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SEEING THE BIG PICTURE Over years of innovation, Zebra Technologies has achieved a clear view of the entire industrial supply chain and how it can add value at each link. Zebra now enables its customers to achieve their business goals more quickly, more safely, more accurately and more efficiently. Component Tracking The accuracy of barcoding enables companies to track individual parts, certify documentation, ensure procedural compliance and prevent tampering. AConnectivity - Component manufacturing - Product identification - Quality assurance - Inventory tracking - Compliance labeling - WIP management - Warehouse management - Commerce today demands ever-increasing speed and efficiency in the delivery of goods and services. Zebra’s key enabling technologies automate information exchange to maximize efficiencies at every step of a company’s operations, from production to inventory, to shipping, receiving and tracking, and ultimately, to sale and delivery to the customer. ZebraLink maximizes uptime and gives users unparalleled control over their bar code printer networks. Alert instantly sends a message to any email-enabled device when a printer runs out of ribbon or labels, or other situations arise. With WebView, network administrators download label formats and configure a printer to optimize performance and meet customer needs quickly. The ZBI TM basic interpreter can control other peripheral devices for cost-effective stand-alone operations, as well as interpret non-Zebra data streams. Connectivity Direct connections to enterprise, warehouse management and other data networks add value to Zebra printers. Web and wireless connectivity increases printer flexibility by eliminating costly hard wiring. 4 | Zebra Technologies Corporation 2001 Annual Report

On-Demand Shelf Labeling Package Labeling Barcoding speeds shipping and makes it possible to track the billions of packages sent each year. Better tracking reduces losses and helps ensure on-time deliveries, especially in time-critical business operations. QL320 Pricing updates are handled quickly and accurately thanks to networked mobile printing solutions for scanning and printing right on the selling floor. The Zebra Portable Radio (ZPR) clips onto handheld devices for short-range wireless communication with Zebra mobile printers to add functionality and flexibility. Z Package labeling - Cross-docking - Receiving and stocking - In-store pricing - On-demand shelf labeling - Self-serve kiosk printing - Point-of-sale receipts and coupons - Mobile POS/queue busting - Customer loyalty cards Mobile POS/Queue Busting With magnetic stripe and smart card readers on Zebra mobile printers, retailers can add wireless, point-of-sale locations during peak times for instant improvement in productivity and customer service. Economical mobile POS solutions shorten checkout Cameo 2sc lines, increase customer satisfaction and prevent lost sales. They also maximize selling space by eliminating the need for additional fixed POS stations. Zebra Technologies Corporation 2001 Annual Report | 5

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