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Volume 8, Number 1 January 2005 - National Diabetes Education ...

CLINICAL INSIGHTS IN DIABETESThe combinationof low HDL-C,high TG, and small,dense LDL particlesare significantlypredictive ofCV events.Low HDL-C Is a Stronger Predictor of CVD Risk ThanHigh LDL-CHigh plasma levels of LDL cholesterol(LDL-C) and low levels of HDL cholesterol(HDL-C) have been shown to be strongpredictors of risk of cardiovascular (CV)events, particularly in patients with type 2diabetes. Yet it is unclear which of the 2factors poses the greater risk to these patients.Drexel and colleagues selected a cohortof patients who were referred consecutivelyfor coronary angiography with normalfasting glucose (NFG), impaired fasting glucose(IFG), or type 2 diabetes to investigatewhich lipid factors 1) distinguish patientswith diabetes from those without, 2) areassociated with coronary atherosclerosis(≥50% obstruction), and 3) are predictive offuture CV events.The study enrolled 750 white patientsin Austria, 251 of whom were on lipidloweringdrugs, between September 1999and October 2000. Serum lipid values aswell as information on other coronary riskfactors were taken at baseline. The patientswere divided into subgroups with NFG

CLINICAL INSIGHTS IN DIABETESNDEI upcoming CME eventsNDEI MISSIONSTATEMENTNDEI is a multicomponenteducational program ontype 2 diabetes designed forendocrinologists, diabetologists,cardiologists, primarycare physicians, and otherhealthcare professionals involvedin the care and managementof patients withtype 2 diabetes and insulinresistance. NDEI programsaddress issues concerninginsulin resistance and type 2diabetes, from the epidemiologyand pathophysiology ofthe disease and its associatedcomplications to the therapeuticoptions for treatmentand prevention.• New on-demand CME activity, “Altering Clinical Outcomes in Type 2Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome” – Earn free CME online at www.ndei.org.• Earn CME credit online by visiting the newly redesigned www.ndei.org,an online resource for the management and treatment of patients withtype 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, where you will find solutions for betterdiabetes care.• Log on for a new free Pharmacist CE activity on-demand, “Type 2 Diabetesand Metabolic Syndrome: Maximizing Clinical Outcomes in a Managed CareEnvironment” online at www.ndei.org.For more information about upcoming NDEI CME activities, visit usat www.ndei.org or call 1 (800) 606-6106.Visit www.ppscme.org for information on other CME activities.Clinical Insights in Diabetes is co-edited by NDEI faculty members Mayer B.Davidson, MD, and Silvio E. Inzucchi, MD.Clinical Insights in Diabetes is available to you via email. If you would like toreceive future issues via email, please insert your email address and fax this pageback to 1 (800) 471-7716.Name: ______________________________________________________________________(Please print)Email Address: ______________________________________________________________If you have any friends or colleagues who would like to receive this newsletter viaemail, please fill in their information on the line below and fax this page to us at1 (800) 471-7716 so they can be added to our subscriber list.Name: ______________________________________________________________________Specialty: ___________________________________________________________________Email Address: ______________________________________________________________You have received this email because we believe it may be of interest to you. If youwould like your name to be removed from our mailing list, please choose from thefollowing:1) Reply to this email and place REMOVE in the subject line.2) Call 1 (800) 873-1362 and leave a message with your name and email addressindicating that you would like to be removed.Copyright © 2005 Thomson Professional Postgraduate Services ® . All rights reserved.EM-T129-PHYCMEem-0105-17.7K4

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