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Issue 246 - MEWAN

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsThe Co-operative Academy of Manchester Student VolunteersStudents at The Co-operativeAcademy of Manchestervolunteered to take part in a‘Well Good Project”. This is a free,interactive and engaging youthvolunteering project deliveredby Greater Manchester YouthNetwork for young people.The project offered a fourpart personal developmentprogramme with an emphasis onsupporting ambition, developingexperiences and encouragingpositive choices.The aim of the project providedvolunteering themed activities;provide opportunities to findout about volunteering and toincrease skills for young people.The emphasis on promoting thebeneficial effects volunteeringhas on emotional wellbeing.Students that attended theproject decided to support thehomeless by arranging bagsfilled with items to give to thehomeless.All students that attended thecourse received a certificatefor their contribution tovolunteering. The students alsoreceived a certificate of thanksof Barnabus homeless charity fortheir hard work.Contact: Julie ConnorTel: 0161 795 3005Email: j.connor@cam.coopMHA Students Reward VisitStudents from MHA were rewardedwith a visit to Manchester United’sCarrington Training Ground wherethey met Manchester UnitedGoalkeepers; David De Gea, AndersLindegaard and Sam Johnstone.During the visit they had the chanceto question the players during astaged press conference. Studentswere selected because of theiroutstanding behaviour, attendanceand all round work.Students with 100% termattendance are being rewarded witha visit to the Manchester Chill Factor!Well done to all of them!Contact: Paul BarrettTel: 0161 998 3992Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsPensioners party atLevenshulme HighPensioner Cissie Corrigan returned to the schoolwhere she had worked for more than twelve years thisweek for a Christmas celebration.Cissie, who’s 83, was a cleaner at Levenshulme HighSchool before she retired twenty years ago, and onMonday 17 December she was back in school for theannual OAP Christmas Party.Cissie, who lives in Burnage was born in 1929 - theyear the school opened - and cleaned there in the1980s and early 1990s, she said, “I come to the partyevery year. I love the new school. It’s a marvellousplace and these young girls are lovely.”Cissie was one of around 100 pensioners who weretreated to an afternoon of festive food and musicalong with a game of bingo at the school on CrossleyRoad.Fifteen year old Tahmida Chowdhury, one of dozensof girls who volunteered to help by serving foodand drink at the party, said, “I just felt it was nice todo something for older people living in the localcommunity. I like to serve them – it feels good andthey like it, too.”Head teacher Amanda Thain said, “The OAP party is afavourite event in the school calendar and we had farmore girls volunteer than we actually needed to help.“The girls really enjoy chatting to the older residentsin our community and it’s a pleasure to see the twogenerations together.”Contact: Sally WheatmanTel: 0161 973 9489Email: Peter’s High Awarded BasicSkills Quality MarkSt Peter’s has again been awarded the Quality Markfor Basic Skills. The audit of literacy, numeracy anduse of information, communication and technologybrings together all the excellent work across theschool.The visiting assessor said “The school has placedliteracy, and in particular reading, at the heartof its strategy for improving attainment.” He alsocommented that the pupils gained in self- confidencethrough a feeling of competence, “Through theLearning Walk and talking to staff and pupils it wasclear that the school had a broad understanding ofliteracy – this is obviously linked to pupil self-esteem.”The assessor said everyone benefits from the correctinterventions, the LSA’s all knew who each otherworked with and supported: “There was a feeling thatschool gave value to all, even those who were at alow level.”The assessor concluded “Co-ordination across thewhole school in basic skills is excellent and everyoneknows where they fit into the whole school delivery.”We are very proud of our staff and pupils in achievingthe Quality Mark for Basic skills for the second time.Contact: Mr J McNerneyTel: 0161 248 1550Email: office@stpetershigh.com4

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsThe Smile Foundation Trust Link With Zambia to BoostEducation For AllThe SMILE Foundation Trust (Newall Green HighSchool, Baguley Hall Primary and Benchill Primary)have been chosen to develop international links withZambia as part of a major new school twinning projectto boost global education.Connecting Classrooms is a UK government and BritishCouncil education initiative. The SMILE FoundationTrust has been selected in recognition of itscommitment to teaching students about global issues.Teachers and students are working with AngelinaTembo, Muteteshi and Mwashi Basic schools in Zambiato learn how to become responsible global citizensand to develop skills to work in a global economy.Schools across the UK can benefit from a range ofsupport offered by the scheme.Jessica Genovese, Assistant Head teacher and projectco-ordinator from Newall Green High School said“Through the Connecting Classrooms programmewe have a fantastic opportunity for our long runningpartnership to develop further. Throughout the yearsthe partnership has helped the schools develop anawareness of global issues, learn about different societiesand cultures through joint activities and has giventeachers the opportunity to further their career andprofessional development. Now, as we enter the nextphase of the programme, we have the opportunity totake this further and tackle the identified issues and startmaking some changes.”Secretary of State for International Development,Justine Greening said, “I am very pleased that The SMILEFoundation Trust, Manchester is taking on this excellentopportunity to link with schools in other parts of ourworld. Young people and teachers can make a fantasticcontribution by sharing the best of Britain with theirpeers around the world and at the same time, the greatthing is that they can get invaluable knowledge of whatlife is like in other countries.”“Connecting Classrooms will enable pupils to learn aboutthe world around them, about the facts of poverty thatface children their own age in developing countries, andhow education can help eradicate poverty. It will alsobenefit teachers by enhancing their professional skills.”Contact: Jessica GenoveseTel: 0161 234 4455Email: j.genovese@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk5School NewsThe programme will enable a teacher JessicaGenovese from Newall Green High School to takepart in an exchange visit with the three partnerschools in Zambia and work on classroom-basedprojects together, with the aim of giving youngpeople a unique and hands-on international learningexperience. There are a few different and far reachingaspects of the partnership. Primarily we are looking atdeveloping self sustainability within schools througha farming project which will happen in Zambia andManchester. In this project children will be responsiblefor developing crop and looking after animals withthe aim of producing an income. It is an enterprisingproject which will encourage students to takeownership of the project and develop life skills. Weare also looking to develop sports, focusing on RugbyLeague since it has become a Commonwealth sportwhich is being promoted in different African countries.In addition to these new aspects of the project wewill continue to work on the use of ICT specificallyfocussing on teacher and student training in using ICT.Schools will collaborate in a joint website to updateon different aspects of the project, share ideas andpictures and communicate with each other. Finally,to ensure the longevity of the project we will bedelivering a teacher training programme with the aimof encouraging the growth of the projects.Casey Hackett from Newall Green High School said“I am involved in the Zambia Council and it does lots ofthings to raise money for schools in Zambia. We haveorganised discos, cake sales and much more to getmoney for the project. We have enjoyed taking part in theplanning so far. Callum Sealey from Newall Green HighSchool added “I have enjoyed being part of the ZambiaCouncil because it is something different to join into.”Jessica Genovese continued: “We look forward to thefuture of the project and getting more students involvedand taking part in cross curricular activities and learningopportunities. It really is a positive part of school life.”For more information about Connecting Classrooms,please contact Andrea Mason on 020 7389 4031 oremail

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSaint Paul’s Enjoys Visit ofAuthor Barry HutchisonThe award winning Scottish Children’s author,Barry Hutchison, recently visited Saint Paul’sCatholic High School in Wythenshawe wherehe spoke to a group of pupils about his writing,his style and the inspiration for his ideas.Barry was just eight years old when he decidedhe wanted to become a writer, but it wasn’tuntil he was 17 that he sold his first pieceof written work, the dark comedy horrorscreenplay, Curse of the Bog Women.“I am very keen to encourage children –particularly reluctant boys – to read a widerange of fiction,” explained Barry “I want toshare great stories, and get children involvedin reading and writing. Although I’m currentlyworking on horror books, they are filled withmoments of dark humour, as comedy hasalways been my first genre of choice.”“The pupils really enjoyed their time with theauthor, Barry Hutchison, and asked some veryinteresting and thought provoking questions,”said Ms Maria Evans, Head of English. “I am nowlooking forward to seeing how they transferthis learning into their creative writing!”“It was a pleasure to have Barry visit the school,”said Ms Irena Savova, the school librarian.“The pupils listened with fascination as Barrybrought the books to life, he talked about hisInvisible Friends horror series as well as hislatest book The 13th Horseman.”Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net6School NewsFrench Theatre Company Visit SaintPaul’s “c’était fantastique!”Pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawewere immersed in French when a French theatre companyrecently visited the school.The production was aimed at Year 7 beginners French. Theplay revolved around two actors a girl and a boy who hadbecome pen friends not knowing the sex of the other. Theymeet up and are surprised that Tony is an English boy andRenee is a French girl. They have a weekend getting to knowone another and visit Paris, see the main monuments and geton well. They continue to write to each other.The show exposes students to ‘live’ language situations as theywould experience on a visit to Paris. The storyline was easy tofollow thus allowing students of all abilities to enjoy the show.There was audience participation, films, lighting and sound. Itwas written to be an enjoyable yet informative production.“I invited the group in to show Year 7 pupils how much Frenchthey have already learnt and how much they can understandwithout knowing every word,” explained Mrs Helen Farrar,Head of Modern Languages at Saint Paul’s. “For many it wouldhave been their first experience of a professional dramapresentation. The children have reported back to me that theyreally enjoyed the afternoon and the actors were delightedwith the way the children engaged with the presentation andresponded to them. Past experiences show that plays such asthis help foster a sense of enjoyment and the breakdown ofcultural differences.”She added: “The general consensus was “c’était fantastique”; itwas a modern, fun production which totally engaged all thechildren. The scenery, props, costumes and subject matterwere spot on and superbly pitched, the whole experience hascertainly boosted their interest in language learning.”

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsStudents from The Barlow are charity record makers!Students and staff from The Barlow RC High Schoolin Didsbury followed in the footsteps of some of theworld’s biggest popstars by making their own charityChristmas recording.Music Teacher Mr Meakin and Year 11 music studentMatthew Fitzgerald produced the eight track CD,featuring festive performances from staff andstudents across the year groups. A special Barlow staffrendition of Band Aid’s ‘Feed the World’ proved verypopular, with numerous requests for it to be playedduring Form Time, in the last week of term.The CD features a range of tunes, from traditionalChristmas carol ‘O Holy Night’ to modern classic ‘All Iwant for Christmas is you’ by Mariah Carey, as well asan original, acoustic take on Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.Students at The Barlow have always been good atcoming up with new ideas to raise money for charityand Christmas 2012 was no exception. They trulyembraced the new addition of a recording studio tothe school, following its recent refurbishment, andspent December lunchtimes recording the ChristmasCD and producing copies to sell for charity. Buddingartists got in on the action and created five differentpieces of artwork, which were made into CD covers.The school’s Christmas concert in front of a crowdof over two hundred people showcased many ofthe featured artists and gave the school the idealopportunity to sell the CD; with all the money raisedgoing to Manchester’s Cornerstone Day Centre andorphaned and abandoned children in Bolivia.Headteacher Mrs McCarron said, “Our truly talentedstudents worked hard to produce the CD; theyperformed brilliantly. We’ve just had our Ofstedinspection which remarked upon our flexible andinnovative curriculum and stimulating and excitingenrichment activities. As well as an excellenteducation, we give our students the opportunity touse all their talents.”Alongside the sale of the CD, the students organisedcake sales and a Christmas Fair, raising over £3,000for charity. In addition, they collected tinned foodand toys that were distributed to those in need inthe local community. The generosity shown by thestudents, their families and the staff was amazing!Contact: Kathryn CarrTel: 0161 445 8053Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsMixing With The ProfessionalsLast year’s Year 8 Football Team from Newall GreenHigh School went with Mr O’Neil land Mr Valentineto Bolton Wanders FC for a reward trip for theirachievements last year.They lived like professionals for the day. They got atour of the stadium and an in-depth talk from thefootball coach at Bolton about a career in football.After lunch the lads had a two hour training session atthe Bolton FC Academy.What a great day!Well Done Lucas!Pictured is Lucas Nmecha withMr Valentine from NGHS.Lucas played for the Year 8Football Team last year. Histalents earned him a place inthe Manchester City Academyand Lucas has now left NewallGreen High School to join StBedes, the Manchester CityAcademy partner school. Heis a ‘Star of the Future’ with anincredible chance of playing inthe Manchester City first team.We wish him the best of luck!Contact: Karen LavinTel: 0161 234 6420Email: k.lavin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk8

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsService NewsBig improvement in results at Manchester primaryschools show local schools improving faster than othersThe number of Manchester pupils who reachedexpected levels in English and maths went up by 7per cent with 78 per cent of pupils at local schoolsachieving Level 4 or above in the two subjects.This is up from 71 per cent last year is only just behindthe national average of 79 per cent.The figures published today by the Department forEducation (DFE) also show big improvements in thenumber of Manchester pupils making the expectedlevel of progress between their achievements atthe age of 8 and their achievements when they leftprimary school this year school aged 11.All pupils are expected to improve their achievementby two levels between the ages of 8 and 11 - so apupil achieving Level 2 at the age of 8 is expected toreach Level 4 or above at the age of 11.92 per cent of Manchester pupils this year made theexpected level of progress in English - up from 87 percent last year. Results in maths were also up this yearwith 90 per cent of pupils making the expected levelof progress in the subject - up from 85 per cent lastyear.Jenny Andrews, Deputy Director, Children’s Services,Manchester City Council, said:“These results are a big improvement on last yearand are very positive. They reflect the sustainedimprovement schools have been making over thelast few years and are a testament to the leadershipof headteachers, the quality of teaching and the hardwork and dedication of teachers and other staff inschool.“Manchester schools are now only one percentagepoint behind the national average and this is greatnews.“Our goal now is to sustain this improvement and tomake all Manchester schools amongst the very bestin the country.”Statistics released today also show that attendancein Manchester’s primary schools is now in line withother schools nationally. The percentage of sessionsmissed due to absence in Autumn term 2011 andSpring term 2012 was at the national average of 4.4per cent - up from 5.2 per cent the previous year.Councillor Afzal Khan, Executive Member Children’sServices, Manchester City Council said:“Schools can’t do much to improve their results ifpupils aren’t attending school regularly, so it’s verysatisfying to see the dramatic improvements inboth attendance and achievement this year. We’redetermined to continue supporting our schools toensure that even further improvements are madenext year.”Contact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 4148Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsSchools Competition: Bake with Paul is a not-for-profit organisation fundedby farmers, millers and bakers. The aims of are to teach children:• where grain-based food comes from;• the nutritional value of grain-based foods; and• how to cook with grain-based food.In April 2013 the Cake & Bake Show will be heldat Manchester Central. We will be there running aSchools Bake Off with Paul Hollywood (baker andjudge from BBC TV’s Great British Bake Off). We arecurrently looking for schools to participate in the eventfor this once-in-a-lifetime chance to bake with PaulHollywood.The competition is open to both primary andsecondary schools. We are looking for teams of oneteacher and two students. Participating teams arerequired to bring along their best bake on the day for ataste test by Paul Hollywood. The winners of the tastetest will then come back for the final which will be alive ‘scone off’ witheach team bakingscones to Paul’srecipe. Please for moreinformation on thisonce-in-a-lifetimechance to bake withPaul Hollywood.Contact: Priya NicholasTel: 0207 493 2521Email: FILM FESTIVAL SCHOOLS EVENT 2013Friday March 15 2013The Festival aims to encourage young film makers ofall backgrounds to make films on the subject of faith.We receive a large number of interesting films from allover the world and they will be screened in the fourthInsight Festival at Zion Arts in Hulme over three days.The day time event on Friday 15 March will bemounted specifically for classes from local schools,for six forms and those aged 11/12. This will be ofparticular interest to students interested in religiousstudies, due to the subject matter, as well as thoseinterested in media studies. We shall have a numberof film makers and other film experts with us,including an Interactive Stunt Workshop, a chanceto vote for the films like our high profile jury ofHollywood professionals do and to learn somethingabout making your own films. One session - by filmeducation experts Damaris will feature examples fromshort films created as official resources to accompanythe recent releases of Life of Pi and Les Miserables.Contact: John ForrestTel: 07802 724 054Email: producerjohn@hotmail.comThe Insight Film Festival targets and connects withpeople of all faiths as well as atheists, agnostics andhumanists. Active partners include the University ofManchester screen studies department, the MuslimRadical Middle Way, the British Rationalist Associationand the Greenbelt Arts festival. Our patrons includeLord David Putnam and Frank Cottrell Boyce, writer ofthe Olympic opening ceremony.This Festival Schools Event will provide a uniqueopportunity for school students to engage withfilm, film makers, and issues of faith and communitycohesion in an enjoyable and profitable context.Tickets are strictly limited, but the organisers arekeen to fill our auditorium with students from diversebackgrounds. They will watch films, hear presentationsand join discussions.Ticket will be available in late January, but to register interest orget more information email

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsBe part of our Reading Revolution!EventsWorld Book Day is a nationalcelebration of children’s books.We’d like your school to join usin our own Reading Revolution.We’ve set ourselves the challengeto read to 2,014 children duringthe week of World Book Day (4-8March).2014 will see our Central Libraryreopen after a period of extensiverenovation. We’ll have a uniqueoffer for schools when ourArchives service joins with otherpartners to offer educationalopportunities to you and yourpupils. To start the countdown tothe reopening, we’ve selected atarget of reading to 2,014 children.We’re looking for schools whowould welcome a visit from librarystaff to their assemblies duringWorld Book Day Week. We loveto dress up as book characters,so if you’d like to be part of ourchallenge, please do get in touch.Please contact Fozia Bashir at,City Library, 151 Deansgate,Manchester M3 3WD,, orphone 0161 234 1964 to sign-up.Contact: Cheryl Pridgeon / Margaret ClarksonTel: 0161 234 1926Email:‘Draw an Eco Superhero’ CompetitionLeading fluid management specialists ArmstrongIntegrated are to launch an ‘Energy Hero’ postercompetition to encourage the next generation ofschool children to think about the effects wastingenergy has on the planet. The competition will helpto encourage children at key stage 2 to think aboutthe consequences of not conserving energy now, bycreating their very own ‘Energy Hero’.Armstrong Integrated is launching the ‘Energy Hero’competition to help raise awareness to businesses,parents, teachers and school children of energysavinginitiatives. With the serious message of‘Future Social Responsibility,’ Armstrong Integratedbelieves that energy conservation must start withschool children via our education system. Theposter competition is just the start of the awarenesscampaign.Steve Cooper, Director - Sustainable DesignContact: Francesca JordanTel: 0161 274 2147Email: fjordan@armlink.comat Armstrong Integrated, comments, “Energymanagement is becoming a critical consideration forbusinesses and the issue must be addressed by everyone,from members of the boardroom to our children inthe classroom. That’s why we have decided to launchthis competition, to gauge the interest of the futuregenerations of energy engineers, consultants andmanagers so we can see what they understand aboutenergy and the importance that their impact will haveon their environment in the future.”The ‘Energy Hero’ poster competition will givethousands of children a chance to take part, anddesign an energy hero designed to tackle today’senergy dilemma.To receive an information pack on how your schoolmay get involved, please contact Francesca Jordan on0161 274 2147 or alternatively

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsPostcard Poetry - Calling all young, budding poets!y o u r P o e m so n A P o s t c A r dPOETRY COMPETITIONAge groups: 6-10, 11-13, and 14-16.Write a short poem about yourfavourite book, author, or anything elseyou love about libraries and reading.Three luckywinners will have theirpoem printed on a setof limited-editionpostcardsFor more detailsvisit your locallibrary or contactFozia on 0161 234 dATE23 FEbRuARY 20131 / postcardpoetryManchester Libraries is offering a uniqueopportunity for your pupils to enter aPostcard Poetry competition. The threewinners will have their poems printedas postcards to help us celebrate books,reading and libraries in time forWorld Book Day on Thursday 7 March.The poems can be in any style, but needto fit on a postcard, so we are looking forentries of 100 words or less. The themeis Libraries – favourite authors and poets,books, libraries – anything library-related.Entry categories:6–10 years, 11–13 years, and 14–16 years.Closing date:Saturday 23 FebruaryPrizes:winning poems printed as postcards whichwe will use for promotional purposes (andgive some to the winners of course) andother goodiesInformation and a pdf of the entry formwill be sent to your school, but please getin touch if you would like one sent directlyto you.Contact Fozia Bashir, City Library, 151Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WD, for moreinformation, or visit our website A4 Entry Form_aw_HR.indd 1 11/01/2013 12:25Contact: Kate SassanelliTel: 0161 816 6417Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralWhat is Play Therapy?Are you worried about a child’s behaviour?Are they angry or withdrawn?Have they experienced a death in the family or aparental break up?Are they struggling with illness or do they sufferfrom ADHD?Have they experienced trauma or abuse?Play therapy sessions can help...Many children experience difficulties when theyare growing up. Some of these things can be verytraumatic for them. Very often you will see a changein their behaviour and this is usually a sign that theyare struggling.Just like adults, children need time to work outtheir feelings and come to terms with experiences.However unlike adults, children are unable to trulyunderstand their feelings and talk about them.Play therapy is a little bit like counselling, but insteadof talking about their experiences they are given theopportunity to ‘play them out’.Play is a child’s natural form of self expression andthey are able to safely express themselves usingmetaphor and symbolism.TPC offers weekly sessions with a play therapistproviding a safe space and relationship for the childor young person.The play therapist will bring puppets, art materials, asand tray and more to help the child or young personto express themselves, in a way that’s right for them.Sessions take place each week at the same timelocation.TPC had a 70% success rate in 2012, children whoattended play therapy sessions became calmer,happier and more available to learn in class.“I have noticed a dramatic change in P over the last fewmonths...she is much happier in school, calmer in class,able to express her emotions and does not get angry aseasily....Play Therapy has definitely helped! Thank You!!“Reception Teacher“I think play therapy is perfect for children who haveemotional needs...It’s a chance for them to sort outtheir anxieties. Since Play Therapy, S has gained moreconfidence and is generally happier, his behaviour hasimproved as well” Year 6 TeacherIf you are interested in play therapy for your schoolplease contact Shahana Knight at TPC on07852 218 782for more information please we can support children emotionally as wellas educationally in schools.Contact: Shahana KnightTel: 07852 218 782Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralPut that Light Out! ……The Home Front World War 2 by Day-Star TheatreElsie Roberts is a mother of twowhen war is declared. Her husbandjoins the 8th Army, her children areevacuated to the country and shebecomes a crane driver at the docks.There is comedy and song but thereis also hardship and tragedy as Elsieand other captivating charactersexperience blackouts and air raids,rationing and black marketeering,evacuation and digging for victory.The play is approximately 90 minslong and can be performed in a schoolmorning. The only limit to audiencenumbers is the size of the hall. Thereis also an optional workshop sessionwhich is designed to follow on fromthe performance and develop andreinforce some of the themes of theplay.Here the two performers work withclass size groups of children and theafternoon can be divided up into one,two or three workshop sessions.Matilda & The Climbing BoyA Victorian Story for Key stage 2 from Day-Star TheatreIt is 1897 the year of Queen Victoria’sDiamond Jubilee and two famousMusic Hall song writers are to host aspecial jubilee celebration show infront of Queen Victoria herself.As they rehearse the opening numberthey also remember the hardship,cruelty and privilege of their verydifferent childhoods and tell of theexperiences they had together afterthey escaped unhappiness andbecame witness to some of the greatsocial and technological changes thattook place during the second half ofthe nineteenth century.There is an optional workshop sessionwhich is designed to follow on fromthe play and develop and reinforcesome of the themes.Here the two performers work withclass size groups.Please visit our website for moreinformation about us at Pete MarshallTel: 01270 811 330Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsManchester Health AcademyCommunity Holiday CoursesGeneralManchester Health Academy3 to 5 year oldsIntroducing Poppies, the Holiday Club for 3 to 5 year olds basedat MHA. Poppies will run each day from 10am to 3pm duringthe school holidays and will provide a variety of activities,including play, arts, crafts and sports. With a limited numberof places per day, Poppies is a fantastic way for your little onesto spend their school holidays as well as develop new skills.Sign your child up today for only £10.00 per day.Poppies is open every school holidays, on the dates advertisedinside this brochure.How do I book onto a course?Call 0161 998 3992 with the course ref number oremail to 14year oldsCommunityHoliday CoursesMoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 9BPTelephone: 0161 998 3992Email: Manchester us on Twitter @Health_Academy Health AcademyCommunity Holiday Courses6 to 14year oldsMoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 9BPTelephone: 0161 998 3992Email: us on Twitter @Health_AcademyOCTOBER 2012 HALF TERM (REF: OCT 12)29th October to 2nd November 2012 - 5 Day CourseFEBRUARY 2013 HALF TERM (REF: FEB 13)18th to 22nd February 2013 - 5 Day CourseEASTER 2013 HOLIDAYS (REF: EAST 13)Course 1 : 2nd to 5th April 2013 - 4 Day CourseCourse 2 : 8th to 12th April 2013 - 5 Day CourseWHIT 2013 HALF TERM (REF: WHIT 13)28th to 31st May 2013 - 4 Day CourseSUMMER 2013 HOLIDAYS (REF: SUM 13)Course 1 : 29th July to 2nd August 2013 - 5 Day CourseCourse 2 : 5th to 9th August 2013 - 5 Day CourseCourse 3 : 12th to 16th August 2013 - 5 Day CourseCourse 4 : 19th to 23rd August 2013 - 5 Day CourseCourse 5 : 27th to 30th August 2013 - 4 Day CourseWhat can I expect ona MHA communitycourse?• Courses are open to childrenaged 6 to 14 years old• All sessions are led byqualified and CRB coaches• Each day a range of activitiesare offered including sports,arts and crafts• Meet new friends• Try new activities• Have fun!Come down andJoin the fun!COURSE COST:Full Week £20.00 per childFull Day £5.00 per childHalf Day £3.50 per childSibling Discount for full week £5.00e.g. two children £35.00Sibling Discount for day £2.00Course times:10.00am to 3.00pmeach dayContact: Paul Barrett Tel: 0161 998 3992 Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralGiant Walking BusOn Wednesday 12 June 2013 thousands of kids willmarch for road safety from their school gates in theannual Giant Walking Bus. This brilliant event raisesawareness of the dangers of traffic and how cool it isto walk, and raises funds for Brake’s work to improveroad safety and care for road crash victims. Every yearwe try to beat our own record for the biggest walkingbus!Kids take part in this giant march for a giant reason: tosay no to driving fast, and yes to walking! The UK has apoor record for protecting children on foot comparedto many of our European neighbours. Half our kids aredriven to school, increasing pollution and danger, andaffecting health. It doesn’t matter if your march hasfive kids or 500, you can make a difference. All schoolstaking part get a free resource pack to help thempromote road safety.For more information and to register for this greatevent visit or call one ofour education officers on 01484 550061Contact: Emily MooreTel: 01484 550061Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralCommittee update– December 2012and January 2013This is a regular featurehighlighting the reportssubmitted by the Directorof Children’s Services, plusany items of interest, to theCity Council’s Executive andScrutiny Committees during theprevious months.Young People and Children Scrutiny Committee11 December• Future of Education in Manchester• Safeguarding ChildrenWebsite address for minutes: January 2013• Increase in primary school places and change of designation for Abraham Moss High School• Education Capital Strategy• Play Strategy• Attainment and AttendanceWebsite address for minutes: December• Future of Education in ManchesterWebsite address for minutes: January 2013• Increase in primary school places and change of designation for Abraham Moss High School• Education Capital StrategyWebsite address for minutes: contact Nicola Clayton for further information on this, or about the committee process in general.Contact: Nicola ClaytonTel: 0161 234 4314Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusDecember 2013580 21-01-13 Pupil Premium LAC: Second InstalmentRichard Shirley0161 234 1463GREENAttached:MCC LAC PP 2nd Instalment Statement579 21-01-13 Manchester Music Hub website now liveNick Paul07903 559 677RED578 14-01-2013 LAC, SEN and Behaviour and Attendance Networks 2013Ann Thornber0161 234 4040AMBERAttached:Vulnerable Children’s Networks Autumn Term 2012 Agenda577 14-01-2013 KS1 Statutory Moderation visits 2013Karen JarmanyO7507 269 983AMBERAttached:1. Training sessions for NQT/ teachers new to Year 22. KS1 Moderation 2013 – List of schools to be Externally Moderated576 14-01-2013 Diversifying School LeadershipNick Paul07903 559 677REDAttached:Flyer575 07-01-2013 School Calendar 2013/2014Seema Hanware0161 234 4002AMBERAttached: School Calendar 2013/ 2014574 07-01-2013Attached:Revised Scheme for Financing Schools and SchoolsFinancial Regulations1. Scheme for Financing Schools2. Attachment B – Schools Financial RegulationsChildren’s ServicesFinance Team0161 234 4003GREENGET IN TOUCHIf you have any interestingnews, events, or indeed you justwant to promote your school orservice, please email your article(150 words max) to us at:intouchwithyou@manchestergov.ukDeadline for articles for issue247 by 15 February 2013Deadline for articles for issue248 by 15 March 201318

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