance is free.Saturday 28th May10am – 5pmAlbert Square, M2 5DBFor more details go Verity HollywoodTel: 077 533 45202 | 020 800 84271Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralThe Cheshire County Show - Information for TeachersThe Cheshire County Show provides an excellentopportunity for an educationally valuable schoolvisit, enabling children to experience a wide-range ofactivities in one day. Being a rurally based event it is atremendous opportunity for pupils to learn about themany aspects of the countryside.A visit to the Agri-Centre marquee is a ‘must see’during your stayThe Agri-Centre carries the theme of Plough to Plate- ‘Where your food REALLY comes from’, and offers aunique and interactive insight into the primary stageof food production. From explaining the importanceof health, welfare and nutrition of farm animals andlive milking demonstrations, to displays of growingcrops, conservation matters on the farm, cheesemaking demonstrations and much, much more.The Agri-Centre aspires to educate visitors to theshow of the important role of farmers in the ruralenvironment and their contribution to the foodindustry.In addition to the usual displays of cattle, sheep, pigsgoats, horses, dogs, rare breeds, poultry, rabbits, andpacked and exciting main ring programme on bothdays, a visit to the Schools Out marquee will give youthe opportunity to see some of the activities providedby Cheshire education centres across the County.Contact: Nigel EvansTel: 01565 650200Email: citizenship communities through new approachesto learningThe National Foundation for Educational Research(NFER) in partnership with the Department ofEducation, University of York are undertaking a studyinto community and citizenship in relation to youngpeople. As part of this study, the NFER are carryingout an online questionnaire survey that will focus onpupils’ sense and understanding of community andcitizenship, and what range of relevant activities theirpupils engage in, both within, and beyond school.We would like to approach the schools on theattached list to invite them to participate in anonline questionnaire survey as part of this study.Headteachers will be provided with details to passonto a member of staff who is responsible for theirContact: Maria CharlesTel: 01753 637025Email: contribution to community, on how tocomplete the survey online during the period 3 - 25May 2011.All information provided by teachers for this projectwill be treated with the utmost confidentiality and noindividual or school will be identified in any report.Findings from the survey will be sent to participatingschools later on in the summer term in the form of aresearch brief.We would be grateful if you would let us know if youdo not wish for us to include a particular school. Ifyou have any queries about the project, please do nothesitate to contact me or my colleague Joanne Kellyon 01753 637025 or at

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsPrimary Engineer andBLOODHOUND SSC inGreater ManchesterPrimary Engineer: Primary BLOODHOUND SSC inGreater ManchesterWith the support of the Institution of MechanicalEngineers and Primary Engineer the PrimaryEngineer: BLOODHOUND adventure is now availableto schools in Greater Manchester.The adventure is themed to mirror the world landspeed record attempt of Richard Noble and AndyGreen’s BLOODHOUND Super Sonic Car which will bebuilt to reach speeds of 1050mph in South Africa in2013. Greater Manchester pupils will be able to joinin this adventure experiencing the practical maths,science and design technology that will be require tosolve the problems of stored energy car design.The support of the Institution of MechanicalEngineers has provided an opportunity whereschools who wish to join the adventure can receivethe resources and where possible the support of alocal Engineer to help guide and inspire the pupils.Pupils will also have the option of entering thePrimary Leaders Award for STEM. A teacher twilightCPD session will be offered for teachers embarkingContact: Christine JamesTel: 0161 205 1279Email: Christine.james@primaryengineer.comGeneralon the project in early June at the ManchesterCommunication Academy in Harpurhey.If you would like to find out more email the deadline forregistrations is the 6 June 2011, but there are alimited number of places so please register as soon aspossible you can access the form here.Costs: the cost to the school will be £25+VAT to coverthe annual site license of the resource and £10 perhead to attend the CPD twilight session.THE MHA WEEKLY PASS ENTITLES THE USERTO THE FOLLOWING USAGE AT THEMHA COMMUNITY FACILITY:2 x PAYG GYM SESSIONS(Any day, any time during opening hours)1 x ENTRY TO FITNESS CLASS(Includes Zumba, Boxercise and Yoga)THE MHA WEEKLY PASS ENTITLES THE USERTO THE FOLLOWING USAGE AT THEMHA COMMUNITY FACILITY:2 x PAYG GYM SESSIONS(Any day, any time during opening hours)Contact: Paul BarrettTel: 0161 998 3992 - option 3Email: x ENTRY TO FITNESS CLASS(Includes Zumba, Boxercise and Yoga)14To sign up, please visit theCommunity Reception

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralYoung people vote for theirManchester Fiction City winner!FICTION CITYThe MFC celebration event was held at ManchesterMetropolitan University on 15 March. Rapturousapplause greeted the announcement of Tim Collins asthe winner of MFC 2011. His book, Diary of a WimpyVampire stole the vote from the other 24 very strongcontenders. Tim, on hearing the day before thathe’d won, jumped on a train from London to surprisethose at the event. He said it ‘was much more funthan just emailing an acceptance speech!’The event was a celebration for MFC reading groups,many of which have been taking place in schools andacademies since September. The young people weretreated to refreshments, competitions and a greatnight. Winners of the alternative book competitionsand winning book reviews were presented with theirprizes and Alan Gibbons (Blue Peter Book Awardwinner) entertained us with anecdotes of being areader, writer and campaigner for libraries.Venezia Williams who attends Loreto high school andthe Chorlton Library reading group said ‘The eventwas truly inspiring for young authors’.This year MFC has gifted 1500 books to high schoolsand academies and fourteen schools have welcomeda visit from one of our MFC authors.Contact: Cheryl Pridgeon/Margaret ClarksonTel: 0161 227 3709Email: / in TouchIf you have any interesting news,events, visits, or indeed you justwant to promote your school orservice, please email your article(150 words max) to us for articles for issue229 by 03 June 11Deadline for articles for issue230 by 01 July 1115

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusMay 2011346 09-05-2011 Reading Recovery for all Manchester Primary Schools Louise Wood AMBER0161 219 6841345 09-05-2011 Alcohol Concern Youth Survey Lynda Karalis GREEN0161 234 7482344 09-05-2011 Safe caring and discipline of children Lynda Karalis GREEN0161 234 7482343 09-05-2011 Choice Advice Service Carol Tarpey GREEN0161 227 3340342 09-05-2011 Analysis of Reserves Paul Greenhalgh AMBER0161 234 7714Attached: Budget Information – 2012/13341 09-05-2011 Solar Power Generation Paul Greenhalgh0161 234 7714Attached: Budget Information – 2012/13340 03-05-2011 The Manchester PLUS Benefits and Offers Scheme Kate Fowler0161 234 1885Attached: The Manchester PLUS Benefits and Offers Scheme Order Form339 03-05-2011 MSCB Manchester Safeguarding Self Assessment Lynda Karalis0161 234 7482338 03-05-2011 Information on summer term SENCO network meetingand mandatory accredited training for SENCOsnew to post since 2009.337 03-05-2011 Information on summer term SENCO network meetingsfor headteachers and SENCOs and mandatoryaccredited training for SENCOs new to post since2009.16Amanda Corcoran0161 234 7033Amanda Corcoran0161 234 7033336 03-05-2011 Manchester Educational Awards Ceremony 2011 Quay Pho0161 234 7306Attached: Eligibility details with nomination form335 03-05-2011 Key changes to the Child Protection and Review ConferencesLynda Karalis0161 234 7310AMBERAMBERREDGREENGREENAMBERAttached: Update Report for Partners – Safeguarding Improvement Unit (SIU) RecommissionProject334 03-05-2011 DfE Funding Consultation Paul Greenhalgh RED0161 234 7714Attached: Budget Information – 2012/13April 2011333 19-04-2011 OPEN Paul Greenhalgh0161 234 7714GREEN332 19-04-2011 Recommended School Meal Prices from 1 September2011Reena Kohli0161 234 7798331 19-04-2011 Introduction to new Director Michael Crowe0161 234 3804REDAMBERGREEN

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