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I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 1 1Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSaint Paul’s Pupils Tune Up for Music ExtravaganzaSchool NewsA group of pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe recently took part in the Manchester MusicService’s annual Music Showcase.Music could be heard across Manchester as pupils from SaintPaul’s tuned up ready to take part in two of the showcaseevents. The school’s rock band ‘Jackt’ performed as part ofthe “Showcase Rocks” at the opening show at the Zion centrein Hulme and Saint Paul’s Violin Orchestra performed at theclosing show at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)in Manchester.“This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils,” explainedMiss Rachael Johnson, a music teacher at Saint Paul’s. “TheManchester’s Music Showcase is a superb event. I wasthrilled to see our pupils perform with amazing passion andexuberance. The concerts were fantastic!”Saint Paul’s Pupils Tune Up for Music ExtravaganzaStaff and pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High Schoolin Wythenshawe enjoyed a visit to the National SpaceCentre in Leicester as part of their Science studies.The trip, for the Year 9 pupils, was funded by TheOgden Trust with the aim of encouraging morepupils to progress to university and study physics.The pupils took part in a number of workshops, allrelated to space travel. The workshops involved avariety of activities including using CDs to make minihovercrafts, building and launching rockets across theriver using compressed air, investigating the materialused to make space nappies and a demonstration ofmaking a comet.As part of the visit, the pupils also saw a show inthe centre’s planetarium style theatre, which hasa 360 degree screen, the show focused on whatastronomers actually do whilst in space. Then thepupils were all scanned with an infra red cameraand saw how hiding, tested by getting into a binbag, doesn’t stop the infra red radiation from beingdetected. Hot footprints could also be picked upeasily. Before leaving, the pupils had a trip on a spacevehicle simulator that took them to Jupiter’s frozenmoon, Europa.“The pupils experienced an exciting and fun dayand got to take part in a variety of new activities,”commented Ms Nuala Wilson, Head of Science atSaint Paul’s. “Throughout the day, the physics behindthe activities was brought out in an interesting anddemanding way.”Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net7

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