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Mines Rescue Deployment

Mines RescueUndergroundDeploymentAcceptable Risk

Mines Rescue Deployment – Decision time!Incident Management Team (IMT)It is likely that the IMT will comprise of :• The Mine Operator (or delegate)• The Inspector of Mines• Mines Rescue• The Industry Check Inspector• Police Officers

Mines Rescue Deployment – GOor NO GO?Due to the likely number of variables in an underground coal mine emergencysituation the IMT must adopt a documented risk management approachreferencing the Mines Rescue Guidelines to identify likely risks associatedwith the proposed operation / actions and the barriers to be implemented.

DataIs it:Do we have enough information?• Current• Valid• Atmospheric system• Communications system• Reliable• Trended• Understood

Pike River Royal Commission“All mines are different and even sections within a mine may differ.Without accurate and representative information, the atmosphere in an underground coalmine cannot be predicted.That difficulty is particularly acute when the mine ventilation system is not functional asthe coal seam continues to produce methane.Damage to the methane drainage system may also add to the accumulation ofmethane.After an explosion there is also a significant risk of a continuing ignition source, or fire,within the mine.These factors create an unpredictable situation, during which secondary explosions arecommonplace.”

Moving Forward: Having a systemIf a major incident occurs will your system continue to function?We are working on recommendations for the industry on the survivability:• of the gas monitoring and• communications systems.

Moving Forward: Information ManagementIn an emergency information needs to be readily available.We are working on an effective method by which:• collieries have the important information, and it is• available immediately after an incident occurs

Moving Forward: Effective Information ManagementEffective management must occur at three levels:• IMT• Rescue Organisation• Active Rescue TeamsWe are working on an effective method by which information is:• recorded• analysed• utilisedat all levels of incident response

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