Issue 250 - One Education
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Issue 250 - One Education

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsThe Duchess of Cambridge comes to The Willows Primary SchoolThe Duchess of Cambridge visited TheWillows Primary School on 23 April 2013.She was greeted by rapturous cheer fromthe children and a sea of red and whiteflags. Henry, the school dog markedthe occasion by presenting Her RoyalHighness with a delicious hamper ofgoodies for her dog, Lupo.The Duchess visited the school to launchher new charity M-Pact. M-Pact is acollaboration of her charity ‘Action onAddiction’ and ‘Place2Be’. She was joinedby John Bishop ,the comedian on behalfof Comic Relief.What an amazing day….and the pupilswere as usual, impeccably behaved.Contact: Karen StottTel: 0161 437 4444Email: k.stott@willows.manchester.sch.ukRed Nose Day at Baguley Hall Primary SchoolBaguley Hall Primary School managedto raise £497.35 for charity on Red NoseDay!All pupils and staff paid a pound eachto come into school wearing red andhaving mad hair. Ms goulding arrangedfor red noses to be sold in school, whichthe children were able to purchase theweek prior so no child missed out onthe opportunity to purchase a red nose.There were prizes for the wackiest dressperson.We had a fantastic fun filled day andraised lots of money for red nose day.Contact: Rachel GuinnaneTel: 0161 998 2090Email: admin@baguleyhall.manchester.sch.uk3

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSaint Paul’s WelcomesHatty Keane!Pupils at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe were delighted to welcome singerHatty Keane to their school where she performedsome of her songs and gave a strong anti-drugsmessage.Since being crowned the winner of the Open MicUK award in 2010 and her record signings on 2011,Salford-born Hatty Keane has been taking the popworld by storm. She has clocked up over 100 showssupporting the likes of Labrinth, Pixie Lott, Angel,Chipmunk, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull, Wretch 32, Lemar,Tinchy Stryder, Katie B, Olly Murs, and Wiley.The pupils were delighted to hear Hatty perform hernew singles; she displayed her soulful voice to anaudience of very enthusiastic pupils. Following thesinging, Hatty gave a presentation on the dangers ofdrugs including illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol.She talked about the very negative social and healtheffects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and encouragedour pupils to say “no” to becoming involved in them.“At 18 years old, Hatty is a positive role model foryoung people,” explained Miss Kathryn Meehan, REteacher and PSHE Coordinator at Saint Paul’s. “Shedelivered a very strong and effective message aboutsaying “no” to drugs and she discussed the issue withpeer pressure and gave advice on how to respond ifencouraged to take drugs or alcohol.”“The presentation by Hatty Keane supports the antidrugsmessage that we constantly deliver at SaintPaul’s,” commented Mr Wiktor Daron, Head Teacher atSaint Paul’s. “Hatty Keane’s message ties in well withour teaching of these topics which are delivered in REand also supports PSHE and our status as a ‘HealthySchool’.”Contact: Jane McAuliffe-HallTel: 0161 437 5841Email: j.mcauliffe-hall@st-paulshigh.net5School NewsSaint Paul’s Win Catholic Cup!It’s been a fantastic football season for Year 8pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School inWythenshawe which has culminated in themwinning the Greater Manchester Catholic Schoolscup.The Cup Final match, when Saint Paul’s came upagainst the current cup holders, Cardinal Langley,was extremely tense and hard fought. The game innormal time finished 3-3. Neil Kengni-Kuemo scoredwith 5 minutes played. Langley equalised after 20minutes. Jack Doherty scored a free kick from halfway line which went top right corner on 25 minutes.In the second half Saint Paul’s were 3 - 2 down andthen Neil Kengni-Kuemo scored his second withtwo minutes to play of normal time crashing theball across the opposition goal keeper. Extra timewas close with numerous chances for both sidesbut no goals sending the tie to penalties. St Paul’seventually beat Cardinal Langley 4 - 2 on penalties.“Winning the Greater Manchester Catholic Schoolscup was an amazing achievement for our Year 8footballers,” explained Mr Darren Mawn, second in PEat Saint Paul’s. “Football is extremely popular at SaintPaul’s. The pupils have a real passion for the gameand this is a well deserved achievement for them.”“We have some avid football fans at Saint Paul’s and itis great to see this interest and commitment reflectedin this achievement,” said Mr Wiktor Daron, HeadTeacher at Saint Paul’s. “I am very proud of all thosewho took part; the team has shown great spirit anddetermination.”

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsMeet Yours at Manchester Hospital SchoolAs part of Enterprise and Employability, Manchester Hospital Schoolstudents had the chance to experience what it’s like to work in theadvertising world.Joelle, who works in London for the advertising agency, Wunderman, hasbeen working on the ad campaign for Microsoft’s new Windows Phoneand came to Galaxy to tell students all about the process from itsbeginning to ‘Going Live’.The Challenge: How to get more people to buy Windows Phone.School NewsThe Situation: Windows Phone is different to all the other phonesbecause you can personalise the screen to however you want it, you canmake it ‘yours’.The WindowsPhonecampaignThe Strap Line: Meet Yours.The campaign used celebrities to show howthey personalised their Windows PhoneMeet Holly,Meet James,Joelle challenged students to:Meet ours!And to think about whom they would personalise a Windows Phone for…Microsoft head office in Seattle USA heardabout the great display and wonderfulphones students had made and sent somegoodies as a thank you!Contact: Claudia Hammond-PriceEmail: c.hammondprice@hospitalschool.manchester.sch.uk6

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsEaster Holiday Club 2013Operation OutpatientsX-Factor winner Shayne Ward, Coronation Street’sGeorgia May Foote (Katie) and Mike Toolan from Key103 literally dropped into Newall Green High Schooland Sixth Form on Friday 26 April in a helicopter! Aspart of ‘Operation Outpatients’, which was raisingmoney for a new play area at the hospital staff andstudents raised just under £500.The VIP guests took part in a Q&A session and therewas also an impromptu performance from Shayne.Well another Easter has come and with it came NewallGreen High School’s Holiday Club.‘Keeping Kids Active’ ran over four days and itwas packed with fun, games and trips. Dodge ball,Basketball, Bench Ball, Corners, Football, Boxing, Streetdance, and Arts and Crafts were just some of thedelights we had on offer. Also 14 young people weretaken to a BMX track, to learn, or show off their BMX bikeriding skills. On the last day 30 young people were takenfor a day out to Heaton Park in Prestwich, seeing theanimals at the Farm, playing on the swings and slides,and they all had fun on the fair, which was at the park forthe week, and generally having a fantastic day out.Everyone is already looking forward to the next holidayclub. For details please ring 0161 234 4455.Contact: Karen LavinTel: 0161 234 4455Email: k.lavin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.ukBenchill Primary School’s Parents’ DayBenchill Primary School recentlyhosted its first ever Parents’ Day,where parents were invited intolessons to work alongside theirchildren and the teachers.Parents were encouraged to takepart in the lessons as much aspossible. As you can see from thepicture, most were more thanhappy to participate in the rangeof activities we had planned:from creating mummies in YearFour, to sorting colours to createfrequency graphs using Smartiesin Year One.It was a huge success and it wasenjoyed by all the staff, parentsand children. We are alreadylooking forward to the nextplanned Parents’ Day!Contact: Alistair BlackTel: 0161 998 3075Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsSchool NewsThe Barlow RC High announces its new Student Leadership TeamFollowing recent elections held by students and staff,The Barlow’s Student Leadership Team for 2013-14has been announced. Olivia Flynn, Head Girl, andThomas McCormack, Head Boy, along with JeremyKoshy and Dominic Richmond as their deputies,have been elected to represent and help develop theschool.Ryan Evans, Abhishek Kulkarni, Pelin Darbandi andNiamh Sharkey Milum have been named SeniorPrefects whilst Victoria Butler has been given thebrand new role of Director of Public Relations. Victoriawill be working alongside the school’s MarketingManager to help enrich The Barlow’s website,newsletters, promotions and school liaison activities.The students took part in a rigorous and challengingprocess in order to become Year 11 Leaders. As partof the process, each student submitted a writtenapplication and was personally interviewed byHeadteacher, Mrs McCarron.Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Lamb, who overseesStudent Leadership said, “The Student Leadershipteam is made up of positive role models who seta good example to other pupils. Each year, moreand more students aspire to fill these roles andeach year the calibre becomes more and moreimpressive. Student Leadership is taken very seriouslyat The Barlow. Team members are Ambassadorsfor the school and help highlight our outstandingachievements and the opportunities available. Theresponsibility stands them in good stead for theirfuture life and career.”Student Leaders have duties that help the school dayrun smoothly and make sure the school rules andvalues are upheld. These duties include meeting andgreeting pupils each morning and checking everyoneis wearing the correct uniform and has the requiredschool equipment; ensuring pupils move around theschool in an orderly fashion and helping to supervisethe school canteen so that pupils can enjoy theirlunch in a pleasant environment. Prefects offer afriendly face and are a key point of contact for pupilsto ask for help.Victoria Butler, Student Director of PR said, “I am reallylooking forward to fulfilling my role on the StudentLeadership Team. The teachers at The Barlow reallybelieve in their pupils and help them to achievetheir goals and aspirations. Throughout my time atthe school I have been involved in lots of differentactivities and I feel privileged to have been chosento be an Ambassador, helping to show everyone justhow outstanding The Barlow is.”Student Leaders at The Barlow offer support at schoolevents such as Open Evenings and Parents’ Eveningsand are called upon to give tours of the school. TheTeam acts as a link between students and staff andattends regular meetings where they can input ideasand opinions on how the school can continue togrow. Student Leaders also take part in the interviewprocess for new members of staff.Well done to all the students on the Leadership Team!Contact: Kathryn CarrTel: 0161 445 8053Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsManchester Creative & MediaAcademy’s Cancer ResearchAdvertsIn April MCMA’s cancer research adverts will beshown on the Community Channel advert breaks inconjunction with their ‘Against the Odds’ season,reaching a potential audience of 1 million people.The adverts were made last year by MCMA studentsDeclan, Kuda, Conor, Robin and Brandon withdesign practice CDA, the Teenage Cancer Trust, TheMedia Trust and The Ideas Foundation. The projectasked young people to come up with solutionswhich would encourage their peers to be awareof the signs of cancer without scaring them andcreating panic.The adverts use off-beat humour amongst othertechniques to create impact and deliver the keymessage. The work has been highly praised byhealth professionals at The Teenage Cancer Trustwho may be using the work in training packagesfor professionals working with young people in thefuture. Now they will be seen nationally and impacton a wide audience which was something that theboys felt extremely strongly about at the start of theproject. They wanted to make teenagers aware ofthe signs of cancer and encourage them to look forhelp if they were suffering these symptoms.A big congratulations to everyone involved in thisproject, look out for the adverts on the CommunityChannel.To view the adverts online follow this Siobhan GorylTel: 0161 681 1592Email: SGoryl@mcmacademy.com9School NewsThe Media Bus comes toManchester Creative & MediaAcademyLast week year 10 and 11 students got the opportunityto create their own radio adverts. The Key103 MediaBus is a single decker bus fully equipped withrecording facilities, which enable students to producepodcasts, radio commercials and interviews. Onceonboard the Key 103 bus the students gained somehands on media experience. They had a discussionabout apprenticeships and recorded audio advertsreflecting on the benefits of being an apprentice. Thestudents were encouraged to be as creative as possiblein their script writing so their ideas sounded excitingon the recorded audio.Following the media bus days the 12 students whocreated the best commercials/ podcasts will begiven the opportunity to visit Key103 for a radioworkshop 9.30am – 2.30pm seeing behind the scenesof the Radio Station as well as using the professionalequipment to create a broadcast version of thecommercial devised on the media bus.

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsCouncil NewsGreater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership Online SafeguardingProcedures ManualThe Local Safeguarding Boards of the GMSP have been working with a companycalled TRI.X to produce combined safeguarding procedures which are easilyaccessible online. These were formally launched on Thursday 28 February 2013.Click on the link below to have a look. You can easily save the link as a favourite byclicking on the blue star in the top right hand corner of the home page. LSCBs will initially continue to need their own local procedures for specificissues dependant on local arrangements. As time progresses there may be moreprocedures that can be combined from a Greater Manchester perspective.Manchester specific policies can still be viewed on the MSCB website GM policies will be regularly reviewed by a nominated GM policies subgroup.Amendments can be submitted via your local Policy & Procedures subgrouprepresentative, or by contacting Jane Maguire, email

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsGreater Manchester Safeguarding ProceduresCouncil NewsThe Local Safeguarding Boards of the GreaterManchester Safeguarding Partnership have workedwith a company called Tri. X to develop combinedsafeguarding procedures which are easily accessibleonline. These were formally launched on 28 February2013.Click on the link below to have a look. You can easilysave the link as a favourite by clicking on the blue starin the top right hand corner of the home page. use the flyer on page 10 to advertise theGM procedures through your own communicationchannels within your own agencies.Contact: Jane MaguireTel: 0161 234 1531Email: Stage Attainment CollectionsWith the 2013 Teacher Assessment results collectionsstarting in June, the key dates and sources of help aregiven below. All schools including academies have tosubmit their data by the deadlines below.The following files need to be submitted to the LocalAuthority using the send2la website( by the following dates:• Early Years Foundation Stage – Friday 21 June• Year 1 Phonics Check – Friday 28 June• Year 2 Phonics Check – Friday 28 June for anypupils that did not meet the expected standard inYear 1 or did not take the check in Year 1. Their resultsneed to be included in this years collection• Key Stage 1 – Friday 28 June (unless yourmoderation visit is after this date, in which casesubmit your data as soon as possible after the visit)Once all results files have been collected fromschools, the Local Authority will submit the results tothe DfE in line with their guidance.The following files need to be submitted to the DfEusing the NCA tools website(• Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment results – Friday 28June• Key Stage 3 Teacher Assessment results – Friday 28JuneThe DfE guidance on the data collections isavailable at: you need any help entering your data contact yourMIS support.If you need help submitting your file to the LocalAuthority contact Leo Wall on 234 3676 or you need help submitting your file to the NCAtools website contact 0300 303 3013 or Leo WallTel: 0161 234 3676Email: correct phone number for Meade Hill school should be 0161 234 3925, please canyou check your records and amend if needed. Certain websites have a wrongly displayedan incorrect number and a member of the public is receiving up to 30 call a day forMeade Hill. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.11

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsLancasterian Sensory Support ServiceCouncil NewsOur Service supports children and young peoplein Manchester, with a hearing or vision need, andtheir families, from birth to leaving school. We workwith Nurseries and state-funded schools to shareinformation, provide advice and develop goodpractice for children and young people with a sensoryneed.The Service is composed of specialist Teachers andTeaching Assistants, Mobility and RehabilitationOfficers, Hearing Technicians, Resource Officers andFamily Support Workers. Together we seek to improveboth social and academic outcomes for children andyoung people with sensory needs in Manchester.We work closely with the health service and otherorganisations to achieve this aim.The team has Senior Managers and Lead Teachers forthe following areas:• Preschool 0-3years• Primary 3-11years• Secondary 11-16+years• MSI/Complex needs• Educational AudiologyOur Family Support workers provide Parent and Tots,Family Sign and other opportunities for parents tomeet with their younger children as well as beingavailable to offer support and advice to familiesaround the sensory need of their child.Our service also provides organised events during theschool day, after school and in the school holidays,which create opportunities for children with Hearingand / or Visual Needs to meet each other andparticipate in activities.In June we will be holding two Sports Days atSportcity Regional Athletics Centre where childrenwill have the opportunity to take part in sports withtheir peer groups. A range of different sports willbe on offer, some having been adapted to take intoaccount the sensory needs of the children. DaisyInclusive UK are again supporting us for the VisualNeeds day and the Sports Development Team acrossboth days.Referrals – Hearing Needs• The LSSS receives alerts from the communityaudiologist clinics across Manchester.• These then trigger an automatic referral to theservice.• If you, or anyone working with your child hasa concern regarding your child’s hearing, pleasecontact your GP in the first instance.Referrals – Visual Needs• If you, or anyone working with your child has aconcern about your child’s vision, please arrange forthem to visit an optician before requesting a referralform from the Service.• We also receive information from Communityorthoptist and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH)which may trigger a referral to the service.FundraisingWe also hold events to raise funds for the out ofschool activities. These range from the healthy to theunhealthy! Unhealthy are currently in the lead with ascore of two cake sales to one sponsored swim.Members of the Sensory Support Service staff tookpart in a sponsored swim at Total Fitness, HandforthDean during the Easter Holidays. We are hoping thatthe total raised will be close to £1000! Many thanksfor the support of colleagues, friends and family forthis event.Contact: Carolyn DaviesTel: 0161 445 0123Email: c.davies@lancasterian.manchester.sch.uk12

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsEventsJUNIOR MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIP 2013/2014 - Registration Now OpenRegistration for the 2013/2014 Junior MemoryChampionship has now opened, please register yourschool for this valuable educational programme.It has been a memorable year for the Junior MemoryChampionship 2012/2013. More than 12,000 children fromall over the UK joined the JMC and learnt very valuablememory skills which in turn have helped them with theiracademic performance. There has been considerablemedia interest in the Junior Memory Championship overthe past six months including, amajor feature in TheTimes (14 January 2013), an interview with the Founderof the Junior Memory Championship, Jonathan Hancock,on BBC Radio 4’s “Midweek” programme (5 December2012), a four page article in the TES (16 November 2012),Guardian Teachers’ Network (19 September 2012), and afeature in The Irish Examiner (March 2013).Make sure your school doesn’t miss out on this importanteducational project and see how your children thrive onthese powerful learning techniques. Every school thatparticipates in the Junior Memory Championship will begiven our Learning Skills Foundation Associated SchoolCertificate.What is it?This educational initiative is the only national UK JuniorMemory Championship. After classroom training,with material provided by us, the children are able toparticipate in our nationwide, on-line test supervisedby their own teacher. Children really enjoy seeing theirmemory skills dramatically improve.How does it work?The core content is structured training for children withmaterials prepared by Jonathan Hancock, a former WorldMemory Champion and now Deputy Head Teacher of aprimary school. His techniques, using words, numbersand pictures are then taught by you, the children’s ownteacher. The specific goal is to teach children valuablememory skills that will help them with their school workand give them skills for life. These substantial trainingmaterials are available to all registered schools via our website.Who is it for?Children in Year 6What are the benefits?• Clear gains in attainment at school• Heightened confidence frombeing able to memoriseContact: Caroline ShottTel: 020 7736 1772Web:• Better communicationWhat is the purpose of the Junior MemoryChampionship?To bring powerful memory techniques to the forefront oflearning.How long has it been running?This is our sixth year of the ChampionshipWhat does it cost?Register now for £50 plus VAT = £60 per school. No extras.How many children can I sign up?All your Year 6 children. No limit.What do I get for this fee?• An Inset Pack• Video Clips explaining the key learning techniques• A Full Year 6 memory training programme• Lesson Plans• Materials to develop learning skills in other year-groups• Junior Memory Club®: access for your children to theonline Junior Memory ClubWhat happens once we register?• After we receive both the fee and your registrationdetails you can access all the materials you need toteach your children the memory techniques.• In late February 2014 you will be able to add yourchildren’s names to the register of competitors.• The on-line competition takes place in March and everychild who has done the training and wants to participatehas the opportunity to do so.• The 20 best pupils from around the country are theninvited to attend the Championship Final at London Zooin May 2014.• All children who participate in the JMC (whether theydo the on-line competition or not) will receive a JuniorMemory Championship Certificate.How do I register my school?Please go to to register your school’s details. On receivingthese details we send you an invoice requesting that yousend a cheque for £60 made out to The Learning SkillsFoundation. On receipt of the registration fee your school’saccount will be activated.To register go to enter your school and contact details.13

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsEventsTo celebrate10 yearsof WrongTrousers Day,the cake’son me!Wear your favourite Wrong Trousers and celebrate our10th birthday helping sick children across the UKwww.wrongtrousersday.orgHOT LINE 0845 600 1924Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation supports children’s healthcare throughout the UK. Registered Charity Number 1096483 © Aardman/Wallace & Gromit Limited 2013Supported byContact: Ellen CamillinTel: 020 7841 8987Email: ellen@wallaceandgromitcharity.org14

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsA Unique Virtual Learning Platform brought to you byUppcast and Paramount TrainingTrainingImprove your Ofsted Report using our VLP Ideal forall national curriculum subjects including Maths andEnglish.Our knowledgeable team including practicingteachers, e-learning and SIMS experts, will providetraining and on-going support on the platform.With a FREE trial you can implement this VLP withinyour school before you buy.• Enhance the quality of teaching and learning• Extend learning outside the classroom withonline, offline and “on the go” accessibility• Provide differentiation for mixed abilities• Enhance additional learning support• Accessible on Smart phones and Tablets• Implemented in your School for less than £13 aday!Contact Kathy or Emily on 0161 205 1486 or to arrange a freedemonstration and practical workshop. Book Now!Contact: Kathy AinscoughTel: 0161 205 1486Email: kathy.paramountmedia@btconnect.comFire Service Consequences initiative with GreaterManchester Fire and Rescue ServiceThe Greater ManchesterFire Service is holdinga ‘Fire Settingconsequencesworkshop’ to take placeat 2pm on the 29 May2013Please see link for the more information about theproject wwwfacebookcompages/The-Connor-Rowntree-Project/216226875115933 , the ConnorRowntree project gives young people a very goodinsight into the dangers of FIRE after Connor himselfwas affected by this a few years ago.We have delivered the workshop in the past towardsvarious groups within Greater Manchester and it hasalways proved to be very successful, it will give youngpeople a clear understanding of the dangers of FIREand the consequences that could happen whenplaying with FIRE.In addition to contacting schools, we have also sentthis email to all the children’s homes within theManchester area as we do regularly get incidents andhave conducted interventions in the past. As a servicewe conduct what’s known as FireSmart activitiesto give young people advice on the dangers of Fireif you are aware of anyone that you work with whohas had young people go through this process thisworkshop is ideal for them and for any young personthat has not received this intervention but you knowhave been involved in fire setting.When: 29 May 2013 2pm (2hr Session, tea and coffeeare provided)Where: The GMFS Training and Development Centre,Cassidy Close, New Cross, Manchester M4 5FPCost: FREEIdeally this is open to a maximum number of 40people at the moment, though if there is a greatinterest this number can be increased.To reserve your place and If you would like to discussthe day and the initiative further pleasedo not hesitate to contact me on anyof the contact details below to discussfurther.Contact: Lewis JefferyTel: 0161 6085314Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsMessing around on the railway can kill!GeneralWith the summerholidays fastapproaching I am takingthe opportunity to askyou to remind yourstudents about thedangers of trespassing and vandalism on the railway.This time of year, with the lighter nights, istraditionally the time when route crime incidentssuch as stone throwing, putting obstructions in frontof trains, trespassing and lineside vandalism begin toincrease across the railway.Not only is it illegal to trespass on the tracks(incurring a fine of up to £1000) it is also extremelydangerous for both the trespasser themselves and forthose working or travelling on the railway.Sadly, in 2011 alone 50 people were killed aftertrespassing on the railway and there were over 400near misses. Trespassers simply don’t realise thateven after a train has put on its brakes it can travelup to 2,000 metres (the length of about 20 PremierLeague football pitches) before stopping. Not onlythat but wind turbulence produced by trains can dragsomeone standing by the tracks under the train’swheels.Statistically most trespassing and vandalism incidentson the railway are committed by boys aged betweeneight and sixteen but children as young as five hasbeen found risking their lives by playing on the tracks.Network Rail has set up a website called ‘Rail Life’( dedicated to educating youngpeople on the dangers and providing real lifeexamples of the consequences of trespassing onthe railway and I would be grateful if you couldencourage your students to thinkAnyone witnessing dangerous or illegal behaviour onthe railway should contact the British Transport Policeon 0800 40 50 40.Contact: Laura McHughTel: 0141 555 4523Email: Artists Fair - Tuesday 21 May 2013. 11am - 6pmThe Global Artists Fair is part of the ‘Chorlton ArtsFestival’ at St Margaret’s Social Centre, BrantinghamRd, Chorlton, M21 0TT, on Tuesday 21 May 11am-6pm.Global Link and DEP (Development Education Project)are hosting this FIRST ever Global Artists Fair and areinviting North West Artists with heritage in Africa, Asiaor Latin America to take part.There will be a range of Stalls and FREE workshopswith Artists from Visual arts; Film and video; Drama;Creative Writing and Spoken word; Crafts and more…The event also celebrates World Day for CulturalDiversity, an annual day to encourage understandingand acceptance of different cultures.The Global Artist NetworkThe Global Artists Network (GAN) is managed byGlobal Link and funded through ACE. If you are anartist with heritage in Africa, Asia, or Latin Americaworking in the North West, or an artist specificallyaddressing the global dimension (includingsustainable development).Schools can apply for Subsidies of £100 each areavailable to schools wanting a global artist to visit.Global Link recently secured extended funding forthe Arts and Global Dimension project. We can offerup to 20 new schools in the North West £100 towardsa global dimension artist to deliver workshops.Each school can apply for up to four grants withdifferent groups. Claire CowellTel: 0161 881 8332Email:

I n t o u c h w i t h y o u 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3Headline School Council Events Training General CircularsCircularsNo. Issue date Short title (linked to Word document) Contact StatusMay 2013623 20-05-2013 Designated Persons for Safeguarding – Network Meeting Lynda Karalis RED0161 234 7482622 20-05-2013 LAC, SEN and Behaviour and Attendance Networks 2013 Ann Thornber0161 234 4040AMBER621 20-05-2013 National Absence Data Half Terms 1-5 2011/12 ManchesterAbsence Data HT4 2012/12 New Information on the OctoberCensus - 2013Tracey Dunn0161 234-5193/4Attached: • National Absence Data HT 1-5 2011/12• Manchester Absence Data HT 4 2012/13620 13-05-2013 Inspection Framework Lynda Karalis0161 234 3031619 07-05-2013 Rising levels of Measles Nicola Clayton0161 234 4314Attached:• CMO guidance letter• GM PHE press release618 07-05-2013 Amendments to The Education (Pupil Registration) (England)Regulations 2006Attached:• Penalty notice briefing note• Penalty notice warning letter for Further UA Leave of Absence• Briefing note - school attendance advice Feb 2013• Advice on school attendance 2013617 03-05-2013 Information on briefings for Primary headteachers and principals– summer 2013Tracey Dunn0161 234 5193Anita Coleman0161 219 6790April 2013616 29-04-2013 Manchester Educational Awards Ceremony 2013 Quay Pho0161 234 4126Attached:Criteria with nomination form615 29-04-2013 Textile Recycling Facilities in Schools Andrea Marshall0161 234 3962614 29-04-2013 NQT Induction Nick Paul07903 559 677Attached:NQT Manager Flyer613 29-04-2013 Exclusion Guidance for Headteachers and Governors Anne Jones0161 234 1943Attached:Manchester exclusion guidance for headteachers and governorsREDGREENREDREDREDAMBERREDREDRED17

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