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Upper Key Stage 2 - One Education

KSS(Upper) SPECIAL BOOKS : JudaismShared Buman Experience(suggested)K 6 0 of ReligionEvaluation, ReflectionG ResponseTHE TORAH -A GUIDE TO LIVING:(RIGHT & WRONGFAIR & UNFAIR]Guides - when we use them,why we need themKetubtn (Writii .jp^ebooksa •(0{d Testament of th'JFlUt Christian!IMiSt mportaiJews is the Torah.Ifotahwritl ninHe.{Prophetic books Se wi-vlnimfton'ThffpRAIt*the books* Sacrgd histury ofndmiWhat does sacred mean?Are sacred writings 'special'?To whom are they special?Are they only special toreligious people?-..Rules at home at schoollaws of the countryShare experiences & feelings of fair/unfair.Share experience of rules beingbroken... home... for other peoplefor rule breakers .... punishment..reasons for.irriiTinfidininntiWhy do communities haverules?Is it possible to live withoutrules?What can be the effect of toomany rules?What is meant by "Keepingthe spirit of the rules?"What happens when rulesare unfair?What is fair/unfair?What happens when rulesare broken?What is the purpose ofpunishment?G-D : • RESPQNDING TO C-D• IN DAILY LIFEReminders the way we rememberthings aids to memory.Foods we like... differences in diet,what is allowed & rot allowed.ibii .* The'She ma ; DeiitejonrHm-' 6.-1 -H| ' • • •;• - . • " • ! H \: .•(Rleiuzaiiie iaivMu - Pfiut, 6:4ffituaf

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