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Tire Recycling Equipment Solutions for Profit & Planet

As the worlds leading manufacturer of scrap tire processing systems,

CM offers a variety of rugged, turnkey recycling solutions to meet the

growing demand for high quality TDA/TDF, crumb rubber and steel


CM Shredders are the best built highest volume and lowest

maintenance systems on the market today. The CM patented knife

design insures the cleanest cut tire chip in the industry providing

consistent sized tire derived fuel chips as an alternative fuel solution for

a number of industries including; cement, steel, paper and pulp and

power plants. CM provides such solutions to many of the world’s leading

manufacturing companies today.

CM also designs and builds value added processing systems that

separates tire wire from the rubber providing multiple resale markets

for processors. These systems include the CM2R and 4R Liberator and

Zero Waste Processing Systems which generate 99.9% wire free crumb

rubber feedstock and 97%+ clean steel ready for resale.

CM has been manufacturing tire recycling systems for more than 30

years and designs and builds systems specifically for recycling scrap

tires and only tires.

CM has equipment installations around the world spanning 26

countries and five continents.



Nitralife will be displaying a range of Nitrogen Generator units for:

1. Mining - Earthmover tyres

2. Transport - Truck tyres

3. Tyre Shops - Car tyres

4. Petrol Station “Forecourt - tyre top-up units.

Rubber Global Supplies is the official dealer

of Dobermann® products with head office

and central warehouse in Rome, Italy.

Products are manufactured by our parent

company Covencaucho Industrias based in Venezuela.

Back in the ‘50s, our founding father Don Ferdinando De Filippo had a

great vision: to create a service company in the field of transportation,

capable of generating jobs, and based upon the principles of

development, technical research and offer of innovative commercial


With over 60 years of experience in tires sales and retreading we are

able to offer goods with high performance and excellent reliability.

Our efficient production structure, as well as our solid sales network,

allow us to promptly meet the needs of our partners, with a focus on

continuous improvement in quality and performance.

Dobermann® products line:

- Butyl Inner Tubes and Flaps

- Rubber Compounds for Truck, OTR and Agriculture.

- Inner Envelops

- Outer Envelopes (“Inner+Outer” process; Rim “ARC” System

process; “Rim+Flange+Curing Tube” process)

- Curing Tubes for Mold and Pre-cured Process.

- Rubber Rings for Rim “ARC” System

- Solid Tyres

- Retreads

- Retreading supplies

Looking forward to seeing you at stand no. C09



Also new to the Nitralife range are complete

Tyre inflation plants housed in a Container meant

for remote Mines and also Mobile units on

trailers for mining contractors.

Nitralife is still partnering the PARKER

HANNIFIN company in the development of the

nitrogen inflation of tyres.


HANKSUGI manufacture truck radial tires, steel rims, steel wheels, forged

aluminum wheels and the latest product the semitrailers for commercial vehicles

and construction industry.

The Company can ship assembled tires and wheels jointly with semitrailers

anywhere in the world, providing a huge advantage for customers in freight cost

and in the quality of the Hanksugi brand and offering an all in one solution.

Hanksugi products have the following certifications DOT (USA), NOM (MEXICO),

EMARK and NOISE (EUROPE), TUV (EUROPE), and also the Company’s products

are under ISO 9001.

The tires patterns are perfectly design for different roads and weather

conditions giving and excellent performance per mile usage at a low price.

The Company’s tires are manufactured with the latest ecofriendly technology

that protect the environment and safe fuel for your vehicle.



Exciting new products for the Tyre industry will be

on show at this year’s Tyrexpo. You can look

forward to seeing our Earthmover repair systems

and other specialised equipment in action on the

Chemvulc stand. This year we will be unveiling

some innovative new products that are sure to add

value to an already dynamic and ever-changing tyre

industry. In addition to our earthmover tyre

products, the range of MAE curing tubes and

envelopes and Pincott buffing hubs and blades will also be on display – both are the

world’s leading products for retreading and definitely worth checking out if you are in

the retreading industry. Come visit us to collect a catalogue and other useful product

information. If you have a passion for tyres, we look forward to meeting you, learning

more about your business and being of service to you in the future!


ESCO is proud to be demonstrating its range of heavy duty tyre products at this

year’s expo. Live demonstrations of the earthmover bead breakers will be done by

ESCO representatives who are ready to meet you and answer all your technical

questions regarding OTR tyre mounting and demounting. Collect an ESCO catalogue

and see what hydraulic equipment is available for your application, from truck and

agricultural tyres to specialised equipment for super giant earthmover tyres. Other

exciting product information will also be available on a range of products for the tyre

industry. Also on display is the ESCO range of high tonnage jacks, specially designed

for use on heavy duty mining equipment. ESCO equipment makes changing OTR

tyres quick, efficient and safe. If you are in the Earthmover tyre business or work in

mining, this is a product range you cannot afford to miss. The ESCO team looks

forward to meeting you!


Over the last 40 years,

Stamford Tyres has expanded

into the region’s largest

independent tyre and wheel

distributor. Its dominating

presence in Asia comprises of

numerous Stamford Mega

Marts; one-stop automotive

hubs that sell just about

anything related to cars.

Since then, Stamford Tyres has strengthened its development capabilities

to grow its distribution and proprietary brands in international markets –

Sumo Firenza, and SSW wheels. Expanding into a publicly listed corporation

and an international tyre and wheel supply and service provider, providing

a complete range of wheels and tyres with supporting services in more

than 30 countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.

Sumo Firenza, a premium budget range of high-performance radial tyres.

Manufactured by utilising the very latest in tyre research and technology.

Sumo Tire, which is manufactured according to TRA standards and is well

distributed around the world.

Falken is manufactured by leading Japanese designer and manufacturer

of tyres. The Falken range has tyres for high-performance cars, passenger

cars, SUVs and truck radials. Falken continually introduces new and exciting

products as part of its R&D program.

SSW is Stamford Tyres proprietary brand of alloy wheels that offer

exciting style, looks and road performance tailored for passenger cars and

SUVs. Our wheels are made in our own plant in Thailand in accordance

with internationally recognized quality and safety standards.

At Tyrexpo Africa 2012, Stamford Tyres will showcase whole new ranges

of high performance tyres. Stay tuned for the new following tyre models:-

• Sumo Firenza All Terrain SUV range – AT186.

• Sumo Firenza Highway Terrain SUV range – HT183

• Sumo Firenza Highway Terrain High Performance SUV 20” tyre – ST185

• Sumo Firenza Winter Tyre (Stud-able) – NU ICE XT01

• Sumo Firenza Winter Tyre (Stud- less) – NU ICE NTS01

• Falken New Flagship High Performance Tyre – FK453



LTD, importers, exporters & wholesalers, being

a Johannesburg based company, was founded.

Starting off by distributing High Quality Tyres,

brands including “MRF” from India, “EFFIPLUS”,

“BCT” & “AUTOGUARD” from China & In 2007

introduced Excellent Quality, Steel & Alloy

wheels. “IVD STEEL” ranging from 13”-16” in

pro-white aswell as assorted chrome designs,

concentrating on the trailer, taxi , 4x4 & 4x2

markets. “IVD DESIGN” & “HRS” Alloy wheels

are for Passenger & 4x4 vehicles, including BMW, Merc, VW & AUDI. The initial

warehouse capacity was 300 sqm, but now a 1000 sqm. It might seem small, but we

are growing year by year & mainly distribute within Gauteng & surrounding provinces,.

Our Clientele is increasing & we still welcome sole distributors country wide aswell as

sub-distributors for certain regions.




Deestone has driven over two

decades of remarkable growth. As

a company 100% owned by a

group of Thai industrialists,

Deestone limited was established

in Thailand to produce and supply

vehicles tires, tubes and

specialized tires with the

international quality and standard

for all market segments.

Deestone has diversified its tire

business into Radial tire, Bias tires

(truck tire, agricultural tire,

industrial tires etc.), Bicycles tires,

Scooter tires, motorcycle tires and

inner tube for export. Current, over

50% of Deestone Group products have been destined for export to

various target markets worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.deestone.com











Exotic Wheel & Tyre has been at the forefront of tyre distribution in

Southern Africa from 1994. We currently distribute Silverstone, Accelera,

Kenda and Sonar tyres.

Exotic Wheel & Tyre is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in Southern

Africa and enjoys a highly successful distribution network of retail outlets.

Exotic Wheel & Tyre is recognized for excellent customer service and

has built an impressive reputation for offering our customers with the

finest quality tyres, which undergo stringent quality control tests and are

certified for use in Europe.

Exotic Wheel & Tyre is able to service the dynamic demands of the

market competently. At Exotic Wheel & Tyre we are fully aware of the

competitive nature of the industry we serve and therefore sensitivity to

and close monitoring of the multi-cultural consumer trends helps us

identify the market needs and therefore allows us to make good

selections with regard to brands and products we sell.

Our Strategy:

• Offer the best service and work with long-term customers;

• Offer a consistent supply of quality wheels and tyres at the best

possible prices.

• Update our product range with new sizes in the market as well as

develop our own wheel


Bringing you Quality products with unmatchable Service at the best

possible Value!

Rema Tip Top Automotive South Africa, relished

the response received, as well as customer

excitement generated by the 2010 Tyre Expo Africa

to such an extent that we have decided to exhibit

again in 2012.

This event will see an even bigger and better

showing from Rema Tip Top Automotive. With the

consistent growth experienced by the company as well as the addition of many new

products and services, we plan to showcase these to the max.

We will attempt to have as many of our high quality products and equipment on

display as possible. Thermopress vulcanizing equipment, tyre service tools and

equipment, consumable products etc.

The stand will be manned by the full team so that all areas of expertise are

covered. We will also be pleased to offer expert advice on our training programmes

which are now available and fully accredited.

We look forward to seeing you at Tyre Expo Africa 2012.


Resource Tyre Company (RTC) is a specialist OTR Tyre Company with head office in

Perth Western Australia. RTC manufactures and distributes small, large and ultra large

OTR bias and radial tyres in the Resource brand for the global OTR market.

RTC are looking forward to the Tyrexpo Africa 2012 to further showcase the extensive

range of Resource OTR products.

RTC formed a manufacturing alliance with an

established OTR manufacturer in China. The

factory has been producing tyres for in excess of

thirty five years.The Resource Tyres

manufacturing facilities have installed the latest

technology and manufacturing equipment at all

times using the highest quality raw materials.

TM Tyres Ltd is one of the leaders in the automotive

tubes industry and continues to grow and

expand, offering an increasing range for

requirements of various customers across

the globe. We achieve this by investing in

the latest technology, State of the art plane

and equipment, Quality, creating effective

brand management, superior customer

service, investing in the latest technology,

quality accredited training by creating and

maintaining consistent standards.

We have established an excellent distribution network across the Country.

Our products are being exported to Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nigeria, Singapore,

Sri Lanka, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America,

Ireland, Greece, Philippines, Dubai, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Egypt etc. Besides

our bulk buyers include STUs & Defense establishments.

The main strength of TM Tyres Ltd. is that this plant is versatile and specially

designed to manufacture entire range of Tubes such as two wheeler tubes,

passenger tubes, Trucks and OTR tubes and each product range has got a

separate infrastructure so that production can be made as per customer

requirement and specification.

TM’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology delivers high quality Butyl

tubes and our compound is formulated to withstand heat. As a result it can

transport loads for longer distances safely on a variety of roads under different

weather conditions. In addition our Butyl tubes offer better air retention and

reduce the risk of blow-outs thereby ensuring longer tyre life.

Over the years, TM Tyres has become synonymous with excellence. And

the awards and accolades won consistently are a testimony. Year after year,

we have held our fort high and achieved consistent export recognition and

growth awards from CAPEXIL & AIRIA.



RTC have the ability to react quickly to customers

needs and are able to produce site specific

products for all conditions and applications.The

manufacturing plant is ISO accredited and has a

technical collaboration with the Beijing Rubber

Institute and leaders in the global OTR market.

The Resource OTR product performs under the

harshest global conditions and continues to deliver

excellent results. The Resource bias product has

proven to be at the leading edge for high quality and we are now experiencing the same

excellent results from the Resource GR4H Radial product.

All RTC products carry a global warranty against premature failure due to

manufacturing defects.

Rubberking Tyres India Pvt Ltd is a

manufacturer & exporter of Butyl inner tubes,

Rubber Flaps and Curing Bags/Bladders” having

worldwide presence. The company is coveted

with prestigious certification of ISO/TS

16949:2002 and ISO: 9001/2000.

“Rubberking” is a well accepted brand

internationally due to its outstanding quality,

trouble free and timely service. The company is leading supplier of inner tubes to

many OEM’s, Tyres Companies and distributors all over the world. We participate in

four to five trade fairs around the Globe every year to mark our presence in

international market. Due to consistent efforts, the company has been achieving

the coveted CAPEXIL award from last 9 years.

TIRE KING offers a comprehensive range of Tires - TBR, PCR, OTR, Agriculture

vehicles both in radial and bias construction MADE IN

INDIA/CHINA/THAILAND/SRILANKA . These are manufactured as per Indian

standards at the plants closely monitored by expert technical team. We are now

also offering Bladders for Passenger/Light Truck, Truck & Bus, Farm/OTR & Two

wheeler manufactured in India.

Rubberking is always looking forward to build partners worldwide through

exclusive distributors.


SDS Systemtechnik GmbH is looking

forward to participate in next Tyrexpo Africa

and be part of one of the most important

tire markets of the world.

We are a dynamic and innovative

company, leading the industry of nondestructive

tire testing applications based

on Shearography and Laser Triangulation.

So far, more than 400 tire test systems have been installed worldwide.

The ITT-series test all tyre types and sizes up to 63” OTR-tyres for separations,

delaminations, blisters, broken constructions etc. Our systems find their

application in the new tyre- and retreading industry, test labs as well as in tyre

repair and retreading workshops of mines. For OTR tyre inspection, we offer

advanced solutions of customized test chambers with fully automatic shuttle

systems for efficient and ergonomic tyre testing and handling.

The latest development based on 3-D digitalization of the tyre offers

revolutionary possibilities to trace “online” the growing of anomalies during

durability testing. Dynamic growth, regular/irregular wear are other features

covered by this new technique. In the retread industry anomalies such as fatigue

in casings are clearly detected.

Looking forward to seeing you at booth no. F08


Bandenmarkt based in Tholen, Netherlands

produces quality retreads under the private brand

names of TyresoleS and Bandenmarkt for the

following applications: Agricultural machinery and

trailers; dump trucks; port handling equipment;

earthmoving equipment; mining machinery; low

loaders and many other types of ancillary vehicles.

The company is also recognised as a leading

exponent in the retreading of cross-ply and radial aircraft tyres.

The company is the international wholesaler for the Delcora (private brand) and

EuroGrip ranges of new tyres for agricultural and most heavy duty applications as

well as global wholesalers of three makes of new OTR, agricultural, truck, and

trailer tyres in both radial and cross-ply.

In addition Bandenmarkt produces its own heavy-duty rims and markets

globally a range of axles and new rims for various applications.

Speaking about Tyrexpo Africa 2010, director, Leen van`t Hof said,

"I would like to thank the organisers of this special show. It has been extremely

well run and for Bandenmarkt a resounding success.

Our company has exhibited at all three Tyrexpo Africa's in 2006, 2008, 2010

and on each occasion increased sales have been achieved."


Indusem Industrial is proud to be exhibiting

at Tyre Expo Africa 2012

Indusem Industrial will be showing the Ravaglioli range of tyre changing

equipment, balancers and aligners.

Ravaglioli of Italy is the world’s leading manufacturer of quality garage

equipment and the range includes vehicle lifts, truck lifts, balancers, aligners,

tyre changes from heavy earthmoving equipment to light vehicles.

Indusem Industrial is a special partner of Ravaglioli in South and Southern

Africa and we can supply and service the full range of equipment to this area.

The Indusem Industrial staff are fully trained by Ravaglioli in Italy and are fully

up to date with the latest equipment.

Indusem Industrial will display and can introduce all the Ravaglioli equipment

from entry level to the most sophisticated equipment offered.

Indusem Industrial look forward to welcoming you at Stand D11.


Exhibitor List 2012

ACME Rubber Ind.Co.Ltd

AME International

Aradhya Steel Private Limited

Atek Makina

Automotive Equipment International

Balkrishna Tyres (Bkt)


Beltyre Africa (Pty) Ltd

Best Choice

Best South Africa – Tyre Protection Sealant


Changde Dingyuan Chemical Ind Ltd

Chaoyang Longmarch Tyre Co Ltd


China Tyres Distribution Ltd

China United Rubber Corp (Curc)

Columbus Mckinnon Corporation

Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co

Crown Tyres

Deestone Limited

Dobermann Europe

ECI International Ltd

Elgi Rubber Company Ltd



Evergreen Global Pte Ltd

Evergreen Tyre

Excellent Auto Parts Limited

Exotic Wheel & Tyre CC

Gallantlion International Co.

Global Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd

Great Int’L Holdings Ltd

Guangzhou Pearl River Rubber Tyre Ltd

Hangzhou Zhechen Rubber Co Ltd



Hebei Xinshitong Accessory Co Ltd

Ho-Com Rubber Technology Co.Ltd

Hofmann Megaplan

Hong Kee Hi-Tech Imports

Indusem Industrial

Island View Distributors (Pty) Ltd

Jiangxi Taiming

Jiangyin Chuangxin Tyre Valve Co Ltd

Kabat S.J

Kurz Reifenhandel Gmbh & Co Kg

Kwik Patch Ltd

Launch Technologies South Africa

Leaderquip Auto Services

Leader Rubber Company

Liaoning Permanent Tyre Co Ltd

Lumba Projects 66 (Pty) Ltd

Maxon Int’l Co.Ltd


Metro International


Ningbo Ouya-Daocheng

Nitralife SA (Pty) Ltd

Oxygen Tyres

Philip White Tyres

Pimex Gmbh


Profil Sp.J

Qingdao Aonuo Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Everbest Int Trading Co Ltd

Qingdao Free Trade Zone Huigong Int

Qingdao Lake-Sea Int Trading Co Ltd

Qingdao Odyking Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Tediwei Int Trade

Qingdao Touran Co Ltd

REDISA (Recycling & Economic

Development Of South Africa)

Rema Tip Top

Resource Tyres

Retreading Business

Richards Bay Tyres (Bandag)

Road Scenery Holding (UK) Ltd

Roadsun Tyre Co. Ltd

Robert Bosch Pty Ltd

Robert Bosch Pty Ltd

Rubber Asia


Sarveshwari Engineers

SA Treads

Savino Del Bene South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Sds Systemtechnik Gmbh

Shandong Better Wheel Co Ltd

Shandong Dongying Zhengyu Wheel

Shandong Fenglun Tyre Co Ltd

Shandong Hengyu Rubber Co Ltd

Shandong Jinyu Tire Co Ltd

Shandong Jinwangda Tire Co Ltd

Shandong Wanda Boto

Shuma Tyre International (Qingdao) Ltd

Sinotyre International Group Co Ltd

Snap-On Africa Pty Ltd

South African Recycling Equipment

South China Tire & Rubber Co Ltd

Stamford Tyres

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH

Sumec Wheel Co Ltd

Syco Machinery

Techking Tires Limited

Tire Group International

Titan Tyre Corporation Of South Africa

TM Tyres


TTR Group

Tubestone (Pty) Ltd

Tubestone (Pty) Ltd

TVS Tyres

Tyrecor / Infinity Tyres

Unilli Tyre - Acme Rubber

Uniwell Corporation

VEE Rubber Co Ltd



Xuhou Xugong Tyres Co Ltd

Yingkou Tongguang Automotive


Zhengxing Wheel Group Co Ltd

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