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Good Health News - August 2015

Good Health News - August

GOOD HEALTH NEWS August 2015 Volume 7 - No.10 HEALTH TALK: DANGERS OF PROTEIN SHAKES Health in Motion director Natan Gendelman talks about how to maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle. IN THIS ISSUE Pg. 1 Health Talk: Dangers of Protein Shakes Pg. 2 Insect Repellant & DEET Pg. 3 Cherry-Lime Infused Water Recipe Pg. 4 Natural Relief For Eczema Life Program Pg. 5 Our Brand New VitaPlus Program Consuming protein shakes have become a very popular trend over the last few years. What was once a practice for only bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts is now commonplace for most adults, teens, and even kids. I’ve seen people drink these shakes daily as a snack, as part of their meal, and what bothers me is that many people not only think it’s harmless, but that it’s actually healthy. Protein shakes are made up of a powder, which is protein that has been extracted from certain plants, mostly from soy. However, most soy products are genetically modified and therefore, it is inherently harmful. Protein shakes also promote weight gain, which is great for bodybuilders, but not if you’re trying to slim down and shed some pounds. Since this powder is not a natural food, it is a dead food. It will sit in the stomach for a long time and will contribute to the clogging of the blood vessels by thickening the blood. This simple reason alone makes it unhealthy to drink for anyone. For kids who regularly drink protein shakes, my question to their parents would be, ‘What for?’ Kids are able to get all the nutrition they need if their diet is balanced with fresh and healthy foods. Relying on supplements, like protein shakes, could affect the development of your child. In today’s society, supplements are unfortunately oversimplified, but in reality, they are heavy medications that can have real side effects. A child whose diet is full of protein shakes may have their normal metabolic exchange processes converted into abnormal ones. So why does your child need to have protein shakes? The simple answer to that is that there is no need. If your child consumes a diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, then they’re all set. So please think twice before letting your family drink protein shakes! l 1

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