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How to Purchase our ServicesThe DirectoryThe directory is a signpost of all the services available to schools and academies withthe following benefits:• Schools and academies have all the details in one document;• There are easily accessible contact details if you have any enquiries;• By completing one Intention to Purchase Form you can notify services of all yourSLA preferences;• All the co-ordination of the request for service level agreements is managedthrough the Customer and Business Support team;• Service providers receive early identification of likely take up for services and canprioritise and plan future service demand.For 2010-2011 the directory will be issued week commencing 8 February 2010, with adeadline to return completed forms by Friday 19 March 2010.Intention to Purchase/Request for Advice FormIntention to Purchase - Please complete this part of the form for those SLA’s renewedannually using ticks in the appropriate columns to record Service Level Agreementchoices and required levels of agreement (ie. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).Request for Advice - It would be helpful if you would complete this part of the form onlyin relation to those SLA’s which are for more than twelve months duration. These havenot been listed on the standard Intention To Purchase form because some schools havealready signed up to such contracts for example for three years. The service providersjust need to know whether schools and academies want to sign up for the first time,wish to terminate or continue with the agreement for the remainder of the term asagreed.This form is not a legally binding document. However, if you decide to withdraw from anagreement, one term’s notice is required.If you have any need for clarification and advice about these longer term agreements,please contact the service providers as detailed.Please return the Intention to Purchase/Request for Advice Form to Customer andBusiness Support, Manchester Children’s Services Directorate, Overseas House, QuayStreet, Manchester, M3 3BB no later than Friday 19 March 2010.If you require further information on the above, please contact John Taylor or NicolaClayton in the Children’s Services Customer and Business Support on 0161 234 7374or e-mail to or

ConditionsThe services you intend to purchase from Manchester City Council will be providedaccording to the General Terms and Conditions and Service Specifications described inthe Directory of Services to Schools and Academies and the individual service levelagreements.The service level agreements will operate for the year from 1 April 2010 until 31 March2011, unless otherwise stated.Services not included in the Directory and variations to service level agreements mustbe negotiated with the individual service managers and formally agreed by them andboth the headteacher/principal and chair of governors as detailed in an exchange ofdocumentation before services are commenced.It is the responsibility of the headteacher/principal to ensure that all relevant staff areaware of the services, levels of service and service specification to be purchased fromthe City Council.Please return the Intention to Purchase Form to:Customer and Business SupportManchester Children’s Services DirectorateOverseas HouseQuay StreetManchesterM3 3BBTel: 0161 234 7374E-mail:

General Terms and ConditionsIf you choose to purchase a service described in this Directory, the service levelagreement will be made between the GOVERNING BODY AND HEADTEACHEROR PRINCIPAL and MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL.The Agreement1. The purpose of an SLA is to purchase and provide specific City Council servicesto schools and academies as specified within the Agreement.2. The service provider shall be entitled to assume that all forms andcommunications from schools and academies are properly signed and that anyinformation is properly given. The service provider will not be under any duty tocheck that any person purporting to have authority to sign and bind the schoolhas such authority.3. The service provider will deliver a quality service as set out in the service detailswithin the service level agreement.4. Schools and academies will provide access and information as agreed, meettarget dates and pay the agreed charges in respect of services provided.5. The school/academy and the service provider will comply with guidance andfinancial regulations as set out in the School Standards and Framework Act1998.6. The school/academy and the service provider will comply with all legislation,statutory and other regulations, orders, statutes, by-laws and notices that areapplicable to the provision of the relevant services.7. The service provider may use whatever resources are required, in order todeliver the service as specified, within the budgetary constraints, standing ordersand business conditions of the City Council.8. Additional ServicesSchools and academies should negotiate any “Additional Services” they requiredirectly with each individual service manager, unless otherwise specified in theservice level agreement. If a school/academy requires any “Additional Services”during the management period these may be negotiated, by contacting therelevant service manager. All “Additional Services” will be mutually agreed, mayincur additional charges and are subject to availability.9. Variations to AgreementsShould the school/academy and/or service provider require to revise or modifythe extent of its service(s) during the agreement period, such revisions must benegotiated and implemented by mutual agreement. Revisions agreed must berecorded in writing, signed by both the school/academy and the servicerepresentative and attached to the original SLA.9

10. Service Disruption FactorIn the event of severe disruption(s) that are outside the control of the serviceprovider(s) and/or the school/academy, the service provider will endeavour toprovide the best service possible within the prevailing conditions.11. In the event of service disruption, the school/academy will be informed of thelevel of service available, as soon as the extent of the disruption is known. Theschool/academy will also be informed of the estimated delay before resumptionof the service as specified in the SLA.12. Possible disruptions include:• Power supply failures or interruption to utilities;• Industrial action by staff or suppliers, transport strikes or embargoes;• Fire, flood, extreme weather conditions;• The effects of war, civil or political disturbances;• Major disasters such as explosions or epidemics;• Changes in school requirements or relevant circumstances not notified tothe service provider;• Equipment or materials being altered, adjusted or interfered with, byunauthorised persons;• Buildings, equipment or materials being vandalised;• Equipment or materials not being returned by the school or other schoolsand academies;• Personnel/recruitment difficulties.13. The charges for each service are detailed in the individual SLAs.14. We are committed to the highest possible standards in delivering our ServiceLevel Agreements but sometimes things do go wrong. If so we will want to dealwith your concerns quickly and effectively.15. First, discuss the issue with the staff who are providing the service. Mostconcerns can be dealt with informally.16. If you are still unhappy you can make a formal complaint. Do this by writing to theappropriate Head of Service concerned.17. If you have any queries or concerns about the way your complaint is dealt pleasewrite to: Customer and Business Support, Children’s Services, Overseas House,Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3BB or telephone 0161 234 7228 oremail:

Building Maintenance and Facility ServicesKey Contacts:Anthony Gregory (Commercial Director)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 274 0985Fax: 0161 274 of Service Provided:Manchester Working Ltd (MWL) is a Joint Venture Partnership between MorrisonFacility Services and Manchester City Council formed in September 2006. We deliverservices in and around Manchester offering statutory good practice and reactivebuilding maintenance. Additional specialist services also include emergency call out,asbestos removal, fabrication and joinery services, and CCTV and lift repairs. We havethe resources and capability to get the job done, whatever the scale and whatever theduration.Services Offered to Schools and academiesMWL offers a comprehensive building services solution, in response to demand fromschools and academies, to provide a fully integrated service. We have developed apackage that includes building maintenance on a reactive basis, statutory and goodpractice maintenance and asbestos project work. We are an experienced licensedasbestos removal company. We offer security and fire system design and advice oncosting, installation and ongoing maintenance.The service employs over 500 staff who are committed to the highest possiblestandards in service delivery.MWL works in partnership with Manchester City Council. This joint venture was formedafter a rigorous selection process where MWL was judged to offer the best technicaland best value solution to the City Council building requirements.1. Basic statutory maintenanceSchools and academies have responsibility for all those elements of buildingmaintenance covered by statute. This statutory maintenance must be undertaken at therequisite time and frequency by an organisation accredited to appropriate industrystandards. In addition, auditable records will be provided by MWL to demonstrate thatthe works have been completed in accordance with the relevant requirements.12

It is vital to the safe operation of the school for statutory maintenance to be carried out.Not doing so will increase Health and Safety risk to all building users, including potentialexposure to risks such as Legionnaires’ disease, carbon monoxide poisoning andelectrocution.With this in mind, MWL will develop a bespoke maintenance regime for schools andacademies, setting out the maintenance work to meet statutory requirements. Thisservice will ensure that the staff and pupils are not exposed to Health and Safety risksand will fully discharge the client’s duty of care for building maintenance.2. Good Practice Maintenance ServiceGood practice is the next level up from the basic statutory service, where the emphasisis on delivering maintenance in a planned, preventative and routine fashion.MWL will ensure all good practice maintenance services required to maintain themechanical, electrical and specialist services installations at premises will beundertaken, in line with good practice, manufacturer’s recommendations and industrystandards. This service brings a number of key advantages;• significantly improving the longevity of the buildings and services and increasingvalue for money. Building assets last considerably longer when maintainedproperly;• maximising the performance of the school buildings – ensuring you achieve themost from your building facilities; and• minimising service failures and reactive problems that can cause inconvenienceand disruption.What will this service cost?On request from the school to the Business Development Manager, we will give a firmprice for the statutory maintenance and good practice maintenance (PPM).3. Reactive Maintenance ServiceMWL can also offer for a further fixed fee, a flexible and reactive maintenance service,where our engineers will respond at pre-defined reaction times to remedy anyunforeseen events related to the building services. This provides a straightforwardmethod for the school to quickly address any problems that arise. As well as ensuringthe reactive repairs are completed to a standard of workmanship commensurate withthe good practice service, which protects all relevant warranties, the reactive service willprovide the client with financial security.Reactive Maintenance Service covers the mechanical, electrical and specialist servicesinstallations. We can provide a schedule of works covered within this service. Reactiveevents are capped at a maximum value of £500 per event, including labour, parts andconsumables. The service does not include vandalism or deliberate damage events,building fabric or life cycle replacement failure.13

MWL ensures that:1. The school/academy meets statutory requirements in relation to:• Gas Testing• Boiler Servicing• Electrical Hardwire• Emergency Lighting• PAT• Fire Alarm• Fire Fighting Equipment• Legionella• Chlorination• Lifts• Lightening Protection Systems• Pressure Vessels2. Good Practice Maintenance is carried out for:• Asset Management• Department for Children, Schools and Families Condition Surveys• Life Cycle Replacement planning• Boiler plant servicing• Heating system servicing• Electrical installation maintenance and servicing• Specialist installations maintenance and servicing• Health and Safety including Risk Assessments• Reactive Fabric M and E servicesService Standards and Evaluation1. A dedicated officer will be assigned to ensure good management of the workingof the SLA by constant review, supplemented by good working relationships.2. MWL will hold quarterly review meetings to discuss performance standards in theprovision of the services as well as any other matters, which both parties agreerequire discussion.3. MWL will provide to the client on a quarterly basis, not less than ten working daysbefore the quarterly review meeting, such performance information as required toenable effective performance review.4. A formal service review will be undertaken by MWL annually not less than threeweeks before the expiry of the initial twelve month SLA or any extension.5. All complaints will be recorded, acknowledged within three working days,investigated and a response provided within ten working days or an explanationwhy a reply may take longer. Where you have a serious complaint this will bedealt with in accordance with MWL Complaints Procedure.14

6. Survey questionnaires will be provided for all subscribing schools and academiesand these, together with the record of comments and complaints will be used tomeasure quality of performance.7. We have the facility to produce a wide range of reports on an ad-hoc basis to suityour requirements. Every effort will be made to produce these as part of thisagreement but it may be necessary to levy a charge in some circumstances.Performance TargetsNo Measure Target1 Respond to all enquiries within agreed timescales 98%2 Once commissioned - to provide accurate and 100%appropriate programme delivery dates and meetactual delivery times, and the issue of relevantcertification within seven days of completion of theworks.3 Provide accurate financial information relating to the 98%cost of the works and keep the client fully informed ofall variations, which will affect the financial outcome.4 Ensure all procedures relating to agreed98%management practices are followed and reported onan agreed criterion.5 Deliver the service as per the agreed service100%schedule on time and to the quality standardsexpected through appropriate supervision.6 Ensure all activities undertaken on behalf of theOrganisation meet the appropriate level ofsatisfaction.100%Charges• Charges will be based on the services required and can be fixed for a 12 monthperiod.• MWL will invoice schools and academies on a monthly basis.• Additional services or changes to existing practices and procedures required byschools and academies, which are not included in the SLA will be the subject ofindividual negotiation and priced on request.• SLAs are for one year, with an option for up to three years. Where the three yearoption is selected then years two and three will be at a reduced charge.15

Catering ServicesKey Contacts:Steve Southern [Head Catering & Town HallServices]Telephone: 234 3683Mobile: 07951 312 600.E-mail: s.southern@manchester.govMargaret Ball & Kate Evans [Operations Managers]Telephone: 908 5895 & 908 5802Fax: 274 7277Mobile: Margaret Ball 07798 947 564Mobile: Kate Evans 07786 708 593E-mail: Sclater [Business Delivery Manager]Telephone: 908 5748Fax: 274 7277Mobile: 07984 338 123E-mail: McErlain [Nutritionist]Telephone: 908 5791Fax: 274 7277Mobile: 07766 728 571E-mail: l.mcerlain@manchester.govNew for this yearImproved customer consultationNew product development strategyNature of Service ProvidedTo work in partnership with the school to provide healthy nutritious meals and othercatering services for pupils and staff as part of the whole school food policy, whichsupports the main aims and objectives, culture and ethos of the school.To offer a service that not only offers value for money, from a local provider but alsoadds value through service development.17

To support the school with meeting current nutritional legislation by providing lunchtimemenus that adhere to food and nutrient based standards.To work in partnership with the school to develop a service that meets the everchangingand diverse trends and the demands of the customers.To utilise the school kitchen, equipment, dining room and dining furniture to offer abespoke catering service which meets the needs of the school.To manage the repair, servicing and maintenance of kitchen premises and equipmentand dining rooms (where designated dining room only).To be flexible in our service provision and be open, honest and transparent at all times.The Service Offered to SchoolsOn Site Catering TeamA skilled, dedicated catering team responsible for ensuring pupils are provided with ahealthy, freshly prepared, nutritious school meal everyday.Operational Support - A team of Operations Managers, Area Managers andOperations Training Managers responsible for:− supporting onsite-catering team;− risk management;− managing and developing the catering services within your school;− ensuring that Manchester Fayre service surpasses all targets in relation to the foodstandards, health and safety and food hygiene.Menu Planning and Nutrition responsible for:− Development of menus to meet the food and nutrient based standards, in line withcurrent nutritional legislation;− development of recipes and menus to reflect the diversity of Manchester, includingcultural, religious and medical requirements;− screening of all food commodity specifications to ensure compliance withManchester City Council Food Additive and Ingredient Policy.Marketing provision includes:− An innovative approach to marketing and promotion of the school meals service toall stakeholders e.g. pupils, parents, and governors− promotional campaigns, health initiatives and website management.18

Procurement and Technical Support responsible for:− Purchasing of quality produce at a cost effective price;− sustainability in procurement e.g. local sourcing, seasonal products;− management of equipment and premises budget including servicing of equipment.Human Resources and Training responsible for:− Identifying, arranging delivering and monitoring of training to provide a well trainedworkforce able to deliver a quality and value for money catering service; and− recruitment, retention and monitoring of staff and other HR functions includingenhanced CRB checks and sickness cover for essential staff.In addition to the main service we can offer the following added value services:− Breakfast service;− picnic bags for school trips;− purchase of fruit and vegetables for use in healthy tuck shops;− teacher meal-deals and pre-order teacher meals;− additional catering for special occasions;− after school provision; and− health promotion initiatives, including classroom lessons, interactive activities andsupport to health events.Service Standards and Performance TargetsOur Service Standards and performance targets encompass our commitment to a highquality, value for money service, our staff, the food we serve and the diningenvironment. They are displayed in all units and are available on request.Charges for Catering Services’ SLAMeal ChargesPrimary & Special Schools:− Schools will be invoiced on a monthly basis for meals ordered or served (whicheveris the greater); and− Manchester Fayre will review their charges as part of their business planningprocess and advise schools of increased charges.19

Secondary Schools:Each School has individual finance arrangements, and charging mechanisms.Transport ChargesIn instances where schools do not have a production kitchen on site and meals have tobe transported in from another unit, a charge will be made to reflect the transport costs.These schools with ‘dining centres’ will be invoiced for this charge at the beginning ofeach financial year.Catering Premises and Equipment Management ChargesSchools will be informed of the charge for the management of Catering Premises andEquipment on 1 April each year, for the year in which the Service Level Agreementapplies. Schools will be invoiced for this charge at the beginning of each financial year.20

Energy Management ServiceKey Contacts:Walter DooleyContact number: Telephone:0161 234 3633Fax: 0161 236 0357E-mail: for this yearSchools are specifically mandated to be part of the Governments CarbonReduction Scheme starting in April 2010. The Energy Management Service will bea key source of information and practical support to schools in helping them meetboth their legal requirements, and in helping schools to achieve the required energyand carbon reduction targets the scheme is aimed at delivering.Nature of Service Provided:The Energy Management Unit offers a comprehensive service covering all aspects ofenergy and water provision, use and conservation. In addition, the service provides theframework for legislative compliance in terms of the requirements for Display EnergyCertificates (DEC), and the mandatory participation of schools the Governments“Carbon Reduction Commitment” (CRC) scheme.For most schools, utility costs represent one of the largest areas of controllableexpenditure. The aim of the Energy Management Service is to support schools inminimising expenditure on utilities, help reduce energy use and conserve naturalresources and improve environmental performance.As well as serving all City Council Departments, the Energy Management Unit (EMU),also carries out work on behalf of a number of other public and private sector clients.These organisations see the service as a cost effective way to access professionaladvice, reduce operating costs and benefit from a range added value services.The Standard Service Package provides a comprehensive service for the provision,management and efficient use of energy and water. The service includes:22

Energy Purchasing1) Purchasing energy from the competitive energy supply markets in order to achievebest value for money and maximise bulk purchasing discounts.2) Handling all aspects of the competitive tendering and analysis process with fullregard to EU Procurement Directives3) Carrying out all work, including tendering and purchasing with full regard to the CityCouncil’s Financial Standing Orders.4) Making arrangements for all associated mandatory contracts required for theprovision of energy, including Meter Operator Contracts, Data Collection,Connection Agreements etc.5) Recording and updating all necessary information and records relating to individualschool’s energy use in order to enable the most effective energy purchasing andcontract management regimes to take place.6) Maintaining an up to date and accurate database of all relevant supply point andmeter point reference information.Utilities Management7) Acting on behalf of schools to investigate supply, billing, data or site enquiries withsuppliers, and where necessary mediating with suppliers, network operators andthe industry regulators to resolve problems.8) Providing budget advice on utilities expenditure.9) Identifying, highlighting and investigating unusual energy and water consumptionvariations.10) Where appropriate, monitoring and investigating electricity charges relating topower factor, service capacity, maximum demand, use of system and losses.11) Keeping accurate records of all variations in oil, gas, electricity and water chargesand ensuring that information on supplier and rate changes are communicated toschools in a timely and accurate manner.Technical Support12) Providing a pro-active energy auditing service based on suppliers billinginformation.13) Providing training and advice for building managers, caretakers or other nominatedstaff on the correct operation of equipment, plant and automatic controls.14) Providing advice on all aspects of energy and water expenditure including budgetforecasts, recharges for other site users, cost apportionments and utility costsegregation.15) Providing an on site service to function check the operation of all automatic energycontrol equipment for heating, hot water, air conditioning, ventilation, lightingsystems etc. Providing a written report of defects and faults identified and theremedial works required.16) Providing a comprehensive energy bureau service for monitoring plantperformance and energy control for all site connected to the corporate BuildingEnergy Management Systems (BEMS) network.17) Providing suitably qualified and experienced staff to attend the on sitedemonstration and commissioning of new automatic building services control23

systems. Providing written reports of all faults and operational deficienciesidentified.18) Providing independent advice on the appropriateness and cost effectiveness ofenergy and water saving equipment and devices.19) Providing support to schools in raising awareness of energy through thepromotional material, site visits and school energy “walk abouts” etc.20) Supporting those schools seeking to improve their environmental performancethrough initiatives such as Eco Schools and Schools Energy Certification Scheme.21) Responding to requests for advice and assistance where schools are experiencingdissatisfaction with internal temperatures, humidity, ventilation, lighting levels etc.,and providing a written report and option appraisal to resolve or alleviate theproblem.22) Providing advice on any proposed modification, adaptation or addition to theschools buildings or building services, with particular reference to the interface withexisting systems and to future energy use and controllability.23) Investigating variations in energy and water use in order to identify possible waste,plant malfunction, automatic control failures, metering or billing errors etc..24) Providing information and advice to schools on the availability of any grant aid orother funding opportunities that may exist for the introduction of energy and watersaving technologies.Legal Compliance1) Production of annual Display Energy Certificate and associated Advisory Report.2) Data gathering, reporting and administration required on behalf of the school inconnection with their mandatory participation in the Carbon ReductionCommitment.Service StandardsAll work undertaken will be in accordance with current legislation and in particular will bein line with the energy codes and guidance issued by the Chartered Institute of BuildingServices Engineers.All financial and accounting activities will comply with Manchester City Council FinancialRegulations.Key activities carried out in the execution of this Service Level Agreement will normallybe subject to the following response times:TASKSimple cost/consumption enquiriesTariff/Contract enquiriesRequests for a site visitReporting of serious faultsReporting non serious faultsProvisional response to visit/surveySubmission of full written reportRESPONSE TIMESame day/next dayWithin 2 daysWithin 1 weekSame dayWithin 1 weekWithin 2 weeksWithin 1 month24

The Energy Management Unit is fully staffed from Monday to Friday 0830/1630. Outsideof this core time, it is normally possible to contact a member of the team anytime from0730/1830. When the office is not occupied, all telephone lines into the Unit have 24hour answer phone facilities and there is a 24 hour Fax line as well as full email access.The school’s role as a partner in the Service Level AgreementIn order for the Energy management Unit to deliver the service for the maximum benefitof schools, access to utility billing data is essential. In most instances EMU can arrangethis direct with the suppliers and the school need take no action. In certain cases, orwhere data protection issues exist, the school may be required to provide EMU withwritten authorisation to gather data on their behalf. Such information will be kept incommercial confidence and will not be used for any other purpose than the execution ofthis agreement.In order for EMU to keep an up to date profile of each school, any material changes tobuildings, building services or building use should be communicated to the EnergyManagement Unit.Agreement Period and Termination OptionThis SLA constitutes as in principle agreement between the parties for the period from 1April 2007 to 31 March 2012. Notwithstanding this, should a school wish to terminatethe agreement for any reason during this period, it may do so by giving 3 months writtennotice.Charges:For the Standard Service as summarized above, a fixed price of £42 for primaryschools, and £60 for secondary schools in respect of each oil, gas and electricityaccount held. This covers the arrangement and management of the utility supplycontracts. In addition, a further variable charge of 6.6p/m 2 of internal floor area coversall other aspects of the service provided. Although the cost of producing Display EnergyCertificates (DEC) will be included in the above, an additional charge of £100 perprimary school DEC, and £150 per secondary school DEC will be made to coverexpenses incurred in the required lodgement of the DEC’s on the national register andassociated administration.Should a particular school wish to have any variation or addition to the standard serviceoffering, please contact the Energy Management Unit direct, and we will endeavour toaccommodate your specific requirements.25

Financial ServicesKey Contacts:Ray Smith(Senior Finance Manager, SchoolSupport Team)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 234 7230Fax: 0161 274 7088E-mail: of Service Provided:The service provides financial advice, support and information to schools andacademies: to help schools and academies to fulfil their financial managementresponsibilities as required by the Manchester Scheme for Financing Schools,Manchester City Council’s Schools Financial Regulations and the Department forChildren, Schools and Families (DCSF) Financial Management Standard.Support is provided at all stages in the management of the school budget includingbudget planning, financial systems operation (including CAPITA FMS and DinnerMoney), budget and cash-flow monitoring and year-end processes. The provision of upto 5-year budget projections is also an integral part of the service offered. Support isoffered at all stages in the process of achieving the DCSF Financial ManagementStandard.Services Offered to Schools and AcademiesHelp and guidance in the following management areas:• Revenue income and expenditure budget production• Cash budget production• Budget planning• Budget review• Revenue income and expenditure budget projections• Cash budget projections• Payroll monitoring of actual expenditure against budget• Scrutinising balances and reserves• Year-end preparation and outturn statement• Quarterly and yearly budget monitoring returns• Monthly reports for Management Team and Governing Bodies• Advice on Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) benchmarking interpretation• Financial advice and support in respect of school mergers and closures• Attendance at Governing Body meetings as required (e.g. presentation ofschool budget)• Financial budget monitoring training sessions for governors• DCSF Financial Management Standard.27

Advice, support and training in the following:• FMS (Financial Management Systems – FMS6) financial support and advice;• FMS training for Headteachers and Administrators;• Training for additional software applications (i.e. Accounts Receivable,Equipment Register, Budget Planning, Dinner Money Accounting);• Financial system procedures review (e.g. VAT records, pre Audit/Ofsted,suspense accounts, debtors & creditors, loans);• Bank reconciliation and scrutiny;• Payroll reconciliation and associated journals;• Establishment of revenue cost centres;• Preparation of quarterly and yearly budget monitoring returns;• Preparation of monthly reports for Management Team and Governing Bodies;and• Preparation of yearly CFR return for Department for Children Schools andFamilies/Ofsted.Other Benefits• Schools and academies are assigned a named School Budget Officer• Mobile telephone support from School Budget Officers• Guidance notes on various financial proceduresSchools and academies can choose the services they require together with the level ofservice they feel is appropriate to their skills and needs. There are three levels ofservice to choose from as set out below.Note that the support hours include work done for and on behalf of the school both atthe school and elsewhere.SLA Charges 2010-2011Primary & SpecialLevel 1Level 2Level 3£3,285£4,663£5,541Secondary SchoolsLevel 1Level 2Level 3£4,028£5,751£7,004All of the above include a charge of £309 towards the purchase of new budget planningsoftware28

Additional Support under the Service Level Agreement will be charged at £68.Bursary Support:Emergency support can be arranged to cover absence due to sickness or otherunforeseen problems. This should be considered a short-term solution while alternativearrangements are put in place. It is not on open-ended commitment.This support is chargeable on an hourly basis as follows:• Primary/Special/Secondary - £38 per hour.29

Governor Support Service SLAsKey Contacts:Amy Knowles (Governor Relationship Manager)Emma Bates (Governor Relationship Manager)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 219 6841E-mail: Governor SupportNature of Service Provided to schools and academies - Access to procedural,legislative and good practice advice related to the operation of the governing body,interim executive board, academy trusts.Services Offered to Schools and AcademiesAdvice and Consultancy• Advice and consultation with experienced professionals from the GovernorSupport Service• Access Monday to Friday to dedicated email service and telephone advice ongoverning body procedures and legislation from experienced professionals fromthe Governor Support Service. ( 0161 2196841)Resources• Termly Newsletter, The Manchester Governor• Monthly electronic briefing papers on relevant Governance and Educationupdates• Termly standard agenda pack, in advance of the new term• Password protected access to the dedicated governor website for downloadableresources and access to Education Services circulars sent to schools.• Membership of the Manchester Governors Association included. MGA is anindependent nationally affiliated, governor-run representative and consultativebody for Manchester governors.Events and Training• Manchester Governor Support Service and Manchester Governor AssociationGovernor’s Conference.• Termly Governor Briefing events, including lunch with Headteachers/Principals.• Governor training programme31

Period:The agreement is for the 2010/11 year from 1 April 2010 to31 March 2011Service Fee: £695* Nursery, Infant, Primary and Special Schools£895* Secondary and Academy TrustsPayment:Terms andConditionsAn invoice will be submitted in May 2010 for the annualservice fee.See detailed SLAs sent to Chairs of Governors andAcademy Trusts*Includes £30 membership fee for Manchester Governors Association.This service may be subject to change. Prices are subject to increase, which will be inline with the City Council’s agreed inflation figure.The full service level agreements will be distributed to Chairs of Governors andHeadteachers and Principals by the start of March 2010.Governor Support Clerking ServiceNature of Service Provided - An experienced dedicated clerk to provide the governingbody, interim executive board or Academy trust, with a consultancy, advice, andadministrative support service on matters of school governance.The service is an additional SLA to the existing Governor Support SLA. If you wish tobuy into the clerking service, it is necessary to purchase the General Governor SupportSLA.Services Offered to Schools and Academies• Attendance at each scheduled meeting of a dedicated named Clerk• Agenda setting, copy and issue of all relevant papers, taking and recordingmeeting minutes and preparation and issue of draft minutes for approval• Follow up and report back on regulatory actions• Statutory, FMSIS, and recommended record keeping, including maintaining aregister of pecuniary interests and policy renewal in line with agreed standards(Ofsted, FMSIS, best practice)• Professional and regulatory advice and research tailored to the needs of thegoverning body on governance issues, best practice, governing body selfevaluation and follow up on governing body actions and signposting• Governing body development advice• Liaison with the Chair and Headteacher/Principal and members betweengoverning body meetings.• Planning meeting for every clerked meeting• Changing Instrument of Government as required and monitoring governorsattendance and auctioning any non-attendance issues32

Period:The agreement is for the 2010/11 academic year from1 September 2010 to 31 August 2011.We ask for an annual commitment to be made on thenumber of scheduled meetings you require clerking for at thepoint of requesting the service.Service Fee*: £329 Full governing body meeting(3 hours meeting attendance plus 3 hourspre/post meeting preparation and paperwork)£245 Finance Committee meeting(1.5 hours meeting attendance plus 3 hourspre/post preparation)£165 Other Committee meetings(1.5 hours meeting attendance plus 1.5 hourspre/post meetings preparation and paperwork)Payment:Terms andConditionsAn invoice will be submitted in September 2010, based onyour annual commitment.See detailed SLAs sent to Chairs of Governors andAcademy TrustsThis service may be subject to change. Prices are subject to increase, which will be inline with the City Council’s agreed inflation figure.The full service level agreements will be distributed to Chairs of Governors andHeadteachers and Principals by the start of September 2010.33

ICT Support Services (Information Systems)Key Contacts:Ann Sutton (Head of Information Systems)Tel: 0161 234 7787E-mail: Slatford (MIS Support Manager)Tel: 0161 234 7787E-mail: Ledger (Principal Training and MarketingManager)Tel: 0161 234 7787E-mail: Sullivan (Curriculum Manager)Tel: 0161 234 7787E-mail: Donaldson (Acting MEWANInfrastructure Manager)Tel: 0161 234 7787E-mail: Haves (MEWAN Content Manager)Tel: 0161 234 7787E-mail: number: Telephone: 0161 234 7787Fax: 0161 274 7077E-mail: mis-support@mewan.netNew for this yearService F (Consultancy)Administration Cover - £200 half day, £400 full dayIf your school requires cover for Administration staff we can now offer this as aservice for 2010/2011. We have school trained with many years experience ofschool procedures and also your MIS systems.35

Nature of Service Provided:We recognise that some schools and academies have either the relevant ICT knowledge inhouse or indeed purchase certain services from other suppliers. We have designed an SLAallowing schools and academies to purchase specific areas of their ICT requirements, whichare not already catered for in any other way. We are continuously attempting to improve ourservices and give schools and academies greater value for money and a better overallservice. It is with this in mind that we have now been accredited by Capita for the MISsupport we provide to schools and academies.The Information Systems Team has provided support to schools and academies for manyyears, having developed an extensive range of services as demands in schools andacademies around Manchester have changed. These services are grouped into seven areasof our SLA and are categorised as follows:-Service descriptions:Service AService BService CAccredited and Facility software supportSoftware support for school Management Information Systems, e.g.‘’ and ‘Facility’. Support is delivered though our main Supportdesk but can be escalated to site visits or remote support depending onthe nature of the problem. Using remote support over the past year hasallowed our support team to resolve most calls immediately and hasalso had an environmental effect turning Information Systems into a‘Greener’ support unit. Buying into this service will allow unlimitedaccess to our Support desk on 0161 234 7787 and also provide anumber of free visits throughout the year to discuss how your MISsystems can improve areas such as attendance, attainment andbehaviour. As the only Authority in the Country to have Accreditationstatus for both and Facility support, we feel that we can offerschools and academies a service beyond other support providers. Weoffer decades of knowledge in both Education and Information Systemsand provide expert advice that has been proven to assist whole schoolimprovement.Accredited hardware/technical support (Administration)Technical support for school administration networks, including supportfor the server and workstations running your MIS Software. Buying intothis service will allow unlimited access to our Support desk on 0161 2347787 and also provide a number of free visits throughout the year todiscuss how your network is being utilised to its greatest capacityallowing the best use of I.T. within your school.Hardware/technical support (Curriculum)Information Systems recognise that your MIS system is moving awayfrom the heart of the school (Administration Office) and is now beingused by the whole school including, teaching staff, support staff, seniorleadership teams and Headteachers. It is with this in mind that ourknowledge of MIS systems and technical support makes this serviceinvaluable to schools and academies. We feel that any provider canoffer technical support in the classrooms, but only Information Systems36

have the knowledge to link the I.T. requirements of the whole school inthe most effective way possible.Technical support for school curriculum networks, covering the server,workstation and peripherals used in the delivery of the curriculum will beprovided on a weekly basis by the same technician. This will allowfamiliarity with the technician who will then be in a position to provide aprofessional and efficient service. We also offer training, consultationand various levels of support time. We recognise that schools andacademies differ in size and the support required may varyconsiderable. Please feel free to contact our curriculum manager forfurther details.Service DService EService FInternet and e-mail supportMEWAN (Manchester Education Wide Area Network) offers 2 serviceelements: (a) Broadband Connection Service (provided by BT whichincludes Internet and intranet access), and (b) Networking and ContentServices (including network and desktop security and safety, curriculumservices, information and training). This service has seen a number ofchanges recently with the introduction of more reliable and effectivecache boxes and a generally more stable infrastructure. We certainlyhope that all schools and academies notice the difference in this newfinancial year.Training for all school staffThe training service provides training in all and Facilitymodules including timetabling, examination, cover, reports, attendanceand assessment, together with various courses aimed at supporting thecurriculum and business needs of schools and academies and othereducational establishments. Information Systems recognise that yourMIS system is moving away from the heart of the school (AdministrationOffice) and is now being utilised by the whole school including, teachingstaff, support staff, senior leadership teams and Headteachers. It is withthis in mind that we now offer courses during twilight sessions in schooland other courses away from our main training centre at OverseasHouse. Please feel free to contact our training and marketing managerfor further details.Consultancy advice for whole school improvementAdditional consultancy services are provided by Information Systems toassist in improving a school’s use of their management informationsystem or delivery of the curriculum. Information systems are proud tocall upon the services of our consultants who have a wealth ofexperience in education. They can offer advice on all areas of schoolimprovement including attendance, behaviour and attainment. We canalso offer pre Ofsted consultation visits from our Ofsted inspector whocan facilitate in making sure your school is ‘ready and prepared’ for thecrucial and all important Ofsted visit. These consultancy sessions havebeen invaluable to our schools and academies so far.37

AdditionalStrategic functions are provided by the Information Systems on behalf ofthe Local Authority, to all Manchester schools and academies, whetherbuying into the SLA or not.These include maintaining a suitable data transfer mechanism betweenschools and academies and the Local Authority and ensuring data heldwithin the Education Management System is current and readilyavailable.38

Charges:Service A (MIS Software Support)ContactMISSoftwareSupportInfantNurseryPrimarySpecialPRU’s£Secondary£(Allschools)£ per pupil£per user£per user£per user£per userOne offchargeOne offcharge1-9 10-24 25-49 50+VinceSlatfordService A(Administration Staff)£1,680 £3,575 £ 1.80 £87 £67 £37 £32VinceSlatfordService A(TeachingStaff)IncludedaboveIncludedaboveIncludedabove£20 £15 £10 £5Service B (MIS Hardware/Technical Support for MIS users)ContactMISHardwareSupportInfantNurseryPrimarySpecialPRU’s £Secondary £Allschools£ perpupil£peruser£peruser£peruser£peruserOne offchargeOne offcharge1-9 10-24 25-49 50+VinceSlatfordService B(Administration Staff)£1,680 (*) £3,575 (*) £1.50 £87 £67 £37 £32(*) No charge if purchased with Service A39

Service C (ICT Support for the Curriculum Network)ContactCurriculumSupportInfantNurseryPrimarySpecialPRU’s £Secondary£Vince SlatfordService C(1/2 day per week) £3,750£3,750Other contracts can be arranged (i.e. ½ day per fortnight etc)Service D (MEWAN Managed Service)ContactMEWANAll Schools£ per pupil£Graham DonaldsonService Da) Connection 2250Graham Donaldson JonHavesService Db) Services 12003.0040

Service E (Training Service)Contact Training £Jude LedgerService EPre-purchase pack3 days£3505 days£65010 days£1250½ Daily Rate½ day75Daily Rate1 Surgeries3 days150Service F (Consultancy Service)ContactConsultancyType of Consultancy£JudeLedgerService FPre-purchase pack3 days 19505 days 300010 days 5500MIS (inc Assessment, Attendance and PreOfsted visits)Technical (Network and infrastructure)½ day 5501 day 70041

Additional Products(Remote access to your PC)ContactProductAll Schools£Vince Slatford GoToMyPC £105 pa per license(Whole School - Remote Backup)ContactProductAll Schools£Vince SlatfordRemote Backup500GB£550 one off charge (£100pa)Vince SlatfordRemote Backup1TB£1125 one off charge (£100pa)(MIS Only - Remote Backup)ContactProductAll Schools£Vince SlatfordRemote Backup10GB£350 paVince SlatfordRemote Backup25GB£500 pa42

(Group Call - Parental messaging service)Primary versionContactProductOption (pupil numbers)FreeTexts£VinceSlatfordGroupCall(Messaging) Primary 500 (1-100)1500 229 paPrimary 500 (101-300) 2000 349 paPrimary 500 (301-500) 3000 449 paPrimary 500 (501-800) 4000 599 paVoicemailIncoming SMS100 pa150 paInstallation 95Secondary VersionContactProductOptionFreeTexts£VinceSlatfordGroupCall(Messaging) Secondary 60007000 1500 pa5 Additional Licenses 300 paIncoming SMS210 pa43

Insurance & Risk Management GroupKey Contacts:George Pinder - Insurance OfficerAnn Peel – Insurance and Risk OfficerContact number:Tel: 0161 234 5259Fax: 0161 274 of Service Provided:The Insurance and Risk Management Group (I&RMG) aims to provide a first class service ata competitive cost by achieving the most cost effective balance between the procurement ofinsurance cover through the commercial insurance market and use of the City Council’s inhouseInsurance Fund.The I&RMG and its partners have had many years experience in procuring and managinginsurance arrangements both for the local authority and for local schools and academies.The service offers to schools and academies a comprehensive package of insurance coversincluding Property, Engineering, Officials’ Indemnity, Employers’ Liability, Public/ProductsLiability, Personal Accident, Travel, Money and Fidelity Guarantee.During the last two years the Council has undertaken a significant realignment of insurancearrangements, allowing for closer communication between schools and academies andinsurers and also providing additional capacity for the I&RMG to provide risk managementadvice and support.Charge for Service:Services Offered to schools and academies1. Core ServiceThe I&RMG works in partnership with a number of departments to provide a core insuranceand risk management service as follows:(i)(ii)arrangement of appropriate levels of insurance cover toprovide a high level of financial protection against significantrisks as summarised in Table 1;advice and assistance regarding the submission of insurance claims;45

(iii) post-loss support including the assessment of damage toschool property and the procurement and supervision of reinstatement works;(iv) defence of liability claims made against a school arising outof death, injury, illness, or loss of or damage to third partyproperty;(v)inspection of engineering equipment (lifting equipment andpressure plant) by competent persons at the required frequencyin compliance with statutory obligations.Risk Level of Insurance ExcessProperty – Material Damageand Business Interruption(incl. Terrorism)Full ReinstatementValue£200 / £500Engineering (incl. Statutoryinspection service)Up to £5M £500Officials Indemnity £5M £500Employers’ Liability £100M £500Public/Products Liability £100M £500“Injuries Scheme” Up to £37,500 -Personal Accident Up to £120,000 -Travel – Medical Expenses,etc.School Pupils - Travel –Medical Expenses, etc.Personal Accident – Pupils onWork ExperienceUp to £Unlimited -Up to £5M £50£10,000 -Money Various -Fidelity Guarantee £10M £500Table 1As governors of voluntary aided schools are no longer able to rely upon the receipt ofgovernment grant to fund 90% of their responsibilities for reinstating property following46

significant sudden and unforeseen damage or loss, the property cover included in the coreservice is extended to provide a means of funding in lieu of grant.2. Optional CoversThe following covers are not included in the core insurance andrisk management service, but are available upon request:(i)(ii)Motor Vehicle (Comprehensive including uninsured lossrecovery) for school vehicles other than vehicles hiredfrom Environment & Operations (Fleet Management);Motor Vehicle Loss of No Claim Bonus/Payment ofExcess for Governors’ private cars whilst being usedon school business.Agreement PeriodSchools - the current agreement runs from 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2011.Academies – the current agreement runs from 1 September 2010 to 31 August 2010 with anoption on the Academy’s part to extend the agreement at the same rate (pro-rata for theperiod on cover) until 31 March 2011.ChargesThe charge is based upon a cost per pupil multiplied by the total number of pupils on roll atthe school or Academy as advised by the LEA or Academy. Rates are summarised in Table2.For schools, we anticipated that, based upon our assessment of the risk and the prevailingmarket conditions, the level of the annual rate per pupil per annum could be maintainedthroughout the three-year period. In return for price stability from the service, we asked thatany school purchasing the service gave a commitment that it would not opt out of the serviceprovided that any increase in the rate (arising from any additional insurance costs that couldnot be absorbed within the rate quoted at the outset) did not exceed the rate of buildingcosts inflation prevailing at the time.At the present time, we do not anticipate that it will be necessary to increase the currentrates for schools for the period 1 April 2010 – 31 March 2011. Schools will receive finalconfirmation of the rates towards the end of March 2010.Academies will be contacted towards the end of the Summer Term 2010 to discuss theirrequirements.47

Rate per Pupil– Core ServiceNursery Schools £119.80per placePrimary Schools £45.46Voluntary Controlled PrimarySchoolsVoluntary Aided Primary Schools £36.12Secondary Schools £62.30Voluntary Aided Secondary Schools £38.14Special Schools£96.52 perplaceTemple Primary School £17.58Abraham Moss High School £22.16Wright Robinson Specialist College £25.65Rodney House Special School£62.59 perplaceAcademy Schools £74.75Rate – OptionalCoversMotor Vehicle (Comprehensive) –School vehiclesMotor Vehicle (Loss of No ClaimsBonus, etc.) - Governors’ private carsTable 2£704.00per vehicle£2.10 pergovernorIn summary, the I&RMG is pleased to inform schools of their intention to continuecontractual arrangements at the current rate. The I&RMG will continue an ongoing processof service redesign in order to ensure all participating schools receive the best possibleservice at the most competitive cost.48


Management Support to SchoolsKey Contacts:Phil McKennaHead of ServiceTelephone: 0161 234 7195Fax: 0161 234 7031Mobile: 07901 528 710E-mail: p.mckenna@manchester.govJill NealPrincipal Adviser, CaseworkTelephone: 0161 234 7106Fax: 0161 234 7031Mobile: 07901 528 708E-mail: Support Advisers:Julie Seaborn 0161 234 7036 mobile 07901 528 711Rachel Foster 0161 234 7016 mobile 07818 038 686Stan Vayro 0161 234 7174 mobile 07795 635 143New for this year• Direct, password protected access to information, templates and standarddocumentation via MEWAN• Access to Management Support experts via a one number, dedicated telephonehelpline, available 08.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)• 365 days x 24 hours emergency response and support for critical incidents• One initial Management Support audit and planning session• An allocation of adviser time (to use at schools’ discretion) in each school term. Thetime allocated is based on the size and type of school:Primary Schools of up to 60 staff will receive 1.5 days per term.Primary Schools over 60 staff will receive 2 days per term.Secondary Schools and Academies will receive 4 days per term• 1 place (for Primary Schools) and 2 places (for Secondary Schools and Academies)on the Management Support for Schools Programme of briefings and surgeries,with preferential rates for additional placesNature•ofExtraServiceand additionalProvidedsupport, available on a needs related basis, at rates rangingfrom £150 -£180 per half day (depending on the level of resource required andcurrent market rates)• Day to day transactional support for personnel administration through the MCCShared Service Centre.52

To work in partnership with the school to provide healthy nutritious meals and other cateringservices for pupils and staff as part of the whole school food policy, which supports the mainaims and objectives, culture and ethos of the school.Nature of Service ProvidedManagement Support provides advice and practical assistance to schools and academies ona range of school management, personnel and related governance issues. Our mainpartners are Headteachers and Chairs of Governing Bodies and it is their identified prioritieswe work to support. Acting as an agent of the school management, Management SupportAdvisers offer solutions driven support to Chairs and Headteachers , including:Support for Headteachers with Safeguarding protocols related to allegations againstemployees,Pre inspection support for Headteachers on the single central record of evidenceDisciplinary investigations and presentationsPresentations to the GTC professional panel on disciplinary and capability mattersSupport for headteachers with employment tribunal claims (with Legal Services)The management of staff complements, structure reviews, including support for staffreductions processesAttendance Management (with Occupational Health Services)Staff competency proceduresSupport for the school with critical incidents and emergenciesGrievance procedures (including equal pay, discrimination, bullying etc)Supporting governing bodies and Headteachers with ISR reviews and pay auditsFormal Hearings of the Governing BodyDifficult relationships with parents (with Legal Services)Safer recruitment adviceWorkforce remodelingPerformance management and payInterpretation of national terms and conditions and related legislationWorkforce consultation with Trade Unions and Professional AssociationsAnd more…Please note that transactional personnel administration support for schools (pre employmentchecks, recruitment, appointments and contract amendments etc) are provided under thisService Level Agreement by the Manchester City Council Shared Service Centre. Forfurther information please contact Chris Woolley, Shared Service Manager at:1st Floor Pink Bank LaneManchesterM12 5XUExt Tel 0161 277 1700 Mobile 07956 121980Internal No 805 1700Email

ChargesWe are pleased to confirm that our service fees have been held at last year’s levels of inrespect of the cost per employee and the set fee has been reduced by £500 from last year’srate:Set fee per school £499 plus £85 per employee.54

Newly Qualified Teacher InductionKey Contacts:Kerri Strickland -Teacher Recruitment,Support OfficerContact number:Telephone: 0161 234 7175E-mail: of Service Provided:Processing of NQT assessment forms, Quality assurance of Inductionprocess, recording and reporting results of Induction to appropriate parties as per statutoryrequirements.Provision of training and personalised support for NQT Induction coordinators.Provision of Induction helpline and Induction web site with up dated documentation.Provision of additional support for NQT’s making insufficient progress.Access to subsidised CPD for NQT’s.Charges: One annual charge of £150 per NQT56

Passport “2” SportKey Contacts:Graham Herstell (Passport “2” Sport Manager)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 953 2460Fax: 0161 276 7483Mobile: 07879891146E-mail: of Service Provided:Passport “2” Sport is an out of school hours sports scheme designed to introduceManchester’s primary school children to six different sports per academic year. The serviceencourages physical activity amongst children and is focused on increasing participationlevels outside of school by delivering to the PESSCL strategy.The scheme is targeted at all Manchester’s primary schools (mainstream and special) withthe emphasis on full inclusive participation.All sessions are delivered on school premises in a safe, effective, environment, by fullyqualified coaching staff.Service Offered to Schools and AcademiesEach school receives one sport per half term comprising of one session per week for fiveweeks.A different sport is delivered each half term. Six sports per year from a selection below;Athletics Football TaekwondoBadminton Hockey BoxingBasketball Netball Disability Specific SportsCricket Rugby TennisCyclingThe aim of the project is to maintain and grow the network of after school sports clubs thatwill expand the delivery of sport across the City in various ways in order to:• target school years 3 to 6 at primary school and year 5 and above in special schools witha full inclusion policy so all have the opportunity to participate in sports they may havehad little exposure to previously;• provide fully qualified and CRB cleared coaches to deliver the scheme;• use of curriculum time either after school or lunchtime;58

offer access at each school site and local venues where appropriate;• provide a diverse range of sports, 6 per academic year per school;• link to a series of city wide festivals and competitions enabling the children/schools andacademies to celebrate the skills and abilities developed within the scheme;• enable children from all backgrounds to participate in sports and enhance their skills asa participant, competitor, or official;• link schools sports clubs to the local voluntary sports club network; and• link schools to the Manchester Performance squads for each sport.Standards and evaluation of the Passport “2” Sport Programme• All sessions are delivered by Manchester Leisure Coaches who hold nationallyrecognised qualifications in :o National Governing Body Level 2 coaching award (or equivalent)o Good Practice in Child Protectiono First Aid Certificate• All coaching staff have had an Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check and havebeen cleared to work on the Passport “2” Sport Programme.• Manchester Leisure operates an 'Open Door' policy with regard to school liaison. ThePassport “2” Sport Officer is available to visit schools and discuss any issues relatingto the programme.The School’s role as a partner in the Service Level AgreementThe school can support children in this scheme by:• targeting the children to be involved, and encourage regular attendance;• providing information about the group attending each sports club, e.g. names,ethnic breakdown, male/female breakdown, special medical conditions, UniquePupil Number (UPN);• providing information relating to risk assessment of the facility (on-site activitiesonly);• arranging for access to school facilities e.g. playground, field, school hall,appropriate to activity being delivered and that facilities are ready for use;59

• ensure that where the school has elected to opt out of MCC insurance that schoolnotifies their insurers about the undertaking of the sports activities in order toensure appropriate cover;• ensuring that only the agreed group of children attend the session;• ensuring a member of teaching staff remains on site for in-school activities;• encouraging volunteer support from interested parents/welfare staff whererelevant;• providing safe and secure storage for sports equipment, maintaining and replacinglost items where relevant;• highlighting the project with children by regular inputs in assembly and liaison withrepresentatives of sports development; and• encouraging continuity of sports participation at school or at local sports clubs.Agreement Period and Termination OptionSchools wishing to terminate the SLA must do so in writing to the Passport “2” SportManager and must give one full school term’s notice of their intention to terminate the SLA.Charges:The cost to the school is £400.00 per academic year; this amount is a percentage of theoverall cost as partnership funding from the Big Lottery Fund and investment from theSchool Sports Partnerships cover the total amount.60

Payroll and Pensions, Corporate ServicesKey Contacts:Declan McMorrow (Head of Service)Ian Harvey (Payroll Manager)Mark Timmons (Team Leader, Payroll Team 5)Jason Grimshaw (Team Leader, Payroll Team 6)Contact numbers:Declan McMorrowTelephone: 0161 277 1664Fax: 0161 274 7130E-mail: HarveyTelephone: 0161 277 1665Fax: 0161 274 7130E-mail: TimmonsTelephone: 0161 277 1671Fax: 0161 274 7130E-mail GrimshawTelephone: 0161 277 1681Fax: 0161 274 7130E-mail: of Service Provided:Manchester City Council offers a comprehensive payroll service to schools, detailed in theservice schedule. It is much more than a basic gross to net payroll service.We are an experienced and professional team committed to the highest possible standardsin service delivery.Our service has been subject to a best value review that has lead to a centralised team,which, in partnership with the Co-operative Bank, aims to deliver a modern, high quality andresponsive service.We offer a service whereby schools have the minimum amount of work to do.62

The Payroll Team will:• Undertake all the calculations to determine the amount of money to be paid to schoolemployees.• Arrange for employees’ bank accounts to be credited with the appropriate net payeach pay period.• Provide all staff with a fully itemised pay advice slip• Automatically deduct from the school’s bank account one sum of money, equivalent tothe total cost of the school’s payroll each month• Ensure that statutory and voluntary deductions are paid over to the appropriatebodies.• Interpret changes in payroll legislation.• Ensure all year end statutory returns are submitted on time.• Ensure that the school’s payroll complies at all times with current legislativerequirements.• Complete 3 rd party payroll enquires on behalf of schools.• Provide schools with fully itemised payroll costing reports• Schools will not have to write out cheques to pay the HMRC or Pension SchemeAdministrators.Service Standards and Evaluation• You will be allocated a named, dedicated and trained payroll officer who will beresponsible for your school.• You will be allocated a dedicated telephone help line for all payroll related queries,which will be available from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding publicholidays).• A 24 hour fax and e-mail service is available.• Upon notification of a significant error in pay, we will aim to ensure that the necessaryadjustment is effected and, if required, the employee will receive payment byautomatic transfer to bank within 4 working days.• All complaints will be recorded, investigated and a response provided within 15working days or an explanation why a reply may take longer. Where you have aserious complaint this will be dealt with in accordance with the Council’s CorporateComplaints Procedure.• We aim to ensure that telephone enquires are dealt with immediately. If this is notpossible, enquiries will be noted and an officer will contact you by telephone or fax bythe end of the working day or if this is not practicable on the following working day.63

• The payroll team will have a resilient, secure, processing system for it service toschools which provides full back up facilities.• Survey questionnaires will be provided for all subscribing schools and these, togetherwith the record of comments and complaints will be used to measure quality ofperformance.• We have the facility to produce a wide range of reports on an ad-hoc basis to suityour specific requirements. Best endeavours will be made to produce these as part ofthis agreement but it may be necessary to levy a charge in some circumstances.Performance TargetsNo Measure Target1 Adjustments to correct a significant error to an 98%employee’s pay effected within 24 hours2 Acknowledgement of complaints sent within 5 99%working days3 Complaints answered within 15 working days or 98%holding reply sent indicating how long a full responsewill take4 Letters responded to in full within 10 working days 98%5 Provide pay advice slips by pay day each month 99%Charges for Payroll and Pensions’ SLA• Service charge will be based on a cost per annum per employee contract of £73.70.• Manchester City Council will invoice schools on an annual basis for the servicecharge.• Additional services or changes to existing practices and procedures required byschools, which are not included in the SLA will be the subject of individual negotiationand priced on request.• If you were to commit to a 3 year agreement we can offer a price freeze so ourcharges are fixed for the whole 3 years.64

School Swimming Instruction ProgrammeKey Contacts:Kevin Nuttall (Strategic Aquatics Manager)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 274 1241Mobile: 07795 050045E-mail: of Service Provided:There are two service packages, which we are pleased to offer schools:1. Manchester School Swimming Instruction Programme ServiceTo provide a School Swimming Lesson Programme which delivers the statutoryrequirements of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 in a safe, effective, economicand flexible way, to meet the needs and requirements of all pupils and schools.2. Manchester School Swimming Transport ServiceTo provide a co-ordinated swimming transport service for schools taking part in theManchester School Swimming Programme, this ensures that children are transportedfrom school to the pool in accordance with the swimming timetableThe distribution of the budget for both the above services is allocated to each primaryschool in proportion to the number of pupils on the individual school’s roll in Key Stage2, in January 2010 for the delegated budget for 2010/2011. The same formula will beused in subsequent years.1. Manchester School Swimming Instruction programmeServiceStrategic Management Element of Service• Strategic management and development of the School Swimming Programme.• Monitoring the delivery of the School Swimming Programme to ensure compliance tothe agreed standards programmes of study and schemes of work.• The preparation and maintenance of Swimming Registers which, also acts as theRecord of Achievement for Schools Swimming.66

Services to Primary Schools• Manchester Leisure provides a comprehensive swimming lesson programme, whichaims to ensure that during Key Stage 2 all pupils will have the opportunity to accessthe school swimming programme.• To give pupils the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe and constructive learningenvironment whilst complying with the guidelines of the National Curriculum• The programme will follow National Governing Body Guidelines and will deliver theNational Teaching Plan for Swimming• To develop confidence in water and show children how to rest, float and adoptsupport positions.• A variety of means of propulsion, using either arms or legs or both, and how todevelop effective and efficient swimming strokes on the front and on the back.• To be taught the principles of survival and water safety skills.• Although swimming tuition is currently timetabled in 40-minute sessions schoolswhich have specific requirements, such as special programmes for non-swimmers,advanced swimmers or additional sessions, can be tailored into a 40-minute period tomeet these needs.• All swimming lessons are delivered by a team of specialist qualified swimminginstructors employed by Manchester Leisure.• The Programme of Study and Schemes of Work delivered by the instructors are inaccordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum. All swimminginstructors are constantly updated on new teaching methods and are expected toattend Amateur Swimming Association In-Service training to further develop theirskills.• Headteachers will be issued with a Manchester Schools Swimming Manual, whichprovides a ready reference for the swimming programme, the individual roles andresponsibilities of all partners and information relating to out of school opportunitiesfor swimming.Standards and evaluation of the Swimming Instruction Programme• The aim of the service is to deliver a Swimming Lesson Programme, which achievesthe requirements of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 2.• This is achieved through the Programme of Study and Schemes of Work to structurelessons and to ensure pupils have realistic targets to aim for at the appropriate levelto their swimming ability.67

• All swimming lessons are delivered by swimming instructors who hold nationallyrecognised qualifications and guidelines:o ASA – Teaching of Swimming – NVQ Level 2o RLSS – National Pool Lifeguardo First Aid Certificate• All school swimming staff have a Criminal Record Bureau check and have beencleared to work on the school swimming programme.• To ensure that pupils are progressing at the required rate, regular assessments willbe undertaken by the Swimming Instructor and these will be recorded on theSwimming Register, which also acts as the Record of Achievement.• Manchester Leisure operates an 'Open Door' policy with regard to school liaison. TheArea Swimming Co-ordinators are available to visit schools and discuss any issuesrelating to the school-swimming programme.Schools will be provided with a progress report at the end of each term, detailing individualpupils’ achievements and attendance. These will be sent directly to the Headteacher, theclass teacher and Primary Link teachers.At the end of each school swimming year, the school will be provided with a report on thatphase of swimming lessons. Certificates will be supplied by the Instructor, for issue by theschool as appropriate to the pupils.2. Manchester School Swimming Transport ServiceStrategic Management Element of Service• Co-ordination of the swimming transport timetables and liaison with the transportcompany and school regarding any changes.• Monitoring the performance of the transport company.• Management of the financial arrangements within the School Swimming TransportAgreement.• To prepare and liaise with the Chief Executive’s department for the tendering of theSchool Swimming Transport service.Services to Schools• Manchester Leisure manages and co-ordinates the school transport arrangements toand from pools.• This service includes the preparation of transport timetables in conjunction withheadteachers and monitoring the transport company's compliance with the agreed68

school transport timetable.• Liaison between schools and the transport agreement or regarding any changes inthe school's transport requirements.3. Standards and evaluation of the Swimming Transport ProgrammeThe aim of the service is to provide a flexible but efficient, effective and economictransport service to schools taking part in the Manchester School swimming Programme.The Service is monitored by the Strategic Aquatics Manager, Area Co-ordinators andSchool Swimming Programme Administrator.Service Standards• The programme will deliver in line with Amateur Swimming Associationrecommendations of good teaching practices and deliver the content needs of theNational Curriculum.• Manchester City Council have adopted the National Teaching Plan for Swimming asrecommended by the National Governing Body.• The Manchester Leisure child protection procedure will be implemented during thedelivery of the programme.• All financial and accounting activities will comply with Manchester City CouncilFinancial Regulations.• To monitor the School Swimming Transport Service in the delivery of effectiveness,punctuality and overall performance of the agreement provided to the schools.• Complaints, Praise and Correspondence will be dealt in line with the ManchesterCity Council procedures.• The school swimming programme is staffed Monday to Friday 8:00 am till 14:00 pm,during the school term and various members of staff will be available outside ofthese hours. There is also a 24 hour Fax line as well as full e-mail access.69

4. The School’s role as a partner in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)The School Swimming Programme is seen as a collaborative partnership betweenManchester Leisure and the School to ensure that pupils achieve the required statutorystandards for Key Stage 2 Swimming. To support this aim, the Headteacher isresponsible for regular liaison with the Area Swimming Coordinator regarding swimminginstruction issues, transport arrangements where applicable, the swimming timetable andany cancellations, distribution of swimming awards where appropriate to pupils and ageneral overview of the programme.The school should ensure that all pupils are adequately supervised during the visit to thepool. The Headteacher arranges with the School Swimming Instructor, for anysupervising class teachers and teaching assistants to be trained in the Normal OperatingProcedures and Emergency Action Plan, specifically written for supervision of schoolswimming lessons for that facility.Agreement Period and Termination Option1. Manchester School Swimming Instruction programmeThe Service Level agreement will commence from 1 April 2010 and continue through to31 March 2011. The number of weeks per year will be determined on how manyswimming weeks are in each financial year. However there will be a minimum of thirtyweeks per year for this SLA.Schools wishing to terminate the SLA for the School Swimming Instruction Programmemust do so in writing to the Strategic Aquatics Manager and must give one full schoolterm’s notice of their intention to terminate the SLA.2. Manchester School Swimming Transport ServiceThe SLA will commence from 1 April 2010 and through to 31 March 2011.Schools wishing to terminate the SLA for the School Swimming InstructionProgramme/Transport Service must do so in writing to the Strategic Aquatics Manager. Aschool must give one full school term’s notice of their intention to terminate the SLA.70

Traded Services(Not to be confused with Trading Services in Building, Cleaning and Caretaking Support.)Key Contacts:Gary Deakin (Business Marketing Manager)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 219 6841Fax: 0161 274 7242E-mail: Services provides educational support for schools, delivering quality assuredproducts and services focused on pupil outcomes and building capacity within schools andacademies.Our operating philosophy is to provide high quality services and ‘value for money’. Ourqualified and experienced specialists offer measurable achievements against agreed criteria.Brochures covering the wide range of services and training courses we offer are available,with full price details, to download from our website by,or the Traded Services pages on the Manchester Education Wide Area Network (MEWAN)website:www.mewan.netWe also offer bespoke packages for the specific requirements of schools and academiesand would be pleased to meet with you to discuss these in detail.Our prices are set and guaranteed for the period September 2010 to August 2010. We areworking very hard to avoid any future price increases wherever possible by constantlyreviewing our operation to ensure optimum efficiency.Schools and academies will be provided with our new brochures for the 2010/11 academicyear during the Summer 2010 term.Service Level AgreementsSince our launch in April 2008 it has become clear that headteachers and principalsgenerally prefer not to enter into a lengthy SLA. Many of our products and services can be‘spot purchased’. You’ve told us this is better and we are committed to developing thisapproach as widely as possible.There are a small number of services where you need consistency of personnel so an SLAis necessary and helps to ensure that the school can have a level of consistency over thecourse of a full academic year.72

Our ServicesA brief overview. See our website for full details.• Education PsychologyThe range of knowledge, skills and creativity exhibited by our Educational Psychology teamis seen as invaluable in helping schools and academies to find solutions to the challengespresented by the most complex pupils and their families.We tailor solutions to fit specific children and their families. For this reason our educationalpsychology services are based around high quality consultancy which can be provided on adaily, spot purchase, basis or within cost effective packages.• Learning and Behaviour NeedsWe have a wide range of special need services delivered by knowledgeable andapproachable specialists. Whatever the specific learning or behaviour need, we can providea cost effective solution. We are able to offer literacy expertise, through highly trainedspecialists trained in techniques to deliver “Every Child a Reader”. We also offer EmotionalTrauma Support programmes, support for small groups of children with Specific LearningDifficulties (SpLD) and can provide teaching assistants specially trained in learning andbehaviour support.• AttendanceThere are a range of reasons for poor attendance and our specialists look for root causesbefore tailoring a solution to suit a school, a pupil or a group of children. Our experts canhelp interpret attendance and achievement data to inform the best options for improvement.• Ethnic Minority AchievementManchester is a multi-cultural city with a long history of supporting ethnic minority learners.Many of our Ethnic Minority Achievement specialists speak additional languages. In all, wecover over 20 languages to support newly arrived or under achieving children.• Training Courses and Development ResourcesA full programme of courses has been developed and full details are in the TrainingCatalogue, available in print, or online. These can also be run as group or whole schoolINSET’s at discounted rates. In addition we run support networks, mentoring and coachingschemes, host conferences and organise specialist events.• Creative Arts and Outdoor Education ExperiencesNot all learning is academic, especially for children with special needs. Our Creative Artsand Outdoor Education specialists put together specific programmes using music, drama,arts, dance and outdoor pursuits to broaden and challenge children and young people of allages.We are able to provide residential outdoor education experiences at Ghyll Head in the LakeDistrict in particular curriculum priority areas. Ghyll Head has excellent facilities for disabledchildren as well as being committed to supporting young people with emotional, social andbehavioural difficulties.73

• AssociatesWe can now offer a wider range of support through our expert associates (ConsultancyPlus). These professionals are generally former headteachers with a broad range ofexperience. Associates are ideally suited to support headteachers in their first headships ascoaches and mentors or undertaking pre OfSTED inspection audits and supporting theschool management team to prepare for inspections.Getting More InformationAll schools and academies will have received Traded Services brochures covering theservices and the products that we offer including our training courses.They are also available to download from our from the MEWAN

Trading Services - CaretakingKey Contacts:Sue Power (Area Manager, North Manchester)Ken Power (Area Manager, South Manchester)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 957 8314/5/6Fax: 0161 274 7243Mobile: Sue Power – 07940 734556Ken Power – 07940 734531E-mail: of Service Provided:Trading Services - Caretaking is a responsive, proactive team with many years experience inthe cleaning industry. Our customers include nurseries, schools and academies, collegesand public buildings throughout Manchester. We offer a professional, customer focusedservice designed to meet your individual needs.Summary of Services in the Service Level AgreementStaff Recruitment and Selection• Advertisement placement• InterviewingTraining• Caretaker and Cleaner induction• Risk assessment, COSHH awareness• NVQ Level 2 Building CleaningRelief CaretakingSupplying cover for sickness and holidaysKey Holding ServiceProviding key holding arrangements for accessWork Scheduling• Reviewing and providing alternatives on cleaning time management• Reworking of caretaker’s work programmeTechnical Services• Assessing staff• Cleaning standards• Cleaning procedures• Record keeping of school floor cleaning area76

Industrial RelationsAttendance at grievance and disciplinary meetingsThe Charge• Primary & Special Schools £530• Secondary Schools £1,580• Academies £1,580Additional Services Provided outside AgreementHard Floor StrippingHard Floor SealingHard Floor PolishingVinyl/P.V.C./Linoleum CleaningWood Floor SandingCarpet CleaningTelephone/Computer CleaningGraffiti Removal77

Trading Services – School Contract CleaningKey Contacts:Sue Power (Area Manager, North Manchester)Ken Power (Area Manager, South Manchester)Contact number:Telephone: 0161 957 8314/5/6Fax: 0161 274 7243Mobile: Sue Power – 07940 734556Ken Power – 07940 734531E-mail: of Service Provided:Trading Services Cleaning Team provide quality cleaning service to commercial offices,public buildings and educational establishments in Manchester. Whatever your cleaningrequirements, we can provide an efficient, cost effective solution. The School CleaningService will work directly with schools and academies to determine your requirements anddesign a tailored cleaning package to accommodate those needs.Our School Cleaning Service is operated by a qualified and experienced management teamwho have extensive knowledge of the cleaning services, operating over 200 contracts in 160buildings within the authority with particular experience in specialist floor treatment andcontrol of infections procedures.Service offered to schools and academies• Sufficient and appropriate levels of staff, materials and equipment with which to carryout the agreed services.• Offer professional advice in respect of cleaning materials including specialist cleaningas required.• The school cleaning service will arrange comprehensive staff training includingcustomer care and Health & Safety.• Provision of personnel and payroll services for staff including recruitment andinduction.• Ensuring cleaning staff are CRB checked at an enhanced level.• Provision of all cleaning equipment and arrangements for the repair and maintenanceof the equipment.79

• The cleaning service will be organised for the agreed daily times and frequencies.Service Standards and Evaluation• We will ensure that regular site visits are made to schools and academies by areamanagers.• We will always ensure services comply with environmental standards.• We will arrange replacement equipment for obsolete and condemned items.• We will support our staff and offer guidance on a regular basis.• We will ensure all our staff are fully trained and qualified.• We will programme work to enable a member of our management team to meet withthe client on a regular basis to review the service and standards.• We will keep health and safety at the forefront of everything we do to ensure our staffare trained in this area.• We will ensure that each school is allocated a named, dedicated senior supervisorwho will be responsible for your school.• We have dedicated telephone help line for all client related queries, which will beavailable from 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).• A 24 hour fax and e-mail service is available• All complaints will be recorded, investigated and a response provided within 15working days or an explanation why a reply may take longer. Where you have aserious complaint this will be dealt with in accordance with the Council’s CorporateComplaints Procedure.• We aim to respond to telephone enquiries immediately. If this is not possible,enquiries will be noted and an officer will contact you by telephone or fax by the endof the working day or in exceptional circumstances on the following working day.• Survey questionnaires will be provided for all subscribing schools and academies andthese, together with the record of comments and complaints will be used to measurequality of performance.80

ChargesWhat is the basis of the service price and what will the service cost?The agreed charge will be based on an assessment of cleaning hours required to perform allcleaning duties during term time, periodic maintenance in the closure periods, relief coverand the provision of all equipment and materials.The charges will be subject to annual inflation.The cost for each school will be agreed on an individual basis with the client and is given inthe Service Level Agreement (to be made available separately).Examples of average costs are:Band A - Schools and academies 1,300 sq mtrs or less £8,920 per annumBand B - Schools and academies 1,600 sq mtrs or less £12,742 per annumBand C - Schools and academies 2,000 sq mtrs or less £17,840 per annum*.For Bands A, B & C It is assumed the Caretaker will clean an area the equivalent to 15hours per week (600 sq mtrs)81

FeedbackWe are continuously looking at ways to improve how information is shared with schools andacademies. It would be useful if you could spare some time to complete this form and returnit with your completed intention to purchase form to the Customer and Business SupportTeam.Quality of general information available in the directoryExcellent Good Satisfactory PoorQuality of specific service provider information available in the directoryExcellent Good Satisfactory PoorHow useful do you find the directory(1 being the least useful, 4 being the most useful)1 2 3 4Is there anything additional that you would like to see in this directory for the future?Name of school/academy (optional)Thank you for completing this form.Customer and Business Support TeamManchester Children’s Services DirectorateOverseas HouseQuay StreetManchesterM3 3BB83

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