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BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 1 1609m comment1 STRIKE UP THE BAND 11.00 A decent beginner, but meets a bunch who can hum out here. Not really bustled in his threeruns for new trainer, and now faces the real test. Could be in danger of getting buried abit too deep, and then in trouble. Some risk in this race of good depth2 JACCKA CLIVE 4.20 Quick out - and really likes to lead. Unplaced just once from twelve this prep, when brokefrom a stand start. Back to his ideal conditions, expect an aggressive approach. A verysolid chance3 THE SMILER 4.00 Drew the front for the first time in ages last start - and capitalised by leading for along way. It took a good one to blouse him in a quick final quarter. Not the only one whofancies the top, but should be at least handy from the good gate. Winner of 10 from 17 inAust, and another serious threat4 SLICK BROMAC 81.00 Last win in Metro grade was at Harold Park - a sure sign he now struggles at this level.Not quick out, he just grinds away. Others are simply too quick when it counts. Anoutsider5 INTERNATIONALPLAYBOY 21.00 Was racing consistently well before a modest result last time. Didn't handle the 55 secmiddle split - but not many did. With plenty of speed in this, he may ease and dive forthe pegs - hoping for some late splits. A rough KO hope only6 MANDY RAMBO 16.00 Has gone from C5 to M5 by winning 8 out of 10 in this camp ! Given a short break tofreshen up, then scratched prior to intended resumption last week. Surely she can'timprove much more ? Not in the first few picks, but impossible to rule her out7 DEADSETLUCKY 10.00 Very, very fast from the mobile - and could be the wildcard that leads the lot of them !Loves the mile trip and he's much better than some recent runs suggest. More than a sneakychance if given any peace in front8 SMUDGE BROMAC 7.50 Unplaced in his last five - but his form is actually the equal of anything he meets here.Probably the best chaser in the field, he has been racing the top flight in VIC. If acontest for the lead eventuates in the first half, then he only needs to be in strikingdistance to be a real danger. The value runner9 PERFECT SHOT 41.00 Typical of many from this barn, he loves to launch late after a cold trip. Just returnedfrom QLD where his form dropped away. Fluffed the stand start last week. Perhaps wait tillyou see a glimpse of better10 SHANTAHLIATRAILBLAZA 23.00 Trainer has really put the time in to get this bloke back on track, and his two startsthis prep have been good. Like most he would prefer a closer gate, and must go back early.One of a few who needs the leaders to tire. Perhaps some place hopeBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 1

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 2 2300m comment1 EDEN BURST 21.00 Has improved in his last two - which was required. Holds his own off the gate, so mightland the third spot on the pegs. If the leader controls the tempo, he might poke throughlate as a neat place chance2 LISTON 15.00 Got a race run absolutely to script last time - and took full advantage. Likes this trip,and should land midfield from this gate with no early effort. Does need a genuine speedset by others, so he doesn't want favourites slowing the tempo. Some KO chance3 OUR HIGH OCTANE 13.00 A sizzling beginner who can dive for the pegs, then pick who he wants to follow. Excellentrun last week after burning from out wide. A sneaky hope if it all goes to his plan4 MACH WIPER 2.50 Ran exceptional middle splits to break the hearts of opposition last time. Looks a verygood hope of rolling to the front off the shoulder of the one inside him. Hard to beat ifallowed to dictate terms on top5 LAST BLUE JEAN 34.00 Getting to the veteran class with over 150 runs behind him, but recent stable switch hashelped. Much prefers to race close to the speed, so the start is critical. If he can slotacross in the first furlong, he might battle late for a place - otherwise he's stretched6 JAYDENS CASTLE 26.00 Thereabouts in most of his recent runs, but just lacks that killer blow in this grade.Probably needs a conservative drive to get a few shortcuts. Below the best, so he needssome favours to threaten. Just a rough place hope7 ONAGIVENDAY 126.00 Poorly performed for quite a while now. A plugging type in this grade, he's a candidatefor the death seat, but not much more. Very much an outsider8 GARNET RIVER 4.00 A horse with electric high speed if allowed a soft trip. Stable is still figuring how torace him. Announced tactics last week, so listen out for any change here. Always a seriousthreat, but never quite a banker9 HAVA BONVOYAGE 51.00 [ emergency ] Not racing well enough even if he gets a start10 MACH RULER 67.00 Flattered by the result last start when he ran past some who'd worked too hard. Not thatclose in four previous attempts - and that seems a better guide. Just a roughie11 FEELS LIKE MAGIC 14.00 Clearly comfortable with this staying trip, scoring two recent slogging wins. Thisshocking barrier is a different story, and must be a serious hurdle. Will need a slice ofluck in transit, or cut-throat speed up front to get a real chanceBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 2

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 3 2300m comment1 THE TROJAN 4.80 Showed good gatespeed in Aust debut win - then just ambled out last time. Excuse thatlacklustre showing and he looks ideally positioned here to camp on the expected leader.His best results are over this trip, so expect improvement. The obvious danger2 FAIR BLAZING 17.00 Caught the eye with a flying finish last week - but the clock showed the slowing leadersflattered him a bit. He should get a soft handy trip from this gate, and may be the onehorse at big odds capable of a boilover. Most likely some hope of poking through lateafter a minor prize3 IRON REIGN 67.00 [ emergency ] This is way tougher than his regular Newcastle contests - not a threat4 CHARDANAE 10.00 Has proven a great competitor in her three Aust starts, so it's difficult to discount herchances in anything she contests. Dug deep after being passed in the straight last weekfor a comeback win. Can settle midfield, but needs another to push the leader a bit. Asolid place chance at least5 LOUS LAD 2.20 A very sharp starter who usually leads at will. Should have those inside covered early,and if allowed the same easy tempo as last time, will have another picnic. The absence ofany obvious attacker leaves him as the standout selection to make it six straight. They'llneed to gang up to crack him6 GOESLIKELL 19.00 Racing well, but keeps finding one or two superior. This time drawn outside the twostrongest chances, and they both begin well. In danger of getting caught outside them ifnothing comes up to sit parked. A decent horse, but probably just a place hope once more7 SESHNY BROMAC 41.00 Thereabouts in heaps of recent runs - without looking likely to win. Really had everychance from the leader's back last week. Must find something extra to make thebreakthrough8 TIDY MODULE 101.00 Pretty consistent around his home track, but this will be a whole new ballgame. In careerbest form, but mainly a chaser from the tail - and some here will prove extra tough tocatch. An outsider9 SECRETARY OF STATE 26.00 Driver produced his signature pegs run to pinch a win last time, but the final split was abit slow. Surely he can't expect the same favours two times running - only a rough placehope10 KYEMA KHAN 21.00 A reliable and versatile type who rarely runs a bad race. Alas, this draw does him nofavours, and he'll be forced to work at some stage to get involved. He probably can't dothat and still roll the good ones in better alleys. A place hope, mainly thanks to thebarrier11 FREESTYLE JACK 81.00 Purely a cold swooper, so he can only go straight back and hope the rest go nuts. Hasn'twon in a long long time, despite many attempts. This looks too hardBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 3

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 4 1609m comment1 GIRLS RULE 4.80 Racing extra well in the last month, and well up to any of these for class. One of just afew who should contest the front, and would be hard to pass if she does hold the top.Equally capable as a chaser, she should be a very solid chance given this handy alley2 EILIS ROSE 6.50 Looks well suited to her trainer as she seems to have a neat dash of high speed. Ideallydrawn to camp close without much early effort, and if she sticks to running for luck she'sthe classic KO runner. A live threat3 AUNTY CAROL 7.00 A specialist leader who will be hellbent on getting the top from the good gate. Alwaystough to pass in that position, so watch for her to give a load of cheek if she getsthere. If others resist, the pace could be hot. A bold show if she leads4 OUR HANNAH 13.00 Has fair gatespeed, but all her best races are when she chases. Disappointed in Austdebut, and then not loads better last week. May not be clicking for new trainer yet? Willneed to find something extra in this solid lineup5 THE PEACE ROSE 15.00 Gassed in a super quick Penrith race, then hit back with a big win here in the wet onTuesday. A good beginner, but not the match of a couple inside. Should be angling for aclose trail, then a fair place hope in this quality contest6 SAPPHIRE LIL 10.00 Just a modest beginner, so she can only try to slot in midfield at best, hoping forgenuine tempo up front. If the speed is decent, then she'll hit the line well. At leastsome place chance7 AURORA SWIFT 51.00 Has always done her best when saved up till the last possible moment. Raced that way for aneat second on Thursday. Such a racing pattern relies heavily on others to tire. May bepast her peak, and does look stretched8 SHEZALUCKYDREAMER 12.00 In good form for new stable. Got lead in her last three, but this gate is quite a hurdleto her repeating that role. That means this is much more difficult. Perhaps a place willbe her limit9 AYU GYPSY 8.50 A good beginner, but may save that from this alley. Seems a bit one-paced, so expect herto surge forward the moment they ease up. If she times her move well, she is strong enoughto be a danger10 ESTHERS LIGHT 26.00 Better when playing the underdog than favourite - and she's a roughie here. Has just oneoption from this barrier, and that's a cold pegs trip. Only an outside KO type if most gettired and a few inside splits present in timeBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 4

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 5 2300m comment1 COLD NATIVE 34.00 [ emergency ] If he gets a run here the barrier is his only trump. Not a contender2 GOD SEND 3.80 High priced import nearing top form after recovering from injury. Didn't have to work toohard to score well on Thursday from 1x1 sit. Has enough zip to hold the top, and dependingon how many attack, he should be there well into the home straight. Given an even time infront, he must be the top selection3 OUR AMAZING ART 17.00 Actually raced in elite company in NZ before arriving here - but not near that standardsince. Has better gatespeed than most in this lineup, so should travel close up.Definitely the lesser of the two stablemates, so may simply drop in to follow his better.That could be a nice spot to be - a sneaky place hope4 SATELLITE ACE 11.00 A rising talent who did plenty of work last time after messing up the score up. Never gavein while many had their chance to go past. Better suited when driven quietly, and that ispossible from the good gate in a quality field. Likely to be the best KO prospect ifdriver is patient5 ALLRIGHTYTHEN 8.50 A fair beginner, but only uses as little as possible to hold a neat trail. Must get coverto be most effective. Takes a while to get wound up in the home straight - so does enjoythis track. Hard to fault his winning form. A decent chance again6 WARRIOR STRIDE 41.00 Got a dream suck along behind a good leader last week, but despite doing no workthroughout, failed to run past them when clear. Can't expect those same favours from thistougher draw, plus this race is better overall. A roughie7 VLADIMIR THE GREAT 13.00 A boom well bred import nine months back - but not that great since. Thrived from asmother run two back, then chimed in stylishly last week only to fade on the post. Seemsto prefer a late rush from cover. Again some KO chance if others do the work8 MABROOK 4.50 A classy type who wasn't disgraced by latest defeat. Probably gains fitness from it, andhas neat tactical speed to take all opportunities. A serious threat from any position inrunning9 RENEGADE MASTER 67.00 With just one win to his credit he gives away plenty in experience to the rest. Thatsuccess came by surprise, and the same would be the case here. Simply stretched for classall round10 VERACITY RED 16.00 Produced one of his better efforts this season last week, albeit unplaced. One of just afew who can handle some work, he may sit parked again. A possible placegetter if headvances cheaply11 ESSENE 14.00 Has broken gait in his last two starts - so no good thing to pace the trip? While thismust be included in his assessment, he shows obvious signs of talent. These types usuallystart under the odds - just in case they fire. A risky KO hopeBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 5

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 6 2300m comment1 COURAGEOUS KIWI 21.00 Has come a long way up the grades this year, and understandably looks near his limit.Holds his own off the arm, but most at this level are quick out. Well drawn to raceconservatively for a slice of late luck. A neat rough place chance thanks to the perfectalley, and good recent performances2 FRANCO EMIRATE 1.72 Already has a great record in top NZ company, and current form is impeccable. Only has toturn up healthy on racenight to be the major player. A big unit who takes a few strides towind up rather than ping, he should he right at home on this circuit. Might bully to thefront - but can handle the deathseat too. Deserved hot favourite3 MEGA ALEXANDER 19.00 A candidate for the early lead if really stoked up. Finding it a bit tough to burn at bothends up in this class, but usually runs an honest race. The start will be critical to hischances as plenty will happily hand up to the hotpot. A decent place hope4 MISTER ANTHONY 37.00 Can be very quick away when he chooses, so might dive for the pegs first. Finding it toughto win lately - but that can happen in high grades. Needs to find something extra in thefinal furlong - even from behind the lead. Usually stretched a bit over this trip5 WASHAKIE 10.00 A regular in the big time in recent seasons, but now just a little below his best going onhis last couple. This slight drop in grade could help, and he needs a confidence booster.Some chance6 VEGAS BOUND 41.00 Was once bound for the Grand Circuit - but hard to see the same signs this prep? Producedhis trademark highspeed just once from five attempts this season, so it's impossible torely on any repeat. Has to rank as one of the roughies7 ROHAN HOME 34.00 Leading stable have long sought their first open Group One contender - but again this guyseems to have fallen that bit short. His last handful have been disappointing, and whileit looks like there is a better run due, you'd be game to pick it this week. Just anoutside hope here8 OUR MALABAR 29.00 Drawn a bit wider than his recent engagements, and the speed inside might have him waitbefore his regular press forward. Either way he's destined to do pleanty of work to getinvolved. A place prize could be a success of sorts9 LIGHTNING RAIDER 14.00 Not one of the headline acts in this star-studded barn .. but he's racing pretty well.Hits the line well - be it over one or two miles - and could be some surprise packet ifthe big gun misfires. The underrated smokey10 HESA BUZZIN 26.00 Tends to drift back in his races, so might handle this alley better than some. Given heattempts one late surge, he will need the first division to overcook their early speed.Not hopeless, but you'll need a good reward to invest in him11 SMUDGE BROMAC 51.00 [ emergency ] Probably doesn't fancy a start here given this alley. It all looks too toughBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 6

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 7 1609m comment1 ALEPPO SUNRISE 10.00 Not blessed with great gatespeed, so he's likely to be crossed by a couple. After that hisform is rock solid. If the final sprint goes on early enough for him to get clear, he'sgot the motor to be some danger2 KING OF STRATHFIELD 51.00 Typically a bit slow from mobiles, so this alley isn't a huge bonus. Hasn't returned quiteat his best this time around. Will probably get too far back to be able to run them down.A roughie3 SUNDONS GIFT 2.50 This year hasn't been his best, but he is now a 10yo. Still dug deep for a narrow win whenresuming last week. May be able to bully his way to the front and from there not too manywill be prepared to attack. Champs can't be underestimated, but he's simply not past thepost yet4 CILLAS EARL 19.00 Flushed with the success of four straight wins this decent beginner might try his luck atthe start. Probably can't lead though, and this is a step up for him. Might play a roleearly, but not so likely to figure late5 DOUBLE BUNDY 26.00 Actually has sharp gatespeed - but offers little in the finish when he uses it. Expect himto try saving that one sprint till the last moment. Even then he's probably just a roughplace hope6 COOLMAINE 67.00 [ emergency ] Showed a slight improvement last week - but this is miles tougher. No7 KYVALLEY MAC 41.00 Probably the weakest of the strong VIC contingent, and basically lacks the sustained speedto threaten in this. Just a roughie8 IM DEJAZZMAN 21.00 One of the best locals, but not quite the dominant figure he was last season. Add to thathis previous medium results in the top flight and he only ranks as a rough hope9 I DIDNT DO IT 4.20 A super athlete - but still a bit of a wild racehorse. Should be suited by the mile trip,plus the kind turns in this event. Expect him to at least eyeball the leader if he doesn'tcross entirely. An obvious serious threat to the reigning champ however the race is run10 MISS WARBUCKS 12.00 Has hit new heights since resuming with two fine wins as leader. Facing a tough decisionon tactics from this wide alley. Probably still has to try slotting across, and racingwell enough to be a rough chance if successful with that11 TEN COMMANDERS 501.00 Well out of form when last racing in VIC. Now switched to local trainer and going first upinto a Group One feature ?? No chance at all12 scratchedBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 7

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 8 1609m comment1 SMOKEN UP 3.20 His Len Smith Mile win on this track was breathtaking, and no other runner had any chancethat night. Not sure he's racing quite as well now - but trainer has lifted him quicklybefore. Not the quickest beginner in the field, and if crossed it gets messy. Most expecthim to lead, which will help him do just that. It's a cliche to say he's hard to get past- but in the end it's true. A scrapper who loves a dogfight - he must be a huge chanceagain2 LISAGAIN 34.00 Northern hemishere blueblood who trainer claims is rushed to be ready in time. Showing nosign of the gatespeed he'll need to take advantage of this alley. Pretty tough to assesson a good first up showing, then a flat effort. Given he will drop straight to the pegs,he won't be doing the work of some others. A sneaky outside place hope3 IM THEMIGHTYQUINN 3.00 Has plenty of gatespeed if he chooses, but when used, it dulls his sensational finishingburst. Never before seen at his peak here in the East, but trainer thinks he has the rightroutine this time with a last minute flight. Without a logical death candidate, tacticswill have to adapt on the fly. Only needs an even trip to be a super threat4 GARNET RIVER 41.00 [ emergency ] Could cause the polemarker some trouble if he starts with his sizzlingbeginning - but can't do it at both ends yet5 KARLOO MICK 101.00 Not getting any quicker off the arm, and regularly off the pace in the first burn. Willneed the leaders to take a breather before he gets near the action. Even the trainer ofthis sentimental favourite doubts his chances. Basically can't run the times required tomatch the best. Only an outside place hope if a few of the hotshots wear each other out6 MEGA ALEXANDER 51.00 [ emergency ] Some are quicker early, and others stronger late. He's better off stickingto the easier race at this stage7 MR FEELGOOD 9.00 With two slower beginners plus two emergencies drawn inside, he's actually closer to theaction than some might think. He should land pretty handy in the first furlong, but thenwould love something from outside to give him cover as they go into the back straight.Can't park out to win, but with a little luck is a decent threat8 RAGLAN 31.00 Targeted this race a while back and has been right on track throughout. Under lesspressure than some of the headliners, and that can sometimes help in big races. Probablyslots across as quick as possible seeking any shortcuts available. Somewhatunderestimated, and capable of running past any horse that has to work. A surprise packetoutside hope9 TERROR TO LOVE 13.00 A great young talent, but hasn't had the lead up the stable wanted. Forced to arrive earlyand qualify the hard way after missing the regular invite from a wonderful NZ Cup win.From the wide barrier in the strong field he has to resort to swooping from the tail. Athreat if he can get a tow around the half way mark10 FRANCO JAMAR 10.00 The last horse to win the MM with bad manners was Gundary Flyer 30 years ago. This guyhasn't learnt much racecraft by leading in all his recent wins, so being restrained willtest his patience. Driver claims to be going back, but we'll have to wait and see how longthat lasts. Clearly has great potential, but the gate might beat him this timeBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 8

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 9 1609m comment1 ACEADOR 81.00 A fair provincial type, but this is much higher grade. Not quick enough early tocapitalise on the alley - and not quick enough late to make up the ground required.Outclassed2 MADAM MISTY 67.00 [ emergency ] Not quick enough to capitalise on the alley. Won't threaten even if shestarts3 PRECIOUS M 21.00 Raced consistently well up till his last two where not much went right. A few here havesharper speed, so he needs to run for a slice of luck, hoping the best ones tire eachother out. A pretty rough KO hope only4 STANBESIDEME 5.50 Possesses superior gatespeed, so little doubt about him being first to the pegs. Then thetactical choices begin. Unlikely to hand up to anyone but the strongest - and could evendecide to hold after going so close last week. A genuine threat who holds the key to muchof how this race unfolds5 SCANDALMAN 2.40 Justifiably a boom horse after just one narrow defeat. Only lacks a little gatespeed, butthen has the potent combination of speed and strength to shake any opponent. Only needs aclear passage to prove the one the rest have to beat. A major threat6 BRAEVIEW RHYTHM 34.00 Managed to qualify for the Breeders Final in May, but hasn't fully tuned up just yet thistime. Probably has improvement to come, but most others seem more advanced. Not hopeless,but can only rank down the list at this stage. An outside place hope if there are someflops7 FORGETABOUTIT 26.00 The novice of this field with just three race starts behind him. Hasn't done a lot ofnote, but trainer doesn't place them where they have no hope. Remains a smokey if thefavourites grind each other down8 HAPPYEVER LAUGHTER 41.00 Produced an astounding effort on Tuesday to win in the wet after almost falling 300m out.Hard to assess the quality of that given the slow time. This is much tougher. Perhaps arough place prospect if driven quietly for a late inside split9 NATIVE MOUNTAIN 31.00 Did a good job two runs back when he sat on the leader/winner's back. Got a dream trailthen, but showed high speed to finish close up. One of a few who needs everything to fallinto place - then might score a minor prize10 MAJOR FURY 9.00 A bold frontrunning type, so this gate really hurts his chances. Meets another sharpstarter inside, and their contest for the front is key. As yet not competitive whenchasing, so might be out of contention if he doesn't lead. A good horse, but clearly arisk this time11 KARLOO KIX 10.00 Smothered in behind throughout last week, then unleashed a cracking last 300m. Topreinsman has a tricky task to get involved from this extreme draw. Some fair chanceprovided the favourite doesn't get to the frontBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 9

BETTING AS it should be.Menangle, Saturday 26th November, 2011.Race 10 1609m comment1 INCREDIBLE ROSS 17.00 Now has back-to-back wins after victory on Tuesday. It's always risky to knock winningform, but he's a little one-paced, and a few here have his measure. Not that quick out, hecould get buried and then can only run for some minor prize. A trier, but has limitedhopes2 ELUSIVE COURAGE 26.00 Shows glimpses of zip in his races, but also in desperate need of more endurance. Strodequickly into contention last week at the 400m, yet still ran last. Might need a perfectsmother until the final 50m before he can pinch a win in this type of race. Elusive couldprove the right name3 PERFECT COPY LOMBO 67.00 Stronger at the finish than he is quick at the start, so the good gate isn't a huge bonus.Clearly stepping up a long way in grade, plus he's not really at his peak. He needs manyto flop before he can figure4 HURRICANE DILINGER 13.00 Left the cash in the bag last week when he galloped out at the start. The heavy supportwas justified by his excellent effort to finish so close. Expect him to be one of the maindangers to the hotpot if he slots in handy as expected from this decent gate5 HAVA BONVOYAGE 21.00 Doesn't seem to have come back to his best this time around. Much prefers to race close inbehind the speed, so he may try to burn then hand up. Must get there cheaply to contest aplacing late6 HOSTILE GRINS 5.00 Kiwi in a good stable with a good record. Driven ice-cold once, then too aggressive lastweek in upside down affair. If not flattened by all that, he remains some danger given aneven trip this time7 WINSOME ROY 19.00 A little disappointing last week. That below par effort could be due to his preference forthis mile trip. Always a late swooper with just an outside hope if the leaders completelyovercook it8 BUCKEYE NATION 2.00 Dominant in two comfortable wins since a short break. Doesn't have dazzling gatespeed, butdoes like to surge forward to bully his way to the top. A lack of depth in this field mayhave some inside keen to sit behind him for a breather. Very tough to beat if he strollsto the front - but beware that he doesn't like it when forced to chase !9 LOMBO ALLIANCE 81.00 Lifted his game when he first joined this camp, but that was a long time back. Form fadedat the end of last prep, and three since resuming have been below this level. The rankoutsiderBET NOW - 1300 betfair238324PAGE 10

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