Good Health News - August 2015

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August 2015

Volume 7 - No.10



Health in Motion director Natan Gendelman talks about how to maintain a

healthy & balanced lifestyle.


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Health Talk: Dangers of

Protein Shakes

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Insect Repellant


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Cherry-Lime Infused

Water Recipe

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Natural Relief

For Eczema

Life Program

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Our Brand New

VitaPlus Program

Consuming protein shakes have become

a very popular trend over the last

few years. What was once a practice for

only bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts

is now commonplace for most adults,

teens, and even kids. I’ve seen people

drink these shakes daily as a snack, as

part of their meal, and what bothers me

is that many people not only think it’s

harmless, but that it’s actually healthy.

Protein shakes are made up of a powder,

which is protein that has been extracted

from certain plants, mostly from

soy. However, most soy products are

genetically modified and therefore, it is

inherently harmful. Protein shakes also

promote weight gain, which is great for

bodybuilders, but not if you’re trying

to slim down and shed some pounds.

Since this powder is not a natural food,

it is a dead food. It will sit in the stomach

for a long time and will contribute to the

clogging of the blood vessels by thickening

the blood. This simple reason alone

makes it unhealthy to drink for anyone.

For kids who regularly drink protein

shakes, my question to their parents

would be, ‘What for?’ Kids are able to

get all the nutrition they need if their

diet is balanced with fresh and healthy

foods. Relying on supplements, like

protein shakes, could affect the development

of your child. In today’s society,

supplements are unfortunately oversimplified,

but in reality, they are heavy

medications that can have real side effects.

A child whose diet is full of protein

shakes may have their normal metabolic

exchange processes converted into abnormal

ones. So why does your child

need to have protein shakes? The simple

answer to that is that there is no need. If

your child consumes a diet that is full of

fresh fruits and vegetables, then they’re

all set. So please think twice before letting

your family drink protein shakes!






With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time for

camping trips, playing in the park, and hiking with your

kids! Unfortunately, it also means more chances of getting

bug bites! Commercial bug repellants contain many

chemicals that can be toxic to your children’s bodies over

prolonged use. Chemicals like DEET, which is widely used

in bug sprays, have been linked to skin and eye irritations,

headaches, dizziness, and neurological problems in heavy

dosages. If possible, it’s always best to try and use insect

repellants that use natural ingredients. Lemon eucalyptus

oil is effective and is recommended by the CDC as

a good alternative to DEET. There are many essential oils

and herbs that have natural insecticide properties, so you

can even make your own at home.

If you are going to a heavily infected tick and mosquito

area with your children, and are dead set on using DEET

based repellants, then here are a few tips on minimizing

your children’s exposure to it.

Never apply bug repellant on your child’s eyes or

mouth. You also want to avoid putting any on their

hands, since they are likely to put them in their

mouths. Try to use very little around their ears. It’s

best to apply the bug repellant to your own hands

and then rub it on your child instead of using sprays.

Make sure to wash off bug repellant thoroughly from

the skin as soon as possible!

Cover your children up with long sleeves, long pants,

socks, hat, and closed toe shoes before applying bug

repellant. This offers more protection from bug bites

and also prevents the bug spray or lotion from sitting

directly on their skin.

Don’t use 100% DEET repellants. Only use 20-30%

maximum concentrations. You want to avoid overexposure

to these toxic chemicals, and a higher

concentration does not equate to better bug repelling.

Even as little as 7-10% concentrations is good

enough for a few hours of protection.



Cherry-Lime Water Infused Recipe

Here’s another great water infused recipe to try out this summer with the kids! Kids love to drink sugary drinks this

time of the year (i.e. fizzy drinks; sodas; commercial juices; milkshakes) so it can be hard to sell them on the idea of

just drinking plain water. This is a fun and healthy way to shake things up! You can make a simple kitchen project out

of it by letting your kids pick and prepare their own assortment of fruits!


1 lime thinly sliced

1 cup fresh cherries, sliced in half and pitted


1 liter pitcher or jar

Unpasteurized honey (optional)

What to do:

1. Add lime slices and cherries to your pitcher and fill with water. You can also use a wooden spoon to mash up the

limes and cherries to release their juices faster.

2. Chill in the fridge overnight or for several hours before serving. It’s best served over ice! If you find the taste to be

a bit too sour, add some unpasteurized honey to sweeten it up!

Health Benefits:

Cherries: These delicious fruits are packed full of antioxidants that help slow aging skin, prevents stroke, relieves

muscle soreness, regulates blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol levels, protects against diabetes, fights insomnia,

and helps reduce risk for certain cancers just to name a few health benefits!

Lime: Limes are also rich in vitamin C, which helps maintain a healthy immune system and can be used to treat fever

and cold symptoms. Limes help keep the eyes healthy, rejuvenates the skin, aids in digestion, and reduces your

risk for heart disease! It is also a natural detoxifier since it helps to remove toxic substances that get dumped in the

kidneys and urinary bladder.




Most people think of the body as separate entities and

think of each organ as performing separate functions (i.e.

the skin, digestive tract, lungs, etc.), but forget that the

body actually works as one unit. The skin is an organ of

elimination and when we have an irritation on it, it means

that something inside the body (i.e. toxin, virus, etc.) is

triggering the body to eliminate it through the skin. Because

the skin cannot accommodate the amount of toxicity

that is coming out of the body, an irritation will break

out on the skin.

To relieve any skin condition, the first thing that must

be done is to eliminate all junk food, processed sugar,

pickles, dairy, meat, spices, and flour products from your

diet. These foods will produce a big allergic reaction in

your body, thereby contributing to your eczema flare-ups

even more. Secondly, after eliminating all these foods, you

should fill up your diet with mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s best to put less emphasis on fish and meats;

however, always choose organic when you decide to eat

them. There will be different food triggers for everyone, so

keep a journal about everything you eat and how you feel

after eating certain foods. Certain fruits and vegetables

may not be suitable for all people to eat. Pay close attention

to foods that cause your skin to break out, and then

avoid them as much as possible.

To provide relief to the local effect on the skin, you can

mix up two teaspoons of chia butter and one teaspoon of

calendula powder (ground from calendula flowers) into a

smooth cream and apply to the affected area. This natural

cream will alleviate itchiness and reduce the inflammation

of the skin. Calendula may cause allergic reactions in

some people, so start with a small amount of cream on

the skin at first before regular use.

Another natural remedy involves adding 2 tablespoons

of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of salt to a hot water

bath and washing yourself in it. This will help alleviate your

symptoms and cleanse the skin.

Changing your diet and using natural remedies will help

bring relief to most skin conditions; however, always consult

your health care practitioner before starting any treatment

plan or if your skin condition worsens.


“Since we’ve been coming

here, Poppy has made

so many improvements

and has learned to do so

much. When we first came

2 years ago, Poppy’s movements

and skills were very

limited. She couldn’t roll,

she couldn’t pick things up,

she couldn’t hold things,

and she couldn’t sit without

throwing herself back. Now

she can roll, she can hold

things, use her hands, and

she can sit with minimal

support. She’s almost crawling, she can stand, and can even take

steps with support. The LIFE Program has taught Poppy so much

and she is now on her way to crawling, something we didn’t think

would ever be possible.”

- Haley Lyons, Poppy’s mother

Mini Program

For: kids 0-12 & 12-16 with CP, ABI or stroke Frequency: 2

times a week, 2 hours/day Duration: Ongoing as needed

Maxi Program

For: kids 0-12 & 12-16 with CP, ABI or stroke Frequency: 5

times a week, 4.5 hours/day Duration: 4 weeks

Contact us if you are interested in booking for 2015.

For more information, visit our website:

Have something you’d like to share?

E-mail us! We’d love to hear from you. Send your stuff to:




VitaPlus therapy is an all-natural treatment for people suffering from chronic illnesses, which activates the body’s innate

ability to regenerate healing through a completely organic and vegetarian diet, juicing, natural supplements and vitamins,

detoxification and cleansing. Based on osteopathy manual practitioner Natan Gendelman’s extensive experience of successfully

treating various conditions, such as cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn disease

and so on, the VitaPlus methodology and program is based on a whole body approach which reactivates the immune

system and develops an environment in which diseases cannot survive.

It Consists Of:

VitaPlus Approach

Entirely organic and vegetarian diet plan, including juices,

meals and snacks

Up to 5 litres of fresh pressed juice daily

Detoxification and cleansing

Massage therapy

Health coaching

We see the body as a single unit of function, which encompasses

the mechanisms and ability to heal itself. Our treatment

reactivates and boosts the immune system, which

fights and kills diseases.

How Do We Do This

VitaPlus treatment is a full intensive detoxification and

cleansing regimen focused on restoring and reactivating the

body’s ability to heal itself.



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