Seville - Turismo en la provincia de Sevilla.

Seville - Turismo en la provincia de Sevilla.


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Fernando Rodríguez VillalobosPresident of the Provincial Councilof SevilleMonumental Heritage, Culture, Nature and Fine Foods arethe cornerstones of the tourist activities on offer in the villagesand towns in the province of Seville—this is the other Sevillewhich reveals itself as a special place with the ability to produceunforgettable experiences.The Seville area offers nature lovers two natural parks thatare considered to be unique in the south of Europe: the hillsof the Sierra Norte and the Doñana wetlands. Whether you arelooking to bond with nature and get involved in active tourism(rambling, climbing, fishing, hunting, etc.) or prefer ecotourism(viewpoints, nature observatories, ecological reserves), thesetwo locations offer a wide array of opportunities.In the various green routes (former railway lines recovered fortourist use) that cover the province, visitors have the chanceto try their hand at sports and activities that the local settingoffers. A journey along these routes is to experience culture andlandscape.The monumental heritage of Seville’s towns and villages is thefinest in Andalusia: over 300 monuments have been designated“Heritage of Cultural Interest”. Monuments such as those in LaCampiña, Seville’s countryside which is considered to be theprovince’s great treasure chest. Not for nothing is this provincedotted with picturesque towns and monuments that date backcenturies. Like Carmona, they were major towns during theArab rule, or, like Osuna, were home to universities. While olivetrees, wheat and sunflowers dominate the fields, towns arefragrant with the blossom of orange trees in spring. The townsare white and striking from afar thanks to the elegance of theirtowers, churches, castles and palatial houses.The boost in the fine foods sector in recent years has playeda major role in traditional cooking and avant-garde cuisinealike. In both cases, the two forms of cooking depend on localwell-known produce such as rice, olive oil, Iberian charcuterie,cheese, game, mushrooms, sweets and, of course, fine wines.There’s more to Seville in the province: so, choosing the locationas a destination for meetings and motivational trips guaranteesyou will experience something different. Different here refers toauthentic and this becomes apparent in farmhouses, estates,country houses and mansions... In short, these are enchantingplaces, offering leisure activities based on our culture and history.The culture of the countryside, olive groves, bulls and horses, isreflected in every art form and makes us who we are.On top of everything on offer there is an entire network ofcommunications infrastructure and high-quality tourist servicesthat makes this province a competitive and modern destination.Because there’s more to Seville, the Provincial Council hasprepared this simple, practical guide to give visitors an insightinto a destination that never fails to surprise.

CONTENTS04 The Province of Seville. Getting here and location05 There’s more to Seville... its towns06 There’s more to Seville... easy to get to08 Seville, the capital10 There’s more to Seville... monumental and artistic heritage22 There’s more to Seville... its nature30 There’s more to Seville... with the family34 There’s more to Seville... active tourism38 There’s more to Seville... its culture50 There’s more to Seville... the flavours56 There’s more to Seville... for business62 Useful addresses

The Province of Seville.Getting here and locationLocation of the province ofSeville in the European continent,Spain and the region of Andalusia.There’s more to Seville... its townsThe province of Seville multiplies the touristattractions for which its capital is universallyknown.To be precise it multiplies them by 104,which is the number of towns in thisterritory, distributed for touristpurposes into six districts: the nearbyAljarafe with its vines and olive trees; thenature and rural architecture of the SierraNorte; the impressive moors of the SierraSur, formerly a land of banditry; theVía de la Plata, the natural route to thenorth through pasturelands of fightingbulls; Guadalquivir-Doñana, thetransverse axis of the province, with therice fields at its mouth; and La Campiña,of soft hills with imposing towns.Vía de la PlataAljarafeGuadalquivirDoñanaSierra NorteLa CampiñaRegions of SevilleSierra SurLocationSeville, the capital city of the AutonomousCommunity of Andalusia, is situated in thesouthwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula,between 38º12’ and 36º51’ latitude northand between 4º39’ and 6º32’ longitude. Theprovince of Seville shares its borders, in aclockwise direction, with the provinces ofCórdoba, Málaga, Cadiz and Huelva.Seville is situated in the southwest ofthe Iberian Peninsula and belongs to theAutonomous Community of Andalusia.Seville, with a surface area of 14,001 km2,is the largest province in the region ofAndalusia and has 105 municipalities,including the capital cityThe province boasts extensive natural andcultural assets. Protected natural areasaccount for around 14 per cent of its totalarea, and it has 14 historical sites and over300 monuments. Its numerous craft industries,festivals, fiestas and popular customs andtraditions form a rich cultural heritage.Region of AljarafeAlbaida del AljarafeAlmensillaBenacazónBollullos de la MitaciónBormujosCamasCarrión de los CéspedesCastilleja de GuzmánCastilleja de la CuestaCastilleja del CampoEspartinasGinesHuévar del AljarafeMairena del AljarafeOlivaresPalomares del RíoSalterasSan Juan de AznalfaracheSanlúcar la MayorSantiponceTomaresUmbreteValencina de la ConcepciónVillanueva del AriscalRegion of Guadalquivir-DoñanaAlcalá del RíoAlcolea del RíoAznalcázarBrenesBurguillosCantillanaCoria del RíoDos HermanasEl CuervoGelvesIsla MayorLa AlgabaLa Puebla del RíoLa RinconadaLas Cabezas de San JuanLebrijaLora del RíoLos Palacios y VillafrancaPeñaflorPilasTocinaVillamanrique de la CondesaVillanueva del Río y MinasVillaverde del RíoRegion of La CampiñaAlcalá de GuadaíraArahalCañada RosalCarmonaÉcijaEl RubioEl Viso del AlcorEstepaFuentes de AndalucíaLa CampanaLa LuisianaLa Puebla de CazallaLantejuelaLos MolaresMairena del AlcorMarchenaOsunaParadasUtreraRegion of Vía de la PlataAznalcóllarCastilblanco de los ArroyosEl Castillo de las GuardasEl GarroboEl MadroñoEl RonquilloGerenaGuillenaRegion of Sierra NorteAlanísAlmadén de la PlataCazalla de la SierraConstantinaEl PedrosoEl Real de la JaraGuadalcanalLa Puebla de los InfantesLas Navas de la ConcepciónSan Nicolás del PuertoRegion of Sierra SurAguadulceAlgámitasBadolatosaCasaricheCoripeEl CoronilEl SaucejoGilenaHerreraLa Roda de AndalucíaLora de EstepaLos CorralesMarinaledaMartín de la JaraMontellanoMorón de la FronteraPedreraPrunaVillanueva de San Juan

There’s more toSeville...easy to get toAn extensive local train service links Sevilleto other towns in the province, and thereare direct trains to all Andalusia’s provincialcapitals.Seville’s urban transport system currentlyconsists of a network of bus lines linking all thedifferent parts of the city and its metropolitanarea.An alternative form of transport is Line 1 of theMetro of Seville. A metropolitan line connectingthe towns of San Juan de Aznalfarache,Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville andDos Hermanas (Montequinto)CommunicationsBy land, by air, and even by river transport,Seville is connected to other big cities thanksto a large extent to the renovating impulse ofthe Universal Exhibition of 1992. That periodsaw the expansion of the San Pablo Airport,which now offers a large number of flightsto both European and Spanish cities, andalso that of the Santa Justa Station, the mostimportant in Andalusia, which is the startingpoint for the high-speed train (AVE) that linksit with Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba, Málaga,Valladolid, Zaragoza, and La Coruña.As far as road transport is concerned, theA-4, A-92, A-66 and A-49 dual carriagewaysconverge on Seville. Finally, the Guadalquiviris the fourth way of entering the city by the Portof Seville.San Pablo International AirportCtra. Nac. IV Madrid-Cádiz, km 532 · Sevillawww.aena.eswww.iberia.esIberiaCtra. Nac. IV Madrid-Cádiz, km 532 · Sevillawww.iberia.comSanta Justa Train StationAvda. de Kansas City, s/n · Sevillawww.renfe.esPlaza de Armas Bus StationCristo de la Expiración, s/n · Sevillawww.autobusesplazadearmas.esPrado de San Sebastián Bus StationManuel Vázquez Sagastizábal, s/n · SevillaTel. + 34 954 417 111 / 954 417 118Urban Transport of Seville. TUSSAMPol. Ind. Ctra. AmarillaAvda. de Andalucía, 11 · Sevillawww.tussam.esConsortium of TransportEstación de Autobuses Plaza de ArmasCristo de la Expiración, s/n · Sevillawww.consorciotransportes-sevilla.comSeville UndergroundLuis de Morales, 32 Edificio Forum · Sevillawww.metrodesevilla.org

Seville, the capitalUNESCO World Heritage SiteSeville is one of the places in Spain that is best loved abroad. Although it is acclaimed for itsmonumental heritage, long before it had become a population centre of great cultural importance.There is evidence that a very high culture was developed by the earliest settlers, who wereTartessians, a refined, peace-loving people, known to us from the accounts of Greek chroniclersand archaeological remains.UNESCO World Heritage SiteUNESCO declared the Cathedral of Santa María of the Archdiocese of Seville, the Real Alcázarpalaces and the Archive of the Indies a World Heritage Site in 1987 and Heritage of OutstandingUniversal Value on 25 June 2010.The Cathedral of SevilleSeville Cathedral is the Gothic monument par excellence.Built in the 15th century on the site of an Islamicmosque, it is the third biggest temple in the world afterSaint Peter’s in Rome and Saint Paul’s in London. Allthat remains of the original mosque is the Orange TreeCourtyard (Patio de los Naranjos) and the minaret,known as the Giralda. One of the most interestingfeatures is the enormous main altarpiece, the biggestin the world. The Royal Chapel features the Virgin ofthe Kings, the patron saint of the Archdiocese, andthe uncorrupted body of the king Saint Ferdinand III.Another outstanding feature of Seville Cathedral is thesepulchre of Christopher Columbus.www.catedraldesevilla.esThe GiraldaThe Almohad Emir Abu Yakub Yusuf ordered theGiralda, which was to become an emblem of the city,to be built in 1184. The top section of the tower wasrebuilt in the 16th century in the Renaissance Style infive stages, plus the weather vane representing thetriumph of faith, known as the Giraldillo. It is almost100 metres high. Inside the tower, however, there isjust a simple 34-flight ramp, affording access to thetop of the tower for an impressive view of the citywww.catedraldesevilla.orgThe Royal AlcazarIt was Peter I, called “Peter the Just” by some and“Peter the Cruel” by others, who gave the old MoorishAlcazar its definitive appearance, when he converted itinto a sumptuous Mudejar palace. With the Courtyardof the Dolls (Patio de las Muñecas), the Courtyardof the Maidens (Patio de las Doncellas) and theAmbassadors´ Hall (Sala de Embajadores). The RealAlcázar is an alternative venue to the City Hall forofficial receptions and events. Still in use today, it is theoldest royal palace in Europe and the official residenceof the Spanish royal family when in Seville.www.patronato-alcazarsevilla.esArchives of the IndiesNext to the cathedral stands the Archives of theIndies (Archivo de Indias). The building was originallyconstructed in 1584 to house the commodityexchange and is one of the best examples of theMannerist style in Seville, strongly influenced by thestyle of the architect Herrera. In the times of CharlesIII, the building was adapted to house the Archivesof the Indies, the most important archive in the worldcontaining records relating to the government andadministration of the New World during the period ofSpanish colonisation.www.mcu.es/archivos/MC/AGI/index.html

BenacazónParish Church of Sta. Maríade las NievesThis is an interesting Mudéjarchurch. On the altarpiece inthe Chapel of the Tabernacle isthe 1540 carving of Our Ladyof the Pomegranate. Inside is anoteworthy altarpiece by MartínezMontañés.Pablo Iglesias, 1www.benacazon.esBollullos de la MitaciónChapel of Nuestra Señorade Cuatrovitas and AlmohadMinaretFormer Almohad mosque thatwas later converted into a church.Designated Heritage of CulturalInterest. In 1935, remains ofMudéjar paintings were discovered.Inside is a fine section of 16thcenturywall tiles representing OurLady of the Rosary.Ctra. Bollullos-Aznalcázar, s/nwww.bollullosdelamitacion.esBormujosChurch of Ntra. Sra.de la EncarnaciónIt was built in the Middles Agesand renovated in the 17thcentury between 1678 and 1681.It underwent major restorationfollowing the Lisbon earthquake in1755. Of note are its altarpieces,canvases and images from the17th, 18th and 19th centuries.Pza. de la Iglesia, s/nwww.bormujos.netBrenesChurch of La InmaculadaConcepciónIn the early 15th century, theMudéjar-style parish church wasbuilt in honour of the ImmaculateConception. Inside is an interestingmain altarpiece with paintings byJuan de Castillo.Pza. Primero de Mayo, 3www.brenes.esBurguillosParish Church ofSan Cristóbal MártirThis Mudéjar church was renovatedand extended in the second half ofthe 18th century. It contains severalfine paintings and interesting worksin precious metals from the 18thand 19th centuries.Real, 52www.dipusevilla.es/dipusevilla/open/CamasParish of Sta. Maríade GraciaOriginally 16th century, accordingto its baptismal books dating from1568. The modern-day parishchurch is the result of a series ofworks carried out on the site ofthe original church during the 18thcentury.Sta. María de Gracia, 2www.ayto-camas.orgCañada RosalCallejón de Flores PistónA picturesque street featuringtwelve semi-circular arches. Nextto the parish and accessible.It is adorned with flower pots thatare carefully tended by the localresidents.Sta. Ana, 2www.canada-rosal.orgCantillanaChurch of Ntra. Sra.de la AsunciónDating from the 17th century, ithas a remarkable coffered ceilingin the nave, the fine altarpiece ofthe Tabernacle and a Neoclassicalaltarpiece with the image of theOur Lady the Shepherdess.Iglesia, 1www.cantillana.esCarmonaRoman NecropolisThis funerary complex from Romantimes was discovered in the late19th century thanks to the efforts ofJuan Fernández López and Englisharchaeologist George Bonsor.It is one of the most importantarchaeological sites in the Iberianpeninsula, featuring more than200 tombs excavated in the rock,remains of wall frescos, pillars andsculptures.Jorge Bonsor, 9www.turismo.carmona.orgCarrión de los CéspedesChapel of Ntra. Sra.de ConsolaciónThis Neoclassical building datesfrom the end of the 14th centuryand used to be known as theChapel of Santa María. It is hometo the 17th-century Christ of theTrue Cross and the 13th-centuryOur Lady of Consolation.Miguel de Cervantes, 41www.carriondeloscespedes.esCasaricheParish Church of Ntra. Sra.de la EncarnaciónFrom the 17th century andrenovated in the 19th. The 18thcenturyaltarpiece is from thenow-lost Convent of the Victoriain Estepa.Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnación, s/nwww.casariche.esCastilblanco de los ArroyosChurch of El Divino SalvadorA Mudéjar building renovated in the16th and 17th centuries. Inside arealtarpieces and valuable objectsin precious metals, in addition toadmirable paintings and sculpturesfrom the 17th and 18th centuries.Pza. de la Iglesia, 1www.castilblancodelosarroyos.esCastilleja de GuzmánPalacio de los GuzmanesA magnificent palace built in the18th century and restored in the20th century. French architect andlandscape artist Forestier designedand built its beautiful gardens.Real, 2www.castillejadeguzman.esCastilleja de la CuestaChurch of La InmaculadaConcepciónOriginally a chapel, it was elevatedto parish status in the early 15thcentury. It is important becauseof its splendid religious imagesand the magnificent collections ofpaintings by Juan de Roela.Real, s/nwww.castillejadelacuesta.esCastilleja del CampoChurch of San Miguel ArcángelThis Baroque church was built inthe last quarter of the 18th centuryon the site of a 16th-centurychurch in Sevillian Gothic-Mudéjarstyle that was destroyed by theLisbon earthquake in 1755.Pza. Monseñor Óscar Romero, s/nwww.castillejadelcampo.esCazalla de la SierraMonastery of La Cartuja de laInmaculada ConcepciónOne of the four Carthusianmonasteries in Andalusia, foundedin 1483. Today it is a hotel and acentre for contemporary cultureand horse-riding.Ctra. Cazalla-Constantina, km 2,5www.cartujadecazalla.comConstantinaVirgen del Robledo ChapelA 17th-century Mudéjar buildingwith a nave and two aisles, withtransitional features between theBaroque and the Neoclassical,and a 18th-century Lady chapel.Ctra. La Base, s/nwww.constantina.orgCoria del RíoChurch of Ntra. Sra. de la EstrellaDesignated Heritage of CulturalInterest. In a late 13th-centuryGothic-Mudéjar style with Baroqueadditions. Of note inside are theimages of Our Lady of the Starand Our Lady of the Rosary, bothworks by Castillo Lastrucci.La Iglesia, s/nwww.coriadelrio.esCoripeParish Church of San PedroApóstolThis church dates from the mid-19th century (1859). It has recentlybeen restored (1998) thanks tothe Archbishop of Seville, CoripeTown Council and generouscontributions by the congregation.Pza. de San Pedro, 2www.coripe.esDos HermanasChapel of Ntra. Sra. de ValmeIn Mudéjar style, it was rebuilton the initiative of the Dukes ofMontpensier in 1859. Although onground belonging to the Cortijode Cuarto estate, it and the site itoccupies belong to Dos HermanasTown Council as a result ofthe agreements signed by theCouncils of Dos Hermanas andSeville to mark the Bellavista areabecoming part of Seville in 1937.Cortijo de Cuarto, s/nwww.doshermanas.esÉcijaChurch of Santiago el MayorThe 15th-18th century Church ofSantiago is considered to be themost interesting ecclesiasticalbuilding in the artistic centre ofÉcija. It has been designatedHeritage of Cultural Interest andis one of the main examples ofAndalusian Gothic-Mudéjar fromthe 15th-16th centuries. The mainaltarpiece, in the transition ofstyles from Gothic to Renaissance,is decorated with reliefs andsculptures by the circle of JorgeFernández and paintings on panelby Alejo Fernández (1535).Pza. de Santiago, s/nwww.ecija.esEl Castillo de las GuardasParish Church ofSan Juan BautistaAn important Mudéjar buildingwith elements of late Renaissance.Of particular note are its mainaltarpiece, its façade and works inprecious metals.Pza. Divina Pastora, s/nwww.elcastillodelasguardas.esEl CoronilCastillo de las AguzaderasA former Muslim fortress,designated a National HeritageSite. It is one of the area’s mostimportant sites. Built in the 15thcentury to defend the water springrather than to control a territory.Ctra. A-376 El Coronil-Montellanowww.elcoronil.esEl CuervoParish of San JoséBuilding took place in the timeof Cardenal Ilundain in the firstquarter of the 20th century. Insideare elements of art such as itswide stained glass windows withmotifs of the Evangelists, and the18th-century image of Our Lady ofthe Rosary.Avda. de Jerez, s/nwww.elcuervodesevilla.esEl GarroboParish Church ofLa Purísima ConcepciónOf interest inside the church arethe Baroque altarpiece and thesteps of the presbitery which arecovered in 16th-century arris tiles.There is a fine 16th-century imageof St Sebastian, which is almostone metre high.La Iglesia, s/nwww.elgarrobo.esEl MadroñoChurch of San BlasBuilt in the first half of the 16thcentury by the architect HeránRuiz, designer of the bellfry of thefamous Giralda tower in Seville.Of note inside are the 17th-centurypaintingsPza. de la Constitución, s/nwww.elmadrono.esEl PedrosoChurch of Ntra. Sra.de la ConsolaciónOriginally this was a Gothicchurch with a nave and two aisles.Only the Chapel of San José stillremains.Pza. Ntra. Sra. de la Consolación, s/nwww.elpedroso.esEl Real de la JaraMedieval CastleThe overall appearance of the sitesuggests that this is a Christianwork from the late 14th century.Designated Heritage of CulturalInterest.Cervantes, s/nwww.elrealdelajara.esEl RonquilloParish Church ofEl Divino SalvadorAmong the buildings of historicaland artistic interest is the church ofEl Divino Salvador. A 17th-centurybuilding with a main altarpiecefrom the 18th century withSolomonic columns.Pza. de la Constitución, s/nwww.elronquillo.es12 13

El RubioChurch of Ntra. Sra. del RosarioIts sacristy has two interestingpaintings from the 17th century,images from the 17th and 18thcenturies, including the image ofthe Patron Saint of the town andworks in precious metals from the18th and 19th centuries.Antonio Machado, 12www.elrubio.esEl SaucejoParish Church of San MarcosBuilt in the 17th century with aBaroque façade. Of note is themain altarpiece in this same stylewhich comes from the Jesuits ofOsuna.Cardenal Espinola, s/nwww.elsaucejo.esEl Viso del AlcorChurch of Sta. María del Alcor16th-century Sevillian Mudéjarchurch with a ground plan of a naveand two aisles. Inside it houses theimage of the town’s patron saint.Sta. María de Alcor, 2www.elvisodelalcor.orgEspartinasConvent and Estate of NuestraSeñora de LoretoOriginally from the 14th century, itfeatures an interesting church thatwas built between 1716 and 1732and the Loreto Tower. DesignatedHeritage of Cultural Interest.Ctra. Sevilla-Huelva, s/nwww.espartinas.netEstepaVictoria TowerThe tower is a fine example of theSevillian Baroque style, particularlythe bell towers, and has become alocal symbol of the area. Declareda listed building in 1955, it is oneof the most beautiful towers inAndalusia.Torralba, s/nwww.estepa.comFuentes de AndalucíaLa Monclova CastleThis is one of the most importanthistorical palace castles inAndalusia. Inside, it houses aninteresting high relief representingthe Virgin Mary with Child, a workfrom the 17th century.Main road Madrid-Cádiz, km 487www.ayuntamientofuentes.comGelvesChurch of Sta. María de Gracia18th-century Baroque buildingwith works in precious metals fromthe 17th-18th centuries. It has twoMannerist entrances: the Puertadel Perdón and the Puerta delBautismo.Rafael Aguilar, 1www.gelves.esGerenaChurch of La PurísimaConcepciónThe Mudéjar building housespaintings of the Fifth Anguish andthe Annunciation and Mexicansilver work from the 18th century.La Iglesia, 18www.gerena.esGilenaChurch of La InmaculadaConcepciónThe original Romanesque part is17th century and was built around1620 by order of the Marquisesof Estepa. Of note among otherimages are that of St Anne,attributed to the Granada schoolof Alonso Cano and the Baroqueimage of St Francis of Assisi, fromthe 17th century.Pza. de la Iglesia, s/nwww.gilena.esGinesChapel of Ntra. Sra. de BelénLate Mudéjar and renovated inthe 18th century. This is one ofmost distinctive and historicalbuildings in Gines and it was builtin 1723. The chapel is dominatedby the carving of Saint Rosalia ofPalermo. Inside is an outstandingBaroque main altarpiece.Pza. de España, s/nwww.gines.esGuadalcanalChurch of Sta. Maríade la AsunciónMudéjar building from the 14-15thcenturies. A magnificent façadefeatures numerous elements ofdecadent Gothic. Standing out isthe Mudéjar baptismal font.Pza. de España, s/nwww.guadalcanalsierranorte.comGuillenaChurch of Ntra. Sra.de la GranadaThis is a Gothic-Mudéjar churchbuilt in the early 15th century.Most visited by tourists who areinterested in religious heritage,images in general, art and religiousarchitecture.Pza. de la Iglesia, 1www.guillena.orgHerreraChurch of Santiago el MayorFounded in 1657, and renovated in1780. It features a large dome and18th-century Baroque altarpiece,a Christ on the Cross from around1660; Our Lady of Sorrowsfrom the 18th-century school ofGranada. and the first Jesus theNazarene carved by Seville artistCastillo Lastrucci.La Iglesia, s/nwww.herrera.esHuévar del AljarafeParish Church of Ntra. Sra.de la AsunciónBuilding dating to the 14-15thcenturies. Medieval church witha nave and two aisles and threechapels that were added in the16th and 17th centuries.Pza. de la Motilla, 2www.huevardelaljarafe.esIsla MayorChurch of Rafael ArcángelA church of historical and artisticinterest. The inside contains a fineimage of Our Lady of Solitude. TheChrist of Pardon, St Angela of theCross, St Raphael the Archangel(patron saint of the town) andSt Judas ThaddeusBda. San RafaelMálaga, s/nwww.islamayor.esLa AlgabaChurch of Ntra. Sra.de las NievesA Gothic-Mudéjar parish churchwith the peculiarity that it has asquare nave apse and two chapelsin the apses of the side aisles.La Algaba was given to InfantAlonso de la Cerda in 1304.Pza. de España, s/nwww.laalgaba.netLa CampanaChurch of Sta. María la BlancaInside it has interesting decorativeelements, sculptures and paintingsfrom the 17th and 18th centuries.Pza. Andalucía, s/nwww.lacampana.esLa LuisianaChurch of La PurísimaConcepciónBaroque, renovated in the 19thcentury. Inside it houses religiousimages, paintings, and works inprecious metals from the 16th,17th and 18th centuries.Pza. Pablo de Olavide, 12www.laluisiana.orgLantejuelaParish Church ofLa Purísima ConcepciónOf note are the 18th century Lady ofSorrows, a St Joseph from the sameperiod and a 16th-century carving ofthe Immaculate Conception.Pza. de España, s/nwww.lantejuela.orgLa Puebla de CazallaChurch of Ntra. Sra.de las VirtudesThe modern building is neo-Classical. Inside is an exceptionalmain altarpiece in glazed ceramics,the only one of its type in theprovince of Seville. DesignatedHeritage of Cultural Interest.Pza. Cardenal Spínola, s/nwww.pueblacazalla.comLa Puebla de los InfantesThe CastleBuilt in the 13th century. It is probablyChristian in origin. It is located inthe upper part of the town and wasa military defence. Parts of wallsand two towers remain, but housingoccupies some of these walls.Pza. del Castillo, s/nwww.lapuebladelosinfantes.esLa Puebla del RíoChurch of Ntra. Sra.de la GranadaThe church is Gothic-Mudéjar.Construction may have begunbetween 1272 and 1285 to providea fortress and defence for Sevilleon the Guadalquivir.El Rincón, 2www.lapuebladelrio.esLa RinconadaChurch of Ntra. Sra.de las Nieves15th-century Mudéjar buildingwith a tower dating from the 13thcentury. Of note are the images,paintings and works in preciousmetals from the 16th, 17th and19th centuries.Pza. de España, s/nwww.larinconada.esLa Roda de AndalucíaChapel of the Convent of theServants of the GospelIt houses a valuable altarpiecedating to around 1600. DesignatedHeritage of Cultural Interest.Real, 19www.larodadeandalucia.esLas Cabezas de San JuanParish Church of de SanJuan BautistaDates from the 1762 and is Tuscanin style. It has altarpieces byLorenzo Bernardo, Duque Cornejoand Pedro Roldán.Vicente Aleixandre, s/nwww.lascabezasdesanjuan.esLas Navas de la ConcepciónParish ChurchRenaissance from the second halfof the 18th century. Of note insideare the 17th and 18th-centurysculptures from the Convent ofSan Antonio. Its tower has a heightof 20 metres.Pza. de España, s/nwww.lasnavasdelaconcepcion.esLebrijaChurch of Ntra. Sra. de la OlivaBuilding from the second half of the13th century and partially alteredduring the 15th,16th and 17thcenturies. Three distinct styles canbe appreciated inside: Mudéjar,Baroque and Renaissance. The“Giraldilla” Tower, inspired by theGiralda of Seville, was built between1756 and 1778.Pza. del Rector Merina, 1www.lebrija.esLora de EstepaChurch of San Miguel18th-century building with laterrenovations. Of note inside are18th-century images.San Miguel, 63www.loradeestepa.esLora del RíoShrine of Our Lady of SetefillaThe building is of Mudéjar design,located in a setting of tremendousbeauty by the castle ruins.12 km away from the town andnear the castle.www.loradelrio.esLos CorralesParish Church ofSantiago el MayorBuilding began in the 18th century.It has images and canvases fromthe 17th and 18th century.Pza. Diamantino García Acosta, 18www.loscorrales.esLos MolaresChurch of Sta. MartaThe Mudéjar church was restoredat the end of the 18th andmid-20th centuries.Duque de Alcalá, s/nwww.losmolares.esLos Palacios y VillafrancaChurch of Sta. María la Blanca15th-century Baroque with variousNeoclassical features. Of noteis the main altarpiece, a work byPablo Legot in the 17th century.Ntra. Sra. de las Nieves, 9www.lospalacios.orgMairena del AlcorChapel of Cristo de la CárcelCalled the Chapel of Christ of thePrison because it communicatedwith the town prison. 18th-centurychurch.Pza. Antonio Mairena, s/nwww.mairenadelalcor.orgMairena del AljarafeParish Church of San IldefonsoThe church dates to the 14thcentury, when the SisterHood ofTransfixion and Solitude of HolyMary was already established.The parish church is dedicated toSt Ildephonsus, the patron saintand namesake, and was an earlyMudéjar-style chapel.Pza. Antonio Sánchez, 2www.mairenadelaljarafe.es14 15

MarchenaChurch of San Juan BautistaThis is the main church ofMarchena, is Gothic-Mudéjar instyle and dates from the 15thcentury. The parish museum isessentially dedicated to the masterpainter Francisco de Zurbarán,although there is also an importantcollection of gold and silverwork.An Historical and Artistic Landmark.Cristóbal de Morales, s/nwww.marchena.esMarinaledaParish Church ofNtra. Sra. de la EsperanzaOf note is the image of Jesusthe Nazarene and Our Lady ofSorrows, both from the 18thcentury. The main altarpiece from1859 is in polychrome wood.Also of interest are the pieces inprecious metals, including a 16thcenturychalice and a monstrancefrom the end of the 18th century.San Nicolás, 2www.marinaleda.esMartín de la JaraChurch of Ntra. Sra. del RosarioInside, it features the altarpiecedominated by Christ on the Cross,and the namesake Our Lady ofthe Rosary, as well as an18thcenturySt Anthony of Padua Inthe baptismal chapel is a splendid16th-century Christ from the Sevilleschool.Pza. de Andalucía, 17www.martindelajara.esMontellanoParish of San JoséAn 18th-century building inlimestone and red marble.The main door has an elegantBaroque façade in carved stone.Pza. de la Concepción, s/nwww.turismo.montellano.esMorón de la FronteraMedieval Arab CastleStanding on a 300-metre-highhill in the middle of the town arethe ruins of a medieval castle,designated Heritage of CulturalInterest. These are the town’soldest architectural remains.In the heart of the town.www.ayto-morondelafrontera.orgOlivaresCollegiate Church of SantaMaría de las NievesThis is a prime example of17th-century architecture.Inside is outstanding heritageby the following artists: PedroRoldán, María and Luisa Roldán,Francisco Antonio Gijón, Juan deRoelas, the Zurbarán school, justsome of the names associatedwith this exceptional culturalheritage.Pza. de España, s/nwww.olivares.esOsunaCollegiate Church ofNtra. Sra. de la AsunciónThe large Renaissance buildingcontains paintings by Jusepe deRibera, also known as“Lo Spagnoletto”, and Juande Mesa. It also includesthe ducal vault and a small chapelin the Plateresque style.Pza. de la Encarnación, s/nwww.osuna.esPalomares del RíoArab BathsDesignated Heritage of CulturalInterest and dating from around12th-13th centuries. Rather thanfor immersion like Roman baths,these use steam. They are specialin being the only ones of thekind in the rural setting of Sevilleprovince.Ctra. Palomares-Gelves, s/nwww.palomaresdelrio.esParadasParish Church of San Eutropio18th-century Sevillian Baroque.It contains the highly valuable workby El Greco, Mary Magdalene.Padre Barea, 33www.paradas.esPedreraChurch of San SebastiánA church of Historical andArtistic Interest. Of note areseveral polychrome sculptures ofunquestionable artistic value, andvarious works in precious metalsfrom the 16th and 18th centuries.Pza. de Guzmán y Andrés, s/nwww.pedrera.esPeñaflorChapel of Los Santos MártiresAn 18th-century building attachedto a Roman tomb dug into the rock.Blancaflor, s/nwww.penaflor.esPilasChapel of Ntra. Sra. de BelénA site of Historical and Artistic Interestlocated at an Almohad Qubba (tomb)from the end of the 11th century.It features the 1580 carving of OurLady of Bethlehem, a Baroquealtarpiece and a 15th-centurysculpture of St James the Apostle.Pza. Virgen de Belén, s/nwww.pilas.esPrunaParish Church of San Antonio AbadA Baroque building on whichworks began in the 17th centuryand ended a century later. It hasan extremely interesting collectionof 18th and 19th-century pieces inprecious metals.Pza. de la Iglesia, 13www.pruna.esSalterasChapel of Ntra. Sra. de la OlivaThe Mudéjar chapel with Classicaland Renaissance overtones ishome to canvases and pieces inprecious metals from the 17th and18th century. Site of Historical andArtistic Interest.Virgen de la Oliva, s/nwww.salteras.esSan Juan de AznalfaracheChurch of Los Sagrados CorazonesMonumental ensemble dedicatedto the Heart of Jesus. It was partof a Franciscan monastery. Insideit holds altarpieces and religioussculptures and paintings from the17th and 18th centuries.Paseo del Mirador, 2www.ayto-sanjuan.esSan Nicolás del PuertoChurch of San SebastiánMudéjar building with a nave fromthe 15th and 16th centuries. The14th-century stone fountain, someimages and sculptural groups fromthe 18th century deserve specialmention.Pza. de España, s/nwww.sannicolasdelpuerto.esSanlúcar la MayorChurch of San EustaquioThis Mudéjar church is at the highestpoint of the town. Its altarpieces,images and paintings date from the16th to 19th centuries.Pza. San Eustaquio, s/nwww.sanlucarlamayor.esSantiponceItalica Archaeological sitePublius Cornelius Scipio Africanusfounded Italica in 206 BC where thetown of Santiponce now stands.It was originally established as afield hospital in the war againstCarthage. Italica soon became animportant residential town, and oneof its inhabitants, Marcus UlpiusTraianus, better known as Trajan(53-117 AD), was the first emperor tobe born outside Italy. His successor,Publius Aelius Hadrianus, betterknown as Hadrian (76-138 AD),was also educated in Italica. As atribute to Trajan, he extended thevetus urbs (old city) constructedby Scipio, which has been buriedunder modern-day Santiponcesince the 17th century, by addinga new zone, the nova urbs (newcity). It is the ruins of this part of thearchaeological complex that can bevisited today.Avda. Extremadura, 2www.santiponce.esTocina-Los RosalesParish Church of SanVicente MártirBuilt between 1703 and 1711.Its main altarpiece is from the18th century. Inside is a carvingof Christ resurrected by Juan deMesa and works from the 17thcentury.Francisco Gordillo Sta. Cruz, s/nwww.tocinalosrosales.esTomaresChurch of Ntra. Sra. de BelénThe 1708 building houses twosculptures of great artistic value:the Holy Christ of the True Crossand Our Lady of Sorrows from the16th and 17th centuries.Navarro Caro, s/nwww.tomares.esUmbreteChurch of Ntra. Sra. deConsolaciónThe Baroque building featurespaintings and sculptures from the16th, 18th and 19th centuries, aswell as the main altarpiece fromthe 18th century. Site of Historicaland Artistic Interest.Pza. de la Iglesia, s/nwww.umbrete.esUtreraNtra. Sra. de ConsolaciónSanctuaryThe Sanctuary of Our Lady ofConsolation is a listed building. Itis located on the outskirts of thetown and has a wide drivewayleading up to it alongside theConsolación park. Inside is aneffigy of the town’s patron saint.Outstanding features include theMudejar coffered ceiling, the highaltar and the collection of votiveofferings in the sacristy.Residencial Parque Consolación, s/nwww.utrera.orgValencina de la ConcepciónThe Dolmens of La Pastora,Matarrubilla and OntiverosIn the Chalcolithic era, 4,500 yearsago, the first human settlementstook shape in the area. One wasthese was one of the west’s oldestcities, leaving the legacy of aninteresting archaeological site andEurope’s most important groupsof dolmens.Pza. de España, 9www.valencinadelaconcepcion.esVillamanrique de la CondesaParish Church ofSta. María de la MagdalenaBuilt in the 19th century on the siteof a 14th-century Renaissancechurch with a rectangular groundplan.Inside it houses Montañésstyle,Rococo and Neoclassicalaltarpieces.Pza. de España, s/nwww.villamanriquedelacondesa.esVillanueva de San JuanParish Church ofSan Juan BautistaThe 17th-century church housesa sculpture of St John the Baptist,the town’s patron saint. Site ofHistorical and Artistic Interest.www.villanuevadesanjuan.esVillanueva del AriscalChapel of San MiguelSite of Historical and ArtisticInterest. A simple 16th-centurybuilding with a finely decorated18th-century façade.Avda. La Ermita, s/nwww.villanuevadelariscal.es16 17

Villanueva del Río y MinasChurch of Santiago el MayorThe church is Mudéjar in style, andits neo-Gothic and Neoclassicalaltarpieces contain images fromthe 18th and 19th century. Theprecious-metal works are from the16th and 17th century.Nueva, s/nwww.dipusevilla.es/dipusevilla/opencms/site/web/municipios/villanueva_del_rio_y_minas/Villaverde del RíoChapel of Ntra. Sra. de lasAguas SantasTradition has it that St Isidoreordered it to be built in the 7thcentury on the spot on which theVirgin Mary appeared.Camino de Aguas Santas, s/nwww.villaverdedelrio.esMuseumsMany refer to Seville as aplace of artists, light, joy andhistory. These artists haveshaped a rich heritage thatboasts works by major artistsfrom every period. Fromarchaeological pieces andjewels in precious metals, topottery, embroidery, tapestriesand canvases, all of whichare central to the 16th and17th centuries, the museumsin Seville and the province arehome to a significant portionof this land.SevilleSeville Fine Arts MuseumPza. del Museo, 9www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/museos/MBASEProvincial Archaeological MuseumPza. de América, s/nwww.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/museos/MASEPopular Arts and CustomsMuseumPza. de América, 3www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/museos/MACSEAndalusian Centre ofContemporary ArtMonasterio de la Cartuja deSta. Mª de las CuevasAvda. Américo Vespucio, 2www.caac.esHorse Carriage MuseumPza. de Cuba, s/nwww.museodecarruajes.comFlamenco Dance MuseumManuel Rojas Marcos, 3www.museoflamenco.comLebrija Palace MuseumCuna, 8www.palaciodelebrija.comRegional Military MuseumPza. de España, s/nwww.ejercito.mde.esNaval MuseumTorre del OroPaseo de Cristóbal Colón, s/nwww.armada.mde.esNavigation Pavilion ofLa Cartuja de SevillaCamino de los Descubrimientos, 2www pabellondelanavegacion.esProvinceAlcalá de GuadaíraAlcalá de Guadaíra MuseumJuez Pérez Díaz, s/nwww.ciudadalcala.orgAlcalá del RíoMunicipal Museum ofArchaeologicalVirgen de la Esperanza, 1www.alcaladelrio.esArahalWomen’s Flamenco MuseumVeracruz, s/n · Casa del Airemuseomujerflamenco.com/BadolatosaCentral Theme Río GenilPaseo Pablo Picasso, s/nwww.rutadeltempranillo.orgCarmonaCarmona Necropolis(Archaeological Site)Avda. Jorge Bonsor, s/nwww.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/museos/CAC/Roman NecropolisJorge Bonsor, 9www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/museos/CAC/Museum of CityMarquis of Las Torres Palace HouseSan Ildefonso, 1www.museociudad.carmona.org/index.htmCastilblanco de los ArroyosEthnology MuseumAntonio Machado, s/nwww castiblancodelosarroyos.esMuseum Municipal GalleryMiguel Fisac TheatreSta. Escolástica, s/nwww.castiblancodelosarroyos.esCastilleja del CampoMuseum of Tillage ImplementsConstitución, 17www.castillejadelcampo.esCazalla de la SierraContemporary Art MuseumMonastery of La Cartuja MuseumCtra. Cazalla-Constantina, km 2.5www.cartujadecazalla.comConstantinaLa Violetera Anisette TraditionalFactory MuseumMentidero, 2www.anislavioletera.comCoria del RíoBlas Infante Museum HouseAvda. Blas Infante, s/nwww.centrodeestudiosandaluces.es/maaÉcijaSan Gil BrotherhoodMuseum HouseSan Marcos, 3www.hermandadsangil.esSanta María ChurchArchaeological MuseumPza. de Sta. María, s/nwww.iglesiadesta.maria.org/principalmuseo.htmSta. Cruz Parish Church Museumof Religious ArtPlazuela Ntra. Sra. del Valle, 5www.museosta.cruz.comMunicipal History MuseumBenamejí PalacePza. de la Constitución, 1www.museo.ecija.orgEl CoronilSolar Photovoltaic InstallationInterpretation CentreCtra. SE-437, km 1www.elcoronil.esEl Real de la JaraMunicipal Museum ofNatural ScienceCervantes, 46Taxidermist MuseumBullring. Pza. El Ejido, s/nwww.elrealdelajara.esEspartinasDidactic of the Imagery MuseumHacienda Ntra. Sra.de los Remedios.Avda. Alcaldesa Mª ReglaJiménez, 226www.museoimagineria.com/EstepaPadre Martín RecioArchaeological MuseumAncha, 14Museum of Religious ArtIglesia Sta. María la Mayor, s/nAnisette MuseumAvda. del Mantecado, s/nPol. Ind. Sierra Surwww.estepa.comMantecado MuseumLa EstepeñaPol. Sierra Sur. Almendra, s/nwww.laestepena.comFuentes de AndalucíaVera Cruz MuseumMonja, s/nEthnology-ArchaeologicalMuseumFernández Llera y Díaz, 5www.ayuntamientofuentes.comGerenaStonemason MuseumFuente Santa, s/nwww.gerena.esGilenaFrancisco Maireles Vela Museumof Contemporary PaintingPza. Virgen de los Dolores, 3www.yilyana.comGuillenaTown of GuillenaInterpretation CentreEchegaray, 12www.guillena.orgHerreraMunicipal MuseumAncient Medicine, NaturalSciences and ArchaeologicalResidence of Miguel MolineroPicasso, 10www.herrera.esLa Puebla de CazallaJosé Mª Moreno GalvánMuseum of Contemporary ArtFábrica, 27www.museomorenogalvan.esOil MuseumHacienda de la FuenlonguillaAvda. de la Fuenlonguilla, s/nwww.pueblacazalla.comLa Puebla de los InfantesCurro El Herrero. Popular Artsand Customs MuseumCastillo, s/nwww.lapuebladelosinfantes.esLa Puebla del RíoMuseum of AndalusianAutonomyAvda. Blas Infante, s/nwww.maa.centrodeestudiosandaluces.esLa RinconadaFrancisco Sousa Archaeologicaland Paleontological MuseumCultural Centre of the TownVereda de Chapatales, s/nwww.larinconada.esLa Roda de AndalucíaRailway MuseumDoctor Fleming, s/nwww.larodadeandalucia.esMarchenaZurbarán, Gold and Silver Workand Embroidery MuseumPza. Cardenal Spínola, s/nLorenzo Coullaut Valera MuseumSan Francisco, 43www.turismodemarchena.orgMorón de la FronteraWater Tower ArchaeologicalMuseumPza. de la Duquesa, s/nMorón Lime MuseumCtra. Morón-Montellano,A-361 km 24www.museodelacaldemoron.com18 19

OsunaSta. Mª de la AsunciónCollegiate Church Museumof Religious ArtPza. de la Encarnación, s/nwww.turismosuna.orgEthnology MuseumArjona PalaceSevilla, s/nwww.ayto-osuna.esLa Encarnación MonasteryConventPza. de la Encarnación, s/nCultural RoutesVía de la PlataThe Road to SantiagoThe road travelled by pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, startingfrom the Assumption Door of Seville Cathedral and approximately 988kilometres in length, of which 88 are within the province of Seville, andwhich is called the “Mozarabic Road to Santiago”.Villages in the province of Seville through which the route runs: Camas,Santiponce, Guillena, Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Almadén de la Plataand El Real de la Jara.www.viaplata.org“El Tempranillo” RouteThis route takes its name from José María “El Tempranillo”, theprototypical Andalusian bandit, generous and avenging, who stolefrom the rich and gave to the poor. The route runs through all thelands he frequented, along with his gang, during his short existence,and specifically the region where the provinces of Córdoba, Sevilleand Malaga meet.Villages: Jauja (Córdoba), Alameda (Málaga), Badolatosa andCorcoya (Seville)www.rutadeltempranillo.orgArtealia RouteThe route runs through the very fertile region known as La Campiña,between the area of the Lower Guadalquivir and the SouthernMountain Range. The municipal districts that make up the ArtealiaRoute are: Écija, Carmona; Osuna; and Marchena.www.turismoecija.comwww.turismo.carmona.org/turistavirtual.htmwww.osuna.es/opencms/opencms/osunawww.turismodemarchena.orgParadasLa Cartuja–Pickman CeramicsMuseumCtra. Nac. 630, km 805www.salteras.esSan Eutropio ParishChurch MuseumPadre Barea, 33www.paradas.esSanlúcar la MayorSta. Maria Parish TreasurePza. de Sta. María, s/nwww.sanlucarlamayor.esUmbrete“Cirkla” Circus MuseumDolores Ibárruri, 4cirklas.com/cirklas/cirklas.htmUtreraÁlvarez Quintero BrothersMuseumSevilla, 24www.utrera.orgValencina de la ConcepciónValencina MuseumArts CentrePza. de España, 9www.valencinadelaconcepcion.esRoman Baetica RouteThis runs through all the towns and villages in which Roman cultureestablished itself in the province of Seville. Numerous remains andremarkable buildings will surprise visitors, bearing witness to the importanceof this culture in the province ? the city of Italica was the birthplace of two ofthe most important Roman Emperors, Trajan and Hadrian.Towns/Villages: Santiponce, Carmona, La Luisiana, Osuna, Marchena andEcija, and from there to Almodovar del Río, in the province of Córdoba.www.beticaromana.orgThe Silver RouteA natural route used since remote times as a north-south axis ofcommunication.The great Roman Empire likewise took advantageof the characteristics of this route. Today, the N-630 road to a largeextent coincides with the old Roman course of the Silver.Seville municipal districts through which the route runs: El Ronquillo,Aznalcóllar, Gerena, El Madroño, El Castillo de las Guardas,El Garrobo and Castilblanco de los Arroyos.www.rutadelaplata.comWashington Irving RouteWashington Irving (1783-1859), New York writer and diplomat,the son of British immigrants and the youngest of eleven children,arrived in Spain in 1828, on a diplomatic visit, accompanying the USminister Everett. His first stop was in Seville, where he discoveredthe Al-Andalus heritage.Towns/villages through which the route passes: Seville, Alcalá deGuadaíra, Carmona, Marchena, Écija, Osuna, Estepa, La Rodade Andalucía, Fuente de Piedra, Humilladero, Mollina, Vega deAntequera, Archidona, Loja, Huétor-Tajar, Alhama de Granada,Moraleda de Zafayona, Montefrío, Íllora, Fuente Vaqueros,Chauchina, Santa Fe and Granada.www.andalucia.org/rutas-por-andalucia/ruta-de-washington-irving/20 21

There’s more toSeville...its natureNature TourismThe area’s tourist appeal is based on its comprehensive and varied range of options to satisfyeven the most demanding visitor. Nature lovers will be in paradise in the beautiful natural settingsof the two nature parks: Sierra Norte and Doñana. Whether you are looking for active outdoorleisure pursuits (hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, etc.) or whether you prefer ecological tourism(viewpoints, nature observatories, ecological reserves, etc.), these two parks offer a wide rangeof options. Mountains, valleys, countryside, flood plains, wetlands, olive groves... The variety ofsettings that characterize the province of Seville is matched by the diversity of its natural landscapes.Or rather, Seville’s geography is the basis of the diversity just waiting to be discovered by visitorsto the province.The mountain ranges that surround the province to the north and south are excellent examples ofMediterranean woodland with typical native flora and fauna. The River Guadalquivir divides the areain two and gives rise to a range of landscapes including flood plains, flat farmland and wetlands,which provide a habitat for the characteristic flamingo and other aquatic birds.Natural ParksDoñana National and Natural ParkAljarafe-Doñana Development AssociationMarqués de Santillana, 4Pilaswww.adad.esSpace Doñana Natural that includes both the NationalPark of Doñana to the natural park of the same name.Doñana Nature Park is located in the south-west of theprovince of Seville on the estuary of the GuadalquivirRiver and extends into the neighbouring provinces ofHuelva and Cadiz. It is the largest nature reserve inEurope and serves as a buffer zone for the NationalPark. With the assistance of the La Dehesa de AbajoVisitor Centre, horseback rides and bird watchingwalks can be organized.Technical data of the National ParkProvinces: Huelva and SevilleMunicipalities: Almonte, Hinojos, Aznalcázarand La Puebla del Río.Area: 54251 ha.Date of declaration: October 28, 1969Technical data of the Natural ParkProvinces: Huelva, Cádiz and SevilleMunicipalities: Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Almonte,Hinojos, Lucena del Puerto, Moguer, Palos de laFrontera, Aznalcázar, Isla Mayor, Pilas, La Puebladel Río and Villamanrique de la CondesaArea: 53835 ha.Date of declaration: July 28, 1989Sierra Norte Natural ParkEl Robledo Visitors CentreCtra. Constantina-El Pedroso, km 1El Robledowww.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambiente/It gives its name to one of the province’s main touristareas, which includes ten villages and towns, featuringthe region’s typical architecture and creating splashesof white against the mountain landscapes of the SierraMorena (between 400 and 1,000 metres above sealevel). Its 164,000 hectares of Mediterranean forestsand meadowlands have been declared a BiosphereReserve by UNESCO.Attractions in this area include the natural monumentCerro del Hierro (iron hill) in San Nicolás del Puerto andthe Sierra Norte Greenway, which you can follow by bike.22 23

Nature sitesEmbalse de Cordobill reservoirCórdoba and Seville(Aguilar de la Frontera, PuenteGenil and Badolatosa)Embalse de Malpasillo reservoirCórdoba and Seville(Lucena and Badolatosa)State-Funded naturereservesProtected landscapesSeville parks andgardensRoyal Alcázar GardensPatio de BanderasTrails, Green Routes, paths, and organising companiesBrazo del Este Nature SiteLa Puebla del Río, Coria delRío, Utrera and Dos Hermanas(South)Nature reservesLa Lantejuela EndorheicSystemLantejuelaLebrija-Las CabezasEndorheic SystemLas Cabezas de San Juanand LebrijaUtrera Endorheic SystemUtreraLaguna del GosqueMartín de la JaraPeñón de ZaframagónCádiz and Seville(Olvera and Coripe)Cañada de los PájarosLa Puebla del RíoDehesa de AbajoLa Puebla del RíoNatural landmarksEl Huesna WaterfallsAlanís and San Nicolás del PuertoCerro del HierroConstantina and San Nicolásdel PuertoChaparro de la VegaCoripeEncina de los PerrosEl MadroñoTajos del MogarejoMontellanoGreen Corridor of the GuadiamarAznalcázar, Aznalcóllar,Benacazón, Huévar, Olivares,Sanlúcar la Mayor andVillamanrique de la CondesaRío Tinto riverBerrocal, Campillo, Minas de Riotinto,Nerva, Niebla, La Palma delCondado, Paterna del Campo,Valverde del Camino, Villarrasa,Zalamea la Real and El MadroñoUrban fringe parkEl GergalGuillenaHacienda PorzunaMairena del AljarafeLa CorchuelaDos Hermanas and Los Palaciosy VillafrancaFor more information:www.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambiente/servtc5/ventana/busquedaEspacios.doMaría Luisa ParkPaseo de las DeliciasAlamillo ParkIsla de la CartujaMurillo GardensNicolás Antonio yPza. de Refinadores, s/nPrado de San Sebastián ParkAvda. de El Cid, s/nDel Valle GardensMaría Auxiliadora, s/nCatalina de Ribera GardensMenéndez Pelayo, s/nChapina GardensLeft bank of the River, between theTriana bridge and the bridgeof Cachorro.Cristina GardensPaseo de las Delicias andPaseo de CristinaBuhaira GardensAvda. de la Buhaira, s/nLas Delicias GardensPaseo de las DeliciasGardens of the AndalusianParliamentMuñoz León, s/nLos Príncipes ParkAvda. Blas Infante, s/nMiraflores ParkAvda. de las Asociaciones deVecinos y Avda. de la MujerTrabajadora, s/nTorre de los Perdigones GardensResolana, s/nAmerican GardensIsla de la CartujaCamino de los Descubrimientos, s/nGreen RoutesThese routes, called vías verdes in Spanish, are former railway lines andtracks that have been recovered for the public to enjoy nature. They can beused for walking, horse-riding or cycling, and pass through various areasand municipalities: Vía Verde de la Sierra Norte, Vía Verde de la Sierra Sur,Vía Verde de Itálica and Vía Verde de la Campiña.www.viasverdes.comGreen Corridor of theGuadiamar RiverVisitors CentreAntigua Ctra. Aznalcázar-Pilas, km 0,2Aznalcázarwww.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambienteG-48 Sierra Morena Trackhttp://senderogr48.sierramorena.com/el-proyecto/The Oromana RouteAlcalá de Guadaírawww.turismoalcaladeguadaira.es/es/guia-turistica/rutasThe Retama RouteAlcalá de Guadaírawww.turismoalcaladeguadaira.es/es/guia-turistica/rutasThe Marchenilla RouteAlcalá de Guadaírawww.turismoalcaladeguadaira.es/es/guia-turistica/rutasRoutes BTTCycling routeswww.dipusevilla.es/dipusevilla/opencms/site/web/areas/juventud/menu_sec/servicio_de_deportes/temas/guia_btt/Routes through the Sierra deGilena hillsGilenawww.gilena.esThe Farming Routes (Las Huertas)Aguadulce EnvironsAguadulce24 25

Los CarrosAlanís-Los CarrosAlanísLos Molinos - El CalvarioAlmadén de la PlataEl Berrocal Visitors CentreCordel del Pedroso, Acces LasVegas, km 5Almadén de la PlataEl Piquillo TrailHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCastilblanco de los ArroyosLas Laderas TrailCazalla de la SierraArroyo de las CañasEl PedrosoThe El Pantano de losMolinos TrailHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCastilblanco de los ArroyosThe route from Cantillana toCastilblanco de los ArroyosCastilblanco de los ArroyosThe Vía de la Plata route on thepilgrimage to SantiagoHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCastilblanco de los ArroyosThe Cerro del Hierro RouteConstantina and San Nicolásdel PuertoLos Castañares Chestnut WoodsConstantinaEl Robledo Visitors Centre andEl Robledo Botanical GardenCtra. Constantina-El Pedroso, km 1ConstantinaLa Rivera de Cala - La LoberaReal de la JaraRibera del HuéznarSan Nicolás del PuertoEl Pedroso - Arroyo de las CañasHikingEl PedrosoEl Real de la Jara - La Riveradel CalaHikingEl Real de la JaraNature routes atEl RonquilloRoutes of Los Lagos, El Barranco dela Lana, La Molineta, Los Cachones,La Minilla, La Parrita, El Casarejo, LosBrezales, El Portugués, Sierra Clara,El Torreón, Casa de Retiro Espiritualand Embalse de la Minilla reservoir.HikingEl RonquilloHiking routes at Fuentes deAndalucíaHikingFuentes de AndalucíaGuadalcanal - La CapitanaHikingGuadalcanalRuta del AguaHorse-riding and walking routesGuillenaRuta of Los OlivillosHikingIsla MayorRuta Isla MínimaHikingIsla MayorLas Navas de la Concepción -Rivera de CiudadejaHikingLas Navas de la ConcepciónMarchena - Verea SanabriaHikingMarchenaMarchena - Vistalegre -MontepalaciosHikingMarchenaLandscape and monumentalroute, the La Canchal route andthe Botanical RouteHikingMontellanoSan Nicolás del Puerto -De Las DehesasHikingSan Nicolás del PuertoSenda Natura Hiking CompanyBenagila, 33Alcalá de Guadaírawww.sendanatura.comEl Peñón Mountain ResortCycling, hiking and horse-ridingCtra. Algámitas-Pruna, Km 3,5Algámitaswww.campingalgamitas.com/Over Limit Aventura4x4 trails, hiking, horse-riding,flying and cyclingFinca El Campillo. Ctra. Aznalcóllar-El Castillo de las Guardas, km 7Aznalcóllarwww.overlimit.orgVía-VivaHiking, horse-riding and cyclingDoctor Mije, 16Coripehttp://coriperural.esFinca Santa MaríaHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCtra. Nac. 433, km 55,5El Castillo de las Guardaswww.fincasantamaria.comTierra IndómitaCtra. A-476, km 6,8El Castillo de las Guardaswww.tierraindomita.comAlgakón, S.L.Urbanización La AlondraAvutarda, 46Salteraswww.algakon.esDoñana FlamencaAvda. de los Trabajadores, 10-bajoLa Puebla del Ríowww.donanaflamenca.comVeta La PalmaEcotourismLa Puebla del Ríowww.vetalapalma.esBirding SevillaBird WatchingBirding SevillaBird watching and adventures innature throughout Seville province,photo excursions, self-guidedroutes, birding trips.www.birdingsevilla.comEnvironmental educationVeta La PalmaLa Puebla del Ríohttp://vetalapalma.com/Dehesa Boyal Visitors CentreCamino del Bujeo, s/nVillamanrique de la Condesawww.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambiente/José Antonio ValverdeVisitors CentreCerrado GarridoMarismas de AznalcázarAznalcázarwww.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambiente/Las Huertas InterpretationCentreAguadulcewww.aguadulce.esSan Buenaventura Farm SchoolPinos de OromanaAvda. de Portugal, s/nAlcalá de Guadaírawww.pazbien.orgThe Rive Genil InterpretationCentrePaseo Pablo Iglesias, s/nBadolatosahttp://rutadeltempranillo.orgHacienda Los MiradoresFarm SchoolCtra. Mairena del Alcor-Brenes,km 2,8Carmonawww.losmiradores.com26 27

Encinar de EscardielNature CentreCtra. Almadén de la Plata, km 3Castilblanco de los Arroyoswww.lacasainglesa.comEl RemolinoNature CentreCtra. Estación, km 2,2Cazalla de la Sierrawww.educa.orgLa Sierra Farm SchoolCtra. Constantina-Ermita delRobledo, km 3Constantinawww.granjaescuelalasierra.comPeñón de Zaframagón Nature-Bird Interpretation CentreVía Verde de la Sierra FoundationEstación de Zaframagón, s/nCoripewww.fundacionviaverdedelasierra.comLaguna de Fuente del ReyNature Lecture HallLa Laguna, s/nDos Hermanaswww.doshermanas.esNature Observation ParkCtra. Cantarranas, s/nEl Ronquillowww.elronquillo.esCuna Farm SchoolCtra. Sevilla-Huelva, km 12,5Espartinaswww.granjaescuela.comLa Cañada Farm SchoolCtra. Fuente de Santiago, km 7Estepawww.cortijoandaluz.netCañada de los PájarosCtra. Puebla del Río-Isla Mayor, km 8La Puebla del Ríowww.canadadelospajaros.comEnvironmental EducationCentre Porzuna UrbanFringe ParkAvda. de Porzuna, s/nMairena del Aljarafewww.mairenadelaljarafe.esRiver Corbones InterpretationCentreCarreras, 2Marchenawww.marchena.esLa Buhardilla NatureLecture HallMain road Sevilla-Coria, km 2,5San Juan de Aznalfarachewww.lacasainglesa.comFinca La Albahaca Farm SchoolCtra. Sanlúcar la Mayor-Olivares,km 1,4Sanlúcar la Mayorwww.fincalbahaca.comGemasolar Solar PlantFuentes de AndalucíaThis is the first solar plant operating 24 hours a day.www.biomasacaldera.esCortijo El BerrocalVisitors CentreAlmadén de la PlataThe visitor centre is located inthe public forest of Las Navas-Berrocal, a place of great scenicbeauty. The area’s cultural heritageis also addressed in the centre,with a collection of replicas of thearchaeological remains unearthedon this very estate. There are evenfossilized tree trunks.www.juntadeandalucia.es/medio-ambiente/servtc5/ventana/mostrar-Ficha.do?idEquipamiento=19779Solar Photovoltaic InstallationInterpretation CentreEl CoronilThe Energy Interpretation Centre islocated in revolutionary new solargreenhouses, the first of its kindin Europe.www.elcoronil.esSolúcar PlatformSanlúcar la MayorThis is the largest solar platformin Europe located near Sanlúcarla Mayor.www.abengoasolar.comCampsites andcamping areasAlanísAlanís Camping SiteAlameda del Parral, s/nwww.alanis.esAlgámitasCamping Site at the “El Peñón”Mountain Tourist ResortCtra. Algámitas-Pruna, km 3,5www.campingalgamitas.comAznalcázarCamping Dehesa Nueva · 3ª categ.Ctra. Isla Mayor, km 3,2www.campingdehesanueva.esDos HermanasCamping Villsom · 2ª categ.Ctra. Isla Menor, s/nN-IV. Ctra. Sevilla-Cádiz, km 554,8campingvillsom@hotmail.comSan Nicolás del PuertoEl Martinete Camping SiteCtra. San Nicolás-Estación deCazalla, s/nwww.sannicolasdelpuerto.esCortijo Batán de las MonjasCamping SiteVereda de las Moreras, km 3,5www.sannicolasdelpuerto.esBulls in the provinceof SevillePartido de Resina LivestockfarmsAznalcázarJiménez-PrietoFincas Cerro del Negro yEl ManzanoGuillenaHermanos San PedroEl Castillo de las GuardasLa EspuelaFinca La ReyertaLebrijaLas MonjasLora del RíoLos RecitalesFinca Dehesa de Los RecitalesConstantinaMuñoz CandelFinca El PinoCastilblanco de los ArroyosMurubeFinca La CobatillaUtreraTerritorio ToroTerritorio Toro, the bull territory, aims to present a unique animal in a privilegedsetting in the heart of nature, while at the same time revealing thecultural significance of local fiestas, which are a part of Spanish culture.This initiative is a clear commitment by the Provincial Council of Seville topromote bulls as a hallmark feature of the region.Experience the unique sensation of seeing bulls in their natural habitat, aprivilege that until now has been the preserve of only a few. Territorio Toroprovides access to seven livestock farms in the province of Seville at whichraising and selecting fighting bulls has become an art form.Heirs of Excmo. Sr. Condede la MazaCortijo ArenalesMorón de la Fronterawww.cortijodearenales.comPeraltaRancho El RocíoPuebla del Ríowww.ranchoelrocio.comHeirs of D. José María EscobarIsla MínimaPuebla del Ríowww.islaminima.comAstolfiFinca MajadallanaVillaverde del Ríowww.turismosevilla.orgMundonaturawww.mundo-natura.comToros ToursGuided tours to livestock farmsDos Hermanaswww.torostours.comFor more information:www.turismosevilla.orgMarquis of AlbaserradaFinca MirandillaGerenawww.turismosevilla.orgLora SangránFinca La CaleraGerenawww.dehesalacalera.comYerbabuenaFinca Dehesa YerbabuenaCastilblanco de los Arroyoswww.turismosevilla.orgFor more information:Sevilla Exclusivewww.sevillaexclusive.com28 29

There’s more toSeville...with the familyExperience Seville province with the familyThe province is a family experience that is out of this world. There’s fun for kids and parents.What do you say to unforgettable trips? The province of Seville has culture-packed places wherethe whole family can have a wonderful time. But there are also tempting opportunities to relaxwith culture and nature. An interesting destination that’s close at hand for fun and learning atthe same time.Isla Mágica Theme ParkPabellón de EspañaIsla de la CartujaSevillewww.islamagica.esIsla Mágica, the first Spanish theme park with a citycentre location, recreates the city of Seville as it was in1492, at the time of the Discovery of America.Pirates, shipwrecked sailors, villains andarchduchesses are just some of the characters thatvisitors to the theme park will come across.It is an island in the heart of an incomparablecity where you can experience a world of magic,excitement and fun. Seven large thematic areasrecreate the historical adventure of the discovery ofAmerica with incredible rides, shows, audiovisualproductions, entertaining street processions andperformances, play areas and a host of shops andeating places to suit all tastes.3031

Other spaces and activitiesOver Limit Aventura4x4 trails, hiking, horse-riding, flying and cyclingFinca El CampilloCtra. Aznalcóllar-El Castillo de las Guardas, km 7Aznalcóllarwww.overlimit.orgTierra IndómitaCtra. A-476, km 6.8El Castillo de las Guardaswww.tierraindomita.comEl Carambolo ArboretumCtra. A-472, Cuesta del CaramboloCoca de la Piñerawww.aguasdesevilla.comThis is a botanical garden where you can view over600 species belonging to a wide variety of tropical,sub-tropical and Mediterranean families.Seville Zoological and Botanical ParkCtra. Guillena-Las Pajanosas, km 4,2Guillenawww.zoodesevilla.esIt has extensive gardened areas containing over200 plant species and over 120 wildlife species.Castillo de las Guardas Nature ReserveFinca Herrería Bajas, s/nCtra. A-476, km. 6,820Castillo de las Guardaswww.lareservadelcastillodelasguardas.esThe 15 kilometre tour of the reserve can be doneby train or car and provides an opportunity to see awide variety of wildlife species, including lions, bears,elephants, zebras and many others.The Hanging Forest of BollullosCrta. A-474, Bollullos-Aznalcázar, km 12,5Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.bosquesupendido.comWalking in the airJosé Luis Comellas MunicipalAstronomical ObservatoryEl Majuelo Metropolitan ParkLa Rinconadawww.larinconada.esThe observatory, which is located on the banks ofthe River Guadalquivir, contains an exhibition roomdisplaying objects associated with astronomy, leadingto the main telescope. It has proved a very useful toolfor spreading knowledge about astronomy. There isalso a classroom, which can accommodate up to onehundred people, and a laboratory.La Traviesa Astronomy ObservatoryFinca La TraviesaCtra. Almadén de la Plata-Santa Olalla de Cala, km 6.2Almadén de la Platawww.almadendelaplata.esThe project is an initiative of the SpanishAstronomical Association and promoted by the TownCouncil. The venue will have a 1-metre diametertelescope, the third largest in the Iberian peninsula,projecting out of a 8-metre dome, which is also oneof the largest in Spain.Cañada de los Pájaros Nature ReserveCtra. Puebla del Río-Isla Mayor, km 8La Puebla del Ríowww.canadadelospajaros.comThe Nature Reserve provides an opportunity toobserve one of the most varied collections ofEuropean birds, featuring between 150 and 200different species.La Buhardilla Nature Lecture HallMain road Sevilla-Coria, km 2,5San Juan de Aznalfarachewww.lacasainglesa.comEncinar de Escardiel Nature CentreCtra. Almadén de la Plata, km 16,5Castilblanco de los Arroyoswww.lacasainglesa.comAventura SevillaUrban Fringe Park of La CorchuelaSE-9024, km 3Dos Hermanaswww.aventurasevilla.comFinca Santa MaríaHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCtra. Nac. 433, km 55,5El Castillo de las Guardaswww.fincasantamaria.comEl Peñón Mountain Tourist ResortHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCtra. Algámitas-Pruna, km 3,5Algámitaswww.campingalgamitas.com/Glómadas AventurasSanlúcar la Mayorwww.glomadas.esGlooboUrb. ValdovinaGuadaíra, 12Tomareswww.gloobo.esGreen AerostaciónPol. Servialsa, calle B, nave 9Gineswww.globo.info/Sevillaparamotor Flight SchoolResidencial Zeus, 61Dos Hermanaswww.sevillaparamotor.comParamotores Bajo GuadalquivirAvda. de Utrera, 61Lebrijawww.paramotoresbajoguadalquivir.comAeroguillenaPol. El Cerro. Ctra. de Burguillos, s/nGuillenawww.aeroguillena.netAerohíspalis Flight SchoolMain road A-92, junction 23 to Mairena del AlcorMairena del Alcorwww.aerohispalis.com32 33

There’s more toSeville...active tourismIn Seville the mildness of the climate and the presence of endless natural settings and specificinstallations encourage the practice of open-air sports. As well as the above adventure proposals,water sports stand out, with the great river as the main scenario, or riding which can be practisedin numerous clubs and centres, such as the Gran Hipódromo de Andalucía (the racecourse inDos Hermanas). For playing golf, Seville province has four interesting proposals: the Real Clubde Golf de Sevilla, Club de Golf Las Minas, Club Zaudín Golf, and Hato Verde, plus the veteranClub Pineda.34Sports activitiesSevilla Sierra Norte AventurasLa Puebla de los Infanteswww.sevillasierranorteaventura.comGlobal Mountain, S.L.Garcí Pérez de Vargas, 13Alcalá de Guadaírawww.globalmountain.esLa Juliana Aerodrome Parachuting CentreA-49, junction 11Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.skydivespain.comEl Peñón Mountain Tourist ResortCtra. Algámitas-Pruna, km 3Algámitaswww.campingalgamitas.comSierra HuéznarCtra. El Pedroso-Constantina, km 10El Pedrosowww.sierrahueznar.esClub Alcalareño de Montaña Deportemanía(Mountain Club)Malasmañanas, 49Alcalá de Guadaírawww.ciudadalcala.orgOver Limit AventuraCtra. Aznalcóllar-El Castillo de las Guardas, km 7Aznalcóllarwww.overlimit.orgFinca Santa MaríaHiking, horse-riding and cyclingCtra. Nac. 433, km 55,5El Castillo de las Guardaswww.fincasantamaria.comThe Hanging Forest of BollullosPinar de la Juliana, s/nBollullos de la Mitaciónwww.bosquesuspendido.comOlympic Shooting RangeCarril de la Señorita, s/nCamasPaintball CoriaCamino de la Hampa, s/nCoria del Ríowww.ruraliberica.comAventura SevillaUrban Fringe Park of La CorchuelaSE-9024, km 3Dos Hermanaswww.aventurasevilla.comFalconry in ÉcijaÉcijawww.ciberecija.comTierra IndómitaCtra. A-476, km 6,8El Castillo de las Guardaswww.tierraindomita.comCenáuticaAvda. de la Raza, P/ 1-AGelveswww.cenautica.com35

TajamarGelves Sports PortRafael Zamora, 9Gelveswww.escuelanauticatajamar.comShooting and Bowhunting ClubPlatería, 17HerreraPaintball PalaceDiego Martínez Barrios, 18Los Palacios y Villafrancawww.palaciodelpaintball.comMediterráneo Diving SchoolClub Sato Sport - Parque Emp. PISAMairena del Aljarafewww.buceomediterraneo.comSun SailsCtra. del Copero, s/nMairena del Aljarafewww.sunsails.esEspeleoclub KarstGlorieta de Pío XII, 4Utrerawww.espeleoclubkarst.comDaur Ski, Mountaineering and SportCazalla de la Sierrawww.experienciadaur.comSailingPuerto GelvesMain road Sevilla-Coria del Río, km 3,5Gelveswww.puertogelves.comBerths: Capacity: 150 boats(up to 16 m in length)Marina Yachting SevillaCtra. del Copero, s/n Punta del VerdeSevillewww.marinayachting.infoBerths: Dry-stack storage: 400 boats up to 25 min lengthClub Náutico de SevillaSanlúcar de Barrameda, s/n.Sevillewww.nauticosevilla.comBerths: South Wharf: 30 places for boats 20 m long(up to 40 m)Golf CourseReal Club de Golf de SevillaMain road Sevilla-Utrera, km 3,2Alcalá de Guadaírawww.sevillagolf.com18-hole golf course.Designed by José María OlazábalLas Minas GolfIsla Mayor, km 0,8Aznalcázarwww.lasminasgolf.com9-hole golf course.Designed by Antonio García GarridoHato Verde GolfMain road Sevilla-Mérida, junction 790Las PajanosasGuillenawww.aymerichgolfclub.com18-hole - 71 par golf course.Designed by Manuel PiñeroClub ZaudínCtra. Mairena-Tomares, km 1,5Tomareswww.clubzaudingolf.com18-hole - 71 par golf course.Designed by Gary PlayerEquestrian centresGran Hipódromo de AndalucíaAvda. Universidad Pablo de Olavide, s/nDos Hermanaswww.granhipodromodeandalucia.esReal Club Pineda de SevillaAvda. de Jerez, s/nSevillewww.rcpineda.comLa Herradura, Equestrian TherapiesGran Hipódromo de Andalucía Race CourseAvda. Universidad Pablo de Olavide, s/nDos Hermanaswww.terapiaslaherradura.comAlislaRodríguez Solís, 14Sanlúcar la MayorCandela Equestrian CentreCtra. Almensilla-Coria, km 1,5Almensillawww.ceacandela.comEpona Equestrian CentreHacienda Los NietosMain road N-IV, km 519Carmonawww.eponaspain.comEntre Pinares Equestrian CentreCtra. Aznalcázar-Bollullos, km 19,9La Puebla del Ríowww.entrepinares.netPinar Grande Equestrian CentreLa Puebla del Ríowww.pinargrande.comLa Corbera Horse CentreCortijo La CorberaCtra. estación Don Rodrigo, km 3,4Utrerawww.lacorbera.esRiopudio Horse CentreA-472. Antigua Ctra. HuelvaEspartinasLa Cabriola Club HorseUrb. Vistasol, 74La Puebla del Ríowww.infodonana.com/lacabriolaEl Acebuche Riding SchoolCtra. Bollullos-Aznalcázar, direction Monasterejo, km 1,5Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.elacebuche.esFoundation for the Development ofEquestrian TherapiesCarmen, 44-46Écijawww.terapiasecuestres.orgHacienda Dos OlivosCrta. Aznalcázar-Pilas, s/nAznalcázarwww.haciendadosolivos.esPuerta Príncipe HorseCrta. Sevilla-Madrid, km 514Carmonawww.puertaprincipe.comAntonio Angulo Riding SchoolExtramuros, 22OsunaJuan Aguilar Riding SchoolCamino de los Carros, La CarpinteraOsunaRiding of Ana ReverteLoma del Pozo, s/nLos Corraleswww.anareverte.comCurro Vera Riding SchoolCtra. Lantejuela, km 1,5OsunaManuel Rodríguez Riding SchoolCtra. Osuna-Écija, km 3,5 - Izq.Osuna36 37StudFinca Isla MínimaHeirs of José EscobarIsla Mayorwww.islaminima.comStud of Luis CalderónMancilla, 79Osunawww.andalusianscalderon.blogspot.comHacienda San FelipeCarrión StudCtra. Gerena-Aznalcóllar, km 1,8Gerenawww.haciendasanfelipe.comStud of Miguel A. de CárdenasMain road Madrid-Cádiz, km 459Écijawww.caballoscardenas.comStud of Francisco OliveraCamino del Maestre, s/nAlcalá de Guadaírawww.yeguadaolivera.es

There’s more toSeville...its cultureFestivals and traditionsA mixture of joy, passion, religious feeling, tradition and art—the traditional fiestas in the provincereveal an array of different shows and must-do events that reflect the nature of the individual townsand villages.SevilleHoly WeekEach year, as springtime approaches, Seville beginsto prepare for its Holy Week festivities. From PalmSunday through to Resurrection Sunday, the religiousbrotherhoods leave churches all over the city toparade in procession to the cathedral in an act ofpenitence. Festival of international tourist interest.March/AprilApril FairFor a week the people of Seville live in an ephemeralstriped-canvas city made up of hundreds of casetas orsmall marquees lining streets covered with compactedgolden earth and adorned with coloured paperlanterns. The fair normally gets underway on Mondayat midnight, when the lights decorating the impressivegateway are turned on (alumbrado), and comes toa close on the following Sunday with a spectacularfirework display. Festival of international tourist interest.AprilCorpus ChristiFew cities preserve their traditions intact to the extentthat Seville does, particularly when it comes to religiouscelebrations. The Corpus Christi procession bearswitness to this, congregating thousands of worshippersin the streets of Seville, carpeted with rushes androsemary for the passing of the Body of Christ.Juny“Velá” de Santiago y Santa AnaThe Velá de Santiago y Santa Ana is one of thetraditions that best identifies the Triana quarter.Julywww.sevilla.org3839

ProvinceAguadulceSan Pablo ProcessionJanuarySan Bartolomé FairAugustwww.aguadulce.esAlanísFairAugustNtra. Sra. de las AngustiasFestivitySeptemberwww.alanis.esAlbaida del AljarafeSan SebastiánJanuaryLa Soledad BrotherhoodFestivalsSeptemberwww.albaidadelaljarafe.esAlcalá de GuadaíraAlcalá FairJunySan Mateo PilgrimageSeptemberwww.ciudadalcala.orgAlcalá del RíoVirgen de EsquivelProcession and FairJulyFairSeptemberwww.alcaladelrio.esAlcolea del RíoVirgen del Rosario PilgrimageMayVirgen del Consuelo FairSeptemberwww.alcoleadelrio.esAlgámitasDulce Nombre de Jesús PatronSaint FestivalsJanuarySantiago Apóstol Festivalsand FairJulywww.algamitas.esAlmadén de la PlataLos Judas y el Hornazo FestivalAprilSan Juan Night PirulitoJunywww.almadendelaplata.esAlmensillaSan Diego PilgrimageMayFairJunywww.almensilla.esArahalSta. Mª Magdalena FestivityJulyFestival of VerdeoSeptemberwww.arahal.esAznalcázarProcessión of El Rocío at theQuema FordFestival of Tourist InterestMaySantiago Apóstol FestivalsFestival of Tourist InterestJulywww.ayuntamientodeaznalcazar.orgAznalcóllarQuema de los Judas FestivalAprilNtra. Sra. de Fuente Clara y SanSebastián Patron Saint FestivalsSeptemberwww.aznalcollar.esBadolatosaLa Candelaria FairFebruaryNtra. Sra. de la FuensantaPilgrimage and FestivalsSeptemberwww.badolatosa.esBenacazónExtraordinary Pilgrimage toEl RocíoFebruaryEchar los Santos FestivalNovemberwww.benacazon.esBollullos de la MitaciónVirgen de Cuatrovitas FestivalsSeptemberVirgen de CuatrovitasPilgrimageOctoberwww.bollullosdelamitacion.esBormujosVelá de Santiago y Santa AnaLocal FairJulyFairJuly/Augustwww.bormujos.netBrenesSan Benito Abad PilgrimageAugustVirgen del Rosario FestivalsOctoberwww.brenes.esBurguillosVirgen del Rosario Pilgrimageand FestivalsSeptember/Octoberwww.burguillos.esCamasPatron Saint Festivals and FairSeptemberSanta Brígida PilgrimageOctoberwww.ayto-camas.org40 41CantillanaNtra. Sra. de la AsunciónFestivalsFestival of Tourist InterestSeptemberLa Divina Pastora Pilgrimageand FestivalsFestival of Tourist InterestSeptemberwww.cantillana.esCañada RosalFestival of the Painted EggsAprilSanta Ana y San Joaquín FairJulywww.canada-rosal.orgCarmonaCarnivalFestival of Tourist InterestFebruaryVirgen de Gracia Pilgrimageand FestivalsSeptemberwww.carmona.orgCarrión de los CéspedesFairSeptemberNtra. Sra. del Rosario FestivalsSeptember/Octoberwww.carriondeloscespedes.esCasaricheSan Isidro Labrador FestivalMaySantiago FairJulywww.casariche.esCastilblanco de los ArroyosFestival of WaterSan Benito Abad PilgrimageAugustwww.castilblancodelosarroyos.esCastilleja de GuzmánFairJulyVirgen del Rosario FestivalOctoberwww.castillejadeguzman.esCastilleja de la CuestaHoly WeekFestival of Tourist InterestMarch/AprilVirgen de Guía FestivityJuny/Julywww.castillejadelacuesta.esCastilleja del CampoNtra. Sra. del Buen SucesoFestival PilgrimageAugustwww.castillejadelcampo.esCazalla de la SierraNtra. Sra. del Monte PilgrimageAugustTranslation of Ntra. Sra. delMonte to her shrineOctoberwww.cazalladelasierra.es/ConstantinaTranslation of Virgen delRobledo to ConstantinaAugustVirgen del Robledo PilgrimageSeptemberwww.constantina.orgCoria del RíoVelada de Ntra. Sra. del CarmenLocal FairJulyFairFestival of Tourist InterestSeptemberwww.coriadelrio.esCoripeQuema del Judas FestivalFestival of Tourist InterestAprilSan Pedro FairJunywww.coripe.esDos HermanasFair of SpringFestival of Tourist InterestMayNtra. Sra. de Valme PilgrimageOctoberwww.doshermanas.esÉcijaHoly WeekFestival of Tourist InterestMarch/AprilVirgen del Valle FestivalSeptemberwww.ecija.es

El Castillo de las GuardasFairAugustSan Juan Bautista PilgrimageJunywww.elcastillodelasguardas.esEl CoronilFestival of SpringApril/MaySan Roque FairAugustwww.elcoronil.esEl CuervoVirgen del Rosario PilgrimageMayPatron Saint Fair and FestivalsOctoberwww.elcuervodesevilla.esEl GarroboNtra. Sra. de la Estrella FestivalsFuente Abades PilgrimageAugustwww.elgarrobo.esEl MadroñoCross of Juan Antón andJuan GallegoMayEl Madroño FairAugustwww.elmadrono.esEl PedrosoVirgen del Espino PilgrimageAugustPatron Saint FestivalsSeptemberwww.elpedroso.esEl Real de la JaraPirulitos of San JuanJunySan Bartolomé FestivalsAugustwww.elrealdelajara.esEl RonquilloPopular FestivalsAugustNtra. Sra. de Gracia FestivitySeptemberwww.elronquillo.esEl RubioPilgrimage to Cerro de laCabezaMayNtra. Sra. del RosarioPilgrimage and Local FairOctoberwww.elrubio.esEl SaucejoFairAugustLa Inmaculada FestivityDecemberwww.elsaucejo.esEl Viso del AlcorLa Santa Cruz FestivalsMaySta. Mª del Alcor CoronadaFestivalsFestival of Tourist InterestSeptemberwww.elvisodelalcor.orgEspartinasVelá Espartinas Town Local FairSeptemberNtra. Sra. de Loreto PilgrimageSeptemberwww.espartinas.netEstepaVelá de Santa Ana Local FairJulyFairAugustwww.estepa.comFuentes de AndalucíaCarnivalFestival of Tourist InterestFebruaryMª Auxiliadora Pilgrimageand FestivalMaywww.turismofuentes.comGelvesCarnivalFebruaryVirgen de Gracia Festivalsand FairAugustwww.gelves.esGerenaFairVirgen de la EncarnaciónPilgrimageMaywww.gerena.esGilenaNtra. Sra. de Fátima y San IsidroLabrador PilgrimageMayFairAugustwww.gilena.esGinesDeparture of wagonstowards El RocíoFestival of Tourist InterestMaySan Ginés PilgrimageSeptemberwww.gines.esGuadalcanalNtra. Sra. de GuaditocaPilgrimageAprilFairAugustwww.guadalcanalsierranorte.com42 43GuillenaLiving ThreeKings ParadeIt is the only living parade in theprovince of SevilleJanuarySan Isidro Labrador FestivalsMaywww.guillena.orgHerreraNtra. Sra. del Rosario deFátima PilgrimageMayFairAugustwww.herrera.esHuévar del AljarafeSan Sebastián FestivalJanuaryNtra. Sra. de la AsunciónFestivalsAugustwww.huevardelaljarafe.esIsla MayorFair of Rice and the CrayfishJunyVirgen del Carmen FairPoblado Alfonso XIIIJulywww.islamayor.esLa AlgabaLa Inmaculada ConcepciónPilgrimageJunyBull FestivalFestival of Tourist InterestSeptemberwww.laalgaba.netLa CampanaFairAugustSan Nicolás de TolentinoFestivalsSeptemberwww.lacampana.esLa LuisianaLa Inmaculada ConcepciónPilgrimageAprilVirgen de Fátima PilgrimageMaywww.laluisiana.orgLantejuelaNtra. Sra. del Carmen PilgrimageMayVirgen del RosarioFestivals and FairOctoberwww.lantejuela.orgLa Puebla de CazallaPilgrimage MoorishMayVerbena de Ntra. Sra.de las Virtudes Local FairAugustwww.pueblacazalla.comLa Puebla de los InfantesVirgen de las HuertasPilgrimageJunyFair of AugustAugustwww.lapuebladelosinfantes.esLa Puebla del RíoSan Sebastián FestivityJanuaryNtra. Sra. de la Granada FestivalSeptemberwww.lapuebladelrio.esLa RinconadaLa Rinconada FairJulySan Isidro Labrador PilgrimageOctoberwww.larinconada.esLa Roda de AndalucíaMª Auxiliadora FestivalsMayNtra. Sra. de los Llanos FestivalsOctoberwww.larodadeandalucia.esLas Cabezas de San JuanSan Isidro PilgrimageMayFairSeptemberwww.lascabezasdesanjuan.esLas Navas de la ConcepciónSan Pedro Apóstol Local FairJunyVirgen de Belén PilgrimageAugustwww.lasnavasdelaconcepcion.esLebrijaCrosses of MayFestival of Tourist InterestMayFestival of the JúasJunywww.lebrija.esLora de EstepaSan Marcos PilgrimageAprilFairSeptember/Octoberwww.loradeestepa.es

Lora del RíoFair and FestivalsMayVirgen de SetefillaPilgrimageSeptemberwww.loradelrio.esLos CorralesNtra. Sra. del Buen SucesoFestivalsMayFairJuly/Augustwww.dipusevilla.es/dipusevilla/opencms/site/web/municipios/los_corrales/Los MolaresNtra. Sra. de Fátima PilgrimageMaySta. Marta Festivals and FairJulywww.losmolares.esLos Palacios y VillafrancaSan Isidro Labrador PilgrimageFestival of Tourist InterestMayFestivals and FairSeptemberwww.lospalacios.orgMairena del AlcorFairFestival of Tourist InterestAprilSan Bartolomé ProcessionSeptemberwww.mairenadelalcor.orgMairena del AljarafeSan Ildefonso FestivalJanuaryNtra. Sra. de las MercedesFestivalSeptemberwww.mairenadelaljarafe.esMarchenaSan Sebastián FestivalJanuaryFairSeptemberwww.marchena.esMarinaledaVirgen de los CaminosPilgrimageMaySantiago FairJulywww.marinaleda.esMartín de la JaraFairJulyVirgen del Rosario FestivalOctoberwww.martindelajara.esMontellanoSan Isidro Labrador PilgrimageFestival of Tourist InterestMayFair of the JubileosAugustwww.montellano.es/Morón de la FronteraHoly WeekFestival of Tourist InterestMarch/AprilFairSeptemberwww.ayto-morondelafrontera.orgOlivaresCorpus ChristiJunyPatron Saint Fair and FestivalsAugustwww.turismo-olivares.esOsunaHoly WeekFestival of Tourist InterestMarch/AprilFair of MayFestival of Tourist InterestMaywww.turismosuna.esPalomares del RíoBrotherhood of El RocíoPilgrimageJunyVirgen de la Estrella FairOctoberwww.palomaresdelrio.esParadasSan Eutropio FestivalsJulyVirgen de los RemediosPilgrimageAugustwww.paradas.esPedreraLa Candelaria FestivalFebruarySan Antonio Abad FestivalsJunywww.pedrera.esPeñaflorLa Candelaria FestivityFebruaryNtra. Sra. de VilladiegoPilgrimageAugustwww.penaflor.esPilasLas Carreritas FestivalFestival of Tourist InterestAprilNtra. Sra. del Rocío Festivalsand FairJunywww.pilas.esPrunaDay of the Emigrant FestivalNovemberPura y Limpia Concepciónde Mª Santísima Pilgrimageand FestivalNovember/Decemberwww.pruna.esSalterasProcession of Virgen de la Olivato her shrineFebruaryCorpus Christi Festivalsand FairAugustwww.salteras.esSan Juan de AznalfaracheFairJunyVirgen del Rosario ProcessionOctoberwww.ayto-sanjuan.esSan Nicolás del PuertoSan Diego PilgrimageMaySanta Bárbara Patron Saint ofCerro del Hierro FestivalsDecemberwww.sannicolasdelpuerto.esSanlúcar la MayorFair of MayFestival of Tourist InterestMaySan Eustaquio FestivalsSeptemberwww.sanlucarlamayor.esSantiponceVía Crucis of El Aljarafe inItálicaFestival of Tourist InterestFebruarySan Isidoro del Campo PilgrimageMaywww.santiponce.esTocina-Los RosalesNtra. Sra. de Fátima.Los Rosales PilgrimageMayTocina-Los Rosales FairAugustwww.tocinalosrosales.esTomaresSan Sebastián PilgrimageMayFairSeptemberwww.tomares.esUmbreteCorpus ChristiVirgen del Consuelo ySan Bartolomé FairAugustwww.umbrete.esUtreraSan Juan FestivalJunyConsolación FairFestival of Tourist InterestSeptemberwww.turismoutrera.orgValencina de la ConcepciónCorpus ChristiJunyTorrijos PilgrimageFestival of Tourist InterestOctoberwww.valencinadelaconcepcion.esVillamanrique de la CondesaEl Rocío Brotherhoods goingthrough VillamanriqueFestival of Tourist InterestMaySan Roque FestivalAugustwww.villamanriquedelacondesa.esVillanueva de San JuanFestival of Vegetable GardenAprilNtra. Sra. del RosarioProcessionOctoberwww.villanuevadesanjuan.esVillanueva del AriscalSantiago and Corpus ChristiFestivalsJulyGrape Harvest Festival and FairSeptemberwww.villanuevadelariscal.esVillanueva del Río y MinasSanta Bárbara PilgrimageMaySanta Bárbara Processionto her shrineDecemberwww.dipusevilla.es/dipusevilla/opencms/site/web/municipios/villanueva_del_rio_y_minas/Villaverde del RíoSan Sebastián FestivityJanuaryPilgrimage in Honour ofNtra. Sra. de Aguas SantasMaywww.villaverdedelrio.es44 45

AugustPolvorón flamencoEstepaGazpacho AndaluzMorón de la FronteraSeptemberFlamenco NigthÉcijaCante Jondo Antonio MairenaFestivalMairena del AlcorFlamencoThe feeling of a people. The expression of its roots. This isflamenco. Every spot, every street, every place is witness to itsorigins and explains its universal appeal. Flamenco’s influenceextends throughout the province and is inherent in its cultureand tradition.OctoberFestival de la MistelaLos Palacios y VillafrancaFestivalsJunyJoaquín el de la Paula FestivalAlcalá de GuadaíraNiña de los Peines “Al Gurugu”MemorialArahalPotaje Gitano de UtreraUtreraJulyLa Yerbabuena FestivalLas Cabezas de San JuanCaracolá LebrijanaLebrijaCante Jondo GatheringPuebla de CazallaNovemberFestival del MostachónUtreraDecemberZambombá JerezanaAlcalá de GuadaíraFlamenco Singing PerformanceCamasZambombá Flamenca EcijanaÉcijaFlamenco PerformanceEl PedrosoZambombá FlamencaGelvesCandelá FlamencaGinesZambombá FlamencaLebrijaColombianas CompetitionMarchenaFlamenco Carol SingingOsunaZambombá FlamencaParadasFlamenco Carol SingingSalterasZambombá RocieraSanlúcar la MayorTheatres in the ProvinceFor culture vultures, the province has anextensive range of theatres and stages.For more information:www.turismosevilla.orgTourist Guides Associationsand CompaniesAll Sevilla Guided ToursPablo Guerín, 11 10º-ASevillawww.allsevillaguides.comAndalsurGarcía de Vinuesa, 35Sevillawww.andalsurexcursiones.comCitytour Sevillawww.citytoursevilla.comConocer Sevillawww.conocersevilla.comGuideturMateos Gago, 29-bajoSevillawww.guidetur.comMonumentalAvda. Reina Mercedes, 53 5º-BSevillawww.monumental.esPaseando por SevillaAvda. Tarsis, s/n edif. AgoraSevillawww.paseandoporsevilla.comPassion ToursSiete Revueltas, 10-bajoSevillawww.passiontours.comReally Discover S.L.Don Remondo, 1 2ºSevillawww.reallydiscover.comRutas Sevillawww.ruta-sevilla.comSevilla InsideAvda. de la Filosofía, 30 5º-CMairena del Aljarafewww.sevillainside.comSevilla Walking Tourswww.sevillawalkingtours.comTema SevillaJavier Lasso de la Vega, 5Sevillawww.vivesevilla.esViaje por la Leyendawww.viajeporlaleyenda.comVisitoursAvda. de Extremadura, 27Santiponcewww.visitours.es46 47

Shopping in the ProvinceArts and CraftsThe intense and productive history of the towns and villages in the province of Seville have createdparticularly fertile ground for the crafts which are expressed in many different ways. For example, pottery,ceramics, equestrian leathercraft -closely associated with the tradition of riding- and wrought iron.Wood-working and crafts relating to religious processions have a presence in almost every town.Alcalá de GuadaíraAlguadalajilCeramicPol. Polysol, nave 37Ctra. Sevilla-Málaga, Km. 11,300CercolónCeramicPol. La Red, 19-11www.cercolon.esAlcolea del RíoArvamobelCrafts furniturePedro Aguilar, 37ArahalDarío Segura JiménezCrafts furniturePérez Galdós, 12AznalcázarBronces TartessosBronzeLa Marisma, 26AznalcóllarGitana de los ReyesCrafts textilesCisneros, 5BenacazónJoaquín SorianoCeramicAvda. de Sanlúcar, 29www.joaquinsoriano.comBrenesFernández y EnríquezCrafts textilesReal, 86CarmonaDomínguez, Artesanos del muebleCrafts furnitureSan Teodomiro, 18Hermanos Dana. Forja y Diseño del HierroWrought ironCelestino, 3 y 5Joaquín Félix Sánchez BenjumeaWrought ironPol. Ind. Brenes, calle H, parcela, 20María GaviraCrafts textilesGeneral Freire, 8Castilleja de la CuestaAlfombras BaldomeroCrafts textilesAlegría, 16 y Real, 44www.alfombrasbaldomero.esJosé Mª CamposCeramicAlfonso Chaves, 43Dos HermanasArte-Piel - Pepa del Valle RodríguezLeatherworkUrb. Vista Azul, Blq. 3 - 1º 4Manuela de los SantosFloral designFuerte Navidad, 3www.manueladelossantos.comMari Sol Gómez MontanerCeramicUrb. Vista Azul, Blq. 4ÉcijaAlberto Rodríguez Fernández y HermanosWrought ironCtra. Écija-Osuna, km 1Fábula DecoraciónCrafts furniturePol. Ind. El Limonero, s/nGuarnicionería SayraLeatherworkPol. El Límero, 6-Gwww.sayra-armenta.comEspartinasAna María Palomo BrunoArtistic stained glassBaldomero Iñigo Leal, 6GilenaMatilde Cerámica ArtísticaCeramicSevilla, 31www.matildeceramica.comLa Puebla del RíoAlcaria Cerámica Sdad. Coop.CeramicPozo del Prado, nave 2La RinconadaBordados en Oro Fernando de la PozaCrafts textilesUrb. Tarazona, 2. Simpecado, 436Lora del RíoMª del Carmen MonjeCeramicAvda. de la Campana, 42Mairena del AljarafeArte TallerFraming painting, graphic work and digitalParque Emp. PISANobel, 6www.artetaller.comTiendeSita SolidariaCostume jewelleryNueva, 39www.fundacionanabella.orgMarchenaAtrapatrapo. Laura CalderónCrafts textilesAlférez Provisional, 13Morón de la FronteraArte MorónCeramicArrecife, 48Carpintería Francisco Javier López LópezCrafts furniturePedro de Alvarado, 10Manuel AcostaLeatherworkPza. de San Miguel, 8-10www.cinturonesacosta.esOsunaJosé A. MolinaCeramicPol. Ind. El EjidoParcela 146Arrieros 12www.ceramicasmolina.comArte 2Cordobán y GuadamecíLeatherworkPol. Ind. BelmonteAlfareros, 50www.arte2.esPalomares del RíoChonín Ruesga NavarroCrafts textilesOrégano, 5www.choninruesganavarro.esSalterasArtesanía del RelieveWrought ironPilar Rodríguez RivasBookbindingUrb. La Alondra, 53San Juan de AznalfaracheDiseño de orfebreríaBlanca FrancoGold and Silver WorkMarbella, 5María Rita Iglesias PascualTalabar Arte en PielLeatherworkBuen Aire, 7Tocina - Los RosalesArtecrisluz SCAWrought ironGran Avenida, 34Cerámicas FátimaCeramicNardo, 24UmbreteMiguel de Diego. VidrioArtistic stained glassPza. Federico García Lorca, 13www.migueldediegovidrio.comValencina de la ConcepciónParlademfcWrought ironMiguel Hernández, 9www.parlademfc.comVillamanrique de la CondesaÁngeles EspinarCrafts textilesPascual Márquez, 8www.angelesespinar.comGuarnicionería y zapatería Benjamín MartínLeatherworkGregorio Medina, 39Mantones DíazCrafts textilesPza. de España, 2Villanueva del AriscalAguamarinaCostume jewelleryJosé Luna Boa, s/nVillanueva del Río y MinasArteminaCeramicAvda. Andalucía, 4048 49

There’s more toSeville...the flavoursTapas are an essential part of Seville cuisine. Not only is this a way of understanding gastronomy withcustoms of its own (in good company, standing, in old taverns), it is also an excellent opportunityto taste a number of specialities of our culinary traditions at truly competitive prices. On the otherhand, Sevillian gastronomy is not just the result of an inherited collection of recipes, but is above allthe natural way of using local produce. The most emblematic products (the bread of Alcalá, sweets,the mantecados from Estepa, the mostachones from Utrera, Iberian meats, rice, must, oil) havetheir own tourist routes through the province.Gastronomic routes in the Province of SevilleRice RouteA tour of the province’s rice-growing towns, bathedby the River Guadalquivir, provides the perfect excuseto discover the history, festivities and monuments ofthese towns, which are linked by the cultivation of rice.It is well worth visiting these places just to sample thespecialities that each restaurant has created using thisingredient.Must RouteThe Aljarafe district is rich in vineyards and wineries,where every November must (mosto) is produced.It is a young golden wine, which was exported as earlyas Roman times. This area has fertile land to producegood grapes and a society that has embraced andwoven a strong wine-growing tradition.Iberian Pork RouteThe Sierra Norte is the name given to the part of theSierra Morena that lies within the province of Seville,an area where the countryside changes dramaticallyand has its own distinctive culture and a gastronomyin which the Iberian pig features strongly. Pasturelandsdotted with holm, cork, and gall oaks provide foodfor this animal, which is used in a host of exquisitegastronomic specialties.Olive Oil and Table Olive RouteSeville is the third biggest oil-producing province inSpain, and there is no doubt about the quality of theoil it produces. Table olives are typical of this area andare known as Seville olives. What better link for plottinga route through the province!For further information on these routes:www.turismosevilla.org5051

LebrijaLa Purísima ConcepciónConventAntonio de Nebrija, 3MarchenaLa Purísima Concepción deSta. María ConventPalacio Ducal, 9San Andrés ConventCompañía, 1ShoppingThere’s a different way to understand fine foods. We can still find local produce handed down from generation togeneration in the province of Seville—wineries, distilleries, home-made pastry shops, cold meats, oil mills, conventsweets, etc. All of these recall times gone by.Sweet of conventsSevilleMadre de Dios ConventSan José, 4San Leandro ConventPza. San Ildefonso, 1Santa Ana ConventSanta Ana, 34Santa Inés ConventDoña María Coronel, 5Sta. Mª del Socorro ConventBustos Tavera, 30San Clemente MonasteryReposo, 9Alcalá de GuadaíraSta. Clara ConventAlcalá y Ortiz, 39ArahalNtra. Sra. del Rosario ConventSerrano, 21BormujosSta. Mª la Real ConventCtra. de Bormujos, s/nCarmonaSta. Clara ConventTorno de Santa Clara, 1Stma. Trinidad ConventLas Descalzas, 4Madre de Dios ConventTorno Madre de Dios, s/nConstantinaNtra. Sra. de los ÁngelesConventCarretería, 35Dos HermanasSan José ConventFernando de Quiñones, s/nÉcijaLa Purísima ConcepciónConventSecretario Armesto, 2San José ConventEl Conde, s/nLas Teresas ConventEl Conde, 16Sta. Florentina ConventZurcideras, 3Sta. Inés del Valle ConventMayor, 29EstepaSta. Clara de Jesús ConventCerro de San Cristóbal, 1Morón de la FronteraSta. Clara ConventUtrera, 1Sta. Mª de la Asunción ConventCorredera, 17OsunaLa Encarnación ConventPza. de la Encarnación, 2La Purísima ConcepciónConventSevilla, 1San Pedro ConventCristo, 19Sanlúcar la MayorSan José ConventReal, 18UtreraLa Purísima ConcepciónConventPonce de León, 11SausagesCazalla de la SierraCorsevillaSausages and meat productApartado de Correos, 40www.corsevilla.esConstantinaEmbutidos El CapellánSausages and meat productsÁlamos, 18www.embutidoscapellan.comCoripeÁngel López SanzSausages and meat productsLas Onzas, 47www.angellopezsanzsl.comEl Real de la JaraOvidio Hidalgo e HijosMilk and derivativesAvda. 28 de Febrero, 38www.quesosdeandalucia.comLas Navas de la ConcepciónHermanos Gutiérrez BermejoSausages and meat productsNueva, 70Ibéricos La BodeguillaSausages and meat productsRafael Alberti, 7www.la-bodeguilla.esSan Nicolás del PuertoEl ManantialSausages and meat productsTinado, 4Wineries and distilleriesCarmonaAnís Los HermanosDistillery AnísFinca de los Brenes,Ctra. Carmona-El Viso, s/nLos Alcores de CarmonaWineryFinca de los Brenes,Ctra. Carmona-El Viso, s/nCazalla de la SierraAnís El ClavelDistillerySan Benito, 8www.delclavel.comAnís MiuraDistilleryVirgen del Monte, 54www.caballero.esBodegas Colonias de GaleónWineryPlazuela, 39www.coloniasdegaleon.comBodegas El DuendeCtra. Cazalla-Guadalcanal, km 3,5duendejgs@hotmail.comConstantinaAnís La VioleteraDistilleryMentidero, 2www.anislavioletera.comBodega La MargaritaWineryCtra. Constantina-San Nicolás, s/nBodegas de Fuente ReinaWineryHacienda La Purísima ConcepciónCtra. de Cazalla, km 11www.tintoandaluz.comEspartinasBodegas PatacabraWineryJ. Emilio Fdez. Mora, 352 53

EstepaAnís BravíoRafael Ignacio Nieto GalvánDistilleryPol. Ind. Sierra SurAjonjolí, 26Fuentes de AndalucíaAnis RigoLantejuela, 5GelvesDestilerías Anís RigoManuel Gómez MorenoDistilleryLantejuela, 5www.anisrigo.comLebrijaBodegas González PalaciosWineryConsolación, 60www.gonzalezpalacios.comLos Palacios y VillafrancaBodega Cooperativa Las NievesAvda. Utrera, s/ngerente@e-lasnieves.comUmbreteBodegas F. SaladoWineryAmarguillo, 6www.bodegassalado.comVillanueva del AriscalBodegas GóngoraWineryStmo. Cristo de la Veracruz, 59www.bodegasgongora.comBodegas LoretoCristo de la Veracruz, 28limonmiron@hotmail.comVinícola del AljarafeWineryAntonio Samaranch, s/nOils and olivesCarmonaTransportes y Aceitesde CarmonaOils and olivesCtra. El Viso-Tocina, km 11,5EstepaOleoestepaSdad. Coop. Andaluza de 2º gradoPol. Ind. Sierra Sur. El Olivo, s/nwww.oleoestepa.comEl Viso del AlcorBasilippoExtra Virgin olive oilHacienda MerrhaCtra. El Viso-Tocina, km 2www.basilippo.comHuévar del AljarafeFramolivaOils and olivesCtra. SE-639, Huévar-SanlúcarVereda de los Esparragales, s/nwww.framoliva.comLa Puebla de los InfantesS.C.A. Virgen de las HuertasCtra. Constantina, s/nwww.scavirgendelashuertas.esLa RinconadaHacienda GuzmánFirst world Olivotecawww.fundacionjrguillen.comLora de EstepaSegundo Grado Sierra Nortede SevillaOils and olivesCtra. Alcolea, s/nOsunaSanta TeresaOils and olivesLantejuela, 1www.1881.esCatering establishmentsAlcalá de GuadaíraCasa MarioCastillo de Marchenilla, 5www.restaurantemario.comEl Rincón de BernardoSilos, 39www.elrincondebernardo.esAlanísCasa AdrianoBarrionuevo, 8www.adrianocasarural.comAznalcázarGuadiamarCtra. Aznalcázar-Pilas, km 0,5www.asadorguadiamar.esRestaurante LinceSeguidilla, 33Tel. + 34 955 751 972Cancela VerdePza. Navarrete, 6Tel. + 34 955 750 923-open only weekends-Bollullos de la MitaciónRestaurante Antonio LeónAvda. de la Constitución, 52Tel. + 34 955 695 475Restaurante BellotasAvda. de Umbrete, 3 (Pibo)Tel. + 34 955 778 035BurguillosHorno El Fogón de SegoviaAvda. Cruz de la Ermita, 96www.elfogondesegovia.comCamasAsador AzafránPañoleta, 10www.asadorazafran.comCarmonaAlmazara de CarmonaSanta Ana, 33www.cateringalfardos.comLa YedraGeneral Freire, 8www.restaurantelayedra.esCastilleja de la CuestaLos NavarrosConvento, 40Tel. + 34 954 162 053Robles AljarafeCtra. Bormujos, 2www.casa-robles.comCazalla de la SierraPalacio San BenitoCalle del Moro, s/nTel. + 34 954 883 336La Posada del MoroPaseo del Moro, s/nwww.laposadadelmoro.comConstantinaCambio de TercioVirgen del Robledo, 51Tel. + 34 955 881 080Casa GrandeCtra. Constantina-Cazalla, km 1www.casagrande-rural.comCoria del RíoSevrugaAvda. de Andalucía, 5www.sevruga.esEl Rincón del DuendeCapataces, s/nTel. + 34 672 297 798Dos HermanasLos BaltazaresAvda. Cristóbal Colón, 31Tel. + 34 955 678 491Los PelaítosMirabrás, 5Tel. + 34 95 4729 958 / 608 249 455ÉcijaRestaurante AmritaEmilio Castelar, 15www.amrita.esRestaurante Casa MachínGalindo, 4www.casamachin.esRestaurante Las NinfasCánovas del Castillo, 4Tel. + 34 954 830 689El PedrosoLos ÁlamosCtra. Sevilla A-432 km 29,5www.apartamentoslosalamos.comEl CruceCtra. de Cazalla, s/nwww.tabernaelcruce.comLa Dehesa de la Sierra NorteCtra. de Cazalla, 1Tel. + 34 954 889 423EspartinasCasa RamiroAvda. Manuel García Gómez, 2www.restaurantecasaramiro.comGinesAsador AlmansaArnilla, 10Ctra. Sevilla-Huelva, s/nwww.restaurantealmansa.comArturoConstitución, 15Tel. + 34 954 714 303Isla MayorEsteroAvda. Rafael Beca, 6-11www.restaurantestero.comRestaurante El TejaoAvda. Rafael Beca, 9Tel. + 34 955 773 331La Puebla de los InfantesAgredanoPza. de la Constitución, 16www.restauranteagredano.comLas PalomasCtra. Lora del Río, km 16www.las-palomas.comLa Puebla del RíoRestaurante EsteroIsla Mínima / Poblado EscobarTel. + 34 954 184 826Cañada de los PájarosCtra. Puebla-Isla Mayor, Km 8Tel. + 34 955 772 184La RinconadaTorrepavasCtra. Sevilla-Cazalla, km 4,5www.antiguaabaceriadesanlorenzo.comLa RodaLeivaReal, 41Tel. + 34 954 016 081Abades la RodaMain road A-92, junction 123www.abades.comLos Palacios y VillafrancaManolo MayoAvda. de Sevilla, 29www.manolomayo.comCasa MoralReal de Villafranca, 29www.restaurantecasamoral.comMarchenaCasa ManoloSan Sebastián, 22www.casamanolomarchena.comRestaurante La MasíaTravesía San Ignacio, 4Tel. + 34 955 846 500OsunaEl Mesón del DuquePza. de la Duquesa, 2www.cotolascanteras.comRestaurante MorenitaPza. Cervantes, 16www.casonacalderon.esParadasNueva Andalucía IIMain road A-92, km 44,400www.nuevaandalucia.esSalterasLa ResolanaSor María de la Pasión, 2Tel. + 34 955 707 747Restaurante La Bodegawww.labodegadesalteras.comSanlúcar la MayorAlhucemasAvda. del Polideportivo, 4www.restaurantealhucemas.comVenta PazoCtra. Sanlúcar-Huelva, km 3,6www.ventapazo.comSantiponceEl Ventorrillo CanarioAvda. de Extremadura, 13www.ventorrillocanario.comUmbreteCasa RufinoTraspalacio, 1www.restaurantecasarufino.comUtreraDesacuerdoÁlvarez Quintero, 15www.desacuerdo.esRetintoPonce de León, 8www.retinto.comVillamanrique de la CondesaArdea PurpureaVereda de los Labrados, s/nwww.ardeapurpureaturismo.comVillanueva del AriscalBajo GuíaSantiago, s/n-open only weekendswww.bodegamarinerabajoguia.esEl PotroMontera, 2www.bodegaelpotro.comBodega El MellizoCalle Nueva, 4www.tabernaelmellizo.com54 55

There’s more toSeville...for businessAs well as fully equipped hotels for congresses and conventions and specific installations for theholding of professional encounters as in the case of Fibes, Seville offers travellers a large number ofoutstanding spaces that are characteristic of the province. These are farmhouses, country estates,wine cellars, and public historic buildings that give added value to any encounter; meetings in Sevilleare therefore different to those that may be held anywhere else in the world. Congresses, conventions,trade fairs, and incentive trips are attractive in a city with as many tourist attractions as Seville.Mice TourismConference and Exhibition Centre. CECPol. Alcalá 10, Ctra. Sevilla-Málaga, km 6,3Alcalá de Guadaírawww.complejoideal.comSeville Congresses CentreCtra. Bollullos de la Mitación-Aznalcázar, km 0,5Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.centrosevillacongresos.com56Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre.FIBESAvda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, s/nSevillewww.fibes.esCasa de PilatosMedinaceli Ducal House FoundationPza. de Pilatos, 1Sevillewww.fundacionmedinaceli.orgLebrija Palace MuseumCuna, 8Sevillewww.palaciodelebrija.comRoyal Alcazar of SevillePatio de Banderas, s/nSevillewww.patronato-alcazarsevilla.es57

Cortijo de Arenales Cortijo Mi Ranchito Hacienda El Vizir Hacienda Los Ángeles Hacienda San Felipe Cortijo La CañadaCountry Houses and EstatesConvento FranciscanoVirgen del Monte, 54Cazalla de la Sierrawww.caballero.esCortijo de ArenalesCtra. A-360, km 35,5Morón de la Fronterawww.cortijodearenales.comCortijo El ChamorroAccess from main road A-376Sevilla-UtreraUtrerawww.cortijoelchamorro.comCortijo Los RecitalesCtra. La Puebla de los Infantes-Constantina, km 10Constantinawww.losrecitales.comCortijo Mi RanchitoCtra. Mérida-Santiponce, s/nSantiponcewww.cortijomiranchito.comCortijo PesquerilCtra. Constantina-Lora, km 8Constantinawww.yeguadaeldiabolo.comCortijo Rancho El RocíoCtra. Puebla del Río-Isla Mayor, km 10La Puebla del Ríowww.ranchoelrocio.comCortijo San José de BucaréCtra. de Morón, km 14,5Morón de la FronteraCortijo Sta. MaríaCtra. N-433, km 55,5El Castillo de las Guardaswww.fincasantamaria.comCortijo Vergel de Sta. MaríaCtra. Écija-Cañada Rosal, km 10Constantinawww.losrecitales.es/finca_vergelCoto de las CanterasVía Sacra, s/nOsunawww.elcotolascanteras.comDehesa La CaleraCtra. Gerena-Aznalcóllar, km 11,3Gerenawww.dehesalacalera.comFinca La MirandillaCtra. A-477 Gerena-Aznalcóllar, km 10Gerenawww.sistelnet.es/mirandillaFinca Los Rosales deAznalfaracheCtra. San Juan de Aznalfarache-Tomares, s/nTomareswww.aznalfarache.comHacienda Al-BarakaCtra. Antigua Dos Hermanas-Utrera, s/nDos Hermanaswww.haciendaalbaraka.comHacienda Atalaya AltaCtra. N-IV, km 18Carmonawww.haciendaatalaya.comHacienda AzaharesCtra. Gines-Espartinas, km 6Espartinaswww.haciendaazahares.comHacienda CaridadCtra. A-392, km 2Alcalá de Guadaírawww.haciendacaridad.comHacienda CortijueloAvda. Alcaldesa Mª Regla Jiménez, 82Espartinaswww.haciendaelcortijuelo.esHacienda ChambergoCtra. A-407, km 22Écijawww.haciendachambergo.esHacienda de La AndradaCtra. Sevilla-Utrera, km 8Alcalá de Guadaírawww.haciendadelaandrada.comHacienda de QuintoDos Hermanaswww.doshermanas.esHacienda El MorritoCtra. Gerena-El Garrobo, km 5Gerenawww.celebracionesyeventoselmorrito.comHacienda El Puntal dela SierraCtra. Morón-Montellano, A-361,km 7Morón de la Fronterawww.haciendaelpuntal.comHacienda El VizirCtra. Gines-Espartinas, km 6Espartinaswww.haciendaelvizir.comHacienda La MoharraCtra. A-8025. Mairena del Alcor-Brenes, km 7Carmonawww.haciendalamoharra.comHacienda La PurísimaConcepciónCtra. Cazalla, km 11Constantinawww.haciendas-cortijos.com/asociados/nuestros-asociados.htmlHacienda Las MerrasCtra. El Viso-Tocina, km 2El Viso del Alcorwww.basilippo.comHacienda Los AlfaresCtra. Carmona-El Viso, km 2,5Carmonawww.cateringalfardos.comHacienda Los ÁngelesPuente del Dragón, km 1,2Alcalá de Guadaírawww.haciendalosangeles.comHacienda Los MiradoresCtra. Mairena del Alcor-Brenes, km 2,5Mairena del Alcorwww.losmiradores.comHacienda MajallanaCtra. Algámitas, s/nVillaverde del Ríowww.mundo-natura.comHacienda de MedinaCtra. Nac. IV, km 519 junction 519Carmonawww.haciendademedina.comHacienda MejinaCamino de Mejina, s/nEspartinaswww.haciendamejina.esHacienda MendietaCtra. Sevilla-Utrera, km 17,1Alcalá de Guadaírawww.haciendamendieta.esHacienda Ntra. Sra. dela EsperanzaCtra. Villanueva del Río-Constantina, km 2Villanueva del Río y Minaswww.fp-hoteles.comHacienda Pando La TorreCtra. Bollullos- Bormujos, s/nRing road.Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.pandorestaurantes.com/hacienda-pando-la-torre.phpHacienda San FelipeCtra. Gerena-Aznalcóllar, km 1,8Gerenawww.sevilla-ecuestre.comHacienda San Juandel HornilloCtra. Isla Menor-Los Palacios,km 6,5Dos Hermanaswww.sanjuandelhornillo.netHacienda San Miguelde MontelirioCtra. Isla Menor, km 2,8Dos Hermanaswww.haciendasanmigueldemontelirio.comHacienda Torre de las ArcasCtra. Bollullos de la Mitación-Umbrete, km 3Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.haciendatorredelasarcas.comJardines del Palacio deAl-YamanahCtra. Benacazón-Sanlúcarla Mayor, s/nSanlúcar la Mayorwww.al-yamanah.comLa Alquería de Sta. EufemiaMolino, s/nTomareswww.poucatering.comCountry Houses withaccommodationCortijo Alguaciles BajosCtra. A-8128, km 3,3Utrerawww.alguaciles.comCortijo Casa AltaCtra. Constantina-Las Navas,km 14,3Constantinawww.dehesacasaalta.esCortijo La CañadaCtra. Fuente de Santiago, km 7,5Estepawww.cortijoandaluz.netCortijo Las NavezuelasCtra. A-432, km 40,5Cazalla de la Sierrawww.lasnavezuelas.comCortijo Los Pozos dela NieveCtra. A-455, km 1,5Constantinawww.lospozosdelanieve.comCortijo Ntra. Sra. delas AngustiasCtra. de la Ermita, s/nAlaníswww.alanisrural.comFinca YerbabuenaCtra. Castilblanco-Almadén de laPlata, km 7Castilblanco de los Arroyoswww.dehesayerbabuena.esHacienda El HuertoCtra. SE-6200, km 0Montellanowww.haciendaelhuerto.com58 59

Eurostars Hacienda La Boticaria Palacio del Marqués de la Gomera Parador de Carmona Hotel Oromana Cortijo Torre de la Reina La Casona de CalderónHacienda El TrigueroCtra. Carmona-El Viso, km 29Carmonawww.casaruraleltriguero.comHacienda Las AlcabalasCtra. Morón-Coripe, km 6Morón de la Fronterawww.lasalcabalas.esHacienda OlontigiVentorro, 23Aznalcázarwww.hacienda-olontigi.comHacienda Santa AnaCtra. Guadajoz, km 5Carmonawww.haciendasantaana.esHacienda Vera-CruzCtra. Mairena-Brenes, km 4,5Carmonawww.hacienda-veracruz.comTorreón de la JulianaCtra. Bollullos de la Mitación-Aznalcázar, km 10Bollullos de la Mitaciónwww.eltorreondelajuliana.comVilla Santa LucíaVilla Santa Lucía, s/nVillanueva del Río y Minaswww.villasantalucia.orgCharming AccomodationEurostars Hacienda LaBoticaria 5* GLCtra. Alcalá de Guadaíra-Utrera,km 2,5Alcalá de Guadaírawww.eurostarshaciendalaboticaria.comCortijo Soto Real 5*Crta. Las Cabezas-Villamartín, km 13Las Cabezas de San Juanwww.hotelcortijosotoreal.comAlcázar de la Reina 4*Hermana C. Orellana, 2Carmonawww.alcazar-reina.esAndalusi Park 4*Main road Sevilla-Huelva, km 16Benacazónwww.hotelandalusipark.comCortijo Águila Real 4*Ctra. Guillena-Burguillos, km 4Guillenawww.aguilareal.comCortijo Los Naranjos deSan Juan 4*Ctra. SE-5209, km 4,7Las Cabezas de San Juanwww.losnaranjosdesanjuan.esHacienda de Orán 4*Ctra. Don Rodrigo, km 7Utrerawww.haciendadeoran.comHacienda Los Jinetes 4*Ctra. Carmona-Brenes, km 8Carmonawww.haciendalosjinetes.comHotel Infanta Leonor 4*Avda. de los Emigrantes, 43Écijawww.hotelinfantaleonor.comHotel Vereda Real 4*Ctra. Gines-Valencina, km 2Valencina de la Concepciónwww.hotel-veredarel.comPalacio del Marquésde la Gomera 4*San Pedro, 20.Osunawww.hotelpalaciodelmarques.comPalacio de los Granados 4*Emilio Castelar, 42Écijawww.palaciogranados.comParador de Carmona 4*Alcázar, s/n.Carmonawww.parador.esCiudad del Sol 3*Avda. Miguel de Cervantes, 48Écijawww.andalucia.org/alojamientos/sevilla/hotel-ciudad-del-sol-pirula/Cortijo El Esparragal 3*Main road Mérida junction 795Gerenawww.elesparragal.comCortijo Torre de la Reina 3*Paseo de la Alameda, s/nTorre de la ReinaGuillenawww.torredelareina.comHacienda San Rafael 3*Ctra. N-IV, km 594Las Cabezas de San Juanwww.haciendadesanrafael.comHospedería de la Cartuja 3*Ctra. Constantina, km 3Cazalla de la SierraHotel Oromana 3*Avda. de Portugal, s/nAlcalá de Guadaírawww.hoteloromana.comLa Casona de Calderón 3*Pza. Cervantes, 10Osunawww.casonacalderon.esLa Posada del Moro 3*Paseo del Moro, s/nCazalla de la Sierrawww.laposadadelmoro.comMontehuéznar SPA 3*Avda. de la Estación, 15El Pedrosowww.montehueznar.comRincón de las Descalzas 3*Descalzas, 1Carmonawww.elrincondelasdesacalzas.comTorre de los Guzmanes 3*Crta. A-8006, km 19,9La Algabawww.hoteltorredelosguzmanes.comCallejón de la MoraCallejón de la Mora, 12Castilblanco de los Arroyoswww.callejondelamora.comCasa AdrianoBarrionuevo, 8Alaníswww.adrianocasarural.comCasa del RelojPaseo del Reloj, 9Almadén de la Platawww.eulate.net/ruraltellezCasa GrandeCtra. Constantina-Cazalla, km 1Constantinawww.casagrande-rural.comEstación Vía Verde de laSierra-CoripeCtra. Coripe-Algodonales, km 2Coripewww.turismosevilla.orgLa Posada del InfanteRaimundo Martínez, 6La Puebla de los Infanteswww.laposadadelinfante.comLa Casa del ZapateroHigueras, 10El Coronilwww.lacasadelzapatero.tkLa FábricaCtra. Olvera-Pruna, km 3,5Prunawww.turismosevilla.orgMolino La BoticariaCtra. Marchena-Puebla de Cazalla,km 10.800Marchenawww.molinolaboticaria.comPalacio de San BenitoSan Benito, s/nCazalla de la Sierrawww.palaciodesanbenito.comValerosaGarcía Lorca, 1Las Navas de la Concepciónwww.casarurallavalerosa.webgarden.esOther venuesCivil Weddings in Castillo delas AguzaderasCtra. A-376, km 23,2El Coronilwww.elcoronil.esAntonio Fuentes WineryPol. Ind. CorbonesLa Puebla de Cazallawww.pueblacazalla.com/ayto/paginas/lapuebla/personajes/antoniofuentes.htmSantina WinerySanta María de Gracia, 40Camaswww.bodegasantina.comF. Salado WineryAmarguillo, 6Umbretewww.bo60degassalado.comGóngora WineryStmo. Cristo de la Veracruz, s/nVillanueva del Ariscalwww.bodegasgongora.comBriones Palace HouseRamón y Cajal, 15Carmonawww.upo.es/olavideencarmonaMarquis of San MartínPalace HouseRamón y Cajal, 12Carmonawww.turismosevilla.org/opencms2/opencms/es/turismoReuniones/Gran Casino AljarafeAvda. La Arboleda, s/nTomareswww.grancasinoaljarafe.esLas BridasCtra. A-406, km 14,5Morón de la Fronterawww.lasbridgas.esMonte Carmelo MonasteryMar Mediterráneo, 1Sanlúcar la Mayorwww.monasteriomontecarmelo.comBenamejí PalaceCánovas del Castillo, 4Écijahttp://museo.ecija.es/elpalacio.phpAssembly Hall UniversityPablo de OlavideServices to CompaniesCtra. de Utrera, km 1www.upo.esUniversity of OsunaCampo de Cipreses, 1Osunawww.euosuna.org60 61

Useful AddressesInstitutionsSeville City HallPza. Nueva, 141001 Sevillawww.sevilla.orgProvincial Council of SevilleAvda. Menéndez Pelayo, 3241071 Sevillawww.dipusevilla.esAndalusia’s RegionalGovernmentDepartment of PresidencyAvda. de Eritaña, 141013 Sevillawww.juntadeandalucia.esTouristic institutionsSeville Tourism ConsortiumEdificio LaredoPza. de San Francisco, 19 · 4ª pta.41004 SevillaTel + 34 954 592 915turismo@sevilla.orgwww.visitasevilla.esTourism of the Province(Prodetur)Leonardo da Vinci, 16Isla de la Cartuja41092 SevillaTel + 34 954 486 800infoturismo@prodetur.escontacto@prodetur.eswww.turismosevilla.orgSeville Congress andConvention BureauPza. del Triunfo, 141004 SevillaTel. + 34 954 500 583info@sevillacb.comwww.sevillacb.comMinistry of Tourism, Tradeand SportsEdificio TorretrianaIsla de la Cartuja. 41092 SevillaTel. + 34 955 065 100www.juntadeandalucia.es/turismocomercioydeporte/Andalusia’s RegionalGovernment Delegation ofTourismTrajano, 1741001 SevillaTel. + 34 955 034 100dpsevilla.ctcd@juntadeandalucia.eswww.juntadeandalucia.es/Association of Employers ofHospitalityMenéndez Pelayo, 20-2º41003 SevillaTel. + 34 954 412 361aehs@hosteleria-sevilla.comwww.hosteleriasevilla.comHotels Association of Sevilleand ProvinceSan Pablo, 1, Casa A-bajo41001 SevillaTel. + 34 954 561 444ahs@hotelesdesevilla.comwww.hotelesdesevilla.comAssociation of Travel Agenciesof SevilleZaragoza, 141001 SEVILLATel. + 34 954 226 160antoniotavora@viajestavora.comwww.aevise.orgAssociation of Shows andTourismCuesta del Rosario, 8, Casa 2ª-2º41004 SevillaTel. + 34 954 225 739apefise@hotmail.comA.S.E.T.Association of TourismCompanies SevillanaSan Francisco Javier, 22 2º- Mód. 1041018 SevillaTel. + 34 954 502 048direcciongeneral@turismosvq.comwww.turismosvq.comOPC SevillaVirgen del Valle, 9141011 SevillaTel. + 34 902 120 389gmedina@ibersponsor.comAPITProvincial Association ofTourist GuidesAvda. de la Constitución, 9-2º-A41002 SevillaTel. + 34 954 210 044visitas@apitsevilla.eswww.apitsevilla.comAUITSTel. + 34 629 916 010guias@auits.comwww.auits.comAGOTMateos Gago, 29, bajo41004 SevillaTel. + 34 954 222 374guidetursevilla@yahoo.eswww.guidetur.comASEGOTAssociation Seville OfficialTour GuidesAvda. Alcalde J. Fernández, 17local 341005 SevillaTel. + 34 659 986 024palomaguia@yahoo.eswww.asegot.comAssociation of Country Housesand Estates Historic of SevillePagés del Corro, 114 bajo41010 SevillaTel. + 34 954 330 935mgarrido@losmiradores.comwww.haciendasycortijoshistoricos.comAssociation of Country Housesand Estates of AndalusiaPrevisión, 17 Blq. 1-2º Izq.41008 SevillaTel. + 34 954 514 165gerente@hyc-andalucia.comwww.hyc-andalucia.comSierra Norte de SevillaTourism AssociationAvda. de la Estación, 1541360 El PedrosoTel. + 34 954 889 000maumesquet@hotmail.comCampiña Sierra Sur SevillaTourist AssociationLuis de Molina, 5 bajo41640 OsunaTel. + 34 954 812 855info@alsurdesevilla.eswww.alsurdesevilla.orgVía Verde ConsortiumMaternidad, s/n41770 MontellanoTel. + 34 954 876 940gerencia@consorcioviaverde.eswww.consorcioviaverde.esAETLATourist Business Associationof Los AlcoresReal, s/n41520 El Viso del AlcorTel. + 34 662 617 481/664 662 449info@aetla.esinfoaetla@gmail.comwww.aetla.esVía Verde de La SierraFundationFormer Guard House –Vía Verde de la Sierra11659 Puerto Serrano. CádizTel. + 34 956 136 372info@fundacionviaverdedelasierra.comwww.fundacionviaverdedelasierra.comTouris Offices in SevilleSeville Tourism ConsortiumEdificio LaredoPza. de San Francisco, 19Tel + 34 955 471 232turismo@sevilla.orgwww.visitasevilla.esCosturero de la ReinaPaseo de las Delicias, 9Tel + 34 954 234 465costurerodelareina@sevilla.orgwww.visitasevilla.esBécquer, 1Tel + 34 954 901 896macarena.turismo@sevilla.orgwww.visitasevilla.esAndalusia‛s RegionalGovernmentAvda. de la Constitución, 21-BTel + 34 954 787 578otsevilla@andalucia.orgwww.andalucia.orgSanta Justa Train StationAvda. Kansas City, s/nTel. + 34 954 782 002otjusta@andalucia.orgwww.andalucia.orgSan Pablo AirportMotorway San Pablo, s/nTel. + 34 954 449 128otaesevilla@andalucia.orgwww.andalucia.orgTourism of the ProvinceProdetur, S.A.Pza. del Triunfo, 1Tel. + 34 954 210 005 / 902 076 336infoturismo@prodetur.eswww.turismosevilla.orgTouris Offices inSeville ProvinceAguadulceAcebuche, s/nTel. + 34 954 816 021oficinadeturismoaguadulce@yahoo.eswww.aguadulce.esAlcalá de GuadaíraJuez Pérez Díaz, s/nTel. + 34 955 621 924info@turismoalcaladeguadaira.eswww.turismoalcaladeguadaira.esAlmadén de la PlataPza. de la Constitución, 6Tel. + 34 954 735 082almaden@dipusevilla.eswww.almadendelaplata.esArahalVeracruz, 2 · Casa del AireTel. + 34 955 841 417turismoarahal@yahoo.eswww.arahal.esBollullos de la MitaciónAntonio Machado, s/nTel. + 34 955 765 000adl@bollullosm.comwww.bollullosdelamitacion.esCantillanaAlfonso Fraile, 2 · Casa de la CulturaTel. + 34 955 730 922culturadecantillana@yahoo.eswww.cantillana.esCarmonaArco de la Puerta de Sevilla, s/nTel. + 34 954 190 955turismo@carmona.orgwww.turismo.carmona.orgCastilblanco de los ArroyosValdés Leal, Prolongación AntonioMachado, s/nTel. + 34 955 735 367oficinaturismocastilblancodelosarroyos@hotmail.comwww.castilblancodelosarroyos.esCastilleja de la CuestaRegional Tourism of El AljarafePríncipe de Asturias, 42Tel. + 34 954 163 333empleoydesarrollo@castillejadelacuesta.eswww.castillejadelacuesta.esCazalla de la SierraPza. Mayor, s/nTel. + 34 954 883 562turismo@cazalladelasierra.eswww.cazalladelasierra.es/62 63

ConstantinaAvda. de Andalucía, s/nMedina GardenTel. + 34 955 881 297turismoconstantina@dipusevilla.eswww.constantina.orgCoria del RíoCalle de la Cal, 1Cultural Centre of the TownTel. + 34 954 779 080turicoria@dipusevilla.eswww.ayto-coriadelrio.esÉcijaElvira, 1-ABenamejí PalaceTel. + 34 955 902 933turismo@ecija.eswww.turismoecija.comEl PedrosoPza. de España, 1Tel. + 34 954 889 001culturajimenez@yahoo.eswww.elpedroso.esEl Real de la JaraPárroco Antonio Rosendo, s/nTel. + 34 954 733 007laer@aytoelrealdelajara.eswww.elrealdelajara.esEl RonquilloAvda. de Andalucía, 73Tel. + 34 954 131 009juventudelronquillo@hotmail.comwww.elronquillo.esEstepaAguilar y Cano, s/nTel. + 34 955 912 717. Ext. 526oficinadeturismo@estepa.comwww.estepa.comFuentes de AndalucíaAssociation Fontaniegaof TourismFernando de Llera, 5Tel. + 34 954 836 818turismo@fuentesdeandalucia.orgwww.turismofuentes.comGelvesPrimer Teniente Alcalde JoséGarrido, s/nTel. + 34 955 760 000turismo@gelves.eswww.gelves.esGerenaAvda. de la Estación, s/nTel. + 34 954 117 086turismogerena@dipusevilla.eswww.gerena.esGuillenaConcepción Soto, 65Las PajanosasTel. + 34 955 781 106turismopajanosas@guillena.orgwww.guillena.orgHerreraPontezuelo, 13Municipal MarketTel. + 34 954 012 979proempleo@aytoherrera.comwww.herrera.esLa Puebla de CazallaPza. Vieja, s/nTel. + 34 954 499 423turismo@pueblacazalla.comwww.pueblacazalla.comLebrijaTetuán, 15Tel. + 34 955 974 068turismo@lebrija.eswww.lebrija.esMairena del AlcorReal, 2Tel. + 34 955 748 950turismomalcor@mairenadelalcor.orgwww.mairenadelalcor.orgMarchenaSan Francisco, 43Tel. + 34 955 321 010. Ext. 175turismo@marchena.orgwww.turismodemarchena.org/MontellanoPza. de la Concepción, 5Tel. + 34 954 875 010alcaldia@montellano.eswww.montellano.esMorón de la FronteraPozo Nuevo, 41Tel. + 34 955 854 821turismo@ayto-morondelafrontera.orgwww.ayto-morondelafrontera.orgOlivaresConstitución, 8Tel. + 34 955 718 047oficina@turismo-olivares.eswww.turismo-olivares.esOsunaCarrera, 82The Former HospitalTel. + 34 954 815 732turismo@ayto-osuna.eswww.turismosuna.esSanlúcar la MayorJuan Carlos I · G. C. El MercadoTel. + 34 955 100 600. Ext. 1330turismo@sanlucarlamayor.eswww.sanlucarlamayor.esSantiponceLa Feria, s/nTel. + 34 955 998 028descubresantiponce@yahoo.eswww.santiponce.esUmbretePza. de la Constitución, 8Tel. + 34 955 715 330. Ext. 3turismoumbrete@umbrete.eswww.umbrete.esUtreraSan Fernando, 2Tel. + 34 954 873 387oficinaturismo@utrera.orgwww.utreraturismo.orgVillamanrique dela CondesaPza. de España, 2Tel. + 34 955 756 099adl@villamanriquedelacondesa.eswww.villamanriquedelacondesa.esPublished by:PRODETUR, S.A.Turismo de la Provincia de SevillaLeonardo Da Vinci, 16Isla de la Cartuja41092 SevillaTel. + 34 954 486 800www.turismosevilla.orgProduced by:Manuel Gandul diseñoGraphic design by:Manuel Gandul diseñoWe are grateful for the cooperation of all the publicand private organisations that contributed to thispublication.64

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