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A world apart















Pepe Leal


Bernard y Dominique Delfosse


An amazing falconry experience


Sail across the Mediterranean aboard a catamaran


Endless fun for kids at Las Colinas


Las Colinas, much more than a golf club


Support for underprivileged groups from Las Colinas


Expert tips on how to start playing golf



Media appearances


Murcia, the city of eternal spring


Cultural events in the local area


Events held at Las Colinas over recent




Edited and designed by Publicidad líquida

Photographs by Kevin Murray, Joaquín Zamora, Orihuela office of tourism,

Alicante office of tourism, 123RF.

Printed by Jiménez Godoy

Total or partial reproduction of the written content or photographs in this

magazine is prohibited.

The paper used in this magazine is chlorine free, following an environmentally

friendly development process thereby utilising natural resources in an intelligent

way and guaranteeing sustainability throughout the production process, as well

as reducing environmental impacts.


A world apart


Pepe Leal

The extension and decoration

of the UNiK restaurant at the

Clubhouse at Las Colinas Golf

& Country Club was carried

out by the well-known interior

designer, Pepe Leal. As one of

the rising stars in the world of

interior design and decoration,

the spaces designed by Pepe

Leal are full of character,

thanks to his distinctive blend

of styles and eras.


“We’ve created a

welcoming, timeless

and elegant space,

where the cuisine is

the star of the show”

Pepe Leal entered the world of interior design almost by chance, after studying History of Art and

between a range of projects, including a style book for Paris Hilton’s new stores (worldwide), organising

‘Master of Interiors’ and gain insight into his vision of this project.

You were the interior designer

selected by Las Colinas Golf &

Country Club to decorate the UNiK

restaurant. What was the creative

concept behind the design?

We were asked to decorate a

restaurant that had already been

built so we had to work within

certain limitations or, better said,

to depart from… Some materials

were already in place, lighting,

etc. So one of our challenges was

to design a project that adapted to

the existing framework. We opted

for a Club-style restaurant, in other

words, elegant, sophisticated but

also understated and simple, where

the cuisine was clearly the star of

the show. We wanted to give it a

warm feel as there was already lots

so we added wood to the walls and

wooden furniture. The result is a

welcoming, timeless and elegant

restaurant. The same concept was

applied to all the other areas in the

Clubhouse, even the toilets.

The interior design of the Clubhouse

was completed in 2010. Now, 5 years

later, you have been commissioned to

extend the UNiK restaurant. Have

you opted to continue along the same

lines as the original decoration or

decided to create a contrast?

The new extension is quite a

contrast because it includes the

porch area of the existing restaurant

and we did not want to lose this

outdoor feel. We wanted to create

a fresh, welcoming, green space,

with an exotic and elegant touch,

which contrasted and blended with

the existing restaurant. We sought

to create a transitional space; a

midpoint between the understated,

urban restaurant and the open

countryside around the Clubhouse.

We believe there’s a connection

between the two different designs

in the end result.

your work?

the result is that the restaurant is

always full, which is what it is all


How would you describe your

professional experience at Las

Colinas Golf & Country Club?

professional client. Las Colinas

knows what it wants, knows how

to transmit this and adopts a very

practical approach. The company

trusts you, and that’s incredibly

important for me as a professional

and, that means, all we have to do

is reach an understanding about

how to meet the needs, budgets

and deadlines on both sides. A real



A world apart


Apart from collaborating with

the resort, have you tried out Las

Colinas as a guest?

golf courses that take such pains

with the smallest details. Attention

to detail can be seen in the superb

customer service through to the

careful landscaping of the resort.

What do you think about the

facilities and leisure options?

my studio has been responsible for

designing part of the facilities so

beautiful resort, where everything

is really well looked after and

nothing is left to chance and

where you feel that everything and

everyone is making an effort to do

their best and that always shows.

And the homes you have designed?

comparison to other golf courses

in the area, especially because

it is such a beautiful spot where

landscaping and the symbiosis

“Las Colinas is an

excellent choice

to seek a second

home, here you can

enjoy nature and the

beach surrounded

by stunning

countryside, which is

so difficult to find in

today’s world”.

between nature and housing is

exquisitely balanced. The homes

are excellent option for a second

home as you can enjoy nature and

the beach surrounded by stunning

countryside, as well as peace and

today’s world. Ten out of ten!


A world apart


Bernard and




“We come to Las Colinas whenever

we can to recharge our batteries”

What type of home have you bought at Las

Colinas Golf and Country Club?

We’ve bought a detached villa - a Mirlo villa.

How long have you had your home at Las

Colinas? Why did you choose it instead of

other options?

We’ve had the house since November 2014.

Las Colinas is very good in general but the

reason for choosing this place was love at

you know it before?

No, we didn’t know the place. We found out

about Las Colinas through some friends

and, the truth is, we’re delighted to have

discovered it.

once a month.

Have you thought about living at Las Colinas


No, because we’re very busy in Belgium and

our friends and family are there. But we

come to Las Colinas to recharge our batteries

whenever we can!

Bernard and Dominique

Delfosse have found their

own particular oasis to

relax in and enjoy at Las

Colinas Golf & Country

Club. The couple, who

live in Ligny (Belgium),

confess to being delighted

with their new villa at Las

Colinas, which they fell in

love with “at first sight”.

And at Las Colinas they

can also do their favourite

sports: tennis and golf.


A world apart


What made you choose the Mirlo villa

over the others?

The surroundings are very quiet

and welcoming, and the villa is all

on ground level. But perhaps the

best thing is that we have wonderful

views of the golf course.

The architects who designed your

home – Woods Bagot – really intended

to blend the villa in with the

natural surroundings. What do you

think of the relationship between the

house and its surroundings?

The villa is very light, the way it

blends in with nature is incredible


A little bird told us that you love

sport and good food. How do the


The Clubhouse is wonderful and

the menu at the restaurant comes

up to all our expectations. What’s

more, the tennis courts and the

golf course have great facilities for

The thing is that at Las Colinas

we’re always looked after and that’s

not so common today!

We’d like to emphasize how friendly

all the team at Las Colinas are.

They’re very welcoming and helpful.

They’re always ready and willing to

help us with the slightest problem.

We believe that you enjoy spending

time with the family too. Have you

been able to do anything together?

Yes. But, although we’ve walked

around the estate, we still haven’t

had time to discover it all. The

landscape is very beautiful!


A world apart



Dirk van Noordenne and Jennifer

van de Wouw are a couple who love

travelling, skiing and enjoying small

pleasures of life like good cuisine

and fine wine. They live in the village

of Vlijmen near the city of Den

Bosch in the Netherlands and visit

their home at Las Colinas several

times a year, together with their sixyear-old

son, Frederik, where they

can enjoy some of their favourite

hobbies such as playing golf and

tennis. On their first visit to Las

Colinas, the family also enjoyed an

exciting falconry experience. In this

edition of AWA they tell us about the

thrill of flying a bird of prey freely in

natural surroundings.


“It’s impressive and spectacular to see how these

magnificent birds move in the last second before

landing on your arm”


A world apart



No, we didn’t know the area. Our

real estate agent told us about Las

Colinas Golf & Country Club. We

were impressed by the quality and

exclusiveness of the resort.

at the International School of

Falconry Las Colinas. Most people

or at the zoo, but when we heard

that at Las Colinas we could see

them and also interact with them

them ourselves, we wanted to try it

out. We were so impressed we keep

coming back. In fact, our six-yearold

son Frederik likes it so much

that whenever we come to Las

Colinas, he wants to see the birds.


They introduced us to all the

birds at the International School

of Falconry; then the instructors

explained their different features

and told us about their natural

habitat. Next, we went on a walk

where we could see the birds in

directly back to us and land on our

arm. Finally we had the chance to

meet Margarita, the large owl at

the School.

to your arm. It’s also amazing to be

able to hold a bird like Margarita

and see her huge wingspan!

It’s impressive and spectacular how

last second before landing on your

arm. It’s also incredible how their

prey with their wings.

Apart from visits to the zoo, no, we

hadn’t had any experience of this

type before coming to Las Colinas.

Now we have regular contact.

Frederik had an encounter with

the small owls accompanied by


Our falconry


takes place in





can learn the

secrets of this

age old art.

Marianne, the instructor at the

School who speaks Dutch. Before

visiting the birds Frederik usually

prepares questions to ask the

instructors such as “how do the

birds drink?” or “what makes them

Positively. As soon as you leave the

International School of Falconry

facilities you’re in the middle of a

pine forest. The birds look at home


We’ll keep coming back so long as

our son continues to ask us. When

my wife turned forty, we invited our

family and close friends from the

Netherlands to Las Colinas to enjoy

the good things the resort has to

offer. One of these good things was

the falconry experience. Everyone

loved it. We warmly recommend

combining golf and a visit to the

International School of Falconry

Las Colinas.


A world apart



Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

is adding new experiences to the

range of activities it offers.

One of the latest additions to this

“world apart” is sailing across

some of the most beautiful marine

reserves in the Mediterranean and

Mar Menor on board a catamaran.


See the Mediterranean from

a catamaran


A world apart



With your family, your partner or


Enjoy the Mediterranean sun and

the sea breeze, and activities you

can only do on the sea. Las Colinas

has organized different types of trips

for you. They can be one or two-day

trips on a sailing boat, returning to

the port of San Pedro del Pinatar

every evening.

are directed by skippers with

extensive experience, who will also

supervise the activities you do.


The activity lasts around eight

hours and starts from the port of

San Pedro del Pinatar, calling at

with its bird sanctuary, or at the

Mar Menor. You can snorkel or do

Isla Grosa

Located in the municipality of

San Javier, 2.5 km from the

coast of the Manga del Mar

Menor, Isla Grosa is famous

for its wealth of birdlife.

Colonies of sea birds fly over

its cliffs, such as Audouin’s

gulls, storm petrels or species

of cormorants. In the steepest

terrain to the south east of the

island lies Las Galerotas cove,

where a 90- metre cliff is the

place where young gulls learn

to fly: the fledglings take off

and if they don’t manage to

fly their mothers catch them in

mid air just a few metres from

rocks below.


efore returning to port. Part of the experience is eating

on board the catamaran.


This activity also has experienced skippers to help you

(open-sea or coastal) and will also show you the best

prefer, you can cook it on the boat and enjoy it on the

trip! The trip includes food on board the catamaran and

going to do.

A weekend of sailing

This is perfect for sea-lovers: a weekend sailing on the

Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor. You spend two

San Pedro del Pinatar in the evenings.

Information and Reservations

Tel.: +34 965 324 004 / +34 645 888 073




A world apart


Las Colinas Golf & Country

Club never forgets the

children. Every summer it

designs a full programme

of outdoor sports and

leisure activities for them,

especially conceived for

children between 5 and 13

years of age. Apart from

having fun, the Kids’ Club

programme is designed

for the children to learn,

make friends and have an

unforgettable summer at

Las Colinas.

Endless fun for kids at Las Colinas

Tennis and padel classes

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

has a padel tennis court and three

regular tennis court. Two are clay

where the children can do both

sports in unparalleled conditions,

Children’s golf academy

What better place is there than

Las Colinas for the children to

start playing golf? Las Colinas

Golf & Country Club has one of

the best courses in Europe and

every facility for learning the best

techniques. Moreover, the director

of the Academy, Robert Mitchell,

is one of the PGA’s most renowned

professionals, with long experience

in teaching golf.

Outdoor activities

Apart from tennis, padel and golf

classes, the children can also take

part in workshops and games

outside, in close contact with

nature. The activities are great fun

and are intended for the children to

interact with each other and also

improve their English, as they are

at all times supervised by bilingual

monitors and coordinators.

More information on:


A world apart



Las Colinas,

much more

than a golf


The golf course has

achieved an excellent level

of satisfaction overall.

Most players express their

intention to return and

recommend Las Colinas

Golf & Country Club to their



Las Colinas Golf & Country

Club continues to build on its

success as one of the best tourist

resorts in Europe. Further to the

international recognition it has

garnered –including the award

for Best Golf Resort in the World

Hotel & Property Awards 2014–

the course has been selected

to host the second stage of the

European Tour Qualifying School

(PQ2) until 2017. According to

the 2014 ranking for the British

magazine Golf World, the course

is in 72nd position in the top 100

courses in Continental Europe,

above other well-established and

prestigious courses. This ranking

is drawn up by a well-known panel

of experts comprising specialist

golf journalists and writers, course

designers, players and tourist

operators, who evaluate the

course and amenities at each club.

On more than one occasion, the

managing director of Las Colinas

Golf & Country Club, Cristóbal

Guerrero, has said publically how

proud he is about the recognition

gained and about the speed with

which Las Colinas has managed to

position itself as one of the leading

golf and leisure destinations in


As well as the favourable opinions

from the experts, residents and

visitors to the resort show a high

level of satisfaction with the course

an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Apart from the golf course, Las

Colinas boasts a comprehensive

Las Colinas Golf &

Country Club has

been selected to

host the second

stage of the

European Tour

Qualifying School

(PQ2) until 2017

sports and leisure offering for the

whole family, which includes the

school of falconry where visitors

can enjoy a unique experience

in Spain, a private beach club,

designer restaurants and tennis

and paddle tennis courts.

Moreover, visitors can stay at

exclusive accommodation at Las

Colinas Residences, a selection

of fully-equipped apartments and

villas, with large terraces and



A world apart



Las Colinas sponsors the

Fundraising Magic Festival

2015 ‘Grandes Ilusiones’ for

the sixth year running.

As in previous years, top international and Spanish

magicians and illusionists performed at the festival,

which has become one of the cultural highlights of

the year in Murcia.

All the funds raised (43,100 euros) went to improving

the living conditions of 96 people with intellectual

disability, as part of an initiative promoted by

The performers in the 2015 show included: Arkadio,

El Gran Dimitri, Jeff Toussaint, Jordan Gomez,

Karim, Los Taps, Mago Rafa, Mago Vituco, Miguel

Ángel Gea, Miguelillo and Pedro Volta, Juan Carlos

Jiménez ‘El Niño’, Josele Megía, Mario Carrión and

Manolo Sarriá. The collaboration and commitment

shown by this great line-up have helped make this

project possible.


Las Colinas collaborated in

the 15th Fundraising Paddle

Tennis Tournament for


The event, held in November 2014, raised €

49,614.32 to support the ‘#PadelPorArancha

project’, to help improve the life of Arancha, a 9

year-old girl from Alicante suffering from West

syndrome who needed a complicated operation.

Thanks to the funds raised she was able to undergo

diagnosis and assessment. Moreover, Las Colinas

Golf & Country Club also supported FEAPS

Madrid’s early intervention initiative for children

under 6 with intellectual disability from families

with limited resources in the Madrid region. More

than 180 players from 36 companies from a range

of sectors took part in the tournament.

Las Colinas strengthens its

commitment to integrating

people with different abilities

Thanks to the Montoro Alemán Chair for the

Social and Labour Market Inclusion of People

with Different Abilities, created in 2012 by the

Universidad Católica de San Antonio de Murcia

(UCAM) and the Gmp Foundation, a training

course has been set up aimed at young people

between the ages of 18 and 30 with intellectual

disability to help integrate this group in the labour

market. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has

collaborated with this initiative by giving one of

the students on the course the opportunity to gain

work experience at the resort.

Support for families from San

Miguel de Salinas with limited


This is one of the many actions that Las Colinas

Golf & Country Club implements to improve the

lives of families on low resources with a child

with intellectual disability and, on this occasion,

through donations. This particular initiative was

supported by the Gmp Foundation and the Town

Hall of San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante.


A world apart



Spreading laughter with the

Fundación Tutelar Kyrios

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club collaborated with

the Fundación Tutelar Kyrios at the comedy gala

‘Gala de humor’, staged at Galileo Galilei in Madrid

in May 2015. At this fun event, performers such as

Mago More, Dani Delacámara and Jerónimo made

the delighted audience laugh time and time again.

funds, at which Las Colinas offered the prize of a

stay for four persons at the resort.

association that aims to create safe environments

to improve the quality of life and promote the

socialisation of people with limited intellectual

events for this purpose.

Artists from the ‘Peter

Pan Visual Arts Workshop’

design Las Colinas’s

Christmas Card

The Peter Pan Visual Arts Workshop, comprising

people with Down syndrome, designed the 2014

Christmas Card for Las Colinas Golf & Country

Club. The artists conveyed their personal vision

of Las Colinas, displaying their talent and

creativity in this special Christmas initiative.

The Peter Pan Visual Arts Workshop was set

up nearly 30 years ago in premises provided by

the Vincentians at the Basilica of Our Lady of

Miracles and founded by Cristina Franco Gay,

a Fine Art graduate.


A world apart



An expert guide to

starting to play golf

Despite its youth, Las

Colinas Golf & Country Club

has been selected on four

occasions, from 2010 to

2014, as the headquarters

of the second stage (PQ2)

of the European Tour

Qualifying School and it

has been chosen to host

the event again up to

2017. It will host the most

promising players on the

international golf scene who

will compete to reach the

Final of the European Tour

Qualifying School, the last

step before achieving one of

the main objectives of any

professional golfer: getting a

European Tour card.

The course at Las Colinas

is maintained to a very high

level and the academy is

one of the best places to

start learning how to play

golf, under the professional

guidance of our PGA

instructor, Robert Mitchell.

Robert has drawn up some

introductory guidelines to

the game especially for

this edition of the AWA




Choosing equipment can

be a daunting task with so

much choice on offer but it

really doesn’t have to be. A number

of equipment manufacturers offer

beginner “half sets” which are

perfect for a new golfer and is really

all that is needed. It is also possible

to rent the latest TaylorMade golf

equipment when you play at Las

Colinas and it is complimentary

during your coaching sessions.

The Las Colinas Golf Shop also

stocks the latest TaylorMade golf

equipment and our expert staff will

make sure that the equipment is

suited to your needs



Golf has often been

to learn but with the right

instruction at the beginning, it

really doesn´t have to be. The Golf

Academy at Las Colinas Golf &

Country Club offers a full range

of learning programmes which

include both private and group

sessions so that you can learn in

the environment that suits your

learning style


A real key to learning to


play good golf is to practice

in between your coaching

sessions. The Las Colinas practice

areas are perfect for all levels of

golfers to develop their skills both

on our natural grass driving range

with pyramids of TaylorMade golf

balls and our beautifully manicured

putting green and short game area.

Make sure that you make time to

practice the short shots as these

really are important for the aspiring

golfer learning to lower their scores.

Golf Course


It is vitally important that

you learn to play golf and

not just hit the golf ball. All

beginners that pass through the Las

Colinas Golf Academy will spend

a considerable amount of time on

the golf course learning to put the

skills that they have learnt on the

practice area under the supervision

of their professional.


You need a licence in


order to play golf in Spain.

Players must demonstrate

a certain level of ability and an

understanding of the rules and

etiquette of the game in order

to qualify for a licence. You can

apply for a licence directly to the

appropriate golf federation or

through the golf course. Our team

at the Golf Academy helps pupils

with this process so that they can

enjoy one of the top 100 courses in

Europe as soon as possible.


A world apart



“A fairy tale for golfers”

Article published in the Czech review Casopis Golf

This article must be one of the most complete reports on Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

that has appeared in the press. The magazine mainly focuses on golf and, in the four-page

article, the journalist reiterates how fascinating the golf course is and even calls it a “real

fairy tale for lovers of this sport”. It also emphasizes the other services and amenities at Las

Colinas, and the high quality of the villas in the Enebro community. It explains that clients

have the possibility of building personalized homes on the plots they may choose to buy.

As it says in the article: “je skutečnou perlou” (a real pearl).

Article published in the prestigious Russian review Voyage Magazine

The report refers to the “surprise” of finding a development of the quality of Las Colinas in

Mediterranean Spain. Apart from enjoying the golf course, the journalist also recommends

strolling around the estate and taking in the wonderful natural aromas of the woods,

especially the distinctive scent of pine trees, which for the magazine is undoubtedly “a

session of aromatherapy with all its benefits”.

“Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, an extraordinary course”

Article in the Norwegian magazine Reis

Journalist Ann-Sophie Stene paid a visit to Las Colinas Golf & Country Club and the

outcome was a magnificent article in which she gives a detailed description of the entire

complex, emphasizing the unusual features of the course. The journalist also briefly

explains the history of the course and underlines the advantages and privileges for

owners of villas in the central island, which is surrounded by the golf course.

“A world apart”

Article published in the British newspaper Sunday Express

This is undoubtedly one of the most important reports for Las Colinas Golf & Country

Club, not only because it was written by the renowned journalist Andrea Watson, but also

because of its content. In this article, the journalist tells of her experience at Las Colinas

and describes the villas and the golf course. She also emphasizes how the development

of the complex is unlike anything else around it.

“Las Colinas, a magic place”

Article in the British review Golf Monthly

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is increasingly mentioned in the international press. But

no matter how much they publish, the truth is that sometimes just a few words are more

than enough. There really isn’t much more to add when the journalist announces in the

headline of the article that what he discovered at Las Colinas was simply magic.


A world apart




the city

of eternal


One of the main attractions of Murcia is that you can

visit it by walking round; interacting with the local

people who are very friendly towards tourists and

discovering some of the sights, such as its beautiful

(14th -19th century). Located in the old

quarter, in the Plaza Cardenal Belluga or Plaza

de la Catedral, the Cathedral has an impressive

Baroque façade, where sculpture and architecture

and the Bishop’s palace, another of the most striking

monuments in the city, stands opposite.

Murcia is a small city on

the east coast of Spain that

offers an array of cultural

activities and things to do

all year round. But above

all it’s a city that is known

for its vibrant, lively social

life. Thanks to the warm

temperatures it enjoys

throughout the year, its

streets and terraces

are always packed with

people having a good time,

enjoying a cold beer and

tapas in the city of eternal


Murcia Cathedral

is one of the main squares

in the city and, given its strategic importance as the

centre of religious power, it becomes the focal point

for numerous celebrations such as the Corpus Christi

procession; the festivals of the Virgin de la Fuensanta,

the city’s patron saint; and is part of the route of the

famous Murcia Holy Week processions.

of Platería and Trapería, where artisans set up

their workshops in the Middle Ages. Today this

area is full of traditional shops, boutiques and cafés.

The (19th century) in Trapería Street

special historic and artistic interest in 1993. Don’t

miss its Morisco-style entrance, ballroom, library,

billiard room and Pompeian courtyard. Take a

out about the architectural features of each room

and discover some interesting anecdotes. Then end

restauranterealcasino.com), where you can enjoy the

best cuisine from Murcia, accompanied by excellent

local wines.


A world apart


The hospitality of the people of Murcia. The open

and friendly nature of the people of Murcia has been

captured in the famous relief ‘the Matron of Murcia’,

on the façade of the Almudí Palace. It is the work

of Hernando de Torquemada, carried out in 1575,

where the figure of a virgin, who symbolises the city,

is depicted breastfeeding an infant that is not her own

and who represents tourists visiting Murcia, while her

own child waits patiently at her feet for his turn, an act

that represents the hospitality of the people of Murcia.

A cultural feast

Murcia has several interesting museums such as

the Francisco Salzillo museum, dedicated to the

sculptor where you can see his famous Holy Week

Baroque nativity scene. The museums of Santa

Clara la Real, Fine Art and Archaeology, the

latter containing one of the most comprehensive

collections from Iberia, together with the Sacred

Art Museum at the Cathedral and the Ramón

Gaya Museum, where you can admire the work

of this 20th century artist who was awarded the

Premio Velázquez de las Artes, also merit a visit.

The tapas kingdom

Murcia’s exceptional climate invites you to go out

and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the city streets.

Going out for tapas, which is almost a religion

in Murcia, in the Plazas de San Juan, Santa

Catalina and San Pedro, Las Flores or Romea

is warmly recommended. It’s a cheap and fun

way of sampling some of the most popular tapas

in the area such as matrimonios (salted anchovies

always accompanied by a cool beer. Other typical

dishes from Murcia include pastel de carne (meat

bars across the city.

Guided tours

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has

selected to work with Guías Turísticas

Murcia, a company run by qualified tourist

guides, which offers its customers cultural

visits and guided tours all over the Region

of Murcia.

Choose where you would like to go, what

you would like to do and how long the tour

lasts. The guides adapt to the interests and

needs of each group.

Enjoy a different experience during your

stay at Las Colinas Residences with a special

5% discount on the tours.

Contact our reservations department at



How to get there

From Campoamor, take the AP- 7 motorway towards

Cartagena and come off at exit 782 towards Balsicas

Murcia, via the Mar Menor motorway. Continue to

the A 30 and join the motorway travelling towards

Murcia, until you get to the city.


Activities and shows in Murcia:




More info


Tourist information phone: +34 968 277 702


A world apart


In Alicante

In Elche

In Murcia

The Bonfires of San Juan

(from 20th to 24th June). At this

fiesta, which has been declared a

Fiesta of International Tourist Interest,

hundreds of enormous figures, which

compete in beauty and originality, are

set up in different neighbourhoods.

They are later burnt before the eyes

of thousands of spectators, on the

magical Night of San Juan. During

the fiestas, people meet at “racós”

and “barracas”, where they eat,

drink and dance.

Misteri o Festa d’Elx

(from 10th to 15th August). If

you like religious music, medieval

theatre and the most genuine

cultural spectacles, you can’t miss

“La Festa”, as this medieval work

is also known. UNESCO recognized

it as a Masterpiece of the Oral and

Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is

performed every year in the Basilica

of Santa María de Elche to celebrate

the festival of the Virgin of the


The Burial of the Sardine

This is an original celebration held

on the Saturday after Easter Sunday.

Acrobats, Brazilian samba groups,

passacaglia and troupes escort some

twenty floats, from which people

throw toys to the spectators. The

fiesta ends in the early morning,

when the sardine is burnt amongst

the revelry.

Snorkelling on the Island of


This is a little island near Santa Pola,

with only 65 inhabitants. It has a

marine reserve with an amazing

underwater landscape. If you would

like to visit the island, you can choose

between several points of departure

(Alicante, Benidorm, Elche, Torrevieja,


More info:


Visit Elche’s Palm Grove

With more than 200,000 trees, this

date-palm grove is the largest in

Europe. In the year 2000, UNESCO

declared it a World Heritage Site.

More info:


Murcia Tres Culturas Festival

Murcia’s most emblematic streets

and squares welcome this great

celebration of understanding and

tolerance in May and artists from

all over the world meet up there.

A wealth of culture in the form of

music, dance, theatre, exhibitions,


More info:



From here at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, we would like to

propose some places and events to put on your agenda. We hope

that you won’t miss anything, that you’ll discover new ways of

spending your free time and that you’ll become familiar with local

traditions and fiestas, along with some of the most picturesque

places near Campoamor.







San Javier


In San Javier

In Cartagena

In Orihuela

International Jazz Festival

This is considered to be one of the

best jazz festivals in Spain thanks to

its excellent programme. It is held

in July with a month of concerts

and the participation of the most

outstanding jazz players. Visitors can

sit outside on the summer nights

listening to jazz from an open-air

stage near the sea.

Easter Processions

These are undoubtedly one of

the city’s greatest treasures. The

processions are held at night or in

the early morning and are lived so

intensely by the people of Cartagena

that visitors are drawn into the spirit

and devotion. The most striking

thing about these processions is the

perfect order and absolute silence

surrounding them, a legacy of the

city’s military past.

Medieval market

(first weekend in February). For three

days, Orihuela is home to one of the

largest medieval markets in Spain and

the town is taken back to a period

of armour, knights and princesses

and is reminded that, in the 15th

century, it was once considered the

most important city in the Kingdom

of Castile and that it was from there

that the Catholic Monarchs set out to

reconquer Granada.

Santiago de la Ribera


Two kilometres of pedestrian

promenade which has recently been

remodelled and is flanked by ageold

palm trees. As you stroll along,

you can admire summer homes from

the end of the 19th century and the

beginning of the 20th century. There

are also plenty of terraces and kiosks,

open nearly all the year round, where

you can enjoy a meal or an aperitif by

the sea.

More info:


La Mar de Músicas Festival

This is held every July to open up

this seafaring city to music, art,

photography, film and literature, with

a guest country invited every year. It

is mainly staged at the Parque Torres

Auditorium, a vantage point by the

Mediterranean with views of the port

and the impressive archaeological

remains of the Roman Theatre.

More info:


The Poet Miguel Hernández’s

House Museum

This is the family home of the poet

Miguel Hernández who was born in

Orihuela. It is located at number 73

of the street generally known as ‘calle

de Arriba’. Its rooms are typical of a

small livestock farm at the beginning

of the last century and photographs

or items belonging to the poet and

his family are on display.

More info:



A world apart



Las Colinas hosts the PQ2 of the

European Tour’s Qualifying School

like a charm for the Spaniards in the European

Tour’s Qualify School’s PQ2 as, of the thirteen who

took part on different courses, three managed to

classify on the course in Alicante.

Borja Virto (-12), Carlos Pigem (-10) and amateur

Colinas, giving them places in the School’s grand

- and by the skin of his teeth - as he was only one

stroke short of being amongst the leaders.

The event was extremely successful. The Tour

will be back on this course until 2017, a course

that ranks amongst the top 100 best golf courses

in Continental Europe and won the award for the

best international Golf Resort in the prestigious


The prestige of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

showcased at Las Colinas Cup and in the Third

Onda Cero Tournament

In September last year Las Colinas Golf & Country Club held the 2014

Las Colinas Cup, the third Troon event of the season, with players from

Egypt`s “The Allegria” team winning the competition.

side by side with Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

and we would like to emphasize how much they

have helped and looked after our members during

Teams from Egypt, the United Kingdom and Spain

the generous help of TaylorMade Adidas and the

great work of the team at Las Colinas, we really

enjoyed ourselves at this successful event. The

service and the quality of the golf course were once

again impeccable and participants emphasized the

Third Onda Cero Tournament

Earlier in the year Las Colinas Golf and Country

Club hosted the third edition of the Onda Cero Vega

Baja Tournament with three categories, and awards

for the top three players in each category, for the

scratch winner and several special prizes.

with 40 points. With 44 points Vicente García won

the second category, while Victor Myhr took the

victory in the third with 48. The scratch winner was

Rubén Luque with 71 strokes.


A world apart



Las Colinas Golf &

Country Club, venue

for the “Over 35s


hosted one of the most important tournaments in

2014: the Over 35s Championship.

Eighty-three players took part in a competition

The out-and-out winner in the gentlemen’s

category was Ryan Boal, with 73 strokes, seven

less than the runner-up, Fernando Tarazona,

and nine less than Edgar Alonso, who came in

third. However, Edgar Alonso won the second

category with 162 strokes, followed by Javier

Barber with 165. Alfredo Espinosa and José

María Aguirre drew with 173 strokes in the third

category, with Alfredo Espinosa winning, while

Luis Blasco (182) and Julián Yagüe (192) were

the winners in the fourth category.

the third category with 190 strokes, followed by

Louise Paulusse with 193. Carol Grant won the

fourth category with 201 strokes, six less than

Gloria Azorín who came in second.

The awards ceremony was presided over by the

technical manager of the Valencian Community’s

Golf Federation.

Las Colinas on the

Schüco calendar

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club appears on

the 2015 calendar published by Schüco, a world

leader in windows and doors, present in over

eighty countries. Every year the multinational

selects the twelve best developments worldwide

which chose its products, amongst which is Las

appears for the month of April.


Janne “Loffe”

Carlsson exhibits

some of his best

paintings at

Las Colinas

Club hosted an art exhibition showcasing

the work of the renowned Swedish artist

was held in the show villa Milano 4 in the

exclusive Enebro community, visitors were

able to see the paintings of nature at a house

designed by the most prestigious architects’

studio in Europe, Woods Bagot, whose

design focused on blending the villa in with

its natural surroundings.

characterized by its colour and its visual

content. Expressive modernism and

traditional Swedish and French landscapes

come together in his collection of oil and

acrylic paintings on canvas and lithographs,

in work which, through the use of colour,

conveys a sensation of joy to the viewer.

The work of the artist Göran Holmqvist was

also on show at the exhibition.

Fourth Estrella

de Levante


hosted the fourth edition of the Estrella de Levante

Tournament, using the individual Stapleford

system in two categories, one for gentlemen and

another for ladies. The results were as follows:


David Lloyd


Ana María Aragón


Daniel Constantine



Carmen Noguera Marín


Christopher King

74 strokes


1 st PLACE

Ricardo Francisco Olmos


2 nd PLACE

Daniel Constantine




1 st PLACE

Nigel Cotton


2 nd PLACE

Pedro José Alcaraz



1 st PLACE

Carmen Sánchez


2 nd PLACE

Ana María Aragón



Kevin Kenny



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