WSCM 8 REPORT - World Symposium on Choral Music

WSCM 8 REPORT - World Symposium on Choral Music

WSCM 8 REPORT - World Symposium on Choral Music


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ong>WSCMong> 8 ong>REPORTong>

The Eighth IFCM ong>Worldong> ong>Symposiumong> on Choral Music (ong>WSCMong> 8) took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, July

19-26 2008. It was arranged by the Danish project organization Choral Denmark in close cooperation with

The International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM). The central venue was the Opera House at the

harbor front where ong>WSCMong> 8 started with an Opening Gala Performance on Saturday July 19, featuring a

series of Danish Choirs plus the theatre group Batida and the Tivoli Boys Guard.

The daily program began every morning at 8.45 with a Warm Up, followed by the Morning Sing, - a 45

minutes' common singing event with new choirs on stage every morning, singing from the ong>Symposiumong> Song

Book together with the delegates in the auditorium. Most of the participants arrived by the special harbor

ferry shuttle from the city to the Opera.

During the day it was possible to attend workshops, master classes and round table discussions, every

morning and afternoon 7 parallel offers, and at lunch time Opera concerts with four new choirs each day.

On Friday July 25 we offered a special late afternoon performance of the Canadian children's opera Ann

and Seamus, sung by Shallaway from Newfoundland.

In the evenings, concerts took place at different venues (churches and concert halls) in the city of


Wednesday July 23 - halfway through the ong>Symposiumong> - was a Tivoli Day with choirs singing all the afternoon

from the open air stages of Tivoli Gardens. The Tivoli Concert Hall hosted three events during this day: a

Songbridge Gala at 14.30, concerts with the vocal ensembles of DR (The Danish Radio Corporation) at

19.30, and a concert with Rhythmic Vocal Music at 21.30.

Final concerts took place in two big churches of Copenhagen. In the Cathedral, Britten's War Requiem was

performed by Danish choirs and the DR Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Schønwandt,

while the Danish choir in residence, Ars Nova Copenhagen, was singing motets by Bach in the Garnisons


The ong>Symposiumong> also had an Expo in one of the ballet rehearsing rooms on the 4 th floor of the Opera where

the participants could visit about 30 publishing companies or music information booths. Choral Denmark

had its own booth, offering a wide range of Danish choral literature, cd's etc.

Choral Music meets its audience

This was the main theme of the ong>Symposiumong>. The ong>WSCMong>8 Artistic Committee formulated it like this:

Today's world seeks to embrace the performing artists. We in the choral world must be creative and

consider how we can make our concerts and programs stimulating to our audiences, and at the same time

maintain a high artistic level. As we constantly strive to perfect our art, we shall at ong>WSCMong> 8 look for new

ways to connect to our listeners through our stage deportment and our joy of singing.

And indeed many of the choirs, work shop holders and composers in residence followed up on this theme,

trying to find new ways of communication between stage and audience.

Our promises

This was what we promised the ong>Symposiumong> participants in the final invitation, which was published in July

2007, one year before ong>WSCMong> 8 took place:

We are proud to present a ong>Symposiumong>, where each Nordic country for the first time will be represented by

choirs, and where 3 choirs from Latin- and South America, 3 from Africa, 5 from the Asian / Pacific region, 3

from North America, and 3 from Europe outside the Nordic region will perform.

We believe that many of the delegates will be interested in knowing more about our Scandinavian choral


Following the Nordic Track, you will experience every day something special from the Nordic region.

Once again, a Songbridge project will be included in a world choral symposium. This has not been the case

since Rotterdam in 1999. In Copenhagen, the Songbridge will include children's and youth choirs from China,

Canada, Hungary and Denmark. Children from different parts of the world singing together is a real peace

creating project!

You will also find inspiration at the ong>Worldong> Choral Expo, featuring music industry exhibits, festivals, agencies


During the ong>Symposiumong> days, you will spend the daytime in the Opera on the island of Holmen, crossing the

harbor by the ong>Symposiumong> shuttle ferry in the morning. Each day will begin with a Warm-Up and an Open

Sing, followed by Workshops, Master Classes and Concerts in the Opera at lunch time. In the late

afternoon, the ferry will take you back to the city and a little rest at your hotel before the evening concerts

start in the old city of Copenhagen. The venues will be churches, museums and other concert rooms, and

you can make your choice from a variety of at least 5 concerts starting at different times. The most eager

delegates may visit 2 or more concerts in the same evening...

Wednesday will be a very special day: Tivoli day! From the early afternoon the famous Tivoli Gardens will

echo with choirs singing from the open air stages, the Songbridge Gala Concert in the afternoon in the big

Tivoli concert hall and two big choir concerts in the evening.

Last, but not least, you will meet colleagues and choral friends from all over the world. Sit down in the glass

foyer with a cup of coffee, or in the sun outside the Opera, create contacts or just have a talk and enjoy the

spectacular harbor view!

The Nordic Track

From the beginning we were very focused on the idea of not only making a special presentation of

Denmark, which was quite natural, but presenting the entire Nordic choral universe, which has been

admired by the rest of the world: the special Nordic sound, the interesting composers, the Nordic leading

position in breaking new ways for the choir performances.

For the first time in the history of IFCM choirs from all Nordic nations were included in the same ong>Worldong>

ong>Symposiumong> program, featuring Iceland for the very first time, and leading Nordic choir specialists were

engaged to hold workshops or master classes or participate in round table discussions. At the end we had 3

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 2

Swedish choirs, 2 from Finland, 3 from Norway, 1 from Iceland and from Denmark Ars Nova Copenhagen as

choir of residence. 13 other Danish choirs were presented during ong>WSCMong> 8 (see list below).

New compositions were commissioned from all Nordic countries.

In the printed program the Nordic track was marked with the logo of Nordisk Kulturfond (The Nordic

Cultural Foundation) who supported this part of the ong>Symposiumong> program.

Commissioned works

The following works were commissioned and world premiered during the ong>Worldong> ong>Symposiumong>:

Karin Rehnqvist (Sweden): Der Herr ist mein Hirte.

Treble voices a cappella. Text: Ps.23, 14.

Adolf Fredriks Flickkör, Sweden. Conductor: Bo Johansson.

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (Finland): Face The Music.

Mixed choir a cappella. Text: John Dryden, William Shakespeare.

EMO, Finland. Conductor: Pasi Hyökki.

Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson (Iceland): Psalmus CL. Text: Ps.150

Hamrahlíðarkórinn, Iceland. Conductor: Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir.

Sunleif Rasmussen (Faroe Islands): Regin der Schmied.

Mixed choir, trombone and percussion. Text: From the Middle Ages.

Mogens Dahl Kammerkor, Denmark. Conductor: Mogens Dahl.

Trombone: Jesper Juhl Sørensen. Percussion: Mathias Reumert.

Vytautas Miskinis (Lithuania): Light Mass.

Mixed choir, jazz trio and additional piano. Text: Ordinarium Missae.

Conspirare, USA. Conductor: Craig Hella Johnson.

Pianos: Faith DeBow and Kristian Marcussen. Bass: Graig Earle. Drums: Kristoffer Juel Pedersen.

Butch Lacy (Denmark): Wo-de-O.

Mixed choir a cappella. Text: Butch Lacy.

Schola Cantorum Coralina la Habana, Cuba. Conductor: Alina Orraca Llama.

John Høybye (Denmark): The Magic Paint Brush.

Mixed choir a cappella. Text: Edward Broadbridge

Schola Cantorum, Norway. Conductor: John Høybye.

Per Skriver (Denmark): Duet.

Text: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Taipei Chamber Singers. Conductor: Yung-Hung Chen.

Michael Bojesen (Denmark): Plant a Tree.

Equal voices and flügelhorn. Text: Lisa Freeman, inspired by a poem by Piet Hein.

DR National Girls Choir, Denmark. Conductor: Michael Bojesen.

Flügelhorn: Palle Mikkelborg.

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 3

Jakob Lorentzen (Denmark): L'enfant mourant.

Equal voices, harp and triangle. Text: H.C.Andersen / Bent Deegen

Voci Nobili, Norway. Conductor: Maria Gamborg Helbekkmo.

Harp: Tine Rehling.

Peter Bruun (Denmark): Peace.

Male choir a cappella. Text: W. Owen, Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Svanholm Singers, Sweden. Conductor: Sofia Söderberg-Eberhard.


The ong>WSCMong> 8 Artistic Committee decided at an early stage of the planning to have a Songbridge. Since the

ong>Worldong> ong>Symposiumong> in Rotterdam 1999 no Songbridge had been connected to a ong>Worldong> ong>Symposiumong>. The idea

of the Songbridge Project, created by the Finnish conductor Erkki Pohjola, is to bring 3 or 4 children's choirs

from different parts of the world together. Each choir brings its own music including a commissioned

composition which partly includes the other children's choirs. In a Songbridge Camp all the choirs meet and

work together some days before presenting the result in a Songbridge Gala Concert.

The following choirs were selected by the International Songbridge Committee and the ong>WSCMong> 8 Artistic

Committee as participants in the Songbridge Camp and ong>WSCMong> 8:

Shenzhen Middle School Choir, China. Conductor: Mei Liu.

Magnificat Childrens Choir, Hungary. Conductor: Valéria Szebellédi.

Shallaway, Canada. Conductor: Susan Knight.

National Church Choir, Denmark. Conductor: Ole Faurschou.

Songbridge Artistic Director: Kari Ala-Pöllänen (Finland), assisted by Sanna Valvanne (Finland).

The Songbridge Camp took place in the city of Holstebro, Denmark, and was arranged and hosted by FUK,

The National Organisation of Children's and Youth Choirs in the Church of Denmark. After the Camp the

choirs went to Copenhagen and performed the Songbridge Gala in the Tivoli Concert Hall July 23.


Totally, ong>WSCMong> had 1.160 delegates including workshop holders, board members and guests from 70

countries. The following countries and number of delegates were represented, - please notice that the list

does not include participating choirs and their leaders:


Algeria 1

Burundi 1

Cameroon 1

Congo 1

Egypt 1

Ghana 2

Kenya 2

Mozambique 2

Namibia 1

Nigeria 1

South Africa 28

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 4

Zimbabwe 1

10 countries 42 delegates


Armenia 1

China 17

Hong Kong 2

Japan 86

Kazakhstan 2

Malaysia 4

Philippines 1

Singapore 14

South Korea 28

Taiwan 18

Thailand 3

11 countries 176 delegates

EUROPE excluding the Nordic Countries

Austria 26

Belgium 15

Bulgaria 2

Croatia 2

Estonia 29

France 39

Germany 63

Greece 9

Holland (The Netherlands) 13

Hungary 5

Ireland 6

Italy 10

Latvia 3

Lithuania 5

Luxembourg 1

Poland 2

Portugal 2

Romania 1

Russia 2

Serbia 1

Slovenia 19

Spain 9

Switzerland 9

Turkey 4

United Kingdom 21

25 countries 298 delegates

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 5

plus 6 Nordic countries with 272 delegates, total for Europe 567 delegates


Argentina 14

Brazil 8

Chile 1

Colombia 2

Costa Rica 1

Cuba 1

French Guyana 2

Mexico 2

Paraguay 1

Puerto Rico 2

Venezuela 7

11 countries 41 delegates


Israel 17

Lebanon 1

2 countries 18 delegates


Denmark 102

Faroe Islands 1

Finland 34

Iceland 8

Norway 47

Sweden 80

6 countries 272 delegates


Canada 49

USA 207

2 countries 256 delegates


Australia 42

Indonesia 1

New Zealand 14

3 countries 57 delegates

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 6


The list of participating choirs include the following:


Conspirare (USA), cond. Craig Hella Johnson

Musica Intima (Canada) (no conductor)

Shallaway (Canada), cond. Susan Knight


Coro Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba (Brazil), cond. Helma Haller.

Schola Cantorum Coralina La Habana (Cuba), cond. Alina Orraca Llama.

Coro Universitario de Mendoza (Argentina), cond. Silvana Vallesi.


MCC Mwamba (Uganda), cond. Jemimah K. Nsanga

University of Johannesburg Choir (South Africa), cond. Renette Bouwer and Sidumo Jacobs.

Winneba Youth Choir (Ghana), cond. John Francis Arthur Yamoah.


Anyang Civic Chorale (South Korea), dir. Sang-Kil Lee.

Indonesian Youth Cordana Choir (Indonesia), cond. Aida Swenson.

Key Cygnetures (New Zealand), cond. Elise Bradley and Karen Grylls.

Shen Zhen Middle School Choir (China), cond. Mei Liu.

Taipei Chamber Singers (Taiwan), cond. Yun-Hung Chen.


Calicantus (Swiss), cond. Mario Fontana.

Jauniesu Koris KAMER (Latvia), cond. Maris Sirmais.

Mikrokosmos (France), cond. Loïc Pierre.

Rundfunkchor Berlin (Germany), cond. Simon Halsey and Stefan Parkman.

Romanian Radio Children's Choir (Romania), cond. Voicu Popescu.


Denmark (13)

Ars Nova Copenhagen, cond. Paul Hillier.

Camerata (Copenhagen Chamber Choir), cond. Michael Bojesen.

Chamberchoir HYMNIA, cond. Fleming Windekilde.

Copenhagen Girls Choir SAG, cond. Claus Vestergaard Jensen.

Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, cond. Ebbe Munk.

Danish National Girls Choir DR (Radiopigekoret), cond. Michael Bojesen.

Danish National Vocal Ensemble DR, cond. Stephen Layton.

Mogens Dahl Kammerkor, cond. Mogens Dahl.

National Church Choir (FUK), cond. Ole Faurschou.

Touché, cond. Jesper Holm.

University Choir Lille MUKO, cond. Jesper Grove Jørgensen.

Vocal Line, cond. Jens Johansen.

VoxNorth, cond. Jim Daus Hjernøe.

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 7

Finland (2)

EMO, cond. Pasi Hyökki.

Rajaton (no conductor.

Iceland (1)

Hamrahlíðarkórinn (Hamrahlid Choir), cond. Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir.

Norway (3)

Schola Cantorum Oslo, cond. Tone Bianca Dahl.

Voci Nobili, cond. Maria Gamborg Helbekkmo.

Vokal Nord, dir. Ragnar Rasmussen.

Sweden (3)

Adolf Fredriks Flickkör, cond. Bo Johansson.

Lunds Studentsångförening, cond. Thomas Caplin.

Svanholm Singers, cond. Sofia Söderberg-Eberhard

Morning Sing

Every morning choirs from different parts of the world presented music from their own region on stage,

singing it from the ong>Symposiumong> Songbook together with the delegates in the auditorium. The music - mostly

excerpts from compositions - was printed with generous permissions from editors all over the world. The

following choirs and conductors took part in the Morning Sing sessions:


Danish repertoire.

Danish choir singers and volunteers conducted by Michael Bojesen, John Høybye, Jesper Grove Jørgensen

and Steen Lindholm.


Iceland and Sweden.

Hamrahlíðarkórinn (Hamrahlid Choir), cond. Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir, and Adolf Fredriks Flickkör, cond. Bo



Asian repertoire.

Anyang Civic Chorale (South Korea), dir. Sang-Kil Lee, and Taipei Chamber Singers (Taiwan), cond. Yun-Hung



Latin American repertoire.

Schola Cantorum Coralina La Habana (Cuba), cond. Alina Orraca Llama, and Coro Universitario de Mendoza

(Argentina), cond. Silvana Vallesi.


Norway and Finland.

Vokal Nord, dir. Ragnar Rasmussen, and EMO, cond. Pasi Hyökki.

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 8


North American repertoire.

Anton Armstrong and Conspirare.


ong>WSCMong> 8 offered a total of 60 workshops on 34 different themes related to choral music:

1. Meet Iceland / Hamrahlíðarkórinn (Hamrahlid Choir), cond. Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir, and the composer

Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson.

2. The Acoustic Phenomenon of Choral Singing / Harald Jers (Germany).

3. Body Percussion and the Voice / Keith Terry (USA).

4. Solfége with Children / Wilma ten Wolde (The Netherlands). This workshop was cancelled due to illness.

5. Communication between Choir and Conductor / Tone Bianca Dahl (Norway).

6. How to get the Media interested in Choral Music / Benjamin K. Roe (USA).

7. A Taste of New Zealand / Key Cygnetures, cond. Elise Bradley and Karen Grylls.

8. Improving Choral Blend / Sigrid Johnson (USA).

9. Body Work for Children / Wilma ten Wolde (The Netherlands). This workshop was cancelled due to


10. Boys singing Buxtehude / Royal Chapel Choir cond. Ebbe Munk (Denmark).

11. Meet the Composer / Eric Whitacre (USA).

12. Good, reasonable Choral Writing / John Høybye (Denmark).

13. Repertoire and Conducting / Naomi Faran (Israel).

14. The Musica Project / Jean Sturm (France).

15. Vocal Rhythmic Music. Three different Approaches / Touché, cond. Jesper Holm, Vocal Line, cond. Jens

Johansen, and VoxNorth, cond. Jim Daus Hjernøe (Denmark).

16. Rhythms of the Earth: African / Winneba Choir (Ghana).

17. Improvising with Gunnar / Gunnar Eriksson (Sweden).

18. A Taste of Balkan's Choral Temperament / Branko Stark (Croatia).

19. Exploring the Sound of Nordic Folk Music / Susanne Rosenberg (Sweden). Due to illness Ms. Rosenberg

was substituted by Åsa Grågarn Sol (Sweden).

20. Meet Finland / EMO, cond. Pasi Hyökki, and the composer Jaakko Mäntyjärvi.

21. From the ugly Voice to the classically trained Voice / Svend Prytz (Denmark).

22. A Taste of Indonesia / Indonesian Youth Choir Cordana, cond. Aida Swenson.

23. Sing'n move...Let us groove / Sanna Valvanne (Finland) and Cristian Grases (Venezuela).

24. Movement and Expression / Ana Yepes (Spain).

25. African Inspiration / Adrien Ntabona (Burundi).

26. An exciting Choir Project / Maris Sirmaïs and Jauniesu Koris KAMER (Latvia).

27. How to build a Choral School / Michael Bojesen (Denmark).

28. Renaissance of the German Volkslied / Volker Hempfling (Germany).

29. Meet Sweden / Adolf Fredriks Flickkör, cond. Bo Johansson, and the composer Karin Rehnqvist.

30. Interpreting the Afro-American Spiritual / Anton Armstrong (USA).

31. Rhythms of the Earth: Caribbean and Latin-American / Freddy Lafont Mena (Cuba).

32. Choral Movement on Renaissance and Baroque Dance / Ana Yepes (Spain).

33. Finding Performance Energy through Rhythm / Bob Chilcott (United Kingdom).

34. Meet Norway / Vokal Nord, cond. Ragnar Rasmussen.

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 9

Master Classes

4 Master Classes were offered, 2 for conductors of mixed choirs and 2 for conductors of children's choirs.

1. Master Class Erwin Ortner (Austria): From Haydn to Webern. Music from Vienna. Choir: Ars Nova


Haydn: Die Beredsamkeit

Schubert: Chor der Engel

Brahms: Nachtwache 1-2

Schoenberg: De profundis

Webern: Entflieht auf leichten Kähnen.

2. Master Class Simon Halsey (United Kingdom): Contemporary Choral Music. Choir: Ars Nova


Thomas Adès: The Fairfax Carol

James Macmillan: Tenebrae Responsories

Tarik O'Reagan: Tu, Trinitatis Unitas

Eric Whitacre: When David heard

Julian Anderson: Beautiful Valley of Eden

3. Master Class Bo Johansson (Sweden). Children's choir. Choir: Adolf Fredriks Flickkör.

Lajos Bárdos: Magos a rutafa

Javier Busto: Salve Regina

Egil Hovland: O come let us sing

André Caplet: Sanctus

Pekka Kostiainen: Jaakobin pojaat

Gustav Holst: Ave Maria

Samuel Barber: To be sung on the Water

Arne Mellnäs: Aglepta

Francis Poulenc: Petit voix

4. Master Class Zimfira Poloz (Kazhakstan / Canada). Children's choir. Choir: National Church Choir (FUK).

Lyn Williams: Festive Alleluia

Eleanor Daley: O my dear heart

Eleanor Daley: Rise up, my love

Borodin: Polovtsian Dances

arr. Stephen Hatfield: O sapo

Round Tables

The ong>WSCMong> 8 program included 5 Round Tables:

1. Choir Music as a Tool of Social Integration. Chair: Maria Guinand (Venezuela).

2. Composer's Round Table. Chair: Steen Lindholm (Denmark).

3. Exploring Choral Sound in Ancient Sacred Music. Chair: Jonathan Velasco (Philippines).

4. The Business of Choral Singing. Chair: Philip Brunelle (USA).

5. Creative and Innovative Programs. Chair: Jakob Lorentzen (Denmark).

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 10

Choral Expo

The Choral Expo 2008 during ong>WSCMong> 8 had 28 booths, each booth covering 9 m2. Originally the plan was to

create the best and biggest symposium exposition ever on one of the big back stages of the Opera.

However, an opera house is no exhibition building, and we had to realize that it was anything but simple to

establish the necessary facilities. After many considerations our conclusion was that no exhibitor would be

willing to pay the renting fees which would be the consequence of carrying out our original plan, and

ong>WSCMong> 8 itself had no possibility to act as a sponsor of the Choral Expo. On the contrary, the ong>Symposiumong>

budget was foreseeing a nice profit from the expo, and we had to realize that this was not possible given

the conditions. In order to land somewhere near break-even a change of plans was necessary, so we

decided to move the expo to the biggest of the ballet rehearsal halls. This meant less costs, but

unfortunately also a smaller number of booths.

To minimize the economic risk for ong>WSCMong> 8, the Choral Expo was contracted out to the two companies

Produktionskontoret and Art Attack, who ran it as a joint venture. When the first announcement of the

expo was made, the interest from music publishers, companies, organizations and institutions was not very

impressive, but after a reduction of the renting fees for the booths the interest rose remarkably. At the

end the number of booths might have been doubled, but due to the already mentioned establishing costs

this would only have led to a big deficit in the final accounts, and at this point it was not possible anyway to

find an additional room.

In general the exhibitors seemed to be very satisfied. The Choral Expo had many visitors, many items were

sold out, and several exhibitors had to require extra products during ong>WSCMong> 8.

St. Olaf's College

Helbling Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Alfred Publishing Co (UK) Ltd

Gehrmans Musikförlag

Canada Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals

Bo Ejeby Förlag

Cantando Musikkforlag A/S

Wesmanss Musikforlag

Distinguished Concerts Intl

Music Information Center Finland

Editions A Coeur Joie

Annie Bank Edition

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 11

The ballet rehearsal hall on the 4 th floor of the Opera was a nice,

light and friendly venue for the expo. However, the dancing floor

had to be protected, which was a challenge for an exhibition with

many booths and about 1.000 visitors per day. To solve this

problem the Danish carpet manufacturer Ege Tæpper was

approached, and the company helped the Choral Expo immensely

by sponsoring a specially designed ong>WSCMong> 8 carpet (see photo). The

carpet also became a gimmick, as the score of the Danish

composer Niels W. Gade's Morning Song was included in the

design, combined with the ong>WSCMong> 8 logo.

The exhibitors at the Choral Expo were the following companies or


Carus Verlag

Oxford University Press

Festival 500

Mondial Choral Loto-Québec

Norsk korforbund

Singers Of United Lands

Europa Cantat

Peters edition

Small ong>Worldong> Musicfolder

Music Sales Group

Choral Denmark



All concerts in the Opera, the three concerts in the Tivoli Concert Hall plus the Final Concert in the

Copenhagen Cathedral were recorded by DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation). 13 evening concerts (each

with 2 performing choirs) were recorded by the German company AVA in partnership with DR. CDs were

sold by AVA in the Opera foyer each following day.

During ong>WSCMong>8 DR offered the following programs on our national radio channel P2:

Sunday, July 20 20.00-21.00: Concert recordings and reportage.

Monday, July 21 19.15-20.00: Concert recordings and reportage.

Tuesday, July 22 19.15-20.00: Concert recordings and reportage.

Wednesday, July 23 19.00-23.00: Direct transmission from Tivoli concerts.

Thursday, July 24 19.15-20.00: Concert recordings and reportage.

Friday, July 25 19.15-20.00: Concert recordings and reportage.

Saturday, July 26 20.00-22.00: Direct transmission from Final Concert plus interviews from the Cathedral.

Another DR channel, P4, also broadcast informations on ong>WSCMong> 8.

In the fall of 2008 further recordings were broadcast on P2.

European radio stations have been offered the concert recordings from the Opera, and until now DR has

received 85 requests from 7 radio stations. Radio journalists from USA and Canada received copies of

recordings to be used for programs in their countries.

TV, Video

There were no Danish TV recordings, but TV teams from Finland, China and Japan visited the ong>Symposiumong>

and made recordings.


Journalists from USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden were present during the ong>Symposiumong>.

Articles about the ong>Symposiumong> were printed in many journals on choral music all over the world. IFCM's own

Choral Bulletin brought an article in each edition during the last 1½ years up to the ong>Symposiumong>, and ACDA's

Choral Journal, the Europa Cantat Magazine and the Japanese Choral Organization all brought articles

about ong>WSCMong> 8, just to mention some of the most important ones.

In Denmark, we had an article in the newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad before the ong>Symposiumong> started, plus

some smaller notices. During the ong>Symposiumong> ong>WSCMong> 8 was described in a big reportage in the newspaper

Weekendavisen. In August the same newspaper brought another long article about ong>WSCMong> 8. Several

Musical Journals, among them the Danish conductors' journal (Kapelmesteren), the Organists' journal

(Organist Bladet) and the journal for Danish Amateur Choral Federation/Danish Amateur Orchestra

Federation (DAM Magasinet) featured articles on the event.


303.861 persons have contacted the ong>Symposiumong> homepage (hits), and total of 16.796 visitors were


ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 12

Direct presentations

The ong>WSCMong> 8 project was a. o. presented at the following international meetings and festivals:

ong>WSCMong> 7 in Kyoto, Japan

IFCM General Assembly in Kyoto, Japan

Europa Cantat General Assembly in Lyon, France

ACDA National Convention in Miami, USA

The ong>Worldong> Choral Games in Xiamen, China

The Chorus America Convention in USA

Europa Cantat in Mainz

The International Choir Festival of Trelew, Argentina

The International Choir Festival of Magarita Island, Venezuela

America Cantat in Habana, Cuba

Meeting of Nordisk Korforum and SAMNAM, Oslo

Meeting of Finlands Svenska Sång- och Musikförbund i Ekenäs, Finland

The ABCD Choral Directors Convention in Newcastle, United Kingdom

Meeting of Greenlandic conductors in Nuuk, Greenland

Meeting of Körsam, Sweden

Europa Cantat General Assembly in Utrecht, Holland

SAMNAM General Assembly in Göteborg, Sweden


After the ong>Symposiumong> Choral Denmark has received many positive evaluations in words, mails and printed

articles. They are still arriving, and we take the liberty of printing a few examples:

Die ganze Welt der Chormusik: viele Anregungen für die Praxis und ein Konzertmarathon...

(Neue Chorzeit, Germany)

... I have participated in several ong>Worldong> ong>Symposiumong>s on Choral Music, in Sydney, Minneapolis, Rotterdam,

Kyoto and Copenhagen. All were interesting for me as a choir conductor, but the ong>Symposiumong> in Copenhagen

gave the strongest impression of them all...

(Ingemar Månsson, Swedish conductor, in "Körledaren", journal of Swedish choir conductors).

All of us at Conspirare had a truly grand time being a part of your wonderfully conceived and planned

ong>Symposiumong>. It was an extraordinarily special honor for us to be a part of this very special gathering and I

thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did to make it such a meaningful and glorious


(Craig Hella Johnson, conductor of the chamber choir Conspirare, USA).

Our contact with choral groups of the highest level made us reflect on new ways of how to present ourselves

in front of the audience...

(Voicu Popescu, conductor of the Romanian Radio Children's and Youth Choir).

Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for realizing such a wonderful symposium. We thoroughly

enjoyed the concerts and workshops, and of course, the well thought-out Gala Concert performance.

(Saeko Hasegawa (Japan), IFCM Vice President).

Congratulations for this marvelous and well organized ong>Symposiumong> in Copenhagen!

(Noël Minet, former President of Europa Cantat)

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 13

Not only has it helped New Zealand choral music as a whole, but the students who participated gained

wonderful experiences in music and culture. These students cannot speak highly enough of their wonderful

experiences in your beautiful city...

(Moira Clarke, Key Cygnetures, New Zealand).

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the successful Songbridge in Holstebro and

Copenhagen. To make it a success artistically and to create the real spirit we needed to have all the little

pieces in this great puzzle in right places. We did it - all together!

(Kari Ala-Pöllänen (Finland), Artistic Director of the Songbridge project).

We think this Simposio was simply EXCELLENT and went beyond our expectations...

The ong>Worldong> Choral family will always remember Copenhagen, the beautiful city, the wonderful and warm

friends, the unique Opera House, the boats, the churches, but especially the choirs, the music, the family and

the enthusiasm and love of the Danish Choral Family...

(Maria Guinand (Venezuela), IFCM Vice President and member of the ong>WSCMong> 8 Artistic Committee).

From what I could see and hear, both the artistic and the organizational factors of this event were of the

highest standard... Copenhagen has now entered choral history with a remarkable ong>WSCMong>...

(Jeroen Schrijner (The Netherlands), President of Europa Cantat ).

Sponsors and partners

ong>WSCMong> 8 was sponsored by a large number of institutions, foundations and companies:

Dronning Margrethe og Prins Henriks Fond

Kong Frederik og Dronning Ingrids Fond

Kong Christian den Tiendes Fond


Kunstrådets musikfaglige udvalg

Nordisk Kulturfond

CKU Center for Kultur og Udvikling

A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal


Augustinus Fonden

Knud Højgaards Fond

Oticon Fonden


Erda og Christian Schrøders Fond

Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni's Gavefond

The Sydney Choral Foundation

Wonderful Copenhagen

Star Alliance

Dansk Kor Forbund

DAKU (Dansk Amatørkor Union)

Dansk Kapelmesterforening

Dansk Komponist Forenings Produktionspulje (Danish Composers' Society / KODA's Fund for Social and

Cultural Purposes)

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 14


Dansk Musikforlæggerforening

Ege Tæpper

The following institutions / co-operating partners also gave us valuable support:

Det Kgl. Teater / Operaen



Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium

Holstebro Kommune

OrkesterEfterskolen, Holstebro

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium


Administration - Groups - Volunteers

Head of ong>WSCMong> 8: Steen Lindholm, Executive Director.

Assistant Director: Thomas Kiørbye.

Choral Denmark Board:

Ejvind Callesen (President), Tom Møller Pedersen, Jesper Grove Jørgensen.

ong>WSCMong> 8 Leaders' Group:

Steen Lindholm, Thomas Kiørbye, Ejvind Callesen, Tom Møller Pedersen, Jesper Grove Jørgensen, Lars-Ole


Administration Group:

Leaders' Group plus the following persons: Leif Glud Holm, Mogens Halken, Søren Nors Nielsen, Kaare

Christiansen, Edna Rasmussen, Marianne Grønholdt, Poul Emborg.

Assistants: Anne Lisbeth Willerup and Sigríður J. Pétursdóttir.

Executive Committee:

Ejvind Callesen, Choral Denmark

Tom Møller Pedersen, Choral Denmark

Martin Bender, Wonderful Copenhagen

Jean-Claude Wilkens, IFCM

Dolf Rabus, IFCM

Artistic Committee:

Philip Brunelle, USA

Maria Guinand, Venezuela

Volker Hempfling, Germany

John Høybye, Denmark

Jesper Grove Jørgensen, Denmark

Steen Lindholm, Denmark

Jonathan Velasco, Philippines

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 15

Danish Advisory Music Committee:

Pia Boysen

Mogens Dahl

Niels Græsholm

Bent Grønholdt

Jesper Holm

John Høybye

Helle Høyer Mogensen

Jesper Grove Jørgensen

Steen Lindholm

Editorial Team:

Leif Glud Holm

Thomas Kiørbye

Steen Lindholm


Anne Ørbæk Jensen

Bent Mortensen

Anne Lisbeth Willerup

Expo Group:

Ejvind Callesen

Mette Haslund

Lars-Ole Hedegaard

Bodil Høgh

Bent Påske

Organizing the Volunteers:

Tom Møller Pedersen

Kaare Christiansen

Marianne Grønholdt

Søren Nors Nielsen

Edna Rasmussen

Opera Group:

Ejvind Callesen

Kaare Christiansen

Poul Emborg

Mogens Halken

City Concerts Group:

Jesper Grove Jørgensen

Erik Hildebrandt Nielsen

Jesper Holm

Klaus Lyngbye

Keld Mønniche


Bent Grønholdt

Dolf Rabus

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 16


Helle Christiansen

Communication and Press:

Thomas Kiørbye

Social Arrangements:

Claus Hanke

Tour Group:

Bente Hanke

Svend Mortensen

Songbridge Group:

Inge Marie Andersen

Gitte Preussler

Kari Ala-Pöllänen

Sanna Valvanne

Congress Organizer:

ICS A/S (International Conference Services)

Economy and some conclusions

When the budget for ong>WSCMong> 8 was planned in 2005, the balance was about 11 million DKK (around 1.47

million €) based on at least 1.600 paying participants. The last revised budget for ong>WSCMong> 8 in 2008 was

around 9.9 million DKK (c. 1.32 million €) based on 1.300 paying participants.

The final accounts show an income of 7.514.981 DKK (c. 1.001.998 €) and expenses of 7.900.452 (c.

1.053.394 €). Thus the final result is a deficit of 385.471 DKK (c. 51.396 €), which is covered by guarantees

and by the Choral Denmark organizations.

The main reason for the deficit was the number of paying participants. ong>WSCMong> 8 finally had 1.160

participants which we considered quite satisfactory given the conditions. Just 150 participants more, each

paying on the average 400 € as registration fee, would have turned the deficit into a small profit.

Looking at the participation Africa and Latin America were probably better represented than ever at a

world symposium, and we also had a nice representation from Asia and South Pacific, some of these

participants having to travel far and pay much money for their transportation. Even if the number of

participants from North America and Europe including Scandinavia is not bad, we had expected more, but it

is obvious that the expensive hotel rooms and living costs in Copenhagen combined with the low exchange

rate of the US dollar at the end turned out to be prohibitive for many interested choir people.

ong>WSCMong> 8 Report page 17

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