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BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 1 2090m comment1 MAJOR NIGHTMARE 34.00 Hasn't done a lot since resuming but this is easier and has the gate speed to utilise thedraw so may be one for exotics players. Is important to the speed map with his gate speedas could probably hold the top if he desired, but has been driven with cover recently soexpect him to be leader's back again2 VILLIFY 6.50 Ultra consistent pacer who hasn't won since June 2008, but also hasn't finished worse than6th at past 14 runs, so is an each way chance as always. Doesn't possess a lot of earlyspeed, so will need the pace on to allow him to run over the top of them late3 DENVERADO 51.00 Recent form poor but has been used up early on both occasions and not surprisingly tired.Should appreciate being driven more conservatively here and also gets the services of ErinHolloway to drive, so may run an improved race without surprising. Still only looks arough place prospect4 BIDDY JONES 17.00 One paced type who is never far away but does struggle to win. If he found the lead couldsurprise, but prefer as a place prospect as doubt he has the speed to lead these. Healways whacks away to the line though, so is always a chance for exotics players5 LATERRON 2.20 Looked a good thing beaten in a heat of this race when he led from the same draw and thedriver got caught napping at the bell. Really should atone here in the consolation giveneven luck in running. If he shows the same gate speed as last time he should find the topand be very, very hard to run down6 ULTIMATE HEIR 51.00 Hasn't been that far away in recent starts but still looks tested from this draw as tendsto struggle if forced to do any work in his races. Whilst he does possess early toe,expect him to go back and be driven for luck7 MOUNTAIN MOMMA 17.00 Sit/sprint mare who draws awfully for her racing style but is going well enough to getinto the placings if she gets luck. Will probably need a speed war up front to win therace but she can certainly figure if that occurs8 INNASBROOK 26.00 Very dour customer who has beaten similar fields previously but always runs his best raceswhen drawn to lead so from this draw is only a place prospect. It is probably the worstdraw he could get as he likes to free roll in his races. Don't be surprised if he comesoff the pegs and works mid race9 CULLENS COUNT 34.00 Another runner who hasn't won for a long time but past few haven't been too bad so couldsneak into the placings without surprising. Gareth will likely go to the pegs early anddrive him for luck10 THE BULLIONAIRE 67.00 Limited horse who tries hard and runs past a few tired ones each week. Needs to draw wellto figure though. Is always driven for luck so don't expect him to be put into the raceunless something carts him into it11 ALL ABOUT BAILEY 26.00 Wasn't a bad effort when resuming last time out but the barrier makes it tough here soonly a rough place prospect. Can also go a bit rough at times so expect him to be drivenconservatively early on12 HITTHEFRONT 11.00 Has been hitting the line very well at recent starts and if he gets the right cart intothe race here can definitely figure. The key to him is settling in the run as he can pullhard on occasions. When he does, he simply doesn't finish his races off. Young Brockmanseems to have an affinity with the horse so expect him to be charging home lateHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 1

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 2 2090m comment1 GLORY JASPER 4.60 Impressive effort last week when he worked midrace yet was still too strong at the end. Isa hard horse to assess with the speed map as he probably has the speed to lead butgenerally races best with cover. Based on his effort last week, and with this race beingover the mile trip, you would imagine that Nathan would try and hold the top. The concernis that with plenty of speed outside him is will he be able to finish off if he copspressure. Definitely a major winning chance2 COLOURS OF LOMBO 15.00 One paced type who lacks the ability of a few here but does stick on fairly so has someexotics hope. Always driven aggressively so expect to see him working in the run. Had hischance after leading last time, so hard to see him turning the tables on a couple thistime3 ARKABE JEWEL 51.00 Honest little mare who worked home okay in her heat but this race has a lot more depth soprefer others. Has very little gate speed so expect her to be driven very conservativelyand looking to take the short way home4 PRETTYBOYTROY 81.00 Better run last week after some disappointing performances. Still likely to find this tootough as he generally excels when he can find the top - and that won't be happening here5 ARK WEST 34.00 Got involved in a suicidal early speed war prior to dropping out late last week. If drivenmore conservatively may improve but still prefer others. Did show very good early toe lasttime, so don't be surprised if they have a dip for the front early. Could be a roughblowout chance if he got over, but doubt he can6 CHARLIE CHARLIE 101.00 Struggled to get into the race from a similar draw last week and the same scenario lookslikely to play out here. Will be going back early and then need a ton of luck to even getinto the finish7 IM LE FREAK 81.00 Fair effort at huge odds last week to box on for 4th after leading up the three wide line.Has his work cut out from this draw though so prepared to risk. Whilst it is hard to seehim winning, he does possess good gate speed and has been launched from this gatepreviously. He may play an important role in the early tempo of the race8 IDEN NOSHOT 26.00 [ emerg ] Disappointed in heat but was softened up early so had some excuse. If he gains astart, is likely to enjoy a good trail and is one for exotics as he will be in the rightspot in the run9 BETTOR DRAW 4.00 Started favourite in his heat and looked extremely unlucky being held up until the racewas over. Should enjoy a great trail from here and given even luck is sure to run well. Ifthe emergency doesn't run he will be on the pegs and will obviously need luck but willstill be in a striking position so it doesn't impact his price too much10 DRIFTING WEST 3.00 His three runs this time in have all been super, but has led on each occasion, and the 2ndrow throws up a couple of queries. He should get a decent trail through from the drawthough and is clearly the best horse in the race. Still the one to beat as has provenpreviously that he can work in his races. If the emergency doesn't start then he rateseven shorter, following out a better beginner11 LEVINA LEIS 34.00 One dimensional mare who is always a chance with the right run. Simply won't finish offher race if she is used early. However, if she gets a dream cart into the race she isn'twithout a slim blowout chance12 HELL FIRE BOY 101.00 Had his chance to figure last time when trailed up nicely but didn't finish off so lookstested. Will need a ton of luck simply to be competitive13 GENUFLECT 67.00 Honest mare but from this draw is going to need a ton of luck to even get into theplacings so prefer others. Would have been an exotics player from a better draw but shecan't do the work required to figure from outside the 2nd rowHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 2

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 3 2090m comment1 NITRO BLUE 7.50 Tough 3YO who loves a fight, and is the winner of 7 of his 11 starts, so from this drawwill run a very good race. Doesn't have brilliant early speed but has enough to suggest hecould hold the top, but he is also very lazy when he leads so may even be a better chanceif he took a sit on something2 CHESTERVALE JET 201.00 Has been getting beaten a decent margin in far easier assignments so prefer others. Hardto make any case for him at all3 SPEEDMAKER 101.00 Is yet to be placed in all six career runs to date, so despite trialling okay recently islikely to find this too tough4 JAZZY LAVRA 13.00 Filly taking on the boys here and has run some good races recently in Victoria but runsinto a few good colts here, so prefer as a place prospect. Does possess good early speed,so may be able to cross the polemarker early and would become a much better hope in therace if she managed to do that5 MODERN RULER 67.00 Has raced well in both starts since resuming but against much inferior opposition so onlya rough exotics player here. Will go back at the start and also need a few favours inrunning to be in the finish6 THE DIP 1.70 Victorian colt who boasts strong credentials, having beaten the well performed CharlieMacsheen recently and then chased home some handy older types at past couple. Looks theone to beat. Hasn't been used early in his races of late but has been in stronger company.He might push forward here, but more likely to go back and then work into the racewhenever the tempo dictates7 WILLBE DOC 11.00 Much improved colt who has won his past four starts. The draw makes it tough, but expecthim to be in the finish. Has won by either pushing forward or by making a three wide runfrom the bell, so the tempo will also probably dictate the manner in how he will be driven8 TONY MACARONY 15.00 One of last season's better 2YO colts who resumed with a grinding victory here recently.Looks likely to get a cheap pegs run here, so looks a great place hope. His winningchances depend upon whether the pole horse can retain the lead and will probably getburied on the pegs if that scenario doesn't play out9 CAMELOTPOCKETROKET 51.00 Honest colt who lacks the zip of a couple in this so only a minor exotics chance. Expectto see him driven conservatively and looking to take the short way homeHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 3

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 4 2090m comment1 AZARENKA LEIS 3.60 Showed a welcome return to form last start when able to adopt her favourite role aspacemaker. Draws to lead again here and will take plenty of running down if she holds thetop. There is a lot of speed drawn outside her though, so the run to the first corner iscritical to her chances as she is a far better leader than chaser2 ALLAMERICANMYSTERY 21.00 Went okay first up in a heat of this race then was pretty plain at Devonport when gone along way from home. Its hard to say which one is going to turn up. Should get a good tripfrom this draw, but do prefer as just a place prospect3 scratched4 PACKEDTOTHERAFTERS 34.00 Stablemate of Allamericanmystery who also ran a shocker at Devonport after an encouragingheat run. This draw is a little tricky as well, so will need a bit of luck early, butcertainly isn't the worst5 WELL DELIVERED 101.00 Speedy mare who has led and knocked up at past few so needs to lift to figure here. Willprobably be driven with a sit this week but would need a very soft run to even get intothe placings6 TRUMP LADY 34.00 Has run home late to be placed in her past four runs but did appear to have her chance inthe heat. Ranks as a place hope only as she will have to go back at the beginning and begiving all the favoured runners a start7 HES NO SAINT 67.00 Has shown brilliant gate speed to lead then hand up at past couple when placed. Would needa similar run to figure here and from this gate is likely to struggle8 WOODY BEOURS 5.00 Very good run in his heat when did all the work and still fought it out all the way to theline. Hasn't drawn the best for his racing style as is tougher than he is quick but shouldget a good trip if the pole holds the lead. Given even luck in transit, will be very hardto hold out9 BIDDY JONES 101.00 Very one paced type who lacks the speed to get into the race from this draw. Prepared toleave him out of the chances10 SHAKES GOLD 14.00 Former good filly who resumed with a tidy effort, making ground in a 58.9 sec last half.Is one of many here who will be driven cold for some luck, but if she gets the right runcan certainly surprise11 DALMONT ROSE 17.00 Was well driven to score in her heat at double figure odds then boxed on well atDevonport. Will be saved up for one crack at them and if she secures a similar run to whatshe had in the heat could blouse them again12 PRETTYBOYTOBY 10.00 Ultra consistent pacer who needs to be driven with cover and make one run at them late. Ifthere is any speed on at the top end he will take holding out over the concluding stages13 FRIDAY LUNCH 6.50 Very good effort to win at Tasmanian debut after doing plenty of work in the run. Going tohave to work even harder from this draw but with any luck at all can get into the finishHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 4

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 5 2090m comment1 KAROOLA TOWN 34.00 Surprise winner recently and does go okay when he draws well. This is a very sharp rise ingrade though so despite the likelihood that he will get a good trip he may find a few ashade too strong in the straight2 JET BLACK FLYER 17.00 Even run in her heat from a bad gate but draws a lot better here so expect an improvedeffort. If she could cross the pole horse and trail the favourite she would be a greateach way chance but doubt she will, so only a place prospect3 LUKE THOMAS 51.00 Enjoyed a dream trail in heat of this race but only plugged to the line. His lack of gatespeed means he won't take advantage of the good draw. His only chance will be if it turnsinto a slog home4 SAKWI 2.80 His past few Tasmanian runs have been very good and looks certain to spear to the earlylead here. Advantaged in his heat by some interference to those chasing, but unless hecops pressure is clearly the one to run down5 POKER STORM 34.00 Genuine horse who finds the line every week, but likely to find a couple too nippy thistime, so place at best. Lacks gate speed so will be going back early and will need plentyof luck after that to figure6 scratched7 ASHINAGA 101.00 Enjoyed a good run in the heat of this race but only plugged home. From the car park drawhere is likely to struggle. Its hard to envisage any scenario that will give him a winninghope from out here8 FLYING DUBAI 34.00 Hasn't been too far away in similar grade recently and draws to get a soft pegs run. Willneed everything to go right if three back the fence, but certainly isn't without a blowoutchance if the gaps appear9 TURNPIKE CRUISER 7.00 Quality horse who ran a great 4th when resuming, then looked quite plain on face valuelast week when 3rd. Did suffer interference early on in that race so perhaps forgive theeffort. At his best would go very close here with his devastating late sprint - the goodtrailing draw means he should be kept very safe10 BREZHNEV LEIS 13.00 Tough customer who kept grinding home after a three deep trip last time for a good 2ndplacing. Will probably be leading the three wide train again here, so prefer as a placechance as doesn't have the zip of a few others in the race. Won't disgrace himself11 KHRUSHCHEV LEIS 4.50 Promising pacer who found the line well out wide when resuming in a 55.7 sec last half andif he gets even luck from the tricky draw can certainly win. Provided there is an eventempo this week he should go very close indeed12 MURPHYS ROCKET 201.00 Went round at big odds in a heat of this race and was beaten a long way so prefer others.Run wasn't as bad as it looks on paper last time as did gallop early but this race isstill too tough13 HYDEHURST BOY 51.00 Enigmatic pacer who ran a good race when resuming, but its a very tough ask from this drawin a quality field. He is also prone to missing the start with his roguish behaviour andcan't afford to do anything wrong if he wants to figure against this lotHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 5

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 6 2579m comment1 EL JAYS MODEENA 101.00 Much improved local mare facing by far her toughest test. Follows speed well so remains avery rough place chance2 TISU HOLLY 201.00 Lowly assessed mare who is going well but this simply looks too tough. Wait for her insomething easier3 TOP POPPY 501.00 Was beaten a long way in an ordinary race last time so hard to make any case for her beingcompetitive here4 MOSSDALE GABBY 26.00 Victorian mare who has been good in all Tasmanian starts and is clearly the best performedof the front row horses. Must include for exotics as looks some chance of being the earlyleader and then could hand up to a horse of her choice - probably the favourite5 KLEBNIKOVA LEIS 101.00 Good local mare who ran well at Launceston but this is another step up so only a roughexotics chance. Does possess some gate speed though so may push forward early but even ifshe found the pegs is likely to find the speed too hot6 QUEEN OF FIRE 101.00 Former Victorian mare having first start for local stable. Had been below her best inrecent starts, so prefer to see how she fares against this line up7 ASHKALINI 101.00 Ultra consistent mare who would have been a place hope from a decent gate but the barriervirtually discounts any chance she did have. Will have to go back early and then will haveplenty of smart ones in front of her8 TALASPRING 13.00 Very good mare is just a notch below Make Mine Cullen. Despite the awkward draw, stilllooks a top chance of filling the exacta spot thanks to her sharp finishing burst9 SHEZ RYLEYMAK 26.00 Tasmania's best mare making her farewell racetrack appearance and did trial very wellrecently to prove she was over a minor setback. Hard to see her beating the favourite butis right in the mix for the exotics10 MAKE MINE CULLEN 1.30 Australia's best mare who looks a class above her rivals here as she gets into the easiestrace she has struck in ages. She is ultra tough so no doubt will be put into the raceearly to control things from the top end11 VALIANT SUE 26.00 Victorian trained mare who has won 6 of 7 Australian starts but this is by far hertoughest test. From this harsh barrier she's only a place prospectHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 6

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 7 2579m comment1 NOBEER NOCHEER 101.00 A dour customer who broke through after a dream trip last time in a much weaker affair.Seems to be racing without any zip at the moment so likely to get crossed early - evenfrom the neat draw is only a rough exotics hope2 SKY TOWER 67.00 Tough, honest local campaigner who hasn't won for a long time but this is also his bestdraw in ages so may run an improved race. He follows speed well so given a good trip intransit won't disgrace himself entirely3 ARMBRO SPUR 501.00 [ emerg ] Local pacer who has been struggling for his best form for a while and is totallyoutclassed if he gets a start4 DANCE OF THE DEITY 81.00 Won the City of Launceston Cup at huge odds a fortnight ago but this is another step up -a place at very best. Isn't endowed with a lot of tactical speed, so likely to getshuffled back when the backmarkers put themselves into the race5 THIRSTY MACH 67.00 Promising horse facing by far his biggest test. Hard to see him winning but given a softtrip, could run a cheeky race. He also possesses very good gate speed when asked so he maytry and get to the pegs and then trail a favoured runner6 HEZA TRICK 3.20 Much improved pacer who just continues to impress. Can work in his races and still finishoff. Given this barrier advantage over his main dangers, he's the one to beat. Whilst heisn't endowed with blistering early speed he should be the first of the favoured runnersto the death and its hard to see anything drawn inside him not wanting to hand up - solikely to work the top7 KALYPSON KID 101.00 Was very disappointing last start when never travelled in the run and ran last. He didbeat Our Chain Of Command in the Easter Cup, but that was a stand start and he was able toadopt his favourite role as leader. Will have to go back from out here which makes itextremely tough for him to get into the race8 JUKEBOX MUSIC 10.00 Stablemate of Heza Trick who has been going very well lately also. He is likely to beburied on the pegs from this draw - but he has to be driven that way to excel, so that'sokay. Will need luck to win, but if the gaps come at the right time, could be the blow out9 OUR SIR JECKYL 21.00 Disappointed last time but was too bad to be true. Has been Tasmania's best pacer for awhile now and draws to get the type of run he loves so expect improvement. Will be savedfor one run at them and can dive bomb them late if they overdo things up front10 TANABI BROMAC 6.00 Had taken all before him during his Tasmanian stint until a below par run last time. HisVictorian form is as good as any of the others in this race, so if you are prepared tooverlook his latest effort then he will go close. Will be surprised if they drive himaggressively this week though after his last effort unless a good opportunity somehowarises to be the first of the fancies to get to the death11 NOTASWETHORT 201.00 Won a very weak affair last week and looks to face mission impossible here. He tries hardbut simply isn't in the same class as a few of these so likely to find it too tough12 OUR CHAIN OF COMMAND 5.00 Won this race last year from the pole - so obviously a bigger ask from this draw - but heis also a more seasoned horse this time around. He is resuming which isn't a real issue ashe has trialled well recently so expect him to make his presence felt late in the race13 FLYING POCKETLANDS 9.00 Up and coming type who was well driven to win last time. This nasty draw does him nofavours, so he'll need a good cart into the race to be a winning chance. Certain to runwell neverthelessHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 7

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 8 2579ss comment1 ARMBRO SPUR 13.00 Is yet to win in 15 tries in stands, but hasn't been too far away lately. Has each wayclaims in this courtesy of the good draw2 WAYNE ROONEY 26.00 Has run a couple of improved races recently and whilst he is better suited in claiminggrade, he still has blowout claims in this if he can secure a soft run on the pegs3 JILLIBY RIO 11.00 Old timer who will appreciate the return to the front row here. Would probably need tolead to be a winning hope, but is certain to run an improved race4 ULOS 11.00 Ran a cheeky race at big odds in the first heat of this series, and this is a bit easierif anything. Is one of a few in this race who could figure with the right run in transit5 BEEF CITY BEAU 5.00 Won a very similar race last time after working to the front mid race. Also looks verywell handicapped here as an M6 and winner of a couple of stand starts recently, so is sureto run well here6 EMPTY ENVELOPE 4.00 Good run when resuming when looked the winner and died on his run late. Should be furtherimproved here and be right in the finish with a clean getaway. Was a bit scratchy from thetapes last time in his first go at racing from behind the tapes so the start is veryimportant for him7 JUMPIN JACK JASPER 26.00 Good stand start horse who has been a shade below his best of late. His manners mean he isalways a place prospect in this type of race though8 ROCK AND RUN 34.00 Had his chance in a similar field last time and only battled late - so would need to liftto be a chance in this. Did win a couple of these races by leading recently so notcompletely out of it - however the draw makes it very tough9 THE TIMELY TRADER 51.00 Form has really tapered off at past few and its hard to see him figuring here. Usuallybegins okay but recent performances simply aren't good enough10 WAIONA 6.00 10m - Ultra consistent pacer who just continues to step up in these types of races. Meetsa few of these on worse terms at the handicaps, but has proven that he can work in hisraces so should run well againHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 8

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 9 2090m comment1 SAFE PROSPECT 3.20 Went round as a $1.20 favourite in his heat and had to pull out all stops to score. Thepole draw is also a tad concerning with plenty of gate speed outside. He is prone toerrors when used early - but on best behaviour is certain to be in the finish2 REALLYIMATERMINATA 17.00 Showed very good gate speed to lead in his heat and ran a very cheeky race. If he foundthe pegs first again would be a rough winning chance, despite this being a tougher contest3 MISTER LIPS 101.00 Improved effort in heat to finish 3rd - but was beaten a long way by the same token. Happyto risk him in this lineup as he doesn't have the early speed to utilise this barrier draw4 WHODARESWINS 6.00 Was used up a couple of times in the run, then still boxed on okay to run 3rd in his heat.If gets a better run in transit here, could win without surprising. It will be interestingto see what they do early this week as he almost crossed last time and they may have alook again - not that he must lead to win. A good chance either way5 BENEDICTION 3.50 Good mare who led in her heat when an easy winner. A ton of speed under her here means sheprobably won't lead this time, but has the versatility to come from behind so still amajor player6 TIME TO PRAY 201.00 Only battled to the line in the heat of this race when beaten a long way into 4th placing- from the barrier faces an uphill task to figure7 DONT PULL MY CHAIN 101.00 Wasn't too far away in his heat - but it was by far the easiest of the three heats. Fromthe outside draw here will struggle to get into the race8 BREATHING FIRE 41.00 Speedy mare who always races best in front so despite being likely to enjoy a cheap runfrom this gate is an exotics player only9 KING OF JEWELS 101.00 [ emerg ] Broke through for a win in far easier company recently but would be a roughplace hope at very best if he managed to gain a start in this10 GUERRERO 21.00 Enjoyed a dream trip when a narrow winner of his heat. A lot more depth in this meansplace hopes appear best. Should get a decent run through early though if the emergencydoesn't start, so is a must include for exotics11 GUN FILLY 81.00 Has run home well at her past couple but in far easier company, so prefer others in this.Hard to see her getting into the race at all from this draw12 GRAND PASSION 41.00 Was well driven in heat when trailed the leader and ran 2nd. A very different propositionfrom the back row as has always struggled when away from the pegs. Only a rough exoticschance this week13 FIRST SHILLING 26.00 Hasn't enjoyed the best of luck in past couple, and whilst the draw makes things tough heis a definite exotics player. Has been driven cold in both Tasmanian starts despiteshowing that he could do work in his races whilst in Victoria. He may even be put into therace a bit earlier this time, but clearly this alley hurts his winning hopesHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 9

BETTING AS it should be.Hobart, Sunday 1st January, 2012.Race 10 2090m comment1 ACROSS THE SEA 101.00 Unplaced in all 6 career runs and only battled in the straight after trailing thefavourite last time. Looks likely to get the same trip again here so needs to lift a lot2 MARGIN GIRL 1.50 Started at a prohibitive quote in winning her heat and faces virtually the same fieldhere. She wasn't super impressive in the heat but still won clearly and looks a certainleader here. With all potential dangers drawn the back row, its hard to see her coppingany pressure. She should send favourite punters home on a winning note3 ITS A BONNIE LIFE 101.00 Another filly who is yet to run a placing in her career and only struggled last time. Itsprobably wise to risk her until until she shows something more4 MISS STATELY 26.00 Enjoyed a good trip in the heat and fought on okay in the straight. Hard to see hertroubling the favourite but has place claims as should be the first horse outside her5 NICHOLS ANGEL 201.00 Has yet to do anything to suggest she can be competitive in this. Has run last in 5 of her7 runs, and ran 8th and 10th in the other two starts. Not on the radar just yet6 QUEEN SARA BETTY 101.00 Yet another who has yet to run a placing in her career which emphasises how thin the raceis. She wasn't hopeless last time, but its still difficult to see her getting into therace from this draw7 CHALONDRA 41.00 Superbly bred filly who ran on okay last week - from this draw though is only a place hopeagain. Definitely in the top four or five horses in the race, so a must include forexotics, despite the draw8 IDEN PRINCESS 17.00 Resuming here and wasn't far behind the top fillies last season. Her record on paper looksokay, but is going to be buried on the pegs here and only trialled fairly last week -place hopes do appear best9 MON VISAGE 81.00 Finished in the pack with most of these last time, and draws to trail through thefavourite (and likely leader) here, so should settle in a handy position. Still only avery rough place chance10 TOPNOTCHJORDAN 26.00 Encouraging effort on debut when he hit the line okay in a similar race and given naturalimprovement from the run can get into the placings11 BIRDIES BEST 11.00 One of only two colts in the race and has been very consistent recently without winning.Made his run three wide a fair way from home and kept coming in the straight to only godown by 3.5 metres behind the favourite last time. Will probably be driven the same wayagain - and looks the main and possibly only realistic danger12 ADDA MIA 26.00 Has actually been placed in 4 of past 5 runs but has found the pegs on each occasion, andeither led or sat leader's back, so only an exotics chance here from outside the back rowHelpdesk: 1300 betfair238324All races are priced to 100%, plus any emergency.PAGE 10

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