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I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General Circulars‘Manchester Achievement Awards...Get Your Nominations In....’HeadlineThe deadline to nominate for the excitingforthcoming Manchester Achievement Awards event,in November is nearly upon us, so please, please,please get your nominations in.This is an annual event which provides a wonderfulopportunity to celebrate the outstandingachievements of many of our children and youngpeople who are in care or care leavers. Often theirsuccesses have been achieved against the odds asthey have had to cope with traumatic experiencesand adapt to very significant changes to their way oflife.Last year we received over 130 nominations; thismeans that over 130 young people were recognisedfor their achievements, hard work and resilience. Thisyear we aim to build on this success, and we needyour help to do this.With each year, we have received more and moreincredible nominations from you, our nominators.It is now that time of the year again when we askthose who work with a child or young person in care/ care leaver to nominate them for a ManchesterAchievement Award. You are the people who reallyknow these children and young people and who havea good understanding of their achievements and ofthe range of barriers they may have had to overcomein order to be successful.We want to acknowledge the achievements ofchildren and young people who are / have beenlooked after by the Local Authority and encouragethem to succeed in the future. We can’t do thiswithout your help!Please take the time to tell us about a young personthat you work with! The winner and runners-up fromeach category will be invited to the awards ceremony.You can find more information in the nominationform on the Internet:• Nomination form - Key Stage 2 and 3• Nomination form - Key Stage 4 and CareleaverPlease send us your nomination form this Friday (21October 2011).If you require a hard copy, or an emailed document,please do not hesitate to contact me using the detailsbelow.Thank you for taking the time to submit yournomination.Contact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 7308Email: r.smith3@manchester.gov.uk2

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsSuccess Stories.A ROYAL PERFORMANCEFour pupils from Chorlton High School accompanied Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy tothe launch of her national Laureate Education project, Anthologise, in London thisweek.They joined pupils from other Anthologise flagship schools in Bath, Cambridge andHaringey to discuss their favourite poetry with Carol Ann, and were visited by HRH TheDuchess of Cornwall, who was there to help launch the project.Chorlton School librarian Rachel Hockey said, “Meeting the Duchess and Carol Ann was afantastic experience for our pupils – something they will remember for a long time.”"It was great" said Ruaridh Bisset from Year 10. "I really enjoyed meeting Carol AnnDuffy, John Agard and Grace Nichols.""I'm really looking forward to getting involved in theAnthologise competition this year" said Alabama Griffithswho read her favourite poem" La Belle Dame Sans Merci"by John Keats at the launch.Anthologise was devised by Carol Ann in conjunction withthe Poetry Book Society. Secondary school pupils acrossthe country are invited to compile their own poetryanthologies with the winning one published by Picador,with a foreword by The Duchess of Cornwall and CarolAnn.Carol Ann says, “Although the prize is fantastic and willundoubtedly be an important motivating factor for schools,the main benefit of the project is engaging young people inthe reading and appreciation of poetry for pleasure. Poetryis something that can appreciated and enjoyed as part ofdaily life, rather than just as an examination subject.”SUCCESSFUL CREATIVEHAPPYContact: Zoe MorrisTel: 0161 882 1150Email: z.morris@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk3

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsVolunteer Chinese Teacher ProgrammeOn 8 September 2011, Manchester welcomed six teachers from Chinawho arrived as part of a Volunteer Programme for international ChineseTeachers, organised by Hanban, The Office of Chinese Language CouncilInternational, part of the Ministry of Education, P.R.China.Each teacher has been allocated a school, and have already started theirnew teaching life in Manchester at St Peter’s RC High School, St Paul’sRC High School, St Matthew’s RC High School and Levenshulme HighSchool.OneEducation is working in partnership with the Chinese Governmenton this initiative and supporting both the schools and the ChineseTeachers throughout the academic year.Our best wishes are extended to the six teachers for the success of thisprogramme, which provides a wonderful opportunity for Manchesterchildren to learn the Chinese language and culture, and for them tolearn more about our own language and culture in return.Contact: Joe FlynnTel: 0161 219 6841Email: j.flynn@oneeducation.co.ukThe Willows Primary School Visit LondonThe children of The Willows PrimarySchool spent two exciting days inour capital city, London.During the trip they experiencedthe sites and sounds of the traffic,tube, river cruise, London Eye,Houses of Parliament and lotsmore.The children behaved impeccablyand tourists commented on theirsuperb behaviour.Everybody involved had a reallygood time, and we all can’t wait forour next exciting excursion.Contact: Karen StottTel: 0161 437 4444Email: K.Stott@willows.manchester.sch.uk4

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsVarna Street Primary celebratesEuropean Languages DayVarna Street Primary School in Openshaw celebratedEuropean Languages Day in style this year witha Spanish Day. On Monday 26 September all thechildren and staff came to school wearing red andyellow and the day was filled with many crosscurricularactivities.The Nursery and Reception classes learnt new songs,Spanish words and made maracas to take home.The Year 1 classes focused on their Science topic,Ourselves, and learnt the parts of the body and madespilt-pin puppets. Year 2 wrote postcards from Spainas Barnaby Bear and made traditional Spanish fans.Year 3 made travel brochures about Spain and drewpicture in the style of Pablo Picasso. Year 4 learntabout Flamenco dancing and music, which theyperformed. Year 5 made traditional Spanish biscuitsand Year 6 made tapas.At lunch time we had a special Spanish menu and atthe end of the day the whole school joined togetherfor a Celebration Assembly for each class to sharewhat they had achieved.At the end of the week Year 6 performed a play, LaBella Durmiente (Sleeping Beauty), and we sang aSpanish song. A great success for all!Contact: Sarah HoldenTel: 0161 223 3569Email: s.holden@varnastreet.manchetser.sch.ukOswald Road Primary take partin Health ExperimentYear 3 and Year 6 children took part in the First EverGreater Manchester Health Experiment. The mood ofthe children was measured by asking every child tochoose a colour from the Manchester Colour Wheel.The children found how colours are associated withmood and what effect colour can have on our mood.Some of the results were surprising and challengedour pre-conceptions; blue was seen as a calmingcolour but not at all associated with “the blues”. As itwas a grey, dull morning, our colour choices certainlyreflected our mood with many people choosing grey,black or brown.At Manchester Town Hall we took part in a masssing, led by an enthusiastic and effervescent JulesGibb, practitioner from the Natural Voice Network. Acrowd gathered to watch and a gloomy Wednesdayafternoon was transformed into a positive, enjoyableexperience. The children then painted a squarewith their choice of colour on an interactive artinstallation in Albert Square.When we returned to school we repeated the colourchoosing activity. It goes without saying that ourmoods were lifted and our spirits soared!The results from the whole day throughout the citywill be turned into a mural, a sculpture, a ballet anda musical composition which will be unveiled at aconcert at MediaCity:UK on Friday 9 December. Tofind out more about the whole event please visitwww.manchesterexperiment.org.ukContact: Mrs I MurrayTel: 0161 881 4266Email: m.murray@oswaldroad.manchester.sch.uk5

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool News‘I don’t Skate in the Synagogue and I don’t Pray in the Ice Rink!The Humanities Faculty at Newall Green High School were veryhonoured to hold two special Holocaust Days during September.Year 11 were fortunate enough to hear the incredible story of JackAizenburg, a Polish Jew who managed to survive three concentrationcamps before being liberated. His memories, which are clearly verypainful for him to recall, address the issues of freedom, family, hungerand discrimination, amongst others.We also heard from Harry Bibring who spent a day with Year 10sharing his experience from the destruction of the family businesson ‘Kristallnacht’, to being separated from his parents when he wassent to England as part of the ‘Kindertransport’ Scheme and how hesubsequently learnt the fate of his parents back in Austria.Both events were a huge success and show that you can often succeedno matter what life throws at you as long as you are brave anddetermined. Both Jack and Harry, who had quite a different experienceof World War II and the Holocaust, shared a similar attitude and sense ofhumour – demonstrated by the title of this article!CAPITAL TIMEIn the early hours of a dark, wet morning in Septembera group of Year 10 pupils from Newall Green HighSchool set off for a city break in London.On the way they stopped at Thorpe Park for an excitingday of extreme rides. The following day was a tour ofLondon, picnicking outside Buckingham Palace andthen seeing the sights from above on the London Eye.The highlight of the trip was definitely going to seethe West End production of the Lion King - there washardly a dry eye in the house!PUT THOSE PENS AWAY!28 September was the official ‘No Pens Day’ set upby the Governments ‘Communication Trust’. TheSMILE TRUST including Newall Green High, BaguleyHall and Benchill Primaries, were happy to take upthe challenge and focus on the development ofstudents speaking and listening skills.All faculties contributed to the event with mathsgames, debating and vocabulary games amongstthe activities, and not a pen in sight all day!Contact: Karen LavinTel: 0161 234 6420Email: k.lavin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk6

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSaint Paul’s Pupils Tune Up for Music ExtravaganzaSchool NewsA group of pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe recently took part in the Manchester MusicService’s annual Music Showcase.Music could be heard across Manchester as pupils from SaintPaul’s tuned up ready to take part in two of the showcaseevents. The school’s rock band ‘Jackt’ performed as part ofthe “Showcase Rocks” at the opening show at the Zion centrein Hulme and Saint Paul’s Violin Orchestra performed at theclosing show at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)in Manchester.“This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils,” explainedMiss Rachael Johnson, a music teacher at Saint Paul’s. “TheManchester’s Music Showcase is a superb event. I wasthrilled to see our pupils perform with amazing passion andexuberance. The concerts were fantastic!”Saint Paul’s Pupils Tune Up for Music ExtravaganzaStaff and pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High Schoolin Wythenshawe enjoyed a visit to the National SpaceCentre in Leicester as part of their Science studies.The trip, for the Year 9 pupils, was funded by TheOgden Trust with the aim of encouraging morepupils to progress to university and study physics.The pupils took part in a number of workshops, allrelated to space travel. The workshops involved avariety of activities including using CDs to make minihovercrafts, building and launching rockets across theriver using compressed air, investigating the materialused to make space nappies and a demonstration ofmaking a comet.As part of the visit, the pupils also saw a show inthe centre’s planetarium style theatre, which hasa 360 degree screen, the show focused on whatastronomers actually do whilst in space. Then thepupils were all scanned with an infra red cameraand saw how hiding, tested by getting into a binbag, doesn’t stop the infra red radiation from beingdetected. Hot footprints could also be picked upeasily. Before leaving, the pupils had a trip on a spacevehicle simulator that took them to Jupiter’s frozenmoon, Europa.“The pupils experienced an exciting and fun dayand got to take part in a variety of new activities,”commented Ms Nuala Wilson, Head of Science atSaint Paul’s. “Throughout the day, the physics behindthe activities was brought out in an interesting anddemanding way.”Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net7

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsInternational School Award success forSt. Catherine’s R.C. SchoolSchool NewsSt. Catherine’s R.C. School in Didsbury has beenawarded the British Council’s prestigious InternationalSchool Award in recognition of its work to bring theworld into the classroom.The International School Award is a badge of honourfor schools that do outstanding work in internationaleducation, such as through links with partner schoolsoverseas. Fostering an international dimension in thecurriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s workwith schools, so that young people gain the culturalunderstanding and skills they need to live and workas global citizens.St. Catherine’s School’s international work includesLanguages Day, French & Spanish café, pupilfundraising support for international charities inAfrica and South America. Pen pal links with a schoolin France. Foreign exchange links with a Spanishschool. Curriculum studies about India, Diwali, andChinese New Year.Contact: Ann McDowellTel: 0161 445 6359Email: admin@st-catherines.manchester.sch.ukAward for Chorlton High SchoolChorlton High School in Manchester has beenawarded the British Council’s prestigious InternationalSchool Award in recognition of its work to bring theworld into the classroom.Chorlton High School’s international work includeslinking with a partner school in Chilsila, Zambia. Thispartnership has enabled the students at ChorltonHigh School to consider the connections they have toother people and places. At the beginning of last yearthe students focused on the how charities can have apositive effect on the lives of others. They developedtheir own fundraising campaign and transformedthese ideas into action. Pupils were able to considertheir own values and attitudes and compare theirthoughts to those of young people living in differentparts of the world, true life accounts of children inChisila who live with fear of illness and poverty.Students also became Charity ambassadors, involvingthe local community and parents in raising money forpartnerships through advertising events, requestingdonations and sharing links with our partner schoolin the Zambia.A video of some of this work can be seen athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5LwNMyD79wcalled Chisila Community School’s Special Delivery: ADonation from Chorlton High SchoolThe British Council has just launched a new website– British Council Schools Online – as a ‘one stop shop’to help schools find international opportunities,including the International School Award. Any schoolcan find out how to apply by visitinghttp://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org .For more information about the International SchoolAward, please contact Mark Moulding in the BritishCouncil Press Office on 020 7389 4889 ormark.moulding@britishcouncil.orgContact: Zoe MorrisTel: 0161 882 1150Email: z.morris@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk8

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsOutstanding start to the school year for Beaver Road Primary SchoolIt’s been an outstanding start to the new school yearfor pupils, staff and parents at Beaver Road PrimarySchool.The Didsbury school has just been given top marks byOfsted, following a two day inspection three weeks into the term.Inspectors found that pupils achieve highly and enjoyschool greatly, making outstanding progress in classbecause of excellent teaching and an innovative andexciting curriculum that engages their interest andenthusiasm.The school’s outstanding leadership andmanagement were praised by inspectors, and therewas special praise for the Early Years FoundationStage where children make excellent progressbecause they are taught well within the high qualityprovision for learning.David How, Headteacher, Beaver Road, PrimarySchool, said: “The school already had a greatreputation when I arrived, but thanks to the hardwork, commitment, and dedication of our staff,pupils, parents and governors, we’ve been able tomake the necessary changes and improvementsthroughout the whole school to help push the schoolon even further.”The school is particularly proud of its pupils’achievements away from the classroom, and doesmuch to ensure that pupils receive an education inthe broadest sense.More than half of the children in the 650 placeschool learn a musical instrument - so many childrenin fact that the school’s annual Christmas musicalrecital evening for parents has had to be moved toParrs Wood High School for the last two years as theprimary school doesn’t have a stage big enough toaccommodate all of its young musicians.Learning about the outdoors, and enjoying physicalactivity and sport is also a big part of the timetableat Beaver Road Primary. Each year from the age of8 pupils at the school go away with the school onoutward bound style residential trips, with trips inrecent years to the Lake District and Derbyshire, aswell as further afield to the Isle of Man and France.The school is also regularly approached by TVcompanies either wanting to film on the premises, orto hold auditions amongst the children for parts infilms and commercials.David How said: “We have a whole school full offantastic children and we try to show them thatlearning isn’t just about doing sums and readingbooks.“Making music, enjoying the outdoors, playingsports, and learning new languages are all dailyfeatures of life at our school - and we have manyvery accomplished young rock climbers, musicians,swimmers, hockey players and linguists amongst usto prove this.”Beaver Road Primary School was inspected underrigorous Ofsted criteria introduced in September2009 for all schools. According to Ofsted statisticsonly 6 per cent of schools inspected nationally areawarded Grade One Outstanding.“We’re determined to do all we can to support moreschools to reach this gold standard.”Contact: Mr David HowTel: 0161 445 9337Email: admin@beaverroad-pri.manchester.sch.uk9

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsService NewsCare 2 Change CouncilManchester Care 2 Change CouncilDoYouCare?The purpose of Manchester Care 2 Change Council is to provide a forum foryoung people in care and care leavers in which to raise what they consider tobe the big issues about being in care directly with the lead Councillor forchildren and young people and the Director of Children’s Services in order toinfluence the services and support they receive******We need young people’s views********.• Do you know any young person who is aged 13 yrs or over?• Who has strong views about being in care?• Who would like to improve the care system?• Who could meet up once a month at the Town Hall, 5.45pm –7.30pm?(Even if they just want to contribute their views as a one off or on a regularbasis)………………..Then we would love to hear from you.Please contact Catherine McCrea at Manchester Children’s Rights Service0800 032 5647 or email c.mccrea@manchester.gov.ukContact: Catherine McCreaTel: 0800 032 5647Email: c.mccrea@manchester.gov.uk10

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsThe NOISE charity invites schools to visit their new pop-upexhibition ‘Art of Protest’ in Manchester‘Art of Protest’ highlights the art ofpositive and peaceful protest, withwork from leading internationalartists including Banksy, GillianWearing, and Stella Vine, in additionto pieces by emerging creative talentfrom the site www.NOISEfestival.com. The nine days exhibition alsoincludes the NOISE Charity’s positiveresponse to the recent youth riots,with an international compilationof photos from young people thatidentify their protest issues.Denise Proctor, NOISE charityfounder “‘Art of Protest’ demonstratesthat protest can be achieved throughcreative means. We want to motivateyoung people from across the UK tocommunicate their issues safely andeffectively”.The NOISE charity welcomesteachers, tutors and youth workersto bring groups to visit the exhibitionto encourage further campaignledartwork, by contributing to the‘NOISE Re-Masters’ learning project,which is available for download atwww.NOISEfestival.com/protest.19 - 27 October 2011 (weekdays9-6pm, weekends 11 – 5pm).1-3 Stevenson Square, Manchester.Contact: Isis MarcoTel: 0161 237 9009Email: marketing@noisefestival.comFord Madox Brown: Pre Raphaelite Pioneer24 September 2011- 29 January 2012Tickets: £8 / £6 ConcessionsThis autumn, Manchester Art Gallerystages the first major exhibition of FordMadox Brown’s work since 1964. The showbrings together 140 works from publicand private collections, including hisepic paintings of Victorian life Work andThe Last of England. Discover the storiesbehind masterpieces and explore Brown’spioneering role in the Pre-Raphaelitemovement.Buy tickets online at: www.manchestergalleries.org/fordmadoxbrownTickets: £8 (£6 concessions, free entry forFriends, Patrons and under-18s)Contact: Joanne SchofieldTel: 0161 234 3183Email: j.schofield1@manchester.gov.uk11

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsScienceBuskingworkshopTrainingHow do you make a rabbit grow before youreyes? Come to the workshop and find out!What is it?Science Busking is a fun, creative and interactive way ofengaging pupils in science using everyday objects and tricks!Who is it for?Science students and trainee teachers, STEM Ambassadors andteachers.When is it?Saturday 22nd October 2011 from 10am to 2pmWhere is it?International Society, Oxford Road, Manchester.Workshop session fee - £20.MMU students - £10 (Student ID required on the day)DEP are offering this workshop subsidised through DFID fundingTo book a place go to www.busking.eventbrite.comContact: Sally VeitchTel: 0161 921 8020Email: science@dep.org.uk12

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsTrainingContact: Sally VeitchTel: 0161 921 8020Email: science@dep.org.uk13

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General Circularschalmers &byrne traininglowering language barriersTraining3 November 2011Lowering Language BarriersOne day training on how tocommunicate effectively withspeakers of other languages.The course will benefit anyone who works withdiverse groups especially people who speak Englishas an additional language.The Lowering Language Barriers course willincrease participants' effectiveness at work,improve their relationships with speakers of otherlanguages and make your service more accessibleto people with communication needs.It has been successfully delivered to housingorganisations, Children & Families services, SocialServices, council frontline services, outreachworkers, IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance)and emergency services throughout England.The TrainerClare Chalmers’ expertise is in improving multi-culturalcommunication. She has over 20 years experience oftraining and has worked with migrants and refugees inLondon and West Sussex. She lectures in ESOL and has anMA in Education (Applied Linguistics).DaTes, Times anD venueDate 3 november 2011 10am – 4pmat Luther King house, Brighton Grove,manchester m14 5JPParticipants will:Understand what it is like tocommunicate in a differentlanguage and make yourself moreeasily understood by people withcommunication needsReceive feedback on yourcommunication style – especiallypace of talkingIdentify key words specific to yourwork and look at how to explain themmore clearlyPractise techniques for explainingcomplicated or technical informationLearn how to check understandingLearn how to write in Plain EnglishThe course is interactive, practical andthought-provokingCosT£155 including lunch and course booklet£130 for charity or voluntary sectorhow To BooKFill in the attached application form oror contact info@chalmersbyrne.co.ukor call 0208 674 2045aDDressChalmers & Byrne Training Ltd57 Kingsmead Road, London SW2 3HYFor more information on our in-house training:www.chalmersbyrne.co.ukContact: Katy ByrneTel: 0208 674 2045Email: katy@chalmersbyrne.co.uk14

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralGLOBAL XCHANGE IS HERE!!!What is it?Greater Manchester Youth Network are excited to berunning Global Xchange in Manchester, offering a crossculturalexchange programme where young people willlive, learn and work in local communities to developindividuals, communities and global networks.In October 2011, a team of 20 enthusiastic volunteers(aged 18-25) from India and the UK will be arriving inManchester to undertake voluntary work with localcommunity projects, before travelling together to Indiafor the second leg of the exchange.Participants will get involved in communities inManchester, to learn and take positive action duringtheir time here.Can you or your school help by:• Welcoming the exchange participants to Manchester?• Working with pairs of volunteers (one from the UK,one from India) for quality voluntary placements for tenContact: Becci CunninghamTel: 0161 274 3299 / 07790 687776Email: becci.cunningham@gmyn.co.ukweeks from mid October for three and a half days perweek?• Hosting pairs of volunteers (one from the UK, onefrom India) in your home or help us to advertise to findhost homes?• Getting the participants involved in events in thecommunity?• Supporting us with practical help like the use of yourrooms or resources?We’re confident the experience will be a positive onefor everyone involved as it will offer the chance to learnabout each other’s lives, about issues in the community,and about global issues too.To support the Manchester phase of the exchange,contact:Becci Cunningham at Greater Manchester YouthNetwork on 0161 274 3299 / 07790 687776 / becci.cunningham@gmyn.co.ukGiveGetGo!GiveGetGo! (delivered by Greater Manchester Youth Network) is afantastic opportunity for young people aged 16-25 from Manchesterwho have little or no experience of volunteering. This free three sessionprogramme supports young people to explore what volunteering is,try out a volunteering taster activity or two, reflect on their experiencesand look towards progression routes!What will young people get out of it?• A certificate of recognition for their volunteering• The opportunity to meet new people and try out a volunteeringactivity with other young people.• Travel reimbursement and light refreshments.• The option to work towards a volunteering accreditation.For further informatuion on programmes that will be runningfind us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/gmyouthnetworkor http://www.facebook.com/pages/GiveGetGo-Volunteering-Programme/202448239803069, or use contact deatisl below.Contact: Myrtle FinleyTel: 0161 274 3299 / 07790654952Email: Myrtle.finley@gmyn.co.uk15

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralSkating for Schools at SpinningfieldsThe Spinningfields IceRink will open againon 17 November2011. The 600 squaremetre open-air rinkis the only one inManchester city centreand is located justoff Deansgate. Onceagain the rink willbe offering heavilydiscounted rates forschool groups.The scheme isavailable for groupsof between 25 and 50children at a rate of £3per child (includingskate hire). Teachersskate for FREE.The school rates willrun from Mondayto Friday (Until 16December inclusive)with sessions between10am and 2pm. Allsessions must bepre-booked and aresubject to availability.(The offer applies toschoolchildren aged4-16 years only).To book call thebooking line on0843 2081495or go to www.spinningfieldsicerink.com for more details.Contact: Christopher LeghTel: 0845 2267845Email: Chris.legh@peppermintevents.co.uk16

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralStage OneJoin hundreds of schools from England, Scotland andWales in this unique competition to find the nation’s Qualifying heats: These are organised by your localtop This young is consumers your chance of 2012. to join hundreds of schools Trading from England, Standards Scotland Service or alternatively and Wales teams in maythis unique competition to find the nation’s topThe competition organised by the Trading Standards enter young on-line. consumers To register, of complete 2012. the details on theThe competition organised by the Trading Standards Institute and the Consumer Education LiaisonInstitute and the Consumer Education Liaison Group, Trading Standards Institute webpage “register to takeGroup, invites teams of four 14 to 17 year olds to compete in a knockout consumer quiz. Current andinvites teams of four 14 to 17 year olds to compete part” to get your unique log-in. Questions are multipleproposed changes to the consumer landscape make it even more vital that young people are equippedin a with knockout the skills, consumer knowledge quiz. and Current confidence and proposed to make informed choice choices and there and enforce is a one their hour rights. time limit. Your schoolchanges The competition:to the consumer landscape make it even more may submit multiple teams but each individual teamvital ■ that tests young students people on a are wide equipped range of with issues the including skills, consumer may submit and law, only food one entry.You and health, will safety be advised and afterknowledge the environment, and confidence managing to make money informed and finance, choices credit and the the closing European date if dimension. a school team has qualified for localand ■ enforce makes students their rights. aware of their consumer responsibilities or regional and rights. finals. You may use the on-line competition■ gives students essential life skills as they prepare for the as a world learning of further resource education as there and is no work. commitment toThe competition:Full details of the competition are available at take part at this stage.• tests studentshttp://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/events/events-youngconsumers.cfmon a wide range of issues including Stage TwoLocalconsumerand regionaland law,finalsfoodleadand health,to the nationalsafety andfinaltheduring Regional the annual finals: conference Successful of the teams Trading from Standardsthe qualifyingInstitute, environment, in Manchester managing on money the 26 and and finance, 27 June credit 2012. Thanks heats to compete the national with others and local in the sponsors, area in there a regionalare and individual the European and team dimension. rewards at regional and national final level. – which The winners determines will receive who goes £1000 through for their to the• school makes and students the Young aware Consumers of their consumer of the Year trophy, plus national many final personal in Manchester. prizes. In 2011 the venues for theDon’tresponsibilitiesmiss outandonrights.the chance to take part in a lively, regional informative events included event the which Scottish prepares Parliament, theyoung people for the challenges they will face in Jaguar their Centre future and lives. the O2 Arena.• gives students essential life skills as they prepareStage for the world of One further education and work. Stage ThreeLocal Qualifying and regional heats: finals These lead to are the organised national final by your local Trading The grand Standards final: Qualifying Service teams or alternatively from each teams region willduring may the enter annual on-line. conference To register, of the complete Trading the Standards details on the be Trading invited to Standards Manchester Institute on 26 webpage June 2012 “register for two daysInstitute,to takeinpart”Manchesterto get youronuniquethe 26 andlog-in.27QuestionsJune 2012.are multiple (one night). choice Accommodation and there is a one and hour a social time programmelimit.Your school may submit multiple teams but each individualThanks to the national and local sponsors, there are will team be provided may submit free of only charge one entry for a team .You will of four beadvised after the closing date if a school team has qualifiedindividual and team rewards at regional and national students for local with or their regional teacher/tutor. finals. You Young may use Consumers theon-line competition as a learning resource as there is nolevel. The winners will receive £1000 for their school hascommitmentbecome atohighlighttake partofatthethisTradingstage.Standardsand the Young Consumers of the Year trophy, plus Institute conference with the audience amazed at theStage Twomany personal prizes.breadth of knowledge of the young participants.Regional finals: Successful teams from the qualifying heats compete with others in the area in aDon’t regional miss out final on – the which chance determines to take who part goes in a lively, through to the Full national details of final the in competition Manchester. are In available 2011 the on theinformative venues for event the regional which prepares events included young people the Scottish for Parliament, website: http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/events/the Jaguar Centre and the O2 Arena.the challenges they will face in their future lives.events-youngconsumers.cfmStage ThreeRegister your team now!The grand final: Qualifying teams from each region will be invited to Manchester on 26 JuneContact: 2012 Myrtle for two Finley days (one night). Accommodation and a social programme will be provided free ofTel: charge 0161 274 for 3299 a team / 07790654952 of four students with their teacher/tutor. Young Consumers has become aEmail: highlight Myrtle.finley@gmyn.co.ukof the Trading Standards Institute conference with the audience amazed at the breadth ofknowledge of the young participants.17

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralCommittee update –September 2011This is a regular featurehighlighting the reportssubmitted by the Directorof Children’s Services, plusany items of interest, tothe City Council’s Executiveand Overview & ScrutinyCommittees during theprevious months.By clicking on the website address listed below, you can access the minutes of the meetings.Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee (CYPOS)6 September• Safeguarding Children and Young People in Manchester• Recruitment and Retention of Foster Carers• Short Breaks for disabled children• Oral update on changes to educationWebsite address for minutes:http://www.manchester.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/1598/children_and_young_people_overview_and_scrutiny_committeeExecutive14 September• Safeguarding Children and Young People in Manchester• Short Breaks for disabled children• Manchester Early Years ProvisionWebsite address for minutes:http://www.manchester.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/1511/executivePlease contact Nicola Clayton for further information on this, or about the committee process in general.Contact: Nicola ClaytonTel: 0161 234 7374Email: n.clayton1@manchester.gov.uk18

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusOctober 2011413 17-10-2011 Milk in Schools Schemes Joanne Sclater Red0161 234 7609412 17-10-2011 Termly Finance Update Reena KohliGreen0161 234 7798411 17-10-2011 SCHOOL CALENDAR 2012/2013 Seema Hanware Amber0161 2347464Attached: School Calendar 2012/ 2013410 10-10-2011 E-safety Lead Training for Schools and Settings Lynda Karalis0161 234 7482Green409 10-10-2011 Information on network meetings for SENCOs, Behaviourand Attendance leads and designated teachers for LACworking in secondary schools and academies for 2011/12408 03-10-2011 Information on network meetings for SENCOs, Behaviourand Attendance leads and designated teachers for LAC for2011/12407 03-10-2011 Information on five strategic regeneration framework(SRF) areas and new arrangements for social careAttached: • SRF areas and schools• New arrangements for social care and contact details406 03-10-2011 April – September Budget Monitoring – Financial Year –2011/2012 and Bank Reconciliation to 30 September 2011Amanda Corcoran0161 234 7033Amanda Corcoran0161 234 7033Amanda Corcoran0161 234 7033Yewande Kashimawo0161 234 7361405 03-10-2011 Manchester Achievement Awards Nominations 2011 Richard Smith0161 234 7308September 2011404 30-09-2011 Early Years Consultation Jenny Andrews0161 234 5572Letter to parents and carers (19 Sept)403 26-09-2011 Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers andother Staff and The Use of Reasonable ForceLynda Karalis0161 234 7482402 22-09-2011 Reception class allocations Michelle Devine0161 234 7188GreenGreenAmberAmberRedRedGreenRedGET IN TOUCHIf you have any interesting news,events, or indeed you justwantto promote your school or service,please emailyour article (150words max) to us at:intouchwithyou@manchester.gov.Deadline for articles forissue 233 by 11 November 11Deadline for articles for issue 234by 02 December 1119

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