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Warehouse Management Software - Datex

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

FootPrint® WMS is a robust system capable of handling complex

operations and a volume of transactions. The system goes beyond what

a regular WMS is designed to do by providing a unique way to handle

your operations.

Some of the standards features include:


P.O. Receiving

EDI / ASN Receiving

Blind Receiving

Partial Receiving

Cross Docking


System-Directed Picking

Single Order Picking

Cluster Picking

Zone picking

Batch Picking

Wave Management


System-Directed Putaway

User-Directed Putaway

Location Confirmation


Packing Slip

Packing Confirmation

Inventory Management

Automatic Allocation

Automatic Replenishment

Lot and Serial # Control

Multiple Stock Rotations

Cycle Counting

Load Building

Location Management


Carrier Assignment

Shipment Confirmation

Bill of Lading

Email Notification

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Increase Customer Service with FootPrint®

Companies can no longer afford to manage purchasing, logistics and sales as separate functions or try to optimize each individually.

By allowing a real-time interface between these functions and the warehouse, you are enabled with the ability to forecast more

accurately, shorten sales cycles, lower on hand inventory, and provide better service to your customers. Datex provides fully

integrated solutions to FootPrint® WMS as well as interfacing with 3rd party software solutions already in use by your company.

ERP Integration

Datex FootPrint® WMS can integrate completely with most

ERP and Accounting Systems on the market including Great

Plains, ACCPAC, SAP, Quickbooks, MAS 500, Peachtree,

Intelisys, and many others. This integration allows your

company to have the warehouse and accounting in sync with

real-time information.

Transportation Management System

The Transportation Management System allows your company

to manage drivers, assign routes, and view realtime shipping

and tracking information. When combined with FootPrint®

WMS, your company will have the latest information on your

inventory, inside and outside of the warehouse.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard provides managers with key

performance indicators in order to supply an overview of the

health of the company and what areas are not performing up

to standards. The information is pulled from the WMS and is

tracked in real-time.

EDI Capabilities

FootPrint® WMS has the capability of providing EDI files to transfer

information with other companies, retailers or suppliers. Many of the

major retailers require the use of EDI for their transactions, making

it a “must” for many companies dealing with retailers like Wal-Mart,

Target, JC Penney and others.

Centralized Purchasing System

The Centralized Purchasing System provides a robust tool for

procurement management. The system integrates with the WMS,

providing real-time information into your inventory to help

accurately manage and control the entire ordering and supply chain


Customer e-Portal

The customer e-Portal is a powerful tool designed to increase

visibility into your inventory as well as provide an improved service

to your customers. This tool will allow your customers to see their

inventory levels, create orders, view reports, and complete many

other functions required by your business.

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Yard Management System

The Yard Management System provides increased

visibility outside the four walls of your warehouse by

allowing you to see the inventory available in containers

and trucks within the yard as well as assisting with the

scheduling of dock doors, all in real-time.

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