the menzies

Yalumba Rare & Fine Generic Booklet - NUSA - Samuel Smith & Son

Yalumba Rare & Fine Generic Booklet - NUSA - Samuel Smith & Son

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the menzies

“Menzies is a wine that speaks

volumes about Coonawarra and its

affinity for Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Peter Gambetta, The Menzies Estate Winemaker

Yalumba &


yalumba coonawarra / cabernet sauvignon / provenance

In 1849 a 30-acre parcel of land on the

eastern edge of the Barossa was planted

with vines by Samuel and Sidney Smith.

Father and son worked under the

moonlight, planting Shiraz and Mataro –

varieties that are naturally suited to the

loamy soils underfoot.

163 years later Smith’s descendants

continue to instinctively marry vineyard

sites with specific grape varieties: Viognier

in the cool, rugged conditions of the Eden

Valley, Chardonnay in the damp, elevated

Adelaide Hills, Shiraz on the patchwork of

soils and aspects that make up the Barossa

Valley floor and Cabernet Sauvignon in

Coonawarra. This concept, widely known

as natural appellation, is now well accepted

in Australia – along with the exceptions

that prove the rule. Investments of time

and patience have led to these vineyards

producing some of the best and most

celebrated wines of their variety around

the world.

In 2012, and led by fifth generation

proprietor Robert Hill Smith, Yalumba’s

wines of provenance continue to add a

distinctly Australian flavour to the old

world philosophy of terroir – that distinct

characteristic bestowed on a wine by a

particular place.

An innovative mindset cultured and

fostered within Yalumba has also led to

emerging varieties being expertly paired

with ideal locations – the Hill Smith family’s

pioneering work with Eden Valley Viognier

more than 30 years ago is a clear example

of this.

From the mid-1980s, the Hill Smith family

was able to source Cabernet Sauvignon

fruit from an exceptional vineyard the

‘Ming’ block in the heart of Coonawarra.

The family purchased the property outright

in 1993 and The Menzies Vineyard, as it

became known, has since produced 22

vintages of classic Cabernet Sauvignon,

each created with longevity, depth and

structure in mind.

This foresight in micro managing individual

sites has extended throughout the family’s

vineyards and beyond, with Yalumba’s

growers encouraged and assisted both on

and off the land.

With success intrinsically linked to the

land, Yalumba is acutely aware of how

its presence impacts the environment.

Looking to the future, Yalumba has created

a sustainable business in which responsible

environmental practice is integrated into

everyday activities.


“Yalumba has honed in on the detail

of its Coonawarra vineyards, with

every section of each vineyard

treated differently according

to soil type and depth.”

Tyson Stelzer, November 2011


Riddoch Highway(A66)

Tricia Reschke Rd

Memorial Dr

V&A Lane

Maaoupe Rd


Coonawarra Estate

The Menzies

“Cabernet Sauvignon is king of

grape varieties and Coonawarra

is its natural throne.”

Peter Gambetta, Senior Winemaker

Racecourse Rd


Terra Rossa Ridge



the cigar shaped strip

The geological development of the

Coonawarra as a premium winegrowing

region had its roots when the region

was submerged by the waters of the

Great Southern Ocean. Geological

activity, coupled with variations in the

polar ice caps, gradually raised the land,

leaving a scattering of millions of fossils

and artefacts.

Thousands of years of erosion then

accumulated air-borne dust which

has laid down the famous terra rossa

soil. This is further enhanced by an

underlying porous limestone layer

which has an excellent capacity for

storing water.

Taking its name from the Aboriginal

word meaning ‘honeysuckle’,

the region was first cultivated in 1891

by Scottish settler John Riddoch, who

recognized the potential of the cool

climate and rich red terra rossa soil to

grow grapes of exceptional quality.

The perfect marriage of red sandy loam

over limestone is complemented by a

long, cool growing season and makes

Coonawarra one of the gems in the

global red wine crown

Cabernet Sauvignon is by far the most

widely planted variety throughout

the region, with more than 60 per

cent of Coonawarra vines bearing this

favoured red grape.

Coonawarra vignerons humbly

recognise the style of their wine would

be impossible if not for the millions of

years of geological development that

have created an achingly small strip

of premium soil in the south-east of

South Australia.

Time, patience and intelligence are

integral in the development of fine

red wine.

To own a vineyard upon that famous

terra rossa soil over limestone is the

holy grail of all Cabernet Sauvignon

purists. Since 1987, the Hill Smith

family has counted themselves among

those fortunate enough to produce an

estate grown Coonawarra Cabernet

Sauvignon, naming it after red wine

enthusiast and former Prime Minister

Sir Robert Menzies, who so generously

praised Yalumba’s Special Vintage

Galway Claret 1961 at an influential

gathering in Adelaide in 1966.

yalumba coonawarra / cabernet sauvignon / provenance



The Menzies

Cabernet Sauvignon

longevity and complexity

yalumba coonawarra / cabernet sauvignon / provenance

Yalumba has long held the unequivocal goal of

capturing the best of the superb patch of Coonawarra

terra rossa and bottling it as Yalumba The Menzies

Cabernet Sauvignon.

Experimentation, innovation, minimal intervention

and small batch winemaking has resulted in Yalumba

The Menzies’ reputation as one of the best wines of its

type to emerge from the region – a wine of longevity,

elegance and structure.

Grapes for Yalumba The Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon

are harvested from nine sub-plots across the vineyard.

Fruit is grown using a combination of traditional and

modern viticultural practices to ensure the naturally

low yielding vines produce grapes of colour and

intensity. Later the parcels of fruit are fermented and

aged individually, maintaining the expression of

The Menzies Estate vineyard.

“Yalumba The Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon draws

from nine individual subplots, and we can maintain

the integrity of those parcels with small fermenters.

Blending decisions can be made much later, and

solely on wine quality, not the capacity of the tanks.”

Peter Gambetta, The Menzies Estate Winemaker


Yalumba The Cigar

Cabernet Sauvignon

vibrant and approachable

The Cigar is an award winning

wine produced from fruit grown

in The Menzies Estate Vineyard.

Approachable, generous and

much loved, this wine has won

praise since its first vintage

release in 2006.

The Cigar shows the versatility

of Cabernet Sauvignon in the

hands of a master winemaker.

Whilst predominantly the same

grape variety (The Cigar differs

in that it can have up to 10%

merlot and malbec included

in the wine. It is crafted to

highlight the varietal strength

of cabernet, with softer tannins

and brighter fruit flavours,

in contrast to Yalumba The

Menzies which can be restrained

and ‘brooding’ in its youth.

This wine is named after the

unique cigar shaped strip of

rich red terra rossa soil that

has cemented Coonawarra’s

reputation as a premium

winemaking region. In contrast

to its worldwide reputation the

strip is relatively tiny, running

only 12 kilometres long and two

kilometres wide.

“…the wine to drink while

Yalumba The Menzies

sorts itself out for a decade

in the cellar.”

Tyson Stelzer, July 2011

yalumba coonawarra / cabernet sauvignon / provenance




“Fine winemaking is a holistic pursuit, giving the

winemaker an infinite number of possibilities to

practise their craft during the creation of a wine.”

Peter Gambetta, Yalumba The Menzies Estate Winemaker

With close to 20 years of winemaking experience in Coonawarra,

Peter’s knowledge and understanding of the region is not only

extensive, but a treasured resource as he continues to enhance

Yalumba The Menzies with each vintage. His approach to

winemaking is holistic with care from the vine to the glass a

testament to his attention to detail.

Peter’s outstanding red wine making experience and skills,

combined with his intimate understanding of the premium

wine-growing region of Coonawarra, have made him an

invaluable asset to Yalumba.

“Working with this region has delighted and challenged me for

years. Having the opportunity to draw on my past experience

and increase my understanding and ability to take the best of

this region and nurture it until the final resultant wine, never

loses its appeal to me,” he said.

Peter has always taken a meticulous approach to his

winemaking, believing in attention to detail at every stage.

From harvesting at optimal ripeness and fruit flavour, to

continuing to monitor the wine once in bottle - ensuring they

are released only at their most enjoyable.

yalumba coonawarra / cabernet sauvignon / provenance

“The Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon draws

from nine individual subplots, and we can

maintain the integrity of those parcels with

small fermenters. Blending decisions can

be made much later, and solely on wine

quality, not the capacity of the tanks.”

Peter Gambetta, The Menzies Estate Winemaker


“I find the future for our Menzies vineyards

really exciting, especially learning what we can

do with each new clone we put into the ground.”

James Freckleton,

Limestone Coast Vineyard Manager

“The Hill Smith family has always had a

good eye for an exceptional vineyard site”

Robin Nettelbeck,

Yalumba Viticulturist

Thousands of years of erosion has

accumulated air borne dust which has laid

down the famous terra rossa soil. This is

further enhanced by an underlying porous

limestone layer which has an excellent

capacity for storing water.

The Virgilius Viognier

[Eden Valley]

The Virgilius Viognier is Yalumba's

pre-eminent white wine and premium

Viognier offering. Complemented by its

younger sibling, Yalumba Eden Valley

Viognier, The Virgilius represents the

pinnacle of more than 30 years of work

with the variety.

The Virgilius has evolved since its first

release with the 1998 vintage. Winemaker

Louisa Rose most recently discovering the

wine’s ability to peak approximately five

years after release. A truly individual wine,

Viognier exhibits layers of opulent and

luscious flavours, including musk, rose,

pear, lychee, apricot, ginger and spice.

The Signature

Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz


The Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz blend

is a distinctively Australian style, and

The Signature has set the benchmark,

drawing heavily on Yalumba's great

Barossa resource of Cabernet Sauvignon

and Shiraz vineyards.

Deep and intense, the wine displays full

palate weight with powerful fruit and soft

oak, hand-coopered at Yalumba. This is

a wine made for longevity, which is very

much The Signature style.

The Signature has a recognisable

thumbprint that epitomises this style.

This is a wine that is made to last, and for

lasting enjoyment.

The Octavius

Old Vine Shiraz


Born of the Barossa and celebrating the

quality of the region’s established Shiraz

vines, the Octavius Old Vine Shiraz is

Yalumba’s premier Shiraz offering

Yalumba is one of only a handful of

wineries around the world to enjoy the

privilege of its own cooperage, and The

Octavius is the only red wine in the

world to be matured in 100-litre octaves.

The secret of the wine not becoming

overpowered by the oak lies in the wood

which is seasoned at Yalumba's own

on-site cooperage for three to five years

before the octaves are crafted.




“I am incredibly proud of what we have

achieved throughout our 160 years of

winemaking – so far, for we are still young.

Yalumba seeks not only to leave a legacy of

great wine, but to also pass on our natural

resources to future generations in better

condition than when we inherited them.”

Robert Hill Smith, Yalumba Proprietor



With success intrinsically linked to the land, Yalumba is acutely aware of how

its presence impacts the environment. Looking to the future, Yalumba has

created a sustainable business in which responsible environmental practice are

integrated into everyday activities.



Yalumba has sourced fruit from The Menzies Vineyard since 1982 and during

this time has developed a strong affiliation with the site. After purchasing the

land outright in 1993, Yalumba and the Hill Smith family have been working to

protect, rehabilitate and rejuvenate the remnant trees, shrubs and grasses of

the of district.

In addition a four acre patch of vegetation was set aside in order to foster the

growth of the Red Gums native to the area.

This patch helps conserve natural biodiversity, local plants and birds, and is

compatible with sustainable vineyard development.



Precision viticulture is an important practice for Yalumba The Menzies Estate.

Through infra red satellite imaging, individual selections of vines can be

assessed for health, vigour and, ultimately, fruit quality.

This aids in identifying the best Cabernet Sauvignon from the Estate and

further defines the wine style through an enhanced vineyard sustainability and

heightened fruit quality.

“Yalumba’s commitment to integrating the

vineyards with the surrounding environment is

beautifully demonstrated at the Menzies with

four acres in the heart of the Coonawarra strip

dedicated to native revegetation rather than

converting the land to vines.”

Dan Newson, The Menzies Estate Viticulturist



“We are committed to minimising

environmental impact for a sustainable

successful future”

Dr Cecil Camilleri, Environmental Manager Yalumba

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