News from Mark and Sue
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News from Mark and Sue -

News from Mark and Sue

Issue 14.2 Autumn/Winter 2008/09

Serving with “Youth With A Mission Cymru/Wales“ in Wrexham, North Wales

T o t h e o n e w h o c o n q u e r s I w i l l g r a n t t o e a t o f t h e t r e e o f l i f e , w h i c h i s i n t h e p a r a d i s e o f G o d .

R e v e l a t i o n s 2 v e r s e 7



Another Year....

Yup! Another year has gone by...

it never ceases to amaze us just how

quickly this time of year can come

around—still, we do like Christmas!

Anyway, there is lots to tell you

about, so grab your winter warming

tipple and spend a few minutes with

some of your favourite missionaries...

Enjoying a rare shot together

Family News

One of the most exciting pieces of

news is that we are now expecting

number 4! Yes—during the summer

we prayed about whether we should

try for another baby to keep Emily

company. We felt a good sense from

God to go ahead and try and, wayhay!,

we got pregnant in September. So, put

20 May in your diaries for our next big

day. We are looking forward to the

new arrival very much indeed.

Zaak and Tasha were also very busy

over the summer and Autumn with

Zaak having his first week away from

us at a Welsh speaking holiday. Tasha

too enjoyed a 3 day sail from Looe to

Liverpool with Mark on YWAM’s boat

the Next Wave. She was only sick once

and they had a fantastic time seeing

dolphins and climbing the rigging.

Mum & Dad

The last 6 months have definitely

been tiring, but worth it as we see our

precious family grow. Emily started

crawling a few weeks back and now is

simply off and around the house at

amazing speed. We have really

enjoyed seeing Zaak and Tasha grow

too with them enjoying cubs and

brownies, learning their instruments

and generally having lots of fun.

As a result, it has required a bit of

rescheduling of our family diaries, but

we seem to be finding a routine.


Because of the appointments of a

National Accountant and National

Operations Director that we reported

on last time, the opportunity to get

stuck in to some more Wales centred

projects has really taken off.

You will see from the various panels

that there is LOTS going on, but we

are still sensing that God has

something very specific to say about

the future in Wales and YWAM’s role in



Getting to grips with what it means to be a follower of

Jesus is not always straightforward. Particularly if you are

young person—there is so much to draw you away from

God, your calling and your faith.

One of the things that we love doing the most is showing

young people some of the truths of what it means to be a

follower of Jesus. Seeing the light bulb of faith go on in

their eyes is simply outstanding.

As such, YWAM in conjunction with Urban Saints and the

Anglican Church have launched a program aimed at Youth

Workers in North Wales.

Meeting monthly, we get together to talk about the issues facing young people

today, offer teaching, creative ways of worship and, importantly, time for prayer

and counsel for each person.

TREAD implies how to ‘get a grip’ on our lives and we are convinced that this

generation will have the keys to reach their peers—if believed in & prayed for.

Teaching, Puppets and More!

This year has seen lots and lots of opportunities

for us to engage with some

more missionary focussed activities.

For example, this Christmas Mark has

again been part of the touring ‘Sioe

Welsh Speaking Puppet Show

Bypedau’, or Puppet Show, that takes

the traditional nativity story and presents

it in a creative and contemporary way to

Welsh speaking primary children. Very

challenging, but great fun—he says!

We have also seen further opportunities

to speak on training schools and

churches through the year. Mark particularly

enjoys this, but we have had to say

no to some next year as we could end up

spending all our time on this!

Our work with the National Prayer

Breakfast continues as we prepare for

the next one in March 2009.

This one will be held in Cardiff and we

expect representatives from government,

business, education and more—as

well as church representation too.

This time last year we had just

returned from 9 weeks away in

Harpenden with a clear sense that

Wales was our future. During this year,

this has been confirmed via many

opportunities to do missions and yet

we are still sensing that there is

more—and perhaps something very

specific—to come.

YWAM had a very clear word from

God internationally that we were to

prepare for growth. As leaders we

have wrestled this through in much

prayer and discussion and here in

Wales we have now set a

couple of dates to work this

through some of our

(Continued overleaf)

(Continued from overleaf)

Emily on Holiday

senior leaders in the mission. They are

due to spend some time with us in

the New Year.

Wrexham and Wales

Whilst that is going on we are still

committed very much to what God is

doing locally and amongst the churches

in the Wrexham area.

Mark has had several opportunities to

speak locally as well as travelling a bit

further afield in the nation to share about

what God is doing.

One particular highlight was travelling

to Anglesey to speak to a group of

Christians who are seeking to work, pray

and worship together from across the

island. When we seek to draw near to

God together in this way, we are naturally

drawn closer to God in unity, with the

result that God will literally ‘command

his blessing (Ps 133).

YWAM’s role on the National Prayer

Breakfast continues with plans at an

advanced stage for next year’s breakfast

in Cardiff. We also remain fully engaged

with the New Generation Leaders and

Tread programmes (see panels) and are

very excited about what is happening.

Please Pray

2009 will be a big year for us—changes

in family, ministry developments and the

sense that God will release something

new for us.

It would be very easy to ‘coast in

ministry’ but God is clearly telling us to

prepare our hearts before him as a

priority—not to do so would be serious.

As such we value your continued prayers

for us and would ask that you regularly

Dad & Tasha Sailing—Really!

pray for us as and when you can.

Thank you again for all your love and

support over the year—it means a lot!

Hope you enjoyed our update from Wales.

Have a wonderful Christmas and may you

know God’s fullest blessing in the New Year.


This autumn saw the second

major event for the New Generation

Leaders, or NGL, consortium.

Founded with the desire

to find 100 young leaders

from within the nation of

Wales, this exciting project

really got under way this October

in Welshpool, Powys.

Some Leaders in the Making

YWAM, Urban Saints, the

Evangelical Alliance—to name a

few—have come together to

bring mentoring, encouragement

and discipleship to the

next generation of leaders.

God was amazingly faithful

and He provided not just 100,

but over 170 young leaders.

Next year is going to be fun...!

Love from

Mark, Sue, Zaak,

Tasha, Emily

& bump! xxx

Want to know what to Pray? Thank you for praying for us - it means a great deal

Join us in praising God for the continuing development of our family. With Emily celebrating her first

birthday, our 4th baby on the way and Zaak and Tasha growing fast, we are so grateful for all that we see!

Amazingly, and despite the credit crunch, we have seen the sale of flat almost go through. We are at an

advanced stage and hope to complete within days. We have had to take a lower price that we originally

needed, but please pray that this goes through and that God leads us clearly with regard to homes!

We sense that 2009 is going to be a year of some revelation about all sorts of things. We would gratefully

value your prayers for us so that we would be in the best place to hear from God. We would also

welcome any words, thoughts or pictures that any of our friends may have for us too....

The credit crunch has meant that we have lost supporters this year with the result that things

have got tighter than expected. Join us in faith that God has never forsaken us—and never will!

Want to get in

touch with us?


24 Havard Way ~ Wrexham

LL13 9LR ~ Wales

Phone: +44 1978 365766


A Very Merry Christmas and

Blessed New Year

to all our friends and family!

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