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DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 1Floral Supplies, Home Decor Products, Unique Rocks and Huge Huge PotsVolume 1, Issue 04 - April 2007Buddhist Goddess GuanyinDance is an expression of feelings through your bodylanguage. You can express many emotions thoughdance movements. The Buddhist dancers havetaken their movements to an exciting newlevel, through the Buddhist GoddessGuanyin.There is a story behind eachdance. In ancient times therewas King that had 3 beautifuldaughters. Each daughterrespected their King, but theyoungest daughter was devotedto Buddha. His daughter wantedto become a Buddhist nun.The king destroyed all of thetemples in hope that his youngerdaughter would be deterred.The gods were not pleasedwith this action and punished the Kingwith a disease. The only cure was for aclose relative to create a medicine madeof their hands and eyes. No one was willing tosacrifice themselves to help their King ... except theKing's youngest daughter. She gladly gave her sight and herhands to create a cure and the King was saved. The godssaw this sacrifice and were saddened. They must correctthis situation. They gave this youngest daughter a thousandarms with infinite sight in the palm of the hands. This goddesswas called Guanyin - the female Buddha.(cont on p3)

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 2Mother's DayFlower Baskets15% Off ~ Sale Ends april 30th Strawberry-Cream Cheese CupcakesBerries and cream cheese provide the wow in simply delicious cake mix cupcakes.Prep Time: 20 minStart to Finish: 1 hr 25 minMakes: 24 cupcakesINGREDIENTS1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® yellow cake mix1 container (8 oz) sour cream1/2 cup vegetable oil1/2 cup water2 eggs3 tablespoons strawberry preserves1 package (3 oz) cream cheese, cut into 24 pieces1 container (1 lb) Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy cream cheese frostingSliced fresh small strawberries, if desiredTammyS' RecipeINSTRUCTIONS1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Place paper baking cup in each of 24 regular-size muffi n cups. In large bowl, mix cake mix, sourcream, oil, water and eggs with spoon until well blended (batter will be thick). Divide batter evenly among muffi n cups.2. In small bowl, stir preserves until smooth. Place 1 piece of cream cheese on top of each cupcake; press into batter slightly. Spoon 1/4 measuring teaspoonpreserves on top of cream cheese in each cupcake.3. Bake 18 to 23 minutes or until tops are golden brown and spring back when touched lightly in center (some preserves may show in tops of cupcakes). Cool10 minutes; remove from pan to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 30 minutes.

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 3(cont from p1)This old chinese fairy taleis reenacted by a dance groupconsisting of 12 ladies and 9 men.They are dressed in the traditionalclothing of ancient Indiaroyalty. Their arms create an illusionof a thousand hands with athousand all-seeing eyes. I thinkthat the dance group did a fantasticjob in creating the likeness ofthe Buddhist Goddess Guanyin.By the way, this was avery special dance group. Allof the members are deaf andmute! This presents an unusualproblem. Since music is the soulof the dance, how do we conveythe music, the sounds andrhythm, to the dancers? First,the dancers must experience thebeat of the music. They lay onthe floor to feel the rhythm. Asign language teacher (signer)is present to intepret the music,line by line, measure by measure.Second, the dancers must learnand memorize all of the movementsof each dance. Then, theymust coordinate all of their dancemovements with the music ... notan easy task. The signer's task isto convey the music to the dancersas they perform the piece.They spent an entire year practicingthe dance and movements. Ithink they are amazing.This dance group has performedall over the world. Theyare the China Disabled Person'sPerforming Art Troupe. Alicia

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 4Let Spring Enter Your HomeSpringtime is upon us once again. I Bringsome spring into your home with a basket decoratedwith ribbons and dragon fl ies and butterfl ies.Or place some butterfl ies or birds on twigs for anatural center piece.You could also put a beautiful begonia in abasket. Begonias are among the most beautifulfoliage plants and they are easy to grow. Theyask for dry soil, warm temperatures-over 60* isbest-and high humidity. These superb houseplantscan thrive in containers during the warmmonths outdoors in partial to full shade. Fertilizethem lightly and let dry out between waterings andthey will dazzle you all summer with their largeelegant marked leaves.Peperomia is another plant to enjoy. Theseplants have thick stems and fl eshy leaves. Mosthave tiny fl owers packed into a greenish or brownconical spike. Coming from a tropical rain-foresthabitat, they love warm humid conditions andmost need a minimum temperature of 55* . Theygrow well in light, well-drained compost and dowell in shallow containers. They can be grown asground cover and do well under oak trees. Peperomialikes fi ltered light or medium shade andmay be used as an indoor plant in an east window.Come to Deco Gallery for a selection ofbaskets and plants. Donna

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 5Let Spring Enter Your HomeSpring is upon us - invite it into your home. Picka dogwood branch or fl owering crab apple and set it ona silk scarf as a table accent. Fill a basket with someivy and decorate it with dragonfl ies, birds or butterfl ies.Tie a daffofi l, tulip or azaela to your dinner napkins witha piece of pretty colored ribbon. You can place a plasticvial on the end of the stem to keep it fresh. Visit us atDeco Gallery for many of these supplies. DonnaLaundry Basket Sale15% Off ~ Sale Ends april 30thLaundry Willow Laundry BasketWillow Laundry Basket1 64.601 64.601 76.65Shabby Chic® (on sale next page)Shabby Chic® is a comfortable, casual look using vintage accessories, pastels, and comfortable furniture. While peoplehave been living with old lace tablecloths, dreamy soft fl oral fabrics, light painted furniture, wrought iron curtain rods withfi lmy sheer curtains, and colorful fresh fl owers for a long time, Rachel Ashwell identifi ed this style of decorating and named itShabby Chic®.Think of visiting with your grandmother, snuggled in comfortable soft furniture. Fresh fl owers look beautiful and thesoft scent of candles fi lls the room. A home decorated in the Shabby Chic® style can provide the same sensation for your ownhome.Shabby Chic® is no particular style, but rather balances elegant things with old and worn, shiny silver accessorieswith painted wooden tables, soft throw rugs with rough old lace.Soft Delicate Colors: If you love bold primary colors, Shabby Chic® is not for you. Soft white, muted grey, pale pink,and faded green all have a place in a Shabby Chic® interior.Tea Stained Fabrics: Collect fabrics from around the house or buy vintage-looking fabrics even if they're new. To givethe illusion of age, fabric can be made to look old, worn, faded, and soft by staining them with a brew of tea. Be sure to test apiece of fabric fi rst to get just the right shade. You can change something that's stark white to a soft creamy white-- just rightfor the look.Combine Patterns and Colors: Combine stripes, checks, and fl oral fabrics to achieve a warm and inviting look.Gather yardage or fabrics from yard sales and fl ea markets. You don't have to follow traditional rules of combining prints, butfor easiest mixing keep the background color the same (white or ivory, etc.). Then choose one color to repeat in almost everyfabric, such as a soft green or pale pink.Think Outside the Box: Not every chair has to be sat on. How about using a sturdy, painted straight chair as a tableat the side of a bed or sofa or in a corner to hold a vase of fl owers? An old picnic bench or trunk can serve as a coffee table.Stack wooden boxes at the side of a chair for books and fl owers. Be creative and use what you have. Crystal

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 6Shabby Chic Sale 30% OffSale Ends april 30th

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 7Shabby Chic Sale 30% OffSale Ends april 30th DB100-40001 Wood Cabinet

DecoGallery 407-410-0888 March 2007 Page 8Now Open for Business(just west of Home Depot Apopka)Floral Supplies, Home Decor Products, Unique Rocks and Huge Huge PotsDeco Gallerystore hours are monday-Satday: 9am-5pm Sundays: 12am-5pmWholesalecustomerswith significant discountsVisit us atDeco Gallery2640 W. OBT in ApopkaT: 407-410-0888DecoGallery ... a decoBusiness companyPhysical Address:2640 west orange blossom trail, apopka, fl 32712Mailing Address:p. o. box 1659, apopka, fl 32704Contact:t: 407-410-0888, 888-696-6676f: 407-410-0889, e: decogallery@decobusiness.comSale Items Enclosed

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