2015 NV Nurses Association Yearbook

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Membership Meeting Announcement

Nevada Nurses Association

Meeting of the Members

Saturday, September 26, 9–12


Orvis School of Nursing


• B.S. in Nursing

• RN to BSN

• M.S. in Nursing

o Clinical Nurse Leader

o Nurse Educator

o Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

o Family Nurse Practitioner

o Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

• DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)*

University of Nevada, Reno

Statewide • Worldwide

*The DNP program is a collaborative program with UNLV. Students admitted through UNR for this program have their DNP degree conferred by UNR.

2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Table of Contents

NNA Mission, Goals, & Objectives. ........................................ 3

Annual Meeting Agenda ................................................ 5

NNA Board of Directors. ................................................ 7

Annual Meeting General Information ...................................... 9

Report of the President. ............................................... 11

Treasurer’s Report ................................................... 12

Professional Development Committee. .................................... 13

Environmental Health Committee. ....................................... 14

Legislative Committee Report ........................................... 15

Membership Committee ............................................... 16

State Collaborative on Lateral Violence. ................................... 16

Healthy Nevada Nurses. ............................................... 17

Rural & Frontier Nursing Advisory Committee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

District I. .......................................................... 19

Nevada Nurses Foundation. ............................................ 20

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• Hospice and respite care

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• Assistance with activities of daily living,

such as bathing, dressing, grooming and







2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA Mission, Goals and Objectives


The Nevada Nurses Association promotes professional nursing

practice through continuing education, community

service, nursing leadership, and legislative activities to

advocate for improved health and high quality health care

for citizens of Nevada.


• Promote and uphold excellence and integrity for the profession of nursing.

• Educate and advocate for accessible, affordable, quality health care for clients/


• Monitor the evolving role of the professional nurse.


• Sustain a leadership role that actively supports individual nurses in their

professional practice.

• Educate nurses about professional practice advocacy.

• Provide a proactive presence in legislative and regulatory activities for health related


• Participate with consumers and health care groups in establishing health care


• Encourage, promote, and support political candidates who demonstrated support of

the mission, goals and objectives of the Nevada Nurses Association

• Be Strong, proactive presence in working with local, state, and national regulatory

agencies involved in healthcare.

• Collaborate with programs of higher education for nurses to enhance the image and

integrity of the profession.

• Promote nursing as a career option for men, women, and minorities targeting the

elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education settings.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Nevada Nurses Association


Saturday, September 26, 2015 9:00-10:30, Locations Page 5

Call to Order

Welcome, Opening Statements, & Announcements

Officers Reports


Vice President



District I President

District III President

Committee Reports

Legislative Committee

Membership Committee

Continuing Education

Bylaws Committee

Nominating Committee

State Collaborative on

Lateral Violence

Environmental Health Committee

Healthy Nevada Nurses

Rural and Frontier Nurse

Advisory Committee

Member Assembly Report

New & Other Business

Matters from the Floor

Election Results

Installation of State Officers

Installation of District 1 Officers

Installation of District 3 Officers

President’s Awards & Recognitions

Adjournment of Meeting


Scott Lamprecht

Elizabeth Fildes

Bernadette Longo

Nicki Aaker

Jean Lyon

Donna Miller

Carol Swanson

Amy Pang

Nicki Aaker

Tracy Singh

Catherine Prato

Margaret Curley

Bernadette Longo

Elizabeth Fildes

Heidi Johnston

Elizabeth Fildes and Sandy Olguin

Catherine Prato

Scott Lamprecht

Jean Lyon

Donna Miller


WILL BE “medical Marijuana” & “Top 10 ways to

protect your nursing license”, 1.5 ceu

2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA Board of Directors 2015


Scott Lamprecht, DNP,




Elizabeth Fildes, EdD, RN, CNE,




Nicki Aaker, MSN,




Bernie Longo, PhD, RN,



Director at Large

Heidi Johnston, MSN, RN


Director at Large

Mary Brann, DNP, RN


Director at Large

Amy Pang, BSN, RN, CCRN


District One President

Jean Lyon, PhD, APRN


District Three President

Donna Miller, RN


Northern Nevada

Legislative Co-Chair

Carol Swanson, DNP, RN

Southern Nevada

Legislative Co-Chair

Katherine Cylke, DNP, RN


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

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2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

General Information

Nevada Nurses Association

Notice of Annual Meeting of the Nevada Nurses Association Members

To the Members of the Nevada Nurses Association:

Please be advised that the regular annual meeting of the members of the Nevada

Nurses Association will be held at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

1. Northern Nevada UNR Pennington Medical Education Bldg.

2. Southern Nevada Complete Medical Consultants

1485 W Warm Springs Rd #109, Henderson, NV 89014

3. Northeastern Nevada Great Basin Health Sciences room 106

Nurses in rural and frontier Nevada can attend by computer & telephone. Please call

Margaret Curley at 775-747-2333 for login or location information.

Please bring your membership card or some other form of identification for admittance.

Proposed Standing Rules for the NNA Meeting of the Members

Rule 1.

Only NNA members may vote.

Rule 2.

To obtain the floor, a member may raise hand or

rise and be recognized by the chairperson. member

gives his/her name and city prior to speaking.

Rule 3.

A member may speak no more than two times

to the same question and may not speak the

second time until all others have been given the

opportunity to speak. Each speech may be no

longer than three minutes.

Rule 4.

All main motions and amendments to the motion,

except those of a routine nature, shall be in writing,

signed by the maker, and shall be sent at once

to the secretary. Members may propose motions.

Voting may be by voice vote or colored card as

designated by chairperson (Green-yes, red-no)

Rule 5.

Any substantive resolution, not of an emergency

nature, must receive and affirmative 3⁄4 vote for

consideration and a 2/3 vote for adoption by the

members attending the meeting.

Rule 6.

Debate on each proposed resolution, motion, or

position statement shall be limited to 20 minutes.

This may be extended by chairperson.

Rule 7.

Members shall act only on the resolve portion of

a resolution and the recommendation portion of

reports. Clarification regarding intent and meaning

of the resolution and recommendation shall be

handled according to procedure.

Rule 8.

Business interrupted by a recess of the meeting

shall be resumed at the next business meeting at

the point where it was interrupted.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

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2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Scott Lamprecht, DNP, APRN

Report of the President


It is hard to believe that 2015 is half over and fall is coming.

This has been an extremely busy and productive year for NNA.

So much has already been accomplished with many exciting

projects in the near future. I am truly amazed at what NNA has

accomplished in advancing nursing and patient care in the State

of Nevada. As you read through the following pages, articles and

reports, please remember that all of this has been accomplished

by volunteers giving their time to support nursing in Nevada. I am

very honored to be working with such an outstanding group of


Scott Lamprecht

Nurses Day at the Legislature (NDAL) 2015 was a fantastic event with many nurses

and nursing students attending. This is exactly the purpose of NDAL, to communicate

and educate policy makers on nursing and patient care. We advocate for our patients

every day whether it be at the bedside or at the Legislature. During the 2015 Nevada

Legislative Session, NNA worked with several other professional groups/organizations

to support legislation to increase patient care and nursing practice in Nevada. Staffing

continues to be a major issue for nurses in Nevada. NNA is actively working to improve

staffing conditions but needs your involvement in the process. Working together

accomplishes so much more and effective communication is the key.

Upcoming events for NNA include ongoing Horizontal Violence and Healthy Nurse

initiatives and a variety of other educational CEU programs. NNA has offered multiple

Horizontal Violence trainings throughout Nevada including Train the Trainer courses.

We believe this is an important issue in Nevada and that “nurses eating their young”

has to end now and this program is the beginning of that process. NNA is also getting

ready to launch an online version of the Bioterrorism Course that will generate and allow

easier access to online CEUs. Our online system will facilitate online education and

conferencing platform that will increase the access to CEUs, webinars, and other NNA


NNA is growing and becoming even more active in Nevada and needs your help.

Organizations can only be successful when members are involved. Networking,

education, advocacy, and practice are all part of what we do as nurses and being

part of a professional organization is a great way to accomplish a great deal. We need

to encourage and support each other and the students getting ready to enter our

profession. What better way to show the value of nursing than by encouraging nurses

and students to get involved.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Treasurer’s Report

Nicki Aaker, MSN, RN

NNA remains to be financially stable. NNA relies on dues for the

majority of the organization’s income. Building our membership

is crucial for our income base. As we look at the future, the

organization is looking for other revenue opportunities. One

project will be the development of the NNA Career Center in order

to increase revenues, along with providing a benefit to members.

The Bioterrorism continuing education course continues to be

an income generator. Please see the Professional Education and

Development Committee report for more information about recent

continuing education activities. NNA has a reserve which has been

set aside to ensure NNA’s ability to continue to address future


Nicki Aaker

On the expense side, legislative efforts are part of NNA’s mission. The expense for the

lobbyist continues to be one of the largest expenses and was higher in 2015 in comparison

to 2014, since it was a legislative year and we contracted with a new lobbyist. Cheryl

Blomstrom, NNA’s prior lobbyist, retired so NNA entered into a new contract with Jessica

Ferrato from Crowley & Ferrato. Ms. Ferrato assisted the legislative committee and

NNA’s President, Scott Lamprecht, in making decisions required to address bills affecting

nursing in Nevada. Please read the Legislative report for more information on the 2015

legislative session. Other expenses include continuing education, Board of Director’s

travel for one annual in-person meeting, contract fees for the accountant and Executive

Director, Nurses Day at the Legislature, and the 2014 NNA/NONL Convention.

Please attend the Annual Membership Meeting, planned for September 2015, to receive a

more detailed Treasurer report.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Professional Development

Professional Education and Development Committee (PEDC)

The Professional Education and Development Committee identify training needs for

nurses, develop and/or organize education programs. During January – June 2015,

CEU opportunities offered to nurses include:

• Bioterrorism Course –

• Statistics for January – June 2015

Seventy five tests have been processed,

Twenty six (35%) have been expedited,

this course is completed by 73% non-members, and thirteen percent are out of

state nurses,

• Motivational Interviewing,

• Sudden Cardiac Arrest,

• Critical Issues Facing Children & Adolescents,

• Getting Rid of Lateral Violence courses,

• Lateral Violence: Train the Trainer courses, and

Nurses Day at the Legislature.

Other projects the committee is currently working on:

• Updating NNA’s Bioterrorism Course. We are almost there! Once the course is

completed, it will be a narrated PowerPoint presentation with quiz questions

distributed throughout the course. Once this post test is passed, the CEU Certificate

will be printed immediately. As an additional benefit, nurses will be able to retrieve

their certificate electronically if lost.

• Various other committees/task forces provide reports at each meeting and if

training needs are identified, the PEDC is available to assist. These committees

include the Rural and Frontier Nursing Advisory Committee, and the Safe Staffing

Task Force.

This committee is looking for new members so if anyone is interested, please contact

Nicki Aaker at naaker@aol.com. Also, the committee is looking for input on training

needs of Nevada nurses.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA’s Environmental Health Committee

We as nurses are concerned about workplace and community

environments, as well as environmental issues affecting our planet. During

this committee’s 2nd year, we continued our work on many environmental

issues of concern to Nevadan’s, including climate change and recycling.

Our committee collaborates with other agencies and disciplines in order to

inform, educate, and disseminate evidence-based information to Nevada’s

nurses. This past year we worked together with Nevada’s Shakeout team

concerning earthquake preparedness, the Western Regional Climate

Center, and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

Nevada is known as earthquake country. Everyday our state experiences

seismic events (5.5 magnitude. Last year’s annual Shakeout Drill focused on

securing your space, and Nevada had an increased number of hospitals

participate! The recent tragedies in Nepal have reminded all of us about our vulnerability from

natural disaster. This coming year our committee will continue to increase preparedness by

enhancing awareness in Nevada’s nurses, healthcare facilities and residents.

For more than two decades, scientists have documented Earth’s changing climate through observable

global patterns that include rising sea levels, increasing ocean temperatures and acidity, decreasing

sea ice, and increasing anthropogenic CO 2

. In response, American politicians have elevated climate

change to a political issue offering plans and agendas for reversing and halting adverse effects from

global warming. As nurses, we ask our politicians for initiatives that focus on the health effects

from anthropogenic pollutants and to create equitable long-lasting improvements to public health.

At home in the Great Basin, climate predictions include increased temperatures, decreased rainfall,

continued drought, and increased risk of wild fires. How are we as Nevada citizens and nurses

responding and planning for the future? Are we making efforts to decrease our carbon footprint, just

as we work to decrease our cholesterol and blood pressure? (See RNFormation November 2014)

Recycling in our state is experiencing growing pains. The Environmental Health Committee

conducted the first survey of Nevadan hospitals and learned there is intrastate disparity. Rural

hospitals lack county infrastructure for recycling programs compared to urban areas. Therefore, we

need the efforts of all nurses to create awareness and lead behavioral changes that result in recycling

being an integrated part of waste disposal. Each of you have the opportunity to be a role model to

your colleagues and initiate recycling in your healthcare workplace. Together let’s aim for 100% of

Nevada hospitals having recycling programs!

The website for the NNA Environmental Health Committee offers up-to-date coverage on these topics.

Drop us a line, we are open to hear from you for ideas and encourage your participation. Plans for

the upcoming year include a CEU and a survey of environmental practices by nurses, as well as

exploring other hot topics. Thank you for supporting the committee and please continue to be an

advocate for a healthy environment!

Bernadette Mae Longo, PhD, RN, CNL, APHN-BC

Chair, NNA’s Environmental Health Committee


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Legislative Committee

Carol Swanson, RN, DNP, NNA Legislative Chair

The 78th Session (2015) of the Nevada Legislature began on

February 2, 2015 and adjourned on June 1, 2015. During this

session, our committee met by phone twice per month and

communicated about significant developments between meetings

by email and phone.

Both the Committee Chair and the NNA paid lobbyist were new

this session. There were some growing pains as we learned how

to best communicate and make decisions. With guidance from

Margaret Curley and former chair Betty Razor we quickly learned Carol Swanson

how to best keep informed and advocate for Nevada nurses.

Technology and strategies employed to accomplish this were email, text, phone and two

face to face meetings.

The communication stream included active members, advisors (NNA president and State

Board), and our paid lobbyist. Students participated as a learning experience. We added

several members to broaden the depth of input. APRNs were critical to the discussion,

and other health care organizations were consulted on some legislation.

We supported SB327, the Air Ambulance Bill and SB177, AARP’s “Care Act”, which were

passed and signed by the governor. We successfully amended the language of AB93,

the Suicide prevention bill to make the education “recommended” and not required for

APRNs. We monitored AB292 and SB299 the Tele health bills. The Assembly version

went to Governor for signature.

AB305, the Para medicine bill that we followed, went to Governor for signature. Also,

AB242, the Long Term Care (LTC) Study bill, has exempt status and will be worked

between sessions. Other controversial bills where we provided input included SB181,

Anesthesia Medical Assistants and SB6, Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

Between sessions, we will be working on reorganization and updating of policies and

working on the LTC staffing bill. We plan to meet by phone monthly as we solidify how

we monitor legislation and make decisions that reflect the will of our members.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Membership Committee

Amy Pang, BSN, RN, CCRN

The NNA Membership Committee has been working hard to

gain new members and continue to meet, and hopefully exceed,

the expectations of our current members. Our teleconference

meetings revolve around ways to engage new and current NNA

members through CEU events, social and professional mixers, and

opportunities to take part in various committees. We have been

particularly focused on recruiting new grads buy offering support

and mentoring as they experience their first few years as a nurse.

Additionally, we have been collaborating with other NNA Initiatives

such as the State Collaborative on Lateral Violence and the Safe

Staffing Task Force to promote the benefits that NNA has to offer.

Amy Pang

Nevada State Collaborative on

Lateral Violence in Nursing

Margaret Curley, BSN, RN

The State Collaborative on Lateral Violence in Nursing, made

up of stakeholders from around the state, is committed to

working to end lateral violence, incivility, and bullying in

nursing workplaces. We meet every 1-2 months to discuss

goals, progress, and future plans to address this persistent and

unacceptable pattern of behavior in nursing. We continue to

grow, with almost 100 members at this time.

Since the fall of 2012, we have been presenting training on

Margaret Curley the topic to nurses from various venues, and we continue to

do provide the training free of charge to facilities when invited.

Understanding the problem is first step toward ending it.

Lateral violence can result in low morale, increased turnover, additional costs to

hospitals, and a risk to patient safety. As nursing professionals, we cannot continue

to tolerate behavior that endangers patients. Please join us in working to change the

culture in nursing. The Collaborative is open to any interested nurse. Please email me at

MCurley@nvnurses.org to find out more, request a training, or join the Collaborative.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Healthy Nevada Nurses

Elizabeth Fildes, EdD, RN*, CNE, CARN-AP, APHN-BC

On October 5, 2012, the Nevada Nurses Association accepted

the challenge of helping Nevada nurses become healthier by

launching the Healthy Nevada Nurses Initiative (HNN!). HHNI’s

goal is to motivate Nevada nurses to prioritize their own personal

health, safety, and wellness.

A study from the Journal for Nurses in Professional Development

revealed that nurses who demonstrate compassionate concern,

openness, physical availability and empathetic attention foster

stronger patient relationships, encouraging them to be more

proactive participants in their care plan.

Elizabeth Fildes

A Caring Call to Action

HNNI takes a holistic approach to the implementation of self-care. “This means nurses

must exercise not only physical muscles but also their emotional, mental and spiritual


HNNI offers nurses resources through the Healthynevadanurses.com that promote

the importance of putting each holistic pillar of self-care into practice. For example,

to promote physical well-being, HNN challenged nurses from northern and southern

Nevada to walk 10,000 steps every day during the month of February in honor of

American Heart Month.

This year the challenge created a domino effect, as families and friends of participating

nurses quickly joined in the competition to achieve more steps. “We received phone

calls and emails from nurses in both districts explaining how their participation in

the challenge inspired others to join in, illustrating nurses’ positive impact beyond the


Yearly activities include:

• RNFormation presence quarterly

• Quarterly initiatives like 10,000 steps Drive for February, the Heart Month, Quit

Smoking. Stress Free Living and Eating Well

• Monthly telephonic support group “Self-Care and You” and weight management

• Monthly updates at Healthynevadanurses.com


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org


In the process 4 businesses have partnered with HNNI by offering nurses discounts

on their services, HNNI in turn offers them a link to their website from the

Healthynevadanurses.com. These businesses are also listed as a supporter of the

Healthy Nevada Nurses Initiative along with other supporting businesses in Nevada

RNFormation, the NNA quarterly print publication, mailed to all Nevada nurses, with a

circulation of 30,000.


1. http://www.nursinglibrary.org/vhl/bitstream/10755/201853/1/Kostovich_Carol.pdf

2. http://www.nursingcenter.com/lnc/JournalArticle?Article_ID=2415077

Rural & Frontier Nursing Advisory Committee

Heidi Johnston, MSN, RN

Access to healthcare in a rural environment is often challenging

and signifies a gap within the current healthcare system. Onefourth

of the American population live in rural areas and often

experiences a higher percentage of uninsured individuals, qualify

as medically underserved regional, experience increased poverty

levels, and have limited healthcare resources (National Rural

Health Association, n.d.). This identified need has led to the

exciting development of a new NNA committee, the Rural and

Frontier Nursing Advisory Committee. This committee is focused Heidi Johnston

on the needs of rural and frontier nurses including education,

resources, and programs that promote collaboration with other healthcare professionals

throughout the state. We are currently creating a survey that will be sent to rural NNA

members to help us identify your needs, so please be watching your mail. We would like

to encourage anyone interested in rural and frontier healthcare to join our committee by

contacting heidi.johnston@gbcnv.edu.


National Rural Health Association. (n.d.). http://www.ruralhealthweb.org/go/left/



2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

District 1

Jean Lyon, PhD APRN

It was a year of change for District 1. With the initiation of the

Nevada Nurses’ Foundation, the board lost a couple of board

members who are now the cornerstones of the Foundation. The

District 1 board decided that rather than doing fundraisers

to raise funds for scholarships this year, we would work with

the Foundation and support their scholarship fundraiser, the

Nevada Nurses’ Foundation High Tea. District 1 board members

purchased tickets for the High Tea, sold and purchased tickets for

the raffle and donated items for the raffle and silent auction. Two

nurses from District 1 were awarded scholarships by the Nevada

Nurses’ Foundation.

Jean Lyon

This year was a legislative year in Nevada. The District 1 board coordinated the Nurses

Day at the Legislature activities along with the help of the NNA Executive Director,

Margaret Curley and NNA Board treasurer, Nicki Aaker. The event, which provided

an introduction to the legislative process in Nevada, was well attended by student

nurses and Registered Nurses. The day provided opportunities for nurses to meet their

legislators and discuss important health care issues with their representatives.

As the Nevada NursesAssociation annual meeting draws near and my term as District

1 president comes to a close, I want to thank all of the nurses who served and continue

to serve on the NNA District 1 Board. I will be taking a break from Board activities, at

least for a while, and wish the newly elected board members much success under the

leadership of the new president, Julie Wagner.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNF Board of Directors 2015

Sandy Olguin, President

Dr. Denise Ogletree McGuinn, Vice President

Doreen Begley, Secretary

Dr. Glenn Hagerstrom, Treasurer

Dr. Elizabeth Fildes, NNA Liaison

NNF Advisory Board

Yaraseth Lugo Ayala

Darlene Bujold, RN

Jackie Chapman, RN

Ian Curley

Kelly Farley

Dave Gamble

Chris Griego

Susan Growe,RN

Michelle Hughes, RN

Lillian McMorris

Mark Miller

Melody Nelson

Betty Razor, RN

Leonel Sanchez

David Tyrell, RN


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Nevada Nurses Foundation

Sandy Olguin, MSN, RN

The Nevada Nurses Foundation (NNF) is the charitable and

philanthropic arm of the Nevada Nurses Association. The NNF

mission is to increase access to quality health care for Nevada

citizens by promoting the professional development of nurses

through recognition, scholarship and grants. If not for the

financial and administrative assistance from Margaret Curley,

Betty Razor, Barbara Wardwell, Nevada Nurses Association and

Calmoseptine, Nevada Nurses Foundation would not be a 501(c)

(3) non-profit organization and award scholarships in 2015.

Sandy Olguin

In December 2014, NNF introduced the Honor a Nurse campaign for nurses to know

that they are appreciated and valued. The Honor a Nurse campaign helps you to do

something special for the nurse who provided quality compassionate care and made a

difference in someone’s life. Initially, the campaign exploded and numerous amount of

nurses were recognized. Any nurse, anywhere is eligible to be honored. You just need

to log on to the www.nvnurses.org Honor a Nurse page and complete the information

listed. NNF will do the rest. If you would like to remain anonymous, please include your

request in the instructions. If you have any questions, please call 775-560-1118.

Honor a Nurse recipients, Dr. Bernadette

Longo and Dr. Doloris Middlebrooks.

Saturday, June 27th, 2015 marked the first Nevada Nurses Foundation Big Hat High

Tea! A magical and aesthetically pleasing environment created by Through a Child’s

Eyes Foundation President, Cathee Ferato charmed the 110 guests in attendance. Mary

Kropelnicki of The Bakery Gallery enchanted taste buds with blueberry scones, lemon

curd, tea sandwiches, quiche, strawberries dipped in chocolate and other delectable

treats. NNF appreciates everyone who volunteered their time to help with making the

High Tea a success. Thank you to the four nurses and eight student nurses for donating

your time to serve at the Tea.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Big Hat High Tea 2015 Servers. Left to right

back row: Kaitlyn Clark, Kevin Lemus, RN,

Jessica Moiseyev, Rebecca Ralphe, RN;

middle row: Mia Manipud, Amy Pang, RN,

Jessica Bresnahan, Abigail Dinklelacker,

Britni Combs; front row: Rachel Miller, Linda

Saunders, RN, and Antoinette Carlos.

The Nevada Nurses Foundation recognizes the tremendous work of volunteers and

generous sponsors and donors who helped with the Big Hat High Tea. A special thank

you to the Tea planning committee. It is very much appreciated to have your help

with the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Tea. Thank you Nicki Aaker,

Yaraseth Anaya-Lugo, Darlene Bujold, Jackie Chapman, Margaret Curley, David

Gamble, Michelle Hughes, Mark Miller, Rebecca Ralphe, Betty Razor, Linda Saunders,

and Julie Wagner. Thank you to Sable Shaw, Rolling Thunder’s Ted Nagel and Darlene

Bujold for entertaining the guests with your amazing talents.

The ladies in red from Eden Health

Bernice Martin Mathews.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Thank you for our Silent Auction donations from Margaret Curley, Canine Cuties, Cathy

Cox, Dotty’s Casino, Sarah Fitzgerald, Cathy G, Rebecca Ralphe, Betty Razor, Kim

Romska, Sorenson’s Resort, Trader Joe’s, LaVonne Vasick.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Guitron, owners of

Canine Cuties

The Nevada Nurses Foundation honored three nurses and three student nurses with

$8,000.00 in scholarships; Congratulations to Heidi Johnston, Maria Poggio, Linda

Cirillo, Richard Young, Michael York, and Doreen Begley.

Through divine intervention and the generosity of Greg Vroman and Patty Wildes, NNF

awarded two more scholarships because they gifted the $1,000 Visa Gift Card they won

and added a check in the amount of $1,000 to be used toward NNF Vroman and Wildes

scholarships. Robin Hollen and Antoinette Carlos were both awarded $1,000 each.

The Nevada Nurses Foundation Vroman & Wildes

Scholarship recipient, Antoinette Carlos, Student Nurse

at Orvis School of Nursing with December 2014 Honor a

Nurse recipient, Dr. Patsy Ruchala, Dean of Orvis School

of Nursing at the University of Nevada, Reno.


2015 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

It has been a great year for NNA!

Thank You for all you have done to make

it happen. We’re looking forward to

an even better year ahead.

Reinvigorate your passion for Nursing with a

new career in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson is a great place to live, work, and play. With a vibrant art’s community,

thriving culinary scene, rich history and cultural opportunities, and plenty of outdoor adventures,

there is something for everyone.

Now Hiring Full-Time, Float Pool & Per Diem Experienced Nurses




Positions Available:

Nurse Practitioners • CRNA’s

• Director of Critical Care • Nurse Managers for Oncology, ED, & Float Pool

• Nurse Supervisors – Inpatient Nursing Units • Patient Flow Supervisor

• RN Educators • RN – ICU, ER, OR, PACU, Oncology, Ortho, Med Surg & Float Pool,

L & D, GYN, Rehab, PCU, Urology Clinic, LPN for clinics


Relocation & Sign-On Package for Nurses & Management, Employee Housing Program

Advanced Cerner Technology, Enhanced Employee Development Programs

Exceptional Medicine, Extraordinary Care to Every Person, Every Day.

Send your resume to apply@stvin.org or call (505) 913-5730.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Prescriptive Authority Nurse

Mental Health Center of Denver is a nonprofit community mental health

center, and is the nation’s leader in progressive community-based mental

health. Work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide various mental

health services to a diverse population. We offer counseling, housing,

education, and vocational services for adults, children and families. We

build upon each consumer’s strengths and resiliency to help them toward


*Bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply.

For more information about Mental Health Center of Denver

and our forward-focused wellness culture please

visit our website at www.mhcd.org.

To apply: Complete the online application or email your

resume to resumes@mhcd.org. Fax: (303) 758-5793.

Nevada Nurses Association

P.O. Box 34660

Reno, NV 89533

Presort Standard

U.S. Postage


Permit #14

Princeton, MN


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