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Fall 2011 - Junior Blind of America

Sharing Our Vision

Since 1953, Junior Blind has helped

infants, children and youth who are

blind, visually impaired or multidisabled

achieve their highest levels of


through gifts made through their estate

plans—have helped ensure that each

generation of children at Junior Blind

can be supported by our critical and

life-changing programs.

gift—a Charitable Gift Annuity and

a Charitable IRA Rollover. The most

popular way people leave a legacy

to Junior Blind is a simple gift in

their will.

In this newsletter, we share stories

of children whose lives have been

significantly improved because you

cared enough to support Junior Blind’s

critical programs. Your generosity

enables children, like Daria, to receive

the specialized care and education they

need in a warm and compassionate

setting—all at no cost to their families.

As a human service agency, our job

is to address urgent matters for our

students and to make our services

available to all children in need. That’s

why consistent donations from friends

like you are so critical. Your support

allows us to respond to all of our

children’s needs immediately.

For nearly 60 years, thoughtful

donors—through outright gifts and

Junior Blind’s Legacy Society has long

recognized and paid tribute to donors

who make planned gifts today to help

future generations of blind, visually

impaired or multi-disabled children.

To further honor these remarkable

donors, we recently established the

Legacy Society Rosemary Garden—a

tangible and lasting place of honor on

our campus.

Planned gifts to Junior Blind have

many benefits. Not only do they allow

Junior Blind to continue helping

children with disabilities for decades

to come, but they offer many lucrative

tax and income benefits for donors

and their families. In this issue you

will learn about two popular ways to

provide Junior Blind with a planned

Every gift Junior Blind receives is

meaningful, and we are grateful for

your support. You help empower our

children to continue on their journeys

to independence and allow us to

continue serving even more children

and families.

We are honored to consider you

our friend.


Miki Jordan


Junior Blind’s Legacy Society Rosemary Garden

For many years, Junior Blind’s Legacy Society has honored those donors who support Junior Blind by making a planned gift.

Gifts from these generous individuals are critical to our ability to help thousands of blind, visually impaired and multi-disabled

children each year.

To further acknowledge the important role these donors play in our mission, we have established a permanent named space

on our campus: the Legacy Society Rosemary Garden. As the above plaque indicates, rosemary is the herb of remembrance

and symbolizes loyalty and friendship. We can think of no more fitting place to recognize these special friends for their loyalty

and friendship.

Junior Blind of America • 5300 Angeles Vista Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90043 • (800) 352-2290 • (323) 295-4555 •

Oh, What Fun to be a Kid!

Summer was a happy time at Junior Blind thanks to the support of friends like you. We’re

pleased to share a snapshot from several of our kids’ activities!

The students of Junior

Blind’s Special Education

School beat the heat with

a little water play this

summer. Water play can

be a relaxing and fun way

for children with multiple

disabilities to explore

their senses.

Participants of the

Junior Blind’s Summer

Enrichment Program

explored their musical

talents by experimenting

with a variety of

instruments in the

Fradene and Morris J.

Pollack Music Room.

The sky was the limit for

children who are blind

or visually impaired

at Junior Blind’s Camp

Bloomfield. Campers

built confidence

and discovered their

strengths by participating

in activities, like ropes

courses and archery.

The Lucy Elizabeth Shumway

Aquatic Center at Junior

Blind was in full use this

summer. Children from the

Summer Enrichment Program,

Children’s Residential

Program and Special

Education School all enjoyed

the therapeutic benefits the

pool offers.

The children of the

Summer Enrichment

Program built a garden

this summer with

exciting results. They

grew strawberries, bell

peppers, tomatoes,

zucchini and a variety of


The Special Education

School teachers

integrated a Hawaiian

theme into their lessons,

helping students achieve

their goals for the day

and have fun at the same


Even the youngest

campers at Camp

Bloomfield overcame

their fears and tried

new activities. Thanks

to encouraging camp

staff, children who are

blind or visually impaired

discover how much

they’re able to achieve.

Junior Blind of America • 5300 Angeles Vista Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90043 • (800) 352-2290 • (323) 295-4555 •

Legacy Society–Ways to Give

The Charitable IRA Rollover: An Inspired Giving Opportunity for 2011

The Charitable Individual Retirement

Account (IRA) Rollover has become a

popular philanthropic vehicle in recent

years because of its many benefits to

donors and charities alike.

However, the Charitable IRA Rollover

provision expires on December 31, 2011!

Individuals interested in this giving vehicle

must act before the end of the year.

What is the Charitable IRA Rollover?

The Charitable IRA Rollover was first

enacted in 2006 as part of the Pension

Protection Act, which allowed individuals

aged 70 ½ and older to contribute up

to $100,000 from their IRA to charities

without having to count the distributions

as income. In 2010, the provision was

renewed until the end of this year.

What are the benefits of a Charitable

IRA Rollover?

A Charitable IRA Rollover allows

individuals to make a significant gift to

charitable organizations, like Junior Blind,

and enjoy tax benefits at the same time.

This opportunity may be right for you, if:

• You use the standard deduction

instead of itemizing


• You have already contributed

as much to your IRA as you

can currently deduct.

• You do not need the

minimum distribution you

are required to take from

your IRA.

• You already planned to leave

a gift to Junior Blind upon

your passing.

• You would like to increase

your annual gift to Junior

Blind and reduce your tax


What are the qualifications for a

Charitable IRA Rollover?

There are some simple rules that must be

followed in order to take advantage of this


• You must own a traditional or Roth

IRA and be at least 70 ½ years old

when the gift is transferred.

• Total gifts cannot exceed $100,000

per IRA owner or beneficiary, per year.

If you have a spouse, you can each

contribute up to $100,000 per year.

• Gifts must be made directly from

your IRA to a public charity, like

Junior Blind, and cannot be made to a

donor advised fund, such as a private


• Gifts must be made to the charity

outright. They cannot be used to

fund a charitable remainder trust or

establish a charitable gift annuity.

• Only the IRA administrator can

transfer gifts to the public charity.

If the IRA owner withdraws funds

and then contributes to the charity,

the amount of the funds withdrawn

will be included in the donor’s gross

income and thus be subject to

income tax.

What if I want to include Junior Blind

in my plans, but a Charitable IRA

Rollover is not for me?

If making a gift from your IRA is not

right for you, consider making Junior

Blind the beneficiary of your IRA or other

retirement assets. In most cases, income

taxes on funds contributed to your IRA are

deferred and, therefore, subject to income

and estate taxes for your heirs upon your

passing—which may account for 70% of

the IRA value.

Naming a charitable organization, like

Junior Blind, as a beneficiary, makes the

entire amount designated exempt from

taxes. As a result, your heirs may inherit

more assets and pay less in taxes. And, you

will leave a lasting legacy of hope for the

children of Junior Blind.

If you would like further information

about how a Charitable IRA Rollover

may benefit you or have questions about

the information in this article, please call

Bonnie E. Harris at (323) 290-6294 or

email her at

Please visit our website for other creative

giving opportunities, such as making a

bequest or establishing a Charitable Gift

Annuity, at

Please consult a

qualified legal or

financial professional

when considering your

end-of-year giving or

your estate planning.

Legacy Society–Ways to Give

We are grateful to the following members of our Legacy Society who have made provisions for Junior Blind in their wills.

Over the last year, we have been pleased to welcome those starred* below as new members of this generous group.

David Alberts

Jane and Melvin


Gladys A. Anthony

Mindy and Bryan


Lois and Wendell


Leslie and Jean Baker

Marilyn and John


Kristen Belland

Charles Bellone

Matilde Berne

Irving and Jackie

Blum on behalf of

Otis Blum*

Gertrude Z. Boblett

Edith Borge

John Borrogan*

George M. Bressler

Geraldine and Victor


Sophie and Anthony


Rhonda Fleming


Sinart Chaijenkit

Rutita Chaisakulchai

Meiling Chang

Peter S. Clark

Christin and Le Roy


Felipe N. Cuevas

Hector Curiel

Dorothy Daniels

Zarui and Zeynal


Dorothy M. Dawson

Migdalia and Silvio

Del Castillo

West C. Delton

Zenaida M. Deromo

Jeannie L. Dimter

Lin S. Dorfman

Norvelle and Walter


Mary and Jack


Hung Duong

Theresa M. Echiribel

Sheila and Jeff Evron

Mary E. Favre

A.J. Filar

Elaine L. Finkel

Gary M. Fisher

Don Fraley

Adele Freulich

Harold Gelber

Caroline Glick

Beulah Goodman

Allan Gummerus

Thelma and Heinz


Daisy Harris

Judit Harris

Julien M. Harwood

Eleanor R. Heller

Anna and Frank Hertz

Bernetta B. Hicks

Wayne Hilton

Harriett E.


Ning-Ning and Robert


Jess A. Hudec

Geraldine and Gordon


Shirley A. Jeffries

Roberia W. Jones

Helen A. Kahawaii

Carole and Michael

Kamper, M.D.

Minna Kaye

Samorntip and

Khongsak Khosawad

Adele S. and Eugene

A. Klein

Bonnie J. Klempner

Doris Knell

Lenore Krusell

Palmer C. Langdon*

Elizabeth Lange

Pauline W. Ledeen

Beatrice Leff

Wanda R. Legan

Gertrude Levitt

Bert O. Levy*

Luz E. Lopez

Barbara B. Marks

Nancy Martinelli

Yuzuru Mashimo

Mauree Matsui

Richard M. McAllister

Marilyn J. McDonnell

Paul McMahon

Kenneth Meersand

Kurt Meyer

Louis J. Miller

Susan and Victor


Magda L. Mito

Diane and Harold


Evelyn Moriarty

Albert L. Myers in

memory of Ruth

Esther Myers

William N. Nelson

Norma C. Nelson

Randall B. Newcomb*

Dorothy D. Orwig

Yvonne and Donald


Beverly Padway

Louis Palatt

Sheryl G. Parker

Genevieve E. Pearl

Isabelle Persh and

Robert E. Moriarty

Faye and Bernard W.


Henry S. Poitras

William G. Pompey

Freddi Popkin

Amorette L. Preston

Fern Rasmussen

Barbara and James


Marie and Isaac


Kenneth R.


Ann and Fred Robbins

Anne and Peter


Bennett S. Robinson

Dolores W. Rogers

Martha Rosales

Roxy and Kathleen


Paula and Jason Russell

Thomas Safady

Lt. Col. Julius K.


Toby B. Schoolman*

Susan A. Shapiro

Virginia and Samuel


Frances T. Silberman

Lydia Smith

Shirley and Stanley J.


Kathleen Soper

Helen M. Sprinkle

Madeleine and

William S. Stock

Sudawan Suesataya

Albert Taffoni

Fred S. Timinello

Trinh Le Tse

Eileen F. Ulrich

Dawn and Jean Valerio

Alice and Ted Vandling

Stephen S. Vaughan

Mr. and Mrs. Felipe


Sanford B. Weiss

Lorna Wever

Joan P. Whitehouse

Susan and David


Lenore L. Winter

Jess Witt

Burkart Wolf*

Susie Yale

And those who wish to

remain anonymous

For more information or to join our Legacy Society, please call Bonnie Harris, Esq., Junior Blind’s Director of

Gift Planning at (323) 290-6294, or email at

You may also indicate your interest in joining the Legacy Society on the enclosed reply envelope and mail it to

our office. Thank you.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this donor list is correct and complete. If you have questions or comments, please call

Bonnie Harris at (323) 290-6294.

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