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PCT applications grew by 4.5% on

account of China and the US

An estimated 214,500 applications were filed in 2014,

representing an increase of 4.5% on 2013 figures and

marking the fifth consecutive year of growth. China and

the United States of America (US) combined accounted

for nearly 90% of total growth.

Japan recorded its first decrease

in filings in 22 years

With 61,492 PCT applications filed, the US saw a 7.1%

growth on 2013. China, with 25,539 filings, saw the highest

annual growth among the top 10 countries, with an

increase of 18.7% on 2013 figures. The number of filings

from Japan, the second largest PCT user, decreased for

the first time since 1992; as a result of a 3% drop, a total

of 42,459 filings.

Among the top 10 filing countries, 7 saw growth. Notable

increases originated from the United Kingdom (UK) (+9%),

the Republic of Korea (+6.2%) and France (+5.2%). The

number of filings from Switzerland (-5.9%), Japan (-3%)

and Sweden (-0.5%) decreased.

Other countries that saw notable increases included

Saudi Arabia (+110.2%), Mexico (+21.9%), Barbados

(+17.4%) and Singapore (+12.6%). In contrast, South

Africa (-15.4%) and Brazil (-11.6%) saw sharp decreases.

China increased its presence

among the top PCT applicants

Two of the top three applicants were located in China.

With 3,442 applications published, Huawei Technologies

Co. Ltd. of China became the top PCT applicant. It

also became the third company to have had more than

3,000 applications published in the space of one year.

Qualcomm Inc. of the US and ZTE Co. of China ranked

second and third, respectively. Both companies overtook

Panasonic Co., the top 2013 filer, which moved down

three places.

For the first time, over 10% of the top 50 PCT applicants

were from China. Among the top 50 companies, the

majority were from Japan (19), followed by the US (15)

and China (6). The number of Chinese applicants ranking

among the top 50 doubled between 2013 and 2014.

Computer technology became the

technology field with the most applications

Due to notable annual growth of 19.4%, computer technology

became the field with the highest number of PCT

applications published (17,653) in 2014. It was followed by

digital communication (16,165) and electrical machinery

(15,220). The latter, which was ranked in first position

in 2012 and 2013, moved down two places, despite

achieving 1.1% growth.

Among the 35 fields of technology, 13 saw double-digit

growth; these fields included medical technology (+17.1%)

and digital communication (+14.5%).


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