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Fares go up from October 1











































Metlink tickets

and fares

Metlink tickets and fares

Effective from 20 July 2009

Effective from 1 October 2010

All Metlink fares will increase from Friday 1 October

2010. The fares are increasing because of the 2.5%

increase in GST, and because Greater Wellington

Regional Council needs about 3% more revenue from

fares to meet increasing costs and to maintain the

balance of costs paid by public transport users.

Customers contribute about 50% of the costs of public

transport; central government and Wellington regional

ratepayers make up the rest. The government is set to

bring in a policy which will require 50% of Wellington

region’s public transport costs to be met through fares,

so it’s important that the balance is maintained to avoid

a very steep rise in fares in the future.

Monthly and school term passes valid for use on or after

1 October 2010, but bought before that date, will be

sold at the new price. Cash and ten-trip tickets sold in

September at the old price can be used after 1 October.

Also from 1 October some fare products will no longer

be available and a few new ones will be introduced.

For more details about the fares, pick up a brochure from

your local Metlink outlet, or check

New Braille bus stop signs

Blind people can identify bus stops

more easily now that Braille sign plates

have been installed at 500 bus stops

around Wellington.

The signs on the bus poles display the bus stop

number in Braille. This makes it easier for blind

passengers to either call us or use the txtBUS service

to find out when their next bus is scheduled to arrive.

The plates are on poles on the Island Bay, Lyall Bay,

Seatoun, Johnsonville, Airport Flyer and Petone to

Upper Hutt bus routes and will be extended to other

routes this year too.

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We’re making it easy for you to keep up with the latest

information about Metlink buses, trains and harbour ferries.

You can follow us on

or sign up for an RSS feed from the Metlink website, to your computer or Mobile phone.

We want to hear your comments, compliments or

concerns about Metlink services. If there’s a problem

with your Metlink service it’s very important that you

complete the service feedback form on our website.

This information goes directly to the operator of the

service, and enables us to track progress for you.

Did you know?

Greater Wellington’s Metlink public

transport department has a small team

of transport planners who review

Metlink’s bus, train and harbour ferry

services regularly, and look for ways to

improve them.

A project that the team is currently working on

is a major review of Wellington City public transport

services, from Seatoun and Island Bay through to

just south of Grenada North. The team is looking

at a comprehensive re-design of Wellington city’s bus

services, to speed up travelling times through the city

and ensure vehicles are used as efficiently as possible.

More information about this will be available towards

the end of the year.

The team has recently reviewed and made changes

to Metlink services in Kapiti and the Hutt Valley,

and is working closely with Tranz Metro on the

development of new timetables, in preparation for

the new Matangi trains and new commuter services to

and from Waikanae. Check December’s Metlink News

for more information.


on track

You can also view copies of

Metlink News on the website.

For Metlink timetables and further

information about public transport

services in the greater Wellington

region, visit the Metlink website or

contact Metlink.

04 801 7000

0800 801 700

txt: BUS (287)

txt: TRN (876)

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Metlink News

Issue 14, September 2010

Welcome to the September issue of Metlink

News. It’s Spring, our first Matangi train has

arrived, and there’s much more happening on

the Metlink public transport network. Read all

about it in this issue.

In this issue

Wellington welcomes

Matangi #1

Real Time Information due soon

Total Mobility goes electronic

Changes to Golden Mile bus route

Cycle lockers for hire

New improved Kapiti stations

Commuter trains to Waikanae

Fares go up from October 1

New Braille bus stop signs

Get the latest from Metlink

Did you know?

Wellington welcomes

Matangi #1

The first of Metlink’s brand new Matangi

trains was welcomed officially to

Wellington this month, at a launch at

Wellington Railway Station on 9 September.

These two cars are the first of 96 being built in South

Korea. More are due in Wellington at the end of this

month. From October an average of six or eight a

month will arrive and the entire fleet is expected to

be here by the end of 2011.

The trains need to be tested thoroughly here before

taking passengers, so you will see them being pulled

and running along the lines over the next few months.

The first Matangi train is expected to be in service

in December. The new trains will run initially on the

Upper Hutt line, then on the Johnsonville line in April

2011, and on the Waikanae line in July 2011.

Fran Wilde, Chair of Greater Wellington and Hon. Nathan Guy, Associate

Minister of Transport at the launch of the Matangi trains on 9 September.

Real Time Information due soon

Real Time Information for Metlink buses and trains is a

step closer with the completion of a highly successful

pilot of the system on Wellington’s Wilton to Kilbirnie

(route 14) bus route. Real Time Information will tell you

through your mobile phone, the Metlink website and, in

many locations, on on-street display signs, when your

next bus or train will arrive.

The roll-out of Real Time Information involves

equipping buses with Global Positioning System (GPS)

equipment, establishing central systems to generate

predicted arrival times, and installing on-street displays.

KiwiRail operational systems will provide train position

information to the central system, as the basis for Real

Time Information for trains.

The first on-street displays are likely to be installed

around Wellington CBD in early 2011. Real Time

Information will then be rolled out for all Valley Flyer

bus services, followed by Mana and Newlands Coach

Service buses, then trains towards the end of 2011.

Total Mobility goes


Metlink’s Total Mobility customers are

now using photo identification cards to

access the service. From this month all

customers are required to use the new

cards as the pink vouchers are soon being

phased out and will no longer be valid.

The Total Mobility scheme provides subsidised door-todoor

transport services by taxi and specialist transport

operators for people who, because of a permanent

disability, cannot use regular public transport services.

For example, you may not be able to get onto a bus

or train without assistance or have difficulty handling

money or train tickets.

If you are a Total Mobility customer but do not have

a photo identification card, please call Metlink on

04 801 7000 and a form will be sent to you.

Changes to Golden Mile

bus route

From Sunday 28 November 2010, buses

will begin using a new two-way route

through Wellington city via Willis and

Manners streets.

The route is a return to the more direct route that

trams and buses used until the late 1970s when

Manners Mall was created. It has fewer twists and

turns than the current split routes through Dixon and

Wakefield streets and more bus-only sections, which

will mean slightly shorter journey times, less delays and

a significantly more reliable service.

Work to install the trolley bus wires through the new

route began this month and will mean some changes

for bus users over the next two months or so.

From later this month the power will be removed

from a section of the central city trolley bus network.

Buses will travel one way through the city on battery

power, so you will see trolley bus poles being taken

down and put back up at several locations around town.

There will also be a temporary route change and bus

stop. Buses travelling south from Wellington Station

will not travel along lower Cuba Street but head

to Courtenay Place instead through Wakefield and

Taranaki Streets. A temporary bus stop will be in place

near the Michael Fowler Centre car park.

Cycle lockers for hire

Cycle lockers at Wellington,

Porirua, Plimmerton and

Paekakariki railway stations

are available for hire for $20

per year plus a $20 key

deposit. If you wish to rent

a locker at any of these

locations please contact Nichola Powell by email:

Paraparaumu Station.

Photo: Adam Orchard.

New improved Kapiti stations

Waikanae and Paraparaumu train commuters will have

noticed a hive of activity around their stations with

major upgrades under way.

At Paraparaumu a second platform is being built on

the other side of the railway tracks, and an underpass

will connect the existing road subway with the new

platform, replacing the overbridge. The new platform

will include a small station building.

In Waikanae a new 200 metre long platform is being

built. The northern half of the platform will be

completed in September and passengers will use this

section while the southern end is rebuilt. A second car

park is being created on the eastern side of the railway

tracks with a new pedestrian level crossing connecting

it to the station. The new station building will include

a ticket office, waiting area and toilets.

The upgrades of both stations should be completed

in December.

Commuter trains to Waikanae

The work on the Kapiti stations is being

done to prepare for the running of

commuter trains to and from Waikanae.

From late January, Waikanae will have an all day

commuter service, instead of the single Monday

to Friday service.

Double tracking of the line from McKays Crossing to

Paraparaumu will also be complete by late January.

This will improve the reliability of the train service and

will enable trains to run more frequently in the future.

These are very substantial improvements to the rail

network in Kapiti that will make taking the train a

more attractive, convenient and easier option for a

lot more people.

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