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RFI Certification Laboratories

Field testThe certification laboratories are equipped with the proper devicesand competence to manage field test on the line of railway infrastructureand plan measurements in several scenarios of electromagnetic compatibility,noise and vibrations.Electromagnetic compatibilityEMC data acquisition systemNoiseNew electrical and electronic technology applicationsin power supply and signalling railway systemsare going to increase dramatically,in the near future, the electromagnetic complexityof the whole infrastructure and vehicle environment.For this reason, the certification laboratoriesimplemented special competences and methodsto set up a field test measurement to study EMCproblems related to interaction between25 kVac power supply systems, adopted in the newhigh speed lines of Italian Railways, and the traditionalrailway network supplied with 3 kVdc.Measurements of the noise level are planned to check the emission phonometryand evaluate effectiveness of noise barriers.RFIDIREZIONE COMUNICAZIONE DI MERCATOPiazza della Croce Rossa, 1 • 00161 Romatelefono 0644104402fax 0644103726www.rfi.itdircomu@rfi.itRFI Certification LaboratoriesVibrationsThe laboratory provides the necessary instrumentation for mechanical vibrationsdetection generated by the train-infrastructure interaction and transmittedto the adjacent structures (bridges, buildings, etc.).In addition, specific studies, simulations and adequate mitigationcounter-measures (innovative anti-vibrating materials, etc.)can be evaluated and proposed.12/2004 - 1.000GRAFICA ROMANA srlVibrations Test equipment

RFI Certification Laboratories - Trenitalia
RFI Certification Laboratories - Trenitalia
Piazza Romana
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