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Meet Gabby

Gabby is an 18-year-old grade twelve student

who loves to socialize with her friends and use

social media. As a result of her physical challenges

with cerebral palsy, Gabby cannot coordinate the

breath and movements necessary to produce

understandable speech. In order to communicate

with others, she can spell out words, use a variety

of facial expressions to communicate her feelings,

or use a speech generating device (SGD) that

she accesses through two switches mounted

to her wheelchair on either side of her head. With

these switches, Gabby can select icons to say just

about anything she wants through her device. It can

also allow her to write using a combination of her

communication icons and an onscreen keyboard

with word prediction. Like most teens, Gabby has

a social media page and uses email. Her biggest

frustration is that any time she is out of her chair,

she cannot talk, text or type, as she needs her

switches to access her device.

Meet Susie

Susie is a grade eight student who loves animals,

reading and playing on the computer. She

dreams of being a veterinary assistant and is

currently researching ways to achieve that goal.

Susie was born hard of hearing with a progressive

visual impairment. She is fluent in American

Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English and is

developing her written English language skills. She

is also beginning to learn braille. Susie often prefers

to use tools that will enlarge her text materials, a

sign language interpreter for classroom instruction,

an oral/aural approach to one-to-one conversations

with friends and staff in quiet locations, and a tablet

with a 10X zoom lens for visual access to the

environment just outside of her field of sight. She

loves to hang out with her friends and enjoys being

able to make decisions for herself, especially in

social and academic situations.

Meet Nolan

Nolan is an enthusiastic and energetic grade two

student who loves to be active and try new

things. Nolan has a severe visual impairment and is

legally blind. He reads and writes in braille and is

currently learning the new Unified English Braille

code. Nolan is learning to navigate his new laptop

system and has daily touch typing lessons where

he uses speech output to gain access. Nolan is

very independent, and with his white cane in hand,

he travels safely within his school and is learning

more orientation and mobility techniques within

his community. At recess time he can be found

climbing or swinging on playground apparatus with

his sighted peers.

Meet Stacey

Stacey is a grade three student who enjoys ballet,

drumming and painting. She has a profound

bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and uses a

cochlear implant with an FM system for English

Language Arts and Social Studies class. In Science

and Math, Stacey prefers to use sign language

interpreters without amplification devices so

that she can visually see the concepts and

processes in sign language. Stacey has very

strong language skills in written English and

American Sign Language (ASL), with emerging

oral language skills in English. Stacey and her

parents work closely with a number of professionals

who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)

and English. The development of self-advocacy

and self-determination allows Stacey to develop

independence and to pursue a wide range of her

own personal interests and goals.


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