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• A big part of science is to make sure that when an individual

completes a project, that they can repeat that same project

again with the notes that they took. This needs to be done so

that, that individual can see if they made a mistake and fix it,

or just to make sure that the results that they got were concrete

and true.

• So based on what was just said we were told to do the same

research project again, to make sure that the results that we got

were correct, and can be done again based on the notes we



Final Conclusion

• When we did the experiment again, we found

out that we were able to replicate the project

and get the same results.

• We also found out that ALS5 does affect the

way yeast grows. On the CSM plates the yeast

strains grew smaller and took a longer time to

grow. So we know that when yeast is placed

under CSM conditions they will not grow as

fast as yeast placed under other conditions.

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