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Council Tax Leaflet 2011-12 - Police and Crime Commissioner for ...

essex police

Council tax details

for 2011/12

Essex Police Authority

Essex Police Authority is responsible for

making sure you (the people of Essex)

have an efficient and effective police

service in the areas covered by Essex County

Council and the two unitary authorities of

Southend and Thurrock. There is a separate

Council Tax charge on all properties in this

area to pay for policing services. The following

information summarises the police authority’s

plan for policing in 2011/12 and how it will be

funded. Essex Police’s vision is to make Essex

the safest place in the country with the best

policing. We will achieve this by reducing crime

and anti-social behaviour, reassuring the

public and making the best use of our


The coming year will be particularly

challenging due to the budget cuts across the

police service. This will mean that the force has

to reduce the number of staff and officers that

are employed. However, we will continue to

make the best use of our resources to deliver

the best possible service to the people of Essex.

Policing Plan for 2011/12

The Policing Plan sets out the local policing

priorities for 2011/12 and shows how we will

achieve these.

Essex Police Authority and Essex Police have

identified your views and concerns. The areas

you want us to focus on are reflected in our

priorities for the coming year. These include

reducing crime, tackling anti-social behaviour,

and disorder and combating drug-related


Essex Police will continue to reduce those

crimes that cause most harm to local

communities. We will also develop our existing

partnerships with other forces and agencies, as

this will strengthen our capability to tackle the

most serious crimes and incidents.

Essex Police is committed to giving a high

standard of service that meets the needs of the

diverse communities we serve. We will strive to

improve further the level of satisfaction with

our services through our policing style, which is

responsive, accessible and puts the citizen first.

Summary of performance against our 2010/11 Policing Plan priorities

All crime recorded in Essex (April to

December 2010 compared to the same period

the previous year) fell by 2.5%, while incidents

of anti-social behaviour fell by 11% and

dwelling burglary by 6.4%. At the same time

we have increased overall victim satisfaction in

our policing to 85.3%.

We have increased the number of Class A drug

offenders brought to justice by 95% against

last year. Over the same period the force has

seized funds and assets from criminals worth

£3.3 million, exceeding the target of £1.75


We have continued to make the best use of

our resources and have made savings of £11.2

million, exceeding the target of £8.6 million.

The full Policing Plan for 2011/12, which says

more about policing priorities and

targets, will be on the Essex Police website at after 31 March 2011.

Funding the plan

The budget below shows how Essex Police

Authority will fund the policing services in

2011/12. Its commitments are shown in the

Essex Policing Plan.

Budgeting for policing

Essex Police Authority has approved a budget

of £269m for the force. There will be no rise in

Council Tax this year.

Rising costs of contracts and unavoidable

cost pressures

The 2011/12 revenue budget includes a rise

of £1.1m in the cost of existing contracts and

new cost pressures.

Budget Savings

In 2011/12, budget savings of £17 million are

needed to meet cost increases and a reduction

in a number of Government grants. At the time

of setting the budget, savings of £12m had

been found leaving £5m to be found during the



As at 31 March 2011, Essex Police Authority

will have no outstanding external debt.

Essex Police Authority

planned spending





Cost per Head of

Population (in £)

Net Expenditure 275.48 284.08

Less Use of Balances (7.61) (15.13)

Budget Requirement 267.87 268.95 152.87

Financed by:

Home Office Grant 111.63 117.61

Revenue Support Grant & Business Rates 71.40 65.69

Council Tax 84.80 85.32

Surplus on Collection Fund 0.04 0.33

Council Tax 2011/12

Band D is used as the base for calculating

the tax. The equivalent number of Band

D properties in Essex is 645,771. To raise

Council Tax income of £85.32m a Council

Tax (Band D) of £132.12 is needed. The other

seven bands are fixed in direct proportion to

Band D:

Band A £88.08 Band B £102.76

Band C £117.44 Band D £132.12

Band E £161.48 Band F £190.84

Band G £220.20 Band H £264.24

Staff Numbers

(full time equivalent)

Estimated provision

in budget 2010/11 2011/12

Police Officers



Police Community

Support Officers 1



Police Staff







The staffing figures for 2011/12 reflect the estimated

budget provision by 31st March 2012.


Subject to partner agencies continuing funding for jointly funded posts

Equality scheme

Essex Police Authority and Essex Police have

equality schemes that set out:

• how we will promote equality

• how we will work to eliminate

discrimination and harassment

For further details please contact the Equality

and Diversity Manager on 01245 452988

For more information

Essex Police Authority and Essex Police

welcome your views about the service we


For further information about Essex Police

activities and initiatives please visit

Or call the Essex Police 24-hour

non-emergency number 0300 333 4444.

If you see a crime or serious incident

happening, or you think someone is at serious

risk of injury or there is a risk of serious

damage to property, you should dial 999.

Visit for more

information about this and any other Essex

Police Authority responsibilities, or to make a

comment or suggestion please contact:

The Chief Executive

3 Hoffmanns Way



CM1 1GU.

Phone: 01245 291600


If you want to get more detailed financial

information please contact the Financial

Services department at police headquarters:

PO Box 2




CM2 6DA.

Phone: 01245 452615

Fax: 01245 452568


Essex Police will be running a

burglary campaign from

March 2011.

To beat the burglar log onto for

some hints and tips on how to

keep your home safe.

For a large-print,

translation or

braille copy

of these pages

please contact

01245 457223

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