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Winning or Sinning? To whom are we listening?


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Are wesinning?

Or are wewinning?

Our answer much depends onto whomwe arelistening .

If we're listening to God,we're most likely winning.

If we're listening to Satan,we're most likely sinning.

To cease sinning,we must cease listening . . .

to voices whispering liesin our ears and to our eyes –through music, TV, movies, games& novels – diversions with evil ties.

The devil's goal is to destroythrough lies, deception, & disguise, solet's heed nothing that conflicts withGod's Word and leads to . . .

co m p ro m ise

To keep winning,we must keep listening . . .

to the tender voice of Godeach moment each day that we rise.Let's listen to Jesus Christ;He'll never tell us lies.

Let's heed the Holy Spirit;He loves to make us wise.Let's read His Holy Word throughwhich He'll lovingly advise.

Our merciful Father loves to forgive,and gives us many tries.He longs for us to be happy and towin the heavenly prize.

So, to Lucifer,let's cease listening,

and, to the Lord,keep listening.

Our earthly and eternalhappiness, on each one,are depending.

Instead of obeying the voice of God, listening to thewarnings and admonitions He had given, they gaveheed to the counsels of their own hearts, and towords from the lips of men. Thus they imperilednot only their own souls, but the souls of othersthrough their influence. {In Heavenly Places}We have decided that it is best to listen to God and raiseup the foundation of many generations. And what is it?The law of God! {Manuscripts 5, 1891}

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