Gilkey Elementary
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October 14, 2013 Gilkey Elementary - Plainwell Community Schools

October 14, 2013

Gilkey Elementary


September has flown right by and we are well on our way through October.

Procedures have been taught and practiced. We enjoy our school

when we are all respectful and quiet while passing in the hallways.

Gilkey is a very pleasant learning atmosphere and we all work together to

keep it that way.

Thank you for your wonderful attendance at Open House! Our own Gilkey

Parents Club provided refreshments that were a big hit as well. Once again

we are very pleased to have so many new families at Gilkey. I hope you took

a minute to appreciate the expansion of our small Kindergarten room and

we are very proud of the new space. Gilkey is happy to introduce you to our

brand new Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Chad Boender. He comes to us from

Western Michigan University and he did his student teaching at Gilkey in

Mrs. Potter’s classroom. He is the teacher in our newly expanded classroom.

The Gilkey Parent Club, GPC, is back in action with a very successful Gilkey

Gallop. This fund raiser benefits the students all year long. Our Parent Club

is facing a financial challenge this year as the revenues are not up to where

they need them to be in order to continue to provide the regular kinds of student

events. Please offer your help and support to these hard working parents

for the benefit of our Gilkey kids.

We are in the middle of the state assessment - MEAP. Your role in supporting

your child cannot be over estimated. Your 3rd, 4th or 5th grade children need

to come to school with plenty of sleep, exercise, nourishing food and solid

routines to stay mentally fit for this challenging workout.

Gilkey students earned quite a nice compliment from the state of Michigan

over the summer. Gilkey is a Reward School. That status comes from the students

having an above average increase in the 2012 MEAP scores. While we

value student growth we also place a high value on responsible well-rounded


In the October principal’s newsletter I briefly mentioned Quantum Learning

and the fabulous Professional Learning provided by the Plainwell Community

Schools district for all teaching staff.


Ownership was the key I briefly mentioned along with a more lengthy definition.

Ownership means to take responsibility for actions. Be responsible for

your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. “Own” the choices you make and

the results that follow.

I want to encourage you to sign up for the free family program that provides

emails with the keys and starters for family conversations. You will not

go wrong with going to this site and signing up for the Parent Programs.

Registering for this allows parents to get emails (one key per week), including

lessons and ideas for reinforcing the 8-Keys at home. It’s free. It gives access

to all kinds of great ideas about each key, as well as printouts.

This month I want to write about another key: Speak with Good Purpose,

speak honestly and kindly, think before you speak. Make sure your intent is

positive and your words are sincere.

Words are powerful! They have the power to uplift and enlighten or put down

and depress. A few cutting words spoken in a moment of anger can affect

us for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. On the other hand, a few kind

words can make a very positive difference in how we feel about ourselves...

sometimes for a lifetime.

What we say to others ~ and to ourselves ~ can have a huge impact. Speaking

with good purpose is about always considering the intention of our words.

It is about communicating directly, clearly, honestly and with a positive purpose.

The first step is awareness. If we always think before we speak instead

of just blurting out whatever comes to mind, we can learn to consider the

reason for our words and make sure we are speaking with good purpose...

will our words build someone up or put them down? We all sometimes have

negative thoughts, but we don’t have to say everything we think.

There will be times when we need to share critical thoughts. At these times, if

our purpose and how we phrase our words is considered first, sharing honest

and direct feedback can be very positive and powerful, and build trust.


October 14, 2013

Gilkey Elementary

Speaking with good purpose is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. This

key fosters a positive emotional environment where people are happier, more

productive, and more likely to succeed. A great affirmation when speaking

with an elementary child and to teach them to say to themselves is, “I think

before I speak and choose kind words.” Practice saying this everyday until

it becomes a habit. Please contact anyone at Gilkey if you would like more

information about Quantum Learning or the 8 Keys.

We are deeply encouraged that Mrs. Macklin’s son is making good progress

and while we miss her dearly, we know that she is right where she needs to

be. It sounds like the family may be planning on coming back to Michigan

in the near future.

Thank you to everyone as we work together to make each and every Gilkey

student successful.

Happy Fall!

Martha N Hymer, Principal

Gilkey Elementary School


October 18

October 19

October 21

October 23

October 24

October 25

October 30

Fall Boxtops due to the office

Environmental Lab Cleanup Day

Parent/Teacher Conferences, evening

Parent/Teacher Conferences, evening

1/2 Day of School, 11:40 am release

Conferences 12:30-3:30 pm

No School for students, PD for staff

Picture Day makeup

Hello from the Gilkey Art Room!

Every year I have a different theme or a “Big Idea” for our art room. This

year the big idea is: “Art’s History.” Each project your child brings home

will be based on a famous artist in history! The following projects are designated

for each grade. Ask your child about the artist we studied!

K: Paul Klee “Cat and Bird”

1st: Claude Monet “Japanese Bridge”

2nd: Wayne Thebaud (pronounced Teabow) “Cakes”

3rd: Henry Matisse “Goldfish”

4th: Vincent VanGogh “Starry Night”

5th: George Rodigrue (pronounced Rodreeg) “Blue Dog”

Art to Remember: Our Art to Remember is almost finished. Your child will

be bringing home a packet from Art to Remember on 10/25/13 (note: 4th

grade has a different order deadline as our art took a bit longer to finish). The

orders will look different this year as Art to Remember has uploaded your

child’s artwork to their computer. You will receive your child’s original work

along with a pamphlet that shows what the products will look like on each

available item. This will help with your ordering as you can already see the

finished product, awesome! If you want to place an order, orders are due

on 11/01/13. All items will be shipped before Christmas. Art to Remember

is a fundraiser for our Art Department which allows us to have extra money

in which to send 5th graders to the KIA summer camp. Last year we sent

two 5th graders! My hope is to keep this going. Thanks so much for supporting

your Elementary Art Department and encouraging your child to be

creative by purchasing these products.

Each group worked exceeding hard on their projects.

Wonderful job Gilkey artists!

– Ms. Flynn


In case of inclement weather, please tune in to channel

3 (WWMT) or 8 (WOOD-TV) news. We will send out

notification through the SchoolMessenger for those

who have signed up and updated their information.


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