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2 introductionContents04 An Introduction10 The History of İstanbul25 People & Living31 Visiting the City34 Historical İstanbul53 Culture & Arts63 Events73 Conventions79 Accommodation89 Cuisine &Restaurants42 Romantic İstanbul46 The Bosphorus50 Green İstanbulwww.freebirdsyayin.comİstanbul Visitor’s Guide is published by Freebirds Publishing on behalf of ICVBİstanbul Ticaret Odası Ek Hizmet Binası Reşadiye Cad. No:7 Eminönü 34112 İstanbul TurkeyP: (+90 212) 522 55 55 F: (+90 212) 522 01 01

398 Entertainment &Nightlife105 Shopping113 Kid Friendly City120 Nearby Places126 İstanbul Routes136 Practical Info142 Maps© 2015 İstanbul Convention & VisitorsBureau, İstanbul - TurkeyAll the information, transcript and photographyprinted in this publication belong to ICVB.Copying and reproducing are strictly restricted.President’s Messageİstanbul is a unique city being strategicallylocated at the crossroads of Eastand West and embodies the ideal ofunification perhaps more than any other cityin the modern world. Throughout its historyof thousands of years, İstanbul has stoodas a symbol of greatness, a confluence ofpeople, languages, religions and continents,together with strength deriving from itsdiverse structure.Today, İstanbul is one of the world’s mostexciting, exotic and attractive destinationswith its modern infrastructure, state ofthe art venues, luxurious accommodationfacilities, rich variety of social programsand nearby alternatives.In the İstanbul Visitors Guide that weare proud to publish, you will have thechance to discover this city, blessed withnatural beauty, rich cultural, historical andcommercial heritage, offering exciting andunique experiences.Wishing you a wonderful andunforgettable stay in İstanbul.İBRAHİM ÇAĞLARPRESIDENT OFİSTANBUL CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU& İSTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

4 introductionThe Magnificent CityA city that offers you tradition and modernism;authenticity and evolution; historical places and latestfashion... Wrapping and warming you up with the sunof the Eastern world, appealing with the intellect andtechnology of the West. Here we represent:İstanbul

5Hagia Sophiadid you know?You canfind everythingabout İstanbul by,the official website of İstanbul,updated frequently toprovide the latest infoabout the city.

6 introductiondid you know?Galata Tower is whereHezârfen Ahmed Celebiflew from. He is the firstman ever to fly usingwings.Galata Tower at night

7Lying across the two continents, İstanbul isby all means one of the most popular touristattractions on Earth. The tiny strait betweenthese two continents, Bosphorus is what makesthis city unique. Besides, numerous historicalplaces fascinate the ones interested in culturaltourism.Bosphorus BridgeFerryboat in front ofHaydarpasa Train Stationİstanbul has been populated by the humankind sincethe 6th century BC. Including Roman, Byzantine andthe Ottoman Empires, this very old but fascinating cityfunctioned as a home to many tribes, nomads and of course;civilizations. Not only hosting, İstanbul was also the administrativeand religious center of these three empires mentioned.What this privilege brings about is an endless reserve of religiousplaces, historical buildings, museums, palaces, structurescarrying the characteristic features of a number of differenthuman societies. Maybe this is the reason why İstanbul hasalways been a city full of tolerance towards any kind of diversities.In İstanbul, mosques, churches and synagogues standside by side.İstanbul has always been a major trade center of the world.Since the city is a main junction point where sea and landroutes all intersect, İstanbul became a pivotal exchange pointglobally.In terms of population, it is the biggest metropolis of Europe.İstanbul also offers lots of opportunities. Not to mentionendless number of historical places, you can find modern artgalleries, exhibitions, festivals, museums, special events inthis city-alive each day. But even walking in the streets mightbe a pleasure, since each corner opens up to another fabulousstructure dating back to hundreds of years before today.Galata TowerOne of İstanbul’s the mostfascinating monuments;Galata Tower was built in1348 by the Genoese inİstanbul. However, this is thesecond tower nearby thisarea. The first Galata Towerwas built closer to the sea.But it was demolished bythe Latin Crusaders duringthe Sack of Constantinople.Anyway, at the top of the‘new’ Galata Tower, you canenjoy a panaromic landscapethat covers a greatdeal of İstanbul. It is open tothe visitors each day, duringthe day time.For more, visit the officialwebsite of İstanbul:

8 historyThe History of İstanbul“The city surroundedby a wreath of water”did you know?The city of İstanbulhas changed a numberof names: AugustaAntonina, Nova Roma,Byzantion, Byzantium,Constantinople andfinally İstanbul.Bosphorus view from therooftops of Suleymaniye

Described by the historian Procopius as “the city surroundedby a wreath of water”, İstanbul boasts an exquisite geographicalposition and deep roots in history. With a history goingback 8500 years, İstanbul is an ancient city that is simultaneouslymodern and fresh. Old-world and modern-world, Islamicand Mediterranean coexist in its captivating atmosphere. Thedistinctive characteristic skyline of the city, combining monumentalminarets with modern skyscrapers, is perhaps the bestproof. The outstanding universal value of İstanbul resides in itsunique unification of diverse architectural styles of many erasand civilizations. Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches, Venetiantowers, Ottoman palaces, modern buildings and contemporaryplazas give the city its matchless beauty.9

10 historyYenikapı FindsThe construction of a metrotunnel has changed thehistory of İstanbul forever!In Yenikapı, seminal findsfrom several periods wereunearthed. In the culturallayers belonging to the LateOttoman Period, architecturalremains of factoriesand workshops were found.The largest port in theEarly Byzantine Period, ThePort of Theodosius wasalso discovered during theexcavations. The collectionshipwrecks unearthedhere constitute one of theworld’s largest repertoriesand provide important informationon the developmentof this technology.The BeginningsThroughout the centuries, it was believedthat the first settlement in İstanbul wasduring the 5th century BC. However, inrecent years it was found that the historyof İstanbul is much older than we everthought.For many years, historians believed that the earliestsettlement on the European shores of the Bosphorusdated back to 5th century BC. According to this story,Byzas from Megara came here upon the words of an oraclethat advised him to “get across the land of the blind.” Byzashad founded Khalkedon (today’s Kadıköy) about 15 years agoas a colony, and the words of the oracle actually meant that heshould start a new city across the Bosphorus. The city of Byzas,hence founded, stood at the meeting point of the GoldenHorn and the Bosphorus. However, a recent excavation for ametro tunnel unearthed ground-breaking finds that changedthe history of the city forever. Several urns and an unusualgrave dating back to Neolithic Age discovered around Yenikapıcarried the history of settlements in the Historic Peninsulaabout 8500 years back. These 8,000-year-old cremation urnsprove that human tribes lived in İstanbul before the reigns ofthe Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.Historic peninsula from the air

Sarayburnu area, where settlersfirst founded Byzantium11The origins of Byzantium are shrouded in legend. Thetraditional legend has it around 660 BC, Greek settlers fromMegara established Byzantium on the European side of theBosphorus. The settlers proceeded to build an acropolisadjacent to the Golden Horn on the site of the early Thraciansettlements, fueling the nascent city’s economy. The city experienceda brief period of Persian rule at the turn of the 5thcentury BC, but the Greeks recaptured it during the Greco-PersianWars. Byzantium then continued as part of the AthenianLeague and its successor, the Second Athenian Empire, beforeultimately gaining independence in 355 BC. Long allied withthe Romans, Byzantium officially became a part of the RomanEmpire in 73 AD.names ofİstanbulThe first name of Byzantiumwas Lygos. Byzantion,latinized as Byzantium, waswas the name after 667 BC.Constantinople “City ofConstantine”, was the nameby which the city becamesoon more widely known,in honor of Constantinethe Great. Kostantiniyye isthe name by which the citycame to be known in the Islamicworld. İstanbul, is themodern Turkish name.Museum Pass IstanbulOne card for all historyNow avalible at

12 historyGoldenMosaics andFrescoesThe most iconic edificedating from the Byzantineperiod, the Hagia Sophiastands out with the glitteringmosaics exhibitingan unforgettably gracefulstyle. A perfect example ofthe Byzantine renaissance,the Chora Church alsoincludes some of the finestmosaics in the city. Once amonastery, Fethiye Mosquecontains a lavishly decoratedextension with beautifulfrescoes. The dome mosaics,finest examples of lateByzantine art, depict thePantocrator and the VirginMary. The Great PalaceMosaics Museum offers aglimpse of the splendor anddaily life of Byzantines.

did you know?After the conquest in1453, the mosaics withhuman figures werecovered with a specialstucco. This layerfunctioned as a shelterfor years.The ByzantineİstanbulByzantion was the name of the city founded by the Megarancommander Byzas. As the Roman Empire expandedtowards the Asia Minor, the Emperor Constantinedeclared the city as the capital in 330 and gave it his name:Constantinople. Only about 65 years later, the Roman Empirecollapsed and the Eastern Roman Empire came to be knownas the Byzantine Empire. The city continued to be the heart ofthe Empire, until its fall to Ottomans in 1453.The reign of Byzantium left İstanbul an immense cultural heritage.Declared as the official religion as early as the 4th century,Christian art flourished on these lands and lived through extraordinarilyrefined styles such as the High Middle Ages and Renaissance,burgeoning parallel to the history of the Empire. Theiconic Hagia Sophia, the beautiful Chora Church, the PantocratorMonastery, the Church of Sts Sergius and Bacchus are some ofthe masterpieces that can still be visited today. The Balat area isrich in Byzantine heritage. Studios Monastery stands out with itsonce glorious library. The Great Palace Mosaics Museum offers aglimpse of the elegant opulence of bygone days.Basilica Cistern13Cisterns, Aqueductsand Holy SpringsDue to its water problem, İstanbul is rich in aqueducts, whichcarried water from the Thracian forests, and cisterns that wererequired to reserve water. Two such architectural highlights arethe Aqueduct of Valens and the Basilica Cistern. Rising majesticallyover the Atatürk Boulevard, the Aqueduct of Valens wascommissioned by Emperor Valens in AD 378. It carried water tothe Basilica Cistern, the reservoir for the Great Palace. Today theBasilica Cistern offers one of İstanbul’s most atmospheric sightswith ornamented columns reflected on water.

14 historyThe ImperialCapitalThe day Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror seized the city fromthe Byzantines in May 1453, İstanbul became the heartof the Ottoman Empire. As the seat of the Sultan and theglorious capital of the opulent international emporium, the citywas embellished with beautiful edifices such as mosques, palaces,fountains, and mansions. The distinctive and characteristic skylineof İstanbul mainly took shape under the rule of Ottomans, whichlasted about 5 centuries. Garlanding the shores of the Bosphorusand the Golden Horn, the city’s bewitching skyline encompassesthe Hagia Sophia, the most iconic structure embodying thearchitectural styles of all reigns that came to dominate the city, aswell as the 15th-century Fatih complex, Süleymaniye Mosque, andSehzade Mosque. The last two, being the works of Sinan, reflectthe peak of Ottoman architecturein the 16th century. The 17th-centuryBlue Mosque and the slenderminarets of the New Mosque are allelements of this enchanting skylinenear the port. Home of the Sultan,Topkapi Palace is a grand complexthat is continually extended untilthe 19th century with new quartersadded reflecting the finest architecturalstyle of the age.Surname-i HumayunThis 16th-century picture book, the title of which literallytranslates as the Imperial Festivity Book, is a masterpiece for itsdelicate miniature paintings demonstrating some extraordinarydetails of daily life during imperial festivities in İstanbul. Thebook recounts a wedding ceremony with the correct order of all itsphases such as the processions, the grand entrance of the Sultan,the feasts as well as the performances of entertainers, musicians,and dancers. The miniature paintings include every detail,sometimes very astonishing ones, about the habits of differentprofession groups, artisans, noble families as well as citizens.

Inside Hagia SophiaOttoman music has alarge and varied systemof modes or scalesknown as “makams”,There are more than 600makams that have beenused so far.did you know?15Sounds ofOttomanİstanbulBefore and after the conquestof Constantinople, Ottomanmusicians interacted with thesound culture of Arabic andPersian art music. As Tabriz,Baghdad and Arab territorieswere conquered, musiciansfrom these lands arrived atthe court in İstanbul, contributingto the development ofOttoman style through Persiancompositional forms. By the17th century, a distinctiveOttoman classical style wasalready taking shape. Itscharacteristics were poeticlanguage and new formsdistinct from Arab-Persianpredecessors.

16 historySuleymaniye MosqueThe genius of SinanThe Great Architect Sinan gave the Ottoman architecture its characteristics in the 16th century.With the magnificent works that he constructed during his lifetime, he mostly shaped the historicpanorama of İstanbul along the shores of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. Today, it is knownthat Sinan built over 365 masterpieces in total, including 84 mosques, 48 Turkish baths, 36 palaces,20 caravanserais, 8 bridges, and 5 water canals. The finest of his gifts to the city is SuleymaniyeMosque, where Sinan brought the central dome to perfection.

17The Road to the CrownLocated at the end of the Golden Horn, Eyüp Mosque played an important rolein the coronation ceremonies throughout the Ottoman era. Once appointed,the new sultan would be rowed up the Golden Horn to Eyüp Mosque, wherehe would walk along the Accession Road and the Sword of Osman would bestrapped onto him to confirm his new office. The route of the old AccessionRoad is still marked by some of the city’s finest buildings from the Ottoman era.did you know?Sinan’s two mosques inÜsküdar and Edirnekapıfor Mihrimah Sultan arefamous. Twice a year,as sun sets from onemosque, moon risesfrom the other.Eyüp Mosque

18 historyTHE Tulip PeriodCovering the first half of the 18th century, the periodknown as the Tulip Period marked a time of renaissancein terms of architecture, literature, musicand garden culture. The city was adorned with tulips andeverywhere old buildings, mosques and madrasas were beingrestored and renovated. The Tulip Period also marks animportant time for printing. A period of buzzing cultural activity,the Tulip Period brought an extensive interest in translation.Translation teams were established to translate worksfrom different languages into Turkish. The arts, music, painting,and poetry flourished with the support of the court.Levnî’s paintingsThe most accomplished and famous painter of the Tulip Period,Levni studied at the academy of painting at Topkapı Palace.Serving as the chief court painter to the Ottoman sultans,Levnî painted at a time of artistic blossoming. His paintings,mainly exquisite miniature masterpieces, depict festivities andentertainments in the Ottoman society. Pieces of his work canbe seen at the library of Topkapı Palace.The Fountain ofSultan Ahmed III at night

19Galata Bridge at thebeginning of 20 th centuryGateway ToThe OrientCinematographYin İstanbulIn 1896, just a fewmonths after thecinema was invented,Alexandre Promio cameto İstanbul to shoot thefirst moving images ofthe city. This footage issignificant not only inthe history of İstanbulas the very first appearanceof the city in film,but also in the historyof cinema. Promio tookthe first travelling shotby placing the cameraon a boat that saileddown the Galata Bridge.İstanbul became the haunt of artists, travelling bohemians,art-enthusiast nobles, and adventurers in the 19th century. TheOrient Express, the famous train that ran from Paris to İstanbulin the wake of industrial revolution, brought many writers, painters,and intellectuals to the city. These artists described the city and theirexperience in their own ways, sometimes in the form of a travelogue,sometimes a novel, or a painting. The city of İstanbul as reflected inthese works of art is always a joy to behold.From apainter’s diary…Italian painter Fausto Zonaro not onlypainted the city, but also noted in hismemoir the following picturesque description:Entering the grand port of theOrient, I have to express the astoundingeffect beyond all that has been imagined.As the sun was rising with its eyesfixed on the crests behind the hills onthe Asian banks, the dominant luminosityof the Moon’s light and colours wasgradually crawling back from the edificesof the Golden Horn and Galata. Thiswas a peculiar, divine impression thatwill never be erased from my memory.

20 history

21İstanbulTodayİstanbul today features an outstandingcombination of history andmodernity. The beautiful silhouetteof the city is a palimpsest that combinesthe architectural masterpieces of Byzantine,Ottoman and Turkish rules. Themeeting point of Europe and Asia overmany centuries, the matchless skyline ofİstanbul, formed by the creative geniusof Byzantine and Ottoman architects,also symbolizes the cultural diversityof the city today. İstanbul is a historicalcity, but relentlessly modern with allthat it has to offer at global standards.Maiden’s TowerBusiness District - Leventdid you know?The two bridgesbetween two continentsare described as “pearlnecklaces across theneck of Bosphorus”.Bosphorus Bridge at night

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Enjoying a unique geographical position straddlingEurope and Asia, İstanbul is culturally rich andvibrant. You will be welcomed by an exciting mixof scents, sounds, and sights that have enchantedmany visitors alike throughout the thousands ofyears of the city’s history. A loyal inheritor of amulticultural past and a leading metropolis movingforward at an astounding rate, the city truly mergesthe ancient with the modern. The domes, minaretsand old bazaars of the city intermingle with thestate-of-the-art convention venues, buzzing malls,leading universities and hotels at world standards.People & Living25

26 people & livingSİbel, 26,fashioneditorİstanbul is quicklybecoming a design city.For me, along withNew York, Paris and Milan,İstanbul now has a definitivestreet style. Where else inthe world can you find such arich array of styles, innovativelycombining westernelegance with authentictouches? I love combiningold with the new, antiquepieces with modern styles,and İstanbul always offersthe perfect circumstances forthat! Around Nişantaşı, I canfind the best designer shopsand high-end fashion, whilethe historic heart of Galatahouses sophisticated boutiquesand personal brands.I immensely enjoy vintagehunting around Çukurcuma!You will definitely chanceupon something that willmake your day: sometimes afancy dress from the sixties,sometimes a pair of antiquesilver earrings… İstanbulhosts some of the biggestshopping malls in Europeon the one hand, and on theother, the historic bazaarshave been welcoming visitorsfor centuries. At streetmarkets, you can also finddazzling pieces really cheap.

27Nil, 40,executivedirectorLiving and working ina city that is gainingeven more internationalrecognition everyday is merelyrewarding. With a boomingeconomy, Turkey is becomingan attraction spot worldwide.In recent years, İstanbulhosted many internationalevents, large expositions andagenda-setting summits. Thecity offers a rich selection ofbig scale convention venuesfurnished with state-of-the-artfacilities. With upscale restaurants,engaging art events,and beautiful spots to admirethe view, the city offers anunforgettable visit for businesstravellers. Furthermore, withincreased connectivity to moreairports worldwide, the cityis now easier to reach. In ourinternational business gatherings,we not only provide ourguests with all the conferenceamenities they may need, butalso ensure they spend qualitytime here. Where on earthcould you sip your morningcoffee while taking in thebeautiful view and smell of theBosphorus? I have been livingin this city for whole my life,and still a childish excitementtakes over me each time I lookat the view!

28 people & livingArsen, 65,cymbalmakerThis city, which hasnourished many acivilisation on itsbosom for centuries, hasalways been an internationalattraction. Not only touristsbut also artists and artisanshave been coming to İstanbulfor centuries to seek mastery,and above all, to find inspirationfor their music, fictionor painting. I am very happyto see, that has not changed.Today many artists, musicians,writers and journalistscome to İstanbul to live hereand find the stimulation inits streets to produce theirwork. In my old shop, I meeta lot of artists and musicians,young and old, who come tomy store not only to shop butalso to have a chat over thestate of affairs in the world,in the country, or in music.It feels wonderful to feelconnected to this up-andcominggeneration. I mighthave been one of the few whoare still practicing this line ofbusiness. Yet I feel happy asthe young show interest inmy art, and I see the glitterin their eyes.

29Tim, 24,studentIcame to İstanbul toattend the universityhere for one yearwith an academic exchangeprogramme. Previously I hadcome for holidays with myfriends. We stayed here forabout a week and I fell in lovewith the city. İstanbul is veryenriching for a student due toits multicultural and internationalcharacter. A mishmashof civilizations, eras, classes,and ways of life, the city is energizedby a fresh generationof creative young studentsand artists. I am glad to haveso many diverse friends here,and we all feel at home in thiscity. From an academic perspective,İstanbul hosts someof the world’s richest archivesand libraries on Ottoman history.Nice cafes are located onevery corner, where you couldread and write the whole daysipping on your warm tea orcoffee. A stroll along the Bosphorusalways makes up foran exhausting day. Wakingup to bright sunshine almosteveryday gives you the kick tostart your day afresh. You arealways greeted with the warmsmiles of your neighboursand friends.

A history enthusiast, a lover of glamour or of nature,you will find an İstanbul that you will adore!Protecting its thousands-year-old history yet makingspace for the most fashionable glamour, İstanbulis simultaneously a historic and a modern citythat offers the best for every taste!Visitingthe CityView of BlueMosque & Eminonu

32 visiting the cityİstanbulin numbers2Europebridges betweencontinents2Asiacapital of3empiresairports54historicalbazaarsimperialpalacesdozens of summerpalaces and mansions

3314,160,000people11,842,983international visitorsin 20148500years ofhistory20,000,000tulips plantedin April10World’s Top 10congressdestination72museums105modernshoppingmalls49universities

34 visiting the cityThe Historical İstanbulIf you are a true enthusiast of history and enjoy visitinghistoric sites, we recommend you to spend time aroundthe Historic Peninsula, which has been the heart ofConstantinople and Imperial Capital for centuries.did you know?As the Ottoman Empireapproached its historicalpeak, İstanbul grew toa population of close to700,000 in the 16th century,at the time second insize only to BeijingTopkapı Palace at nightSHOP FROM THE MUSEUMThere are BKG Museum Shops at Topkapı Palacewhere you can buy unique traditional souvenirs. Thereare also other shops of BKG at other

35Topkapı Palace andview of KaraköyThe TopkapıPalace & MuseumThe opulent Topkapı Palace served as the court of the Ottoman Empirebetween the 15th and 19th centuries. Sultans, ambitious courtiers lived hereand visiting the palace quarters, its jewel-filled Treasury and embellishedHarem gives a fascinating glimpse into the daily life in the Palace. Mehmet theConqueror commissioned the construction of a palace shortly after the conquest in1453.Just before the Imperial Gate, there is the rococo-style Fountain of Sultan AhmetIII, built during the Tulip Era. Passing through the Imperial Gate into the FirstCourt, there is the Byzantine church of Hagia Eirene, hosting many classical musicconcerts today. Unlike typical European palaces, which feature one large buildingwith outlying gardens, Topkapı is a series of pavilions, kitchens, barracks, audiencechambers, kiosks and sleeping quarters built around a central enclosure.The Second Court includes the ornate Imperial Council Chamber, known as Dîvân-ıHümâyûn. The council of the Sultan met here to discuss state issues. Sultan wouldsometimes eavesdrop through the gold grille high in the wall.The Palace also houses the Harem, the private quarters of the imperial family, hencethe word ‘harem’ meaning private. Harem was ruled by the Sultan’s Mother, whowas responsible from the life and education of the concubines schooled in Islamand Ottoman culture. The Third Court is entered through the Gate of Felicity. Thiswas Sultan’s private domain, and included an Audience Chamber, where foreignambassadors were welcomed. Relic Rooms are also located in this part of the Palace.Beautifully decorated with İznik tiles, these rooms house many relics of the ProphetMohammad, including his beard.The Fourth Court features pleasure pavilions such as Mecidiye Mansion and Kioskof Mustafa Pasha. During the reign of Ahmet III, the Tulip Garden outside the kioskwas covered with many varieties of the flower. Other beautiful kiosks in this partof the palace are Revan Kiosk, built in 1636, and Baghdad Kiosk, built in 1639. Allkiosks are decorated with the finest of handmade tiles, which continue to allurevisitors in their impressive shimmer. hours: 9:00-18:00 in mid-Apr–Oct9:00-16:00 in Nov–mid-Apr. Closed on Tuesdays

36 visiting the cityBasilicaCisternThis subterranean cistern in Sultanehmetarea was commissioned byEmperor Justinian in 532. It is thelargest surviving Byzantine cistern inİstanbul and includes 336 columns.Taken from ruined temples for theconstruction of the cistern, each columnhere has a different design anddecoration. Their reflection falling onthe still water on the ground add tothe enchanting beauty of the interior.Walking along the wooden platforms,you will come across various beautifulcolumns, column heads, and evenstatues, such as the famous Medusa.Visiting hours: 09:00-17:30One Hundred Years of SecrecyWith its 336 columns, the Basilica Cistern resembles a palace buried under the soil. The Ottomans heardabout it approximately one hundred years after the fall of Constantinople and they named it “Yerebatan”meaning “sunken”. Pierre Gilles is the intellectual philologist who found the histroical place, with the helpof very old manuscripts.Hagia EireneAccording to some historical sources, HagiaEirene was the first church ever built in İstanbul.Built in the 4th century, the church experiencedsevere damage in an earthquake in 8th century.It took its present shape following the additionsand restoration work. Under the Ottoman rule,the church was used as an armoury and later as amilitary museum. Today, the beautiful interior ofthe church is sometimes used as an enchantingconcert hall. The church is located within theFirst Court of the Topkapı Palace.Visiting hours: 9:00-16:00 Closed on Tuesdays

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38 visiting the cityHagia SophiaDominating the Sultanahmet Square and the city’s skyline, thisquaint edifice has been expanded and restored several timesthroughout the centuries. Hagia Sophia has always been uniqueas an architectural piece from the first day it was built.The original church was built in the 4th century and was consumed by fire in the 5th century.Theodosios II commissioned a new church immediately afterwards, and a secondchurch rose in its place in 415. This monumental structure was totally destroyed duringthe Nika Uprising in 532. Emperor Justinian hired two celebrated architects of the time tobuild an impressive church for the Empire. As one of the architects died during the construction,the peers modified his plans and the unique structure of Hagia Sophia took its final shapein 537. The original floral and geometrical mosaic decorations survived from the 7th century.Figurative mosaics date back to post-iconoclastic period.The church was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople in1453. Ottomans buttressed the edifice with architectural elements displaying Ottoman character.Mosque elements such as a mimbar, a mihrab, preacher’s platform and wooden balustradeswere added inside. Mahmut I had a library built here. The southern courtyard includes mausoleumsof Murat III, Mehmet III, and Selim II.The original baptistery was converted into a mausoleum for Mustafa I and Sultan Ibrahim.Hagia Sophia opened as a museum in 1935.Visiting hours: 9:00-16:30 - Closed on Mondays

39The Blue MosqueCommissioned by Sultan Ahmet I in 1616, the Blue Mosque inSultanahmet features an elegant exterior with several domes,half domes, and slender minarets. The interior is decorated withthe finest pieces of blue tiles from İznik, which is why the SultanAhmet Mosque is most commonly known as the Blue Mosque.The mosque is characterized by its six minarets, which isunusual in terms of Ottoman architecture. Blue Mosque hasthe largest courtyard of all Ottoman mosques. Beautifully litby chandeliers and lavishly decorated with carpets, the interioris expansive. Admission to the Mosque is controlled so as topreserve its sacred atmosphere for worshippers. Visitors arerequired to cover themselves on entry.Visiting hours:08:30-17:00 (Closed to tourists during 5 daily prayer times)14:15-17:00 on Fridays (Closed before noon due to Sermon)did you know?The Sultan AhmedMosque is first oneof the two mosquesin Turkey that has sixminarets.Two Religious Figures, Under the Same RoofWhen Papa Francesco visited İstanbul in 2014, he didn’t forget the sacred places.During his visit to Sultanahmet, he said that he would like to pray in this mosque.That day, Papa Francesco and the Grand Mufti of İstanbul prayed side by side inBlue Mosque.

40 visiting the citydid you know?Having more than4000 shops, the GrandBazaar is visited by thetourists and the citizensregularly.A JOURNEYIN TIMEStepping into the bazaar feelslike a journey in time, whichtakes you back to the goldenage of Ottoman Empire with allartisans at work and shop ownershawking to sell best of theirproducts. Bargaining for thebest price is a tradition as wellas sipping on a cup of Turkishcoffee cooked over a coal fire.The Grand BazaarAmix of local scents, sounds, and colours, this bustlingbazaar has been the heart of the old city for centuries.Originally built as a small vaulted warehouse by Mehmetthe Conqueror in 1461, it gradually expanded as new lanes wereadded in the following years. Located in Beyazit, the neighbouringshops and caravanserais slowly became included and the structureturned into a vibrant marketplace marking the heart of the city.Visiting hours: 09:00-19:00Closed on Sundays and on Bank Holidays

42 visiting the cityThe Romantic İstanbulAlthough İstanbul is a metropolis where one is surroundedby thousands of people, it still offers some surprisinglyromantic retreats. There is something about this busycity - the energy, the Ottoman and Byzantine architecturemingling with shantytowns, the lights of the Bosphorusflickering on the water - that can also be magical.View of Galata Towerfrom Eminonu

43did you know?İstanbul is the city whereyou can visit the houses ofthe famous poets who wrotethe lines touching your heartand places in which themost romantic movies ofYeşilçam (Turkish Cinema)were shot.GoldenHorn tourThe Golden Horn had always beenİstanbul’s primary harbour. Inthe 1700s, during the so-called‘Tulip Era’, it was the favourite retreat ofOttoman state elite who built mansionswith gardens full of tulips and hostedlavish parties. The small ferries thatzigzag between quays on each side of theHorn are a wonderful way to get around.A walk through Balat, the neighbourhoodthat housed the first Jews who settled inİstanbul after the Spanish expulsion, isawe-inspiring. Similarly, the former Greekneighbourhood Fener is rich with layersof history. It houses the Patriarchate ofConstantinople and the Bulgarian churchof St. Stephen, one of few prefabricatedcast iron churches in the world. A beautifulplace for a break is Pierre Loti, an openair cafe, located on a hill overlooking theGolden Horn. You can take a picturesquetrip with a cable car up to the hill andwatch the sunset as the last rays bathethis ancient city in a golden light.

44 visiting the cityPrinces’ IslandsEmirgan ParkEmirgan is one of thelargest public parks inİstanbul. Two beautifulponds and plants of morethan 120 species makethis park an enchantingand serene destination inany season. The park hasthree wooden pavilions,which were built in theearly nineteenth centuryas hunting lodges orguesthouses, and arenamed after their exteriorcolour. You’ll be infatuatedby the opulent interiordecorations, ceilingornaments and outstandingcarvings on the facades.Visiting hours:07:00-22:30In early summer, when the heatstarts to rise, many İstanbullitesrelocate to their summer houses onthe islands to swim and sunbathe.Especially on the weekends, theislands are flooded with localtourists waiting in line for thefamous horse carriage tour. Fridayafternoon ferries to the islandsappear like carnivals overflowingwith cheerful crowds. If you preferto be undisturbed or need some calm, you should take the tripin spring or autumn when the islands are serene and quiet. Nomotor vehicles are allowed on the islands, so it is the perfectspot to clear your head from the urban rumble. You can getaround the island on an old-style horse carriage. The ferry tripis also more soothing during these seasons. Smelling the saltair and watching seabirds fly along can be quiet dreamy. Onceyou are on the island you can stroll or bike through the streetswhere beautiful wooden mansions and gardens line the way asviews of the distant city spread out before you. You can sip teaby the water or watch waves crash on rocky shores from windyhill tops.

45The Maiden’sTowerThe Maiden’s Tower is locatedon an islet at the entrance of theBosphorus. It was first built in1110 by the Byzantine EmperorAlexius Comnenus. Since then ithas been destroyed and rebuildseveral times and assumednumerous functions varyingfrom watchtower to lighthouse,eventually becoming a restaurant.Legend says that an emperorbuilt the tower to protect hisbeloved daughter from an evilprophecy. An oracle had told himthat his daughter would be killedby a venomous snake on her 18thbirthday. Hence, in an effort tokeep her from harm, the emperorput his daughter on this islet,away from the land and its snakes.Unfortunately, to no avail. Just asthe oracle had prophesied, theprincess was bitten by a snake,which was hiding in the fruitbasket that the emperor broughtas a gift for his daughter on thisspecial day. The Maiden’s Toweris a perfect place to enjoy theenchanting view of the Bosphorusfrom within.Cİhangir,Çukurcuma,Galatawalking tourFor city dwellers, the Cihangir-Çukurcuma-Galata routeis the perfect path to surrender to the lure of urbanattractions. The path leads up and down the ancienthills of İstanbul’s Beyoğlu district, offering enchantingglimpses of the sea and the historical peninsulathrough narrow streets lined with 19th centuryapartment buildings. Immersed in thishistorical atmosphere are art galleriesshowcasing contemporary art, stylishboutiques selling hip clothing,trendy cafes where youcan enjoy a cup of gourmetcoffee while reading a bookor watch hipsters fromall nationalities stroll by.Çukurcuma is the antiquedealers quarter. Many displaytheir goods in front of theirshops, turning the streets into acolourful parade of retro objectsand antique furniture.

46 visiting the cityThe BosphorusWhether a moonlit romanticnight-cruise or a guided boat tourundertaken under the warm sun, allof the many ways of experiencingthe beautiful Bosphorus is merelyenchanting. You can hire a privateboat or hop on one of the manyboats departing from Eminönü orKabataş piers. If you prefer taking aleisurely walk enriched by visits tomonumental buildings on the shore,make sure you spare enough time tomake the most of it.BosphorusBridgeLinking Asia to Europe,this iconic bridge was builtin 1973, which markedthe 50th anniversary ofthe foundation of TurkishRepublic. At night, theBridge is showered withcolourful lights. There is nopedestrian access to theBridge.

47Ortaköy MosqueThis iconic mosque, making up the most distinctivescenes of İstanbul with the Bosphorus Bridge, stands outwith its exquisite decorations in Ortaköy. Built in 1853,this baroque-style mosque represents the finest exampleof late Ottoman period architecture.Visiting hours: 09:00-19:00did you know?In 511 BC, Persian KingDarius The Great made afloating bridge by placing allthe ships in his navy side byside and allowed his armyof 700,000 people to crossthe strait on foot.Dolmabahçe PalaceUpon Sultan Abdülmecit’s decision to move the imperial court from Topkapi to abrand new palace on the shores of the Bosphorus, imperial architects Nikoghosand Garabed Balyan were commissioned to construct an impressive palace in latestEuropean fashion. Construction was completed in 1854 and the imperial family movedin two years later. The palace is surrounded by well-tended gardens and boasts lavishand almost theatrical Hours: 09:00-16:00,Closed on Mondays

48 visiting the cityBeylerbeyi PalaceThe summer lodge of royalty, Beylerbeyi Palace is located on the Asian Side across Ortaköy. Builtby Sarkis Balyan, the famous architect that has built many edifices in İstanbul, constructed thispalace for Sultan Abdulaziz in 1865. The exterior decorations of the Palace were inspired from theNeo-Classical style that was popular in Europe in the 19th century, while the interior displays thefinest examples of traditional Ottoman style decorative art. The Palace also served as a residencefor visiting royalty.Visiting hours: 09:00-16:30,Closed on Mondays and Thursdaysdid you know?The first settlements inİstanbul mainly gatheredalongside the Bosphorus.First, Megarianssettled in Peninsula.Afterwards Kalkedon inKadıköy and Skutari inÜsküdar were found.Yıldız PalaceMUSEUMOne of the last residences of the imperial family, Yıldız Palacewas commissioned by Abdulhamit II at the end of the 19thcentury. Exhibiting the finest blend of Rococo and Islamicstyles, the Palace is set amidst a large and well-protected parkcovering an area of 500,000 square meters and containingplants from all corners of the world.Visiting Hours:09:30-19:00, Open Everyday (15 April-1 November)09:30-16:30, Closed on Tuesdays (1 November- 15 April)Kuleli MilitaryHigh SchoolSituated on the Anatolianshores of the Bosphorus, KuleliMilitary High School displaysclassical Ottoman architecturalstyle of barracks. After theconquest of İstanbul, JanissaryBarracks were establishedhere. Kuleli Barracks wasused by cavalry squads from1828 to 1837. During the greatplague, the Barracks servedas a quarantine building. Afterthe plague was over, SultanAbdulmecit commissioneda renovation of Barracks. Ahospital and a Turkish bathwith a dome were thus addedto the complex.

51AtatürkArboretumLocated on the edge of Emirgan Forest, this Arboretum isan almost mystic place, especially on hazy autumn days.It features over 2000 plant species from around theworld, and a picturesque pond. Stop by to get some beautifulnature photography.ValidebağGroveThis 200-year-old lushgrove was establishedby Sultan Selim III.Threatened by urbantransformation, thegrove still offers bestof city gardens easy toget by public transport.FenerbahçeParkThis park is located on asmall peninsula right nextto Kalamış Marina on theAnatolian side. It has teagardens with wonderfulsea views. It is especiallydelightful to watch thesunset.

52 visiting the citySoME PARKSworthvisitıngÇubuklu Hidivİsmail Paşa ParkThis extensive park is locatedaround a large and beautifulpavilion, on top of a hilloverlooking the Bosphorus.Belgrad ForestLying 15 kilometers northwestof İstanbul, this forest ismostly frequented by bikersand hikers on weekdays.On weekends, large familiesflock in with their elaboratepicnic gadgets and colourfulchildren’s toys.Fethi PaşaEstate ParkLocated on the Asian shoresof the Bosphorus, this parkoffers marvellous views ofthe Bosphorus in Üsküdar.Gezi ParkIf you need a break from thehustle and bustle of TaksimSquare, Gezi Park, which isthe closest park where youcan relax.Göztepe ParkThis park is located right nextto Bağdat Street - one ofİstanbul’s the most popularshopping streets on the Asianside. It is a well-groomed parkwith handsome flower beds.It is also one of the most childfriendly parks.Yıldız ParkThis luxuriant park, stretching over a slope right behind theÇırağan Palace, used to be the dwelling ground of Ottomanelite. Numerous pavilions were built during those times andnow serve as restaurants and cafes.View of Bosphorus from Gülhane ParkGülhane ParkThis used to be the outer garden of the Topkapı Palace duringOttoman times. It has a superb view of the Bosphorus and is convenientlylocated close to the main tourist attractions in Sultanahmet.Maçka ParkIf you are shopping in Nişantaşı and prefer to take a break ingreenery rather than in one of the fancy cafes, Maçka Park is theperfect place. It rests on the slope overlooking the Dolmabahçe Palace.

As the European Capital of Culture in 2010,İstanbul certified its richness and generousnessin that field too. Alongside the historical sources,today, a number of modern art exhibitions areopening gates to the art lovers in İstanbul.Throughout the year, not only the Turkish artistsbut also the works of famous modern art creatorsfrom all around the world are displayed to suchenthusiastic crowds.Culture& Arts53

54 culture & artsİstanbul Modernİstanbul for Art LoversThe art scene in İstanbul haswitnessed an explosion in recentyears. Independent gallerieshave been popping up in the backstreets of Tophane, Karaköy,Galata, Cihangir, and Nişantaşıneighbourhoods, as well asthe more unlikely districts ofMaslak, Arnavutköy, and Balat.

İstanbul Modern55did you know?Modern art museumsoffer special workshopsfor children too. Theycan color the walls withcrayons and creat suchartworks out of colorfuldough. visit for latest art events!Guided tours such as ArtWalk İstanbul or TophaneArt Walk take visitors through these galleries thathave each a unique focus: Elipsis Gallery specialisesin photography, Mixer offers a selection of emerging localartists, Galeri NON supports non-disciplinary art practices,and DEPO showcases art with socio-political implications.The century-old art nouveau building Mısır Apartmanı, on thelively Istiklal Street, attracts art lovers with its architecture aswell as the numerous galleries that it houses. Aside from thesesmaller enterprises, exhibition spaces founded by financialinstitutions also shape the scene. Most favoured are SALT andARTER, which share a mission of promoting contemporary artin Turkey. There are also a number of private museums thatplay a major role, such as İstanbul Modern Museum, dedicatedto contemporary art from Turkey; The Pera Museum that aimsto offer a broad range of high-quality culture and arts services;and The Sakıp Sabancı Museum, which focuses on traditionalOttoman art while also offering large-scale exhibitions offamous artists such as Picasso, Joan Miró, and Anish Kapoor.Sakıp Sabancı Museum

56 culture & artsA scene from Skyfallmovie in İstanbul streetsOrhan Pamukİstanbul:Memories andthe CityOrhan Pamuk is one of thewriters who are “definitely” inlove with İstanbul. His famouswork, “İstanbul: Memoriesand the City”, though anautobiographical piece ofart, is actually a novel whichclearly shows the reader “theold İstanbul”. Throughout thenovel, the reader catches thechance of viewing İstanbul asit was so many years ago. Thereason for this is that just likeso many writers and artists ingeneral, Pamuk also identifieshimself and his mindset withthe atmosphere of İstanbul.The book is illustrated withthe photographs by famousartist Ara Guler. The reasonfor this is also the fact thatthe depressive mode in theseİstanbul pictures, especiallythe landscapes represent hisset of mind at those times,according to Orhan Pamuk.İstanbul asa cinema cityThere are lots of moviesshot in İstanbul. Skyfall,Taken 2, Tinker TailorSoldier Spy, Ghost Rider,The International, Hitman,and The Fall, are onlyfew of them.did you know?Around February, the independent film festival !f warms thehearts of film buffs with an heart-throbbing selection fromindependent festivals worldwide such as Sundance. The largestfilm event of İstanbul is the İstanbul Film Festival, which waslaunched in 1982. The two-week event has become essentialfor cinephiles from all around the country. If you are visitingaround October, you can enjoy another film festival, calledFilmEkimi, showcasing the year’s favourites hand-pickedfrom major festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale, and Venice.İstanbul also hosts small-scale film festivals that focus onspecific subjects such as Filmmor Women’s Film Festival,Documentarist, and International Crime & Punishment FilmFestival. İstanbul is not only an attraction for festivalgoers. Ithas also been an inspiration for filmmakers from the earliestdays of cinema. Recently many filmmakers have been visitingthe city quite often to shoot their films: Tom Tykwer’s actionthriller the International (2009) starring Clive Oven andNaomi Watts, the espionage film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy(2011), Ben Affleck’s political thriller Argo (2012), and thelatest James Bond film Skyfall (2012) were all set in thisfascinating city.

57BiennalesThe art event that attracts most attention, not only in thecountry but in the whole region, is the İstanbul Biennial.It is organised by the İstanbul Foundation For Culture andArts, and aims to promote the formation of an internationalcultural network between local and international art circles,artists, curators and art critics by bringing together newtrends in contemporary art every two years. In 2015, theİstanbul Biennial will run from September 5 to November 1.Over the years the Biennial has gained worldwide acclaim asone of the most prestigious of its kind. Another importantevent, Contemporary İstanbul International Art Fair, isnow in its eighth year and is held around November. Thelatest addition to this rapidly expanding scene of art fairs isArtInternational, which brought together 63 galleries from 19different countries in its first year.DıFFERENTTHEME EVERYTIMEEach year, Biennial receivesa great deal of demand fromthe people and it reaches somany of them that the wholeevent is organized in fourseparate locations spreadaround the city centre. Eachof them has a different themeand displays different piecesof art. But as a whole, theyimpress the onlookers in thesame way, interestingly. EachBiennial, receives a greatdeal of demand and almostall of the school at all gradesorganizes tours for the little artlovers. It is organized in everytwo years.The 2nd İstanbul DesignBiennial, which ran fromNovember to December in2014, attracted over 100,000visitors in six weeks.

58 culture & artsdid you know?Kevin Spacey, staged hisfamous play Richard IIIdirected by Sam Mendes,in İstanbulHOST TOFAMOUS PLAYSThroughout the year, İstanbulhosts the most famoustheatres, musicals and allother stage performingartworks. One of the latest isCATS musical. It was stageda couple of times and tooka great deal of interest.Also, pieces of art like “ThePhantom of the Opera” willbe staged. Moreover, balletshows like “the Abductionfrom the Seraglio”,“Cinderella”, “Carmen”,“Hamlet” will be staged inİstanbul, during this year.Stage PerformingArts in İstanbulIs it İstanbul which makes people turn into sensitive artists withis breathtaking views; or is it the human beings themselves whoportray this city with such appealing pieces of art? Obviously, thesetwo are just combining each other and introducing us a perfectmatch. İstanbul and artists are inseparable parts in this world,painting each other with different colours of life. Performing artsare by all means an indispensible part of İstanbul’s metropolitanlife. Watching a modern adaption of one of the famous plays ofShakespeare in a building dating from the 18th century? Havingthe chance of listening live a worldwide-renowned violin virtuoso?In İstanbul, you can watch the most fascinating stage performancesin historical or modern performance venues such as the Churchof Hagia Irene or the Harbiye Amphitheatre. Housed in the iconicSurreyya Opera House, İstanbul State Opera and Ballet performshighlights from Turkish composers or stage adaptations of classicalTurkish literature. ( Every summer, theInternational Opera Festival welcomes musicians from all across theworld.The İstanbul State Theatre features a rich programme every seasoncontaining all-time favourites such as Shakespeare adaptations aswell as children plays. Bringing together theatre companies anddance groups from Turkey and abroad, the İstanbul Theatre Festivalis held around May every year.

eatHOW TO...drinkenjoysleepfind yourway aroundIN İSTANBUL?Explore everything aboutİstanbul like never before!Simply click

60 culture & artsİstanbul Foundationfor Culture and Artsİstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV)is a non-profit cultural institutionthat organises the İstanbul Festivals of Music,Film, Theatre and Jazz, as well asthe İstanbul Biennial, the İstanbul DesignBiennial, autumn film week ‘Filmekimi’,Leyla Gencer Voice Competition, and specialevents throughout the year.www.iksv.orgSakip Sabanci MuseumAffiliated with Sabancı University, theSakıp Sabancı Museumis located on theEquestrian Villa (Turkish: Atlı Köşk) inEmirgan, one of the oldest residences onthe Bosphorus. It first opened its doors tovisitors in 2002. With a rich collection ofpainting and calligraphy, the museum hasexhibited the works of many famousİstanbul MODERNİstanbul Museum of Modern Art is Turkey’sfirst private museum to organize modernand contemporary art exhibitions. Withits exhibition halls, photography gallery,library, cinema, restaurant and store, itconstitutes a multi-faceted platform forculture and the of TurkishCalligraphy ArtThis museum hosts a collection of art and handcraftsdating from the 13th century. Among otherobjects, some dating back to the 13th century,the collection includes Korans, Tuğra (decorativeseals of the sultans) and miniatures, as well asimportant examples of stone and glass

61SaltSALT explores critical and timely issues in visualand material culture, and cultivates innovativeprograms for research and experimentalthinking. Assuming an open attitude andestablishing itself as a site of learning anddebate SALT aims to challenge, excite andprovoke its visitors by encouraging them tooffer critique and response.www.saltonline.orgPera MuseumPera Museum has evolved to become aleading and distinguished cultural center inone of the liveliest quarters of İstanbul. Themuseum has three permanent collections,“Orientalist Paintings”, “Anatolian Weights andMeasures”, and “Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics,”and offers an outstanding range of diversehigh quality culture and art the slogan “a place for art,” Arter wasfounded by the Vehbi Koç Foundationin 2010. In addition to presenting the privatecollection and archives of VehbiKoç, Arter also has the goal of promoting andexhibiting new artistic works. Arterregularly updates a program which includes theworks of both local andinternational artists. and IslamicArts MuseumThe Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Turkish:Türk İslam Eserleri Müzesi) was the firstTurkish museum to include both Islamicand Turkish art together. It is now housedin the 16th-century İbrahim Paşa Palace.The museum has a rich collection from theOttoman period, including many imperialfermans, charters, and endowments. Themuseum’s carpet collection, at around1,700 pieces, is also well worth


İstanbul has always been decribed as a citywhich is “never sleeping”. The reason of thisepithet is that İstanbul offers a number ofspecial events, organizastions and concertsat any time, no matter what the time is. It isquite reasonable to say that the generosityit offers, is a result of the wide range of residentsit has. As a city hosting millions of people,the city of İstanbul has to enliven up thedays and nights of its beloved residents withvarious events.Events63

64 eventsİstanbul for Event Seekersİstanbul’s rich cultural heritage andimmense size mean that there is alwayssomething exciting happening. Thesilhouette of minarets, the ‘sevenhills’, and, of course, the Bosphoruscreate a vibrant and beautiful backdropfor events, attracting local andinternational crowds all around theyear.did you know?World famous stars ofmusic of almost every genrehas perferomed in İstanbuland the city remains asone of the major stopsof the global tours of themegastars.

visitfor latest events!65Major rock bands such as Metallica, or pop starsincluding Lady Gaga and Madonna performed againstthis fantastic backdrop. Grand venues, host extensiveexpositions that draw large numbers of businesses from theMiddle East and Europe to the city. For fashion lovers, Turkey’spremier fashion event Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week İstanbulis one of the events to look forward. It offers an internationalplatform for designers from the region to connect with mediaand buyers. Another area of growing attention is sports. In 2010,the World Basketball Championship was held in İstanbul, and in2006, the Red Bull Air Acrobatics race was held for the first timein İstanbul, attracting a record number of almost one millionspectators to the Golden Horn.WoRLD STARSAWAITED2015 will be a fast-pacedand active year for themusic lovers in İstanbul.Itzhak Pearlman, KylieMinogue, Justin Timberlake,Goran Bregovic, BlindGuardian, Dimitri Vegas,Chill, Jessie J, One Republic,Opeth, Anathema, LaidbackLuke, Farid Farjad andEnrique Iglesias are just acouple of the names thatwill hit the stage in İstanbul.

66 eventsMelodies enrichingthe Bosphorusİstanbul offers a rich variety of music events for music lovers of all genres, ranging fromclassical to heavy metal. The İstanbul Foundation For Culture and Arts has been organisingİstanbul’s most famous festival, the International İstanbul Music Festival, since 1973. Thefestival focuses on classical music, creating programmes in which international orchestras andconductors perform with Turkish soloists, or vice versa. In 1986, the foundation established theJazz Festival as a separate event, hosting world-famous artists such as Sting, Björk, and Buena VistaSocial Club. Following in its footsteps, one of Turkey’s major Banks, Akbank established the AkbankJazz Festival, with events taking place at numerous venues spread all over the city. One Loveİstanbul Festival and Chill Out Festival are festivals of different genre, being organised for almost adecade.One of İstanbul’s most popular events for rock lovers is Rock’n’Coke, which is held every twoyears and spans over three nights. The festival presented legendary bands such as Limp Bizkit, NineInch Nails, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, The Cure, The Prodigy, and Linkin Park.did you know?The free and unsponsoredrock festival of Turkey,Barışarock (meaning‘rock for peace’) is beingorganised since 2003,presenting mostly localbands.MERCEDES BENZFASHION WEEKLuxury design eventMercedes Benz FashionWeek attracts thousandsto see the best fashiondesigners’ creations on thecatwalk. Tens of Turkish andinternational fashion brandsand designers present theircollections during the event,and numerous internationalcelebrities show up to seewhat latest fashion is like.

68 eventsEurasia MarathonBEST PUBLICEVENT BY TIGERWOODSThe privilege of lying acrosstwo continents bringsabout benefits! When TigerWoods, who is among themost succesfull golf playersof all time visited İstanbulin 2013, he also performedan intercontinental show forthis city. He hit the golf ballon the Bosphorus Bridge,from the Asian Side, to theEuropean Side. This famousperformance brought Turkeyan international award.His public show gained “TheBest Public Event” award bythe European Best EventsAwards in 2014.İstanbul gained yetanother title when it waschosen by the EuropeanCapitals of SportAssociation (ACES) to be2012’s European Capitalof Sports.did you know?INTERCONTINENTALEVENTSİstanbul is not a city “divided” butrather “spread” over two continents.Moreover, it is not just the splendidview that the citizens benefit from; butalso the activities and events that areheld on the routes that include the twocontinents at the same time.Among a number of intercontinental organizations, sportiveevents supported by worldwide known corporations take the lead.Soil, air, water… The athletes and sport lovers from all over theworld, get together in İstanbul for intercontinental events likeEurasia Marathon, Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Raceand Cross-Continental Cycling Tour.Eurasia Marathon has been organized each year since 1979and embraces people from all over the world. Everyone canattend the event because there are 3 different routes which are10, 15 and 42,195 kilometres long. The runners cross over theBosphorus Bridge on which walking is prohibited during the restof the year. So they get the unique chance of witnessing such a

Bosphorus Cross-ContinentalSwimming Race69splendid landscape in the middle ofthe bridge. The route starts from adistance of 200 metres to BosphorusBridge in the Asian Side and finishesat Sultanahmet in the EuropeanSide. The route covers mostly theseaside, enabling the runners enjoythe viewtoo. Throughout the route, the needsof the runners like water, candies, fruit are met. The marathonin 2015 is on November 15th.If seeing the two continents in the middle of the bridge is notenough for you, this city is also inviting everyone to experiencethe same in the sea! Bosphorus Cross-Continental SwimmingRace is organized annually and receives a great deal of interest fromeveryone no matter if they are professional athletes or not. Since1989, 700 people are swimming overarm each year, starting fromKurucesme in the European side to Kanlica in the Asian Side. Thenext event will be held July 26th, 2015.World Environment Day on the 5th of June is celebrated witha cycling festival in İstanbul. The festival is hosted by Turkey’sBicyclists Association and the cyclists attending have theprivilege of pedalling across the two continents. The aim of thisorganization is to draw attention to environmental pollution andraise public awareness of the need for fighting against it. Theroute starts from Bakirkoy Ozgurluk Square in the European Sideand ends at Uskudar in the Asian Side. Please do not forget thateach organization require a beforehand registration.İstanbul asa Sportive Cityİstanbul hosts a wide rangeof sportive events includingUEFA Champions League,UEFA European Leaguematches, Turkish SuperLeague matches, tenniscups, volleyball and basketballtournaments, billiard,baseball, hentball matchesand swimming, golf contests.Hundreds and thousandsof people attend thesesportive events and especiallythe atmosphere in thetough matches are alwaysenthusiastic. The ambiencealmost becomes wild inderby matches between thefootball teams of the samecity of İstanbul. There is agreat challenge between theteams of Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçeand Galatasaray.Turkey women’s and men’snational basketball andvoleyball teams joins theFIBA World Cup, EuroBasket,Mediterranean Games andachieves great success. VitraEczacıbaşı Women VoleyballTeam became World Championsin 2015.

70 eventsEVENT CALENDARSome of the scheduled concerts and events in 2015 andearly 2016.An Evening withHugh JackmanZorlu Performing Arts Center05/30/2015 – 06/01/2015InternationalTheatreFestivalMay 2015 – June 20151stInternationalDigital LifeEnvironmentsCongress05/4-6/2015İstanbul University Congressand Cultur CenterGoran Bregovic05/06/2015 – 08/12/2015Interior DesignSymposiumHakkı Eldem Auditoriumİstanbul05/7-8/2015OneRepublicVolkswagen Arena İstanbul05/09/2015Sema CeremonyGalata Mevlevihane Museum05/10/2015-06/14/2015Top 100 DJs Tour– Dimitri VegasKüçükÇiftlik Park İstanbul05/16/2015Sezen AksuBostancı Showland İstanbul05/22/2015chıll outfestıval23-24 May 2015ItzhakPearlmanZorlu Performing Arts Center05/28/201512 Cellistof BerlinPhilarmonicHagia Irene İstanbul06/01/2015OliverSchnyder– İstanbulRecitalsSabancı Museum – The Seedİstanbul06/04/2015MozartMarathon withFazıl SayKadıköy Süreyya Operaİstanbul06/09/2015Russian ArmyChorusZorlu Performing Arts Center06/13/2015Kylie MinogueKüçükÇiftlik Park İstanbul06/16/2015Boston GayMen’s ChorusZorlu Performing Arts Center06/27/2015TigranHamasyan – TheYetevan StateHagia Irene İstanbul06/30/2015ShoppingFest06-28 June 2015İstanbul OperaDaysJune 2015 – July 2015Kylie Minogue

71Melody GardotInternationalJazz FestivalOne LoveFestival27 June - 15 July 2015Joan BaezHarbiye Cemil TopuzluConcert Hall07/01/2015Jessie JKüçükÇiftlik Park İstanbul07/03/2015Melody Gardot– WojtekMazolewskiQuintetBasketmakers’ Kiosk İstanbul07/06/2015Burak BedikyanEuropeanQuartetSalon İKSV İstanbul07/14/2015ReunionExhibitionSakıp Sabancı Museum04/09/2015-07/26/2015Painter andPaintingExhibitionThe İstanbul Museum ofModern Art01/09/2015 – 07/28/2015SpacelinerExhibitionArter Modern Art Museum05/15/2015 – 08/02/2015Magnum -Contact SheetsThe İstanbul Museum ofModern Art02/26/2015 – 08/02/2015MSA CulinartArts AcademyWorkshopMSA Academy04/16/2015 – 08/04/2015Enrique IglesiasKüçükÇiftlik Park İstanbul08/19/2015Mamma Mia!Zorlu Performing Arts Center09/29/2015 - 10/04/2015İstanbulBiennialSeptember 2015 /November 2015Diana KrallZorlu Performing Arts Center10/27/2015Rachid Tahaİstanbul10/28/2015 – 10/31/2015Farid FarjadZorlu Performing Arts Center11/19/2015Akbank JazzFestivalOctober 2015 - November 2015Internationalİstanbul FilmFestivalApril 2016VisitFor updatedevent calendar

Established in 1997 The İstanbul Convention& Visitors Bureau – ICVB is a non-profitdestination marketing organisation.ICVB’s main goal is to represent İstanbul around the worldand to seek international associations and corporationsplanning to hold high-profile international congresses andevents.ICVB has played a key role in İstanbul’s rapid rise ofpopularity as a congress destination according to the ICCAstatistics. Thus reassuring the significance of İstanbul’s8,500 year of history as well as professional servicesoffered by the city’s tourism industry and professionalsolutions offered by ICVB’s strategies.ICVB members include the leading corporations andassociations involved in the conference and incentivetourism such as hotels, conference and exhibition centres,DMC & PCOs, airlines and other companies. The ICVB,working in close collaboration with the Turkish Ministryof Culture & Tourism, the İstanbul Chamber of Commerceand the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality; designs andimplements special events and other marketing strategiesto raise İstanbul as a congress and event centre.İstanbul Convention & Visitors Bureauİstanbul Ticaret Odası Ek Hizmet Binası Reşadiye Cad.No:7 Eminönü 34112 İstanbul TurkeyP: (+90 212) 522 55 55 - F: (+90 212) 522 01

ConventionsAlongside the four intependent meeting clustersspread around the city, İstanbul is now, one ofthe “World’s Top Top 10 Congress Destinations”.With its deluxe convention and exhibitioncenters, this city is the house of glory for theprofessionals of the business World.

74 conventionsLevent areaİstanbul for Business TravellersWith a commercial heritage datingback to more than thousands years ago,İstanbul has always been an importanthub along the busy trade route betweenthe East and the West. Thanks to itsprime location, guarding the sea trafficalong the Bosphorus Strait, the cityquickly flourished as a cross-continentaltrading hub.

75did you know?İstanbul has 4 independentmeeting clustersspread around the city –The Congress Valley, theGolden Horn, the AirportArea and the Asian side.Today, İstanbul is increasing in popularity as aninternational business destination with its high-standardmeeting facilities.In 2014, the city ranked 9th worldwidefor hosting 130 international congresses by InternationalCongress and Convention Association (ICCA)Nationally, İstanbul is responsible for over half of Turkey’strade, and internationally the city is an important meetingpoint for representatives from many industries. With 7convention centres and 3 exhibition centres, the city can hostsmall meetings and big-scale congresses of 30,000 participants.Catering to every need of an international organization atworld standards, İstanbul offers visitors a gratifying experienceto remember. After a busy day of meetings, guests can enjoy adelicious meal while taking in the glittering city lights over theBosphorus. They can wake up to the refreshing breeze of thesea and enrich their business visit with a day of sightseeing orstrolling along the historic side of the city.The main gateway to İstanbul for business travellers is AtatürkInternational Airport, Europe’s fifth busiest airport, whileSabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side has grown quiterapidly and started serving international flights as well. Withplans underway to build a third international airport, which willbe the biggest in Europe, İstanbul is determined to thrive evenfurther as a 21st century international business centre.A truly congress cıty‘As World’s Top 10 Congress Destination’ İstanbul is an ideal cityto hold congresses with 100 to 30,000 or more participants asthe city is home to 7 convention centres and 3 exhibition centreseach capable of hosting major events with thousands of delegates.There are also many unusual venues situated in historic sites andBosphorus shores that offer unique experiences for events.

76 conventions13CNR EXPOThe fairs held at CNR EXPO,which is preferred by thebusiness world with its indoorarea of 150.000 m2 and outdoorarea of 120.000m2 and 8 halls,are world class fairs and held inaccordance with the internationalnorms of fair organizationbusiness. CNR EXPO Yesilkoyis the largest fair complex inEurasia, and has a car parkcapacity of 7.500 cars.HALİÇ CONGRESSCENTERThe center is the only venue inİstanbul by the sea side whichgives the unique opportunityof using sea transportation tothe center, spans 102.000sqm,includes an open space of16.000sqm and a total indoorexhibition area of 9.000sqm,comprising four buildings thatare interconnected with broadgalleries and lounges filled withsunshine, it offers 21 multifunctionalrooms including 5state of-the-art Auditoria.24GRAND CEVAHİRWith 2500 m2 of usable spaceand 8,65 meter high ceiling theBall Room measures up as thelargest in Turkey and Europewithout any structural columns.The Ballroom is dividable into 3sections and its stage is 310 m2.Cevahir Auditorium, one of theunique Hotel Auditorium in Turkey,with 1013 people capacity hasstate-of-the art systems for allkinds of organizations. There are22 multi-purpose meeting roomsat the Grand Cevahir Hotel.İstanbulCongress Centerİstanbul Congress Center (ICC),was built in September 2009.The Congress Center is a sevenfloors facility which covers119.500 m2. İstanbul CongressCenter is located centrally, closeto the historical and touristicrichness of the city and hoststhe leading hotel chains of theworld and its position providesconvenience in terms of accessand transportation.

Bosphorus77European Side23CongressValley4651 7Golden HornAsian Side5 6İstanbul EXPOCENTERİstanbul Expo Center is locatedin World Trade Center İstanbulfacility that takes part acrossInternational Ataturk Airport.World Trade Center İstanbul,located in an area of 500,000m2, is one of the largest andmost comprehensive tradecenters in the world. Within thisarea, there are 11 exhibition halls,and three business towers thatcomprises of rental offices, afood court, and a business club.İstanbul LütfİKırdar - ICECThe first and leading congresscentre, İstanbul Convention& Exhibition Centre, (ICEC) islocated in the centre of İstanbulwith magnificent Bosphorusview. The centre consists oftwo facilities, Main Buildingand Rumeli Fair and ExhibitionCentre, which offers a total of 45spacious and recently renovatedmulti-functional meeting rooms.7WOW CONVENTION CENTERWOW Convention Center, the biggest congress and accommodationcenter of İstanbul has 34 halls, 8500 m2 meeting area and a capacityof 6500 people. WOW İstanbul Hotels & Convention Center hasbeen renovated in order to maximize the guest satisfaction. Servingwith its new face as of 2014, our facilities have been designed takingthe smallest details into consideration for the comfort of the guests.

From five-star deluxe residence hotelsto boutique hotels with minimalistdesign, İstanbul offers a wide range ofaccommodation choices for everyone.Nearby the touristic attractions or justnext to a gigantic convention center,considering the millions of visitorsİstanbul embraces each year, it is definitelynot dubious to say anyone candiscover the hotel suitable for themselvesin this city.


80 accommodationİstanbul for City ExplorersThe Bosphorus

81did you know?İstanbul is known asthe City on the SevenHills The city has inheritedthis denominationfrom Byzantine Constantinople.True lovers of urban life will continue to be enchantedwith countless historical places, churches, palacesand mosques, as well as with the buzzing rhythm ofthe city. İstanbul offers an unforgettable experience with itscolorful daily life and dynamic nightlife. It is no coincidencethat in 2010, İstanbul was chosen the European Capital ofCulture. With a history dating back to thousands of years,İstanbul is one of the world’s most exciting metropolises withintercontinental events; international conferences; film, musicand theater festivals; international biennials; rich museums;promising art galleries; exciting antique dealer stores; andfascinating concerts. If you are a true lover of metropolitanlife, stay at a central hotel around Cihangir or Galata, andenjoy the vibrant streets around Taksim, the heart of the city.Take the funicular to Kabatas, and hop on a Bosphorus tour ortake the boat to Kadıköy, the heart of the Anatolian side of thecity. Plunge into the colourful and vibrant bazaar of Kadıköyfilled with the scent of Turkish coffee and oriental spices.Stop by one of the hundreds of cosy cafes or pubs beforeheading back to your hotel. Or, why not take a walk along theBosphorus shores around Bebek, the hip neighbourhood withthe best of restaurants and cafes? With a unique combinationof accessibility, variety and natural beauty, İstanbul has thetrue mix for every taste.WAITING TO BE DISCOVEREDİstanbul offers a great adventure for the people who are in lovewith “discovering” new areas and cultures. Modern İstanbulexceeded from the borders of seven hills but it still has untouchedareas waiting to be explored.To book hotels

82 hotel list - five starBarcelo EresinTopkapı HotelMillet Cad. Dullar ÇıkmazıNo:186 34104 Topkapı+90 212 631 12 12www.barceloeresintopkapi.comDedemanIstanbulYıldız Posta Cad. No:5034340 Esentepe+90 212 337 45 00www.dedeman.comCrowne PlazaIstanbul HarbiyeHotelDolapdere Cad. No:163/134375 Harbiye Şişli İstanbul+90 212 291 60 80www.cpistanbulharbiye.comConrad IstanbulBarbaros Blvd 34353 Beşiktaş+90 212 310 25 25www.conradistanbul.comDivan IstanbulAsker Ocağı Cad. No:134367 Şişli+90 212 315 55 ParkBosphorusHotelGümüşsuyu Mah. İnönü Cad.No:8 Beyoğlu İstanbul+90 212 377 88 88www.cvkhotelsandresorts.comCrowne PlazaIstanbul AsiaYenişehir Mah. DedepaşaCad.No:15 Via/Port Pendik-Kurtköy- İstanbul+90 216 585 60 60www.cpistanbulasia.comDedemanBostancı Hotel &ConventionCenterDeğirmenyolu Cad.No:39-BAtaşehir Bostancı+90 216 469 66 00www.dedeman.comElite WorldBusiness HotelŞehit Zafer Kızıltaş Sok. No:1Küçükçekmece İstanbul+90 212 411 46

83Elite WorldIstanbul HotelŞehit Muhtar Cad. No:42Taksim 34435 İstanbul+90 212 313 83 RegencyIstanbul AtaköyAtaköy 2.5.6.Kısım RaufOrbay Cad. Sahil Yolu No:2/1Bakırköy İstanbul+90 212 463 12 HyattIstanbulTaşkışla Cad.No:1 34437Taksim- İstanbul+90 212 368 12 PremiumHotel & SpaFatih Mah.Gazi MustafaKemal Cad. No:11 34500Büyükçekmece İstanbul+90 212 867 70 00www.eserhotel.comHilton IstanbulBomonti HOTEL& CONFERENCE CENTERSilahşör Cad.No:42Bomonti Şişli+90 212 375 30 00www.istanbulbomonti.hilton.comIntercontinentalIstanbulAsker Ocağı Cad. No:1 34435Taksim-İstanbul+90 212 368 44 CevahirHotel &ConventionCenterDarülaceze Cad. No:9 Şişliİstanbul+90 212 314 42 IstanbulBosphorusCumhuriyet Cad.34367Harbiye-İstanbul+90 212 315 60 HotelŞişliAbide-i Hürriyet CaddesiNo:142 Şişli-İstanbul+90 212 375 01

84 hotel list - five starLe MeridienIstanbul EtilerCengiz Topel Cad.No:3934337 Etiler İstanbul+90 212 384 00 00www.lemeridienistanbul.comRadissson BluŞişli Hotel19 Mayıs Mah.Büyükdere Cad.Sakarya Apt. No:6 Kat:5Şişli-İstanbul+90 212 375 00 IstanbulHotelSahil Yolu Cad. No:2 34149Yeşilköy+90 212 414 18 00www.renaissancepolatistanbul.comMövenpick HotelIstanbulBüyükdere Cad. 34330 4.Levent- İstanbul+90 212 319 29 PlazaIstanbulHalaskargazi Cad. No:6334373 Şişli+90 212 315 44 44www.ramadaplazaistanbul.comShangri-LaBosphorus,İSTANBULSinanpaşa Mah.Hayrettinİskelesi Sok No:1 34353Beşiktaş-İstanbul+90 212 275 88övenpick HotelIstanbulGolden HornSilahtarağa Caddedi No:8734050 İstanbul+90 212 600 1 Bulvarı No:14534349 Beşiktaş İstanbul+90 212 340 70 00www.renaissanceistanbulbosphorus.comSheratonIstanbul AtaköyHotelRauf Orbay Cad.SahilyoluNo:10 34158 Bakırköy İstanbul+90 212 413 06

85STEIGENBERGERIstanbul MaslakBüyükdere Cad. No:49Üçyolmevki 34398 Maslak+90 212 335 99 99www.sheratonistanbulmaslak.comWyndham GrandIstanbul LeventEsentepe Mah. BüyükdereCad. No:177-183 34394 Şişli+90 212 386 10 00www.wyndhamgrandlevent.comThe MarmaraTaksimTaksim Meydanı 34437Taksim+90 212 334 83 00www.themarmaracollection.comSürmelİ İstanbulHotelProf. Dr. Bülent Tarcan Sok.No:3 34349 Gayrettepeİstanbul+90 212 272 11 60www.surmelihotels.comThe Ritz CarltonIstanbulSuzer Plaza, Elmadağ,Askerocağı Caddesi, No:6,34367 Şişli İstanbul+90 212 334 44 GrandIstanbul EuropeBağlar Mah. Mimar SinanCaddesi No:80-82 Bağcılar+90 212 464 00 00www.wyndhamgrandistanbuleurope.comSwissotel TheBosphorusBayıldım Cad. No:2 Maçka34357 Beşiktaş+90 212 326 11 IstanbulHotelYeşilköy Mah.Atatürk Cad.34149 No:15-17-19 Bakırköy+90 212 468 50

86 hotel list - four star & special categoryDivan IstanbulCityBüyükdere Cad.No:84 34398Gayrettepe-İstanbul+90 212 337 49 Karaköy,A MorgansOriginalMüeyyetzade Mah.KemeraltıCad. No:10 Karaköy-İstanbul+90 212 703 33İ Hotel&SPAEbussuut Cd No:31 Sirkeci-İstanbul+90 212 519 10 19www.levnihotel.comHilton GardenInn IstanbulGolden HornHotelSütlüce Mah. İmrahar Cad.Dutluk Sok.Beyoğlu 34445+90212 314 50 00www.istanbulgoldenhorn.hgi.comWOW AirportHotelYeşilköy Mah.Atatürk Cad.34149 No:15-17-19 Bakırköy+90 212 468 30 00www.wowhotelsistanbul.comOttoman HotelImperialCaferiye Sok. No:6/1Sultanahmet 34400 İstanbul+90 212 513 61 51www.ottomanhotelimperial.comKonak HOtelİstanbulCumhuriyet Cad. No:7534437 Taksim+90 212 225 82 50www.hotelkonak.comThe House HotelBosphorusSalhane Sokak No.1, Ortaköy+90 212 327 77 87www.thehousehotel.comEresin CrownHotelKüçükayasofya Cad.No:4034122 Sultanahmet-İstanbul+90 212 638 44

87The House HotelNİŞANTAŞIAbdi İpekçi Cd. No:34Nişantaşı+90 (212) 224 59 99www.thehousehotel.comVault KaraköyThe House HotelBankalar Cad.No:5 34420Beyoğlu İstanbul+90 212 244 34 00www.thehousehotel.comCentury-OldBrandsCentury-Old Brands Association isa young NGO which was founded onDecember 12th, 2011 with the aim ofreaching out to old and respectful brandsof Turkey most of which exist in İstanbul.These brands are an important part of the economic and culturalhistory of Turkey. They were founded in the Ottoman Empire.They have witnessed the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.Now they have come together to build a platform in order topreserve and promote the city’s century-old values.Some of the century oldbrands of Turkey includes:• Bebek Badem Ezmesi(Bebek Marzipans) - 1904• Cemilzade CandyMaker - 1883• Deriş Law - 1912• Ece Ajanda(Stationery) - 1892• Emgen Optik - 1909• Hafız Mustafa• Confectionery - 1864• Hamamcıoğlu(Trade) - 1880• İlancılık Advertising - 1909• Karaköy GüllüoğluBaklava - 1820• Komili Olive Oil - 1878• Konyalı Restaurant - 1897• Koska Helva - 1907• Manisalı Food - 1885• Pandeli Restaurant - 1901• Petek Leather - 1855• Şekercioğlu Delights - 1877• Tevfik AydınWatches - 1889• Uludağ MineralWater - 1930• Vefa Boza Drink - 1876

Enjoy!With its delicious foamand wonderful aroma,there is no drinkquite like Turkish coffee.Served in smallbut delicious doses,the calorie and caffeine countin a cup of Turkish coffeeare moderate, meaningyou can enjoy it more often.The wonderful tasteof Turkish coffeehas been bringing peopletogether for centuries,inspiring countless works of artand having a profoundinfluence on culture.The telve, orTurkish coffee grounds,can be read to tell one’s fortune.It is the only coffee thatcan be usedto predict the future.Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi has been producingthe most irresistible coffee in Turkey for 144 years.HASIRCILAR CADDESİ 7/1EMİNÖNÜ 34116 İSTANBUL TURKEYTEL: +90 212 511 71 75FAX: +90 212 511 13

Cuisine &RestaurantsWho can ever claim that the Turkish Cuisine is not one ofthe World’s best tastes? Especially with its famous recipesinherited from the Ottoman Empire, Turkish Cuisinehas an outstanding place among all other. In İstanbul,you can find the most delicious meals prepared with secretrecipes. Even though these dishes are associated withdifferent parts of the country, the restaurants in İstanbulcope with all of them fairly well.Nevizade Street, Beyoğlu

90 cuisine & restaurantsThe delightof turkeyProbably the best knownTurkish dessert, Lokum(aka Turkish Delight)is an essential piece ingift packs to bring backhome. This precursorto the jelly bean ismade from a familyof confections basedon a gel of starch andsugar, and has countlessflavours varying fromrose to lemon. Nuts likepistacios or hazelnutsare also added to enrichthe flavour. The worldadores these cubes ofsweetness, so you haveto be quick when thepackage opens!Turkish CuisineThe Turkish cuisine’s richness of varietyoffers a wide choice for those who wantto experience and enjoy new flavours.From exquisite pastry choices to deliciousmeat, fish and vegetable specialities;Turkey’s gastronomic panorama reflectsa remarkable culinary synthesis comingfrom its cultural heritage.İstanbul is the junction point of world and Turkish cuisine’smulti-coloured traditional traits. Hence İstanbul providesa wide range of food choices originated from all around theworld. With the magical touch of many civilizations and cultures,Turkish Cuisine offers to its visitors a very rich fusion.Foods, beverages and their consumption rituals are Turkey’sone of the most important cultural projections and İstanbul isthe junction point of world and Turkish cuisine’s multi-colouredtraditional traits.Offering Turkish tea is a proof of hospitality and manyrestaurants serve it after meal with no charge.While “dönerkebap” is a roasted meat on a revolving spit, Iskender Kebap ismade of grilled lamb meat and hot tomato sauce served over pitabread with melted butter and yoghurt. Adana and Urfa Kebapsare cooked on a wide skewer. Şiş Kebap is made of cubic cut meat

92Smell thecoffeeInternationally famousTurkish coffee is madeby mixing extremely fineground coffee and water.If you wish, sugar canbe added to the specialcoffee pot (Cezve).Preparing Turkishcoffee is like a ritual andrequires patience. Oncemixed, all the ingredientsshould be boiled overlow heat. The coffeeis served in cups withwider bottoms for thecoffee seeds to subside.Offering a cup of coffeeis an act of hospitalityin Turkish culture. Oneof the most knownTurkish coffee brandsis Kurukahveci MehmetEfendi in Eminönü on theEuropean side of the city,producing coffee since1871.Especially in thewestern parts of Turkey,where olive trees growabundantly, olive oil isthe major type of oilused for cooking.did you know?grilled on a barbecue. Surrounded by seas, Turkey is the place forseafood lovers. Bluefish, bonito, mackerel, sole, octopus, trout,picarel and specially cooked mussel with rice definitely deserveto be tasted. Börek is a layers of pastry filled with either meat,potato, cheese or vegetables. Lahmacun is a thin pizza withminced meat and onion on the top. Circle shaped and coveredwith sesame seeds, Dolma made from vine leaves and rice cameinto life from Turkish people’s emigrations. Meal is eaten andits time to select from the long dessert menu. Traditionallythe meal ends with a glass of tea, helping you to digest. Sütlaç(rice pudding), muhallebi (milk pudding) and kazandibi (whitepudding with burnt surface) are milkbased desserts. FamousBaklava with pistachio or walnut, Ekmek Kadayıfı with clottedcream and Künefe with soft cheese are among pastry-baseddesserts. As for fruit-based desserts; quince, fig, pumpkin andpear wait to be tasted. Made from yoghurt, water and salt,refreshing Ayran is generally served with a meal. In brief, if youexperience Turkey’s traditional foods and beverages, you willalso experience the Turkish people’s hospitality, fellowship andjoyfulness. Be prepared!Kebapçı MahmutKebapçı Mahmut is a restaurant establishedbased on years of experience, asound infrastructure and traditions. Theprofessional life of the owner, Mr. Mahmut,started as of 1977, he has gainedvarious successes thanks to his devotedwork, tenacity, professional skills. Heoffers his experience, skills, and regionaldelights to you in his restaurant with hisexperienced, specialist colleagues thatare successful in service sector.Vatan Cad. (Adnan Menderes Bulvarı)No:14 Fatih / İstanbul P: 0212 525 11

93köşkeroğluA great part of traditional Turkish cuisineis comprised of desserts and probablythe most famous of Turkish desserts isbaklava. In this land, the story of baklavais quite old and detailed. Baklava hasbeen the dessert of the ceremony andcelebration for Turkish peoplethroughout the centuries, it achieves tohave a part in daily life as theessential dessert.Thanks to Köşkeroğlu Baklava’s experience and knowhow,types of baklava prepared with butter, flour,walnuts and pistachio turn into a feast for the gods.Köşkeroğlu Baklava providing customers with quality servicehas variety of desserts and foods such as “Baklava”, “Şöbiyet”(multiflaked pastry with cream and pistachio filling), “Dürüm“(sweet wrap), “Fıstık Sarma” (a sweet dish of filo doughwrapped around a filling nuts) “Gelin Bohçası”, “BurmaKadayıf” (shredded wheat dessert with pistachio filling)Water Heurek with Butter, Special Cookies of Gaziantep,types of Kahke with olive oil. You can also add richness tothese desserts and foods with flavourings such as ice-screamor cream. You can protract your relaxation time with varioushot and cold beverages. Moreover, you can relieve tirednesswith homemade lemonade in hot days. “Katmer”, a taste fromGaziantep and eaten hot, will be a delicacy that you will neverget out of your mind.There are branches ofKöşkeroğlu Baklava inMerter, Topçular andAtatürk Airport. Moreover,it has two branches inKaraköy, a distinguisheddistrict of İstanbul. Afterspending time in thesebranches of Köşkeroğlu,producing tastes as suchas Baklava, Kadayıf andKahke prepared withtraditional methods ofmany centuries, you cantake away these uniquedesserts of Turkish cuisinewithin special packagesand fancy sharing thesetastes with your

94 cuisine & restaurantsİstanbul forGourmet TravellersÇiçek PassageMEZE CULTURENew venues and hip restaurants serving fusion cuisine havebeen popping around the city, yet the quintessential eatingexperience remains always a classic: the traditional mezze(Turkish style appetizers) at a meyhane accompanied bythe local spirit raki. Especially Beyoglu houses hundreds ofmeyhanes, but those along the bustling Nevizade Street, justbehind the majestic Çiçek Pasaji are authentic and lively.

95Simit is a traditionalbreadring which is verypopular in Turkey. Oftensold by street vendors,did you know?İstanbul has a lot more to offer its customary to havethan its rich history. In theyour simit with tea.narrow streets winding betweenhistoric buildings and ancient palaces, apulsating modern culture has been thriving.The sound of espresso machines as well asthe smell of local cuisine and Turkish coffeefill the backstreets of Istiklal. If you preferto taste local wine, make sure to stop by oneof the historic wine houses at Pera. Gourmettravellers will adore the local scents emanating from the teaand spice stores in the Grand Bazaar, in Sultanahmet, andthe Egyptian Spice Market, in Eminönü. The Grand Bazaaralso houses a historic coffeehouse, where you can find thebest Turkish coffee in town cooked on coal fire. The waterfrontrestaurants in chic Bebek and cosy Ortaköy serve local foodsuch as kebabs, gozleme (savoury pancakes), and flatbread.The bohemian Çukurcuma and Galata neighbourhoods featuremodest eateries specializing in local or regional food. Upscalerestaurants mastering modern world cuisine are mostly nestledin the chic streets of sophisticated Nişantaşı, Maslak, Levent, andEtiler. The narrow streets of Galata are dotted with hip brasserieswhile Karaköy is up and coming as a popular district for ambientrestaurants.SAHİA complete cultural and gastronomic experience of Istanbul. A roofcafé restaurant with panoramic view and delicious cuisine and astore offering original designs, handcrafts and delicacies selectedfrom the rich diversity of the local culture..Sahi İstanbul Karaköy: Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Paşa Mah. Kılıç Ali PaşaMescit Sok. No:2 Karaköy, Beyoğlu – İstanbul Tel: + 90 212 244 63 63Sahi İstanbul Balat: Balat Mah. Hızır Çavuş Köprübaşı Sok. Bina No:15Zemin Kat, Fatih – İstanbul Tel: +90 212 533 44

96 cuisine & restaurantsPEYDERPEYPeyderpey is a newmeeting point; gatheringİstanbul’s energy,action, cosmopolitannature, taste and soundtogether with its uniqueindividuality and stylistictouch.www.peyderpey.comMATBAHRESTAURANTOTTOMAN PALACECUISINEBenefited from all recipes toprepare a selective andunique menu containingof twenty seven outstandingdishes from Matbah-ıBeray-i.www.matbahrestaurant.comNAR RESTAURANTDetermined to redress thebalance, the culinarians at NARGourmet, are working with thecountry’s finest producers tobreathe fresh life into centuries-oldAnatolian culinarytraditions.www.narlokantasi.comASİTANE RESTAURANTLocated overlooking the GoldenHorn, Asitane opened its doors in1991, together with the Kariye Hotel,a restored 19th century traditionalOttoman mansion. The restaurant,was named after one of the manynames given to İstanbul.www.asitanerestaurant.comKervansarayRestaurant& Turkish NightThe Most Famous Restaurant& Turkish Night in Turkey since1949! Welcomes you to the mostfamous traditional Turkish showat the heart of beautiful İ

WORLD Cuisine IN İSTANBULIn addition to the finest quality Ottoman cuisine, İstanbul features first-class world cuisinein select restaurants. Many travellers may primarily look forward to tasting the best ofOttoman culinary culture, characterised by a rich blend of spices, meat and vegetables,covering a vast geographical area from Balkans to Middle East. However, İstanbul also offersvisitors some finest quality world cuisine at premium restaurants. Michelin-starred chefsoften come to İstanbul both to enrich their culinary experiences and to find inspiration inthe local fare. From Massimo Bottura serving at Zorlu Center’s Ristorante D’Italia, to TomAikens, Enrico Cerea and Rudolf Van Nunen, some very successful chefs find their way intoİstanbul and offer their best fusions here. In addition to the stars, many up-and-comingtalented chefs visit İstanbul in the scope of Omnivore Festival. Furthermore, world-class chainrestaurants are increasing their interest in İstanbul. Here in İstanbul, you have the best chanceof expanding your tastes not only into the local culinary culture but also into some of the bestworld cuisine. Enjoy İstanbul, home of Mediterranean, Lebanese, Far Eastern, Indian anddifferent world cuisines.97

Entertainment& NightlifeSometimes a sophisticated nightclub with dazzling viewnearby the sea, sometimes an underground bar withnon-stop headbangers or just a relaxing café servingyou hookah and also open all night long… We saidİstanbul never sleeps, so it will not let you sleep too!Bosphorus Bridge

100 entertainment & nightlifedid you know?Beyoğlu isone of the uniqueplaces in which you canlisten to the Turkish traditionalmusic bands whereasthe crowd next door isheadbanging andsmashing electricguitars.Nightlife in İstanbul is multifarious, ranging from somerooted establishments to hip clubs, from partying by thesea to underground rock cafes, from gigantic venues to cosylive music bars. All these nightlife choices are scattered around thecity, which boasts several centers when it comes to nightlife. Themusic scene around the bohemian Galata neighbourhood attractsinternational jazz aficionados. There are several rooftop terraces,where you can enjoy nice music while watching the beautiful sunsetacross the fascinating scene of Golden Horn. If you rather dance tohouse music and looking for a fancy clubbing experience, the upscaleclubs along the shores of the Bosphorus stand out with their exquisiteambience. Featuring lush waterfront terraces facing the glitteringBosphorus Bridge and an unforgettable sight, the venues in Ortakoy,Kuruçeşme and Bebek welcome internationally renowned DJs andlive performers throughout the year. The Asian side of the city, knownas Kadikoy, is known for the local music scene. Alongside of hip barsfeaturing a large variety of music, including jazz, reggae, world music,electronic, Latin or Turkish vibes, there are numerous undergroundclubs, bars and live performance venues where alternative indie popand rock bands can be enjoyed.

101İstanbul for C lubbersWILD NIGHTSİstanbul is just the right city to go wild! Every summer, worldwideknown DJ’s visit the city and perform fabulous shows toenthusiastic crowds. Dj-ane da Queen, Michael Mayer, DJ Meg,Mark Knight and Luke Vibert are just a few of those famousDJ’s who will visit İstanbul this year.

102 entertainment & nightlifePartying Bythe Seaİstanbul cannot be imaginedwithout the sea and theBosphorus. Therefore,nightlife venues arewidely spread around theshoreline to keep the partygoing with a sea view! Thevenues by the Bosphorusare mostly high end luxuryplaces where you can findthe best enterteinment inthe world. These venues aregenerally elite restaurantturning into clubs after 10o’clock.İstanbul NightlifeTop PicksIf you feel bemused by the baffling diversity of İstanbul’snightlife, here are some of the top picks of the city’s popularbars, clubs, and venues. Probably the city’s classiest club islocated on the banks of the Bosphorus: Reina. Spread on twofloors, Reina offers supreme entertainment and an unparalleledrestaurant, which is famed for its first-class cuisine. Anothersophisticated venue for high-class entertainment is Suada. Whatmakes this venue so attractive is its unparalleled location coveringan island on the Bosphorus. SupperClub and Nupera are also highend places in Beyoğlu area for a classy evening.

103If you rather prefer dancing or listening to somefine-quality electronic music, Indigo is the homeof İstanbul’s electro scene. Located in Beyoğlu,the club welcomes acclaimed international andlocal DJs. If you like to feast your ears on someof the local indie tunes, then Babylon surely hassomething to surprise you. For more than tenyears Babylon has been serving as a multi-purposeperformance centre. In fact, it features a largevariety of music, including jazz, world music, andelectronic, and it is well-known for hosting some ofthe leading indie musicians from Turkey.In warmer months, it is always more pleasant andpreferable to enjoy the open air. Then you mayventure up the Bosphorus towards Bebek, an upperclass district with upscale pubs, bars, cafés, and finedining by the sea. Situated at the heart of Bebek,Lucca starts as a restaurant and turns into a barafter the sunset. The DJs take over the scene onFridays and Saturdays.Nightlife spreads both banks, and ArkaOda andmany other in Kadıköy stands out with theirfriendly atmosphere and good music. If you seekthe opportunity to familiarize yourself with localDJs and underground music scene, Kadıköy mayoffer some unforgettable moments.visit for nightlife in İstanbul

ShoppingThrough its history, İstanbul has always beena global center for trade, thanks to its uniquelocation. Today, as well as maintaining thathistorical heritage, İstanbul has elegant highstreets, state of the art malls and even a festivalfor shopping, attracting millions to the city for ashopping extravaganza!

106 shoppingİstanbul forShopping Loversdid you know?İstanbul is one ofthe cities with mostshopping malls. Thereare currently 114shopping malls in thecity.

107Alongside of traditional street markets andhistoric bazaars, İstanbul offers manysophisticated boutiques in its bohemianbackstreets and worldwide brands in its upscaleshopping malls, such as Zorlu, İstinye Park,Akasya and Mall of İstanbul. İstanbul has 114malls across the city. Whether you seek vintagefashion, contemporary design or local brands,İstanbul has a lot to offer for every taste. Thestylish neighbourhood Nişantaşı is constantlybuzzing with shoppers hanging around theelegant cafes and classy boutiques. Here you can have a taste ofhigh-end fashion and check out the latest collections by suchluxurious brands as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton as well asTurkish brands such as Vakko and Beymen. Smaller boutiquesfeature incredibly versatile pieces ranging from party dressesto more relaxed leisure elegance. İstanbul also offers the bestof Ottoman-inspired jewellery in the stores around Nişantaşıas well as the 553-year-old Grand Bazaar and another upscaleshopping street Bağdat Caddesi. You can also find finest silkyshawls and scarves in traditional patterns as well as othertraditional items in the historic Grand Bazaar and EgyptianBazaar. The Bağdat Caddesi, on the Asian side of the city,spans a few kilometres along the coast. Walking and windowshoppingalong the boulevard is a leisurely way to spend a day,stopping by nice restaurants and cafes.Mısır ÇarşısıANTIQUE HAVENNearby Istiklal Street,always abuzz with shoppers,the backstreets aroundGalata and Çukurcumaneighbourhoods housesome of the most promisingup-and-coming fashiondesign. Here you can findthe finest vintage piecesas well as handcraftedjewellery, hand-paintedtextile items and stylishurban wear. The antiquedealers offer authenticdecoration items.

108 shoppingShoppingFestFeast for the Eyes!İstanbul ShoppingFest started in 2011 with the aim to revive the economy bycombining shopping with entertainment. The festival takes place every summer andis spread all over the city. In 2015, the festival is scheduled to run from June 6 untilJune 28. While most stores and malls join the fest by offering surprise discounts, andorganising fun events, ShoppingFest also comprises historical shopping sites such as theMahmutpaşa Bazaar. On certain days, special sales are offered on select merchandises:Gold Day provides major discounts on jewellery, Adorn Your House Day is filled withsurprise prices for creating a dream home, Shoes and Bags Day is the dream of shoelovers, and Cosmetics Day is a great opportunity to buy cosmetics and personal careproducts. With advantageous campaigns and discounts offered by the most prestigiousbrands, the festival also features concerts, fashion shows, street parties. A wonderfulopportunity to indulge in the city and all it has to offer to take home!did you know?Each year, İstanbulShopping Fest coversthe concerts of the mostfamous singers, stageshows, DJ performanceand of course, “legendarydiscount for all”.

Kid-FriendlyİstanbulAs a metropolis, İstanbul has a lot to offer tofamilies travelling with children and looking tospend peaceful time not only by getting around butalso by getting to know the city’s cultural heritage.

114 kid friendly istanbulİstanbulfor Familiesdid you know?The first theme parkof Turkey, Vialand, coversan area equal to 100football pitches. In 2014Vialand had 8,5 millionvisitors from all aroundthe globe.The fabulous city offers children the chance to familiarisethemselves with the history, art, nature, and cuisine ofthe region. Hopping on a boat tour in the morning andcruising along the Bosphorus is perhaps one of the best ways toenjoy the best sights of the city with children. Make sure to takethem to Rahmi Koç Museum, which is located on the shoresof the Golden Horn. The museum includes antique machines,cars, ships, and even a plane as well as a submarine. You canspend quality time at the café by the water while the childrenenjoy the many attractions at the museum’s garden. İstanbul

115MiniaturkTheme ParkOne of the world’s largest themeparks, Miniaturk covers an areaof 40,000 square metres ofopen space filled with the miniaturisedmodels of the most populartourist attractions. The parkcontains a total of 122 models,58 of which are from İstanbul,while 52 are from other cities inAnatolia. Kids will also have achance to see historic structuresmodelled on their originals suchas the Temple of Artemis at Cityof Ephesus.Museum of ModernArt offers childrenworkshops, wherethey can familiarisethemselves withart under privatetutors. Founded bya celebrated poet and novelist, theToy Museum features a gratifyingexperience for kids that enjoymuseums.When the weather is nice, the best placefor kids to make a quick İstanbul tour is theMiniaturk Theme Park. Here the visitors cansee the miniaturised models of famous sitessuch as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, TopkapıPalace, to name but a few. The biggest dinosaurtheme park in Europe, JurassicLand is a place where kids can learnand have fun at the same time.KidZania İstanbulGET READY FOR ABETTER WORLD!KidZania, the global leader in edutainment for children,provides children and their parents a safe, unique, andvery realistic educational environment that allows kidsbetween the ages of 4 to 14 to do what comes naturally tothem: role-playing adult activities. KidZania is a completechild-size city with buildings, paved streets, vehicles anda functioning economy. In KidZania, as in the real world,children perform “jobs” and are either paid for their work(as a fireman, doctor, dentist, journalist, shopkeeper, etc.)or pay for goods and services.Come and Join The Fun at KidZania İstanbul!From archaeologist to secret agent, KidZania İstanbuloffers nearly 90 role-playing activities in more than 60establishments with a range of difficulty that meets theabilities and interests of every child. Kids work to earn Kid-Zos, KidZania’s own currency, so they can buy goods andservices or join activities in KidZania. KidZania is real statewith a hospital, fire station, bank, supermarket, pizzeria,theater, stadium, archeological museum, university andmuch more.Contact: 0850 200 54 39 (KIDZ) ticket sales:

116 kid friendly istanbulLEARN ANDHAVE FUNPilots navigate airplanes,police officers perform detectivework and chefs cookup tasty food. At two-thirdsof their actual size, all facilitiesare designed to be ‘justright’ for children. Gettingstarted is simple: kids pickan occupation, learn abouttheir job, wear a uniform, andstart earning and spendingKidZos...and having fun!İstanbul with KidsInstructive &EntertainingIn İstanbul, there are many places where your children canenjoy an instructive visit. If your kids are nature lovers, theywill appreciate an exciting visit to the İstanbul Aquarium.Recently opened, the Aquarium is currently the biggest thematicaquarium in the world. Offering a rich variety of activities andevents for children, the Aquarium hosts about 15,000 creatures.Home to Europe’s biggest sharks, the Turkuazoo Aquariumoffers another chance for an instructive visit with the possibilityof diving. If your kid is into art, definitely take them to İstanbulMuseum of Modern Art. Kids will also enjoy a ride on thenostalgic tram in Beyoğlu. You can watch the crowds and shopwindows from your seats as the tram travels along the Grand Ruede Pera, known today as Istiklal Street.If you rather prefer entertaining yourselves and the kids as awhole family, Vialand is a perfect place to spend time altogether.İstanbul Dolphinarium is the biggest Dolphinarium in Europe.Visitors may enjoy the dolphin shows, discover the world of thesea mammals such as dolphins, playful fur seals, massive walrusesand the gorgeous white whale and spend great time at theİstanbul Dolphinarium.


118 kid friendly istanbulİstanbulAkvaryum infigures-Water volume of İstanbulAkvaryum is 6.800 cubic meters,it has 64 tanks in total.-A two-storey giant projectcovers the total area of22.000 square meters on100-decare land.-Parking lot area is 32.000square meters and it canhost 1.200 vehicles at thesame time.-There is a special-themed 1,2km long travel route originatingin the Black Sea towardsthe Pacific.-It approximately has 1.500different species, 17.000 landand sea creatures in total.-İstanbul Akvaryum gift shophas an area of 470 squaremeters within.İSTANBULAKVARYUM ISWAITING FOR YOUİstanbul Akvaryum offers a greateradventure with its travel route,thematic areas, a thousand square meterrainforest and interactive new generationtechnology, when compared to otheraquariums in its field. .Cultural, geographic, historical and architecturalcharacteristics of relevant area, decorative items,interactive plays, sound and lighting, films and visualgraphics where detailed information on that area are availablein the thematic areas. Visitors can see sea animals belongingto these regions and get information about geographic andcultural characteristics of that region. All creatures living inİstanbul Akvaryum maintain their life under conditions thatare similar to their natural environment.There are a number of different species in İstanbul Akvaryum.You can see red-bellied piranhas actually living in Amazon

Rainforest in there. They are one of the most interestingcreatures for the visitors in İstanbul Akvaryum. They wanderabout and hunt in shoals. They can smell one drop of bloodin water from 2 km distance. Though piranhas are really impressive,the biggest creature of İstanbul Akvaryum is LemonShark. It lives in the Main tank that is the largest tank of theaquarium. Lemon Shark has a lifetime of 25 years in averageand it does not rest or sleep during their lives because theirgills that they breath through do not work while they do notmove.İstanbul Akvaryum is divided into different sections withdifferent themes so that everyone can find the place for themselves:Amazon Rainforest, 5D Cinema, Hurricane Simulator,Mirror Maze and Diving with Sharks. The Amazon Rainforest’stemperature, humidity rate, tiny but toxic frogs, the world’ssmallest crocodile will make you feel the exact atmosphere ofthe Amazon. You can also have blast in 5D Cinema. Differentlyfrom other 5D cinema systems, 5D 6-axis cinema has aplatform moving on six pistons and allows horizontal motionas well, maximizes the experience with fog, wind and watereffects, blowing to face and neck, forward-backward, right-leftmovements. Moreover, the Hurricane Simulator in İstanbulAkvaryum is faster than a shark with its 150 km/h speed andstronger than the scary jaw of a crocodile with its wind. InMirror Maze, you will come across to similar passages, endlessreflections, thrilling dead-ends and new surprises at every cornerwhile you are trying to find Mysterious Antique Totem ofAmazon. Also in amazon section, a mother and baby capybara,the largest rodent in the world awaits the visitors. Last butnever the least, İstanbul Akvaryum gives its visitors a uniquechance to dive with the sharks. It is possible in the main tankwith a water capacity of 4 thousand cubic meters, which hosts5 thousand creatures.Feeding hoursat İstanbulAkvaryumDo not miss fish feeding ofzebra sharks, nurse sharks,guitar sharks and other seaanimals hosted by main tank,at 11:00 am every day exceptfor Monday. It takes place infront of Panama Tunnel. Feedingof sand tiger sharks hostedby main tank is done at 2:30pm every Tuesday, Thursdayand Sunday, in front of WestAtlantic main panel. Feedingof caiman crocodiles hostedby Rain Forrest, at 4:00 done on every Tuesday andSaturday.119www.istanbulakvaryum.comfreeshuttleinfo

120 nearby places

121Nearby PlacesThe vicinity of İstanbul has numerous tranquilalternatives for visitors and İstanbulites alike, whoare looking for a bit of breath out of the city life.Just an hour drive from the city, you will experiencethe surprising natural jewels of İstanbul.Sapanca Lake

122 nearby placesPRINCE’S ISLANDSDuring the summer months the Princes’ Islands are popular destinations for day tripsfrom İstanbul. As there is no traffic on the Islands, the only transport being horse andcart, they are incredibly peaceful compared with the city of İstanbul.How to get there? Ferryboat and sea bus trips from Kabatas, Kadıköy or Bostancı.AğvaA small town by the Black Sea,Ağva is only 97 kilometres farfrom İstanbul. Located on thedelta of the Göksu and Yesilçayrivers, this small town stands outwith its picturesque landscapes.Nestled amidst lush greenery,Ağva attracts many visitors dueto its exotic ambience. Withhotels mostly located on the riverbanks,it offers an unforgettablegetaway. In summer months,visitors may go for a refreshingswim in the Black Sea. If you arevisiting in warm weather, makesure to take a boat tour to seesome extraordinary waterfallsand secluded coves.How to get there? Public transportbusses no. 139 or 139A leave fromİstanbul Harem to Şile and Ağva.With river Göksu in thedid you know?west and river Yeşilçay inthe east, the name Ağvameans “between the rivers”.The settlement becameshooting place in a numberof television serials

123SapancaWith its picturesque lake and relaxing ambience, Sapanca is a perfect escapade. Walk around thelake and slow down by the shore to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lakesideatmosphere offers a rich variety of ways to unwind and admire the healing beauty of the nature.Thanks to the humidity and oxygen levels in the air, Sapanca is home to a truly rich mix of flora anda lush forest. In winter, you can go skiing at the scenic Kartepe. Waking up to birdsongs, enjoyinglocal food at waterfront restaurants, and relaxing with a walk or bike ride along the lakeshore areonly 90-minute drive away from İstanbul.How to get there? Busses leave from İstanbul Harem Bus Terminal to Adapazarı and they stop at Sapanca.PolonezköyA picturesque getaway with a historic atmosphere,Polonezköy was founded in early 19th century byPolish settlers. Established in the midst of lushgreenery, Polonezköy (literally translates as thePolish Village) is characterised by beautiful housessitting on well-tended gardens and walking pathsthrough the forest. Especially in spring and summer,Polonezköy is filled with flowers and vivid colours ofnature. İstanbullites come here to find some peacein nature and picnic in the shade of magnificenttrees, only a few kilometres from İstanbul. Photographyenthusiasts visit the village for some stunningnature photography. With a rich historical heritageblending Polish and Ottoman character as well asits charming landscapes, Polonezköy is a romanticgetaway at a remarkably short distance from thecentral İstanbul.How to get there? Since Polonezköy is not servicedby public transport, the best way to get there is torent a car and take the highway known as the RivaRoad. It is about 25 km from the city centre.

124 nearby placesBeaches Of İstanbulIf you are visiting İstanbul in warm months, you can find nicebeaches only a few kilometres away from the city. Most of thenearby beaches provide good facilities, which make them idealfor families with children.ŞİleA lovely Black Sea resort located about 70 km from İstanbul, Şileis a historic fishing village, where you can take a glimpse of locallife outside the metropolis. This little town is about an hour’ drivefrom the city centre, yet houses some beautiful sandy beachesthat are easily accessible from the highway. The town has a lotof rocky peaks that offer a breathtaking view on the old harbour.A popular day-tripper destination in summer, Şile featuresmany bars and restaurants serving delicious food and offeringa wonderful view of the Black Sea and the historic Ottomanlighthouse.How to get there? Şile is a part of the İstanbul public transportsystem so you can take a bus from Harem, no. 139 and 139A.Princes’ IslandsBEACHESEasy to get with an enjoyableferry ride along the Bosphorus,Princes’ Islands include somenice beaches suitable for swimming.Surrounded by the cleanestwaters of the Marmara Sea,five islands, namely Büyükada,Heybeliada, Burgazada, Heybeliadaand Sedefada featurebeautiful beaches. Admission iswith ticket.

125KilyosLocated on the shores of the BlackSea, Kilyos is home to several beaches.Accessible by city bus, minibus,fast ferry or traditional ferry, Kilyosfeatures a free public beach as well asserviced beach clubs that are admissiblewith a ticket. In summer months,most of these beaches play host toevents such as DJ performances, festivals,and concerts.BeykozBeykoz Beach is a matchless location for arefreshing swim while enjoying the uniqueview of the Bosphorus Bridge. About 300metres long, it is a serviced beach completewith sun loungers, parasols, changing rooms,bathrooms and shower rooms. It is part of thepublic transport network and easy to get witha public bus.did you know?Kilyos is one of thepopular locations forkiteboarding in Turkey. KiteboardWorld Tour was held inKilyos in 2012. You can getlessons for kite surfing atthe beach clubs.PoyrazköyPoyrazköy Beach is located at the end of theBosphorus on the Anatolian side and knownfor its calm sea. It is a serviced beach completewith sun loungers and parasols. İstanbulitesusually prefer Poyrazköy for a weekendbeach retreat.

126 routes

127İstanbulRoutesİstanbul has so much to offer for different tastes thatyou have to plan carefully to get the most out of it. Don’tworry! We did this for you in the following pages. Eiterfor a short visit, or a week’s stay, you’ll find plenty oftime to experience this magnificent city!

128 routesOne DayVisitIf you have only one day to spend in İstanbul, the best way toget the most out of the city is to indulge in the sights, sounds,and scents of the famous Sultanahmet area. Here, you can geta feel of the rich Byzantine heritage, the glory of the ImperialCapital and the welcoming city of today. From glitteringmosaics to aspiring minarets, from royal magnificence to thebuzzing rhythm of everyday life, Sultanahmet will offer you theultimate İstanbul experience in a nutshell.09:00 VisitHagia SophiaOne of the signature landmarksof the city that remains impressivelyintact, Hagia Sophia isalmost an embodiment of theİstanbul’s history. You can seethe original structure datingback to the 5th century andthe additions, amendments,changes made in the followingcenturies to reflect the characteristicstyle of the period. Asmuch as its admirable hybridityon the outside, Hagia Sophiaspectacularly blends centuriesold Christian icons with imposingIslamic calligraphy. Takeyour time to explore every littlecorner of this edifice and makesure to spend some time in itsgarden, where you can familiariseyourself with the archaeologicalfindings unearthed fromthe site.11:00 Visit the Blue MosqueTwo prominent monuments of İstanbul stand face to face inSultanahmet. Once you step out from Hagia Sophia, just walkstraight and you will be approaching the magnificent BlueMosque. This elegant mosque was built in the 17th century tocelebrate the Ottoman power at the site of the Hippodromeand the Byzantine Palace; hence, its symbolic power. Whatmakes the mosque so distinctive is its synthesis of Christianarchitectural elements with traditional Islamic architecture toreach a culmination of styles up to its day. Make sure you spendsome time in silence inside the mosque to admire its prayerfulcandle-lit atmosphere and elegant blue tiles.

12912:00 Visit the Topkapı PalaceWe suggest you to have a quick bite before entering the Palace, because even a quick visit takes afew hours. Served as the royal residence for Ottoman sultans for nearly 400 years, Topkapı Palaceis actually a large complex consisting of four main courtyards and many smaller buildings includingmosques, harem, a hospital, bakeries, and mansions. The site not only provides an insight into theeveryday life of royals but also the running of the state.16:00 Walk through andshop AT Grand BazaarOne of the oldest and largest covered marketsin the world, the Grand Bazaar dates from the15th century. This is the perfect place to end yourvisit by shopping for some souvenirs for belovedones back home. A walk through the Bazaar isa journey amidst enchanting scents of spices,dazzling colours, beautiful handicrafts, and, ofcourse, the tempting smell of Turkish coffee.Make sure to stop by one of the traditional cafesto have a sip of strong Turkish coffee beforeleaving for the airport.

130 routesThreeDay VisitIf you plan to stay for three days in İstanbul, you can have ataste of its history as well as modern marvels. Since İstanbul issuch a big city, you will still need to hurry if you want to makemost of it. At the end of these three days, you will definitelywant to come back for a longer visit!Day OneIn addition to the Day One programme,which suggests a visitto the Hagia Sophia at 09:00,a visit to the Blue Mosque at11:00, a visit to the Topkapı Palaceat 12:00, and a walk through theGrand Bazaar at 16:00 (see previous pagefor details), you can continue with the following:19:00 DinnerSultanahmet area isfamous for its meatballrestaurants. Make sure youtry one of the traditionalmeatball restaurants beforeheading back to yourhotel.Day TWOSince Day One has been abusy day with a lot of walkingand sightseeing, it is a goodidea to spend the second dayin a relaxing mood.09:00 Breakfast by the BosphorusWhat could be more rewarding than a warm cup of tea by theBosphorus in the fresh, sea-scented air? Get on a vehicle and headto Ortaköy or Bebek to sit by the sea and have some traditionalTurkish breakfast, served alongside of freshly brewed tea. Takeyour time to delight in the fresh air and beautiful scenery at thismatchless spot on earth.12:00 Boat trip on the BosphorusThere are many privately-owned boats running along theBosphorus, alongside of regular public ferries. If you take theformer, you will probably have a guide on board or an audioguide that gives information on the landmark structures alongthe Bosphorus, such as historic mansions, military mansions,or ancient walls. If you take the latter, you have the privilegeof enjoying the classical İstanbul ferry, which is so characteristicof the city’s historic and modern image alike. A boat tripusually takes several hours and some trips are inclusive of alunch, or dinner on board.19:00 Dinner INORTAKÖYEating out by the shore and enjoythe seafood from the Bosphorus isthe best way to end the day. Sincerestaurants in Ortaköy are various,just pick one!

13109:00 Taksim SquareThe main attraction spot for every touristfrom any part of the world, the iconicTaksim Square is always vibrant withcheerful tourists taking selfies before themonument or the historic tram. Taksim hasa lot to offer equally by day and by night.You can wander around and pick a cafeto have your morning coffee watching thecrowds go by.10:00 A walk along Istiklal StreetIstiklal Street is one of the main shoppingstreets in the city. It includes some goodquality cafes, teahouses, and restaurantsas well as world famous brands and somelocal fashion. Istiklal is also home to somevintage bookshops, where you can findsome interesting books on İstanbul totake back home with you as a souvenir.Here also you will find some art galleriesfeaturing art by world famous contemporaryartists and local talents. Istiklal Streetcertainly has a lot to offer for every taste.Day THREE12:00 Galata Tower and LunchJust continue down the Istiklal Street until you reach a quarter that lookslike a small Italian piazza. It is beyond simple likeness, because this littlesquare, which is home to the Galata Tower, was once a Genoese neighbourhood.The medieval tower, built in the 14th century, stands intact andopen for public visit. It is a rewarding experience to ascend the tower andenjoy the panorama over the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. The littlesquare at the foot of the tower is home to cute restaurants, which offer agratifying lunch.15:00 Artwalk and shoppingThe sidestreets of Galata include promising art galleries, where you canexplore the local and global trends in artistic production, as well as hautecouture boutiques, which feature outstanding local fashion. From Galata,make sure you walk towards Çukurcuma and Cihangir. These neighbouringquarters offer not only an enjoyable walk along narrow streets dotted withhistoric facades of old İstanbul, but also include best vintage shops in town.Here you can find antique dealers selling rare furniture and curiosity items aswell as vintage clothing.19:00Dinner inCihangirThe picturesque neighbourhoodof Cihangiris spotted with cosyrestaurants servingquality food. Pick oneand enjoy your finalevening in the city.

132 routesPlease refer to Three-Day Visit pages for the details of the first three daysSevenDay VisitIf you are lucky enough to plan a one-week visit to İstanbul,then you can have a taste of its history, modern marvels, attractiveshopping streets, and go a bit out of town for a relaxedday. Just an hour of driving away, you will find beautiful beaches,authentic villages, and picturesque shorelines.Day Four09:00 KabataşFerry DocksKabataş is the nearest ferrydock to Taksim Square,and it is easily reachedby the historic funicularline that connects to theTaksim station on the city’sunderground. We suggestyou to catch the morningboat to Kadıköy, the Asianside of the Bosphorus. Theboats run to Kadıköy fromKabataş every half an hour.Make sure to grab a seatin the open air, if you arevisiting in summer. Thisferry ride is a wonderfuloccasion to delight in thebeautiful scenery of theBosphorus. You will see themonumental Hagia Sophiaand the graceful TopkapiPalace standing out. Makesure to order a cup of teato sip on during the picturesquejourney.09:30Breakfast inKadıköyKadıköy is vibrant andalways dotted with streetmusicians. If you are lucky,you may see groups ofyoungsters dancing totheir music near the docks.We suggest you to have aquick breakfast with coffeeand croissants at the caféjust across the ferry docks.

13310:30 Walk through the Street MarketKadıköy is famous for its street market and a walk though the colourful stalls is not only a feast tothe eye but to all your senses. As you walk from one shop to another, you will enjoy travelling fromone attractive smell to another. Here you can find the best of local spices, local cheese, and localcoffee. Make sure to choose from the authentic coffee stores for a cup of Turkish coffee and enjoythe traditional serving with lokums.12:00 Strolling along ModaFollow the street towards Moda. You can either go back to the seasideto take the waterfront route, or stroll along the lively Moda Avenue.The Moda Avenue is dotted with nice boutiques, art stores, and cosycafes. Walk until the Moda Tea Garden.13:00 Moda Tea Garden and LunchOne of the best places for enjoying a cup of tea while watchingthe Bosphorus is Moda Tea Garden. Here you may spend qualitytime in calm. If you are travelling with children, they will lovethe playground located in the midst of a green park behind thetea garden. This is also a perfect place for picnicking when theweather is nice. We suggest you to choose from many restaurantsby the shore for lunch, or go for a nice picnic in the sun.16:00 Shopping at the Bahariye AvenueAs you leave Moda, head back to Kadıköy and continue to Bahariye Avenue. Thisis a lively street filled with worldwide brands. It also contains the historic tram andthe iconic Sureyya Opera House.19:00 DinnerFor an authentic dinner, we suggest youto head to Çiya Restaurant, located inthe Kadıköy street market. With its richmenu of classical Ottoman cuisine, kebabsand vegetarian choices, Çiya is anindispensable stop for anyone travellingto Kadıköy.21:00Last ferryto KabataşCatch the last ferry toKabataş at 21:00.

134routesSevenDay VisitDay FIVE09:00 Visiting Istanbul Modernİstanbul is home to some very nice museums, and it is a good idea to spare one day for museumvisiting. Located by the Bosphorus, İstanbul Museum of Modern Art houses the highlights of Turkishmodern art. Here you will have a chance to acquaint yourselves with paintings, installations, andsculptures produced in the modernist era of Turkish art. The museum also includes a children’s hallwith workshops and activities for children. The museum’s cafe offers a breathtaking panorama ofthe Bosphorus and a nice place to have a cup of coffee, breakfast or lunch. The museum’s library isalso worth visiting.12:00 Museum ofInnocenceFrom İstanbul Museum ofModern Art, you can catcha taxi to the Museum ofInnocence, located nearby,in Tophane. This fascinatingmuseum, designed andput together by the NobelPrize-winning novelist OrhanPamuk, is no less a piece ofconceptual art. The museumdisplays a quirky collectionof objects that evoke thedaily life around 1970s, whenPamuk’s novel of the samename is set.15:00 İstanbulArchaeologyMuseumsFrom the Museum of Innocence,you can hop on ataxi and get to the İstanbulArchaeology Museums,located in Sultanahmet.İstanbul Archaeology Museumsis compsed of threemain parts: the ArchaeologyMuseum, the Museum ofthe Ancient Orient and theTiled Pavilion. The Museumwas designed and puttogether by the famouspainter, Osman Hamdi Bey.19:00 Dinner in EminönüAs you get out of the museum, walk toEminönü, the historic district on the shoresof the Golden Horn. Hamdi Restaurant isfamous for its kebabs and mezes. It has anice terrace, which offers a breathtakingpanorama of the Golden Horn and theBosphorus.

13509:00 Kabataş Ferry DocksCatch the morning ferry to Princes’ Islands. Make sure you get on the rightferry, since there is usually more than one leaving at the same time from thedocks to different destinations. You should follow the ‘Adalar’ sign.Day SIX10:30 Arrival in BüyükadaThe Islands lie about 20 km southeast of the city in the Sea of Marmara. Therefore, it takes a longishferry ride to reach there. Büyükada, just as all the islands, are free of car traffic and it comes as awelcome relief after all those days you have spent in the midst of the city’s bustling rhythm. Transportationis by bicycle, horse-drawn carriage and foot, as in centuries past. Take your time to walkaround and enjoy the calm. Bicycles are available for rent in several of the town’s shops, and shopson the market street can provide picnic supplies.14:00 Visiting Monasteryof St GeorgeLocated between Büyükada’s two highest hills, the Greek Monasteryof St George is the main attraction of the island. To get there,just walk from the ferry straight ahead to the clock tower. If youwish to do some shopping, turn left along Recep Koç Sokak. Thewalk to the Monastery takes at least one hour. Along the road youwill see impressive wooden villas set in gardens.19:00 DinnerYou may hop on one of Büyükada’s numerous horse carriages and ask the driver to take you to restaurant,most of them having an authentic setting. The carriage ride is an unforgettable journey past historicmansions and pines. Most of the restaurants offer a stunning location overlooking nearby islandsand the open sea. You may prefer to spend the night here, or catch the latest ferry at the midnight.09:00Breakfast at your hotelDay SEVEN10:30 Hammam ExperienceAyasofya Hürrem Sultan Hammam is one of the oldest in İstanbul,and it was built by the worldwide-renowned Ottoman architectSinan in 1584. You may treat yourself to a true Turkish bath experienceunder the huge, elegant dome. Pamper yourself in thishistoric hammam to prepare for a long journey back

136Location andgeographyİstanbul is a transcontinentalcity straddling two continentsby its inland sea Marmara. Thecity is divided into four regionsand has a natural harbor, theGolden Horn. One of the world’sbusiest waterways, the Bosphorus,is situated in northwesternTurkey between the Black Seaand the Sea of Marmara. Connectingthe two seas, Bosphorusalso separates İstanbul totwo sides known as Europeanside and Asian side.LanguageTurkishCurrencyThe Turkish Lira is the officialcurrency of Turkey. Bank notescome in denominations of 5, 10,20, 50, 100 and 200 TL. Coinscome in the amounts of 1, 5, 10and 25 Kuruş and 1 Lira.ATMsATMs can be found all aroundthe country. All of them offerforeign language options andpay out Turkish liras. Cash withdrawallimits vary from bank tobank and are around 800 TL to1.500 TL.Changing moneyForeign exchange offices, whichare known as “döviz bürosu”can be found throughout thecountry. Operating hours aremostly Monday to Friday, from09:00 to 17:00. In the arrivalssection of Atatürk and SabihaGökçen Airport, there are 24-hour exchange offices. Alsothe exchange offices locatedin shopping malls and touristicareas are open later and onSaturdays. US Dollars and Eurosare accepted in highly touristicdistricts like Sultanahmet andTaksim but rates are often notcompetitive.Credit CardsCredit cards are widely usedand accepted. Visitors can usetheir Visa, Mastercards, Amexand Diner’s.Weight andmeasures:Metric SystemElectricity:220 volt, 50 cycle. Most hotelshave a receptacle with 110 volts.Socket type is standard Europeantwo-pin.Business andbanking hours:Offices and banks are generallyopen 09.00 to 17.00 Mondaysto Fridays, and close for lunch12.00 to 13.30.Demographics:İstanbul is the largest populatedcity of Turkey with a populationof 14.1 million.Local TimeUTC/GMT + 2 hours

137Officialholidays:April 23rd National Sovereigntyand Children’s Day,May 19th The Commemorationof Atatürk Youth and SportsDay,August 30th Victory Day,October 29th Republic Day and1st of May Workers’ Day arepublic holidays.Ramadan Bayram:17-19 July (only for 2015)Kurban Bayram:23-27 September (only for 2015)Nature &Climate:İstanbul is a city where four seasonscan be experienced. Springand autumn are two unpredictableseasons with a range fromchilly to warm. The averagewinter weather is between 5°Cand 9 °C. During the summersaverage temperature is between18 °C and 28 °C. The hottestmonths are July and Augustwhile the coldest months areJanuary and February.Visas:To enter into Turkey visas are requiredbut most of the visas canbe purchased for £10 or $20at Turkey’s airports or bordergates. Since the informationof visas is changeable, pleasecontact the visa information forforeigners on Turkish ForeignMinistry website.’s electronic online visaapplication system offers to itsapplicants a comfortable andpractical way to obtain OfficePost Offices and the PostalService in Turkey are generallyabbreviated to PTT.(İstanbul’s telephone servicehas two area codes, one for theAnatolian side and one for theEuropean. If the land line youneed to call is on the other sideyou must also include its areacode (0216 for the Anatolianside and 0212 for the Europeanside).Turkey’s country code is 90.practıcalturkıshHello: Merhaba. (mehr hah bah)How are you?Nasılsın? (na suhl suhn)Fine, thank you İyiyim, teşekkürler.(ee yee yeem teh shek ür lerr)What is your name? : Adın ne?(ad uhn ne)My name is ______ . Adım_______ . (Ad uhm _____ .)Nice to meet you : Memnunoldum. (mem noon oll doom)Please : Lütfen. (Luet fen)Thank you.: Teşekkür ederim.(teh shek uer eh der eem)You’re welcome.: Bir şey değil.(bir shey de yeel)Yes: Evet. (eh vet)No: Hayır. (Hah yuhr)Excuse me? Bakar mısınız?(bah kar muh suh nuhz)Excuse me : (begging pardon)Afedersiniz. (af air dair sin niz)I’m sorry: Özür dilerim.(Ö zuer dil air rim)Goodbye : Hoşçakalın.(Hosh cha kaluhn)Goodbye : Güle güle.(guele guele)Good morning : Günaydın.(Guen eye duhn)Good afternoon : Tünaydın.(Tuen eye duhn)Good day: İyi günler.(e yee guen ler)Good evening : İyi akşamlar.(e yee ak sham lar)Good night : İyi geceler.(e yee ge jay ler)Good night (to sleep) :İyi uykular (e yee yoo ku lar)Welcome : Hoşgeldin.(Hosh gel din)I don’t understand : Anlamıyorum(An-la-muh-yor-uhm),Where is the toilet? : Tuvaletnerede? (Too va let ner eh de?).visit for more..

138 transportationAccess in İstanbulİstanbul offers a huge network of public transportation. Withcity busses and railways such as subway, tram systems andMarmaray, İstanbul offers plenty options to get around thecity. As the Bosphorus divides the city into two parts, theferries and sea-busses also become a practical means of dailytransportation. Yet the whole system can easily be accessedwith a single transportation card – İstanbulkart.Ferry and sea busTo see historical sides of the city and travel fast between Europe and Asia, one of the bestoptions would be ferries with an incredible sightseeing opportunity. There are many ferryand sea-bus stations connecting the Bosphorus shores, Golden Horn, Prince’s Islands andother areas. “Vapur” (big ferries) connect the main areas with each ferry leaving in 30 min.or 45 min. from 07:00 am until 11:00 pm. The small ferries of operate with smaller boatsdeparting every 5- 15 min. There are also sea-bus routes that enables public transportationfrom İstanbul to main areas within the city limits and/or the cities around the Marmara Sea.For more information:

139Bus & MetrobusFrequently used all around the city, buses are an economic meansof transport. The private laned express bus service “Metrobus”carries thousands of commuters daily; provides fast and comfortabletransportation between the two ends of Asian side and theEuropean side. For more information: and Tramİstanbul’s subway and the tram system have a wide network andprovide easy access to your desired point both in Asian and Europeansides. İstanbul’s subway operates from Hacıosman to Yenikapi(M2); from Aksaray – Atatürk Airport to Kirazlı (M1) and from Kirazlıto Olimpiyatköy (M3) on the European side. Also subway runs fromKadıköy to Kartal (M4) on the Asian Side.The tramline operates from Bağcılar to Kabataş (T1), Habibler toTopkapı (T4), Kabataş to Taksim (F1). There is also a funicular systemthat runs between Kabataş and Taksim (F1).For more information: dream of connecting thetwo continents under thesea has come true in February2014 with Marmarayin İstanbul. The “MarmarayTrain System” is a 76kilometers tube tunnel thatenables passengers to passunder the Marmara inner seawith train in only a couple ofminutes. Between the laststops; Kazliçeşme in Europeanside and Ayrılık Çeşmesiin Asian side, one can enjoythe travelling of changingcontinents. Kazlicesmestop is 10 kilometers to theAtatürk International Airportand from the Yenikapi stop(also in European side) thereare sea busses to cities inthe south of İstanbulFor more

140 transportationİstanbul AtatürkInternational Airportİstanbul Atatürk International Airport is the city’s gatewayto the world, hosting millions of passengers every year andservicing airlines from all over the world. With its architecture,speed of passenger throughput, level of service andadvanced technology, it is also one of the top airports in theworld. Operated by TAV İstanbul Terminal Operations Co., asubsidiary of TAV Airports Holding since 2000, the airportis ranked as the second in the category “Best Airport ofSouth Europe” in “The World’s Best Airports 2009 Awards”event organized by Skytrax Research, the leading researchAdvisors to the world airline and air transport industrybased in London, UK. The data on movement to and fromthe airport, shows Turkey’s integration to the world. AtatürkInternational Airport hosts around 1050 flights a day andservices approximately 135.000 passengers a day, a figurethat rises to 140.000 to around 160.000 and flights to1.150 to 1250 a day at peak times. The airport is situated 28kilometers west of city center on 9.470.554 square metersof land. www.ataturkairport.comSabİha GökçenInternational AirportThe airport is located on the Anatolian shore ofİstanbul at Pendik / Kurtkoy, at a distance of 40 km toKadikoy, 12 km to Pendik and 50 km to Taksim. It hasa really convenient traffic in terms of transportationwith its 1.5 km connection to the TEM motorway. TheHaydarpasa-Gebze Express line is in maintenanceand will be available in the near future departing fromPendik Train Station where the line will be connectedto Marmaray Metro and Pendik YHT High Speed Train.In the meantime IETT public buses serves betweenSabiha Gökcen Airport and Kartal-Kadıköy metrowhere our guests can travel by rail line. Public transportation(IETT) departs from Sabiha Gökçen Airport(SAW) to downtown İstanbul. There are many waysto travel from Sabiha Gökçen Airport into the severalmain locations of İstanbul such as Sultanahmet, Taksim,Eminönü (Sirkeci), Beyazıt (Laleli), Esenler, Harem,Bakırköy, Yeşilköy, Tuzla, by taxi, Havataş shuttles orthe public bus services (IETT)

142MAPSWorld Map and Location of TurkeyTurkey Map and Location of İstanbul

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