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LIMITED TIME. - Wisconsin Lottery





Top prize $50,000

Limited number of tickets.

Limited time.

On sale May 1 st !

The Wisconsin Lottery introduces


a limited-time raffle game.

Only 75,000 tickets available.

Top prize $50,000!

Sales start May 1 st , 2012.

May Raffle is available at

all Wisconsin Lottery retailers.


• Each play is $5 and prints on a separate ticket.

• A five-digit number is printed on each ticket.

• Tickets are sold in numerical order starting

with 00001.

• When you receive your raffle ticket, sign the back.

• Once all 75,000 tickets are sold, no more tickets

will be available for purchase.

• Number of prizes, prize amounts and draw date

will not change regardless of the number of

tickets sold.

• Tickets must be purchased before May 30, 2012.

• The drawing will be held on May 31, 2012.

• Tickets can be redeemed beginning June 1, 2012.


• If your five-digit number exactly matches one

of the winning numbers drawn, in exact order,

the ticket wins the corresponding prize.

• Winning numbers will be found on the Lottery’s

website, wilottery.com and at Lottery retailers.


Prize Winners Odds

$50,000 1 1:75,000

$25,000 1 1:75,000

$1,000 35 1:2,143

$100 775 1:97

Join the fun!

Sign up for

Players Club

at wilottery.com

Prizes = 50.0% of sales. Odds based on 75,000 tickets sold. Game begins May 1, 2012. Prizes not

claimed within 180 days after drawing are forfeited. If you or someone you know has a gambling

problem, call the Problem Gambling Help Line: 1-800-GAMBLE-5 (1-800-426-2535).

© 2012 Wisconsin Lottery wilottery.com

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