By David Jensen
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Trials & Tribulations of Leucaena Establishment


David Jensen


• Good sandy loamy country 42km north Roma

• Fallow for 2 years due to lack of rain

• Country ploughed, stick‐raked, sprayed 1.5litres

roundup several times

• 13 th Feb 2003 start planting

• Cunningham and Taramba seed

• Single row planter

• Rows 5m‐6m apart

• Attempted to grow inter row Creeping Blue & Fine

Cut Rhoades grasses


Single row planter

Basic equipment

Poor markings for rows


Lack of knowledge

Country rough

Ploughed to deep

Top soil started to dry


Lost 3 hrs due to flat tyre

Gleniris –Country ploughed and sprayed fallow for 2

years. Originally pine and buffell country.

12 months later Feb 2004

Gleniris 2007


Field day


Taramba has

already been

cut once

Gleniris 2010

Taramba regrowth following cutting at 1 metre

Cunningham and Taramba varieties

• Oct 2007 10metre rows – ploughed

twice. Fire harrows behind to break up

buffel clumps

• Planted into old silk / buffel country

• Plant 28th Nov – 3rd Dec on 89mm rain

• Cunningham 2lb/ acre ‐ 610 acres total in

2 paddocks

• Good strike rate

• Extensive Wallaby and roo damage reduce


Yarribin 2009

Planted in

November 2007

10 metre rows

Inter row


several times

Buffell grass control

2009 Yarribin

Yarribin Oct‐Nov 2011

Rotationally grazed through winter.

Wallabies have eaten growth

to their reach.

Regrowth after fire showing

stunted plants.


• 4 paddocks –variation of old cultivation oats/silk

country and strips into buffel country

• Dec 2007 on full moisture profile

• Double row planter

• Good strike rate

• Attempted to grow inter row grasses

• Heavy frost country

Ram Paddock‐Lyndale

Planted 3 rd Dec 2007 on full moisture profile

Ram Pdk 12 mths after planting

Old oats country

Ploughed fence to fence and

sprayed out

Nugget Gully


Planted Dec 2007

10 metre rows

ploughed into

improved buffel


3 metre wide

strips ploughed

and sprayed

Nugget Gully

Too much grass

between rows –

next time I

would plough

out more grass

Nugget Gully 2010 Field day

Scrub Pdk Lyndale 2010 planted

into old silk sorghum country

Frost damage

Showing growth after frost damage

Oct 2011

The Good

• Has improved the worst country at Lyndale although

not the prettiest stand

• Drought proofed some paddocks

• Good weight gains

• Quick response to rain in the sandy loamy country

• Use as a protein bank

Steers on 3 year old


Take home messages

• Small paddocks

• Rotational grazing – good fencing

• Wallaby control

• Plough wider rows

• Spray buffel between rows

• Good preparation of ground

• Don’t count the cost!!!!!

• Use auto steer to for precision rows

The Bad & Ugly

• Rain at the wrong time

• Wallaby damage

• Crusting

• Competition from other crops

• Planting when soil is too moist

• Plant deaths from chemical concentration

• Feed only 6 mths of the year due to frost damage

When all else fails go fishing!!!

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