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19, 20, 21 March 2013


Tyrexpo Asia smashes 200 exhibitor

landmark for March 2013 exhibition

Singapore Expo Centre 19, 20, 21 March 2013

Tyrexpo Asia 2013 has smashed through the 200 exhibitor milestone for the next staging of the region’s leading independent tyre

and equipment show at the Singapore Expo Centre, next March.

With six months still to go before opening day, the bi-ennial event is now 90% full, an unprecedented position in the show’s 16-year


There is a heavyweight presence from domestic Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese exhibitors, but the event has also

captured the interest of large numbers of Indian, European, Middle East and US suppliers.

Among the dozens of tyre manufacturers on show will be Omni and Stamford from Singapore, CEAT and BKT from India, Interstate from

the Netherlands, who will exhibit their first-ever truck tyre range, Zeetex from Zafco, Aeolus, Techking, Shandong Linglong, Hangzhou

Zhonce, Enjoy and Deestone from China.

Rowena Suthers, sales director for show organiser ECI International, says: “Thanks to this unprecedented level of interest, we can

confidently predict that Tyrexpo Asia 2013 will be the biggest, most diverse and truly international tyre and equipment show staged in


International tyre wholesalers will look to the exhibition to help extend their customer reach, with Deldo Autobanden from Belgium, Van

den ban Autobanden of the Netherlands and Treadsetters from the UK displaying many of their premium and exclusive lines.

Tyre retreading and repair will be another big attraction, with Singapore’s Newera demonstrating its commitment to achieving a major

impact at its home show with five separate stands showing new equipment, accessories and repair products.

And Indian rubber and repair materials suppliers will also be prominent, including long-standing Tyrexpo Asia exhibitor Elgi Rubber,

Malhotra, Midas Precured Treads, Bestpatch Rubber and Speedways Rubber.

Tyrexpo Asia 2013 will cover all aspects of the international tyre and workshop equipment sector. New tyres for all applications; retreads;

repair materials; garage machinery and workshop equipment; tools; accessories; consumables and associated services will all be

represented in-depth at the Singapore Expo Centre from 19-21 March 2013.

Founded in 1993, ZAFCO is a leading global distributor of tires, batteries and

lubricants to over 800 customers around the world. To work closely with its

customers, ZAFCO has established offices in UAE, USA, India, Russia, Thailand

and Brazil and has presence in over 85 countries. Key values for the company are

social responsibility, environment preservation, health and safety of its employees,

associates and customers. The achievements of the company's workforce have

been recognized by respected industry bodies. Recent awards include:

2010: ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation

2011: Dubai Customs Gold Accreditation and Best Client Award

ZEETEX product portfolio comprises of tires, batteries & lubricants and offers over

600 differentiated items for the automotive industry. ZEETEX caters to customer

needs in every tire category for all types of vehicles, be it on & off-road driving,

high speed highway drive or heavy duty industrial operations. ZEETEX is sold in

all the continents in 85 countries around the world. ZEETEX provides the assurance

of quality, safety and compliance with environment requirements having following

certifications: DOT (USA), E MARK (Europe), REACH (Europe), INMETRO (Brazil),

GSO (Gulf), SONCAP (Nigeria).

www.zafco.com www.zeetex.com

A Premium Brand From Singapore

Singapore based, HLT International Pte Ltd (formerly known as Hock Lee)

is recognized as one of the fore-runners in supplying equipments, tools,

accessories and supplies for the Automotive Workshops, Tyre Shops and

Tyre Retreading Industry in South East Asia.

Founded in 1959, our motto of “Bringing you the greatest ideas, services

and products" with our years of vast experience in the industry spur us to

continually find the best and ideal products that fit the needs of our

customers and working partners.

We have an established network of Offices, Service Centres and

Warehouses in Singapore and Malaysia. Recognized in the global arena,

we have customers in Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mauritius, Papa New

Guinea, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Our working partners include

prominent brands - Rema Tip Top, Pasquin, Mondolfo Ferro and Hofmann

(Snap-On Equipment).

The main product lines we carry are Equipment (Garage Jacks, Impact

Wrenches, Air Tools, Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers, Wheel Alignment

Machines, Tyre Changers, Lifting Equipments, Nitrogen Machines, Air

Compressor Machines etc), Tools and Supplies (Hand Tools, Safety Seals,

Tyre Levers, Wheel Weights, Tyre Gauges, Valve Tools, Tyre Patches, Tube

Patches, Tyre Grease etc) and Tyre Accessories (Tyre Valves, Wheel Nuts,

Wheel Locks, Wheel Caps, Wheel Spaces etc). www.hockleeauto.com

Alex forging produces

the world’s best wheels

Material is one of the most important elements in producing hiquality

Forged Aluminum Wheels. For more than 21 years, we have

continuously studied and improved Aluminum Alloy. Searching for

the best combination of Alloy materials to build Forged Aluminum


We invested in our own material furnances , extrusion equipment

to develop stronger material in

products and quality control.

Through 10,000 Tons Forging

equipment, Spinning machine,

precision CNC equipment and

Polish Equipment. We build a

vertical integration system

from material to production in

house to produces best wheels

in the world.



a division of IOCHPE-MAXION

Eversafe Rubber Works Sdn Bhd commenced production in 1980 with the sole

focus in producing the highest and most consistent quality in tyre retread

compounds for the Malaysian and export retreading industries. From a very

humble beginning, we have now emerged to be one of the leading tyre retread

compounds manufacturers in the country.

We produce a wide range of products which include Camelback, Sidewall Veneer,

Precured Tread, Cushion Gum, Orbitread, OTR Camelback, Repair Rope,

Cement Gum and a host of other related rubber products which are extensively

marketed in Malaysia and in the export market.

The in-depth understandings of our customers' requirement that we have gained

and our continuous improvement in manufacturing process, quality control/testing

and reinvestment programs into equipments and R&D. We continuously invest in

state-of-the-art technology which guarantees top-notch quality and extraordinary

performance of every product manufactured by us.

MAXION WHEELS is a leading worldwide

producer of aluminum and steel wheels for

passenger cars and light trucks and of steel

wheels for commercial trucks and trailers. The

Company’s leading footprint with its 25

facilities, including business, sales offices and

manufacturing facilities, located in 15

countries around the world makes it possible

for Maxion Wheels to provide world class

service to its customers globally. Maxion

Wheels sells products to every major North

and South American, Asian and European

manufacturer of passenger cars and light

trucks and to commercial vehicle customers

throughout the world.




At Eversafe Rubber Works, our quality control revolves around raw materials

sourcing, production processing, final product analyses and documentation,

order processing and delivery, we leave no room for even the slightest of defect

This commitment to quality control provides our customers consistent products to

meet their exact specifications and requirements. These in return add value to

our customers by further enhancing the performance of their finished products in

which our materials are used.

Our company has obtained the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification on its

quality management system.


YHI International Limited is a recognized distributor of highquality

automotive and industrial products and a familiar and

trusted name in alloy wheels manufacturing as an Original Design

Manufacturer providing integrated services from design and

development to manufacturing.

YHI has successfully diversified its business and carved a niche

for itself in the global automotive arena since its humble

beginnings as a sole proprietorship established since 1948.

Today, YHI stands tall in its newly built two-storey building.

Housing a concept showroom – Advanti Centre over an area

space of 7,000 square feet. Advanti Centre showcases all the

latest products under YHI’s umbrella such as its range of tyres,

wheels, batteries, buggies and other accessories.

Products being retailed include:

• Tyres: Yokohama, Roadstone, Achilles and YHI’s proprietary

brand, Neuton

• Alloy Wheels: Enkei, OZ, Konig, Breyton and YHI’s

proprietary brand, Advanti Racing

• Batteries: Hitachi, Trojan, FIAMM, Rocket and YHI’s

proprietary brand, Neuton Power

• Golf and utility buggies: E-Z-GO.

• Car accessories

Out of which, YHI is proud to say that

Neuton Tyre is our proprietary brand.

Neuton Tyre is being manufactured in

Indonesia and Thailand, and it is

positioned itself to be a performance

yet comfortable and affordable tyre.

Neuton Tyre is well established in

Europe, North and South America, Asia,

Oceanic and the Middle East.


M.I.G. S.R.L being one of our business partners under Newera

Group - a leader in rubber industry has an experience in tires

retreading field of nearly 50 years. M.I.G. S.R.L manufactures curing

tubes, bladders and envelopes, and complies with all demands

coming from retreaders whether if they have “hot type plants” with

tube or bladders presses, or “precured type plants” with double

envelope or envelope/tube chambers.

Newera focuses on delivering high quality services to our customers

through comprehensive product range, allowing our customers to fully

optimize the usage of the products. In this exhibition, we are proud to

introduce the new range of M.I.G. S.R.L new products such as 1. The

new pattern Rubber Wicking Pad, 2. The new Light Ultra curing tubes

where, in a special way, uses a normal inner tube, and which has

been favorably received by the market. 3. The new sizes for “S” and

“R” are now in full production, 4. The full range of ARC system Outer

Envelope, 5. The new Butyl Flap for E.M. tires, 6. The new Truck

Curing Bladders, 7. The new sizes for Inner Envelope, 8. A special

Lubricant to prolong the life of an outer curing Envelope and… By

utilizing our products, you benefit from our experience. We have our

products and application support close to you. In addition, our

specialist will work with you on a detailed cost analysis, you will be

pleasantly surprised by the cost-savings you can achieve with our

assistance. We believe wherever you are, we are nearby…

Visit our booth K16 at Tyrexpo Asia 2013 to find out more.


Kwik Patch Ltd

Elgi Rubber Company Limited is a company headquartered in

India with subsidiaries in Australia, Brasil, Kenya, the Netherlands,

Sri Lanka and the United States of America. Elgi manufactures a

comprehensive range of raw material, equipment, tools and

accessories used in the Rubber Industry, predominantly in the Tyre

sector. With state of the manufacturing facilities, testing

laboratories and R&D centers around the world ELGI is able to

deliver products to the most demanding users.

• Elgi’s products are sold under the following brands

• Jet - Tyre Retread and Repair Systems

• Pincott - Rasp Blades, Hubs & Spacers

• Carbrasive - Brazed Carbide Tools

• Midwest Rubber – Gums, Adhesives and Sealants

• Ecorr from Rubber Resources – Reclaimed Rubber


Kwik ® Patch Ltd is a leading manufacturer of tyre and tube repair

patches, strings and monofils OTR and conveyor belt

repair/splicing systems. Kwik ® Patch Ltd was started in 1987 by

the members of the internationally renowned US$ 5 B TVS family.

Kwik ® Patch Ltd is a joint venture with Patch Rubber Company

(www.patchrubber.com) which is a division of the US$ 1.1B

Myers Industries of USA (www.myersind.com).

In addition to tyre and tube repair patches, Kwik ® Patch Ltd also

markets premium quality pre-cured tread rubber (TVS/Kwik),

curing envelopes, curing tubes, bonding gum, black vulcanizing

cement, tools, wheel balancing weights and accessories for

retreading and repairing industries.

With four world class manufacturing centers and customers

across 69 countries in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa,

United States of America and Europe we can assure you the best

quality possible in tyre repair products with on time shipment of

your orders.


TTI coming to Singapore to present

it's own brand Motoform

Motoform is our own brand name, with a world wide registration. In the first phase TTI will

develop a range of scooter tyres and motorcycle tyres made in Korea. Other types of products

are to be developed in the coming 5 years. Motoform will have an extensive range or sizes in

the years to come.

T.T.I Tyre Trading International (TTI) is an international wholesale company in car tyres, 4x4

tyres, light truck tyre, truck tyre and motorcycle tyres. TTI sells all major brands, among others

Pirelli, Conti, Hankook, Falken and Michelin.

TTI is a real family owned business. TTI was established in 1988 by Peter van ’t Hof and since

2006 it is run by it’s son Peter-Alexander van ‘t Hof. Since 1988 TTI working world-wide selling

and buying container loads. In de recent years TTI has developed itself also as an all-round

service provider handling smaller orders. The years of investing, building experience and knowhow,

and developing the knowledge of it’s staff has made TTI a successful company within a

very dynamic market.

By using advanced logistics including conveyor belts, TTI has the capacity to handle up to

3000 orders a day. TTI uses the same system as the airports do for handling suitcases. In this

way, TTI can offer a prefect service to customers who require just in time deliveries and likes to

order in smaller quantities.

TTI has the capacity to supply tyres within 24 hours for the Benelux market and the German

market. Within France TTI can supply within 48 hours. Same day delivery is possible in a circle

of 50KM around our warehouse location.

Tyres can be ordered by phone, a great sales team, will help you. Nowadays 80% of our

orders follow a digital path. The webshop of TTI is quick, simple and reliable. For that reason

our customers are very satisfied by our webshop. www.webshop.tti.nl

The webshop offers a great overview of our actual

stocks plus the stocks from our partner warehouses


TTI provides

Friendly and professional service and


A great assortment around the year,

available also by online shop.

Market conform pricing and brands

Quick deliveries

Perfect back office and aftersales

Every week special deals.

Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturing enterprise

engaging in the production of pneumatic tyres. After 37 years’

development, we have grown into a tyre manufacturer with the

strongest research and development capability in China. We

independently developed more than 3000 specifications covering

light truck radial tyre, truck and bus radial tyre, high performance

passenger radial tyre and specialty tyre. With a worldwide marketing

network, Linglong is stepping towards the top world tyre brands.

We have introduced world advanced production equipment and

testing apparatus. We own two R&D centers in Zhaoyuan and Beijing

which feature the first laboratory with national-level authentication in

tire industry and the first indoor noise laboratory in China, as well as a

post-doctoral research center and an academic research center. By virtue

of the advanced equipment and a research team of more than 750 staff,

we are dedicated to providing more and more emission reduction and fuel saving products. Our

ultra high performance car radial tire L689 won the “Second National Prize for Progress in

Science and Technology” and we have a considerable quantity of TBR patterns passed USA EPA

SmartWay certification.


Neumaticos Isabel E Hijos has been

involved in the tyre industry for over 35

years, specifically devoted to direct sales

within Spain-leon. However, for the last

10 years ago the Company found

opportunities in the national and

international market place and now

distributes on a global level.

The Company’s market is dedicated to

high performance tyres(UHP) rim from 17

to 23. The Company is open to new

economic framework and 85 per cent of

the business is devoted to the leading

brands in the market.

Neumaticos Isabel E Hijos’s aim by

exhibiting at Tyrexpo Asia’13 is to make

contacts that we can offer something as

we can get some economic framework.



Synergy Tires Inc.

"Synergy Tires Inc., is an international

company that deals with the import and

export of all major brand tires

(PCR/SUV/4X4). We specialize in UHP and

OE sizes. We always try our best to make

sure our customer's needs are met smoothly."

Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co.,

Ltd. is a joint venture between Cooper Tire

and Rubber Company ranked the 8th in the

world tire industry and Shandong

Chengshan Group ranked the 3rd in China.

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is one

of the leaders in replacement tire market,

which devotes itself to developing,

manufacturing and selling various mediumhigh-grade

tires, and special tires. Cooper

Tire Company, headquartered in Ohio,

USA, is the only official supplier of the

World A1 Grand Prix. One of china

biggest tire enterprise, Chengshan tire has

won various awards including "China

Famous Brand", "China Well-known

Trademark", "China top 500 most Valuable

Brands" and also has been awarded "The

No.1 Customer Satisfied Brand in Chinese

tire market".







SD, head office in China, branch office in UK, USA,

Argentina, UAE and Slovakia. Our primary business is the

contract manufacture of our private brands such as Pace,

Zeta, Maxtrek, Basoon, Agrostar, DHT and Duration, which

gives us full coverage through all tyre applications, from

passenger tyres to earthmover tyres.

Our senior management team have a cumulative total of

almost 200 years experience in the tyre industry. This

experience is vital in determining which factories we use, to

ensure all our products are manufactured to the highest

possible standards.

SD appears in most of the Tyre Fairs, like Tyrexpo Asia,

Eurexpo Lyon, Latin American & Caribbean Tyrexpo, Reifen

Essen, Citexpo China, SEMA SHOW USA.


Deldo Autobanden N.V. is the leading tyre distributor in

Europe. As an active import and export organisation, Deldo

sells to over 46 countries worldwide.

During the last 12 months Deldo has done more and more

business in Asia Pacific markets, thanks to a full range of

2.000.000 (premium) tyres, available in our warehouse

under one roof. Containers can be loaded mixed, including

all European premium brands (OE) such as Continental,

Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli.


The company was founded in

1973 in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Over the years the organisation

realized significant growth in

European markets, thanks to

the central location within

Europe, and the main port of

Antwerp. Deldo is also active outside Europe, including in

the Middle East and Asia. Deldo is a healthy and successful

family business with a very international focus. A clear and

independent strategy, an international network, a

comprehensive product range and a customer-oriented

service are the elements that have contributed to Deldo's

current success.


Deldo offers a full product range of tyres for Car, Van, 4

x4, SUV and Truck applications, all stocked under one roof.

Besides premium brands, Deldo offers an interesting range

of private labels like Minerva, Fortuna and Imperial, made

in Asia. Everything is under one roof and there is a one-stopshopping

system. Tyres are purchased through a global

network of tyre dealers and manufacturers worldwide.

Online webshop www.deldo-online.com

Our user-friendly, real-time E-Commerce system provides a

transparent overview of available stock and prices. On a

daily basis more than 4.000 users order tyres via this

system. Tyres can be selected using a number of factors such

as brand, vehicle and price.

Ever since IRJ’s impressive first issue in July-August 1993, it has

been highly acclaimed by rubber industry leaders and experts

worldwide as one of the world’s foremost magazine for the

international rubber industry.

The IRJ has made a tremendous impact on the rubber industry

worldwide with its consistently high quality and a broad and

comprehensive scope of coverage of events, news, technical

breakthroughs and its specialised articles. It provides updates

and information on all aspects of the rubber industry

worldwide, including synthetic rubber, natural rubber, tyre

industry, industrial rubber goods, latex based products, vinyl

pyridine latex, steel cord, nylon tyre cord, carbon black, silica

and other white fillers, rubber chemicals, processing oils, dyes

and pigments, machinery and testing equipments for the rubber

industry, technology, R & D etc.

The IRJ regularly features articles by prestigious international

contributors who are authorities on various aspects of the rubber

industry. It has distinguished itself with columns and features on

Tyre News, Natural Rubber, Company News, Auto News, Indian

& International Business News, Raw Material Prices, Statistics, etc.

Obviously the Tyre Industry receives top priority in view of its

importance (about 65% of total global rubber consumption).

The IRJ is a valuable at-a-glance information source for busy

rubber industry professionals, from technologists to consultants to

marketing executives.


Qingdao Pegasus Rubber CO.,LTD. is well-known tyre

manufacturer which produces more than 300 different sizes

of tyres in 8 series, such as truck tyres, OTR tires, passenger

car tires, and agricultural tires.

Qingdao Pegasus Rubber CO., LTD. introduced advanced

tire manufacturing and inspection equipments from Germany,

Italy, U.S.A and Holland, operates under advanced

experiences and technique to improve

our tyre quality. We have successfully

passed through DOT, ECE, GCC,

SONCAP certificates.

Our PEGASUS brand tyres are

very popular and well

recognized by worldwide

customers. Facing competitive

markets, we always insist

quality first and try to be one

of the leading tyre companies

and build world famous

brand. We’re looking

forwad to establishing longterm

business relationship

with our customers.

Please visit our website


Rubberking Tyres India Pvt Ltd is a reliable partner for

automotive butyl tubes, Flaps, curing Bags & Curing

Bladders, The company has an expertise of over 30

years & our products are proven and accepted by Tyre

industries & their OEMs. Furthermore, we have

worldwide presence in more than 72 countries which

adds value to our experience & product.

We are coveted with prestigious ISO/TS 16949:2009,

ISO 9001/2008 & AS/NZS ISO 14001: 2004 . Since

last 8 consecutive years, our organization is recognized

as a successful "EXPORT HOUSE" by Ministry of

Commerce and recipient of "CAPEXIL-AWARD" for the

export achievements.

'Rubberking' brand offers wide range of tubes , flaps &

curing bags & our Tire King range comprises of tyres for

truck & bus, Agricultural, OTR & industrial application.

Under 'Tire King brand we are now also offering top

quality Solid Tyres which has been recently added to our

product line.

In addition to India we also have offices in Dubai &

Miami to cater to our internal customers. Rubberking is

always looking forward to building partners worldwide

through exclusive distributors & inducting agent.


MINKA (QINGDAO) INC. Founded in 2000, is China's first to

operate export-oriented private sector of the tire business, the

company's business in 52 countries around the world. Our

philosophy is to create value for customers; Our business strategy is

to provide a good service for all customers and partners; Our core

competence is the expertise, high quality and good reputation; Our

mission is really to let the Chinese brand tires the world.


CO., LTD is one of the largest and

professional manufactures, distributors

and exporters in wheel &tire

parts/accessories field.

We manufacture WHEEL BALANCE




NUTS & BOLTS, and other wheel &tire

service related products.

Our factory is ISO/TS16949

certificated. We are working on high

quality products, OEM supplier of wheel balance weights and tire

valves for some Chinese proprietary branded automobiles

We always insist on high quality ,good service and timely

delivery to all of our clients.

Deestone Vincente R 302, ultimate comfort driving, has been

produced to serve UHP market radial tyre. With design of

directional tread block, you can

feel for comfort ride and

confident on the wet

condition with 4 grooves

and different pitch

sequent to minimize

noise. Deestone

Vincente R 302 provides

you from 30 series to 65


For more information,

please visit Deestone

website at


Grip Tyre specializes in SUV/4X4 tyres with

more than 100 sizes. The Company supplies

premium quality and cost-effective tyres to

customers all over the world with their private


Grip Tyre offers:

• Competitive pricing with high profit


• Industry leading, high quality products

• Responsive customer service and support

• Accurate and consistent on-time delivery

• Honesty, Integrity, Fairness

• Financial stability

Grip Tyre gives their customers the confidence to enjoy the road,

while helping to keep them safe behind the wheel. When it comes to

making the right tyre purchase, trust Grip Tyre, a better way forward.

FUTEK ALLOY CO., LED was established as a professional

export-manufacturer for aluminum alloy wheels in November

1998. The factory is located in Changshu, China and the

Company’s headquarters are in Taiwan.

The Company’s president Mr. Yeh Ching-Yu has over 25 years

experience in this field and has dedicated himself to leading the

company forward overcoming many obstacles in order to achieve

success and prosperity.

High quality, stable lead times, and outstanding service is the

Company’s guarantee to customers. Furthermore, the Company’s

integrity explains why so many customers have cooperated with

Futek Alloy for such a long time.

Wheel sizes range from 10’’ to 24’’. Besides passenger cars, the

Company also manufactures 4X4, ATV, and trailer wheels.

Nowadays, the Company explores the market for big-size,

luxurious wheels to give customers cars a fantastic look. Visit us at

Tyrexpo Asia’13 and our website: www.ftk.com.tw

At Toyomoto, one of our dreams is

to make Toyomoto brand become a

truly global one both in name and


We are grateful to our customers

and friends who already choose the

products and services supplied by

Toyomoto, and we are also grateful to

our staff and workers who work

loyally to the company and brand,

and devote their efforts to make our

dreams come true.

Internationalization lies in

localization. As a Japanese company

with its products produced in China,

Toyomoto is to combine the Chinese

productivity with Japanese technology


Our Motto: Technology In Motion

Toyomoto knows it well that detail attention is the key to success, and

commits that each of the details will be taken care to make sure that our

customers are satisfied.

With a long way to go, Toyomoto is willing to move each step forward

with our customers and partners.


Deruibotire, manufactured by Shandong Deruibao Tire

Co., Ltd – New and energetic factory established in Dec.

2009, covers an area of 2,000 acres in the first plan.

Now Deruibotire works with many famous brands in

the cooperation of technical and material research

improvement. After 3 years of development, Deruibotire

surely will have a quite great progress by adding new

series of radial OTR and radial AG tires in 2012. By the

end of 2013, Deruibotires will congregate four main

production lines with annual output of 32 million sets in


Company's first-class R & D team of engineers and

technicians, the German-Swiss Po in product

performance and design has the absolute advantage in

technical expertise.

With the policy of

“Super Quality,Honest


Deruibotire insists on

building sincere

partnership with every

business friends to

win the future in


To know more, pls

visit standing L02A.

Founded in Singapore in 2003 by entrepreneur G.

S. Sareen, OMNI United is an emerging global

leader in the design, manufacturing and

distribution of tires. Known as the “Ikea of

Tires”, OMNI offers a complete range of trendy

yet affordable passenger car, SUV, truck, bus,

and farm tires, through its four brands: Radar,

Goodride, Roadlux and Corsa.

Radar, OMNI’s flagship brand is positioned

attractively in the market with a compelling

value-for-money proposition which makes highquality

tires affordable at competitive prices to

most customers. OMNI supports sustainability by

introducing a popular line of eco-friendly tires in early

2010 which helps lower emission and fuel consumption for drivers.

Besides designing and manufacturing tires, OMNI provides

unparalleled customer service and its state-of-the-art logistics and supply

chain management systems.

From its headquarters in Singapore, OMNI provides the full spectrum

of supply, distribution and sales services to customers in more than 40

countries around the world.

OMNI and its founder G.S. Sareen have been recognized in various

prestigious awards, including “The Fastest Growing 50 award in

Singapore”, the “Entrepreneur of the Year”, the “Emerging India

Awards”, and more recently, FORTUNE Magazine’s “Asia’s 25 Hottest

People in Business”.


Van den Ban Tyre

distributor “Your Total Tyre


Van den Ban Tyre

distributor is an international

tyre wholesale company with

its main focus on distribution

across Europe combined with

international export. The

Company has over 1.5 million tyres in stock of summer, winter

and all season tyres for PCR, light truck, (U)HP and SUV/4x4


The Company also has premium brands BRIDGESTONE,


plus quality private labels BLACKSTONE and NOVEX. Van den

Ban also distribute within Europe FEDERAL, SILVERSTONE, SAVA

and KENDA and budget

brands HIFLY and SUNTEK.

Their E-commerce site

provides 24/7 easy and

fast online ordering



Enhanced by its partnerships with Transportation Resources Partners

(TRP) and affiliates the Penske Corporation and McLarty Associates a

leading international strategic advisory firm, Tire Group International

LLC has positioned itself as one of the leading organizations in the

worldwide wholesale distribution of tires and South Florida’s largest

independent tire wholesaler. The company's dedicated commitment to

quality and sensitivity to customer satisfaction has set a standard for

others to follow. TGI's extensive inventory of over forty different brands

of tires, including various brands of tubes and wheels, and several

brands of tire repair products, clearly separates them from their


TGI distributes its own private labels Astro, Cosmo, Industar, and

Luna; and represents many other brands including MRF, Cooper,

Mastercraft, Sumitomo, GT, Kenda and Mickey Thompson.

The main component of TGI's business is the targeted distribution of

these top-quality products to distributors, retailers and end-users all over

the world.

The reason customers prefer to do business with TGI is because TGI

has access to literally millions of top-quality tires worldwide and TGI

has the ability to get product to their customers when needed. The end

result...providing the customer with efficient, courteous service and a

quality product. For more information, visit www.tiregroup.com


JENGTAI was established in

1979 in Taiwan and specializes

in forklift rims. The Company

manufactures a global range of

wheel rims for forklifts. These

products can be used for Toyota,

TCM, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tailift, Shinko, Hyster, Yale,

Nichiyu, etc.. With many years’ experience, the Company

produces products that have been successfully exported to OEM

and After Market customers.

Jengtai is a professional forklift rim manufacturer and the

Company has plants in Taiwan, producing a full range of high

quality forklift rims.


Toyama Tyre Corp., Ltd, a Japanese company, is highly respected in the tire

industry throughout the world. We are proud of our reputations for

providing a complete line of high performance and ultra-high performance

passenger tires, SUV tires, truck tires, bus tires, off-the-road tires for

construction and mining vehicles, as well as industrial and agricultural tires

to our customers.

Toyama applies up-to-date technologies to tire production, meanwhile,

provides timely analysis and user advice according to market conditions.

All the tire technicians at Toyama understand how important it is to have a

tire with long life and warranty at a reasonable price.

We appreciate the continued support from our customers and we look

forward to being a trusted partner in your business. To learn more about

Toyama and the full range of tires, visit www.toyamatyre.com .

With over 40 years of experience, Monarch Vulcanising Systems

produce the comprehensive ‘Monaflex’ range of portable light weight

vulcanising machines for all types of tyres in use today, from passenger

tyres to the largest OTR.

Damage can be repaired easily in the tread, sidewall or shoulder

area using simultaneous heat and pressure. This allows both the plug

and patch to be cured together achieving the greatest possible

adhesion values and reduces repair time significantly.

The extreme flexibility and portability of the systems is achieved by

substituting heavy components and steel framework associated with

old technology with lightweight inflatable air bags and flexible heat

pads all of which are confined in the tyre by heavy duty straps.





Airtec Corporation is a global market leader in the manufacture,

marketing and distribution of digital tyre inflation equipment.

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of equipment

and accessories for use with various types of industries. Our

products are durable, being both weatherproof and vandal

resistant. Heavy duty versions of products can even withstand

harsh environmental conditions. Retail petroleum forecourts,

tyreshops, workshops, lube shops and fleet control are some of our

common target markets.

Our equipment is designed to be user-friendly and customisable

for the convenience of new customers. Products such as our

freestanding digital tyre inflator for instance, have won awards

for its innovative design. We strive to constantly develop innovative

and up to date products to keep up with the trends of the industries.

Various accessories and add-ons are also available for further

customisation of our products. We will readily provide catalogues

and assistance for interested parties.

Airtec Corporation aims to deliver unique solutions in Digital

Inflation Technology. The strategic positioning of our headquarters

in Singapore has enabled us to effectively serve our customers in

all corners of the world.

For additional information, feel free to visit our website

at www.airtecasia.com.

Techking is a professional tire solution provider.

Utilizing its engineering resources, Techking

develops different tire categories such as radial

OTR, bias OTR, truck tires and passenger car tires

for the worldwide market. Techking also invests

many resources on tire management and tire

services, aiming to provide long term and

sustainable solutions for its customers.

Techking registers its brand in over 165

countries, with more than 46 tire patents. Techking

tires have been serving 123 countries, with 10

compounds to explore the most optimized tire

performance for different applications. Techking is

also a proud supplier of up to 10 large OE

manufacturers home & abroad.

Thanks to the consistent commitments to the tire

industry, Techking brand is winning more and

more recognition in many segments of the tire


For more information concerning Techking,

please visit www.techking.com

Interstate Tires is participating at Tyrexpo Asia for the 6th consecutive time. Singapore always is

a very important show for the Company, in particular it gives it the opportunity to meet most of

their distributors from Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. Interstate’s tyre business in this part of

the world is growing very rapidly and the Company is pleased to use this show to introduce their

first truck tyre range. Also on display will be the new Interstate Tracer A/T, with a full line of all

terrain tyres. Interstate is looking forward to another well organized Tyrexpo Asia.

Interstate Tire & Rubber Co. was founded in 1972 and has developed its own unique

manufacturing and product range. The company’s successful execution of its unique marketing

strategy has produced unit sales growth that has consistently outpaced that of the replacement

tyre industry.

With worldwide distribution and warehouses in Europe and Asia, Interstate ships to every major

port and offer great logistic service to their customers. With European technology and Asian

production, Interstate stands for high quality and consistent supply. Interstate has been cooperating

with world leaders in the development of advanced technology in the design and

production of tyres. Even before a tyre is built and tested at the Interstate test facilities, engineers

examine it using revolutionary computer analysis. The Interstate tyres are being produced in Asia,

with the newest technologies, compounds and tread patterns. All tyres are first quality and are E-

marked, ISO certified, ETRTO, TüV and DOT approved.


KINFOREST TYRE CO., LTD. is a professional tyre

manufacturer with own brands “KINFOREST”, “MAYRUN”,


Our tyres are produced in very famous factory SHANDONG

JINYU TIRE CO., LTD., All our products have been passed

required product testing such as DOT, ECE, S-MARK, ISO,

NOM, INMETRO, GCC etc. We sincerely welcomes all

friends from home and abroad for mutual-win business




dedicated in supplying Solid Resilient and Press

on Band tyres to the material handling industry

over the past ten years. Our brands are

developed to cater to your needs in different

market segments. Value tyres are marketed under

“GLOBESTAR” and the premium range is

represented by the “ULTIMATE XT” and

“PEAKMASTER” brands while “AIR RYDE”

represents the Skid Steer tire range.

The extensive use of the latest technology utilized

in the manufacturing of these solid tyres ensure

that they are well suited for all folk lift requirements

of the replacement and Original Equipment

markets in Europe, Eastern Europe, USA and

Asian countries.

Premium quality products produced in our state

of the art rubber processing factory, dedicated

experts, globally renowned range of brands, ISO

certified quality standards and the loyal customer

base around the world had been the strength and

the success of the company over the years.

Company continues progressing in the material

handling industry with further expansions and

innovations while concerning its corporate social


Visit our website for further information on our

products and services.



Acten Marketing Sdn Bhd

Aeolus Tyre Co Ltd

Airtec Corporation (Asia) Pte Ltd

Alex Global Aerospace Technology Inc

Ame International

Aosen Tyre Inc


Austyre Pty Ltd

Balkrishna Tyres

Banama Corporation

Barcino Tyre Company

Best Choice

Bestpatch Rubber

Bond International

Briway Tire Co Ltd

Cangzhou Flying Dragon Atuo Parts Co Ltd


Cheng Sheng Machinery Co Ltd

China Tyres Distribution Ltd

Chonche Auto Double Happiness Tyre Corp. Ltd

Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co Ltd

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Crown Industrial Co Ltd

Dalian Hydu International Trading Co Ltd

Deestone Limited

Deldo Autobanden N.V

Deruntai Tyres

Dongying Zhongyi Rubber Co Ltd


D M Marketing LLC

Dongying Zhengyu Wheel Co Ltd

Duoluchi Tyres

Elgi Rubber Company Limited

Enjoy Tyre Co Ltd

Eternity Group

Euro-Tyre BV

Evergreen Global Pte Ltd

Evergreen Tire Co Ltd

Eversafe Rubber Works Sdn Bhd

Fairway (Qingdao) Tyre Co Ltd

Fangxing Rubber

Futek Alloy

Genco Industrial Group Co Ltd

Global Rubber Industries

Goldminate Associates Inc

Golden Pegasus Group

Goodtire Rubber

Grandstone Tyre Corporation Ltd

Grand Tire Co Ltd

Guangdong Greatoo Molds Inc

Qingdao Jinyu

Qingdao Honghua Tyre Factory

Guangzhou Pearl River Rubber Tyre Ltd

Hangzhou Zhongce

Hanksugi Japan Tyre International Co Ltd

Heibei Tianrui

HLH Tyre Pte Ltd

HLT International Pte Ltd

Ho-Com Rubber Technology Co Ltd


Interstate Tire & Rubber Co Ltd

Italmatic Tyre & Retreading Equipment

Japan Toyomoto Tire Corp

Jeng Tai Steel Wheel Industries Co Ltd

Jiangxi Blackcat Carbon Black Inc

Jianxin Rubber (Fujian) Co Ltd

Jinsheng Rubber Group Co Ltd

Kenda Rubber Industrial Co Ltd

Kinforest Tyre Co Ltd

Koryo Tyres

Kwik Patch Ltd

Landmax International Co Ltd

Latakko Ltd

Laugfs Corporation (Rubber) Ltd

Leshan Yalun Mold Co Ltd

Liew Koon Marketing Sdn Bhd

Malhotra Rubbers (Tyres) Ltd

Maxion Wheels

Maxon Int'l Co Ltd

Maxrubber Industries Sdn Bhd

Maxtrek Tyres

Midas Treads (India) Pvt Ltd

Mindtrac (S) Pte Ltd

Minka Tyres

Monarch Vulacnising Systesm Ltd

Ndi Tire (Qingdao) Co Ltd

Neumaticos Isabel

Newera Equipment

Ningbo Able Rubber & Auto Parts Co Ltd

Ningbo Blueocean Auto Parts Co Ltd

Ningbo Junda

Ningbo Ouya-Daocheng Autoparts Industry Co Ltd

Omni United (S) Pte Ltd

Pt Industri Karet Deli

Pt Multistrada

Pt Pura Agung

Qingdao Aonuo Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Au-Shine Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Deruibao Tire Co Ltd

Qingdao Ditrip Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Durun International Trade Co Ltd

Qingdao F.T.Z. Hongtyre

Qingdao F.T.Z.Huigong International Trade Co Ltd

Qingdao F.T.Z.Full-World Int'L Trading Co Ltd

Qingdao Grip Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Haishilin Rubber Co Ltd

Qingdao Homerun Tires

Qingdao Honghuasheng Trade Co Ltd

Qingdao Jing Yu Xuan Trade Co Ltd

Qingdao Keter Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Qihang Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Naich Tire Co Ltd

Qingdao Odyking Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Ornate International Trading Co

Qingdao Paco Industrial Co Ltd

Qingdao Qingtai Imp & Exp Co Ltd

Qingdao G&J Industrial Group Co Ltd

Qingdao Rhino Intl Co Ltd

Qingdao Sentury Tire Co Ltd

Qingdao Suwide Tyre Corp Ltd

Qingdao Te En Te International Co Ltd

Qingdao Yongdao International Trade Co Ltd

Quanzhou Gold Hawk Machinery Co Ltd

Reon Tire Corporation


Rubber Asia

Rubber King Tyres India Pvt Ltd

Rubber Valley

Saffiro Tires

SD International

Shandong Fenglun Tyre Co Ltd

Shandong Hengyu Rubber Co Ltd

Shandong Hongsheng Rubber Co Ltd

Shandong Jinyu Tire Co Ltd

Shandong Linglong Rubber Co Ltd

Shandong Shengtai Wheel Co Ltd

Shandong Wanda Boto Tyre Co Ltd

Shandong Wosen Rubber Co Ltd

Shandong Yinbao

Shume Tyre International

Shun Gin Rubber Industry Co Ltd

Siam Pioneer Rubber Co Ltd

Sichuan Kalevei Technology Co Ltd

Sinorient Tyre Co Ltd


South China Tire & Rubber

Speedway Tyres

Sunmade Brush Tech Co Ltd

Sunrise Wheel Group

Superking Mfrs (Tyre) Pvt Ltd

Stamford Tyres

Synergy Tires

Tanco Tire Industrial Co Ltd

Tech International

Techking Tires Limited

Tianjin Century Rubber Co Ltd

Tire Group International


Touran Tyres

Toyama Tyre Corp Ltd

Tracross Rubber Co Ltd


Tyre Trading International BV

Tyre World (B.Fuhrmann GmbH)

Uniforce Tires Limited

Weifang Lutong Rubber Co Ltd



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