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FA Respect Campaign 5

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US Revolution 12

Respect at Randlay Colts 6

FA Respect—Parents and Spectators 7

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FA to Invest in Grassroots Football 9

Responsible Parking 10

Wrekin Run 10

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Randlay Colts and US Revolution post

friendly match

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U8’s Randlay Colts teams Blues and Colts

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We hope you are excited about the new season as we are.

The season will start on the 13th September 2015 will run until 18th

May 2016.

Matches will be forecasted on the Telford Junior League Website and

will be updated on a weekly basis. Teams will play in a variety of

League and Cup games throughout the season.

League Website

The under 7 to under 11 teams will play in non-competitive league

matches, therefore results and league rankings will not be published


It’s likely there will be a Futsal League for the U7 and U8 teams and possibly for the u9’s too, which will

replace the outdoor league during the cold winter months, details are yet to be confirmed by the league.

We wish all our teams the best of luck in the Season

Use of Social Media

In line with the aims of the FA for youth development and the FA Social

Media Policy We request that results from non-competitive games (u7 to

u11’s) are not published on personal social media sites as well as comments

about players and parents.

Photography and Videoing

The FA encourages the taking of appropriate images of children in football. It’s

important to remember the majority of images taken are appropriate and taken in

good faith. If we take the following simple measures we can help to ensure the

safety of children in football.

1. Don’t publish photographs with the full name(s) of the individual(s) featured

unless you have written consent to do so and you have informed the parents as

to how the image will be used

2. Use player profiles with pictures and detailed personal information.

3. Use an image for something other than that which it was initially agreed, e.g. published in local press

when initially produced for a clubhouse commemorative picture

4. Allow images to be recorded in changing rooms, showers or toilets – this includes the use of mobile

phones that record images.

The FA have released recommended guidance for the use of Photographs and Videos.

If you are concerned about the inappropriate use of images please report this to our Child Welfare Officer.


Subs 2015/16

Club subs are due for payment by all players

(less Mini-Colts) on the 1st September.

An email prompting payment will be sent to the

registered email address of the player.

We offer the following payment options:

Payment of £60 in full or three x £20 Monthly

payments to be paid on the 1st of September,

October and November.

We have many outgoings both before and during

the season and we rely on prompt payment to

ensure that we have adequate levels of cashflow

so that all team and club payments can be made

to facilitate this seasons football.

We are a non for profit organisation and

everyone involved is a volunteer and receives no




goes back into


Club to support our

activities so it’s important

for us that Subs are paid promptly.

Please be aware that it is the Clubs Policy that

if payments are not made within 3 weeks of the

due date, then that player will be suspended by

the Club and will not be able to take part in

team training or matches until the account is

brought upto date, we think this only fair to all

other parents who have maintained their


Please contact the Membership Secretary if

there are any problems with making any

payments or accessing the online payment

How to Pay

Subs are to be paid online through your

online membership account.

Please do not make payments to Team


At this time you may take any option


The Club would like to request that

you use the Go Cardless method of

payment as there are less transaction fee’s paid

by the Club than via paypal, which obviously

means more money can be put back into the


If this is not suitable then payment can

be made using the PayPal option.

Please be assured that payments are

made via a secure server, Randlay

Colts has no access to any banking


We understand that not everyone

is able to make payment online

and request that you contact the

Membership Secretary on

info@randlaycoltsjfc.co.uk or call 07557

003147 to discuss other payment


Go Cardless payments will take between 1 to 10 days to clear.

PayPal payments are taken immediately.

A confirmation email will be sent to confirm payment.

To access your account please login* using this link:


*if logging into your account for the first time you will be required to set up a password first.


Respect is the collective responsibility of those involved in football,

at all levels to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in

which the game can take place. It is the behavioural code for


The Respect programme was launched for the 2008-09 season

and sought to build upon practical measures that progressive

clubs, leagues and


organisations had been

promoting for some

time. This included the use of Codes of Conduct and designated spectator


This is not just something that happens at other clubs. It happens at all clubs!

The Respect programme aims to allow referees to officiate and young

people to participate in matches without being subjected to abuse by

players, coaches, parents or spectators. It is an issue for the whole of

football and it may take many years to change the win-at-all-costs culture.

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions to ensure a positive

environment in which football is enjoyed by all

Everyone involved in football has a role to play in addressing negative

behaviour and encouraging a positive environment, in which football is

enjoyed by all.

On average, 7,000 referees quit football every year at because of the

abuse they receive from players and from the sidelines. Lots of children

also pack it in because of the attitude and actions of over-enthusiastic and

pushy parents.

Regrettably, we've all seen or experienced it. The spectators and players shouting abuse at the referee. The parent

shouting angrily at their player what to do. Kids standing on the sideline taunting players. Parents abusing the coach.

Even spectators unwittingly shouting nonsensical instructions to their team and in the process confusing them.

In response, The FA’s Respect programme provides a series of

tools for leagues, clubs, coaches, referees, players and parents

from grassroots to elite football to ensure a safe, positive

environment in which to enjoy the game.

The FA has also launched a free online Respect Parent Guide to

highlight examples of poor behaviour and, more importantly, how

it can be improved. We ask that all parents please visit the FA

Respect page and watch the video.



RESPECT at Randlay Colts

We at Randlay Colts fully support the FA Respect Campaign and we hope players, parents and

supporters will help us in providing a safe and positive environment for players to enjoy and develop their

skills in football.


Please remember all our Coaches, Managers, Linesman and Referees are all volunteers not professionals and most likely

parents of players too, they give up many hours of their personal and family time for free to facilitate football for our players. We

expect our volunteers to be treated with respect and be supported by players, parents and supporters alike.

We will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse from players or adults and will not hesitate to take further action to protect our

volunteers and players where incidents arise.


We expect our parents and supporters to:

· Remain outside the field of play behind the Designated Spectator

Area (respect barrier), not to approach Managers or Players during

the game (including half time).

· Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language

or behaviour. You must inform the team manger and club welfare

officer of such events.

· Praise and applaud good play from both teams and also for their


· Children play for FUN, its the children’s game not the adults.

· Don’t confuse players by telling them what to do hence ‘One Voice Coaching’

· Encourage the players to respect the opposition and match officials

· Never criticise a player when making a mistake, mistakes are part of learning.

“One Voice Coaching”

Only the coach should coach and the coach’s voice is the one that stands out. By all means parents should encourage and

support the team but to not give instructions to the players from the sidelines. The reason is because conflicting instructions

confuses the children and puts them under pressure to decide who to please, the parent or the coach?

Leave the coaching to the coaches!

We understand that emotions can run high on

matchday, we therefore request that if there are any

issues that you take these up with your team manager

at the next training session as these can be handled

much more effectively at a different time.

Please do not confront officials on match day. Either

speak to your Manager at the next training or report

issues of concern to the Club Welfare officer.

Please watch this video from the FA

Click here


RESPECT at Randlay Colts


Our Players are the only reason we have Randlay Colts and we want them to enjoy and

participate fully in each and every aspect of training and matches. To do this we also have

expectations for our players behaviour.

We except our players to

· Always play to the best of their ability

· Play fairly – not to cheat, complain or

waste time

· Respect their team-mates, the other

team, the referee and the coaches

and managers.

· Play by the rules, as directed by the


· Shake hands with the other team and

referee at the end of the game

· Listen and respond to what coach/

team manager tells them.


Randlay Colts have a Club Welfare Officer who is the focal point for issues concerning the

welfare of our players. Our Club Welfare Officers liaise directly with League and the FA Welfare

Officers over incidents at our training and matches.

We encourage parents to report bad behaviour or any concerns they have, this should be in the

first instant be to the Team Manager who maybe able to resolve an issue immediately or if this

is not possible then concerns can be reported direct to our Club Welfare Officer who will contact

you to discuss the issue as soon as possible.

Our Club Welfare Officer (John Davies) can be contacted on 07815164974 or email




The FA will invest more than a quarter of a billion pounds in grassroots football over the

next four years as ambitious new plans are unveiled for the nation’s favourite sport.

The figure will be supplemented by a further multimillion

pound investment supported by government in

the creation of new city hubs across 30 cities in


The National Game Strategy for Participation and

Development, will target four key areas of the amateur

game for investment between now and 2019.

The four areas where the new strategy will impact are:

Boosting Participation: Building on the increases

in boys and girls participation and growth in disability football, while delivering more varied formats of the

game to address the drop in traditional 11v11 weekend football among adult males.

Developing better players: £4million per year – including an annual £2million investment from the

government – will be invested in grassroots coaching. There will be a network of County Coaches –

tasked with improving and supporting coaching across

grassroots football with club mentoring programmes.

The extension of coach bursaries will get more women

and people from diverse backgrounds into the

profession and there will be a drive to get more top

level grassroots coaches into the game.

Better training and facilities: The FA is

committing £48million – directly through its funding of

the Football Foundation as well as investment in 100

new turf pitches and improvements to a further 2,000

as part of The FA’s Pitch Improvement Plan. Further

funds have also been dedicated to building 30 new football hubs across key cities.

Football workforce: Football will become more representative of the communities it serves through

inclusion initiatives. The FA is also rolling out technology to run the game more efficiently and create direct

lines of communication with players across all grassroots leagues making football truly integrated.


Responsible Parking

We kindly ask that parents and visitors to Stirchley Fields to park

responsibly, we do receive complaints from local residents and local

authorities over poor and inconsiderate parking and therefore request

that cars are parked appropriately and are not blocking pavements for

pedestrians to pass by unhindered or for local residents to access and

egress their properties.

Additionally we request that cars do not

block the emergency gate on Stirchley Road,

in the event of a medical emergency, we

may need an ambulance to access pitches to provide treatment to an

Please be aware that Local Enforcement Officers do police the area around

Stirchley Fields and a number of vehicles were given fixed penalty charges

for inconsiderate parking last year..

Your assistance and co-operation will be greatly appreciated.


17th October

Randlay Colts will be holding its much loved annual sponsorship event.

Teams will assemble at the foot of the Wrekin and be set off in turn to reach the top!

Players and Parents are encouraged to gain sponsored to raise extra funds for your teams.

Sponsorship forms and timings will be sent out to everyone in September.

Please keep the 17th October free in your diaries...and we hope to see you all there!!!

We kindly ask that goals are not ‘dragged’ along the

floor but carried by two people., this is to protect the

bag and prevent any loss of goal parts .

5v5 and 7v7 Goals

Please assemble goals correctly and do not force parts


Please ensure goals are pegged down securely to

prevent injury to players.

The referee will not allow a game to commence if the

goals are insecure or incomplete.

Please report any loss or damage of parts to team



Team talk from the benches!

U8 Blues

Scribe—Steve Meredith (Manager)

After the success of reaching the final of our own Randlay Colts Summer

Tournament, Under 8 Blues were runners up at the NSC Tournament in


The new season sees Camron Broadhurst

having a three week trial at Wolves. Bayden

Ngo-Zulu at Manchester United's Development

Centre and the following players at Stoke City

Development Centre... Joseph Meredith, Harvie

Warrington, Dylan Wormstone, SJ Karim Deen

and Munji Eltaib. The team would also like to

welcome Spencer Frost who has signed from

Oakengates Rangers.

Under 8 Blues would like to thank 'Print You' managing director Steven

Galbraith for sponsoring the team and providing the players with a full away

kit, personalised hoodies and mugs.


We have had confirmation that the

Mini-Colts will be able to continue to

train Saturday mornings 10-11am in

the new Sports Hall of the Lakeside

Academy when it opens in September.

Places remain available for 5—6 year

olds to join, please contact Colin

Dorning on 07867 826847.



Our Under 12 teams are looking for

Goalkeepers for this season.

Anyone interested needs to contact the

Managers direct (Marc Bedworth—

07805 068524) & (Lee—07478



The following team have been selected to carry out ball boy duties for AFC Telford:

U12 Colts (Marc Bedworth)


AFC Telford v Alfreton Town

U14 Blues (James Inglis)


AFC Telford v Gloucester City

U13 Colts (Natasha Walrond)


AFC Telford v Hendesford Town

U12 Blues (Sherzan Salim (Lee))


AFC Telford v Bradford Park Avenue

Players are to arrive at the New Bucks Head disable entrance for 14:15 to be briefed by

AFC Telford. Ball boys will receive a drink and a small snack at half time. Parents

wishing to watch the game will need to enter and pay through the main turn stiles.

Players can be collected from the disabled entrance at 16:45.

Randlay Colts and US Revolution

US Revolution recruit and tour Europe entering

International Tournaments and were visiting the UK

to enter the Nottingham International Tournament.

Our Club secretary had befriended the team in

2014 and whilst touring this year Randaly Colts

offered them a friendly match with mixed age

Randlay Colts team.

A number of Randlay Colts players joined the US

Revolution and played in the International

Tournament, playing against other International

teams from scoring a number of goals for the


US Revolution continued onto London to have

training session with West Ham United

Coaches followed by a tour of London and

going to Wembley to watch Arsenal and

Chelsea playing in the Community Shield Final.

Jack, Ben and Jamie had a great tour with the

team and are looking forward to their return in



Randlay Colts Diary 2015/16

Sept -

Oct -

13th - Start of 2015/16 Season.

17th - Wrekin Run

TBC - Children's Halloween Party

Dec -

TBC - Children's Christmas Party

Jan -

TBC - U7, U8 & U9 Futsal League

May -

7th - Annual Club Presentations

Children's Halloween Party

We would like to hold a

Halloween Party for our

teams but require people

to organise and run the


We need people to

organise a venue, decorations, disco and

party games! I

f your interested in helping, please contact

your team manager or email

info@randlaycoltsjfc.co.uk direct.


To the following

volunteers for passing the

following FA Courses


1st4sport Level 1 Award in Coaching


· Luke Gray (Mini-Colts)

· Richard Burton (U11 Colts)

· Angela Jordan (U7 Hawks)

1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate in

Coaching Football

· Sherzan Salim (Lee) - (U12 Blues)

Welfare Officer Workshop

Children's Christmas


We would like to hold a

Christmas Party for our

Under 10 and below teams

but require people to

organise and run the event.

We need people to organise a venue,

decorations, disco, presents and the visit of


If your interested in helping, please contact

your team manager or email

info@randlaycoltsjfc.co.uk direct.

· John Davies (U10 Colts)



U5 & U6 Min-Colts Colin Dorning 07867 826847


Hawks Angela Jordan 07948 308760

Eagles Martin Standen 07967 370975


Blue Steven Meredith 07843 308802

White Ben Stubley 07884 111393

Colts Joey Hall 07788 724226


Blue Stephen Aston 07906 466518

Whites Daniel Newell 07795 903209

U10 Colts John Davies 07948 139936


Colts Richard Burton 07473 160823

Blues Michael Owusu-Addo 07883 404202


Colts Marc Bedworth 07805 068524

Blues Sherzan Salim (Lee) 07478 394929

U13 Colts Natasha Walrond 07880 124376

U14 Blue James Inglis 07771 846065


Chairman James Inglis 07771 846065

Vice-Chairman Colin Dorning 07867 826847




Paul Chadderton 07557 003147

John Davies 07948 139936

Welfare Officer

Kev Ash 07974 813988


Photo credits to Gary Morby

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