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Internet Expenses – Key to speedy processing

Chetan Manjarekar


• Business Objectives

• UnOptimized Process Characteristics

• Objectives Focus

• Requirements for speedy processing

• Internet Expenses Overview

• Objectives Focus

• As is process

• To Be process

• Challenges

• Best Practices

• Process comparison

• Questions


Business Objectives

• Establish centralized Travel & Expense Management Function

• Reduce expense processing time and transaction costs

• Establish and Enforce Company wide policies

• Eliminate manual process and increase productivity

• Automate and Simplify Expense Report submission, approval and tracking

• Enhance reporting

• Enable alerts and notifications


Unoptimized process characteristics

• Delayed processing and approval

• Policies not enforced

• No visibility of Expense Reports status

• No tracking of Expense Reports

• Extensively manual process – ER generation, Matching, Accounting

• Error prone - Difficult to reconcile

• Corporate Pay – not a suitable policy for such a system


Requirements for speedy processing

• User Friendly system that encourages employees to report on time.

• ER Templates, Copy feature, re-usability – productivity enabling features

• Credit Card integration to ease Expense Report filling and submission

• Support for Rules and Policies – approval becomes easy

• Online checks for violations at data entry – reduces rework, shortens cycle time

• Simplified and workflow driven approval mechanism

• Notifications to concerned employees and approvers

• Automatic updates on employee information

• Online ER tracking and status availability

• Payables integration

• Integration with payroll


Internet Expenses Overview

Internet Expenses Features

• Paperless expense reporting with workflow based approval process – Key to speedy processing

• Automatically enforced business policies - support staff can focus on more value added activities

• Enforce itemization for certain expense types using Itemization Rules

• Reminder and Policy Violation Notifications

• Authorized delegation – Entry as well as Approval

• Context sensitive configurable fields for capturing additional information

• Integration – Oracle Payables, Projects, Time & Labor, Grants Accounting

• Highly secure transaction environment – SSL, access limits, encryption

• AME Enhancements

• Contingent worker expense reports

• Approver can request information w/o rejection

• Future dated expense business rules

• Cash usage (versus credit card) policies

• Personal Lines only expense reports

• Automatically itemize hotel charges

• DBI includes T&E top spenders


Inter-modular integration

• Integrating with Oracle Projects

Add project-related information

• Expenditure Type - derived from the Expense Type

• Projects Expenditure Organization - derived from the employee’s organization assignment

• Expenditure Date from receipt date.

• Quantity from receipt amount.

• Oracle Approvals Management (AME)

• Build routing and approval rules

• Establish rules based on header or lines information.

• Automatically route expense approvals to cost center owners, cost center business managers etc.

• Control the escalation of expense reports for policy violations.

• Oracle Grants Accounting

• Grants management solution for organizations that rely on grants funding

• Introduces an Award field in Internet Expenses.


Meet Key Objectives

Objectives Focus

• Lower Your Expense Processing Costs

• Business pressures on Margin Improvement

• Process all expenses fast, at lower costs by using automation

• Improve Control

• Avoid illegitimate expenses payments

• Enforce common travel policy to reduce T&E spend

• Enhance Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

• Bring in a process that is quick, easy, and hassle-free

• Improve employee productivity

• Encourage reporting


Internet Expense Objectives

• Lower Your Expense Processing Costs

• Improve Control

• Enhance Employee Productivity & Satisfaction


Lower Cost

• Dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to submit,

approve, process, and pay expense reports.

• Employees can enter and submit expense reports quickly and easily from

anywhere in the world just using a Browser.

• Workflow automatically routes expense reports for approval.

• Frees accounts payable staff from data entry and moves them into an auditing

role where they can monitor compliance with policy.

• Eliminate rework and correction of errors

• Exceptions and adjustments are processed automatically.


Internet Expense Objectives

• Lower Your Expense Processing Costs

• Improve Control

• Enhance Employee Productivity & Satisfaction


Policy Setup – Business Owner

• Rules to Define Corporate Policies

• Meal allowances

• Hotel allowances

• Per Diem Rules

• Mileage Reimbursement Calculation Rules

• Exchange Rate Verification

• Maximum “Cash” Expense rule

• Enforce Compliance

• Timeliness



iExpense – Credit Card usage policy


iExpense – Configure Expense Fields

Policy Violations Management


Policy Violations Management


Enforce Transaction Submission


Audit Features

• Oracle Workflow routes expense reports for approval and enforces company policy, and any

deviations from policy are highlighted for manager review.

• Expenses and violations reports provide top management a multi-dimensional view of employee


• Decision makers use information in forming new policies or evaluating employees.

• Dimensions: management hierarchy, expense category, time period, violation types.

• Drill down to the details of expense receipts and expense policy violations.

• Paperless audit process flow.

• Automatic selection of expense reports for both audit flows, so the auditors do not review 100% of

all expense reports.

• Process owner can setup rules that control what type of expense reports are selected for audit.

• Audit rules enable automatically routing selected expense reports either to the traditional

receipt-based audit process or to an online audit queue.

• System then balances the work queue between the auditors based on setup definition.


Internet Expense Objectives

• Lower Your Expense Processing Costs

• Improve Control

• Enhance Employee Productivity & Satisfaction


Productivity improving features

• Easy to use process means faster entry of Expense Reports

• Online policy violation checks reduce rework & iterations

• Faster processing means faster payments

• Create, edit, and submit expense reports using a wireless Web-enabled mobile device

• Managers can even approve or reject expense reports from their mobile devices.

• Automatically pre-populate expense reports with transactions from your corporate credit card -

increase efficiency, reduce errors

• System-provided and user-defined default values speed up the completion of the expense report.

• Copy saved or submitted expense reports to expedite the entry process for repeating expenses

• Withdraw expense reports from the approvals process if they need to make corrections.

• Default expense preferences data from prior expense reports.

• Enter expenses offline using Excel Template and upload later.

• Excel Template includes all validations for lookups like expense type, currency codes etc



iExpense Home – One screen view


Add CC transactions


Review & Submit Expense Report

Implementation Overview

As is Process

Employee downloads

Expenses Report

template from Quick

Expenses system


Expense Report

in order ?


Enter Expenses

Report into

Legacy system

Employee fills the form

submits for

Supervisor's approval

with original Receipts


Travel Accountant

clarifies the issues

with the Employee

AP Manager


Expenses Report

in legacy system

Supervisor approves

the Expenses Report

Sends the approved

report to AP

Travel Accountant

verifies the approved

expenses report with

Company Travel Policy


Accountant makes

necessary changes

to the Expenses



Payment to /

Refund from




Import approved Expenses

Reports as Standard Invoices in

Oracle Accounts Payable


prepayment if


Validate the



To Be Process

Employee makes

an expense

Approved Travel

advance request in

Form 801

Credit Card


Employee enters

expense report for

OPE and Credit

Card Transactions

AP executes

Expense Report


AP Manager


prepayment in

Oracle AP

AP runs Credit

Card Invoice

Interface program

System finds


Expense Report

Invoice is Created

AP Manager




verifies report.

and takes



More Info

AP performs

Invoice Validation





has signing


AP Manager runs

Payment batch to

clear expense





More Info


AP audits and

takes action



T&E, travel


excess per

diem data


Implementation Challenges

• Employee data had to be cleaned and synchronized with PeopleSoft master as part of this


• Controls – it is all in the setup

• Signing limit updates – in case of shared HRMS

• Supervisor Changes – modifying supervisor assignment for an employee whose DoJ is earlier than that

of new supervisor

• Reimbursement through PeopleSoft Payroll required Interface to be developed

• Custom solution to split the allowance amounts into taxable and non-taxable buckets based on


• Cancellation of invoices having AMEX corporate pay credit card transactions wouldn’t release those

credit card transactions to be used in new expense reports.

• Custom reports were developed to identify such transactions and help reconciliation process.

• For security reasons Employee number display on various Internet Expenses screen had to be removed

• Approval hierarchy modifications

• Attachments


Best Practices

• Custom solution developed to reconcile cc charges, travel advances and employee


• Accurate and updated employee information maintained

• Reusable code components were deployed for loading employee data into Oracle HR.

• Mapping model developed for mapping between AMEX transactions folio type and MIC


• Execution of payments accelerated as well to complete the cycle quickly

• Extensive QA – Dedicated teams for QA only

• Multiple CRPs

• Intense UAT

• Use Individual Pay Policy


Process Comparison

Pre Implementation

Paper based system involving lot of manual

efforts, errors and delays.

AP bogged down with calls requesting status of

expense reports

Turnaround time for a typical expense report t

around 15 days

Manual and error prone process to check for policy

violations poses financial burden in terms of

administrative costs and unauthorized


Approval process manual and paper based

Corporate Pay program increases Corporate

responsibility and diminished control over the

entire process.

Post Implementation

User friendly web based system available to every

employee, accessible from anywhere

Employees can track and find up to date status


Automated policy verification, approval and

payment turnaround time reduces to 3 days.

Policies defined at the system level get enforced

automatically reducing substantial manual

effort and errors.

Totally automated approval process supporting

vacation handling and delegation

Individual Pay program brings in efficiency and

timely reporting allowing greater control




Chetan Manjarekar

Patni Computer Systems, Inc.

One Broadway

Cambridge, MA 02142

617 - 914 - 8000


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