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Water Bonnet Manufacturing - Taylor Made Systems

Water Bonnet Manufacturing - Taylor Made Systems


Water Bonnet Manufacturing division of Taylor Made Systems has over 50 years of experience manufacturing quality products for the Marine Industry. Founded in 1954, Water Bonnet had over 50 years of experience providing quality products to the Marine Industry before being acquired by Taylor Made in 2005. Originally manufacturing boat tops, thus the name Water Bonnet, they later added boat windshields, then windows. In 1980, they began producing windows for off-road vehicle manufacturers under the trade name Transwind, which then expanded to large onroad transportation vehicles. That long history and invaluable expertise remain intact as they join the group of Taylor Made Marine companies. Their specialty — providing top-quality, low-cost windshield systems for boats in the 16-26 ft. range — greatly complements and even enhances Taylor’s adeptness at meeting the needs of boatbuilders of every size, variety and style. With corporate offices located in Bradenton, Florida, about 35 miles south of Tampa, their focus has never been stronger than it is today. Water Bonnet currently supplies windshields to some of the top producers of fish & ski, runabout, and tow boats, while continuing to develop and improve their unique products — like their patented, budget-priced “ball & socket” joint windshield or their very fashionable and extremely popular low-profile dark-Plex ® and dark-glass windscreens. Water Bonnet maintains their low price structure by setting reasonable release minimums on most orders. But it is exactly this that makes them such an integral part of the Taylor Made Marine group. While Taylor and Trend provide highly-customizable options with minimal volume requirements, Water Bonnet’s price structure is undeniably worth exploring for the medium-to-high volume builder of small-to-medium sized boats who is confident in a certain level of sales — especially if they want top-of-the-line quality but need to maintain a firm bottom line. • Geared towards medium-to-high volume builders of small-to-medium sized boats, Water Bonnet’s price structure is hard to beat • Water Bonnet is second only to Taylor Made in number of years experience producing windshields for the Marine Industry • Water Bonnet continues to develop a unique line of products specially fit for boats in their target market • As the newest member of Taylor Made Marine, Water Bonnet’s customer support network, engineering capabilities, and product offerings are now more significant than ever before Water Bonnet Manufacturing: the Top-Quality, Low-Cost Windshield Alternative for Boats 16-26 ft.

Combined: Our skill and expertise give boat manufacturers maximum design flexibility and a competitive advantage Glass Making Expertise… Taylor’s optical quality, tempered safety glass is made in our own proprietary glass production facilities located in the United States and in Europe. Over the years we have developed advanced production methods for tempering and bending glass, enabling us to provide OEMs with the widest range of design possibilities, while satisfying the most demanding specifications. Taylor tempered glass products meet or exceed the most rigorous international manufacturing and quality standards, including ISO standards CE for strength and safety, USCG quality and safety standards and all recommendations of the American Boat and Yacht Council. Advanced Metal Forming Capabilities… Complementing our ability to shape and strengthen glass is our skill at bending the metal framework to produce beautifully engineered, complete glazing systems. Taylor pioneered the welding of stainless steel in the marine glazing industry, including corrosion resistant 316L, and our welding shops are equipped with state-of-the-art TIG welders capable of welding aluminum extrusions of any size. And Design Engineering Skills… Taylor has set the highest standards for glazing system design and engineering in the boating business. Our engineering experts work closely with OEM product designers and engineers, providing highly accurate engineering output that reduces prototype development cycle time and costs. We utilize Pro-E CAD modeling plus other computer engineering systems, including Finite Element Analysis to optimize the part design for best performance in its intended environment. Taylor’s technical assistance and support helps accelerate the process of going from initial design concepts to full-scale production. Being able to participate in the design development stages as well as control every step of the glazing and metal forming processes minimizes lead times and maximizes product quality. Ensure the Finest Windshields, Windows, Hatches, Portlights and Doors in the Recreational Boating Industry. Worldwide Applications for Taylor Tempered Glass Many of the advanced glass technologies and production methods that have placed Taylor Made Systems in the forefront of the marine glazing market have applications in a number of other industries. These industries include Architecture, Automotive, Appliances, Furniture, Transportation, and Off Highway. To satisfy the different needs of these markets, our Taylor Made Glass production facilities provide tempered safety glass in a virtually unlimited variety of forms, sizes and tints. Whether the application calls for compound curved glass or flat glass, porthole- or wall-size, clear or tinted, Taylor Made Glass can supply the solution. From mass transit to farm tractors, from yachts to architectural wall systems, precision-made Taylor flat and curved tempered glass provide security, clarity and beauty in hundreds of products and settings.

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