| A SPECIAL PILGRIMAGE | OPEN DAY | 'summer school ... - Fraters

| A SPECIAL PILGRIMAGE | OPEN DAY | 'summer school ... - Fraters

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“When I attended St. Justino Secondary School in Umoya, a school run by the Brothers CMM, I felt the

desire growing in me to also become a brother. I was attracted to a life aimed to being of service to others,

to having a bond of love with them, and sharing what we have with people in need.” Speaking is Brother

Zaccheaus Odongo Atieno, from our community in Sigona, Kenya. As brother and teacher, he returned to his

‘old’ secondary school. A man with a clear message for young people. ‘Brothers CMM’ lets him speak.

“After I completed my initial formation as a religious

brother in Nakuru and Sigona, I was transferred to

the community in Umoja. I went there to teach at St.

Justino and spoke to the students about the questions

of life. In the highest classes I encouraged them

to take their studies seriously with an eye towards

the coming exams. I strongly emphasized that they

should be thinking positively about themselves. Most

importantly I tried to make clear the big difference

between ‘school’ and ‘life’. In school you are given a

lesson followed by a test. In ‘real life’ you are tested

so you will learn a lesson.”

Photo left: Brother

Zaccheaus Odongo

Atieno. Photo below:

Brothers of the Summer

School Spirituality (see

pages 12–16) visiting

St. Justino.

“If you go out and want to enjoy yourself, I explained

to them, then don’t forget that your life is a gift from

God and what you do with this gift is offered to God.

Honour all the good Christian values that you learned

at St. Justino. Invite God into your life so that you

will be able to develop these values, and to really live

them in your life so that they will help you to behave

in a socially acceptable manner. Teach yourself to

reflect on this every day. Approach others with

respect and love the truth. This also implies that you

say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the right time, and allow others to

do the same. Try to build good relations with others.

Self-discipline, critical thinking, creativity and being

true to yourself, are a few examples of the attitudes

that you as adolescents must develop to live in the

right way and to see your dreams come true. What

really counts in life is not how long you stay alive,

but that you can make your own your life, which is

a gift fróm God, into a gift tó God.

Brother Zaccheaus Odongo Atieno


in memoriam





He was born in Deurne on March 14, 1939 and

entered the Congregation of the Brothers of Our Lady,

Mother of Mercy in Tilburg on August 29, 1957. He

made his profession for life on August 15, 1963. He

passed away on June 10, 2012 at St. Elisabeth Hospital

in Tilburg and was buried at the brothers’ cemetery at

the Estate Steenwijk, in Vught, The Netherlands.

Born in Deurne, he came in contact with the brothers

who took care of elementary education. He wanted

to be a brother too and went to Goirle and later

to Tilburg for religious formation and to study

typography. He worked at Publishing House Zwijsen.

In 1967 Brother Lambertus was asked to start working

at Scherpenheuvel in Willemstad, Curaçao. Three years

later he was needed at Publishing House Leo Victor in

Paramaribo, Surinam. For many years he was director

of this business. In addition he performed secretarial

work for the Holy Family parish in Paramaribo, for

the diocese of Paramaribo and for the Christoforus

Foundation. He held positions in the board of several

communities, was bursar of the Region Surinam and

from 1996 to 2012, Regional Superior. In mid-March

2012, after 110 years, the presence of the brothers in

Surinam came to an end. Barely repatriated, Brother

Lambertus had to travel the road of physical suffering.

He walked that road bravely and with full acceptance,

surrounded by fellow-brothers, associates and family

members. In his suffering he could gratefully say:

“I have had a good life.” Now we grant him the

‘Good Life’, that knows no end.

He was born in Aminuis, Namibia, on December 25,

1991 and entered the Congregation of the Brothers of

Our Lady, Mother of Mercy in Tilburg on May 1, 2012.

He passed away on June 16, 2012 at ‘Mater Hospital’

in Nairobi, Kenya and was buried at the mission

cemetery in Döbra, Namibia.

Johannes was raised in a Catholic family in Aminuis,

Namibia. From his parents he learned to focus his

attention on his fellow man and on God. He loved

his parents and his large family. He became quickly

aware of the needs of his people and after finishing

his secondary education he went to work for the

government as a literacy promoter for older people.

While doing this work his personal vocation grew.

Johannes started as a postulant in Windhoek, Namibia.

On January 16, 2012 he left with five other candidates

for Kenya. There he finished his postulancy in Nakuru

and was admitted on May 1 to the novitiate of

the Brothers CMM in Sigona. He wanted to teach

disadvantaged children. On June 16, 2012, completely

unexpected, his young life came to an end. His Creator

called him home and all that remains for us, family

and fellow-brothers, is to accept this cross. As people

of faith, we ask for the intercession of Mother Mary

that she will take Brother Johannes to the Creator of

heaven and earth, to Him who is called the Merciful

One. May Brother Johannes, in his close relation with

the Almighty be for all of us an intercessor, especially

for the call and mission of the Brothers CMM

in Namibia.


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