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Match Day Programme. Sittingbourne v South Park 15th August 2015

THE BRICKIESDivision 1 South,Season 2015-16MATCH DAY PROGRAMMEOfficial programme Price £2Hughie Stinson 1937—2015Saturday Sittingbourne 15th v August South Park 2015Sittingbourne Saturday 11th v October South ParkKO. 20143.00 PM

CLUB OFFICIALPresident: Allan CrowshawVice Presidents: Tania Spice, & Andy SpiceChairman: Maurice DunkVice Chairman: Ken MedwynSecretary/Treasurer: John PittsOTHER COMMITTEE MEMBERSJohn Cooper (Commercial).Peter Pitts (Media, Web site, Programmeeditor, stadium announcer,) Alan Barty, DavidBrown (Youth development), BarryGoodsell (Match Sec)Board Room Hospitality: Sandra Pitts &Carol Cooper, Penny AppletonLottery Secretary: Hilary Joines.Club Historian: Dudley Hird.Programme Sales: Sian Goatham.Turnstile Operator: Faye Goatham, DannyAppletonClub Welfare Officer: Lee TappendenMatch Reporter: Tony RicksonGroundsman: Derek WakelingClub Photographer: Ken MedwynClub Shop: Ann Morrison & Clive PhillipsPLAYING MANAGEMENTManager: Nick DavisAssist Manager: Tony CornwellCoaches: Barry Crimmen, Warren Chambers,Hicham Akhazzan and Jono RichardsonPhysio: Tom MartinWOODSTOCK GROUND REGULA-TIONS1. All persons entering the ground are subject tothe rules and regulations of The Football Association.2. The club reserves the right to eject or prosecuteany person who within the club premises is consideredby the club committee or its employees tobe or have been behaving in the following ways:a) Entering the field of play before or duringthe course of the game.b) Using obscene, abusive or racist languageor persistently swearing.c) Being intoxicated by drink or drugs.Further, persons will not be allowed entry toWoodstock Park if in the opinion of the gatemen,stewards or any members of the managementcommittee they are intoxicated.3. NO bottles or metal cans, glasses or weapons ofany kind are allowed in the ground. The stewardshave the right to search a spectator if they havegrounds to believe that the person is in possessionof any item that is deemed to be a danger to otherspectators.4. Alcohol must only be consumed within the confinesof the club house.5. The climbing of fences or floodlight pylons andall buildings within the ground is strictly forbidden.6. All vehicles parked within the boundaries of theclub’s car park must be parked within a designatedspace unless otherwise directed by a steward.No responsibility is accepted for any mishap thatmay occur. Car parking is at owners risk.

Welcome to Woodstock Park from The Club SecretaryGood afternoon and welcome toWoodstock Park.Our visitors are South Park. Welcometo them and the match officials.Two games and two defeats - nota great start! However, in bothmatches we more than matchedour opponents. Against HastingsUnited we had three very goodearly chances before Hastingstroubled Adam Molloy. Unfortunatelynone were taken and a dubiouspenalty resulted in the awayside taking the lead. Pleasingthough was our second half performanceand I really thought ourperformance deserved at least apoint. Not to be though as our forwardsstruggled against a big defencewell marshalled by SeanRay.We had to play both of the matchesplayed without two of ourstrongest defenders, Jono Richardsonand George Crimmen. Bothwill again be missing today. Backin contention though are HichamAkhazzan and Stefan Wright.South Park , in contrast to us,have started off the season verywell despite losing leading RymanSouth goalscorer last season,Chris Smith, during the closedseason. Wins over Hythe Town (1-0) and Chatham Town (2-0) showthat they will be formidable opponentstoday.Hopefully you will notice thechanges we have made to theground in the closed season. Wenow have a 50 seater stand infront of the club house to satisfythose who did not like sitting in astand situated behind a goal.Some covered terracing has beenprovided behind the goal to theleft of the club house and we haveopened up the opposite side forstanding as far as the first floodlightpylon. There is still some tidyingup to do, notably behind thegoal to the left of the stand. Wewill also try to provide some morestanding on the opposite side ofthe ground as the season goes on.Investment has been made byWoodstock on the pitch in theform of verti draining, sanding andseeding. The result is not quite asgood as we feel it should havebeen considering the money spentbut hopefully it will continue toimprove.With the announcement that TheKent Science Park is to provide anew ground for us and re siteWoodstock it does not make senseto spend too much more moneyon the ground. However we willimprove it as much as we canwithin our resources as a move isprobably a few years away.Please get behind the Brickies todayand please help us to increaseour crowds by bringing a friendalong to one of our home matches.Next match for us is on Tuesdaywhen we play Merstham in TheAlan Turvey League Cup.John

South ParkA BRIEF HISTORYSouth Park Football Club was formed in 1897and immediately became founder members ofthe Redhill & District Football League. The clubremain members of the league today.The early matches were played in the originalsports field which was in upper South Park betweenCrescent Road and Church Road. In1925 the football club together with the villagecricket club formed the South Park Sports Associationwith the aim of the Association to providesport and sporting facilities for the peopleof South Park. Suitable land to improve facilitiesexisted in Whitehall Lane, the clubs currenthome and with the co-operation of thepublic spirited landowner, Harold Swannack,four acres of ground were purchased there. Alwaysstrapped for cash in these early years,the money was raised for the field largely bypublic subscription, which included door to doorcollections.The land became known as the ‘King GeorgesField’ from 1935. The changing rooms were locatedon the far side of the field from WhitehallLane at the bottom of the number two footballpitch.The football club flourished in the years leadingto the Second Great War but obviously declinedduring and immediately after it.During this period the playing side of the footballclub flourished with numerous honours wonin the local leagues and cups together with appearancesin County Cup finals. The club werealso honoured in the fact that a number ofplayers progressed to senior football with clubssuch as Redhill and Eastbourne Town in the fiftiesand sixties, the heyday of non league football.The seventies and eighties brought further improvementsto the changing facilities andclubroom and the purchase of the land that isnow our main pitch were made.In 1997 the football club celebrated its Centenaryyear, the highlight of which was a celebratorydinner held at Reigate Manor Hotel.The club was once again celebrating in 1998when Geof Thatcher was awarded a Gold Medalby the Football Association to commemorateover 50 years service to football.2001 saw Reigate Town Football Club move toSouth Park and the club became known asSouth Park & Reigate Town Football Club. In2002 the club saw the formation of the firstgirl’s team to play under the clubs name andwe now have four girl’s teams. The followingthe year saw the introduction of the youth teamwho are currently playing in the SouthernYouth Floodlight League. The youth teamplayed their home matches at Merstham FootballClub from 2003–2007 as at the time we didnot have floodlights.For the 2003/04 season the club reverted backto its original name of South Park Football Club.In February 2004 the club became only the fifthin Surrey to be awarded the status of ‘FA CharterStandard Community Club’. In 2006 thefirst team were promoted to the CombinedCounties Football League and as our newchanging facilities were being built played theirhome matches at Cranleigh. In their first seasonin the Combined Counties League the teamfinished in seventh place in the league. 2007saw the completion of our new changing roomsand the erection of floodlights around our mainpitch.The 2008/09 season saw another landmark inthe history of the club when we hosted Shorehamin our first ever FA Vase game. The2009/10 season saw the club finish in theirhighest position (6th) since joining the CombinedCounties League. The stand was erectedin august 2010 and the 2010/11 season sawthe club participate in the FA Cup for the time.The first team won the Surrey Premier Cup Finaland the Lemon Recordings Division OneChallenge Cup in addition to being promoted tothe Premier Division of the Cherry Red RecordsCombined Counties League.The 2011/12 saw South Park finish in eighthposition in their first season in the CombinedCounties League Premier Division. A good runin the FA Carlsberg Vase saw us reach theFourth Round where we were beaten by WhitleyBay, the Vase winners for the previous threeseasons. Playing in the Surrey Senior Cup forthe first time Park beat Ryman Premier LeagueKingstonian and Leatherhead before finally beingknocked out in the quarter finals by ConferenceSouth Sutton Utd.South Park finished just below mid table in season2014-15 in what was a successful seasonfollowing their promotion after winning theCombined counties Football league in 2013/14.It must also be noted that without the tirelessefforts of the late Fred Dearmun, GeofThatcher, Ray Wilson and Geof Arnold to namebut a few, the club would not be in the positionit is today.

Nick’s NotesDisappointed that we have got no points from our opening two gamesaway to Herne Bay and home to Hastings. I thought for long periods ofthe game against Bay we were by far the better side and if it wasn’tfor the fact that we gave them 2 of the 3 goals we would have gone onto have at least got a point. We dominated the second half but wereunable to convert one of a few opportunities we had and were punishedfor that in injury time with the score line completely flatteringthe home side to say the least. Tuesday’s game to Hastings and Ithink it’s easy to say I have never in my time while being managerseen us have as many clear cut chances against one of the so calledbig sides tipped for promotion. For the opposite manager to say if wehad their forward line we win the game5-3 says it all. That’s football and if you don’t take your chances youget punished and that is what happened to us as they were clinical infront of goal and that was the only difference. I am still not happy thatwe have conceded the goals we have and this puts in to perspectivethe gap that has been left by the lads that have been missing withover 500 Ryman appearances between them and with the squad of oursize we have struggled to come to turns with this. With Billy French alsogoing on Holiday from Saturday for two weeks that is 3 recognisedcentre backs missing but with George Crimmen being available fromnext week and Stefan Wright and last season’s leading scorer Hichambeing available for Saturday we are slowly getting back to fullstrength.NickThe Offical Sittingbourne FC Websitefor up to the minute news and stats.WWW.SITTINGBOURNEFC.CO.UKNews, Reports, Fixtures, Photo’s, Ex Players,Brickies Lottery winners, Directions and much more.Plus the offical Sittingbourne FC ForumFollow us on Twitter @SittingbourneFC

From the Programme editorI’ve dedicated this edition of thematch day programme to HughieStinson who did so much for Sittingbournearound the early and late90’s and who was well knownthroughout Kent football, despite beinga Lancastrian! More about himelsewhere in the programme.A disappointing start to the seasonwith two 3-1 reversals but in bothdefeats there have been a lot ofplusses. Its difficult though competingwith the payroll of some of theteams in this division with somespeculation at the Hastings gamethat the seasiders wage bill is between£2000 and £3000 a week witha £50 goal bonus...there is no waythat we can even dream of gettingnear that with our current level ofcrowd!Good to see the new stand beingused, sorry we have to have somany directors seats in it but leaguerules mean that we have to have acertain number of these seats. Seasonticket holders are welcome touse the home Director seats if theyare not required by Directors!! (butplease see me first!)It was a poignant 1 minute silencethat we held on Tuesday for 4 peopleassociated with Kent football and ourclub, and thank you for your observance.Its always difficult to produce twoprogrammes in a week so I hopethat there are not too many mistakesand / or omissions in this one!Congratulations to Greg Luer whoplayed against us here last Octoberfor Burgess Hill who scored his firstgoal for Hull City last week. Proofthat you can make the grade stillfrom this level of football.I had a chat with a few of you at themidweek game and the question ofMonday or Friday night football cameup, it’s not on our radar at presentbut we would be interested in yourviews and especially if you believethat it would lead to bigger gates.Finally no need to panic, there are 6pointless teams and 3 on 1 point atthis stage of the season in ourleague and its early days yet!PETER

Supplier of Macron kit to Sittingbourne FCEuropa SportsWww.europa-sports.comtel:01622 717241

Sittingbourne FC —Pen PicsNICK DAVIS. Manager/Central Defender. Defenderwith bags of experience who scored thewinning goal against Thamesmead in last season’sFA Cup. Appointed manager in November 2014.He had a spell as joint manager along with MattWyatt, in September 2013.TONY CORNWELL Assistant ManagerTony joined Sittingbourne in January 2015. He isan experienced qualified coach.BARRY CRIMMEN. Coach. A Qualified coachwho had a brief spell as Caretaker Manager whenMatt Wyatt left in October 2014. Barry has alsomanaged at Tonbridge Angels.WARREN CHAMBERS. Goalkeeping coach. Warrenis also Kit manager.JONO RICHARDSON. Player / Coach, DefenderStrong experienced defender who can play at Fullback or Centre half who signed from HastingsUnited in December 2013. Joined Sittingbourneafter moving to Kent.HICHAM AKHAZZAN. Player Coach /Forward.Our Longest serving player. Hicham has madeover 300 appearances for Sittingbourne since hemade his debut against Maidstone United on 11 thNovember 2006 after signing from ChathamTown . One of the most skilful players at the club.ADAM MOLLOY. Goalkeeper . A former EnglandSchools player who was previously with Dartfordand Chatham. Has made over 100 appearancesfor the Brickies.GEORGE CRIMMEN. Defender. Formerly at TonbridgeAngels and Whitstable Town. Commandingfigure at the back.CONRAD LEE. Defender. Joined The Brickies inFebruary 2015 from SCSL side Erith Town. Hasalso played for Corinthians, Dulwich Hamlet andCray Valley.BILLY FRENCH. Defender. Billy signed from WoodstockSports in January 2015.JACK STEVENTON. Defender. Joined Sittingbourneat the beginning of the 2015-16 season.19 years old Jack’s last club was ChathamTown.JACK NORTH. Defender. Another to join Sittingbourneat the beginning of the 2015-16 season.Jack’s previous club was East Grinsted Town.TOM BRUNT. Defender/Midfield. Joined Sittingbournein the summer and forced his way intothe team with some impressive performances. Aformer Gillingham development squad player whois club captain.CONNOR LEON. Midfield. Connor is a very skilfulplayer who made his debut for Sittingbourne inJanuary 2015.DAVE PILCHER. Midfield. Dave started his careerin the youth set up at Gillingham before joiningDover Athletic. He also played for Ramsgate duringthis time and scored a few goals from midfield.He is excellent at set pieces and a good passer ofthe ball. Joined Sittingbourne in March 2015 fromHythe Town.STEFAN WRIGHT. Midfield. Young player who willgive his all for the team. Broke into the first teamat the end of the 2014-2015 season. Has also hadexperience at Tooting & Mitcham and Bromley.JAKE BEECROFT. Midfield. Talented player whoseprevious club was Tunbridge Wells. Signed at thebeginning of the 2015-2016 season. He has alsoplayed for Folkestone Invicta , Whitstable Town,Tonbridge Angels and Rushden & Diamonds.ANTONIO GONNELA. Midfield. Experienced playerwho joined us at the beginning of the 2015-2016 season. He has aslo played for Millwall, FisherAthletic, Dulwich Hamlet, Maidstone United,Hastings United and Kingstonian.HARRY SMITH. Forward. Imposing 6’ 4” figure upfront. Harry started the season off with The Brickiesbefore leaving for Tunbridge Wells. He returnedat the end of December. Last season he scored 24goals for Sevenoaks Town. He has also played forChatham Town.ADAM WILLIAMS. Forward. Adam’s last club wasKent Invicta League side Sutton Athletic. HE alsoplayed for Ebbsfleet Utd a couple of years ago.Signed at the end of February 2015.MILES CORNWELL. Forward. Been an ever presentsince Signing from SCEL side SevenoaksTown. Son of assistant manager Tony Cornwell. Hehas also had experience with Maidstone United,Bearsted, Phoenix Sports and Chatham Town.FRED OBASA. Forward. 20 years old Fred Obasasigned for Sittingbourne at the beginning of the2015-16 season after an impressive trial matchagainst Crockenhill when he scored two goals.Fred has played for Fisher Athletic and GreenwichBorough.

Hughie Stinson—A TributeThe club were very sad to hear that Hughie Stinson, has passed awayaged 78. Hughie managed us twice, once through one of the most difficulttimes for the club.Tony Rickson paid the following tribute to Hughie a little while agoand it is reproduced below:“Some people took a lot of money out of Sittingbourne Football Clubin the last 25 years. But Hughie Stinson, who died last month was notone of them.He was old school. His values were loyalty, hard work, enthusiasmand dedication.I got to know him very well when he stepped in as unpaid manager ofSittingbourne in the late 1990s and I was sports editor of the EastKent Gazette. The latest financial crisis was biting so hard that playerssuddenly left the club in droves. All Stinson was able to call onwere local players, Sunday footballers, lads who had missed the boatpreviously and were keen to get a second chance.With just a tiny budget), Stinson had to work on passion, teamworkand the opportunity to play the game in the right way. Yet he was stillambitious for his players and was desperately disappointed when resultsdidn’t go their way.Many’s the time I put a consoling arm round his shoulder in a postmatchinterview – it wasn’t my job but I just used to feel so sorry forhim when things hadn’t gone his way and he looked so crestfallen. Hetook everything very much to heart, even though he knew that mostlyhis team was coming up against players who at that time were stillearning decent amounts for playing non-league football.He used to take the kit home himself for washing and to save money– not many managers doing that at the same level.A lovely bloke, he also had a nice sense of humour. I rang him onceand he was at work window-cleaning. He said he was up a ladder,phone in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, and wondering howmuch work he was going to get done. Let alone hold on to the ladder!Sittingbourne has been blessed with many good, loyal people over theyears and Hughie Stinson was one of the best of them.”More about Hughie, including his career is further on in this programme.

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Away Travel detailsTuesday 18th August 2015: Merstham, KO 7.45Robert Dyas League CupGround address: Moatside Stadium, Weldon Way, Merstham, Surrey,RH1 3QBBy Car: M20, M26, M25, Leave the M25 at junction 6, then at GodstoneInterchange roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Godstone Hill -B2235 (signposted Godstone). At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto theA25 (signposted Redhill, Godstone).By Train: Merstham Station on the London to Brighton line. Trains fromLondon: Go over the footbridge turn left pass the front of the stationand take the road to the left (Station Road South) pass the car park.Proceed to the top of the road and turn left down School Hill. Take 5thright (Weldon Way), The Clubhouse and small car park are 100m onright.Ryman South Matches Today

Hughie Stinson. His footballingcareer.Lancastrian Hughie Stinson's career in county football spanned 40 yearsand around a dozen clubs.The Rossendale-born former wing-half began his professional career atAccrington Stanley, making three appearances, before moving to Gillingham.Hughie Stinson might not be a former Gills player recognizedby many, as the inside forward only appeared once in the starting lineupat Priestfield - on the losing side 0-2in the Fourth Division against Stockportin front of 7,778 on 17 October 1959.Hughie then switched to the non-leaguegame, with spells at several Kent clubsincluding two at Sittingbourne who heled to the Kent League title in the early-90s before moving to Faversham. Thenin the late 90’s, with Sittingbourne indeep financial trouble, Hughie Stinsontook over as (unpaid) Manager and theonly paid employees of the club weretwo players on contracts. Sittingbournefinished that season in 13th position inthe Dr Marten Southern League SouthernDivision.So the new millennium saw Sittingbournein a healthier financial position than they had been for someHughie in his playing days.time and with a Chairman and committee pledged to making them asuccessful club with a sound financial footing.Hughie’s career following his one and only Gills appearance include:Hastings United in 1960; Bedford Town in 1962; Ramsgate in 1963;Folkestone in 1964; Chatham Town between 1965>69; Dartford between1969>70; Gravesend & Northfleet (coach) between 1971>72;Sheppey United (coach) in 1973; Tonbridge (coach) between 1975>77;Cray Wanderers (coach) in 1977>79; Sheppey United (manager) 1980;Sittingbourne (manager) 1989>1992; Faversham Town (manager)1993,; Sittingbourne (manager) 1999>2001 and Norton Sports(manager) 2002.

TheChairman’sColumnThe opening two games have been disappointing both 1-3 defeats. The away matchat Herne Bay I feel we should have got something from as there was not too muchto choose between the sides except that they made less errors. The home gamewith Hastings was all over by half time and they look well worth a bet at this stageto gain promotion. The attitude in the second half was good from our team andthere were a lot of positives to be taken. We will know more about the season infront of us once Nic has a full squad to choose from.One thing is for certain our support and fans are the best in the league. It does notmatter if we are home or away or how many fans there are they always out sing theother teams fans. That must be a great lift to our players. It certainly lifts me!Please keep the singing and the chanting going it shows the soul of our club is alwaysworn on the outside for everyone to see.132 for the Hastings game and for a midweek match was quite pleasing. Our averageis around the 130 mark but that is pulled down by the usually lower attendancesmidweek. If we can only get midweek games around the 120 to 130 mark andSaturdays 150 and over we will be moving in the right direction.Every home match I am happy to host any potential sponsors at the game. If youknow of any organisations that might be interested please speak to me. Togetherwe can all move forward so please do what you can.Welcome to South Park today, I hope everyone enjoys the game.MOPhotographs from the Hastings game (By Ken Medwyn)Conrad Lee fights for the ballOllie Bankole’s shot nestles in theHastings goals

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What is the most popular spectatorsport by country?

Player Stats to and including 8th August 2015SPONSOR A PLAYERS KITSponsor a player will be up and running soon as we get pics ofall the squad. In the meantime pleaswe register your interest insponsoring a complete player of just kit with a committee member.Your name will be in the programme for a complete season!Sponsorship costs are:Complete Player...............................£40Socks only........................................£10Shorts only.......................................£15Shirt only...........................................£20Boots only.........................................£15

Sponsorship Opportunities“Sponsorship is the lifeblood of the club”Match Day Sponsor - this gives the sponsor and guests (Up to four)access to the boardroom to enjoy half time and post match food anddrink. Costs of this is a very reasonable £175Matchball Sponsor - £50Mascot - An ideal present for a football mad youngster = £50 Includesmascot plus three guests plus Hospitality.Man of the Match - Your chance to be the official "Man of the Match"awarder £15Sponsor a Brickie and have your name in the programme as a sponsorfor the entire season, rates are:Complete Player...............................£40Socks only........................................£10Shorts only.......................................£15Shirt only...........................................£20Boots only.........................................£15Web site advertising—An exciting opportunity to advertise on a website that has a verifiable 3000 plus hits a month.Box Advert.......£75 All enquiries for web site advertising to Peter Pittsvia or call 07785 906627Ground Perimeter Boards: Size 8 feet x 3 feet = £200, then £100per year renewal.Other sizes negotiableFor any of the above opportunities see John Cooper or any othercommittee member.

Brickies LotteryWeek Commencing 10th August 2015Ticket no: 003, Monica Clark, MurstonTicket no: 151, Bob Fosbrey, SittingbourneTicket no: 302, David Merrony, SittingbourneTicket no: 349, Mick Rogers, SittingbourneTicket no: 481, Peter Hudson, SittingbourneWeek Commencing 3rd August 2015Ticket no: 040, Paul Sparkes, MaidstoneTicket no: 104, Don Ralph, SittingbourneTicket no: 185, Terry Adams, SittingbourneTicket no: 277, Gordon Belsey, SittingbourneTicket no:452, Bryan Jordan, KemsleyWeek Commencing 27th July 2015Ticket no: 099, Chris Regan, MinsterTicket no: xxx There is a query re this one, watch this space,Ticket no: 347, Win Spencer, SittingbourneTicket no: 482, Val Smith, SittingbourneTicket no: 690, Christopher Crocker, SittingbourneWeek Commencing 20th July 2015Ticket no: 070, John Cooper, SittingbourneTicket no: 173, Ernest Cooper, SittingbourneTicket no: 223, David Howard, SittingbourneTicket no: 318, Peter Brown, KemsleyTicket no:612, John Goatham, MurstonOur lottery is important income for us and it is easy to join. Downloada form from or see any committeemember.

Ryman LeagueDivision 1 South TableTable is up to and including Wednesday 12th August 2015RESPECT - Ryman Statement: The Ryman Football League and SittingbourneFootball Club strongly supports the FA statement that theshould be a zero tolerance approach against racism and all forms of discrimination.Accordingly any form of discriminatory abuse whether it be based on raceor ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, faith age, ability or any other formof abuse will be reported to the Football Association for action by that Association.

PLAYEDSUBSTITUTEGOALSPLAYEDSUBSTITUTEGOALSTEAM CHECKSITTINGBOURNEManager: Nick DavisAssistant: Tony CornwellCoaches: Jono Richardson, HichamAkhazzan, Warren Chambers, Barry Crimmen.Physio: Tom MartinMatchday Assistant Harry ChambersReferee: Mr Stuart ButlerMATCH OFFICIALSAssistants: Mr Michael Barnes, Mr Glen ChildsSOUTH PARKJoint Managers : Malcolm PorterDave ArgentFitness Coach:Goalkeeping Coach:Physio:Red & Black StripesShirts, Black Shorts, BlackSocksAll Blue1. Adam MOLLOY2. Tom BRUNT3. Conrad LEE4. Jack NORTH5. Billy FRENCH6. Stefan WRIGHT7. Ollie BANKOLE8. Miles CORNWELL9. Harry SMITH10. Fred OBASA11. Hicham AKHAZZAN12. Connor LEON14. Dave PILCHER15 Harry SMITH16. Ollie BROWN17 Adam WILLIAMS1 James WASTELL2. Dean LOVEGROVE3. Jamie HATFIELD4. Jack STAFFORD5. Dylan MERCHANT6. Asa BRIXON_NICHOLLS7. Karl PARKER8. Nathan AYLING9. Joe JACKSON10. Kieran LAVERY11. Dale BURGESS12. Dave SMITH14. Jack MACLEDS15. Jack WATTS16. James McELIGOTT17. George MURPHY

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