“Our Goals are at the forefront of all we do.”


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“Our Goals are at the forefront of all we do.

Despite the worldwide economic crisis of 2008-2009, Peninsula College maintained its focus on

teaching and learning. We accomplished many things and changed many lives. As you will see in the

following pages, the College “walks the walk in providing educational opportunities to our community

in all facets of the College mission, as well as investing in the College’s most precious resources; our

faculty and staff.

Dr. Thomas A. Keegan

President, Peninsula College

Peninsula College Board of Trustees

From left: Arturo Flores, Julie McCulloch, College President Dr. Thomas Keegan,

Board Chair Dwayne Johnson, and Board Vice Chair John Miller.

Missing from the photo is Erik Rohrer.

• Providing educational opportunity: Preparing first generation students for college success, nurturing the Upward Bound high school

student at Peninsula College, and celebrating the first graduating class of the Bachelor of Applied Science program.

• Maximizing student access to higher education: Committing and dedicating the College’s strategic priorities to meet strong student

demand for a Peninsula College education, and working toward making a college education accessible.

• Providing a college environment that places teaching and learning at the center, demonstrating stewardship of public resources:

Completing the new Library/Media Center as the Peninsula College and community resource with state of the art materials, and

collaborating on sustainability through LEED standards.

• Fostering college/community connections: Embracing teaching and learning at the extension sites of Forks and Port Townsend,

partnering with community leaders, and providing an inspiring physical environment for learning.

• Promoting cultural enrichment: Offering Native American artists a gathering place to display artwork, traditional learning, share stories,

celebrating diverse backgrounds of our international students to enhance and distinguish the Peninsula College experience.

• Modeling pluralism: Mutual respect for and acceptance that embodies diversity and promotes a civil society through recognizing

student academic achievement and the accomplishments of Peninsula College’s outstanding faculty.


Peninsula College Foundation

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

—Calvin Coolidge



Past President



Christy Mitchell

Karen Rogers

Carl Gay



Suzanne Anderson



Rhonda Curry







Jerry Nichols

Bert Paul


Executive Director











Tom Keegan

Jen Gouge

John Miller

Nancy East

Board members not shown

above are Brooke Taylor,

Roger Kelso, and ex-officio

Deborah Frazier

2008 Highlights

• Raised over $77,000 for books and collections for the new

Library/Media Center

• Awarded $140,000 in scholarships, program support, grants

and awards

• Held American Conversations on campus to a full house

• Established a grant to fund scholarships for GED testing for

nontraditional students

• Established General Scholarships for Peninsula College-bound

graduating seniors at all regional high schools in Clallam and

Jefferson Counties

• Awarded over $30,000 in Exceptional Faculty Awards in conjunction

with the Instructional Department

• Launched new Foundation website http://www.pcfoundation.ctc.edu

• Successfully conducted an employee giving campaign with a 140%

increase in participation over 2007

• Sponsored annual Donor Recognition luncheon with record turnout

FINANCIAL STATEMENT Balance Sheet, December 31, 2008



Cash or Equivalents $506,154 Undesignated Unrestricted Funds $104,614

Donor Designated Restricted Funds $401,540)

Investments $709,118 Endowment Funds $709,118)

TOTAL ASSETS $1,215,272 $1,215,272


College is within everyone’s reach, and not just

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Program

“Internships and the Strategic Management Course are really the BAS

students’ capstone experiences as they near graduation, Dr. Vicki DeLorey,

BAS program director says.

Internships for the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Program began

summer 2008 and expanded during winter 2009 to placements in a variety

of local organizations from all sectors - public, private, and tribal.

Interns have worked at Peninsula Daily News, Olympic Educational

Service District, City of Sequim, Peninsula College Office of the VP

of Administrative Services, Clallam County Emergency Management

Office, Clallam County Sheriff ’s Department, the new nonprofit Vision

Loss Center, a program for underreported students via the Student

Development Office at Peninsula College, among others.

The first Peninsula College BAS class graduated in June 2009.

Upward Bound Program

Following a successful inaugural summer,

the Upward Bound Program at Peninsula College

began its second grant year in its five-year cycle.

In September of 2008, students began receiving

tutoring services and target school visits from our

Upward Bound staff. As of April 1, 2009, we have

served 42 first generation students. At least ten

8th graders are in the early-application process

and the program is projected to serve 60 students

throughout its second grant year, including 50 full

time students over the summer. The goal of Upward

Bound is to provide students with the opportunity

to develop the motivation, skills and belief in their

ability to succeed in high school and post-secondary

education. We assist students with understanding

their value and the diversity of people and cultures

different from their own. Our mission includes

building an atmosphere that enhances positive selfesteem

while fostering unity and collaboration, and

providing an environment that promotes the development of values and attitudes

conducive to producing citizenship and lifelong learning.

Upward Bound students

visit Seattle.

Clallam Promise Scholarship

The Clallam Promise Scholarship provides the opportunity for every Clallam

County high school graduate to obtain a Peninsula College education. In 2008, the

Haller Foundation provided the scholarship funds to make a college education possible

for students who otherwise would not have the opportunity given their financial status. The

program is just beginning but is projected to fill the gap between the desire for higher education and the

financial means to obtain it.

Jamie Brown, BAS student and a member of the BAS first graduating class,

works on her internship at Peninsula College.


Peninsula College strives to maximize student access

to higher education by dedicating. . .

within the boundaries of our campus.

The Costa Rica Science Experience

The success of Peninsula College Costa Rica Science Experience (PCCRSE) has led to another

successful Costa Rica experience in Global Health Care – a program that will see its second year in

the summer of 2009.

The PCCRSE began in 2004 as a group of nine students (aged 19-70) and three PC scientists

conducted a simple yet sophisticated tropical ecology research project, examining tropical forests

from the ground up. With each summer, the program has added to the complexity of its work and

has increased the attention of conservation groups, top scientists from the US and Costa Rica, and

federal granting agencies. Our program has brought scientists from Costa Rica and the US to our

campus to meet and share their knowledge with our students and faculty. In 2008, the program led

to a summer-long research project for Dr. Bill Eaton and three PC and WWU Huxley students. They

worked with some of the top tropical ecologists in the world at La Selva Biological Station, Monteverde

Cloud Forest Reserve, and Maquenque

Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica. This

is an experience unprecedented for

a community college. As a result,

Peninsula College is now an integral

partner of an important, international

research consortium, the San Juan-La

Selva Biological Corridor Advisory

Group, and is conducting cutting edge

research that will lead to new scientific

discoveries and ultimately help to

shape policy.

This year, our program will take

the shape of a molecular study of

microbial ecology and soil nutrient

dynamics that compares forests on

Peninsula College Environmental Science students study local wild life in order to

better understand the environment.

the Olympic Peninsula with those at

two sites in Costa Rica. The project

is fully funded by the National Science

Foundation and includes three PC scientists and ten students from PC and across the nation. The

PCCRSE is an example of how a simple, carefully planned international program can result in a

small college participating in a program of major, international importance.

The Costa Rica Nursing Experience

“This experience gave our students a broader view of the world. They had an opportunity to

experience and live another culture and to share their knowledge. They came away with a better

understanding of community health from an international perspective. And they have brought

that experience back to the campus and the community through public presentations of their

experience, states Marca Davies, Director of Nursing.

“I can’t wait to

go to college. These

are the words that every

parent and teacher dream

of hearing from their


Science is a subject

that is traditionally

difficult and off putting

to many K-12 students,

especially when local

schools don’t have the

resources to support

science teaching. Our

Family Fun Science Events

bring hands-on science

to the curious minds of

our area’s children and

their families in ways that

are fun and educational-

-and do it on our college

campus, where some kids

and parents have never

been before, increasing

the college’s profile in the


Funding for the

program is provided

by grants from the


Yvonne Krieger enrolled in Peninsula College’s nursing program to be “a help to others. “I believe that nursing is more than

just skills, it requires a compassionate spirit to treat the whole person, Krieger comments. “I am very interested in working in

community health and enjoy working with people of different cultures, so the opportunity to study in Costa Rica fit like a handin-a

glove for me. Now that Yvonne is back, she believes the entire Costa Rican experience will help to make her a better nurse.

The experience “gave me a perspective into another culture’s healthcare system and widened my understanding as a nurse in a

way that was much more valuable and credible than just reading about it in a book, she says. Perhaps most importantly of all,

Krieger knows that “much of what I learned in Costa Rica can be applied right here working as a nurse on the peninsula.

. . .the College’s strategic initiatives to meet strong

student demand for a Peninsula College education. 5

Peninsula College promotes cultural enrichment on our main

campus and our extension sites.


English Professor debuts “Great Modern Philosophers to Standing

Room Only Crowds

Dr. Wes Cecil uses demonstration with audience participation to drive home a point at

Philosopher Lecture series.

Acclaimed Nature Photographer

shows in Forks

Fast Moving Water: The Hoh River Story, by acclaimed

nature photographer Keith Lazelle represents a color pictorial

tour of the Hoh River ecosystem. The exhibit, displayed at the

Peninsula College Forks Extension from March 30 to June 5,

2009, follows the story of the Hoh River, from its headwaters

to the sea. The Hoh River is one of America’s last great rivers,

and this remarkable collection of 14 color photos shares the

river’s pristine journey from its source, the Olympics, to

where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. The Burke Museum,

in collaboration with the Hoh River Trust, sponsors this

traveling exhibit designed to fit in libraries, community

centers, and regional museums throughout Washington

State. The collection was brought to Forks in partnership

with Peninsula College, the Burke Museum of Natural

History, Forks Chamber of Commerce and the Forks Timber

Museum. It is another example of the College partnering with

community members and groups to enrich lives in our local


Debbie Scannell, Forks Extension Coordinator (far right), provides color commentary

on the exhibit tour.

Dr. Wes Cecil, English Professor at our

Port Townsend extension site, was awarded an

Exceptional Faculty grant of more than $4,700

for a public lecture series on the “Great Modern

Philosophers. The funding was a combined

effort of the Peninsula College Foundation

and the budget of the Peninsula College Office

of Instruction for research, advertising, and

production for the year-long public lecture series

in East Jefferson County featuring ten significant

“thinkers of the modern era. The result has

been monthly lectures by Dr. Cecil of complex

philosophical material engaging approximately

1000 community members and students. The free

lecture series have included philosophers Simone

de-Beauvoir and Karl Marx, among others, and

has been a resounding success in the community,

with attendance often at standing room only.

The College continues to look for ways to

promote and provide cultural enrichment to our


In the spring of 2009

the Longhouse hosted

our first Guest Indian

Artist exhibition,

featuring Lower Elwha

Klallam tribal member

and artist Darrell W.

Charles Jr. The artist’s

display opened with a

reception for students,

faculty and community

members and was

highlighted in the

Longhouse the following

month. Darrell’s work

is also reflected in the

Darrell Charles

House of Learning

Since its opening in the fall of 2007, the Longhouse has

become a true gathering place for campus and community

members. Classes are held in this astounding setting throughout

the academic year; faculty meet for various committees and

programs and community members hold retreats and meetings

in the Longhouse up on Peninsula College’s campus. Above all,

the Longhouse is a place for learning in many forms including

art, dance and craft.

Longhouse door pulls (right) that welcome visitors into this enchanting

space. To date, three artists have featured their distinctive art in the House

of Learning. They are Darrell Charles, Jr., Kenny Jimmicum, and Bill

Martin. “I think my art represents what you would see if you lived among

the Makah, who are ocean-going fishermen who live on the coast of

Washington. states Bill Martin about his work. The Longhouse has featured

many programs in its short history including a Weaver’s Gathering, Paddle On, a canoe journey education for youth, and Dance of

Universal Peace. Check out what’s happening in the House of Learning by visiting the website at houseoflearning.pencol.edu .

International Student Numbers Increase on Peninsula College Campus

Peninsula College strives to reach out to diverse populations. The

recruitment of international students is one of the ways we achieve that

goal. It is a win-win situation for our domestic students who experience

the world through their interactions with students from all over the

globe and the international students experience the United States

culture in the safe, friendly, enriching environment of our campus. In

the Fall of 2009, Peninsula College will welcome back approximately

60 international students from 15 countries with a projected 35 new

students joining them from China, Korea, Hong Kong and Kenya.

Peninsula College has a target goal of doubling the number of

international students in the next four years. The diversity of race,

culture, country and language helps nurture a learning atmosphere

of mutual respect and appreciation that makes the Peninsula College

experience a rich one.

Peninsula College students from Africa and Asia

Kenny Jimmicum

We model pluralism by embracing a culture of mutual respect

and appreciation that embodies diversity and promotes a

civil society.


David Kent (Library/Media Center Research Analyst) assists

Peninsula College students at computer work stations in the

Library/Media Center.

Nestled between the Olympic Mountains and the S

the College’s main campus, the library’s striking e

learners to enter and pursue educational opportuni

25,000-square-foot facility in a much-anticipated

circulating and reference collection includes more

to multiple databases, and more than 10,000 journ

center. Outside, students can relax among several

emphasize the College’s commitment to sustainabl

(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

enter the Peninsula College Library/Media Center.

Our community’s college l

Peninsula College students access resource books and

periodicals for use in study areas.


the world a

house open to all

wealth which will not dec

jewel which you can carry beyon


trait of Juan de Fuca and poised at the entrance to

xterior warmly invites students and community

ties. The campus and community celebrated the

grand opening on September 17, 2008. Inside, a

than 70,000 books and periodicals, electronic access

al titles where teaching and learning are at its very

small rain gardens planted with native flora that

e green building and accentuate the facility’s LEED

) certification designation. Education awaits all who

Busy computer work stations in the northeast

corner of the Library/Media Center.


Bookplate recognizes esteemed donor contributions

to library resources fundraising of books, e-books

and collections.

e only true equalizers in

re books; the only treasurecomers

is a library; the only

ay is knowledge; the only

d the grave is wisdom.

— J. A. Langford

Members of Port Angeles Chamber Ambassadors joined Representatives Kevin Van De

Wege and Lynn Kessler, Board of Trustees Chair, Dwayne Johnson, and President Tom

Keegan at ribbon cutting ceremony September 17, 2008.


Peninsula College’s goal is to provide a college environment that places

teaching and learning at the center of institutional practice. . .

In 2008, Peninsula College welcomed six new faculty members to our campus. A major tenet

of the College is to keep teaching and learning at the core of all our initiatives. This commitment

to providing quality education is exemplified by our new faculty members. In a shockingly short

amount of time, each has made a profound

impact at the College.

Meet our

Art Instructor, Michael Paul Miller (far

right), is a native of Wisconsin where he was

a lecturer at Carthage College in Kenosha, the University of Wisconsin (UW) at Madison and Carroll College in Waukesha.

Miller’s art has been showcased at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in a selected solo exhibition. Additionally, his work was

selected by the Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery in New York City for a group exhibition in January 2008. In less than a year, Miller

held a successful solo exhibit at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. (See above announcement postcards.) Miller received his

M.A. in Painting at UW and a B.F.A. in Painting and Graphic Communications from UW, Oshkosh.

Dr. Ritu Lauer, International Studies Professor, comes to us from Colorado, with plans to develop her

dissertation into a publishable book manuscript. Dr. Lauer has worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant

at the University of Denver for three professors and has been an instructor at the Metropolitan State College

of Denver. Fluent in English and Hindi, Ritu served as a co-research assistant on a field trip that led to a

publication prepared for the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. Dr. Lauer received her

Ph.D. in International Relations and her M.A. from the Graduate School of International Studies at the

University of Denver and her B.A. in Economics from St. Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi, India.

Dr. David Jones, new Professor to our Music Department, has already formed an acclaimed jazz

ensemble with students, staff members and community volunteers. The group has performed in the Little

Theater, on campus, and throughout the community. David joins the campus from Seattle where he was

the Pacific Northwest Ballet Dance Musician, as well as working on staff at the Cornish College of the Arts.

A resident of Washington State for most of his life, David has been a pianist for almost 40 years and a composer for close to 30

years. His music has been performed in the U.S. and numerous countries around the world. Jones received his Ph.D. in Music in

Composition from Indiana University, his M.A. in Music Composition from New England Conservatory, and a B.A. in Music

Composition from the University of Washington.

With his boxes barely unpacked, Dr. David Jones formed a jazz ensemble with students, staff and community volunteers.


English as a Second Language Instructor, Sean Gomez joins Peninsula College faculty from

Coconino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he was an Associate Faculty member

teaching Developmental English and ESOL courses and Flagstaff Junior Academy, where he was a

Spanish Instructor and Technology Coordinator. Prior to that, he spent a year working for a rural

county in Arizona, where he taught small, multilevel ESL classes for

Mexican immigrants at multiple sites. Sean also has worked with

Welfare-to-Work immigrants in an ESL/job training course in Boston,

where he helped unemployed women learn English, computer skills,

and how to become familiar with the city’s job market. Sean received his

M.S. in Education/TESOL from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA, and his B.A. in History/Art

History from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

new faculty

Dr. Lara Starcevich (left and far right) directs the play “The Clean

House by Sarah Ruhl performed in the fall of 2008. The two

actresses in the photo are CC Morrow and Rebecca Barnett.

Dr. Lara Starcevich, Speech and

Theatre Professor, arrived on campus

from Colorado, where she was a

Program Manager for the Gunnison

Arts Center and an Adjunct Professor

at Western State College. In her

post at the Arts Center, Lara wrote

scripts and directed, designed and

occasionally acted in plays. Lara

supervised the literary organizations

affiliated with the Center, and

spearheaded a fledgling comedy

improv troupe—GAC Attack

Comedy Club—that performed in the

Gunnison area.

It didn’t take her long to establish a comedy club on the Peninsula College campus as well. The

club is enjoying its third quarter at the College. Lara also coached drama students at a private school

in Ketchikan, AK, and served as the Community Arts Coordinator at Clatsop Community College in

Oregon. Lara received her Ph.D. in Theatre from the University of Colorado in Boulder, her M.A. in

Art/Theatre from Wimbledon School of Art in England, and her B.A. in Fine Art from Vassar College.

Mathematics professor Dr. Tom Kim comes to us from California. His most recent teaching

position was at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada. Tom has also taught at the

College of the Redwoods on the Del Notre campus in Crescent City, CA; the University of California at Davis; the Riverside

Community College in Riverside, CA; and California State University, Fullerton. He has coauthored two published articles,

which appeared in the Journal of Biomechanics, and Cheer, Plant, Cell and Environment. Tom received his Ph.D. in Applied

Mathematics from the University of California at Davis and his M.A. in Applied Mathematics and B.A. in Mathematics from

California State University, Fullerton.

. . .ensures quality services to students and demonstrates sound and

planful stewardship of public resources.


The face of Peninsula College changes. . .

Maier Hall is the latest in Peninsula College’s ever changing look and feel. The concept of universal access to higher

education gained widespread acceptance in the 1960s. That decade saw the biggest expansion of community colleges across

the country. Many community colleges, like Peninsula College, were built to address the demand for students seeking an

education. Over the last 50 years, Peninsula College has grown in enrollment and the original buildings have served us well.

Like the new Science and Technology building and the Library/Media

Center which opened in 2007 and 2008 respectively, the Maier Hall Project

will replace aging, outdated buildings with a new academic facility that

includes: general classrooms, a Learning Center including a computer lab

and tutoring space, Basic Skills program space, art studios, music practice

and rehearsal rooms, faculty offices and a lecture/performance hall (right).

The new Maier Hall will replace four existing buildings (F, G, H and I)

on the southwest quadrant of campus. It will be a three story building of

37,680 assignable square feet.

The architects for Maier Hall, Schacht/Aslani Architects, are the same architects that designed the Library/Media Center. The

architecture will consist of glass, brick work and wood reflecting the design theme of the other buildings on campus.

In keeping with the College’s strategic priorities of environmental sustainability, the new Maier Hall will have the following

sustainable elements: a geo-exchange energy source using a closed loop geothermal well-field and ground source water heat

pumps; daylight harvesting; natural ventilation; exterior solar shading, paddle fans and an epiphytic living (moss) roof. These

sustainable elements will assist in this building qualifying for at least LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Silver Certification, as did the new Science and Technology building.

Come watch the new look of Peninsula College emerge as demolition of the existing four building will begin July 1, 2009.


. . .but our goal of keeping teaching and learning

at our center remains strong.

Peninsula College Athletics

Men’s Soccer

Above: Sean Gaskins attacks the ball on defense against Edmonds CC

in a 4-0 win. It was a dream season of sorts for head coach Andrew

Chapman and his team. They started their season with a 1-5-1

record and then went on to win 15 games without a loss and finished

unbeaten at home en route to a return trip to the Final Four. The

Pirates finished their season 14-7-3 and Coach Chapman was named

West Division Coach of the Year for the second year in a row. Five of

the team’s players made it to the NWAACC All-Star Team.

Women’s Basketball

Below: This year’s new head Women’s Basketball coach, Julie Stewart gives her girls a pep

talk during a break in the action. Julie has truly turned the team around with her leadership

and that of assistant coach, Ali Crumb. The team ended the season 20 and 0 for a third place

finish in the NCWAA. Peninsula College Women’s Basketball was second in league 13-3,

overall 19-11 and finished in the top 12 at the end of the year NWAACC tournament. This

included the

first NWAACC


victory in

the history

of Women’s

Basketball as

Peninsula won

86-55 over


of the Pirate

women made


Sophomore All-

Star Team.

Men’s Basketball

Below: Freshmen Christian Manzana goes strong to the hoop

in front of another packed house at PC. The defending North

Division champion Pirates, who have won three conference titles

and qualified for the playoffs five straight years, closed out their

2008-09 season with a 7-9 in conference play, good for sixth

place, and 10-17 overall. Jesse Bean, among the top 20 in the

NWAACC in scoring & assists, was named to the 2009 North

Region First Team All Star Team.

Women’s Softball

The Pirate Women’s Softball Team showed they can run with the big dogs

in a doubleheader against North Conference-leading Bellevue . The BCC

women escaped with a pair of wins, 7-2 and 7-3, but they didn’t come

easily. The Pirate women finished a tough season, plagued with injuries at

5-19 and 5-28 overall. Look for coach Jim Cheney and his staff to hit the

recruiting trail to pump up the freshman-dominated squad and make a

run at the NWAACC in 2010.

Go, Pirates!


Jack and Evelyn McCarter

Generous Donors

Jack and Evelyn McCarter know the value of education. They both knew early on that the ranching

lifestyle they had grown up in was a hard one and that a good education would give them more options.

Both received degrees in business from New Mexico State University. As parents, they encouraged all

four of their children to go to college. Married 66 years, they began their relationship as high school

sweethearts. The McCarters established the McCarter Nursing Endowment in 2004 and have a special

appreciation for nurses in general. “We like nurses and most of our friends are nurses, explained Jack.

When they came to Port Angeles in 1972, they moved next to the hospital where they befriended many of

the hospital staff. Jack and Evelyn have given generously to Peninsula College and make a special effort

to encourage and uplift those students whose lives are enriched by pursuing their educational dreams.

Our 2008 Generous Donors

Major Gifts

(Gifts totaling $10,000 or more)

*President’s Circle members of 5 or more years

PUD of Clallam County Dist. No. 1 The Margaret L. Wilmeth Family* Susan M. Strand

Honor Council Members

(Gifts Totaling $5,000 or more)

Suzanne W. Anderson* Forks Outfitters* Wilder Toyota*

Anonymous - John’s Scholarship* Peninsula Bottling Co. Inc. Schact/Aslani Architects

Exeltech Consulting, Inc. Puget Sound Energy Foundation Jack and Jennifer Zaccardo*

Forks Community Hospital

Ben and Myrtle Walkling Foundation

President’s Circle Members

(Gifts Totaling $1,000 or more)

Anonymous - Humanities Endowment

Anonymous - Writer In Residence

Tom Baermann/POE

Kent and Rosemary Brauninger

Jim and Barbara Cammack*

Clallam County Prevention Works

Ruth Cook in Memory of Jane Emmenegger

Estill and Reba Cornett

Tom and Rhonda Curry

Donsheng Dai

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fraternal Order of Eagles Lady Auxiliary

Jen and Denver Gouge

Jim and Julie Haguewood

Mary Hunchberger and Eric Apablasa

Jim’s Pharmacy*

Thomas and Suzanne Keegan*

Bill and Esther Littlejohn/Olympic Ambulance*

Ge-Yao and Masako Liu

Brown and Sara Maloney*

Jack and Evelyn McCarter*

Helen Miller

Frank Needham

Jerry and Anna Nichols

Nippon Paper Industries USA*

Olympic Cellars Winery

Olympic Memorial Hospital Foundation

Maria and M. Konning Pena

Port Angeles Community Chorus

The Ralston Family*

Karen and Jim Rogers

Gary Ross

Sequim Dungeness Hospital Guild

Seven Cedars Casino*

Jean Sigmar*

Soroptomist Int’l of the Olympic Rain Forest

S. Brooke and Diane Taylor*

Richard and Vicki Van Calcar

Steve and Sandy Wall

John and Mary Wegmann

Westport Shipyard Inc

Dan and Sally Wilder*

Ms. Li Xin

Philip and Cheryl Young*


Gifts Totaling $500 or more

Idalia Apablasa

Apple Computer, Inc.

Coldwell Banker Uptown Realty, Inc.

Fred and Christy Mitchell

Olympic Medical Center*

Pansy Pang

Peninsula College Associated Student


Story People of Clallam County

Dean’s List

Gifts Totaling $250 or more

Ronald and Ruth Bell

John Brewer

Steve and Gwyn Callis

Peter and Jill Casey

Florence Chamberlain


Glenn Cutler

Edward and Cora Danner

Edward and Arlene Diamond

Jeff Douglas


Bill and Michelle Eaton

Robert and Susan Erzen

Thomas and Karen Farris

First Federal

Joe Floyd and Barbara Noble

Carl and Robin Gay

Randy and Jennifer Gray

Mark and Patty Hannah

Michael Hansen

Julie and Damon Hatch

Clifford and Helga Johnson

James and Debbie Jones

Esther Kriesel

League of Women Voters Clallam Co

Michael Levine

Eric and Alwynn Lewis

Dan Lieberman

Paul Longmire

Michael Maxwell

Northwest Media/Peninsula Daily


Jay and Francoise Pearlman

Edna Petersen

Port Angeles Golden Agers

Dean and Deborah Reed

Roger and Marilyn Reidel

James Rosenburgh

Mel and Vicci Rudin

Rotary Club of Port Angeles

Kathryn Steichen

Rick Ross

Karen Scott

Robert and Joy Sheedy

Nicholas and Melissa Turner

Dan and Jodi Wilder

James Williams

Cindy Witham

George and Nancy Wood

Yvonne and Richard Ziomkowski

Honor Roll

Gifts totaling $100 or more

James Baker and Barbara Renfrow-


Sam and Martha Baker

Gary and Geri Braun

Patti Brown

George and Anne Bull

Dorothy Carpenter

Bonnie Cauffman

Barbara Clampett

Michael and Tamara Coffman

Joe Corn and Maureen Sandison

Mike and Clairanne Daniel

Del DelaBarre

Vicki Delorey

Paula Doherty

Genelle Doyle

Nancy Holmberg East

Robbin Eaves

Edward and Edna Elko

Jane Floyd

Deborah Frazier

Fred Hill Materials, Inc.

Larry and Cindy Gray

Roger Grossbohlin

Bobbi “Buff Hirko

Bob Hoffman

Linty Hopie

Jack Huls

Emma Janssen

Jackie Jardine-Moore

Bob Jensen

Craig Johnson

Sean and Heidi Johnson

Mercedes Kirk

Bob and Kristina Lawrence

Charles and Janice Leber

Ingrid Lehrer

Sandra Long

Grace Louthan

Brian McCarthy and Judith Gray

Robert McChesney

Julie and David McCulloch

Nancy McLaughlin

Joseph Messina

Peggy Norris

Sharen Numa

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Jennifer Zaccardo has been a board member of the Peninsula College Foundation since 2001 and served as

president of the Foundation from January 2006 through December 2007. She and her husband Jack have

given generously in support of Peninsula College programs, including Shakespeare on Campus which brings

the famed Ashland actors to our College. They have supported the Foundation’s fundraising efforts, including

a Pacific Northwest Native American book collection for the new campus library for use by both students

and community members. “My husband Jack and I are grateful for our opportunity to add to the inspiration

and energy that Peninsula College brings to the North Olympic Peninsula. We give annually to the Peninsula

College Foundation because our investment provides opportunities to students and the community.

Jennifer Zaccardo

Generous Donor and Foundation Board Member

Though we have made every effort to ensure that all donors have been properly listed, errors are always possible. We apologize for any

omissions or inaccuracies; please contact the Foundation at 360-417-6264 or at PCfoundation@pencol.edu.


Guests including Ralph Charlton and Board Member Kathy Charlton meet student athletes who

attended the event (far left); Sports Columnist, Scooter Chapman interviews Brennan (below);

Christine takes time with weight-lifting champion, Spencer Moorman and mother Kristine (far right).

A real crowd pleaser, Christine had President Keegan, his

wife Suzanne and Foundation Executive Director, Mary

Hunchberger in stitches (left).

The Foundation’s signature event offers the campus community and

community at large, a major figure in American life for the purpose

of having a “truly American Conversation. 2008 was no exception

with Christine Brennan, sportscaster and journalist, who charmed this year’s crowd with her stories of the Beijing

Olympics, tales of major sports figures, and journalism in general.

Mark Your Calendar! October 1, 2009 Our featured speaker couldn’t be more timely!

Jeremy Rifkin

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear firsthand from an economic expert issues related to

the economy, climate change, and energy security. Rifkin has been influential in shaping public

policy in the United States and around the world.

Buy tickets online at pcfoundation.ctc.edu or reserve your place or table, call 360-417-6264.

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