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Edition #12<br />

september <strong>2015</strong><br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

times<br />

Celebrating<br />

1 Year!<br />

Our stories, our people, our Māngere<br />

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou<br />


Discovering an untapped<br />

talent for fighting saved Felise "My<br />

Leniu from a life of crime and<br />

potentially prison.<br />

And now the Mangere College old boy<br />

is trying to turn the youth of South<br />

kids are<br />

my greatest<br />

Auckland around with the same formula<br />

of discipline mixed with combat sports.<br />

And despite running mixed martial arts<br />

motivation."<br />

classes with a number of schools around<br />

South Auckland, Leniu still can walk the<br />

talk and has just competed in the King in<br />

the Ring event which was televised live on<br />

Sky Television. Leniu says you can make<br />

good money in professional fighting but<br />

his ultimate motivation is to do his family<br />

and friends proud.<br />

“My kids are my greatest motivation.<br />

And making a difference in people’s lives<br />

through my gym and in the community.”<br />

Before Leniu took up fighting he first<br />

pursued a dream of playing in the NRL<br />

but after getting nowhere with that he In the ring: Felise Leniu at his MMA Pound Gym in Mangere @ 22 Andrew Baxter Drive<br />

turned to his old childhood mate Mark discipline and it really helped to stop Leniu eventually moved back home and<br />

Hunt for advice.<br />

me going to prison. And as a result of opened his own gym called The MMA<br />

“I was a good league player but it soon becoming a professional fighter I've Pound. And he's started a similar youth<br />

became clear that I was considered too got the opportunity to give back to the programme here in South Auckland.<br />

old so Mark told me to start training with community.”<br />

Leniu says seeing a young person turn<br />

him. It took me another two years before I He started giving back by running a youth their life around is hugely satisfying.<br />

made a name for myself and got a career programme in a rough part of Sydney “I use my story to motivate the youth, to<br />

out of it.”<br />

teaching teenagers the same skills that show the kids that it can be done and that<br />

Leniu says combat sports would prove to had saved him.<br />

anything is possible."<br />

be the key to turning his life around. “I thought how could I relate to these For more info about The MMA Pound<br />

“I was a bit of bad boy growing up<br />

naughty kids, and so I decided to teach go to - www.themmapound.co.nz<br />

in Mangere. But MMA gave me<br />

them kick-boxing.”<br />

or www.facebook.com/themmapound<br />

Out &<br />

about<br />

PROUD: To mark Cook Island Language<br />

week these Jean Batten Primary students<br />

performed a dance to staff and guests.<br />

MATARIKI: To celebrate Matariki the tamariki at Te Puna Whakatupu<br />

o Ngā Kākano o te Mānuka ELC on Canning Cres harvested their crop<br />

of rīwai/potatoes and cooked these in a boil-up.

2<br />

Emily swaps good life for Māngere calling<br />

Selling one’s possessions and<br />

becoming a spiritual leader<br />

might sound like something you<br />

only read about in the Bible.<br />

But for Emily Worman it’s exactly<br />

what she’s just done.<br />

The longtime Mangere resident was<br />

living the good life in the United<br />

Kingdom, with husband Alan, and the<br />

pair readily admit they almost had the<br />

perfect life.<br />

But as things were getting more and<br />

more comfortable the couple felt<br />

a niggle about whether there was<br />

something more for them.<br />

“We were just too happy,” Emily<br />

laughs. “We had just got married, had<br />

great jobs but we thought – if God<br />

wants us to do anything else – we’re<br />

going to be way too comfortable to<br />

leave. Life was awesome – but we just<br />

had a feeling there was something<br />

else out there for us.”<br />

So the pair sold everything they<br />

owned and went a gruelling 40-<br />

day 791 km hike along the famous<br />

Camino de Santiago trial in Spain and<br />

then volunteered in a New Delhi slum<br />

before deciding to visit Emily’s mum,<br />

Naomi Lange in Mangere East.<br />

But instead of heading off again,<br />

they felt led to stay in Mangere,<br />

start a business teaching kids about<br />

CALLED: Emily Worman (right) and husband Alan left the<br />

United Kingdom to take up a new life in Mangere.<br />

the wonders of science and Emily’s<br />

thoughts turned towards going into<br />

Christian ministry.<br />

“<br />

It’s all about engaging<br />

people to each other<br />

and God<br />

“<br />

“I was having lunch with some old<br />

friends and they asked what we were<br />

planning on doing – I was telling them<br />

that I was going to study theology –<br />

and they said why don’t we start a<br />

church – I was like ‘yeah<br />

sure - you guys are crazy’.”<br />

But it turned out not be<br />

such a crazy idea after all<br />

as Emily and Alan began<br />

leading a small gathering<br />

based on the ideas of<br />

creating a Christian church<br />

which valued prayer, allage<br />

worship and being<br />

inclusive for all, including<br />

for those in the LGBTQI<br />

community.<br />

Emily says the organic<br />

nature of this congregation<br />

has seen it ebb and flow<br />

over the last few years,<br />

but she’s now decided<br />

to formalise things by<br />

becoming an ordained<br />

minister with the<br />

Metropolitian Community Church.<br />

Her ordination ceremony will be at<br />

11am, <strong>September</strong> 26 at the Mangere<br />

East Learning Centre. Emily says her<br />

theology degree has given her the<br />

confidence to help others on their<br />

journey with God.<br />

“I feel I have a calling to help people<br />

connect. It's all about engaging people<br />

to each other and to God.<br />

Visit her church’s Facebook page<br />

at: https://www.facebook.com/<br />

ChurchinProgress<br />

Ph: Robyn or Mary on (09) 255 0144<br />

*conditions apply<br />


Words: Justin Latif Design: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: Mangere East Family Service Centre<br />

<strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com | www.<strong>275</strong>times.com<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

MANU SAMOA: Samoa's<br />

rugby team trained at Mangere's<br />

own Manukau Rovers Rugby Club<br />

on the 24th of August.<br />

Contact: Tuhin Choudhury

Seeking justice for life<br />

SPEAKER: Lyn Doherty at the Mangere East Community Centre<br />

A life dedicated to<br />

justice has seen Lyn<br />

Doherty go from protester at<br />

Bastion Point to special needs<br />

educator to a psychologist<br />

within government<br />

organisations and now she’s<br />

been invited to share her<br />

story at the internationallyrenowned<br />

TEDx event at<br />

Manukau.<br />

Her most recent<br />

role has seen her<br />

lead a remarkable<br />

parenting programme<br />

at the Mangere East<br />

Community Centre<br />

called Hoki ki te Rito –<br />

Oranga Whanau.<br />

The programme is one<br />

of the many projects<br />

the Ohomairangi Trust,<br />

(a Kaupapa Maori early<br />

intervention service,<br />

not-for-profit NGO)<br />

undertakes, since being<br />

established fifteen years ago<br />

to better support whanau.<br />

And this particular<br />

programme has experienced<br />

significant success helping<br />

families struggling with a<br />

myriad of complex issues.<br />

Lyn says the key to their<br />

success has been helping<br />

families get back to the<br />

basics and re-establish the<br />

parent-child relationship and<br />

she’ll be sharing about this<br />

programme in her Tedx talk.<br />

“It'll be about parenting and<br />

self-development and how<br />

the porgramme has made<br />

a huge impact with many<br />

Luke 18:22<br />

“<br />

We’ve<br />

always<br />

had a<br />

social<br />

justice<br />

focus<br />

to what<br />

we’ve<br />

done.<br />

families.”<br />

The programme has been<br />

running since 2007 but Lyn’s<br />

own work in Mangere began<br />

in 1979 - almost by accident.<br />

Lyn and partner Roger Fowler<br />

were due to have their first<br />

baby when their home in<br />

Ponsonby was condemned.<br />

What resulted was a hurried<br />

house hunt and scraping<br />

“<br />

together a deposit<br />

to buy a place in<br />

Mangere East.<br />

“Four days after<br />

moving in we had our<br />

daughter in a home<br />

birth and at the time<br />

Air New Zealand<br />

was on strike, so our<br />

midwife, who had<br />

been in Gisborne, had<br />

to drive all the way<br />

back to Auckland and<br />

she got here just in time.”<br />

Lyn says the work she<br />

currently does is part<br />

of a wider dedication<br />

to advocating for social<br />

justice in New Zealand and<br />

internationally.<br />

“We’ve always had a social<br />

justice focus to what we’ve<br />

done. We were part of the<br />

Bastion Point occupation and<br />

then when that ended we<br />

found ourselves moving out<br />

here.”<br />

For more information<br />

about Lyn’s Tedx Talk go to:<br />

https://www.ted.com/tedx/<br />

events/16288<br />

To learn more about<br />

Ohomairangi Trust: www.<br />

ohomairangi.org.nz<br />

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When Jesus heard this, he said to him, "You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have<br />

and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."<br />


Community Notices<br />

T3 Sport & Team Ltd presents the inaugural:<br />


Saturday 26th <strong>September</strong>, Mangere East Hawks Netball Courts,<br />

Hain Avenue, from 10am to 2pm. A great opportunity for all<br />

size businesses in and around Mangere East to showcase their<br />

products or services, create new networks and engage with the<br />

local community. There’ll be a mixture of businesses including<br />

health and sports providers, hospitality and craft makers and<br />

social support services. Stalls are still available, to register your<br />

interest phone Tony on 027 4497900 or email<br />

tony@t3sportandteam.co.nz and check us out at<br />

www.t3sportandteam.co.nz , Facebook and Twitter.<br />


Free Community Driver Licence Classes for Learner to Full Licence<br />

training. Mangere Community House, 141 Robertson Road,<br />

Mangere, 9.30 am – 11.30 am Thursdays.<br />

Contact David david@ruleeducation.co.nz<br />


The Mangere Boating Club presents the “Great Gurnard<br />

Chase” Fishing Competition, 5th <strong>September</strong>. 1st prize $1000, 2nd<br />

Prize $500, 3rd Prize $300. Prizes Down To 10th and Spot Prizes<br />

Tickets Only $25, $10 Tickets For Junior Section Prizes (Under 15)<br />

available from Mangere Boating Club & Pauls Fishing Systems<br />

Onehunga. For more details and full set of rules contact: Mangere<br />

boating club 09 636 4673 or email mangereboating@xtra.co.nz<br />


<strong>September</strong> 5, 10am – 4pm at the Mangere Arts Centre. Mangere<br />

Bridge artist, Gina Amituanai presents an exhibition of recent<br />

paintings which explore Māori mythologies; connecting land and<br />

culture - grounding her identity in the past, present and future.<br />

Admission: Free<br />

Mangere East Community Centre<br />

Free classes starting now: Learners Licence Theory, Korowai &<br />

Tãniko Classes, Te Reo, English for Speakers of Other Languages<br />

(ESOL), Samoan Language, Cook Island Language + many others.<br />

Editorial<br />

Where were you 12<br />

months ago?<br />

This time last year we were<br />

putting the finishing touches<br />

on our first edition of the <strong>275</strong><br />

<strong>Times</strong>. There was a looming<br />

election, the Southern Cross<br />

girls first XV had just won<br />

their first Auckland title<br />

and White Sunday was just<br />

around the corner. A year<br />

on and Southern Cross have<br />

won back-to-back titles, Su’a<br />

William Sio is now in his third<br />

term as Mangere's electorate<br />

MP and White Sunday and<br />

is just around the corner<br />

again. The last year has seen<br />

campaigns about liquor<br />

licenses and alcohol bans –<br />

with Kenny Qian from Vege<br />

Oasis getting a big thumbs up<br />

from community for cancelling<br />

his license. We’re also seeing<br />

a growing campaign against<br />

the special housing area for<br />

Ihumatao. The last year has<br />

also been one of success<br />

and triumph, whether it’s<br />

been in the academic field<br />

like Faka’anga Uasike with<br />

his six NCEA excellences,<br />

or the Mangere College<br />

winning the Auckland Rugby<br />

League title for a second<br />

year running. And <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

has been there, through it<br />

all, reporting all these great<br />

things, celebrating all that’s<br />

good and great about this<br />

suburb. So thank you - for<br />

sharing your stories, sending<br />

us your community notices,<br />

for placing an ad or two, for<br />

visiting our Facebook page,<br />

for reading the newsletter<br />

at your local takeaway bar<br />

or library and for sharing<br />

a copy with a friend or a<br />

neighbour. And we’re going<br />

to keep bringing you more<br />

good times from Mangere.<br />

So don’t hesitate to get in<br />

touch, because without<br />

you the reader and your<br />

continued support we<br />

wouldn’t be still going after<br />

12 months.<br />

Nga mihi nui,<br />

Justin and Jo Latif<br />

mangere east<br />

Festival<br />

Walter Massey Park<br />

28TH NOV<br />

10AM - 5PM<br />

Be a Stallholder |<br />

performer | volunteer<br />

contact: hone@mangereeast.org 09 <strong>275</strong> 6161<br />


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