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BETTING AS IT SHOULD BE.Gloucester Park, Friday 13th January, 2012.Race 5 2100m comment1 FLOSSIE 21.00 Led the field the last two times she's drawn this alley - although she faded late bothtimes. Might opt to take cover for the middle distance, but still has to find some extrato feature. Just a rough place hope if the leading bunch dominate2 KAMWOOD GIRL 11.00 Her best recent result came as leader, so that's probably going to be the plan here too.Her first two hurdles will be a quick starter inside, then the longer trip. The startlooks crucial to her hopes. A cheeky chance if left to dictate terms3 IM IN LUCK 126.00 Really has poor form despite varying her tactics in her last handful. No signs of therequired turnaround starting here. The rank outsider4 ELENA S 7.50 A good beginner who typically slips forward before taking cover. Should again land handyand be thereabouts when the acid goes on. Some rough hope5 ANOTHER ONE FOR ME 5.50 Dropping back to her own sex after some hot contests last year. Returned to form lastweek, sitting parked out. She might burn early and prove difficult to reel in. A boldchance6 DISCO SULINKA 12.00 Racing fairly in similar grade to this, but this time drawn a litte wide outside thespeed. Her good results of late have come from the pegs - not like here. Will need someluck in transit to achieve her regular slice of the money7 ELITE ANGEL 4.80 Probably the class performer here, but this alley is little help. Fitter for two runsback, she waited too long last week. May have to advance much earlier, then try to holdthem off. A major threat8 SLICK BIRD 8.00 Better suited where she can lead, but good enough to still be a strong hope from behind.Top driver has a challenge to get her involved at the right time, but cannot be excludedfrom the serious chances9 JONTY BROMAC 81.00 Faced a bunch of these last week and never got hot. That is quite consistent with hermodest efforts last preparation. Tough to recommend until she shows better10 DREAMS DAUGHTER 8.50 Not very close in her last few, but not disgraced either. This lineup has less depth, soshe only needs an even trip to be a contenderAll races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.HELPDESK: 1300 BETFAIR238324PAGE 5

BETTING AS IT SHOULD BE.Gloucester Park, Friday 13th January, 2012.Race 6 2506m comment1 RUSSLEY RASCAL 6.00 Can hold his own off the arm, but may be beaten out this time. A trail behind the leadcould well suit him after he looked a touch flat at the finish of his last run. A qualityperformer at his peak, so still a reasonable chance if the trainer can lift him a little2 HY ROYALE 26.00 Crossed early from the pole mark last time, then got super soft trip. Possibly flatteredby the good result, and could well find this tougher. Will race for luck, and only a roughhope of a minor prize3 MYSTA MAGICAL MACH 3.40 A quick starter who looks the most likely leader - but has also got some early tricks. Hasdone it pretty tough in his last few, and only just collared late. If allowed any peace atall on top he should give a huge sight. A really bold chance, provided he holds his gaitat the start4 CROMAC JOHNNY 5.50 Just a medium beginner, but pretty strong after that. Raced for a slice of luck in somerecent runs - but not getting much. Definitely in solid form. Only needs an even trip tobe a genuine hope5 LITTLE SONNY BILL 31.00 Regularly eased back early, saved for a late charge. Stepping up a little in grade, hewill probably wait for the three wide line to grab a late trail. Only an outside KO hopeif the leading bunch get too tired6 MON GEE 41.00 Punched forward from the pole mark last time, but this is quite a different assignment.Needs a few favours to slot in before he can really threaten here. A roughie this timearound7 PABLITO 51.00 His results of late are a little inferior to most of the opposition - plus he's drawn thecarpark into the bargain. Too much is stacked against him this time. An outsider8 HAS THE ANSWERS 21.00 A super horse when able to lead - but never quite the same from behind, like here. Giventhat the one in front may not hold the lead, he is potentially buried deep on the inside.Not at all suitable circumstances to see his best. Just shooting for minor money here9 TSUNAMI LOMBO 81.00 Never got involved when following a hot speed first up. Some danger that run was more thanhe was ready for, and could still be flat for this. Not worth support until you see better10 CAN RETURN FIRE 10.00 Improved sharply last time when he fired out and still managed to battle it out late. Mustadapt that pattern entirely from back here - so it's tough to know how he will fare. Adecent KO hope as he could follow the fast one right through11 OHOKA DU NORD 13.00 Has respectable results against some classy types last year, but flopped a bit last time.May benefit from being back out of the firing line, and racing for some luck to getinvolved. One of a few KO chances if the shortcuts fall his way12 AUSSIE REACTOR 67.00 His form is not as strong as some, and has a harsh barrier to overcome. Ran past sometired runners last time when the whole field plugged to the post. A roughie here13 MOTU TREASURE 17.00 [ emerg ] Pretty fast out, so can play an important part if he gets to start from a goodgate. At his most effective when leading of late, so could have a cheeky rough chance14 ARTORIUS 51.00 [ emerg ] Doing most of his racing as a chaser, so his barrier doesn't matter much. Thisis tougher than most recent runs. He ranks well down the list of chancesAll races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.HELPDESK: 1300 BETFAIR238324PAGE 6

BETTING AS IT SHOULD BE.Gloucester Park, Friday 13th January, 2012.Race 7 2503stand comment1 PACIFIC FORTUNE 81.00 Has beaten a total of three home in his last four runs. Must be out of his depth - evenwith the front mark advantage. An outsider2 CRUSADERS CREST 26.00 Sticking entirely to stand starts - but that hasn't paid any didvidends of late. Usuallysteps well, and driven kindly, but lacks the finishing power to threaten some class actshere. A slim place hope at best3 OUR GENT 67.00 Just an occasional placegetter over the last two seasons. Add to that a modest record inhandicaps and he can only rank well down the list. One of the roughest4 TO TRANSCEND 21.00 Managed to press forward in a few recent stand starts. A repeat could well secure him thecoveted lead role. If that all goes to plan, he might prove a cheeky outside chance whilethe better types navigate traffic5 GALVERON 15.00 Often a dodgy starter from the tapes, but not so bad it puts him out of business.Exclusively a handicapper in last twelve months, but only once ever a winner. Regularlythereabouts - but also finds a couple better. Mainly a place chance6 SIR ARTSPLACE 13.00 10m - Can step fast from the tapes when he gets it right - but you can't quite bank on himeither. Has a solid cruising speed if he lands near the front - so he might take catchingif he pinches the lead. A rough hope, but the start is crucial7 ZANARDI 5.20 10m - A good quality horse - but simply no good thing to get away with them. A history ofscratchy starts means he is likely to settle near the tail, and will be forced to workwide at some stage. Good enough to still be a factor, but a risk at the same time8 JUMBO OPERATOR 1.80 30m - With six wins from seven stand starts, he must be the top pick. Has handledhandicaps up to 60m in that record too. Made up great ground wide in a fast last lap inhis first up run, and only has to land within striking distance here. The major playerAll races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.HELPDESK: 1300 BETFAIR238324PAGE 7

BETTING AS IT SHOULD BE.Gloucester Park, Friday 13th January, 2012.Race 8 2506m comment1 RAKAREBEL 21.00 Better known for his strong cruising speed than his early zip, he may have no choice butto sit behind the favourite. His super record since coming from NZ must now be tested inthis highest grade. A fair place hope as he should get a dream trip2 DASHER VC 19.00 Definitely an enigmatic type who is not always comfortable with these high pressure mobilestarts. A 'heart in mouth' beginner more than once, his driver will have his hands fullearly. Highly talented when he behaves, so perhaps some rough surprise packet ifabsolutely everything goes right3 MR FEELGOOD 1.85 Arrives for this genuinely at the top of his game. Doesn't always like to lead, but surelymust grasp that role from this great alley. The absence of any noted grinders should allowhim to dictate a tempo to suit, and could even park out in current form. Clearly thestandout pick, wherever he lands in running4 RAGLAN 17.00 Caught everyones attention with a very late dash in the Vic Cup last start. That cameafter a pegs trail where he did zero work in transit, which suits him beautifully. IfDasher VC disrupts the field early, he could benefit greatly. A logical KO hope if he getsa neat trip5 REAL LIFE 81.00 Claimed for $20K last start, and now lines up in the top race of the year. No doubt thiswill be quite a stretch given the class jump, plus the trainer switch. One of just a fewcomfortable to park out, but perhaps not in this elite grade. An outsider6 WASHAKIE 23.00 A high quality versatile customer, but just never quite the match for the top few. Got aperfect trail in the Vic Cup, but still couldn't catch the two who did all the work. Hasthe tactical speed to grab a position early, but really just a solid place chance afterthat7 IM THEMIGHTYQUINN 6.00 Has not often performed at his peak away from home, and his latest trip East falls intothat box. Something was terribly wrong last start, but trainer declares he's back! Afreaky high speed type at his best - he would love something to slingshot him into itlate. Must find a slice of luck from the awkward gate, but can never be ruled out8 CROMBIE 34.00 Should be near peak fitness after a few runs back, and drawn to sit in the front half onthe pegs. Not many will get an easier passage, but then getting clear could be an issue. Ahorse with some potential, and the high speed to poke through late. One of the neat placehopes9 LIGHTNING RAIDER 67.00 Something of a quiet achiever in a stable of headliners. Did a solid job during his timein the East, and not that far below the very best. Drawn behind a dicey beginner, so hisdestiny may be out his hands. A rough place hope if he gets through the traffic sweetly10 LOMBO NAVIGATOR 151.00 A good solid competitor at FFA level - but this is the next step up again. While nostranger to chasing hard from the back row, it looks a really tough task to catch some ofthe very best in the country. An outsider11 ROCKET REIGN 126.00 Facing a massive step up in grade here - plus must overcome this wide back row draw. Adecent type in his regular grade, but this will surely prove too much of a task12 DAVID HERCULES 41.00 A former juvenile star making his graduation to the Grand Circuit. Hasn't had much luck inthree starts back in the West - and now drawn a shocker to boot. Clearly needs a fewshortcuts and something unexpected to occur in front. Just a place hope if he can get aneat tow into it late13 MYSTA MAGICAL MACH 81.00 [ emerg ] Not racing anywhere near the level that won him this race in 2009. Plenty willhave him covered should he get a run14 CAN RETURN FIRE 201.00 [ emerg ] His results were terrible prior to his last better effort. No real threat if hegains a startAll races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.HELPDESK: 1300 BETFAIR238324PAGE 8

BETTING AS IT SHOULD BE.Gloucester Park, Friday 13th January, 2012.Race 9 1700m comment1 BONSU 26.00 A fair beginner who will be very keen to hold the top spot until Sensational Gabbyarrives. She did a reasonable job last time when shuffled back to an awkward three backspot, hitting the line better than the other chasers. A rough blowout chance if somethinggoes wrong with the standout2 GLANDORE 17.00 Not a brilliant beginner, but can hold her own early. Typical of many from the barn, sheis stronger than most of her opponents. Trialled solidly to prepare for this, but willneed a slice of luck to get the cover and tempo she needs to be a real danger3 RIVERS OF BABYLON 67.00 Smothered well back for a long way last time - then flashed late, past a well beatenbunch. Possibly flattered there, and may not settle much closer despite the neat alley.Only an outside place hope, and a conservative drive is essential to her chances4 PURE EMPATHY 51.00 Has good gatespeed which might be a key here. Most will be hoping to get the front first -then hand over to the favourite. Sprinted quickly for just a short distance last time, soshe can't afford to work hard. The opening dash will be crucial to her hopes. A roughplace chance only5 SAY YES JOSEPHINE 81.00 Most of her racing has been done at a lower standard to this. That's helped her record -but this is a substantial step up. Not as quick as some off the arm, she will just have toangle across and hope the others try too much then tire early. An outsider6 HERMATTJESTY MULAN 34.00 Well supported at her previous run - probably from her good trials and decent gatespeed.Might join the contest for the early lead, hoping to hand over to the hot pot. The effortto cross those inside might cost her late. A fair place chance if she can slide overcheaply7 SENSATIONAL GABBY 1.20 Perfectly named because she's proven a real sensation, winning ten times - and this shouldbe something of a formality. Her multiple sucesses often have her starting wide or backrow, but this hasn't hindered her dominance. Simply superior to these, and won't hesitateto surge to the top, leading them a merry dance. Just too good8 BATAVIA FRIENDSHIP 201.00 Comfortably outclassed by the best of her age group - so no winning hope at all. A slowbeginner, and fails to quicken later on. She will stick to the pegs, but loads ofshortcuts won't be enough to make her competitive. Even a place prize would be a surpriseAll races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.HELPDESK: 1300 BETFAIR238324PAGE 9

BETTING AS IT SHOULD BE.Gloucester Park, Friday 13th January, 2012.Race 10 2100m comment1 BOOSCARE TRUCK 10.00 A tough one-paced trier a few months back, but his last two have been very poor. At hisbest near the lead because he rarely accelerates much at the finish. Can muster enoughspeed early to contest the front, but he is a risk later without some turnaround. Somerough KO hope if left alone on top2 CAFE KEV 51.00 Hasn't been involved at the business end of his races in a long while. Hasn't improved alot on his modest form of last season if his return effort is any indication. Cannot berecommended before he lifts his game some more. A roughie3 HY REGENCY 9.00 His last couple have been a level below some good efforts in November. May have enoughgatespeed to pick his position, and this lineup mainly lacks finishing speed. Provided hedoesn't work too hard at the start, he should be at least a decent place chance if he canfind a little of that previous form4 SO NOTORIOUS 12.00 Started big odds in most recent runs, but part of that was down to stronger fields thanthis one. While he hasn't really threatened, he hasn't flopped either. Not quite up toAbsolutely Cool when that horse behaves, but nor is that any certainty either. One of thechallengers, especially if the favourite gets scratchy5 ZIRAZ 11.00 Posesses decent gatespeed, but his better recent runs have come from soft pegs trips, andno hustle early. Dropping in grade here, he should be able to be more competitive than hislatest figures suggest. A KO hope6 JASPER WHITBY 14.00 The one on the front row with proven early dash - but drawing this wide is slightlyforeign to him. Tried to sit at the tail last time with dire consequences - so couldreturn to the go forward plan here. Not overly sharp late, so he's likely to find one ortwo stronger at the finish7 ABSOLUTE COOL 2.10 Talented - but also battling some injury concerns. Has missed the kick entirely in thepast - but that could be related to his soreness. Hardly one for a place punter - he willeither handle them comfortably, or run nowhere. Definitely the top pick anyhow8 GO WORLEY 26.00 One of just a few with a win this season to his credit - albeit in some slow sectionals.Will rely on the polemarker to get a handy trip, but many here could require a favour ortwo. Probably some place hope, thanks to the bonus of a pegs smother9 PACIFIC INVADER 101.00 Not that close in any of his starts this season or last - and that applies to both hisstarting prices, and finishing positions. Clearly must improve somewhat to figure here -despite the field lacking depth itself. The roughest of the lotAll races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.HELPDESK: 1300 BETFAIR238324PAGE 10

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