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Economic Development Plan 2012-2031

Lord Mayor’s forewordThe global expansion ofresource industries is bringingan unprecedented windowof opportunity to Brisbane.This is expected to drivestrong business investmentand expansion in Brisbaneuntil 2031 and beyond. Thechallenge for us is to seizethis opportunity to diversify and strengthen ourcity's economy to secure long term success andeconomic prosperity.To assist in identifying the key priorities forBrisbane, I convened the Lord Mayor’s EconomicDevelopment Steering Committee and afterextensive consultation with over 200 businesses,the Committee delivered the Brisbane’s UniqueWindow of Opportunity report. The Committeeconfirmed the enormous opportunity before usand made a number of key recommendationsincluding: ensuring that Brisbane is able to supportan additional 343,000 workers by 2021, the need todevelop more hotels to maintain and improve ourtourism potential, attract more major events andbusiness conventions, develop our digital economyand build relationships with Asia.The Committee's report sets out the economicagenda that government, businesses and theeducation sector must address to maximise thereturns from the current resource boom and deliverlong term prosperity for our city and its residents.The challenges are extensive, but by workingin partnership with industry, other levels ofgovernment and through our own economicdevelopment agency, Brisbane Marketing, wewill be able to meet them.This summary of the Brisbane Economic DevelopmentPlan 2012-2031 presents Council’s policy fordelivering on the recommendations of the EconomicDevelopment Steering Committee and identifiesadditional priorities where Council is working hard tosupport Brisbane’s successful development.I thank the Economic Development SteeringCommittee for their commitment and efforts inworking with us to develop the Brisbane EconomicDevelopment Plan. I look forward to continuingto work with Brisbane’s businesses to deliver asuccessful future for our city. Graham QuirkLORD MAYOR2

introductionBrisbane is Australia’s third largest capital city andthe economic engine for Queensland. The broadermetropolitan area has a population of over twomillion people, over one million jobs and generates9% of Australia's Gross Domestic Product.Employment forecasts indicate that metropolitanBrisbane will grow by 443,000 jobs to reach totalemployment of around 1.5 million by 2031.The Brisbane Economic Development Plan 2012-31,sets out the priorities and actions that are requiredto support Brisbane’s economic developmentto 2031 1 . This plan is revised every five years asprogress towards the long term vision is reviewedand new opportunities and priorities emerge.The actions identified inthis plan implement therecommendations of theLord Mayor’s EconomicDevelopment SteeringCommittee (LMEDSC).To inform Brisbane’seconomic priorities,the Lord Mayor’sEconomic DevelopmentSteering Committeeprepared the Brisbane’sUnique Window ofOpportunity 2 report.1For the full list of priority actions see the online version of the BrisbaneEconomic Development Plan 2012-31 at Metropolitan AreaIpswich City CouncilMoreton BayRegional CouncilBrisbane CityCouncilLogan City CouncilRedlandCity CouncilThe Lord Mayor’s Economic DevelopmentSteering CommitteeThe Committee was established by the Lord Mayor,to advise Council on economic developmentpriorities for Brisbane.Chaired by Mr Ian Klug (Brisbane Marketing) theCommittee included 12 business leaders from themedia, resource, banking, aviation, constructionand education industries. It considered a widerange of economic indicators and projections forBrisbane and held three industry forums attendedby 200 businesses.2See

talent attraction andglobal connectionsBrisbane’s highly skilled labour force is a majordraw-card for business and industry. The currentgrowth experienced across a range of knowledgebasedindustries is evidence of what local, national andinternational firms clearly see as a city with the necessarytalent and one which is more than capable of acting asa gateway into the growing Asian economy.To respond to the economic opportunities presentedby resource industry investment and an expandingAsian region, metropolitan Brisbane will needto accommodate an additional 443,000 workersby 2031. This will generate strong jobs growthand opportunities, particularly in highly skilledprofessional and managerial qualified workers.Sustaining Brisbane’s high quality lifestyle to retainlocal talent and attract talent from other cities andcountries will build the future labour force thatBrisbane requires.The launch of a global workforce program whichaggressively targets talent attraction, retention anddevelopment will be implemented to meet Brisbane’sworkforce targets. A facilitated student employmentand internship pathway program will be developedto encourage local graduating students into localbusinesses. Catering to the future leaders oftomorrow provides Brisbane with a competitive pointof difference to attract and retain more domesticand international students and skilled workers,particularly those studying and working in industriesof anticipated shortage.To support the growing workforce needs of theresource industries, Council will work with keystakeholders to facilitate the needs offly-in fly-out workers.Talent attraction and global connections –priority actions1 Coordinate and facilitate measures to support fly-in fly-outworkforce needs for the resource industry.2 Launch a global workforce talent attraction program.3 Promote and facilitate secondment programs betweencompanies and participate in staff exchanges withbusinesses where a benefit is identified.4 Establish a global Brisbane ambassadors and alumni project.5 Develop internships and pathways to employment forstudents in occupations where skills shortages exist.6 Leverage target markets in Asia to increase internationalstudent intake.9

leadership, engagement and implementationBrisbane Business HotlineCouncil will provide a 24/7priority hotline to receive andmanage all business-relatedenquiries through its ContactCentre. This will minimiseresponse time and ensurehigh level client managementto Brisbane businesses,complementing the highquality service residents receivethrough the Contact Centre.To successfully drive Brisbane’s long term economicprosperity, Council must work closely with all levels ofgovernment, business and institutions, championingthe priorities for Brisbane and ensuring that all otherstakeholders work together to shape the future.Delivery of the Brisbane Economic DevelopmentPlan 2012-31 will involve ongoing and growingengagement with the business community tocontinually understand the changing priorities andissues affecting business. Initiatives include theBrisbane Business Network which aims to provide amedium for businesses to communicate issues andopportunities within Brisbane. In addition, Councilwill conduct an annual Brisbane business survey aswell as activate a business hotline for businessesto seek advice and report on urgent and emergingissues. To disseminate accurate information onBrisbane’s economy, Council will communicateeconomic information on its corporate website andthrough regular newsletters and fact sheets.To recognise leadership and showcase theachievements of businesses in Brisbane, Council willcontinue the annual Lord Mayor’s Business Awardsand celebrate Brisbane’s innovation leaders at theannual Enable event.To increase export opportunities and global linkagesfor Brisbane businesses the Lord Mayor will leadtargeted trade missions to Brisbane’s Sister Citiesand develop new links into other cities in Asia. Aspart of this key action, Council will continue to buildLeadership, engagement and implementation –priority actions1 Establish Brisbane Business Network.2 Implement Brisbane Business Hotline.3 Continue the annual Brisbane Business Survey.4 Continue to recognise business through the Lord Mayor’sBusiness Awards.5 Continue the innovation scorecard and recognition ofleading innovators in business.6 Industry/Council/Brisbane Marketing/educationinstitutions secondments.7 Publish a quarterly newsletter reporting on theBrisbane economy.its business matching programs to connect localbusinesses with international opportunities.Council’s economic development agency, BrisbaneMarketing, is a key facilitator in these initiatives and willhelp to build local business export capacity, strengthenBrisbane’s global reputation, attract new investmentand maintain close links with Brisbane businesses.11

Brisbane City CouncilInformationGPO Box 1434Brisbane Qld 4001N2012-02881© Brisbane City Council 2012For more informationvisit call (07) 3403 8888.

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