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Issue 241 - One Education

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsA wonderful and successful event took place in themagnificent Great Hall in Manchester Town Hall onWednesday 4 July to recognise outstanding secondarystudents who had been nominated by their schools (seeheadline news).Also in attendance on the night were Martha Wall,Fionnula Bradbury, Maeve McGovern, Jack Callaghan,and Richard Sanderson (their teacher) of St John’sContact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 4148Email: r.smith3@manchester.gov.ukSchool NewsA fantastic Performance from St John’s Primary School at theManchester Education Awards 2012World Sports DayRC Primary School (Chorlton) who came stronglyrecommended by Manchester Music Service, and didnot disappoint, they put on a spectacular upbeat fiddleand tin whistles performance of Irish music for theaudience.Guests and dignitries alike commented to say howmuch the young people contributed to the ceremonyand listed the performance as one of the highlights ofthe day. Members of the band were commended withthunderous applause as they left the stage.We would like to thank all the children and staff from St.John’s RC Primary School (Chorlton) who came along toput on an entertaining and energetic performance. Youwere a real credit to your school and staff and we hopeyou enjoyed yourselves on the day!!To celebrate World Sport Day and London 2012, staffand students across the sites of Manchester HospitalSchool and Home Teaching Service took part in twodays of sports and Olympic related activities.On the first day, students at the Leo Kelly Centre(LKC)and Galaxy House worked in teams to choose anOlympic Country they were interested in finding outmore about before making the country’s flag andcarrying out research into the culture of their chosencountry.There were some impressive interpretationsof the Olympic flags using a combination of differentmaterials, there were even some 3D versions.Students also found some extremely interestinginformation about their chosen countries includingthat 841 different languages are spoken in Papua NewGuinea, the Anthem of Hong Kong is called ‘The Marchof the Volunteers’ and the Seychelles is made up of 115islands.Some students had an opportunity to be really creativeand design their own Olympic Sport. We even managedto play some of the sports or games the followingContact: Claudia Hammond-PriceTel: 0161 701 0684Email: c.hammondprice@hospitalschool.manchester.sch.ukday, however we did not have enough trampolinesor horses to hand for the more creative games. Prizeswere awarded to three teams for creating the mostimaginative games. Prizes were also awarded to twoteams for their brilliant models of the games they hadinvented. With a bit of luck we may be able to try outthe remaining games in future leisure lessons.The second day was a more active day at LKC. Welearned how to play some traditional games fromOlympic countries including Egypt, Bangladesh andIndia. In the afternoon students took part in a fitnesssession led by an instructor from Commando Joes. Thisreally brought out everyone’s competitive edge! Onemember of staff was given press-ups as a forfeit forbeing on the losing team much to the amusement ofthe students!Staff and students at LKC were also fortunate enough towelcome an Olympic Torch Bearer. Helen Allen, one of8000 Torch Bearers talked to us about her experiencesof carrying the Olympic Torch. We even had a chance tohold the torch and have our photographs taken with it.4

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsThe East Manchester Academy Taekwondo TeamPerform for the QueenSchool NewsThe East ManchesterAcademy TaekwondoTeam were invited toperform at ManchesterCentral in front of theQueen and Prince Phillipas part of Manchester’scelebrations for theDiamond Jubilee.Our partnership withthe Olympic TaekwondoTeam goes fromstrength to strength,providing endlessopportunities for ourpupils and staff.Rt Hon Tony LLoyd MP Visits the AcademySponsors, staff, pupils andFriends of the Academyjoined the Rt Hon Tony LLoydMP in the official openingof the East ManchesterAcademy dining hallextension. A special goldbolt and spanner was madeto commemorate the officialopening.Staff were delighted that thevisit managed to go withouta hitch.The Rt Hon Tony LLoyd MPthen took the time to listento a pupil presentation aboutsustainable technologies.He also gave out medals forrecent sporting success.Contact: Angela DooleyTel: 0161 230 8039Email: a.dooley@temac.co.uk5

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsAwards For Manchester Schools Making Their Marks In The ArtsSix schools in Manchester are celebrating afterbeing awarded the prestigious Artsmark Gold,in recognition of their high quality teaching andlearning in the creative arts during the last year.A further 14 schools in the city achieved the entrylevel Artsmark award, after meeting strict criteria laiddown in the awards scheme.By achieving Artsmark, schools demonstrate theircommitment to a high quality arts and cultural offerfor their pupils. Awards last for three years after whichschools must reapply and be formally assessed again.The six schools that received Gold Artsmarks werePiper Hill Specialist Support School in Wythenshawe,Chorlton High School, Church Of England SchoolOf The Resurrection in Bradford, Birchfields PrimarySchool in Rusholme, Temple Primary School inCheetham and Oswald Road Primary School inChorlton.Since the Artsmark was first introduced, a total 91awards have been given in Manchester - 45 GoldArtsmarks, 27 Silver Artsmarks and 19 Artsmarks.Chorlton High School has received the highestnumber of awards locally with three Gold Artsmarksand one Silver Artsmark to its credit over the years.Andy Park, Headteacher of Chorlton High School,said “I am very proud of all the hard work and effortby staff and pupils that has gone into achievingArtsmark Gold. This is the fourth time our school hasreceived this award over the twelve year period.“Of course it’s important that pupils have a goodgrasp of maths, English and science, but creativesubjects such as art, design and the preforming artsare just as important. It’s often the creative arts thathelp young people develop and find out who theyare.”Contact: Richard SmithTel: 0161 234 4148Email: r.smith3@manchester.gov.ukPark View Community School Jubilee CelebrationsPark View Community Schoolhosted a fantastic DiamondJubilee Party on Friday 1 June2012 in the Playground withBouncy castles, music and avisit from the Ice Cream Van.Cllr Jim Battle and HeadteacherJohn Tennant wish to thank allstaff, governors, parents andchildren for helping make thisa special day for everyone.Contact: Nigel MilliganTel: 0161 245 7474Email: n.milligan@parkview.manchester.sch.uk8

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsBig Sing 2012 and Launch ofThe Manchester Music HubA 1500-strong choir of school childrenfrom different Manchester schools joinedforces last week to sing a medley offamous Manchester anthems throughthe years to celebrate the launch of theManchester Music Hub.The prestigious Bridgewater Hall was thesetting for a ‘Manchester Sound’ sing songthat will saw pupils sing their way througha playlist of Manchester classics - fromHerman’s Hermits, through to the TingTings, via Oasis, the Bee Gees, New Order,and 10cc.Pupils were accompanied by a live bandof professional musicians from OneEducation’s music staff - whose day jobsare giving music lessons to young peoplein schools and other settings across thecity.The event is an annual event in theschools’ music calendar, but this year heldspecial significance as it also celebratedthe launch of The Manchester Music Hub.The Manchester Music Hub will delivermusic education services for youngpeople throughout the city and has beenformed following a successful funding bidearlier this year to Government as part oftheir plan to ensure that every child has achance to fulfil their musical potential.The successful bid was commissionedby Manchester City Council’s Children’sServices. Hub partners - One EducationMusic, the Royal Northern Collegeof Music, and the Brighter SoundsOrganisation - will now work togetheracross the city to deliver musicalopportunities, both in school and outof school, for local children and youngpeople.Councillor Afzal Khan, Executive Member,Children’s Services, Manchester CityContact: Lindsay ThomasTel: 0161 226 4411Email: l.thomas3@oneeducation.co.ukCouncil, said: “Manchester has always hitthe high notes as far as music-making goesand our successful bid - although it comesagainst a backdrop of reduced nationalfunding for music - means that togetherwith our other partners in the hub, we cancontinue to ensure a wide range of musicalopportunities are available for children andyoung people in the city.“Education is not just about being good atMaths and English. It’s just as importantthat we do everything we can to enrich theeducation of young people in other waystoo and The Manchester Music Hub is goingto really help with this.”Kieran McDermott, Chief Executive, OneEducation Limited, said: “The ManchesterMusic Hub is all about investing in ouryoung people’s future and also in our city’smusical future. Music has always playeda big part in helping people and wholecommunities feel good about themselvesand it’s important that we do everything wecan to encourage and nurture tomorrow’smusicians, today.”Pupils from more than 35 schools tookpart in the event at the BridgewaterHall, after spending the last few weekspractising their songs, devising their fancydress and preparing to create the fantasticatmosphere which is the hallmark of thiswell established annual event.Lindsay Thomas, Head of Music at OneEducation Music, said: “The Big Singis always a really popular event withschools, and what better way to launchthe Manchester Music Hub, than with aManchester Sound sing song. Manchesterbands including James, M People andthe Bee Gees were all given the Big Singtreatment.”9School News

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsJodie Represents EnglandSchool NewsYear 10 Manchester Health Academy student, JodieHolt, recently represented England football team, readher account of her experiences:“I went to Heathrow Airport and there I met thesquad of 20 girls and the staff that would be takingus to Amsterdam. At this time I was nervous but fullof excitement, it was strange thinking I would be inanother country in a few hours, with no family andno casual clothes packed in my suitcase as we wereprovided with all the clothes and tracksuits we neededto wear during the five day trip.I was sat next to my two friends, Emma and Atlanta, onthe short plane journey to Amsterdam Airport. When welanded it was raining and lots of people in the airportwere staring at us. One person even took pictures!After collecting our luggage we went to the coach thatwas waiting for us outside the airport. It only took us20 minutes to get to our hotel. When we got there wegot given our keys individually and went to our rooms. Iwas in a room with Emma. We then had a short player’smeeting and went to sleep.The first morning we had to do our routine of the P test,height, weight, temperature and resting heart rates; allthis at eight in the morning! Then we went to breakfast,shortly after we went and stretched our legs with ourfirst training session. The next session was more basedon attacking and defending. When we got back to thehotel we went through various set plays that we wouldneed to remember for the upcoming matches.When we finished our routine again in the morning wehad a lot of down time so we could rest for the match inthe afternoon. This is where we went through set playsagain and the starting eleven. We then left for the gameand were ready as a team.The first half was England’s and the second Holland’s.They won 3-0.The next day was recovery based and we went throughthe set plays again. After an ice bath and pool sessionwe analysed the match and went out for a session onhow to correct the problems. The last day came fast andwe went out onto the pitch ready to win.I thought I performed well and the team did. Weunluckily lost 1-0 but should have finished more of ourchances. After the match we went straight to the airportand were ready for our flight home and the long fourhour car journey.Overall, it was the best experience and makes me wantto carry on more and push myself for England caps inthe future.”What a fantasticexperience Jodie,we’ll all be keepinga close eye on yourprogress in thefuture.Well done!GOLD FOR ALEX!Manchester Health Academy student Alex Rigg recentlytook part in the English Karate Championships. Here ishis account of the weekend:“At the weekend I competed in the English KarateChampionships. There were over 1000 competitors fromacross England that competed. The event took placein Sheffield at Ponds Ford, which is the InternationalSwimming Centre. This competition took place overtwo days. Saturday I competed in two sections. One wasIndividual Kata which I won Bronze in and the other onewas Pair Kata. In this we were beaten in the first round.Kata is a skill which combines sequences of movement.On Sunday I took part in two further sections. The firstwas Team Fighting which is where I won Gold. In theIndividual Fighting Category I reached the Semi-Finalwhere I was up against the current age group WorldChampion. After a promising start, I was eventuallydefeated. I then moved into the Repecharge where Iunfortunately lost 4-3, on points, finishing fourth overall.Well done Alex, a terrific performance!!!Contact: Paul BarrettTel: 0161 998 3992 - option 3Email: p.barrett@Manchesterhealthacademy.org.uk10

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsThe Olympic Torch at Lancasterian!Lancasterian was visited by the Olympic torchand torch bearer Sue Blaylock, on Monday 25June. Sue was selected as a torch bearer dueto her amazing work with the WythenshaweWheelers, an accessible cycling club.Sue ran with the torch in Manchester and kindlyoffered to visit us at school. The torch arrived atschool and travelled from class to class duringwhich time all of the children and staff had theopportunity to hold and then pass on the torch.A torch bearer was nominated to pass the torchbetween classes. Sue then led an assembly forthe whole school during which she describedher experience as well as answering a range ofinteresting questions!The morning with Sue really inspired our pupilsand staff and has set us up well for our visit tothe Paralympics in London in September, anexperience which we are very much lookingforward to.Two Specialist Schools Combine In Special Partnership. Chetham’sSchool Of Music Plays Concert With Lancasterian Steel Band...Lancasterian School hosted a steel band concert on Friday 22June. The concert consisted of harmonious performances from theLancasterian Steel Band and by students from Chetham’s School ofMusic. The concert was attended by many supporters of Lancasterianschool, including Withington’s local MP John Leech; MD of buildingfirm ‘Crudens’, Stephen Morris; Claire Campbell-Smith of Chetham’s;and Claire Moreland, Head Teacher of Chetham’s.The concert was the start of many projects that Lancasterian hopesto organise in conjunction with Chetham’s, the internationallyrecognised music school.Volunteer staff from Crudens and Chetham’s recently madean extremely valuable contribution to the development ofLancasterian’s outdoor spaces. Staff contributed to gardening,painting and craft activities to improve a courtyard area of school,while Chetham’s students entertained by providing live music.The children of Lancasterian have really benefitted from their newstimulating outdoor space.Contact: Matt Campion / Helen EareyTel: 0161 445 0123Email: admin@lancasterian.manchester.sch.uk11

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsBrandon Conducts WorldFamous HalleOrchestraOur All Stars Band participated in this year’s“Come and Play with The Hallé” project.Along with 1000 other children, we learnedtwo specially written pieces of music, andthen played along with the Hallé. We madea fantastic sound, and were in the front rowof the stalls. When a substitute Conductorwas needed for the William Tell overture,Brandon was picked!He did a great job, thoroughlyenjoyed himself, and was givena huge round of applause. Welldone Brandon!Contact: Nigel MilliganTel: 0161 681 3455Email: n.milligan@allsaintsnh-pri.manchester.sch.uk12School NewsYoung and old dig in together for SeedTo Feed projectChildren at Camberwell Park School in Blackley, have been joiningforces with their elderly neighbours to cook up a treat in their newkitchen, or better known as “creation station”, thanks to a grantsecured through Awards 4 All for £8950 in collaboration with GreatPlaces Housing Group.The 85 pupils at the school, which caters for two to 11-year-oldswith special educational needs and disabilities, are already partof the “Open Futures” initiative which is a skills and enquiry-basedcurriculum development programme, linking learning and life. Itwas developed to help children discover and develop practicalskills, personal interests and values, which will contribute to theireducation and help to enhance their adult lives. Open Futures is afresh way of meeting the needs of primary school children, whosenatural spirit of enquiry is fostered and nurtured through theprogramme’s four curriculum strands (askit, growit, cookit and filmit).Residents from The Byrons, Great Places’ neighbouring extra-carescheme for the over-55s, are also heavily involved in the project andwill be sharing their skills in the garden and the kitchen which thechildren are really excited about.The school now has a brand new kitchen, which kindly donated byThe Casey Group, whose staff donated their time to help fit it forfree. It’s a real community effort, as local businesses have also kindlydonated seeds, wood and equipment.School business manager Carmen King said: “The staff and pupils atCamberwell Park School are delighted with the new kitchen and theAwards 4 All grant for our “Seed To Feed project”. I am really excitedabout the children working with residents from The Byrons and amsure that with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in growingand cooking, the project will go from strength to strength! I can’tthank The Casey Group enough for their generosity.”Contact: Carmen KingTel: 0161 740 1897Email: carmenking@camberwellpark.manchester.sch.uk

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSaint Paul’s Remembers the HolocaustSchool NewsPupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawerecently received a visit from Lady Milena GrenfellBaines, one of the 700 children saved from the Nazisand death by Nicholas Winton.Lady Milena Grenfell Baines described the horrific timeof the Holocaust and the terrible events which she andher sister endured. She explained the heroic role playedby Sir Nicholas Winton, a unique and courageous figure,and his remarkable rescue mission.Sir Nicholas Winton, called ‘Britain’s Schindler’ by formerPrime Minister Tony Blair, was the brains behind theCzech Kindertransport that saved 669 children in thefirst six months of 1939. A stockbroker of German-Jewishheritage, he refused to stand by when he saw theinjustice happening and not only spoke out but helpedto save the lives of hundreds of children.“It was very emotional,” said one Year 9 pupil. “She wentthrough so much. In the blink of an eye her life wasturned upside-down. It makes you realise how lucky weare.”Ms Ursula Gallagher, Head of Humanities, at Saint Paul’ssaid, “It was a privilege for us to welcome Lady Milenato our school and her testimony will remain a powerfulreminder of the horrors so many experienced. We aregrateful to her and appreciate her courage in speakingso openly about the events; it will especially encourageour students to learn from the lessons of the Holocaustand make a positive difference in their own lives.”“There can be no better way for our pupils to gain a fullunderstanding of the dangers of discrimination andprejudice, than through the first-hand testimony of asurvivor of the Nazi atrocities. Lady Milena’s story is oneof tremendous courage during horrific circumstancesand, by hearing her testimony, students will have theopportunity to learn where prejudice and racism canultimately lead.”Saint Paul’s Pupils Raise Over £1,000 for theBritish Heart FoundationCharity fundraising events are part of life at Saint Paul’sCatholic High School in Wythenshawe. Recently pupilshave been exercising hard to raise money for the BritishHeart Foundation, a charity which aims to eradicatepremature death from heart disease.The pupils took part in a sponsored Skipathon wherethey raised over £1,000 for the British Heart Foundation.The pupils were very keen to help the charity in thefight against disease of the heart and circulation, so thatit is no longer a major cause of disability and prematuredeathMrs Janice Stuart, a PE teacher at Saint Paul’s, explained:“Not only did this raise much needed funds for theBritish Heart Foundation but it also set our pupilson the track skipping their way to health. Skippingis recognised as a fun and enjoyable aerobic activitywhich gets children active.”“It is a brilliant initiative,” added Ms Nikki Doig, PEteacher at Saint Paul’s. “Skipping is versatile and youcan’t beat it for health and fitness. It’s a wonderful skillto learn and it’s sociable. The pupils were able to havefun whilst raising money for the heart charity.”Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net13

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsSt. Mary’s School celebrate the Jubilee in style with a family BBQ.The bad weather did not stop St Mary’sPrimary CE Primary School in Moston’s Jubileecelebrations in June!Guests were able to enjoy, and whole range ofexciting stalls such as nail painting, ‘Hook-a-Duck’, face painting, a ‘Everyone wins a teddy’stall, and even a bouncy castle although allunder cover with even the bugers being cookedunder the veranda. Everyone had a fantastictime and the event raised £1194 for schoolfunds.Thank you to all our families who gave theirsupport and a special thanks to Mrs Gorst (ourSocial Secretary)/Mrs Marriott and all theirhelpers for organising such a wonderful event.We can’t wait for the next one!Contact: Sue HillTel: 0161 681 0407Email: admin@st-maryscofe.manchester.sch.ukClaremont Primary Diamond Jubilee Special EditionContact: Stephen ChaseTel: 0161 226 2066Email: admin@claremont.manchester.sch.ukClaremont Primary School would like to thank all the parentsand children who took part in our Diamond Jubilee Fun Day.The children had a great time on the climbing wall and evengot to see the teachers and other members of staff, includingour Caretaker, make it to the summit too. The children alsoenjoyed playing organised games throughout the day.The picnic was a big success on the school field andthankfully the British weather for once played its part andwas fine and dry. Everyone was given their own celebratoryJubilee picnic box and many of the parents brought in somegreat food from home too.All the children and staff were given a special editionDiamond Jubilee celebration mug and everyone had abrilliant day in a great atmosphere throughout the day.We look forward to our next big event, the Summer Fair onFriday 13 July. Thank you to all the parents and carers whocelebrated with us.14

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsManchester EnterpriseAcademy Students havedream work experiences!Mea Sponsors and Manchester Airport,put on a fantastic day of real life workexperiences for Manchester EnterpriseAcademy students.Many thanks to all who participated in theevent allowing our students to gain a realtaste of a working day.Everyone involved enjoyed and valued theevent:“We had a tour of the Emirates A380. It wasawesome, we had the best day”Jack Heald and Lukas Podhajski, MEAstudents.“Jack and Lukas were model students andexcellent representatives of MEA”Steve Clouston, Airfield Operations,Safety and Compliance.“I enjoyed the morning very much, just asmuch as Jason and Dean!”(about students Jason Bullows and DeanWardner) Andrew Ogdon, Valet Car ParksThe work shadowing event was theculmination of months of planning by ateam of graduates at Manchester Airport.Staff from within Manchester AirportGroup (MAG), including Customer Services,Community Relations, Airport Fire service,Airport Police and Baggage Handlingto name a few, gave up their time toparticipate in the event.Household names such as Boots, SIXT CarRentals, Thomas Cook and World Duty Freewere among those businesses that kindlygave their time and experience to ensureour students had a great introduction to theworld of work.Many thanks to you all – MEA students hadan inspirational day.Contact: Andrea FanchetteTel: (mon, wed only please) 07742 587215Email: a.fanchette@meacad.org.ukBeauty of an idea!17School NewsThere is no stopping the Manchester Enterprise Academyinnovative and entrepreneurial Year 10 hairdressers:business mindedCalling themselves MEABS (Manchester Enterprise Academy BeautyStudio), they have worked really hard delivering a pitch to ourPrincipal, organising, promoting and putting on a series of beautyevents.MEABS have been setting up their studio in the Academy atrium onFriday lunchtimes, successfully offering hair and nail makeovers tostaff and students. (Special dispensation given to allow nail varnishafter these events!)charity consciousThe students took part in the Race For Life. This was run at TattonPark on Saturday 23 June, with over 2500 females walking, joggingand running the 5k. All there to raise money for cancer research.Thanks to Philipa Harrison from Manchester United Foundationwho works with the girls each week and also ran with them. She hasbeen a positive influence to the girls, helping them with all eventsthey have been involved in.sharing their skillsThe girls also helped Miss Andrew, head of Creative Arts at MEA.They used the skills they have learnt from attending Michael JohnHairdressing College to do the hair and make up of the studentstaking part in the show.Congratulations MEABS – you have shown that you have whatit takes not only to succeed but to make a positive difference.Mr Williams, Work Related Learning Coordinator at ManchesterEnterprise Academy, says you have been a pleasure to work with!

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsManchester Common Assessment Framework (MCFA)Service NewsThe lives of children and young people in Manchesterare improved through the offer of early help using MCAFto underpin strong preventative work and support themessage that improving outcomes is everyone’s business.Everyone working with a family has a role to play inensuring children and young people receive early help,with families feeling a part of the inclusive process.Integrated early help is offered using MCAF to shareand gather information and request expert input wherenecessary, ensuring that there is a commitment to thefamily by finding solutions and accessing the provision ofappropriate support.MCAF is a key part of delivering frontline services thatare integrated and focused around need. It is a commonapproach used to assess the needs of children and youngpeople and decide how these should be met. (ManchesterChildren’s Board Feb 2012)The new MCAF web page, www.manchester.gov.uk/mcaf,will be launched this month, it will have easy access to theMCAF forms and guidance. The next copy of In Touch WithYou will have more information including full details ofMCAF training for schools in your local area.For more information, contact the MCAF Team on 0161234 5969, CAFIT@manchester.gov.uk, Fax 0161 274 7082.Contact: MCAF TeamTel: 0161 234 5969Email: CAFIT@manchester.gov.ukSchools Support Teams - Shared Service CentreFollowing the challenging merge of services for schools(and MCC ) in April 2011, I am pleased to say that whilstthere have been hurdles to cross, teams have settled inand positive feedback from schools is increasing.There are quite a few processes under review but wewelcome your ideas/ feedback on our service too. Feelfree to contact us or you may wish to comment on thecustomer service survey that will also be circulated in theAutumn Term.After engaging with staff here and in schools (which wentdown really well) there are some improvements underway.We recently met some school Business Managers todiscuss and pilot electronic templates through email forschools to request contract amendments and leavers. Asthe templates require specific information there is lessroom for interpretation errors and sending electronicallyincreases accountability. This has been trialled in severalschools and the feedback has been very positive. Weintend to roll this out to ALL schools by next Term.Officers are also in the middle of testing a similar methodfor schools to send absence returns so that the oldproblem of sickness being entered late becomes obsoleteand it is reflected sooner in pay statements….just a fewimprovements in the pipeline !The Resourcing Team are responsible for the processingof all new starters within the Schools environment andContact: Kerry JohnsonTel: 0161 227 3888 / 3999Email: k.johnson@manchester.gov.ukthe completion of CRB checks for all staff, working withSchools to ensure the legal and statutory obligationswhich are fundamental to safer recruitment practices arebeing complied with.More recently a review of documentation, processes andprocedures has been conducted and this has seen theintroduction of electronic new starter’s packs, regularprogress updates on both new starters and CRB checksand the issuing of electronic contracts of employment.The Resourcing team are committed to improvingcustomer experience and will endeavour to workalongside all Schools to make long term improvements toservice delivery.If you are still confused about who does what and how tocontact the staff that support your school please call us fora Shared Service contact List which includes Resourcing,Compliance (CRB ), Employee Lifecycle (Ex Personnel andPayroll), and the Pensions Team.18

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsYoung Rewired State Events...Eventspresents presentsForumLibrarySaturday14th July2-4.30pmForumLibrarySaturday14th July2-4.30pmpresents presents presentsForumLibrarySaturday14th July2-4.30pmcoding coding for for girls for girls girls coding coding for for girls for girls girlsetween Aged 12 between and Aged 18 years between 12 and of 18 age? 12 years and of 18 age? years of age?ted Interested in coding? Interested in coding?coding?Girl Join Geeks! the Girl Join Geeks! the Girl Geeks!LongsightLibrarySaturday14th July2-4.30pmForumLibrarySaturday14th July2-4.30pmAged between Aged 12 between and Aged 18 years between 12 and of 18 age? 12 years and 18 of years age? of age?Interested Interested in coding? Interested in coding?coding?Join the Girl Join Geeks! the Join Girl Geeks! the Girl Geeks!LongsightLibrarySaturday14th July2-4.30pml be You walked will be and You walked will talked be and through walked talked and the through talked first through the first the first You will be You walked will You be and walked will talked be and walked through talked and the through talked first through the first the firstf coding... steps of and coding... steps as always of coding... and at as Manchester always and as at always Manchester Girl at Manchester Girl steps Girl of coding... steps of and steps coding... as of always coding... and at as Manchester always and as at always Manchester Girl at Manchester Girl Girlvents, Geeks there events, Geeks will breaks there events, will for there breaks tea, will biscuits for breaks tea, and biscuits for tea, and biscuits Geeks and events, Geeks there events, Geeks will breaks there events, will for there tea, breaks will biscuits for breaks tea, and biscuits for tea, biscuits and andith chats other with girl chats geeks other with and girl other geeks soon-to-be girl and geeks soon-to-be geeks! and soon-to-be geeks! geeks! chats with chats other with girl chats geeks other with and girl other geeks soon-to-be girl and geeks soon-to-be geeks! and soon-to-be geeks! geeks!ester Manchester Girl Geeks Manchester Girl and Geeks Young Girl and Rewired Geeks Young and State Rewired Young Rewired State State Manchester Manchester Girl Geeks Manchester and Girl Geeks Young Girl and Rewired Geeks Young and State Rewired Young Rewired State Statete the celebrate Code celebrate Year the 2012, Code the for Year Code more 2012, Year information2012, more informationmore information celebrate the celebrate Code celebrate Year the 2012, Code the for Year Code more 2012, Year information2012, more informationmore informationregister and to visit: register and to visit: register visit:and to register and to visit: register and to register visit: visit:introwythenshawe.eventbrite.co.ukcodingintrowythenshawe.eventbrite.co.ukcodingintrolongsight.eventbrite.co.uk codingintrowythenshawe.eventbrite.co.ukcodingintrolongsight.eventbrite.co.ukContact: Paul RemicTel: 07951 443173Email: p.remic@manchester.gov.uk19

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsEventsUrbanManiaClubActiveEasyRhythmsAquativity2 It!KidzoneCommit SpecialistFitFamiliesonly£10per week AgesProvisionTotson theMove UrbanManiaSkate Camp10-16WeightnoMore23-27 July 10am-1pm20-24 August 10am-1pmProjekts Skate Park, 97 London Road,Manchester, M1 2PGOpen to all abilities andincludes coachingand equipment.Book now to secureyour place at oneor both weeks!0161 232 3100www.manchester.gov.uk/activelifestylesContact: Priya VijaykumarTel: 0161 232 3126Email: p.vijaykumar@manchester.gov.uk20

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralJUNIOR MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIP 2013Working with primary schools to promote memory techniques for kidsThe Junior Memory Championship Enters it’sfifth year!This year more than 8,000 children from all over the UKjoined the Junior Memory Championship and learntvaluable memory skills. Make sure your school doesn’tmiss out on this important educational project and seehow your children thrive on these powerful learningtechniques. Every school that participates in the JuniorMemory Championship will be given our Learning SkillsFoundation Associated School Certificate.If you register now, your children will be eligible tocompete in the online stages of the Championship inMarch 2013Following a most exciting Final of the Junior MemoryChampionship 2012 on May 27 at London Zoo (www.juniormemorychampionship.com) I am writing toinvite you to register your school for the 2012/2013Championship. All you have to do to register is to senda cheque for £60 (£50 + VAT) to the address below.What is it?This educational initiative is the only national UK JuniorMemory Championship. After classroom training,with material provided by us, the children are able toparticipate in our nationwide, on-line test supervisedby their own teacher. Children really enjoy seeing theirmemory skills dramatically improve.How does it work?The core content is structured training for children withmaterials prepared by Jonathan Hancock, a formerWorld Memory Champion and now a primary schoolteacher. His techniques, using words, numbers andpictures are then taught by you, the children’s ownteacher. The specific goal is to teach children valuablememory skills that will help them with their school workand give them skills for life.Who is it for?Children in Year 6What are the benefits?• Clear gains in attainment at school• Heightened confidence as a result of being able tomemorise• Better communicationWhat is the purpose of the Junior MemoryChampionship?To bring powerful memory techniques to the forefrontof learning.How long has it been running?This is our fifth year of the ChampionshipWhat does it cost?Register now for £50 + VAT=£60 per school. No extras.How many children can I sign up?All your Year 6 children. No limit.What do I get for this fee?• An Inset Pack• Video Clips explaining the key learning techniques• A Full memory training programme for the Year 6children• Lesson Plan• Materials to develop learning skills in other yeargroups• Junior Memory Club®: access for your children to theonline Junior Memory ClubWhat happens once we register?• We send you your login details. You are then ableto access all the materials you need to teach yourchildren the memory techniques.• The on-line competition takes place in March andevery child who has done the training and wantsto participate has the opportunity to do so.• The 20 best pupils from around the country are theninvited to attend the Championship Final at LondonZoo in May 2013.How do I register my school?You need to send a cheque for £60 made out to TheLearning Skills Foundation and send it to:Learning Skills Foundation8 Swift StreetLondonSW6 5AGContact: Caroline ShottTel: 0207 736 1772Email: carolineshott@learningskillsfoundation.com21

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralAn Inventive Learning Platform For Media StudentsThe opportunities for a career in televisionproduction have never been better. Manchester is thehome of two great football teams and the only cityoutside London where anyone interested in mediacan build a career with the BBC, ITV, Sky or any of thesub –broadcasters.Paramount Media productions have developed adigital e-learning program aimed at young peopleto help them gain the experience required to start acareer in the media industry.Our program, developed by industry professionals,has been carefully designed to provide the importantfacts on how to achieve the best results for your firstproduction.You don’t have to leave the classroom or haveexpensive equipment, you can learn as you go withour program, anytime, anyplace…We teach camera and lighting techniques, sound, andthe editing process. You then take all your new skillsand develop your very own film or video productionproject.This program is inexpensive to implement in anylearning environment. All that is required is aninternet computer workstation with final-cut proediting suite loaded, a basic DV camera and tripod,some lights a simple backdrop.Paramount Media are offering to all schools a 30day FREE trial for up to ten students on our digitale-learning video production program with tutorsupport and the optional level 3 NOCN unit awardcertification. (Subject to accreditation fees)Please contact Paramount Media Productions formore information and a demonstration.Paramount Media ProductionsThe Sharp ProjectThorp road, ManchesterM40 5BJContact: Kathy AinscoughTel: 0161 273 2025Email: kathy.paramountmedia@btconnect.com22

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsGeneralYOGA CLASSRelax and set your senses freeWEDNESDAYS 20.30—21.30ONLY £4.00CLASSES START 11th JULYMANCHESTER HEALTH ACADEMYCOMMUNITY SPORTS FACILITYMOOR ROAD, WHYTHENSHAWE, MANCHESTER, M23 9BP0161 998 3992community@manchesterhealthacademy.org.ukMANCHESTER HEALTH ACADEMYCOMMUNITY SPORTS FACILITYMOOR ROAD, WHYTHENSHAWE, MANCHESTER, M23 9BPcommunity@ manchesterhealthacademy.org.uk 0161 998 3992HIGH INTENSITYCONDITIONINGCLASSWEDNESDAY19.45—20.30ONLY £3.00 TRIM OFF BODY FATCLASSES START 11TH JULYTONE UPSCULPT THAT FIGUREYOU’VE ALWAYS WANTEDContact: Paul BarrettTel: 0161 998 3992 - option 3Email: p.barrett@Manchesterhealthacademy.org.uk23

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2Headline School Service Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusJuly 2012517 09-07-2012 Termly Finance Update – Summer 2012 Vanda Mckeon GREEN0161 234 4003Attached:MCC - Schools Finance contact list516 09-07-2012 Schools Linking Network 2012-2013 Musarat Malik AMBER0161 219 6841Attached: 1. Flyer2. Application Form515 02-07-2012 Recommended School Meal Prices from 1 September 2012 Reena Kohli AMBER0161 234 4235514 02-07-2012 Ofsted Report – No place for bullying Lynda Karalis GREEN0161 234 3031Attached:No place for bullying reportJune 2012513 25-06-2012 English as an Additional Language Training Bursaries 2012 /13 Joe Flynn AMBER07717 340 925512 25-06-2012 Manchester Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Strategy Lynda Karalis GREEN0161 234 3031Attached:Minimum standards for responding to domestic violence511 25-06-2012 Sundry Income in Schools Vanda Mckeon0161 234 4003GREENAttached:Sundry Income in SchoolsDear ColleaguesGET IN TOUCHIf you have any interestingnews, events, or indeed you justwant to promote your school orservice, please email your article(150 words max) to us at:intouchwithyou@manchestergov.ukI would like to take the opportunity onbehalf of myself and the Children’s ServicesCommunications Team, in this the last issueof the ‘In Touch With You’ newsletter of theacademic year, to thank you for all yoursupport and continuing supply of articlesand images for the newsletter that continueto make it (i hope) an ongoing success.Please be aware that the first issue of thenext academic year will be Wednesday 26September with the deadline being Friday14 September.I hope you all enjoy your summer break ,and I look forward to reading some more ofyour fantastic school news next year.Kind regardsRichard Smith(CS Communication Team)24

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