Swan Lake

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Swan Lake - Louisville Ballet

(ACT III and IV are in the full-length version, not the Student Matinee)ACT IIIThe Queen’s court gathers for a celebration of Prince Siegfried’s birthday.Six prospective fiancées each vie for Siegfried’s affection. He dances witheach in turn but tells his mother he cannot marry any of them as he lovesOdette. Von Rothbart, disguised as a baron, appears accompanied by hisdaughter Odile, whom he has transformed as an exact double of Odette.Dances from foreign lands performed for the court followed by a pas dedeux in which beguiles Siegfried to believe she is his Swan Princess. Siegfriedis so enchanted with Odile that he swears his love and promises to marryher. As he does so, von Rothbart reveals Odile’s true identity and Odetteappears frantic outside the palace ballroom. The sorcerer is ecstatic – hiscurse will go unthreatened, as Siegfried has broken his promise to Odette.Siegfried is horrified by his error and that he has been deceived. In despair,he rushes to the lake to find Odette.ACT IVThe swan maidens wait sadly in the clearing for their Princess. She returnsand tells them their hope of ever being set free from the spell has beendestroyed by the Prince’s betrayal. Siegfried appears and begs Odette forforgiveness, swearing his undying love for her. The maidens protect herfrom him but she cannot stay away. Von Rothbart arrives and conjures up astorm over the lake. As Siegfried and Odette attempt to flee, von Rothbartwill not let them go. The Prince unveils his crossbow and shoots, killing vonRothbart immediately breaking the spell that has held the swans. Odetteresumes her human form and is united with Siegfried.5

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