In the Fall 2011 Issue - Christie Digital Systems

In the Fall 2011 Issue - Christie Digital Systems

E N T E R T A I N M E N T S O L U T I O N S W O R L D W I D E Fall 10


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Christie Previsto

To protect exhibitors‘ investments in their digital projector technology, Christie ® developed

the Solaria 2.2 software upgrade, which includes the new Christie Previsto High Frame Rate

(HFR) technology, among other firmware upgrades. This HFR software solution provides an

enhanced 2D and 3D experience when watching high action film content for cinema and

alternative content, due to significant reduction of motion blur, judder and strobing.

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“…with the HFR

upgrade, theater

owners will be

able to expand

their audience

reach, and at the

same time, minimize

distribution costs.”


Dr. Don Shaw

Director, Product Management

Christie Entertainment Solutions

introducing Christie Previsto

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Future-proof technology

safeguards exhibitors’

long term investments

HFR makes it possible for the

audience to see fast moving objects

in exceptional detail while boosting

the clarity and smoothness of

images. The HFR technology with

its more natural and lifelike pictures

also allows audiences to enjoy the

3D movie experience without the

visual discomfort that has affected

some 3D moviegoers.

The Directors' Choice

Box office giants who are ahead of

the adoption curve are pioneering

the evolution of digital cinema display. James

Cameron and Peter Jackson are visionary leaders

who will provide the exhibitors with new business

opportunities and box office returns on their

investment. Both have 3D HFR productions in

development, and Cameron has selected Christie

to support his innovative technology and concepts.

According to James Cameron, chairman and

CEO, Lightstorm Entertainment Inc., “We chose

the leader in digital cinema projection technology

to assist us in demonstrating our ground-breaking

vision. We know Christie for its mission critical

reliability, brightness capabilities, superior

performance and support worldwide.”

Singular sensation at IBC: 3D HFR

shown on one Christie projector

The world’s first mass audience 3D HFR demo

used only one Christie DLP Cinema ® projector,

in combination with other available products, at

the “IBC Big Screen” theater at RAI Amsterdam.

Christie proved that 3D HFR can become a viable

new revenue stream from the projection of

alternative content such as sporting and theatrical

events. The audience experienced firsthand the

next evolution in cinema technology. “With the

Christie HFR upgrade, theater owners will be

able to expand their audience reach, and at the

same time, minimize distribution costs,” explained

Dr. Don Shaw, director, product management,

Christie Entertainment Solutions.

“The demonstration at IBC this past

September set the scene for single-projector 3D

Cavalia’s advanced multi-media production was

used for the 3D HFR demo at IBC in amsterdam

HFR cinema content delivery, following on James

Cameron’s ‘proof of concept’ of HFR cinema

content presented at CinemaCon 2011, which

Christie assisted with,” noted Dr. Shaw.

At the IBC Big Screen theater, content showing

the world-famous Cavalia equestrian production

company in action was flawlessly projected in 3D

at 60 frames per second (FPS) during Dr. Shaw’s

‘Exhibitor Considerations for High Frame Rate 3D

Technology’ seminar.

Easy to install next generation

technology without disruption

or cost

As part of the future plans and success of 3D

in cinema and alternative content, the cinema

industry needs to work with a trusted and easily

approachable HFR expert. Utilizing HFR with no

risk and no software upgrade expense, ensures

that Christie’s exhibition and post production

customers can embrace the new technology now.

“Exhibitors and post production studios

are looking for complete systems that can be

readily installed in existing projection rooms

to facilitate the rollout of these and other HFR

cinema productions. Christie has developed the

technology to deliver high frame rates — the

next step is for storage and server vendors to

develop and market new, more powerful and

more versatile server technology, Integrated Media

Blocks (IMB) and specialized servers that are the

path forward to providing the performance and

security that exhibitors demand.”

the single source for a winning combination

Christie digital cinema projectors celebrate 25,000 milestone

Christie is the first manufacturer to reach the

unprecedented milestone of over 25,000 digital

projectors shipped around the world. This

accomplishment includes the sale and installation

of DCI-compliant Christie Solaria Series 2K and

4K projectors, including the popular Christie

CP2220 and Christie CP2230.

“Projectors were shipped to cinema customers

in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France,

Hong Kong, Japan,

Mexico, Norway,

Romania, Russia,

Singapore, Spain,

Turkey and the

United States,”

confirmed Jack

Kline, president

and chief operating

officer, Christie

Digital Systems

USA, Inc. “Whether it is 2D or 3D, 2K or 4K,

small or large screens, we are honored that our

customers continue to rely on Christie to deliver

the brightest, most reliable projection solutions

for their theaters,” added Kline.

Cineplex to convert

more than 900 screens

Cineplex Entertainment announced that they

selected Christie as their exclusive projector

vendor. More than 450 Christie digital projectors

have already been installed across the Cineplex

Circuit in Canada, with the balance of installs

over the next 18 months. The first Christie 4K

DLP Cinema ® projector — the CP4230 — was

installed at their Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo this

past spring. “Cineplex selected Christie because

we believe their technology is the best in the

business and have continuously provided us with

tremendous customer service,” said Ellis Jacob,

President and CEO, Cineplex Entertainment. He

added, “Christie projectors provide the sharpest

onscreen images so our guests can enjoy the

latest movie with the clearest picture.”

always at the

innovation forefront

A dominant leader and expert in digital cinema

projection since 1999, Christie projectors, among the

brightest in the world, utilize Christie Brilliant 3D

technology to provide the ultimate 3D experience.

Along with improved serviceability and ease of

maintenance, they offer up to 25 percent lower

cost of operation than competing technologies.

At CinemaCon 2011

the cinema industry’s

largest trade show —

Christie was selected by

Oscar-winning filmmaker

James Cameron to

assist in showcasing the

first “mass audience”

demonstration of the

higher frame-rate delivery

necessary for the next generation of 3D films. Christie,

the preferred choice for Cameron, used Christie

Solaria Series digital cinema projectors to project 3D

content at up to 60 frames per second (FPS). Unlike

other solutions, the Christie CP2230 and others in its

family are capable of delivering over 30,000 lumens

on the largest screens, while delivering breathtaking

3D images, which, combined with higher frame

rates, will speed the evolution of this next generation

cinema experience.

One call does it all

Known as the one-stop shop for fully integrated

solutions, Christie designs projectors and lamps

to work flawlessly in sync for the most optimized

digital cinema solutions. These total solutions

include installation, financing options, in-house

and online training, service, application support,

and maintenance, all from one manufacturer.

“We understand how important it is

for exhibitors to safeguard their long-term

technology investment. With Christie, exhibitors

are assured they have a future-proof, fully

integrated solution that can meet their needs

both today and tomorrow,” emphasized Kline.

Make your digital conversion successful and affordable. It’s easy to

move to digital. Gain peace of mind, incomparable savings and future-proof

your investment while providing your movie-going customers with the most

enhanced cinematic experience available today. Learn from Christie experts

how to choose the right technology, service and financing options to

help make your move to digital a resounding success!

For more information, go to:

“With Christie,

exhibitors are

assured they have

a future-proof,

fully integrated

solution that can

meet their needs

both today and


Jack Kline

President and COO

Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.


Christie’s commit-

ment to quality

and innovation

makes it a market

leader with which

we are pleased

and honored to

be associated.”

lobby of the Criterion Cinemas in

New Haven, CT. Theater boasts nine

screens of first class entertainment

in a classic 1936 building.


Ben Moss


Bow Tie Cinemas

Bow tie Cinemas to digitize

circuit exclusively with Christie

solaria series projectors

Founded over 100 years ago, in the era of

the Nickelodeon, when B.S. Moss began his

long and illustrious career providing popular

entertainment to the public, the business of

operating street front Nickelodeons quickly gave

way to Vaudeville, which was the heart of B.S.

Moss Theaters until the 1930s when B.S. Moss

sold his last Vaudeville theater. In 1936, B.S.

Moss opened the Criterion Theater, known then

as The Theater of Tomorrow, on Broadway in the

heart of Times Square. The Criterion was the first

motion picture theater built exclusively for the

exhibition of talking motion pictures. It operated

continuously for 63 years and was the home of

several major New York film premiers.

Giving clients the best

that cinema can offer

Today, Bow Tie Cinemas, a privately-owned

motion picture exhibitor in the U.S. Northeast

and Mid-Atlantic is dedicated to returning style

and elegance to the movie-going experience,

along with the best possible presentation in each

of its 20 locations and 169 screens. They have

agreed to digitize 115 of its screens exclusively

with DCI-compliant Christie ® Solaria Series

projectors. The agreement includes the installation

of Christie CP2220 and Christie CP2230

projectors — the brightest projectors on the

B.S. Moss’ Franklin Theater in 1921. It was the

newest and most luxurious vaudeville theater

in the Bronx, NY.

market — and covers locations in New York,

Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and Colorado.

Integrity Entertainment Systems, an authorized

digital cinema reseller for Christie, provided

consultation on the agreement.

In an age of such high quality, compelling

and entertaining motion pictures, it is

incumbent upon exhibitors to provide an

experience and presentation that exceeds

the highest expectations. Cutting edge

digital-projection technology plays a huge role

in providing that experience, and Christie’s

commitment to quality and innovation makes it

a market leader with which we are pleased and

honored to be associated,” said Ben Moss, CEO

of Bow Tie Cinemas.

Noted Craig Sholder, vice president of Christie’s

Entertainment Solutions, “Like Bow Tie Cinemas,

Christie is dedicated to providing the ultimate

movie going experience, blending industry-leading

customer service with the highest quality products

and services. Bow-Tie Cinemas’ commitment to

the highest standards of customer service and

presentation, and the sharp, cutting-edge

images of digital technology are an unbeatable


shimao Group orders 150

Christie solaria series projectors

for screens across China

Realizing their vision with digital projection

The Shimao Group, a leading Chinese property,

retail and entertainment global conglomerate,

ordered an additional 150 Christie 2K series and

4K ready digital cinema projectors for deployment

in over 15 cinemas. In their announcement at

the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)

2011, they noted that in conjunction with ACE

International, one of Christie’s business partners,

they selected the Christie CP2210, Christie CP2220

and Christie CP2230 digital cinema projectors.

During the first phase of their digital cinema

roll-outs at the end of last year, Mr. Hui Wing Mau,

chairman and executive director, Shimao Group

was quoted as saying that “Christie has been a

global leader in the projection industry for many

years. It has repeatedly proven its success in digital

cinema and this is why we were confident to select

Christie exclusively for this historic deployment.

Going digital is the only way forward and our

partnership with Christie continues to ensure the

quality of China’s digital films.”

To celebrate this strategic win, Christie,

together with Shimao Group and Dolby Digital,

hosted a special cocktail luncheon, where guests

and attendees at SIFF had the opportunity to

experience the impressive features of the Christie

CP4230 4K digital cinema projector along with

the Dolby Digital Cinema Audio Processor and

Dolby Theatre Management Software.

“There is no better way to convey the merits and

distinctiveness of Christie’s digital cinema projectors

than through a live demonstration. We are

honored that Shimao recognizes that Christie’s

digital cinema projectors come with high-powered

reliability and fulfills the premium cinema

experience they will soon be offering,” commented

Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific.

Over 2,200 installations

and growing

Christie has made significant inroads into the

cinema industry since they entered the Chinese

market over a decade ago. “We have become a

top-of-mind brand for cinema screens in Chinese

cinema. Christie has achieved many industry-firsts

in China, just as we did globally in the arena of

digital film projection. In Hong Kong for example,

the Christie 2K digital cinema projector was used

for the first digital movie demo in China and this

ushered in the beginning of the digitalization

process for cinemas in China,” explained Frank

Xiao, general manager, Christie China.

China is one of the fastest growing cinema

markets in the world. To satisfy this market,

Christie became the first dominant player in the

industry to set up a manufacturing facility in

Shenzhen in southern China last year. Modeled

along the same manufacturing principles

and processes as in North America, Christie’s

Shenzhen plant have begun production of the

Christie CP2210 and Christie CP2220 digital

cinema projectors and this will be followed by

the production of the compact, industry-leading

Christie CP2230 projector by end of year.

“There is no

better way to

convey the merits

and distinctiveness

of Christie’s digital

cinema projectors

than through a

live demonstration.”

Lin Yu

Vice President

Christie Asia Pacific


Christie engineers

share the same

passion for

perfection, for


raising the standard

of excellence

that I do.”


James Cameron

Chairman and CEO

Lightstorm Entertainment, Inc.

next-generation 3D cinema

moves forward

lightstorm and Christie to share expertise, equipment

and intellectual capital

In a move designed to accelerate the development

and adoption of next-generation 3D digital

cinema, Christie ® and James Cameron’s

Lightstorm Entertainment, Inc., have signed a

milestone, five-year agreement to exchange

research, testing, development and technical

support on the industry's most exciting

new technology. “I selected Christie for this

‘journey of discovery’ because the company

is fully committed to my vision and shares my

dedication to continually push the boundary of

digital cinema,” said James Cameron.

Collaboration includes

Christie’s technical assistance

for avatar 2 and 3

The cooperation between two of Hollywood’s

digital cinema powerhouses heralds a significant

shift in how movies will be made and shown

in theaters. As part of its agreement with

Lightstorm, Christie will supply the latest Solaria

Series of 3D-capable projectors, ongoing access

to emerging research and development on

3D, and input into Lightstorm’s mission-critical

engineering related to 3D and high frame rate

innovation. Christie will also assist in outfitting

Cameron’s new production facilities, including

two screening rooms that will serve as virtual

production sites for the next two installments of

Avatar, the most successful film in history using

ground-breaking 3D technology from Cameron.

“Lightstorm is committed to realizing the full

potential of 3D and high frame rate technology

to fully immerse audiences in the world of the

movie before them,” said Craig Sholder, vice

president, Christie Entertainment Solutions

division. “This alliance promises to spark a new

wave of excitement, creativity, and innovation

in film-making that will provide audiences with

an unparalleled sense of total immersion in the

movie-viewing experience.”

Sholder added “With the right server

technology, our Series 2 projectors are already

fully capable of being upgraded to deliver higher

frame rates. Further collaboration will provide

us with a wealth of information from Cameron’s

award-winning production studio that will allow

us to rapidly advance our pace of innovation in

the development of 3D.”

a new milestone in

visual entertainment

Lightstorm will share with Christie its findings

into 3D, high frame rates and the enhancements,

format, and color space requirements for

achieving the optimal viewing experience. This

knowledge in turn will be used to enhance

Christie's 3D technology as it relates to desirable

projector and server functionality, as well as

help Christie create market-leading tool kits

for exhibition and post-production markets

and applications. Lightstorm will provide

sample content for testing and demonstration

of technical enhancements, for the overall

promotion of Christie's 3D technology.

Cameron noted that, “At CinemaCon,

Christie projectors were critical in helping me

to demonstrate higher frame rates of up to

60 frames per second (fps) which dramatically

improves the viewing experience. Most

importantly, Christie engineers share the same

passion for perfection, for continuously raising

the standard of excellence that I do. I have full

confidence that this collaboration will yield

exceptional results.”

The Lightstorm and Christie agreement also

provides Lightstorm with 24/7 access to the Christie

Network Operations Center (NOC), call center

support, and replacement parts that are included in

all of Christie’s warranty services to all exhibitors.

Christie brings magic to the Center

of science and industry Museum

It may be based on science, but the effect is

pure magic for captivated audiences at the

Center of Science and Industry Museum (COSI)

in Columbus, Ohio, which selected two Christie

Solaria Series to power its “Extreme Screen”

theater — the largest screen in Ohio.

Voted the No. 1 Science Center for families in

the U.S. by Parents magazine, COSI attracts nearly

600,000 visitors every year. It features 100,000

square feet of exhibit space with 300 interactive,

hands-on exhibitions, special events, family

programs and the country’s only high wire unicycle

act. At the heart of the innovative museum is

the colossal movie screen, which presents a wide

variety of high definition content, from 2D and 3D

movies and documentaries, to quality alternative

content from Internet and fiber optic feeds.

Christie Solaria Series projectors

power seven-story screen

The projectors deliver a seamless image across the

giant screen, providing a visually stunning, high

quality picture that dramatically enhances the

effect of the theater’s “heart pounding” sound

system. “We had pushed our old projection

system to its absolute limit, and needed the latest

and most reliable digital cinema technology that

would do justice to the diverse, quality content

we present,” said COSI President and CEO, Dr.

David Chesebrough. “The Christie Solaria Series

projectors have proven to be a perfect choice.”

Served 24/7 by

Christie Managed Services

All the presentations meet a grueling museum

schedule that pushes the capacity of its projection

system to maintain the highest level of performance,

image stability, and operational reliability.

COSI also selected Service Plus, provided

by Christie ® Managed Services to provide

next-day parts delivery and round-the-clock

monitoring from Christie’s Network Operations

Center (NOC), ensuring the fastest, most reliable

technical support and maintenance for the

museum’s projectors and connected devices.

Sean James, vice president of Christie Managed

Services, noted that by choosing the Service

Plus plan, COSI gained access to a nationwide

network of technicians for rapid response to

technical issues, software upgrades and troubleshooting,

as well as repair and replacement of

parts for the next 10 years.

According to Vince Butler of CLACO Equipment

and Service, a Utah-based Christie Entertainment

Solutions dealer that installed the system, COSI

needed not just a high-performance projection

system bright enough to fill the huge screen,

but one that was exceptionally reliable, easy to

operate, maintain and service. And, to stay true to

the museum’s mission to utilize

green technology to protect our

planet, they also needed to be

energy efficient.

Christie projectors are

backed by 80 years of industry

experience, with a reputation

for quality that is unmatched.

They also have lower energy

requirements and produce less

heat — so the projection booth

doesn’t need as much energyguzzling

air conditioning to

keep it cool,” said Butler.

“The Christie

Solaria Series

projectors have

proven to be a

perfect choice.”

Dr. David Chesebrough

President and CEO

Center of Science and

Industry Museum


“Our 4K upgrade

kit fulfills the value

promise we made

to our customers.”


Craig Sholder

Vice President

Entertainment Solutions

Christie USA, Inc.

Christie 4K upgrade program

transforms 2K projectors into

4K-resolution powerhouses

The introduction of the new Christie 4K-resolution

(4096 x 2160) upgrade kit is now available for

the popular Christie CP2230 projector. With its

four-fold boost in resolution, the kit includes a 4K

light engine, integrator rod assembly, EMI shielding

and power supply. The 4K upgrade kit provides

a major increase in screen detail and is quick and

easy to install. It prepares the projector to screen

any upcoming 4K content — the industry’s highest

current resolution.

The 4K upgrade converts the Christie CP2230

projector to the highest resolution available today

Maximizing exhibitors

2K investments

“Our 4K upgrade kit fulfills the value promise

we made to our customers. Christie exhibitors

can now display any 4K content from Hollywood

in the highest resolution available today. Since

the introduction of the Christie Solaria Series,

a record number of exhibitors worldwide have

converted to Series 2 Christie CP2230 projectors,

making it one of the

best-selling DLP Cinema ®

products in history. They

did so because they

trusted Christie to protect

their investments, knowing

that they were guaranteed

an easy upgrade path

to 4K-resolution if they

ever felt the need to

convert,” observed Craig

Sholder, vice president,

Entertainment Solutions.

Fast and easy


Available to all current

and prospective Christie

partners and dealers,

the upgrade can be performed by Christie

technicians, qualified dealers or by customers’

own technical staff. More importantly, it will

not increase operational costs in any way,

since it does not impact the basic projector

electronics. The kit is especially attractive

to exhibitors seeking the highest resolution

for their largest screens, where brightness

and pixel count can be a factor. It is also

an important option for post-production

facilities, to ensure full support for any

future 4K-resolution infrastructure.

“The digital cinema landscape is highly

competitive, with an increasingly sophisticated

audience that has been ‘spoiled’ by the stunning

quality of the technology,” said Sholder. “By

upgrading their Christie CP2230 to 4K, exhibitors

can satisfy even the most demanding movie buffs by

assuring them that they will experience the highest

resolution screens in the industry today.”

Christie projectors brighten

the future for drive-ins in texas

The drive-in movie theater has always been

a romantic business venture that faced many

technical challenges--especially the limited

amount of light that could be thrown on the

screen as well as the ambient light that can

have serious impact on the projected images.

However, for two drive-in theatres in Texas,

the first multi-screen drive-ins in the country,

their customers can now enjoy the brighter and

sharper images on the outdoor screen.

The Big Sky Drive-In

Sam Kirkland, partner and co-owner of the Big

Sky, opened in October 2005, with two screens

both using 35mm projectors. A third screen was

added in 2007. Two of the Big Sky's three screens

are 45ft by 90ft (10.7m x 21.3m) with spaces for

436 cars and 382 cars; the third screen is 35ft by

70ft (10.7m x21.3m). Kirkland says “The digital

pictures on the screen are awesome, and they are

so bright, even in ambient light.”

Lamont Furlow, general manager of the Big Sky

Drive-In whose parents managed a local drive-in

theater, explains that he was virtually born in the

movie theater business. "I'm not real computer

literate," admits Furlow, but when we had some

initial challenges the first week, I called Christie,

and they talked us through the situation and the

show started on time.” Furlow added that the

system has worked beautifully ever since.

"Now that we're digital, lighting is no longer an

issue," Furlow notes. With Christie DLP Cinema ®

projectors, he's getting more than 30,000 lumens,

Big Sky Drive-in Midland, Texas

and his patrons can enjoy even the darkest

scenes in a movie. In the past, Big Sky had serious

problems getting the picture focused when running

35mm projectors. "Now it's in perfect focus,"

he says, adding that his first reaction when they

screened their first movie in digital was: "That can't

be my screen. We couldn't be more pleased."

The conversion to Christie digital projectors was

handled by Sonic Equipment Company, a total

sales, service and remodeling company.

The Stars & Stripes Drive-in

After completing his first year at law

school, Ryan Smith decided to build a

drive-in. He had fond childhood memories

of working in his grandparents’ indoor

theater and remembered nights spent

at the drive-in.

In 2003, with his parents' support,

Smith opened the Stars & Stripes drive-in

at the age of 24, with two screens and

two used 35mm projectors.

One of the early lessons about drive-in

theaters, says Smith, is that "you just

can't get enough light on a drive-in

screen." As his business grew, he learned

about digital cinema and what the

technology could bring to his drive-in.

Now with three screens, Smith financed

the cost of his digital conversion by

himself. After looking at his options, he

installed Christie projectors. “Christie has an

excellent history, they’re known to stand behind

their products, have great equipment, and

it would be a positive experience for me,”

notes Ryan. Kansas-based Sonic Equipment

Company supervised the installation and

trained Smith and his staff.

The first week they opened, Smith

says, "Most people noticed something

different…the images on the screen

were brighter. I am thrilled to provide

my customers with indoor-movie picture

quality.” Smith is eager to explore the

possibilities of expanding his business

with new kinds of content. Smith added,

"We were always constrained by film.

With digital, there's no comparison. I am

extremely pleased with my decision. I can’t

imagine going back to film.”

Stars & Stripes Drive-in,

lubbock, Texas


George Pimentel/WireImage for TIFF

Val Kilmer signs autographs for

his enthusiastic fans at TIFF

® Toronto International Film Festival is a registered

trademark of Toronto International Film Festival Inc.


Christie continues key role at

toronto international Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival ® is

considered the leading public film festival in the

world, screening more than 300 films from 60+

countries every September. The mission of TIFF, an

international leader in film culture, is to transform

the way people see the world through film. Since

its founding in 1976, and what began as a ten-day

film festival has grown to embrace programming

365 days a year. The Festival offers screenings,

lectures, discussions, festivals, workshops, industry

support and the chance to meet filmmakers from

Canada and around the world.

Christie plays starring role at

the Festival

This year marked Christie’s 11th year as the

official projection sponsor of the Festival.

Christie’s new generation Solaria Series

projectors screened a record number of digital

titles and showcased the new generation of

filmmakers as digital technology has gained

enormous popularity in the cinema industry.

Over the course of eleven days, the 36th annual

event generated lots of buzz among the many

journalists, celebrities, and thousands of industry

delegates. There were over 3,460 submissions from

65 countries this year. Of the 338 films shown, 277

were feature-length presented on 33 screens, and

66% of the titles were screened digitally. Over 80%

of the digital screenings were on Christie projectors.

The first 4K screening at the Festival, the 70mm

movie Samsara — a visual-only

documentary by director and

cinematographer Ron Fricke — was

presented on a Christie Solaria Series

4K DLP Cinema ® projector. Francis

Ford Coppola’s movie Twixt was

shown in 3D on a Christie CP2230

4K-ready DLP Cinema ® projector.

According to the Hollywood Reporter,

“The annual Toronto International

Film Festival has the power to make

or break Oscar hopefuls.” The Cadillac

People’s Choice Award, often touted as

predictor of Academy Awards, went to

Where Do We Go Now?, a Lebanese

film about a group of women who band together

to save their community from violence. Toronto

audiences, famous in the international film world

for their good taste and enthusiasm, vote for the

award after every screening. Last year, The King’s

Speech won and went on to win the Oscar as

best picture. After its 2008 triumph in Toronto,

Slumdog Millionaire went on to the Oscar for

best picture.

Christie is proud of its long-standing partnership

with the Festival, and to provide the Festival

audiences the superior visual experience that our

outstanding projectors are known for around the

world,” said Kathryn Cress, vice president, Global

& Corporate Marketing, Christie.

Christie CP2230: exclusive

projector for opening gala

of Shanghai International

Film Festival

One of the brightest digital cinema projectors

in the market, the Christie CP 2230 was

selected for the screening of Water for

Elephants at the opening gala of the 14th

Shanghai international Film Festival (SIFF) 2011

at the Shanghai Grand Theatre.

The red-carpet event was graced by over

300 artists and honchos of the entertainment

industry including Oscar-winners Matt Dillon

and Susan Sarandon. Among the Hong Kong

celebrities were Alan Tam and Kitty Zhang, Thai

heartthrob Pong, Bie, Korean

actress Jun Ji-hyun, and media

mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Story continues on page 12

Christie lamps optimize high

performance cinema systems

Meeting wide range of lamp needs for growing

digital deployments

As part of Christie’s commitment to

develop new products that respond

to the cinema industry’s market needs

around the world, Christie developed

a new lamp that is ideal for the

smaller screen with an emphasis on

high performance and greater economy.

Introducing the Christie

Xenolite ® CDXl-16M lamp

With the increasing popularity of the

Christie CP2210 projector, the new

Christie Xenolite ® CDXL-16M lamp was

created for this projector to improve the

total cost of ownership along with lower

cost points, and a much longer warranty.

It delivers the mid- range brightness levels

for the smaller projector, providing 7500

lumens — ideal for medium size screens.

As cinemas focus on becoming “all

digital” and outfit their smaller screens

and auditoriums with digital projection,

there is also a shift to smaller projectors.

The Christie CDXL-16M lamp fills the gap for

the requirements of smaller auditoriums, offering

the most economical solution.

Specifically designed for digital projection, the

Christie CDXL Xenolite ® family of lamps continue

to meet the rigorous requirements of day in and

day out quality and dependability. When selecting

lamps for their digital projectors, among the

key features that exhibitors and installers now

demand in today’s economy are lower operating

costs, energy savings, and longer lamp life. With

a complete range of lamp sizes, Christie lamps

are recognized for offering more light per watt,

higher performance and longevity.

Outstanding reliability.

Standing up over time

CLACO Equipment & Service, located in Salt Lake

City, Utah, was founded in 1980. They have since

grown to service almost all of the Western United

States. CLACO is a specialist in new installations,

upgrades, and maintenance of both projection

booths and auditoriums. They are an important

dealer for Christie.

In a recent interview with Eric Butterworth,

sales manager at CLACO Equipment & Service, he

was asked what he and his customers look for in

selecting lamps. ”There are many reasons why I

select Christie over all others, but there are three

that are extremely important to the exhibitor.

Outstanding reliability, exceptional customer

service and the lowest cost of ownership are

among their utmost concerns. And it’s why I

recommend Christie CDXL lamps.

Butterworth noted that the CDXL lamps were

a very easy sell to one of their larger customers

when they did a side by side comparison with

the same wattage lamp in a Christie CP2220

projector compared to the same wattage lamp

from another lamp and projector manufacturer,

and the difference in light levels sold itself.

Christie is proven to use less energy as I have

had customers keep tracking sheets on wattage

used and foot lamberts being put out by these

lamps. Each time I spec out an auditorium I

usually end up installing a Christie wattage model

less then what is called for, since it is (and I hate

to say it) too bright,”

Christie Managed Services is another big

advantage in doing business with Christie.

Christie Managed Services ensures that a trained

technician, the right parts, and the best warranty

will keep customers running smoothly 365

days a year. Butterworth explained that he

has a customer in Ohio that is contracted

with Christie Managed Services, since CLACO

is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and

could not easily service that location. “With

Christie Managed Services, Christie has a

service engineer based just 10 minutes from

the theater — compared to a 4-hour flight or

a 2-day drive — and along with more than

50 secure field stocking locations across the

country, it was a compelling proposition.”

Butterworth summed up his appreciation of

Christie by adding, “Bottom line Christie offers

the best in products, customer support before and

after the sale, as well as the speed of getting parts

if needed to keep the end user ‘off screen’ in as

little time as possible. That’s why, in my opinion,

they’ve proven to be the leader in the industry.”

Christie lamp customers enjoy 99.999%

reliability and the utmost security. Our lamps

meet or exceed both Academy and DCI standards

to deliver well beyond their warranties. Along

with our acclaimed digital projectors, our lamps

have become a powerful duo that delivers a

’one-two’ punch,” remarks Jim Dukes, Cinema

product manager at Christie.

“Bottom line

Christie offers the

best in products,

customer support

before and after

the sale, as well

as the speed of

getting parts…”

Eric Butterworth

Sales Manager

CLACO Equipment & Service

Christie Managed Services monitors

and maintains exhibitors' growing

base of digital cinema equipment


Christie CP2230: exclusive projector for opening gala

of Shanghai International Film Festival

Story continues from page 10

At SIFF 2011, one of Asia’s

biggest and most influential event

for the film and entertainment

industry, Christie exhibited several

digital cinema projectors, including

the Christie CP2210, through its

partner, ACE International. Making

3D movies release calendar

2011 Distributor(s) Title

Oct 21 Summit The Three Musketeers (2011)

Nov 4 Warner Bros. / New Line A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Nov 4 Paramount / DreamWorks Puss in Boots (2011)

Nov 11 Relativity Media Immortals

Nov 18 Warner Bros. Happy Feet Two

Nov 23 Sony / Columbia Arthur Christmas

Nov 23 Paramount Hugo

Nov 23 Weinstein Company Piranha 3DD

Dec 16 Fox Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked

Dec 23 Paramount The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn


Jan 20 Sony / Screen Gems Underworld Awakening

Jan 27 Warner Bros. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Feb 10 Fox Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (2012 re-issue)

Feb 17 Sony / Columbia Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Mar 2 Paramount Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

Mar 2 Universal Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Mar 9 Disney John Carter

Mar 30 Sony / Columbia The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Mar 30 Warner Bros. Wrath of the Titans

Apr 6 Paramount Titanic (2012 re-issue)

May 25 Sony Men in Black 3

Jun 8 Paramount / DreamWorks Madagascar 3

Jun 8 Fox Prometheus

Jun 15 Warner Bros. Jack the Giant Killer

Jun 22 Fox Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Jun 22 Disney Brave

Jul 13 Fox Ice Age: Continental Drift

Aug 17 Focus ParaNorman

Sep 14 Sony / Screen Gems Resident Evil 5

Sep 21 N/A Dredd

Sep 21 Sony / Columbia Hotel Transylvania

Oct 5 Disney Frankenweenie

Oct 5 Lionsgate The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Oct 26 Weinstein Company Halloween 3D

Nov 2 Disney Wreck-It Ralph

Nov 21 Universal 47 Ronin

Nov 21 Paramount / DreamWorks Rise of The Guardians

Dec 14 Warner Bros. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Dec 21 Fox Life of Pi


Mar 8 Disney Oz: The Great and Powerful

Mar 22 Paramount / DreamWorks The Croods

May 17 Fox Leaf Men

Jun 21 Disney Monsters University

Jul 12 Warner Bros. Pacific Rim

Nov 8 Paramount / DreamWorks Me and My Shadow

Nov 27 Disney Untitled Disney/Pixar Film

Dec 13 Warner Bros. The Hobbit: There And Back


its maiden appearance at SIFF in China is

Christie’s new 4K DLP cinema projector,

the Christie CP4230, one of the newest

additions to the award-winning series of

Christie Solaria digital cinema projectors,

capable of projecting images in 4K

high-definition mode.

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