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Governor announces statewide workforce development plan ...


Wausau expands

Wausau Supply Company,

one of the first tenants in the

Corson Development Park,

is constructing a major

addition to their South Dakota

warehouse and distribution

center. The Development

Foundation has been a

partner in the development

of the industrial park.

Volume 32, Number 2

March-April, 2008

Governor announces statewide

workforce development plan

Growing South Dakota’s workforce in the face of an aging working

population is the goal of Governor Mike Rounds’ new Workforce

2025 program. A group of innovative initiatives, Workforce 2025

is focused on providing a competent and qualified workforce to allow for

economic growth and expansion.

“We see a need to accelerate development now, rather than face a serious

shortage of workers in the future,” Rounds said. “From 2005 to 2025, our

elderly population will grow by 90,000. To keep our economy thriving as

these baby boomers retire, we need

to continue to provide career

opportunities and to find the people

to fill our open positions.”

The South Dakota Departments

of Labor, Tourism and State

Development, Education, and the

Board of Regents have partnered to

offer the following programs:

■ Dakota Roots is recruiting

individuals to South Dakota by

connecting them to career

opportunities with the state’s leading

businesses. Companies interested in

relocating or expanding also can

Governor Mike Rounds

receive assistance.

■ Live Dakota is retaining

current South Dakotans by educating them about the rewarding career

opportunities in-state and the ability to get on the career fast track.

■ Grow Dakota is preparing students for the workforce and providing

teachers and principals a vision for the 21st century high school.

■ Dakota Seeds is creating new internship and assistantship opportunities

in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

■ Build Dakota is developing solutions for immediate, intermediate

and long-term workforce challenges facing industries statewide.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) is also

launching a new radio campaign, targeting an audience of nearly a half

million young adults in northwest Iowa, southwest and southeast Minnesota

along the I-90 corridor and in the St. Cloud area. Radio commercials will

tout the opportunities and available jobs in South Dakota communities and

will track with radio campaigns the state and Sioux Falls are currently

running in the Twin Cities metro area.

“Our new radio campaign is designed to encourage mobile, opportunityseeking

young adults to consider a future in South Dakota,” said Kim Olson,

director of GOED. “This new

campaign is driven by the success that

we have seen from our Twin Cities

radio during the past year, matching

the success the Sioux Falls Development

Foundation has demonstrated in their

on-going radio marketing there.”

More information about

Workforce 2025 is available by


or by calling Dawn Dovre at


■ ■ ■

Secretary of Labor Pam Roberts and Tourism

& State Development Secretary Richard Benda. moves headquarters to SDTBC

C, previously

headquartered in the

Enterprise Institute

building in Brookings, SD,

has announced an agreement with

the South Dakota Technology

Business Center to move its main

operations into the expansionfriendly


The agreement comes at a

significant time for

with record postings in sales and a

continuing trend upward in the

custom flash drive marketplace. The

leading E-tailer of custom flash drive

solutions, has realized

success through a combination of

streamlined operations, strategic

technology alliances and refreshing,

dependable service.


is published six times yearly by the

P.O. Box 907, Sioux Falls, SD 57101

Phone 605-339-0103, Fax 605-339-0055

Karen Ruhland, Editor

SFDF Board of Directors

Mark Shlanta, Chair

Cathy Clark, Vice Chair

Steve Crim, Secretary

Jack Hopkins, Treasurer

Dana Dykhouse, Past Chair

William L. Baker

Jeff Erickson

Jeff Holcomb

Dale Jans

David Knudson

Don Marker

Mark Mickelson

Becky Nelson

Steve Palmitier

Dr. Jim Robl

W. Tom Simmons

Fred Slunecka

Kendall Stork

Gerry Sweetman


Mayor Dave Munson

Mike Cooper


Anne Hajek

Working for regional economic

development in partnership with:

The staff of in their office at the South Dakota Technology Business Center.

“The South Dakota Technology

Business Center (SDTBC) resonates

with our needs,” said Tim Burns,

President of “We’re

excited to have the potential to

collaborate with other technologybased

businesses. From day one,

the leadership at SDTBC has shown

tremendous initiative and

excitement about our business.

The infrastructure, network and

overall environment SDTBC affords

us will be critical in helping us

continue the path toward healthy,

strategic growth.”

Since 2006, has

helped clients across the industries

of education, banking, government,

music and business by blending

sophisticated preload software with

premium flash drive hardware to

produce progressive marketing

tools that achieve communication


“The Technology Business

Center is excited to have as a client company,”

said Rich Naser, Executive Director.

“The company is already

experiencing significant growth and

will bring an exciting dynamic both

technologically and culturally to

SDTBC. We look forward to assisting

the team in achieving

new levels of success.”

The strategic partnership and

marketing arm of will

maintain operations in Brookings.

■ ■ ■

CNN Money says Sioux Falls is a

great place to live and launch a business

Lincoln County

Economic Development Association

Minnehaha County

Economic Development


Sioux Falls recently was recognized by the CNN Money Web site as one of

the 100 best places to live and launch a new business. The site ranked Sioux

Falls as number 45 on the list. CNN Money credited South Dakota’s

business-friendly tax structure as a plus, stating that it costs about 45 percent

less to open a business here than in New York.The site also touted the city’s

arts scene and highly educated work force. A drawback listed was that

Sioux Falls is “a long drive from major cities.” Number one on the list was

Bellevue,Washington. Sioux Falls ranked between Oro Valley, Arizona and

Madison, Wisconsin.

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Lennox named 2008 Governor’s Small Community of the Year

In ceremonies during the

annual state conference of the

Governor’s Office of Economic

Development, Lennox was

named Small Community of the Year.

“This year’s Small Community

of the Year, home to about 2,000

people, understands the need to

move forward and is taking

proactive measures to accomplish

that goal,” said Governor Rounds.

In 2007, Lennox made

improvements to its city hall with

additional office space and a

modern presence on Main Street,

upgraded its infrastructure with major improvements to

the water system, and sold all properties in the city’s

industrial park.

Lennox is welcoming new companies that will

increase job opportunities for its residents and bring

more people to town. The increase of 190 jobs that were

created in 2007 represent nearly 10 percent of the community’s

population. The community investments made

during the past two years represent $2,800 per person.

The Lennox Area Development Corporation (LADC)

has played a crucial role in the community’s success.

From left, Governor Mike Rounds, Lennox Mayor

Orville Wiebers, LADC President Alan Rops and

City Administrator Justin Weiland.

■ ■ ■

STI student wins Spirit of Sioux Falls Scholarship

Megan Oesterling, a business

administration and accounting

major at Southeast Technical

Institute, is one of two area

students to receive the 2007 Spirit of Sioux

Falls Scholarship to continue their postsecondary

business education. The $2,500

scholarships are awarded annually by the

Sioux Falls Development Foundation to

students who are Sioux Falls residents or who

have completed at least one year of postsecondary

work in South Dakota institutions.

Megan Oesterling

Oesterling is the STI student government

president, was a Student of the Month and is the recipient of the SD

Opportunity Scholarship and the Sioux Falls Rotary West scholarship.

She intends to seek employment as an accountant and bookkeeper after

completing her educational training.

“Growing up, I loved going to work with my mother, who is an

office manager,” Oesterling said. “I spent a lot of time in an office setting,

including working summers full-time with my mother, and I loved it.”

Oesterling began her own bookkeeping business and has been

working during her scholastic training. The Sioux Falls Development

Foundation is proud to be the sponsor of the Spirit of Sioux Falls

Scholarships and congratulates Megan on her achievement.

Since the mid-1990s, LADC has

followed a textbook timeline to

build its economic development

capacity. Now, the fruits of that labor

are becoming apparent.

“The leadership groups in

Lennox, from LADC to city hall,

clearly understand the elements of

economic development that make

things happen,” said Jeff Eckhoff,

rural development director for the

Sioux Falls Development

Foundation. “They have invested

time, talent and financial resources

in making Lennox a growing

community and a great place to live and work.”

In 2007, Lennox made a commitment to economic

development by hiring a city administrator. After a short

time on the job, this individual was working on

recruiting Wilson Trailer, a major new community

employer which will be opening soon and is expected to

be a major boost to the local economy.

“The level of commitment that Lennox has shown

to economic development deserves to be noticed,”

Governor Rounds said. “It is by setting high standards that

we, as a state, can look forward to a prosperous future.”

The Spirit of

Sioux Falls


deadline is July 1

The Spirit of Sioux Falls

Scholarships are presented

annually to Sioux Falls area

business students who have

completed their first year

of higher education. Up to

four $2,500 scholarships

are awarded each year to

students taking a businessoriented

course of study

from an accredited postsecondary


To receive an

application or for more

information about the

Spirit of Sioux Falls

Scholarship, please call

605-336-7055. The

deadline for application is

July 1, 2008.

Page 3

Sioux Falls





By Mark Shlanta

Our growth continues despite national trends

In spite of the dim view national pundits are taking of the American economy, the

Sioux Falls story these days is one of continued growth in a wide variety of economic

sectors. New retail businesses are seeing a strong future for their Sioux Falls locations.

Housing starts go on here in Sioux Falls despite a national decline. Our technology

companies are increasing and growing. And our health care industry is leading the way,

constructing new buildings on their campuses to house exciting new medical specialties

to better serve our area. Everywhere you look, Sioux Falls is on the upswing.

One reason for our continued strength is the increasing diversity of our local and

regional economy. From our roots as a stockyards and agriculturally-oriented market

town to today’s role as a banking center, regional medical destination and growth market

for research and high tech, Sioux Falls has consistently found prosperity through

industrial diversification. That diversification offers an especially bright future for our

young people.

One of the indicators of that diversity in new businesses is the variety of companies

in a wide range of industries who seek out the Development Foundation to talk about

the possibilities of locating here. Naturally, the success of similar companies here in

Sioux Falls drives some of the inquiries, along with our targeted marketing campaign.

But it may be that our diversity—the idea that almost any business can do well in Sioux

Falls, SD—makes decision makers think of us at expansion time. At the Development

Foundation, we take advantage of that perception when meeting with new prospects—

and we have testimonials to back it up.

Economic experts agree that the interaction of diverse companies strengthens and

prepares communities for the future. Our continued success in the face of economic

slowdowns elsewhere seems to prove that point!

■ ■ ■

Grow with us...

We’ve got the build-ready

land you’ve been looking for!

Sioux Falls

Development Foundation

P.O. Box 907

Sioux Falls, SD 57101


Build-ready, affordable sites are

available in the Sioux Empire

Development Parks. Prices include:

■ Water

■ Sewer

■ Curb and gutter

■ Hard-surface roads

■ Prices start at $1.95/sq. ft.

Contact Dan Hindbjorgen, Sioux Falls

Development Foundation

Call 1-800-658-3373,


or visit our Sioux Falls website at

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